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Full text of "The first part of the delightful history of the most ingenious knight Don Quixote of the Mancha"

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Sp>«iQ in i^t of a noble CMUlian Eiinily. Noihong ii c^rtiioly 1u»wn 
wi bu nJvaXMo. but by ihe xgc of twcnif -thccc wc fbid liira Bt<vifi)[ rn 
te vmy u A privacc sddier. 1 Jc wai maimed tot Ufcc at the bank of 
Lr|iiMUt tharrd in a nuinbn nf ocbrr rngagrawntK, and uru lak^n fap 
bic by the Mooo oo hii way b^mc ifi i^;!- ArW iivc years d slavery 
k WIS miifaned; and iwo or thr«c yrart later lv« returiKd to Spaio, and 
brtook Ktststlf lo the profexEoa of lcttcf». From youth he had praaisnl 
Ac wfibns ol TCTHi and now li^ turiMd to iht ptoJociion oC pl^y^ but, 
tailiiig flf linaiKal ncm. hf obuTnrd an rmjJoytnrni in ili^ Govtrn- 
«BBl D&CO. which be hdd till 1597* when he wu \tnpiin>ncii ioe a 
JmIij^u ia hit ^ccAuntt dtac to the <iiihonc(t7 of in aisodatc. The 
■I|aui4iineffi4 00 t}iii ucc^iuo lattrd otd? till ilw t^d vi t\x ym. afid. 
iter a pefiod of obimrti?, he inucd, in 1605, b« nuucrpiccc, "Don 
Qunair." fa tdfcns wi« gmi and immrdiili^, and it« rcputatton vkxi 
^nad bcfottd Spain- TnKuUtioot of |una into French appeared; and 
tt t6tt TboQUt Sbvltoo. an Englifhman ccherwiw unknown, pui £<>rth 
1^ pnrm wnioD^ in M>lt- and vitaliir< if niJ< i" aautac/k Acku7wl«d^«d 
ibe BMUl Cofiniuie ol Enjclith f«C4ikiin;t3. 

Ilie pTTvit? vnlicmp cofiralm tSr -vhale of ihe Urn pan of the nm-rl, 
vWh u cnvnfJcit tn itadf. The K<oi:td pan, luiacd to i$i^ the yctf 
UoiT hf'a tV^th, h of lJ]« nature oS a fcqi^, and » pratnUy regarded 
4i iftfcnor. 

In writing hiG f;TcAt novd, Cerroticc* wt cut 10 perody the rcmifott 
d du^aJry, tlv rhtrf nf which will hr? found in ihr de%rHp(inn nf Plon 
Qaiu^*t library rn the itxih chapter of ihc ^itm book. But, as in the 
Bn*wha« parallel ca*e of Fielding and "(raeph Aniircwa," the hero got 
-* - ^'-ticr of h:i crcauir'i pnqx>se, and the woik paued far brroc^d the 
' J* a muv butUM^w^ Vet the original pvrpote wai accornj4.nhcd< 
Tbm liimnur of Knfghi Enararr, which Church and State had viughe 
ewihwn naaoM to check, w» cruihed bf Ccrraiii» with thia titkgfc U«w, 

Boi rhe Uoponaficr of thti giMtcH of novel* it r>ot tnetely, or majolj, 
4u if pvt sa eDd 10 an eKtij\.i^iai and outworn lotm of fKlioa. Looe 
? ^rocturt ftad uncvrn in workmaiuhif^ ii remaint nflrerpaaieJ aa a 
MMarpiaf of dfcJI hu-m-r. at a partiin- of Spaorkii l[^, it a jpllery of 

Inrisl poelnita. h im in the bifboc cle|;ree the nurk of all ^reat art, 
«creafiiJ combnacion of the pardcolar land the umecrtsl: it it iniv 


to the life of the country and age of its production, and true alio to 
general human nature everywhere and always. With reference to the 
fiction of the Middle Ages, it U a triumphant satire; with reference to 
modeni novels, it is the Bra and the moa widely enjoyed. In it* nitbor*i 
words: "It is so conspicnous and void <£ dificuky that children may 
haf^JI^ hiTTi^ youths may read kinit men nuy undcfstand him^ *nA old 
mea may celebrate him." 


IHOU tnsyit bdiere me, Kcadc nadcr, irithout fwetnttg, ihit 
I coald willinglf tU^w ihit hook (3\ a ditld of tnf umtirtijtutil' 
iag) to be the meat bciutifvl. i.'alliiM, »»\ Siicr<xt that mijcht 
b« ioMpaed; bot I could not trjnigr^is tlt« orikf of lUlurc, 
wfarfTift cvcTfttua^ bqfru bii like, which bein^ to, vrtut could mj jUttit 
Ad i!l-b1kd wit cojpnder but the bi«ory ol a drr^ooAcd «Ad hunwro«u 
i«W 'utt of nriouf tboughu twi ommti never Morv Imgiofd of anj 
oA^ modi like one who wu eajfcodcrod within tatat noUome pcxMo. 
«Wfi all diwcomr&odttict have uloo podctfioOr and HA doleful nobci 
midr Arir hahtutkicv wviiig thit len, pleiunt places amenity of the 
fiddl. tiiE chceffulnm ol elev tkj, ihc murrauhn^ ixnic of lb« trytiaX 
iatfftiirn, and th> quiet fcpote of ihe ipirii m gieii hdps for the utost 
Wmfi Miue* to diow ihcnuc!%cs frULtful. and to faring into the wodd 
fdch btflhi «i may enrich ii with ±dir-irj;ion and dfJtght^ [l ofRimvf 
belilU tlut a bihcz tuith u cSiilci both by bailli cvvl^fit soured and quite 
«l aU ptfiecuoo. and yet the Eove tint he bears him it mch ai ii 
1 matk over hit cyei, which hindMi his ifiifrrnir^g of the faulti and 
ifiifJinnf iherrof, aod roakex him tittUct (kcm iKcxu diicietMiDa utd 
l«Ht7, and n tcJIi diem lo hti ^iendi for wttiy ;eAi aad conceiu. Bui I, 
Aootfh in ikim a tuba, yet in imih but 4 uep^thcr to Doa Qubow, 
*ill Doc be bomfl away by the ^ioI«ai <urrc<it of the modem rattom 
■Mradayt, and therefbrc enirrat thee, with tbo teirt ilmoK in mToe e^ti, 
nam oehcti are wool id do, moK dear reader, Ki pardon uid diw 
ih# bultt which (hou thali di*c«m in thj» my wn; for thou an 
fad Ljfnman ocv IneiidL aod thou hut thy vul in thy body, aivl 
1% bn -wiM thcMJa a« ab<oluta as the bmi. and thou an in 
AW own hmiac, wbonn tbixi ari at ab«duia a lord 31 the kii^ 11 od 
ho a ifaii dic^ and thou kiwwcvt w\-[I the coauDon p;o>rfbp iluc \iiuJer 
«y eloak a fly Cor tW \in^' aU which doth ctcmpi thee and makei ibec 
im inm all respect lod ohZi^^ifoa; and «o ibou napt bfJtIty iiy of ih;K 
Wary w^taaorrv thou tluli think p^* without sear either to be mo- 
tor ihm oil or rcnrutlcd for if le good chjt ihou ihjit tpeak tfacreoL 



I WOUM Tff)r h'tXl V^VC pfCtClKCll it UEIU) thtC pUTC 00(1 I13k«f. wlthoUt 

die oraocornc of a prcfj^c. ot the rt^blcmcnt tod cotil^ue M the wonted 
sOfUMti, «pigr3n«, pocmt, «l«giet, *tc., wh-<h nrr wont tn br put ti ihq 
bv^BBiitg of boolci. Foe I t!are My uaio tbn if^, alihov^h it coir mc 
MMM piJm to compocc it, yet m mi n;«pect did it «<ioaIic» tti^it wttich I 
look to nuke thU pfvfiice which tbou dou now read. I took, Utaiumei, 
my pcQ in my hand to write k, sod ti oficn xt ii down ifEnin* u dm 
knowiiiy wbat \ should wfti«; »nd b^ng aocf in « mutr, wiih my piper 
brforc me, my pen in mine car. tn^o/i dbow oa tlic tAblci and ci»ac luod 
oa my check, laaptaa^ whjc J Blight wri^e, there ^riECfed a frieod ol 
iniiie uncJipeacdlyt who wu a vcty discreet ind plcasotljr-wined (ton, 
^0| iccing QM w pcDUtiic, dtnuJidcd of mc the reflioo of my mvsicig; 
amt not ooftccaling it from him, uid that I tM-;ho>ji^t mjieLf on taj 
prcbcG I w«) Co make to Doa Quiioic'i bAory. which did w nnich 
trouble me u I peilher meant to mike any at ill, dm ptibUih the hinofj 
of the HU of to ekUc a koi^t. Tor how ciin I chcoie/ qi^oth 1, Iwt be 
much coAfoottdcd at that which the old lej-^ilator (the ^ idgar) will ny, 
when k sn'f that, afttr ihf eod of so many j^jrs oa ant fficnt (tnce I lini 
tkpi in the ko«om ot oblivion, I come out loadcn with tcy |;rcy hairc, 
and bring with me a book » dry at a Vex, vend of iovcmiofi, bdrrrfl ol 
good phrase, poor of cofxeltt, u>d ^lo^cihcr empty both oi Urmung And 
eJoqneiKe; without quotationt on tSc marj(enUp or annotattoni in the 
cod of ihc hockt vrhtrtwith I tn: ul^ bu^i arc Kill aJoroed* be tht^ 
never ao idle* bttdoui, and ptofAiw; lo full of iciklenco oJ Ar:doiIe utd 
Plaio, and thr other otw of the phibsofil^eri, at admires the readcri, 
and maku tli«m hciicve thit tbeve authors an vtry l^aiocd and doffucnt? 
Ami iher, whrn thry cite Pleurdi or Cicera, what c-in iJicy uy, but ihai 
ihey are tl^ uyi^^ of St. Tlvmai, m otbcr doctors of the Church; 
oUcrvin^ hctvm to iagvnioQi a method as in one Lne they will paint you 
on enamoured i^ull, and ui ihc imIef will hj you down a linJc w^min^ 
devout tcrmon, eo that k i* a xr^*t pUasutt afid ddifht to rc*d or licar 
jr> All wfkh Uunp moft be wasting in my book, lor odthet ha<« I 
anithinjr to ciic on the margeot, or nc^e la the end, aad much ku do 1 
know what authon I IcJlow, to put th«tn at the bejtuuui^, at lite c<j>tom 
iH l>y tilt lettn vt die A B C, beguining with Anvtodr, ami ^rtding in 
XaftOphon, or in '/iiilus or Zcw^ ahhouxh the Ot>e wai a tai]<r and the 
odier a paintrr, Sa likrwur diaH ny book want lonmni at the begiiuuft^ 
ai lean such Wfincu who«o authori bt dukct, mat<iuucK euU, bidwpa, 
ladiei, or hrnom poeu; alihoagh, if I would demand ihem <A tivo or 
thnv tni&nra tiF mine acquaimaotc, I know tbry wtxdd make me 





V tbcMc cf the mon ni>owiie4 ia Spain would m no wit« be able 
[•quftl w cooiparc with ilkcio. 

'Fi3»i!), x^o4 ttf, aad my x^fry dear fr>md,' qi*oih 1, 'I do rcsol^^c that 
l>]n Quticoic tanjin enrooilirJ >munj; ilw old rocordi of llie Msnclu, 
Hca^co ordiia tome ooc lo ailciro lum with tbc nuny gncei Out 
f*i waMiqgi fm I find myvll vboUjr unaUe to rcfnnty them, throti^h 
BBi>e lAwfickncy lod littic leamiAft tad ilio btcjtusc I jm natimlly 
Uctf snd unwilling io go vtarching for svlhor* to ay tfaM whkh I on 
nf mil oHMq^ without ilttco- And bewx proceeded ibe pa^buAiy anJ 
ttMuy wbcron ym Coood me plunged/ 

My fnfnd Imrinj chat, ood strilciog himself on the foirhead^ ififr a 
and kwd laa^Utf-. md: In good fniih, friend, I hjvc do-a Jt t»3t 
i^Ttfd myftclf of 9 long ind inuiraie error, whcmviih [ vnu pnfKwid 
dw Umc ui our attituiuuuce; for liithcitu I aiLOuiiii-d iIkc cwr to be 
oitd prvdtne in alJ thy ictions, but now 1 t«c gilainly thai thou 
vt M lar insm llui 1 took tlicv zo be as Tu^vf^ii is from tlir canh. How 
a it pOA^ile that ihinic^ of m tn'udE momc-il, ind to cuy ^o be rcdrcHcd. 
cm h^Tv iorcc to tutpcnd and twaUow up to ripe a mt ii youn hath 
IQ be* aod to &ued 10 break up a;>d trample o\tr the grea:eft 
llkit OA ba propounded r* Thit pcocMdi Act, to pood tof^h, 
6mq (Mn ol wilL but &oca Kiperfluity uf Joih 4qiI penury of iii«courw. 
Will thoa tet iriidlwr thM I ny be true or tto? Listen, thcfip Mccntivdy 
. »nd ihou iluli prrcnve how, in ihc twinklfrtg of in cy«, I wiU 
crnjDuiM] all the dificxdik* Ajid supply all the wantt which do impend 
Md atfrigVkt ihtt from publhhing io the world (he hitiory of thy famout 
Odd Quuoti, ihr bgha oik) mirioc uC lU knighthoDd-enanL' 

'S«y« 1 pray thee,* quoib I, heinnjc v^hat he hod aasd, 'Miu what 
n ia nn»f (ion thou thfnk to replenii^ the varoicy of tnj frar, and reduce 
tne daoaot my conluiion to any dcanMa« and l^hiT 

Sad he PTfJicd^ The hm :hjng whereat thou ttoppedn— of lonntu, 
p^grana, odi^ia^ c«l-, (which are wanting for the beginning and 
^ghr to Ue wnor* by grnrt atid noble ptmna)— ctwy be rcvicdfed, if 
than ihftdi miit hot take a linlc ptiai to compo» them, and ihou mayit 
j6i£| uaow dvm aa thou pUaxai, and £atbci theiu on Piesier |ohn of 
ite Indtafti or the Einparor of Tr^MaoiMk, whom, 1 know, were held to 
>« ^BRKiiii |y«r?i: and oippoae ihry uro^e not, but that lome prdanta and 
Jdlcwi would hackbiie tlvc, and niurmuf agiiimt this 
lUu not weigh them iwo lUuwt; for, althoogh th«f cnild 
ivbean untruth, f n onnoE ihr", ' 'ty hand hir il, 

citaboot m ihi aw^geiii. \vn out of whom ihoa 


8 author's preface 

dttjjt collect tatcncca lod nyiagt li> toxrt in thr Kiitonr. tkcrc u iwU< 
log «lie to be done but to bob into k ioicc Lido >ea<coce> d'^ thou 
luiowut already by rote, or nuyti |;ct c»iily w'ttU a link Ubour, »>. ht 
txamplct wben thoo matctt of liberty attd ihtihhm, thoQ tn^yit dtc 
iVjI, "Non hrtu pro luco libertu icndiiis iitrti"; ind j^firvndy 4;uoic 
Hortcc, or he wbosocvcr ebe tlut and it, o<i tk< ouritciu. II thou 
duwUtest (pc4k o^ the power of death, h>vc pfocatly rvcounc lo that 
"Mluh inoe» aciiuo pslkot padc pau|3crum uticrn^ npumiuc turic« 
If of the ta«bility of trivAdt, diou h^ at huJ C«to £r«d]r oUcvuig hif 
dini^hoti. ~*Donn: rri^ furlii mulim nunvnirii xEoian; T«ntpors n 
fucrioc nubt1«, solat cru/' If oc rkhcs> 't^iannim quiiquc «uj irani- 
morum servjt tn irc^ uruum hahrt n f^dt4," It of low, "On mihi 
«ulUi amor e«t iMcdxjbilii Utbisl" And »o. wjtb ibca« Libn itithorio 
40d DChcr nichlikc, ihcy W\\i M Uait ^couni xhvt a flood fravumnuit 
■ad tbe bciiif; of luch itn niv U c( iki Mttlv honam snd pmAt in thi* our 
M^ A* touching tlte udtiition of lOaoLaioni io the end e^ thy book, 
thou tasyn boldly obtvrve thu couno: If ihou ituntA any giant in ihy 
book, procufc thac it be tkc Ci^ni Gdiab; and wiih tkb akioc (Hbkh 
»UiMWt will cMt ilive riMhidg). ihou hotf gotten j fur «iiik«tttioa; for 
liwu Ruyai uy, "The- Ctuci Ckilij^ oc GoJbt Vftu ;■ Tbibaiiiif; whom die 
ibrpherd Da^id dew with th« blow of a Pcne in ih« Vd!c of Tcrcbintho. 
at ii ncoutund in ih* Rook of Kingi, in thr chapirr whrrdn thou chil 
find it writico/' 

'Afler ail iK^i. lo show ihii thou art ktVMd itt human Int^i. and « 
courkOgTJ]-^(-r, take xime ocuuion lo inJik« rttoidm at the Rjitt Tajui, 
and ihou iftudi preieady tind th)«eIJ Horcd with ajiothcr ootabU now»a, 
faying, "Thr Rivci Tagtu vtna ^o called of a King of Spain; ii lakes iu 
bcgiiuiin; from *uch a plai:e, and diea in the ocean loat, kiwng &it tfaa 
wiUi d the famoit« Ciry ci Lhboei, and lome aft of opinion thai the 
land* thcfeol are of koU, di:." Ii thou wilt trot of thkvts, I will rcutc 
ihf hivtorr of Caciu to thee, for I know it by amnorji if of wftorea « 
comtrxanv there thou him ihr fltihop of MoodaoHGik^ who will IcaJ 
ihec La«iJ4i Laydj, and Flora, whose annouiioo wiU iptQ thee no stotU 
cndk; if of cruel pefiont. O111I will tmriet Med^ li of eo^otfrs tx 
witdlei, J-lonict hath Calypws aod Vir^l Circe; if of valoroUJ C4plAilil, 
)tt)na Oeiar titall tend KsintcU io ha CocBmeneari«i to ihee, aail l^utarch 
ikdl give thc« a ihoiuanJ AleianJcn. If thou liott ucm ni Icn^t and hatt 
bat two •unco cf the Tmcafl lanjcuagi^ thuu ihalt cncouatar with L)9n 
the Hebrew, «ha witl repJeuih iby vandi with itnre in ihot 
if thou wilt flut tf»^\ im it into Mxmtffi oounuteK ilwu bt«t 



hf bouBc Fofunrd «; rJfrr t^rr o/ CoJ, whcrcia bs fkapbcfc d 
jA ikat Btiwr ibon or ilic oiMl iogoiuccu cipocitf can (k«zrc to knra of 
diffM^jyvct. If) cgaduuion. iLdL* li iiuhiiii; cIk lu be 4^ar, but that ibiHi 
adf tfcJat^'OOr to aanv tJunc oamci. or to touch Ihow tuiton<«, to thioe 
Dwn, wfarh 1 ham here idaird, and kav« (he uMin^ of anaotJtiont and 
cnabom unto oif; fo< I do pconiut ihn that I wdL both fiU up (he 
Riaf^vnr, and abaa ifirtid four tn five ihnn of ad«rania^ at thfr uid ai 

'N««r Itf at c^me to the ctaboQ of authors, whick ochcf books have. 
mtd llnae miMJi; the rcmcd) hrncf U \-Tty my; for ihoci (Kcdn <lo 
n^ ^lg ^^c cl«c but acek out i book that doch qootc them all trout tbc Icncr 
A Qr«il Z, at thou laidtE thysrU but wea now, and ihon thaU ui that 
fCty caOM alphabet to iKintr o«u book; fcr. aithou|>h die [iuUr Dcccf&ity 
llm tlWMI hsdil lo ute ihcir axumnce io rhy vittfk wiU prrvtitjy ccoTict 
tbttt o£ fa i w4i oo J t it tnokcft mi martrr> iml perhap there rruy iKf a ffw 
be loiml »o soBpfe aa to bcbcv« that thou haA holp thyadf in the naiA' 
t«o at itty iDmt txmplr and iincrf^ hrnory with all thpir ainhnHrrM, 
AndL littmpi Uaal l«fif« catalogue of aotlktfi do kt^v to non« otbrr pas' 
poae. ^ wil it, ai ]«aA, give sonw authority to the boak* at the lirft 
yod^ and the tadxf, boauac oodc will be w mad at to ujiid to 
tmt wiMdker tboti dotf follow them or no, teeing they can jcaia 
by tha maaer. Vet, if I da not rrr in ihr conndfration of m 
ly an aflaif, ih^ book of thiiK tKcd» uofk o4 alt rhtK ihiDj*^ icm^ 
at It t\ oa)y an invecti>'c agaimi bookt of knighthood, a luhfcct 
AriitEak neter dteiKncd, Si. EUtil uid nDcbing, Cicefo never 
Wf word; nor do the punciualitiet of t/uth, nor obatrraiiocv of 
Mtnlogy. fiD vnihiii the iphoic of nich fabuloot jeuings our ^o i^rct- 
aaokaJ diotcniioo unpail it aAything, nor the eoafuiation of argvraetitt 
— uipad hy rhotoric; nee ot^bi it to prrach anlo any the mucu.'e ol holy 
«atftt> wiUt proCuM (a motky whetewitb no ChiiMian wdl Uiould be 
«b>Ml)tOrilTtt hull need talielpit«df with imitation; for, by how miuh 
<liF tnata ti ihaH ruel (herrin, by lo much the mott will ihc woik be 
aatatned* Aad, atnce that thy labovf iloch aim ai no mofe lli4a to 
JiBUWiiliesiMbority and accrpcaocr ihat hcnki of ^hn-ilry hiv^ in rha, 
•Of Id, aod aowoi the tulgir, there ii no rcaton wbr tliou ihouldeit go 
Ivgptif ol fttUcftcci from jthiloKjpbctir fabUt ffom poc^i, oratiOAt from 
ifawticiaMi ur cmcaUeA from ibe uiintK Uit onJy tndavour 10 deliver 
#jlh «gniikaQt| plaiiK honcEl. and «<cllonkvtd ^ords ih^ jcnial and 
E!Mtrfvi)(^K<Mn«.cipfaainf ava^iaf aitliounuytl pouibly thy t»?entton, 
^■jnX thy a9Q«<sti ckat, and not jfltriufc or tUrVi and labovt al^' i ui 

10 author's preface 

the melancholy man» by the reading thereof, may be urged Co laughter, 
the pleasant disposition increa^, the simple not cloyed; and that the 
judicious may admire thy invention, the grave not despise it^ the prudent 
applaud it- In conclusion, let thy prqea be to overthrow the ill^compiled 
machina and bulk of those knightly books, abhorred by many, but 
applauded by more; for, if thou bring this to pass, thou hait not achieved 
a small matter.' 

I listened with very great attention to my friend's speech; and his 
reasons are so firmly imprinted in my mind, as^ without making any 
reply unto them, T approved them all for good, and framed my preface of 
them, wherein, sweet reader, thou mayst perceive my friend's discretion, 
my ha^^ness to meet with so good a counsellor at such a pinch, and thine 
own ease in finding so plainly and sincerely related The History of the 
famous Don Quixote of the hiancha, of whom it is the common opinion 
of all the inhabitants bordering on the field of Montiel that he was the 
most chaste, enamoured, and valiant knight that hath been seen, read, 
or heard of these many ages. I will not endear the benefit and service I 
have done thee, by making thee acquainted with so noUe and honouratJe 
a knight, but only do desire that thou gratify me for the notice of the 
famous Sancho Panza, his squire, in whom, in mine opinion, are deci- 
phered all the squire^tike gratxs dispersed throughout the vain rout of 
ktiightly books. And herewithal, I bid thee farewell, and do not forget 
me. Vide. 




Amams ot Cavijw )h P%.\nt of Don QvtJian, 

Thtk ihjf my doleful Uf^ didn imiCMCT 
When, abieni acd disdiia^ ix bcftU, 
Detoid oi joy. 1 a rcpcnutii anic 
Did kfld, md oc the Poor Rock'i top did dwdJ; 
Tbou, thai ibc uram) w ottCR From thine <fCJ 
Dida lackd icakliqg Ltaia <Ji>guu.ful briiir; 
Aftdr witbout pcwmv coppa, pbte ]ikeivU«. 
Wue <m the bm cirth on coA>train'd la dine,— 
Ltm of one ihiDff sniirv Hrmjily, 
ThM whUtt brifht Phoebus ihtll hLS horK« »pur 
Thfougb the founh ifbdv'* dildied awnafchy. 
Thy wkttut fh«)] be r«eowiitd, nnr and (vt: 
And at, 'rocmpt countno, thine is bcA alone. 
So dull thine luihor peen on etuth hive nccie. 

X>oii Btuixi* op Otnct TT> DoH Quuxdtv op thi KUMcnju 

I TQit, T hadt, ^soliih'd, akl and did. 
ftlon than luu^c-trraiit «b« oA iftrtb halh do«i«^ 
L doOerouft, YMiam. and m noqI beside. 
Have thnmanJ wrof^ Rreng^L rnillkuu undone. 
I h4tY done 4Kti thjc my fuae cterniae, 
In lime I tuuneouik and w |:ccilc»» waa: 
Gianti, at if buf dwa/fi, f d«d drtpbe; 
Aad ywt no liibs ef Sovc-placnti I let mh. 
I have held fomme prouiate ai aiy Icef. 
And by my wit 4cir d on Occauoo'i topi 
Whov wandcriitjc «icm I led where I ilioo^ aMCt; 
Aad ihuugit Ifnruod Ate taoon my vcntiit^ bope 
DmI crown my nap with til felkity, 
Yet, puM Quixete, do f nilt envy UiM. 
• t 


Tttt Knighi Of mt Si;h, AtPHUCX. to Ook Qvmrv. 

M\ iw<if<J coM Qoc M sA\ rompirv with iluiw, 

Sptmsii AlphcboT full oi conntrj; 

Nior thuiG arm K vAlnur cui be nuitch'd by rmar* 

Though T w« fcar'4 whnc daft bocfi iohn^ Uld <5tt. 

liinpiFct 1 Koni'cJ, aihI ihc vaii monurcar 

Ot til* OricM tuddj (ciflcr'd n'jc in vain)* 

] M, ihu 1 th« M>\^tnigD htt imght h* 

<X in> AoraTJw lair QH»cJUnc, 

Whom. 4> by miracir, ) lurHy lov'd: 

So binuH*d by di^;ncfy ovvn v«ry hd 

OjAkM ai Qiinr jmi. ilut did bis funr uow. 

liji then, itlanrioui Goik Qnixoit} fun prou'd 

Tby valoiu. Cor Duki^ca't ik^ so «t«II 

As both on «inb luvc gun'J tterivl bme. 

OuAUdo Fimioso, PnK av Frakce* ro Don QuKc/Tt op tui 

TiiorcMt rhou an oof 4 pc«r, tboa han no pt«T. 

Who Enighm 111101110 ten thouund pecfi be ooe; 

Nor Ailt thou iM««tf any pf«f havi* hnv^ 

Who, c'fcr<oci<Ti>mo(i. T«i>quidi'd w« c4 QOOC. 

Quiinir. I'm Orbndo^ llut, c^m 4wa]r 

For fia Aikgtlici. croud nfooua ttai, 

And did luch trophiti on PMac'ft «ltar hy 

Ai pan oUividdi'i tranh mafiy drgrcrt. 

Nor can I b« ihf ptcr; for pccfbunctc 

U to ihf prowfu due *ot} i;r»l rcnowA, 

Althocgh I Ion* u wHi ai ihtiu. my viii: 

Yet nuiw thou may 'it be. il ihy good nicc«ts 

Nlikc (her the pcoud Moor loriK* [a^irfTl clkM cfovi 

Ut e^iMh in dttgrvr xnd limitg fit. 

&Kj> Daw td Don Quittm op nu MMfctu. 

Maoqrm ^t ravine* thit are vt jbrvach. 
And rumfalr up and dvwD ihy troublod bniti^ 
Yet none thin acU, Dein Qiiitor*, <3o rt|»o3cli. 
Or diy procctdingi tu u vt> or Yiio. 
lli> fciis dull be th^ ^tmt orrumcM 
^Seeic^ 9rrfift& I'lindfi thtpo goeit thiii abom), 
Ahhough vnin bl^ivi > ihouwAd time y'shcnt 
Thau wett wril-nieh, yn. cvtn by tbe cmicmnt foix. 
Aod if thy fair EhiidEWJ duril wrottf 
B)r mttfegard diy blrtr cxpccution. 


And to thf cuv< will kod cko luttciuig eDr, 
Tlirn Id ihU oiinioui til thy woei mitwvtr^ 
Titii S^ixho hx]\i ID brokti't ncfup>doot 
H«, foo^abf au«l ibei thou, mihoai tongue* 

Tll> P«IMCtC« OxthMA Of GllM7 BkITjUN TCI Ltfrv 

DuLcivft\ DEI. ToKoao. 

Hafpt thcMT nhidi, for taarc commodity 

And *»t9, Dulcnca hit\ cotald bring id p«u 

Hiai Crecnwkb, where ToboAo i^ might be. 

And London don^'d wliere thy kiftght't vill«p «m. 

Hippy ibc UioE ted^ body and soal ftdom 

Witii ibf neb livtry ind thy btK*" doirt; 

And wt tbjr bippy knighl, by hoivnu borot, 

In cmcl comboit broftchtnc oui hii ire. 

But bxpt^tcM sbe ibat misbi 10 ck^y '>upe 

Frecn AnudU at dum hut wtulom donf 

From thy wcU-Duancf'd kmjchi, counctMt QuiuMtf 

O! vtitK \ tittt rj tii^j i-jv khv:\ bjp» 

And bad b««n EOMty when I cnoU did mean. 

And U'«a my pJurufc wiihoui pa)iQjt «hoi. 

Cadoiium^ Amabu or GAuu't Sgnti, ro Samcko Pakza, 
DoH Qcivcttk'» Sotnu. 

tiJU^ &noiu mant wbccn fortune Imb v> bJiu. 
Wlua fim, in fquire4ikc tndet ti tbec did f life, 
Ai thoti didtf toft inc.! lA'cttly pflU db^rAcc 
En ihcu dwreof tiw ihrratoung djitjjer vriU.. 
TW diofftl or fidilc little do ratitt 
TW yftadaiBg tKffcikc; foi now*s in gnet 
Plain M|uirrJ!k« drahftg, which dc<b qui^e defKt 
Hit pride dw would the Ntoor bore vrith his fist. 
Tbinc iu I jotuily envy, and thy oaitic, 
And eke thy wallf 1 1 do emiUate. 
An Mtpiw^M ni thy gnat prorideocc. 
Hall ono: afdnt who, 'caux 10 good a nun, 
Hy worth* our Spuuih O^id £ri rrlatr. 
And kndy cKtnti (hem with all n\-€ntu:t- 

A DuLocct i n TW Lax BAmic^, Hcmtt ro Tvii Oo, a F^moo* Co^fOimoft 

Off SpAOV; AMV ROVHA^TC, Dov QuiUFTS^l CcTuta. 

lU, How hapi It, RoxinanEe, ihoa an u ban^ 
J!^, Became 1 travel uiU, and srvef tai: 

14 SOtiNEH 

Bd. Thr wsM ol badqr Mid «jiw, wfiM doe* it nun? 

Ro. Thu oi txif lord, a bit I cmuoi g«l. 

fitf. Away, ^ fjifel ycM are ill*<mnn«rfd, 

Wbotc ait'cnqiptc four kird dota ili«» ahawe^ 

Re. U you did wc how hc'» enamoured, 

Y«« would coAditde chat W* the grvoier an. 

Ba. h \<yft i Mlyf^R^ Sure ti i> no wit. 

fid. 'Itkou 4rt a raetaphy>idan> — Ao. For wvii of c»cac. 

fia< Coao|iaifi upon cbe iquirc. — ^tr. What profcu it? 
Oi bow tluJl I my woful (Aauiu rtp^ir 
SJAce, though ihe ivorld Ifflpw«a alowccM to nw, 
Ytl greater jadci my lord vtd S^xubo be. 







Wmujv It RsHSAux^ TKs Cu-UKc AVD Exexctft OF T1U Rekown^ 


TH£R£ Jived not loDg i<dcc» ia a c«rtua vUUge of the 
ManchA, db« atnw wWco{ 1 purpoMfy omit, a ^otl^nan 
of ibdr cUlinj tbni lue 10 pile up in cHeir halU okl bnces, 
kiftvfd^ roonoiu, iind such ckHlt armoim and wcafKiot. He wu^ 

houoct HiA pQC coniiucd duly of somcwhac mocc beet Uua muEtoa: 
J gallitxaAuffy each lught, coUop« aod cggf on Sftturdvyst koub oB 
FfMlMy^ juid oov oimI then a lem pig«oa 00 SundiySi did coiuuqm 
tbne parts ol fus rmu; the red and remrum tbereoC wai spent en 
I fwlun nf &v piicr, ■ piir of rrl^Tt IvHr, with panToflct of thr amr 
ior tfac holy-djy>, Aod ODc luJt of the fincM ^eit^c; for theicwiilul 
iv hooDund and fct om his person on the vrofkd4>&. He bad to his 
hmxm « nvoRua-ftrraflC of about fcny v^^* ^^i ^>^ ^ '^'^^^ '^ Y^ 
»w u r | , ^uid 3 fnan ihit served him bath ia Md aad at bocne, and 
addle his hone, ainl Uk<rwite minage a |>ritiung'tiook. The 
hnnurlf vtA% atxtui fifty ycirt old, tti a Mroitg cncnplcxion, dry 
and J mthctcd bee. 1 Ic waa an c^ly nKr, and a gr»c fiieod 
InjmiaK- Sonu ifirm dm hii sui oonc was C?uuida, ot Qoc»da 
this thtsv ti MUM v^ifiaK* atnong tjie authors that vtiuc his 
Itbau^ it may he gathered, by veiy probable amjeciures, that 
wu OkOed Quixaoa. Vei all this coocevDS our hittorical relatkn 
litilr: IcC ti then niflke, that in the ciarnauon thereof we will riM 
a JDC bum the truth. 
Yini dull ihcrdorc wit, that this guukouQ above fujmdt the 
that b9 was idle (which wat tk* loikecf pan o( the ycv), did 
Ifcitiwif whnlly oo ibe r«sdinjc ot hookt of knighthood, and that 
fueh gusts aod delighti, si he altnou wbally n«g)ecud tho exer^ 




ciie of Suniing; yea, and ihe rtiy idmioiitraiioD oE hit household 
ifeiri. And his cutimlty and folfjr CAtno m thst p^vt, thai he itudc 
Away nucty acres q[ arable land lo buy hini books oE Out kind. 
And therefore he bfought co hi» huuac is rmni ai ever be could gti 
of th^t subject. And arioq}; them all, none pleucd him hcoa Uiaa. 
thoM which famous Fdician ot Silva oompoUd. For the smoothncsc: 
df hts pnuc, witli dow ind then Bcmc tnthcju; sentence meddlcdi 
m-med to him peerkic; ^nd prinapilly whrn hr did rrad the cdui 
ingi, or IcUcri of chollcn^ tlui knights md( 10 ladio> or ooo to ^n< 
other; whcrc> in many pla<«, he found written; TIk rcaicn ol 
unreosofubkncu ^rhich sf^init my mson i« wrought, dodi 
wealcfn my reiton, ai with all rvason 1 do fuitlj' comf^hhi on yoiii 
b^uty>' AihI alio when he itud: 'The hijjh bfavetti. which wrth 
your divinity do fmiti'y yon divinHy wjih the ujri, oik) make yuu 
doerrereu of the donu which your ^(rcalneu deavnres,' eu. With 
ihcte and other such pavntfrr^ the poof f^emktiun jcrew dsKtracred, 
and wai brtokir^ his hrain* day and nij^hi, to UMlerAuDd and un- 
howel their sense, an f ndlcv^ bbwir \ frv even Anxtntle hhnvelf would 
ODC undcmand ihcm. thotigh hr were sgiin tnmciiaird unty Cnr tlut 
purpose lie did doc like 10 much the uaproponioaate blows that 
Dikii Belianis garc and look in ftghi; for, aa he imagined, were the 
cur];eoQ3 ntvtr 90 cunning thai cured them, yet wai it im|x)Ciibk but 
that the patie^it hii face and all hit body mutt reinain full r4 icars 
and tnkenr Virf did )ie j^ralie, i¥>twiihu:uuliiig. lA ih« aurhoT of 
that history, the oDiKluak>n ci hia \xxjk, wtUi the pnimuc of the 
&Kflcsi AdvoiCurc: Jnd miny times he himself had a dcvrcio take 
pen and Rniih it c«actly, a« n i* there promised; and would liotibtkn 
haw performed k, and that cen^t with happy tuccssa, if mho- cnor* 
argent and conilnuat ihtwghts h:id not dintirbcd him. 

Many tiroes did he fall at van.ince with the curate of hit villaf^ 
(who 1%-aa a lrarr>cd man. graduated in Ogucnca) touduni; who 
the hater ktit^ht, Palraerin of England, or Atnadti de Caul. Ui 
Matter Nkbolai, tlie barber of ihe f^me town* v^tmld afinn thai 
none of hwh irrhed in worth 10 the Kni|[hi of the Sani and if an] 
one knight mtghr piragiin widi him. it wa^ infailibly Don Gal 
Amadjs de GatiTi hrotlker, w^wae luture might fuly be 


to aniihiiig; tor be wu aoa to cay ftod whrnio; j kiii|:tu u hit 
twndwff aad dot in ouncn o4 ^tkmt Im did not biM hun aA at^ 

In tmfaickm, h« pluDgrd himwIC to 6t^y m bu mdi^g H dMw 
bnul;:^ Aft kr ipent oany uitm in the lenure fij tl«m whotr litfyi aod 
□t^tti; aaJ ia ibt cthI. ihrougjh hu Uule ilcrp and nucfa reMfia^tW 
dnfld OB hn braiss tti u^h tot\ u be kut whoUv bi> | ucbvocxiL UU 
bcnaif was BUcd wttfa Uio« ikioin itut h« nsd. d^ coduntmcmit 

tm poM W r foUks. And thor uv^t duJ so finnly [mi«i lot 
wMi aa JaMtMr opuuoo ih«c iS thtf nMci^M of 
iSYVflbom wUcfa be rcul vru tnM* u he KCnuBUd 00 k*- 
tary in ih« ^«Ofid ID be «} omaiA and nncere m tbey w*c. He wm 
wvm. u* ay, tha the Cid Ruy Dux wv e rerf fpsod kn^tf, bui nex 
ih**MT olcMia ttf. imiwnj nvo wns sod "*'^"y j^'**'*- Hen^md 
beoer viA Bemviki dd CvpMm becupfc be 4ew tke enchanliJ 
IMndnRmcemJIa^ He bkewM liked o« the ihi^ 
whmhe^MtheffHd Anuoo, the eon of the ofdi, bowea hie mm. 
HipeJwdtheyani>ioi^nig«niflMMly,be«tti,il>negh ^ wm 
or dm rnwwn eg pgoftuf, whn eee enflonowf jfl tm tfaeoi praM 

»dmk.^hemeUfeAnd<MnM>. BKl»v««lbe«of ^ 
ctf UotM AAen: end naiC of iB dMn. when be bw 
ef his cvde eo rab ei Ottny es e*0 he cnoU aea ; ^d 
r, be rehfanl the mW of Uehome, fvdeel oTppUL ei 
end wndd he qnane bd ^f« hii eid wonao, 
.ena fan nBeoi^nvepno o|ycemnity on the uiiw Gdnkn, 



gain him Mtrnal rtrwwn. The pixit «nul (fid already figon hinudf 
crownt-d. tliiou^i tlw vJour of hii Ann, at kut Ein|)cn>f ol Trapi- 
sooda; aod Fed thui b)' ihtAc yooihmg ibou^iu. and boroc away with 
the <occei«imK liciiK^l he fi>und in them, he huicocid aH thaf he 
mif^htr to ttitci kit urgii^ dcurci. 

And drsx ot a\} he auu^A cem'm old rutty irtnt *o ht icoured, 
tlui hrlongrcl lo hii griMi'gTJiidfaihrr, und |jy nuny ^gt\ ncglccial 
jmd fofgottcD in A by-«<iriMr o{ hii Umist; he trimmd and dfcucd 
them the belt he mi|;htk and ihcn pcredvcd a great defect they had; 
for th^ wintfd i h«Ifnei, and had oaly a pUin morion; bui he by ht> 
iftdi^ry wippLcd that win*, and fiaraed, wkh certain paperi pined 
logether, a Iwivcr fur hU nvvion. True it ii, ;Hil ^o nuW trial 
whether his pjMed bca^'cr wai strong enough, and mijihi Aiidc the 
ad\rniurc oi ii blow, be out with hii sword And gave it a blow or 
t^vo, itid wiik ihc very Arit did tiuiie undo hii whole week's labour. 
The facility wherewithal it was dissolved lik«d hiro notbing; wbtre- 
fore, to aisurt himself better ihc ntxt time from the likr danger, he 
nude it dneWt pltctng t:en:»in iron lurs within it, in m> anifinal a 
nuoncT, u be reited at once sitiiiicd, boih with his invention, and 
abo the solidiiy of the work; tad without iDaking i wcond trial, he 
deputed aitd held it in emoution of a maa excellent beaver Than 
did he prvsemly rint his horte, who (thouj^h he K^ more <iuirien 
ihan pcncf* in 4 iistpenct*, ihn>ugh 1i^.tnn«-», ind mote faulit iltsn 
GondU'i), having rolling 00 him out skin ;md bone; yet he thought 
that nctthcr Alexander's lluocphiluSp nor the Cid hii horfc Babeca. 
were in any fcfpea equal to him< Me iprni four day^ devitin; him a 
name; for (is he f^aiOfied (ohimwif) it wai not fi: i}ui to famous a 
knighi'c horse< and chiefly being no good a b»ft, should wane a 
known nime: ;ifid tbrrrfoet? hp eiidcamund lo |-ive hJitt tuch a onr 
as should bucli declare what sometime be had been, bcfwc lie pet' 
taioed to a knight-crranL tusd alut what ai jniiwnt be was; tor il 
tfood jT'catly w:th rvaaan, leeinjf hit lord and matter cliin;red his eft- 
tale and vocation, that he should alter bUetvitc hit deonminxiion, and 
px a new one. cKit v,trr fjmnui imi ahinfianr, » becsmr the new 
order and excitiscv^hith he now [irufosicd: and iberefuif 1:, afia mai»y 
other rumrs whi<h be f-'inMnl, hWxied out« rrincttd, aildnii undid, 
and tuf ocd a^ain 10 frame in his memory and iraapnation, be finally 






E» nime him RoseiAMiiCt ^ niim« in his opinion lofty, full, 
significint oi what Ue had bern when he w^^ a plain \»6ff, btforv 
wdi eulieil tu liU iKvr dignity; being, u be tltDu^iit, ibc Lr^ cjr- 
bejsi of 'Alt wotld. 'n:« name being ih\a given to hi» lione, 
m Xo hjs mind, h<r resolved to pve himself a name also; irtd in 
dbal thought he Ubourvd oiber c>>;ht dnys; and, in eondusinn, called 
hittwtf DoQ CJuixou; whence {a is s^iid) ihe authors of this most 
inie hiuory dedore, chat hp wis undnutKcdiy oamed Q\)iicada, and 
not Queidda, u othefa would have it- And rtmeiaberiog that the 
fskcoui Anodifl was nix lAtiihed ooly wiihdt« dry namcoj Amadis. 
but ulded ihereuxitn the name of bis kingdom ^rtd oountry, to reader 
own more redoubted, lerrmng himself Amadis de Gaul; so he, 
a good kncght^ would add to hiR own that ilso of his province, 
tgi6 dfl himivlf Don Quixdie of the M^ncha, whrrrwiih ii appeared 
tluf he veiy livdy deciarcd hit lineage and counuy, which he dsd 
-, by taking it fof his lurnamc. 

armour being Kourcd, his morion transformed into a Itdmet, 
hone fuincd, and himself confirmed with a new n-ime alio, he 
bethought himwlf, ihjt now he w^uiied nothtug b^t a lady 
fla whom hr miglu bestow liis service and affection; for the ttnighi- 
^iX2m th^ Li lovclcs* resen^>tc» a tree that wants Ic^vo and frLii. or 
a body wiiboui a sool: ar>d thcfeforc he was wonc 10 i^y, *lt I should 
lor my ftos, or by good hap, encounter there abroad wiih some giant 
koifhift'efnnc do ordinarily), and thai I should ov«nhrow him 
one blovr to the gmtuid. or cut him wi;h a uroke in two hjlvev 
finally nvevcome, and make htm yield ui me, would it not he vevy 
to have tame Eady xo whom I might present him? And 
hc^ entering in her pretence, do kneel bcf iire my swc^ Udy, and 
QutD W, with nn humblr and submissive vokt, "Madam, I am 
gttfltCaraci:!'— '" ' r^'d of the idand called Malindrania, whom 
Drvcf<tD(>n^i ' Lnight, Don Qui\ott.- de ta Mancha, hath 

incroiaK in single condiai: and lutb cumin'indrd tu preteni mj- 
«df ui your grcafocn, thai it may pjease yojr highness 10 dispoise 
ti me According unco ymir likingl" ' OK, ho^- glad was our knight 
be had nude thii 4i'ux>i>t9r 10 himsdfT but chiefly when he had 
out one whom he might all hie la<lyf Por, as ii is imagined, 
dwrk m the next vilhge unto Uis manor, a young handsonu 


we&cb, wkh whom he was sometime la tove, although as is under- 
Oood, she never knew or took notice thereof. She was called Aldonsa 
Lorenzo, and her he thought fittest to entitle with the name of Lady 
oC his thoughts, and searching a name for her that ^ould not vary 
much frcmi her own, and yet fibould draw and aveer somewhat to 
that of a princess or great Udy, he called her Duldnea del Toboao 
{for there ^e was born), a name in his conc^ harmonious, strange, 
and significant, like to all the others that he had given to his things. 


Of tHi Fair Smr That Don Quixrrn Mam to Stxi: Amrvn-iii 

THINGS btitt^ itmi ortUn-d, he would defer ihc eietutioci 
oi hu dedj^ru no longer, beio; spurred on the more vehc- 
racTulr by ifar want wbicS be eiuxmsd hi( dcb>3 ivrouj-ht id 
ihe wDiidr PCfiordiQ^ Ui the wronjti th^t be resolved lo nf>bt, the 
hsma he iDmn lo mlrv£«, ihc ^xcrism he would jmcn:!, the abavs 
tbxr hr would brtio, and chp- drhu he wituld i.init). And ihcrcfore, 
without KqodintiDg Jiiy living crcjiofc whh hit iDtcntiocu, he^ uo- 
Mcaof jiny, Dpon a ccn^n moraing. «> before the day (being 
me of the vnmca oi |uly)' ^rnied himulf cjp-a-pie, tnoututd on 
Rununie. bced oo his Hl-cootrivcd helmet, embraced hit target, iooIe 
hv Unce, and by n {vuaem 6oor ni hii b;!UM^tifi iuu«l oui id the 
ntjd. mon^loiu JExtind and canu-ni ;a icr wiib what facitiiy be had 
ODSUDdoed hu fwd deairo. fiuc iciixe had be tallied to (he fiejdt, 
whca he wm sockkoly isvultcd by a terrible ^Ufcbt, and soch a one 
<t <&d wdl-iMgh cvcrduYvw hU fomier good purpowc; which wax, he 
■aoflnbfftvil he waft not yet dubbed Ic night, and ihefr'^>re, by th« 
bwi of loi^juhaod, neidier could nor mi^ht to combat with any 
W^: and tbm^ bo were one. >ti ought be to ^^'car white armour 
oew kisjtht, wiibmit any device in his shield until he did win 
I ir« torce Of AfffM* 

Thoe ilmi^ i h u Ad nuke him fttagger la his purposes; but hlf fol- 
M pf^evaiTifi^c ™or^ than any other mson, be purposed to cauw 
Wntelf HJ br Val^nn! by ibe firu he met, to the tiniuiioo nf nuny 
oihm due did the nme. « be had read io the booki which di»- 
ttscvd him- A\ toticltjn^ while armour, he rnotvcd. with the fim 
^pertuoity. to KtMi hit owo to weU, that they should rest whiter 
4aa cnatncL And thtjx he pacified his mfnd nnd proseeiAod hh 
mma^r wuham chcxnuif; am nihrr wjy tkin i!ui which hi honv 
bdirvuijc that tbesein ctuuisTcd the vij^our o4 knifihEly ad- 
Onr bumuhed adrcnhirvr, iraveUing that onward, did 





pdiLey vnlh hiinsdf in tlus nunnrr: 'Who doubts, in the cnuisni 
Ago, vthen the irutf hittt^r) oi my fjmout xU ihntl covne to lifthi, 
btu thai thr wiv man who thaU wriir ii^ will ^i^n if* whrn tir cotim 
ID declare dm my firit uUy w early in <h« moniing, adcr ihU nun* 
DCf?— "Scarce lud the ruddy AfcUo «prcid over the Ucc of ihc \ui 
ud ipaciout Girth Ukc yold^o iwiaa oE biA beautiful tuiis oad >avcc 
lud thtf bide eciameiled birds ^vith their naked umijium uluied wxih 
tweet ind melliiluous hitmooy the arrirftl of rosy Aurora, wheu, 
abandnoing )irr jf^liiiiJi hintiund's Mifc cnuLh^ she; tbowi ht^netf in 
moful wighcA diinu^h ihc g^ia :tnd vrlndowi of ihr MjiKbc^jlt 
horixon; when d'lc Umoiii kiiight, [>oo Quixote ol the Mmd-^. 
flbandonin); tbc tlothfud plunneti did mourn upon his reoowocd 
hon* Ronnaitce, iind be^an to travd tlirough ihe dE>cif nt ind known 
fie^df of Montter* {a Indeed he did). And following tsill on with 
hh dhuMxae, be uid: 'Oh. li^iii^ iIh? 3^*^* 'AimI fnfluDUEi? ilie tin» 
wheran my farooui Jcjti alkali be rcvc^L'd. feati worthy to be graven 
in bra»t arvcd in marble, and deirrercd with moit curious An in 
tiibks, (or a future iniinieiioft and memory. And, ihou wbe en- 
chanrer, whotoeA-er ihou bnut, whom it sihaU concern to he the 
chronichrr tit this iinuigr hifinry, I driifp thft not to fotigei my ^oud 
horse Roziiiame> mine ctcnul jind tnu.'puf able comp^on id all tny 
fOtlfoeys Afid couf«ci.* And ihcn, ^i if he Vftxt vfriJf ciumourcdi be 
Mid; 'O Phnceo Dulcuwaf lady of this capuv« heart! mudi Wfonj? 
haA ihou done me by dismissing me, v>d nfxrooditnjt me vK-iih ihs^ 
dgofciu deavp and cnmmoiDdment, nrv in appear before th) tiejutyJH 
I pray tliier, sweel lady, deign 10 rrmembcr thne nf chii pnor sutv- 
fected hcan, that for thy lor^ lufTcnt 10 miny K>fl«re>r And icith 
ilte^c Words \k inserted a thoutfind cthrr ravings, aU after the ume 
nunncr that hii books tnu^hi him. imitsnng as near as heco«ikl 
very phrate and bngu^gr, and d:d ride tlicrmithal to liow a 
and the uin did mount v> swiftly, And wiih to great heal, as il 
su&wnt to meit his hraiiu, if tic bad had any left. 

He travcDcd alrt^iKt all ihai dsy vrith(»ui eocoimterinfi anydiij 
wortlty rhc r«ciiaJ, wht<h made him to frrt for anger: tot he ddtrrt 
10 encounter presently tome oiw upon vrluim \ic might milic trj^l 
hii invincible ttrrngth. Some stJthon write that his fV • -'■ -rmii 
was thai ot the Laptosaa imiii: otliers, that of x\\r V bi 


It I cauM ouly (md otic in i]ii» ^^i. and which I luve (bund 
wnQcn ta the uiruU ol the Mancha, u Uut be tnvcllcd aU thai day 
kMgt and at [lifEbi both be and hii borse wcr? tired, aod mafrvllomlf 
prosed by hunfrer; and, looking abouc bim on every ilde to i(« 
wfaothcr be coidd ditrover any caulr or thcepfold wherein he might 
nWT himsrlf for ih^t night, and remedy hit waniv Hf pcrcci^Ttl an 
imi neu LiDlu the Li^hvray whcicin he travelled, which w^ as ivcl- 
oxDT a iighi to him ai if he haJ tcca a Atar that did addreai him to 
cfatt porch, if DM CD the paln^e, of liit rcdempoon. Th«A, tpurring hit 
bone^ b* lutd aU tie Riif;hi totvardi it, aod ^kfrived much about night- 
fjiU. Tbve «tDod by duoce at ihe inn door two >ouQg women, ad* 
vEDluttfm bkevriK, whicli travelled toward Seville with cefUia car* 
cicnt aod did by chance take up their lodjcii^x in that idh the nine 
cvmitiiE; aod, Eoraimiich fti our knight-errant escemed all which he 
lIuBght, caw, or imagined, ^it done or did realty pau in the very 
fuss form aa he had read the like in his booki, forthwiib, u toon 
41 be nptcd die vtfit, he feigned to himself thai it wu a casde with 
fbui cunncu, whereof the ptAitiKJcs wert of glliteamg «i]ver. widvoui 
■mnioit the dr4wbnd£c deep foftsc, and mticr adhaenti belongiti^ 
ID the like places. AikI jipproachfojt by Llilc and little to the vent, 
wbea he drew near to it, ehcckinf^ Roitnaote with the bridle, he 
nmd a while tn vr wlwilicr any lEw^rf wxAild motint on the? hanle- 
awiititu]pvc wjfiung wiihilw wutidof airumpd how tofne knight 
^d »p|»oadi the CAuic; but seeing they iUytd to \oag. and also, that 
RotinanM kept a coil to go to his itablo, be w«nt to the inn door, and 
dm beheld the two Iod«« bqRj;aj^ that stood at it, whom he 
pi tiMf itJy nippowd 10 be two beautiftil damteb or kvely ladiei, that 
Ad lotace ihroudvo bHvre the antic gates. Aiul in iKia ipjce it 
Ud bychaoce. that a certain swinchcrdra;^ he giiihcrcKitojE^lier hii 
triew the horn where^i they arc ^"ont to come tocher; and 
Illy DoQ QittJUMe imaf^incd it was what he dmred, to wit. hmdc 
dvrarf who iprrc tuKice of hir arrival; 2nd ihmfore, with marvel- 
bo* ^ticfactkn nf mind he approifiied to the inn and ladiei; who 
bidiridiojB one atiued in that manner fo draw 90 ncir, widi hii bnce 
md target they made tnuch hove, being greatly affrighted, to get to 
(, But Don Quixote pcrceivinfi their fear hy thdr Sight, 
faia puitcd bcQveft and dtso^vcriog hi« withend and duAy 


ccuitiei»noc, did accost them wuh gcmkr dcmcaDour Jind ^avc 
wofd* ID thiA ouxincr; *Lct iioc your UdytKipa di»v »<kr fear any out^ 
■3^; for 10 ihs ordtr of kru^i^Mod wlikb I do proJco» ir touchdh 
nor q>p«raiDtUT not to wrosg aoybodf, ind Itm of all such wonhf 
dainwii 11 your predict; derjoce ymt to be.* The wenclwA looked on 
him very cuincjily. jnd did «!an:h wiih thcxr eyn lur ibc ^iuftc, 
whkh hu ill-fddiioDed beaver dad conceal; but when ibcy betid 
ihcfnsdvci (rrmcd damKb, a thing so ^ from ihrir profnucjin. they 
csDuld not covua^a tbcxr bi^hm» which vm so loud, as Don Quixote 
wxced aslumcd thefeai; and therofon said 10 diem: 'Mixkny » a 
«xnrfy Qmjmmi of die faeatsiftd, and the exccnive bughter that 
tpringi fron a li^hc occuioo muii be rtputed gteot EoUy, Bui I du 
not ol^iea this unto you 10 make you the more aAamcd. or that yi» 
should take it in ill pan; for my desire a Done other than 10 do you 
all the honoar and service 1 may.' TVji he ipakc unto rhem in loch 
uucuuih UTinlft a« diry cnuld mu undervund him, tvhich W21 in 
ocQision, joined wilh hu own uncoanJiocu, 10 Jnctuv their laughfer 
and his tiToth, irhich vrould have paucd the bounds of reuon, if 
the lAukecper hjd uot come out M ili« trMtaJift, being a m40 wbo^ by 
rtaiofl of hu egotediag faine^*. mott netdi have been o(a very puc e- 
able oonditkn; who, beho^din^; Uut counirrfdt li{i;Dre, all armed 
m 30 uinuiiahle armuiu as were \'j% hridk, bnce, target, md corslet, 
wu very non to have kept the damsKls cuoiiucy in xhc fAtxam 
shows of his mcrrifnenit but fcarinf in rffca the m^hina «nd bulk 
oofurmd of » variouifarniuircs. he<Wternuned 10 tpeok hina (urfy: 
Qful ihenrfora b^pn to him m ihis manner: 'U yoar wonhip, ur 
fcni^hr, do (vek (or lodging you may ciulk yotinelf a bed ftv there 
h tunc in this inn, wlvrvin you shall (ind all odscr ihings iu dun- 
duice** Don Quxoic, twtinf ttie lowliness of the oanscahte of that 
fortresr <for luch the inn and innkeeper vceracd unio ham), an- 
swered, 'Aayrhingt ur ceaaablef may servo me; iot mine arms arv 
mine onuments, and bottles miiie eaac; «tc' The host ifaougki he 
hod calltil hrni a mtdboo or cofuobkt limausr be mmwstmd him 
to be one of the untcre acd honcii men of Cisub. wfaoiaa he wvt 
indeed an AmblEiuai «ikI nf the oiratnatk oE St. Luran, no Im 
th*eviih than Cacti», nor less nulitvitiv and crafiy than a student or 
p^te; and thrt«6»rT be aoiwerK] ban ihun: If that be so, your bsd 
tnim he lurd nvck^ and your deep a perpetual watching; and bring 



such, jtM nuy bddty aliglu, anil Uiall fiiul certainly Iicre ixcaanuii 
umI upponuDity 10 hoM )tMi waking this Lwdvctnoiuh loo^v, for 
oac ftifitK.' iVod, uyin; w, lahd hoki on Dd& Quiioic's anrrup, who 
ckil ttinhv^itfa abgbt, tboofih 11 wo^ with grcai dtftoilty and pain 
^2» ofw thjt had doi caaica all the day on« cramb), ind thea tw 
■lULOJ hii hmi ui h^ve ipeciul care of bis horar, uytog, lie was 
oneof tlv ben pircn thai cvrr ^ic hre;icL The initkcviirT vietml and 
iwiewcd him, to whcun be did doc seem b^Lf so gpod a% Don Quixote 
valnrtl him, aod» KHing him up in the «t^>lci be turocd to see what 
^b nutft would cotnmand, who vrt% A-ditarmins by both the dun- 
^^hi (whkh wera by dtiu time r«coodled to him), who, though fbey 
^Hd taken off hb brraxtpbit* ;uid bjck pant, m kriew ihey not bow. 
^Br conkl anytriv uodci hit gnrj^l, nor takr oti hii courierfett 
besTcf, whtf b be Kid fastened on with green ribbons; and by reann 
tfae knoa were «o intricate, ii was nquiiiic they should be cut, 
whtfCttoto be would not lu anywise Agree; jxt<l ihcrc&>re nnuined 
an Am aagbt widi his hebn«« on, and was the sinngevt and pleasant- 
tM. fipsir tlvif^ ikiE one might behold. And at he w^ a<4liurmiiig 
f"**jp"^"g tbo^ U^ wenches tint bel|ied hioi Id be ccfULn 
|wrtripal Udscs and <lan>es of that casde), be add untn them, with 
4 Y197 Jtwd pnoe: 'Never wat any knight so well attended on and 
fiwl by bfhes as was Don Quicoce: wbeo he deponed from hU 
filLi^, dimwK Jiiended on him, and prinamet nn his horvcv O 
Koxiaaniei— ^, ladies* that is the name of my horse, and Don 
QuxKHc dr b Maikcha is mine owo. IV although 1 meant at the 
&nc 00c to have disoovercd m^^cli, until tlie Ms done in your 
norvw «nd beoenc thould manifest nke; ytt the necessiry of accom- 
T— ''■'^jl m cKtr pnrftent pttrpode the o!d romance of Sir Launcelot, 
hMh been an fKcasum llui you thould know my name before the 
sigbt iBiMm, Bill the time will cnme who^n your LKlyihi[is may 
fTTfnfft'^ CQc. «nd I obey, and ihcA the valour of mine arm shall 
< fag |jv cf ibr deure I have id do nxi service/ 

The WMidic* being UAKcuuomcd to hear bo rhetoricil termi, 
iftiw ec cd nv%-cf a word ut him. b[V only demanded whether he 
WDtth.! 'inff' Tin: I i^cTuld/ leplied Don Qintucr, 'fijrai- 

mc4i would be vcrv bdvovciul 



■Dtt' Ic chanced by hap to be on Friday, and therebxc there 
no oihe^ meat inthe inn ihan a (ew pi«ce« of a fish calted in 


DON Quixon 

Omiic dhaJ^xo, in Aiidtluiia b^c^Uo, and id vomt pbce« curaJtSa, 
;ind la oth«i£ iruchu^, and \% but poor-fohn. 

They demaoded of him. therefore, whether he would em ihereot* 
giii-ing it the nime. tiwd in xWai pbce, of tfuchuela, or lutte irom; 
(pr ilicrc W31 no (jthcr fiK^i m all t):c inn tu pjucnt unio htm but 
such. 'Why, thcDt' quoch Dot) Quixote, 'brin^ it in; for if there be 
many Little tnnitf iher may Mirvc tnc in»t<^ of a ^reac oi>e; ir betng 
all oi>o to me, to b« potd cny moiwy (il 1 were \o receive 9oy) id 
dghi iiSi^t real*, or to be paid the lame in one rv-al of eight. And, 
mesRvntrr, ihff^ liitle iruuii are |ierhAp« hke unto veil, which il 
much niofc delicate fleUi than beef; oc the kid, which is better tluA 
the f^oat; but be it whai ii U>t, let it be broujsht in praently; for the 
hbour and wci^hi of anru canivM be well borne without tlw weO- 
mpplying of the guii.' Then wai there stnighc laid a tal>le at the 
inn ilnnr, iHui hr mniighi rak^ the ;ur; snil thr horu hmtjglu hirti a 
ponion of evi]'Watcr«l and worSio-botlcd pooT'fobn, and a loaf z« 
black and hoary at hii harness. But the only iport wai id bch^ 
htm eat; fov by rcatoD his helmet was on, and hit beaver lifted, he 
could put nothinj! into hit mouth hinwelf if </tbm% did not h«lp 
htm to SihI the way, and therefore one of tho4« b<Be« terved hit 
turn in that; but it waa aUpgtnfier impouihle to give him drink after 
that manner, and would have rcnuinrd so £or ever, if die imxkevper 
had not borvd a cane and x<tin£ the one end in hit mouih, poured 
down the wine at the tfA^ai all which he nutercd moit patiemly, 
bacaitte be would not break the ribboni of hii hdmei. Aikl at he 
sn at nipper, there :irriv«d by chance % sow^der, who, a« toon ai 
he came to the tniu dkl kjudiI fma ur five -imei a whittle of C3nr», 
the which did conBnn Don Quixote th^it be wai \t\ socne tuiiDua 
catfk, where he wai served with muw; and that the poor-joha was 
irouu; the bread of tha Ancxt flour; the whoro, ladia; and ihe inn- 
keeper, cnnttable of that caKlt; wherefore ha accoini»d hii retducion 
am) departure from hia own houw very well employed. But choc 
which ^d inott oiKJa him wa^ that he was nut yet duMxd knighi, 
[oraamticfa t\ he was fully periuaded that he could not Um fully 
cnicrpfiie, or fnUow any adventure, until he tccdvtd the ordEr of 





'mntK U KtcavKTZo ntt Pura^avt Maxku Oamva) tK THB 
Knigutivc of Doh Quaan, 

AND bdfig dbui tented in mind, be nude a short* be^Karly 
L\ ^pper; which oeing fuushed, be calJcd for b« host, and, 
X JL shutting ihe Koblc door very EaA, be laid binuelf down 
upon hii kn««i in it Mot^ him, uyiog, '[ m-iII ocvtr riM from the 
placr whar 1 am, v^orout knighlt LBitil your coLirtciy shaiL giani 
uftU) (DC 4 Ixxju llut 1 tDC40 u> clrinaiid uf ytxi, ibc which will 
retSorund tuuo yoiff renown, aod also io the profit of dl hum^in bad.' 
The tnnkeiq>ef seeing Kb gue^ at His feet, ^nd hcarinj; him speak 
cboie woniti remaioed confouiKled beholding hicn, not Icnowii^ 
what be might do or c^y, and did «tudy and labour to nuke bim 
anv; but all vm la vain, uniil h« miiu have promised unto bim 
tlut be would ^rjjit him auy gift that he sought at his hands. '1 
itd otvcr expea less.' rtplied Don Quixote, 'from your DUgoi&ceoc^ 
my lord; and therefore 1 say unco yotx, that the boon whkfa 1 demajMl 
o( you, and thai luth Wn granted tinto me by yout liberality, ii, 
ihjt iD^norTow, in tfke muming, ynu will dub me knigbi. and ihii 
fiij^ I will watcb mine armour in the chapel of your casdc, and in 
ihr momingv as I have s^d, ibe sea of my dcAirci dull be accoou- 
pLubod, that I may go in djc manner throughout the four pma of 
ibe wtirldt IO teek advefituret, to the bcoefii o( the ri«edy, ai is tht 
duty of knigbtbood, and of knight i-er rant, as ] am; wboee deflrci 
srr whuUy toclkiMl and dedicated to such a<^evenienu.' The host, 
wImx zt wr owed before, wai a great giberi and bad before gatlicrcd 
ita of the defect of wit in hit guest, did wholly now 
If that hit lutpiciocu were true, when be heard hira 
<f« foannef ; and that he might have an occaik>rt of laugh- 

-^ -'i^ feed \ui humour thac night; and ihercfore an- 
]m had v-ery great rea*on m that urh^ch lie desued 
and aoogfu, ahJ thai lucb pro^cai were prapcr and natural to 


knighu of iht ^axb uul wottX-i he aeeraed u» be oi; ind tlui be him' 
sell likew^iB^ in his youthful ycare, had bUcwcd that hooourabU! 
cxerdK, ff>ing through diven pant d the ^«f Id to Mck »dv«itiurc<, 
wahovt cither omitting tho dangon o( Mabgj, iho Idct of Riiran, 
the compass ot Scvillr, the c|uickalvn hoioe of Strguvij, ihe ohrt 
Bdd of Vakoda* th« cirotit of f^riAida* the wh4rf oi Sl Lucar, tlir 
Pocro or Cowh ot Ccirdov4, acxl the little taverm of Toledo; diul 
many other fiact^ wberdit he practiied tlie dcxtouy of hii hoodi; 
doing many wroogs, soliciting nuny wid^wti undoing ctflain 
maiden^ drcdvjfig nuny puptli^ aw5 Jinolly nukia^ UmjcU 
koown 3rd fjnH>ii$ in all tlic (nbuTuh .utd count alrooit of all 
Spain; and that n Usu he h^ tctitvd hlirucif to that hit cattle* where 
he \m aufiaincd with hi) own 2nd other men's goodS) eotcruimog 
in it ail knightvcrrun, of whatsoever quality awl condition they 
were, only for the j^reat Bifeetbo he bore lotvardi them, and to the 
end i1tey might divide wi?h ham pun c^ fhdr winnii^ In recom- 
pcTue of \ui goodwill. He ;)ddcd jjCMdci, that llierc waj no clupri 
in his castle wherein he might watch hU arms, for he had broken 
h down, to b\iild it up anew; b*jt, nocwithii4rKlingi he knew very 
well that in a caw of ne^euity they mi^K: Uu^fully b« watched in 
>ny other p!are, and rVn^frftirc he mi^i waich them tK*i night in 
the baspoRin of the caslr; for m the morning, an It pleased God, 
the cercmonici requiiitc ^uld be done in stxh ton as he should 
remain a dubbed knii;hi. in to j^ood faahion u in all the world he 
could not be bettered. Ht; d^^mindcd of Den Quixote wheih«f He 
had any money; who aniwcfAi :tui he had nc< a bUnk, for Vjc had 
nerrr Trad in any hiaiory of knighi^'errani that any one of ihem 
c^T-r ariird any money. To this hli huit replied, that be was de- 
ceived; for, admit ihxi hiitonea made no mcntjon tbcrooC» fa«cauK 
the authors of ihem deemed it not necctsary to «sprvu a thing m 
manifeit and nvedful to bo carried ai was money and clean shiru, 
ft wai not th«Tefofv id be cfudlted that they had ik»[w; and therefore 
he should hiiil, for most certtin and manifest, that all the kni|[1ii> 
cnant, with the story nf whose aci« an many boolu arc replenuhMl 
iikd heaped, had their pur^s wdl lined (or that whxh might bef^I, 
and did moreover carry with than a Iktb cnkct of otntnxots and 
dvia, 10 rtjrt the wounds whsd^ ihry rrceivfd, for they had mx the 





ci a mnrfi ty tit a turgeoa to cun ihcm, cv«ry lime thit tbvy fought 
abroul tn the fields lad deseni, if they had not l>y ch2Dc« some *iw 
— ■fkawtpr to that fiieutl, v*htt wuuUl pt^actjtly njocuur cbenit briog- 
txi|t ttDto ifacBiv la tun-x dood, thtoujth the ^r* >ocdc ddmatl Ct 
dw2rf« ittkh A vul of water of to gre^t virtue, u uAinjc one dfop 
ihafuL tbqr romincd a$ who£c of :heit sorei ind wouikU u if tlief 
laj DKvcr received ^oy. But when tbry had nut ih^ bcndii, tba- 
kngbu ctf i>rm=s pan hrld i< foe a very oncnnumdable and seai 
CDom thai thdr jquirci thonUl be provided of niDai7 and ccbcr 
iwimtnin' Khio^ u boc uid oinoncora for to cure thcmfdvet; and 
wben it bdd that ihe like koighu had no <quiro tu aiicDd upon 
lira (which liappcAw) hut very Mldom), -Jiea would they ii)«in- 
«lvc» cAtiy all iha provisDu bphiDtl i)«n on their honci, in satne 
A^ti ttod uibilf w^lets^ which aiulA KSLrur he praeined as ;i ihi^, 
oi YCtf gnflt cortscqucncc; for. if it ■a^ctg riot upon 9uch in occ^aorii 
ifat camajte oif wallets ivu not very colerAhlc amon^ krughtvertAot* 
And in Ehu ropea he d^ iidvtcc bifs, seeing he might yet cocn- 
msad hun, ils ooe rhai* by receiving tHa order of knighthood at hii 
kiDchv ifaould very shortly become hb godchild, ciuc b« should not 
irvftl £roai tfacoocfoe^a/d withuuL raonry Jtad other die prrven* 
tkow hr had then g^^-cn uqio him; ind be chouki pcrcd\« him* 
wM bow b«houTehil tbey would pCDv« unco lum who be least 

Don QuuDie promivd to parompiish jU ilut ho h:td counselled 
lin w do, with lU puocnuhty; and «o order wa& forthih-iih given 
krw he ihouhi watch hi« armi in a grejt lard that by near 
bde of the ino. Wherefore Don Qnixoic j^thcrcd ail hii 

Lbd iJ»fn oa a dsiem that «Tood Mar onto 3 veil; and, 
buclctiflg oD hii targ^ be laid hold on his lance, and walked up, 
tai dofvn htifin tlie diteni very drmufdy. aad ivhen be began to 
wdk, ibe ni^hc hkcwiie bq^an to lock up the ifiendmtr of the day. 
Tlhe innkeeper* in the mtm seafon, reeountcd to aU the rut that 
fac^ftf] m the mn the toWy crt bt siuca. the watching of hit araU) 
mi tfaa knighthood wbieh he expected to necei\-e. They all 
wy mrirh ai to ifrangr a kind irf fbliy, and w«nf out to behold hlin»| 
^nm jfar o^, and ijw that dnetimn he pratiOBd to and fro wkb 
gesture; other tufecx ksniog tipoo hia lance, he looked upon 


his armour, without bcJioJding any oUkcr thing sa\T his armi for 3 
good space. 

The night b«ing shut up ai bft whoKy, bin with mch cttarons 
of ihe fDOo:i u it mighi wdl Locniurr tvtrh hit tifightnna thjl 1cm 
bcr Iier splccudour, everything whjcli our new kniglit did wu ooily 
perceived by all the beholden. In ihis xaoon one of the c^imtrt 
that lodged m the inn re!K>^Ted to water his m Je*, md for tfajtt pur- 
pose it wu necciafy to remove Dk^n Quixoct'f armour that Uy on 
ihr ciuern; wlioy tcving him approM-h, nid tinin Him, with m knid 
v«K«, 'O thou, whiiwietrrr thou botft, U>1d kniKhi! chjl cornea to 
touch the armDUi of the nio&t ^^roui ad^^niufcr thai c^cf girded 
sword, bok wcU what thou dofi, »nd touch them noc, if thou me»< 
ea not to leaw thy life in payment of thy pr«iiiT^ioii.' Tl» carritt 
made no Jiorouot of ihote wofdi (hm it wtrt better he had, for &t 
would have rrdnundifd to hU liervtiit), hut rachcr, la)tiif; \vAti fxn 
the leaihenngJr thiew ihe ara»ur a prtay way oil from him, whkrh 
being perceived by l^n Quixote, he lifted up hu eve* lowjird^ 
heaven, and addrruing hit thoughts (it k K«med) to hii Lady 
Duldoo, he said, 'Aaist me, dear lady, in this Ant d^ingeraat scum 
and advrnaire nfTrrcd lo ihh hrv^n, iSw is enihralW lo thw, and 
let Dot ihy favoor and pruccction fail mc io tlub my ^m traftCc!* 
And, uneriiiti* these and other such woidi, he let sfip hii target, and, 
iiiiiufi u]> his Uoce wiih hoJd lurdt, he paid the cirricr »o round a 
kAOck iherewtthil on tlie pate, xs be ovcnhtew him to the grotmd 
in m cTil c^ng, ai» it be had vonnded it whh aootheTr he nhould 
not luve needed any sutgmn in nire him. lliU ftme, Iv gathered 
up his armour ogaint aibd layinj; them v^lnre d;c) had heen before, 
he walked oher up and down by ihem, with as much qtuetcics« m 
he d>d at tlx- Rrjtt, 

But very K>on after, another carrier, wriihoui knowing what had 
tup|)ened (kn hb cocnpanion Uy yet to a trance on iW gmuod), 
cunc aha u> gire Ha mnle^ water, and ccnaiog to take away tbe 
vtni, that he mi|^ free the culern n( cneumbrancrsi and take water 
the easier — Don QiMxoie saying ooihinjE nor implonng favour ot 
lus miTtms or any other, let slip again hts tare" . * ' '■ ■ his 
lance, without brciking of it In ^Uicn, made r^ of 

die second carrier's ikkUIv; (or he btoke it in four places. All the 





people cf the iTUi, j^nd amoogu them the hott likpwu», ropaifed M 
ttuft lime tu ilie UDtv; wUitli Vkni Quixuie peiidviuf^ embrAcing 
hi* utjpA* uid bying luml oo Kia award he »id; 'O bdy oC aU 
beauryl courojEC snd vijcour of my weakened heonl it b novr high 
time thjt thou do 000%"^ the c^es o£ tJiy grcjtncn lo thit thy optive 
km^hf^ who dcMh cxpcci to mnrvcJIotu great ^n adventure/ ^y^og 
ihtii, he rixxATfrd, a* bp ihooght. so gtrti ctmragr, thai if all the 
Cdxcitf > of the worid h^d AUiutcd him, he would iwc go one acp 
backwvd. Tbt wounded mcji'i (cJJows, «cdag ihon 90 evil dtj^hu 
boat tfir oJl begam to run Atocca on Don Quixote, who did drf^bd 
fafimrif ihc btst He iniglii with btc taisct, ukd dunt poi d«pcm fnxn 
the ciitefP, Ittt he ihottM wtm to alMrviou \m anm- Th* innkee^vf 
CFioJ tu ihcm 10 Irt Kim ak'Hf ; U>t he KjcI already infucmed ihcm 
tlui be W3t% mad, and 30 such 4 one would escape xoC'Eree akhou|[h 
he had ilain them all- I>im Quixoce likc%v]M; cncd out louder, tcnn- 
iog them all ditbyal meo and traitors, and that the locd of the catflo 
was a iTcacheroui and bsd knight, teeing that he coiucnted that 
kni^lnvcTnuii thntild be » liaady used; and that, if lie hod no< yn 
reocitfcd the ordcf of kntghibood, he would make him undcrsund 
hit rrrauw: 'Hui of yo^i bax and rascally keancU* quoth he, 'I make 
40 rvckooiog at ill. Thfow at roe, appFoapCh, draw near, and do me 
ill the hnn yc3ii may, for you (hall erv long perceive (he reward you 
iluB carry for thJ> your oudneu and outrage/ Whidi wordi he 
if^ke with to ^roil ipvril and boMuieu, a» he struck a terrible fear 
into all thote dvt omulted him; and ihcreicifc, moved both by ii* 
and the innkeeper's persuinons they left off ihrowinj; ^i>na at 
him. and he permitted them lo carry away the wounded men. and 
rvtutpcd 111 die guard nf hit arnu with 3% great ijuirtneu and gravity 
aa he did at ihr hc>7i:in]ng. 

The tnnkecpcf did aot like very tnuch theie i/ickj of hia gucau 
end thmfor* he ikitfrnioed to abbreviate, and give him the un- 
fnnomtc ottkf of knii^hthood fonhw-ith. before aomt other dliaiier 
btfrL And with this resolution ccfiting imto blm, be esccuied blm- 
mU of the iiteuAences thoee box- felluwt hud u>ed to hira, without 
' oinsesit; but their ntahneait u he aid, rcruaitkn] well 
: :- added kow lie had alrtaidy tokl imic him, tlui ihcrr 
po chapd to hit castk; and that fcir whai yet retted anpcrfe'j;ied 

34 i>oK QUixon 

0f thar imemioa. It ms noi occci^^y, bcciuse the chief point d 
jeniuning knigktcd cotuuicd chidly in blowt of the tieck aaA 
ihnuldm, 3t hr rc^id m llir cpmiKinbl Um^Ic nf thr nnJrr, ;iiid 
ilijii that migbi he ^i^efi in fhr vrry cnUfct of ihr firld»; jidiI tluM he 
hid ^icndy vcompluhctl ihc obligation of wanching hi» Anni; which 
with only two houn' watch tnij^ be fultUkti; how much rttott 
aCttr having waicbed low, as he had <k)ne. All this Don Quixota 
betteved, and iherefore aiuwend, chat he wxt moa Tti4y 10 obey 
Jiun, and lopitfitc-d him to cocidude with >U thr Irre^iijp |icwjble; 
(or if he uw himself knighict!, and were once Ajiin itfaultnU be 
mtant not 10 kxve one person alive in all the cask, cxccpi ihoe 
wh^ch the consublc «boiild comound, whom bo woold iparc Icf 
l.:s iake. 

Th« conaahip being ihin adwrtis^d, and fraifiiT that h^ would 
pm ihia hb deliberaiSoii in cxectiiion. brotijEhi out a book pmently. 
wherein he wai vroot to write down the accounts of the Aravr and 
harky which he delivered ftorn tin»e to btne ta uKb carrjen aa 
lodged in hif inn. Cor ilreir bciiti ; ind, with a bun of a dodK whkta 
a boy held lighted in hii h:ukd More htm, accu«npamed by ihe two 
damvrb above incnikifird, hr cume lo Dun Qutiuie, whcmi he uun* 
maodcd 10 fcnccJ upon hii knees, and. rending in ha mamul (a» it 
fMiDodr aocne dcvom ofison), he held up hui hand m ihe mjdsi of 
the leatvc, and gave ban a j;ood Mow oa ihe n^k, and aicer thai 
gat« him another trim thwack over the diociUlin with tu« own 
sword, dlwayi murmuring lonething between the leeih, aa if he 
prjyeiL This heiu^ done, lie a>ituiiam)ed one a^ the LuEes to gird 
on hit vword, which the did with a nnfular jpood j^ace and dexienty. 
whKh waa much, the matter h^oR oi itself ao r>dicu1oua, ai it wanted 
but hnle (CI make a man htirti ^viih buf^hler M every patuge of the 
ceremnniet; but the prowen which ihry had almdy Iv^icld in ihe 
Dew knight ilid limk andvofiiain ihtir drli^ht. At ilic girdJaif on 
of bis twor^L the good lad)- uid> Xrod make you a lortunare km^htt 
ftod ;ive T^iu good iDOCois in aD yotif drhaior [>ia QdijHXe de- 
manded then how rhe was called, thai ha mighl ibeneeWward know 
10 whom he was 10 much ofaUged for die bvour feCMved. And the 
*nswtml. wjth grear bwuvnnets, that she was named Totcna, anil 
was a butdkir's duuf;htrt of Tolrdo^ that dwelt in Soocho Beiw^') 




Save, vid dut the would evvr honour htm at h^ lorrf. Dmi Qiundw 
npltfd, raquouDg licr, (oj liia nke. to coll ber^f (torn thcnccfbitb 
tfav l^dy ToEosa* which ^Hc prom:»e<J him ta perfonrx, The other 
bdy buckled on hia spuf, with whom he had thf very iilte con- 
totttcvi and, ukioj; her nunc, the told him she wu cjIIcsJ Mohocra, 
sad «m diufchEff tn an hnnm miller of Antcqucrj, Htr likq/rine 
oar kai^ cnirtaied to call h^nptf the Lzdy Molinm, pmlfrring 
her Dew icrvn:ci and tavouft. The oew ;ind nercf^eeo-be^ori; cerc- 
dUftJa beia^ thus »pccdi1y fini^hrd, xj it teemed, with a gidJop, 
Don Quixote could not test uoiil he wat mounted on borM^uck, 
thit he mi^ ^ to %ttk adventures; whcrefo/e, cousii^ Ro:£3fuiite 
tn b* incrsml^r addled, be leaped oo him. :ind embndng hit bos, 
be aid UDEO htm luch itnnge diingt, gtutif)tn^ the ttvour bt lud 
ioot Ujh in dubbtng hini kisj^fit. as ii » tinptmibte lo hit upon the 
aBftner of recountinjc them right. The iniit;reper. that he n:u^t be 
qoickly rid of bun, did aruvrer Kb ^^o^d& wuh othe^) do lets rbetori- 
od, fave w;ki in hit speech uune^-hat briefcf : and, wtiboun demand- 
^Bgot him snything for hit lodppg, he luifered htm lo depan in a 


Of That Which Biro, to Our Knioki atto. tU lUa Depi 

noM THM hnt 

AURORA begafi co ditpby b«r bcauti«« :)botu the titiw tlut 
jLA Don Quixou tstu«d out of the inn, lo <04»«i(, lively, ^nd 
X ^ jociim! to bchnid himirlf kjughted, u bis vtfy horv-ginhi 
lA'tre ready to l>ut^ fof joy. But codling lo mcmofy tlw coimscU 
tkit his host had ^vcn him, touching the moil mkUuI implenunu 
thai he wu ever to carry about hiro, o£ money orul dean shirts he 
detennined to return to his house^ and to provide himself of ihcm, fl 
and sUo of a squire; imkuig aotounc to er.tcrtsin a certain bbourer, 
his ncigl^urr who was poor and bad children, bin yet one \xty 
fa for chi» purpoee and iquircly fuoction bclon^iDg to kni^vihood. 
With thit detcnninotion be tunvcd Rozinamc towards the wjy of 
his own viillaj^ wb0| knowing in a nunncr h-i will, began lo trot i 
on widi to good a pace a« he ieem«d not to touch the ijrtHiiwi He fl 
had noi travelled far, when he thought th;il be heard certain wvak ^\ 
and dclkaic cries, like to ibove of one tha: comp1ained> to issiK out 
front the ihickcA of a wood that stood on the right hand. And 
)cartc h;id he heard them when he uid: *I render infiAitc thanks to 
Hvaivn for the fa\-our ii doth dm, by prolfcfing roe to icon occiaoq 
wherein 1 may aecompliih the duty of my pfotetion, and gather 
ihc ffutts of my goud deiircL These pbtnu doulMlutly be of lotni- 
diftrcoed man or woman, who needeth my favour and aid.' Then, 
turnin^E the rein«t he guided Ronname towards the pbce frum 
whence he fhcught ihc complainiv vaUied; ind wiilun a tew paces^ 
after he had entered in:o the ihic>:rf, he saw a mare tied unto '^H 
holm fuk, and to Jinotlier wis tied a young youdi^ all naked frc«n 
the middle upwaid, of about the aj^ of fUTeea years, and wsa he 
that cried to i^tifuUy: and out wiiboui ciute^ Eou a ccriatn country* 
man of oamdr personable did wfup him wixh a girdlr, and acorim- 
pemled evciy blow Hith a repreheflooD And counsel; lor he uidi^ 





Cdngii« must pvafe, jind the eyei b« wary.' An<l the ty>y an- 
nvred, '1 wUl an«T do it ^i^in, ^ood mm^r; for the pufton of 
God, 1 vrill nerer da it ;i^iii, Aiul 1 promiw 10 luve mon carr of 
your tfataf(i from hcncdtink/ 

Bui Dojx Quiiote. vitwing all Out poiwd, ssid. wiih on Angry 
mo^ 'Oitcourtcciu kmght. i; it v«ry uncomdy tc sec ih«« deoJ ibtu 
mdb 00c ihac oftAOC <^eiid him«£lf. Mount, tborcforCt on Imtm- 
hM'k* dfid take itiy bficr' (for the Urma had alto a l^oce leamng 
ID the verjr fiime ute wtiercuntD hi3 iniie ivas ued). 'for I wU make 
tfaee know that it it the uae of cowarcU to do tbat which Uiou doit.' 
Thr DtheTt bcboldiEi>: juch an antic to hover over him, all ]a<kn with 
unOf aad bfandithing of hit biKc towardi bU bee, nude full m- 
amat Am he diodlj be ilain. ;ind tbeirfDre he aniu^ered, with ver^ 
mihl and mbmiuivr n^ouh, Myin^ 'Sir knight, tlie Uiy winch I 
duoiaE U mine own »crvatit* and keeptth hir mc a flock of iUcq> 
in thik connurk; who 1$ grown so ikcglisrcnt, a« he loKth one ot 
than tvtfy mbvr day, ^n6 bcot^w I correct hioi for hi« cafriatmefi 
aifed knavory, Im ays L do u thro^igh cove[ousn«u and pinching, as 
minn*"g 10 defraud lum of his wa^s; but, before God, and in ran- 
«3cacc be brbu me.' "What! thcliviii my piuetice. raK;illy downr' 
CXin Ouinote. *By the wo that ihixnc^ oa uj, I am about to 
chee throuf^ and thfou];h ^^-iih my lancet base caHel Pay him 
r, wiibout more rv^Iyte;;: or cIm^ by that God which doth 
our fuhluoar jfTairi. [ will ooodude thfc and annihilate 
tbtv in 4 mo(neniF Ijxmc him forthwith!* The coanirymtn, bang- 
ing dDWD of bia head, nu>dc no reply, bui kxited hii tervam; of 
Dob QunoM dctnandcd how fouch did hit maita owe onto 
Ha caid, aiov months' hire, at ttvta reals a xnooth, Do«i 
QidJBOU mmAm tfatn the account* and found that all axnounted to 
itey^ooe tmSs aad ihenfer« commanded the farmer to pay the 
■aoory prewntly, if he meant not lo die far it. The fearful country- 
^■B answered, that by fhc trance wherein he was then, and by the 
mlb hr had nude (which wa^ none at all, for he tworc floi)i thu 
W ow d not lomwch^ffir there ihwild he dwlijcted out of the account 
4i^ pair* of tl«va he had givm nnto him, and a real for twice 
WiAg faun Uood, being uck. 'AH h wtH' quoth Don Quixote; 
lut In the jvke of the dioea and lettuig bbod gn Dor the bbwi 


whi^h (Hmi luut £^v«Q him wkhout any dewrt; fer iF tw have brok^m 
tbc leoiho of ihoor shoa thou him bcumv«d 00 him. thuu luM likr* 
wuetorn ibe ftkuiofiuifaody; «nJ il diebirlier tixik dwujr hiiblooiii 
bein^ uck, ihou hast ukcn it out, be being m beilth; » u ta tKai 
rcvpecT be owes the* noOiing/ ITie damage i%% at knij^/ rcpli^ 
ihe boy'i mjticf, Uiui 1 have no money here about mc. Lei Andrew 
ame wirh mr 10 my home, af>d I will pay him hJi t^-a^p^ nnc real 
iipOB ^oOtcf/ '1 go wUh himl' quccA tbc boy; 'evil bdaJl me thoil 
No. S3f> 1 never n»«Dt it; fee Mt >ooo a» cvtr he were alooc. he would 
day rne hke St. Barihdomew.' He will not dare (o da it,' quoth 
Don Quixace; 'for my conuiucid u >ufficieat to make bim reipca 
me, and to that he will sww to me to obmve it. by the cvcler of 
knighlhciKl which he Kiib receiveil. 1 wiU irt liim tit^ snd aMUK 
thee ot the pAjmciit.* IxxmJ sif/ quoth the youib, 'miirk well what 
yott uy; tor this naati. my matter, is 00 knight, aor did ever rMCive 
ftny ofder of lukigfaibood, for he :i |oha Hakludfj, the rnrh m^ft, 4 
dwtlbe of Quuninar.' 'Thai makci do mjntr,' quoth Don Qvixotc; 
'for there Duy be knjgbti of the Hakludoa; and what is more, every 
OQC Ia wq of bb wofki,* Tbat*& irtie,' quoth Andrew : 'but o^ what 
woflu eaa ihii my auitcr be mo, Kting be denia me my vngfh 
atwl my sweat aad bboui?' *1 do Dot deay tby vrageii friend Aib 
drew,' qiioth hii mjiter: 'do tne hw the pleuurs to cume with me^ 
and ] cwcu. by all rlv cirdeTft of Icnighlbooil that aiv in the world, 
to pay thee At I have wd, one real upon aoother-^yvd. and ihoK aSua 
periwnetL' 'For cfac pofuming, 1 ibank thee.' quoth Don QuiJOOKf 
^gtve it him in rcali^ Afid with thnt 1 will rest aui^&cd: and lec ifani 
thou (uKBail it m thou haat iwom; if not, 1 swear a|^ to tb«e^ 
by d>e txm oath, to rtium and search tbeo^ and chastije thee, and 
1 yiM find thee our, though ibou ihouUn h>de ihytelf beiier than a 
loard; and if tboo (ioireiC to oote who cocnmandt thcv do% th«t 
ihou miytt temaiji more Itrmly ohU)eed to accompLih it, luww dui 
1 am the v»loroas Don Quixo«e of the Maacha, the nj(hier o( wrongi 
ami undoer of iniore^; usad an farcwdl, and do not focfei what ihoil 
h«i promiierl .ind mtviv cm pain nf ihr pnhxs alrraity prooovncevL* 
Aitd. tttying thcie wordi. ho spurred Rozinanic. 2od in >kon tpact 
wu got far od bom them. Tbc countrytiun puriun] liim vrith hia 
eyi^ and* pirciiving ihM he wm put the wood, aad quite oui iJ 


sgfat, be nmimcd to hjs nun Aj>drcw« and lAid CO hina, X^tunc to 
nv. child, Jor 1 wlU py tW wlut ] owa diitv^ aft dut rigbivr of 
WTQftgB hadi left cv ccmriund«d.' *TKit 1 twoar.* quoth Aiuk^w; 
*uid jnu ihdl dral cUictmiy in fuifillii^ thji ^ood knight's com- 
auodmaU, who I |ny Gcxl may live a thomand years; for. scciog 
hei» M7 valorous and 10 jtist a indfcCt i twearhy Kccque, ih^it if v^mi 
foe noc, b« iluil return and execute whui be pconutcd.' 'I aiio 
tweaj- ibc ujnc/ quoth the fimMf ; liac iti mpea of the greai 
1 bnr UDBi ihe^ I will lugmnu tb# dHsi, ro inirrca^ iho 
And. catching tUe youth by the anrv he tWd him 9gAtn 
to iLc oak, wh«rc he ea\« htm vo many blows ai he kit bim (or 
deod. 'C^ now, Masi«f Andrew/ qucith he, ior the rif;hi«r of 
WTOQKJ^ and tbott chaJt tc« thai be cinnuc undo this, aJihou^ t 
beilirve a is ooc yet «nded to be done; for I hive yd 1 deiire tn flay 
thee abre;, as thott didsi thy^f far.' Nutwitbuandini; all lliew 
ihrcata, be untied him ai Utf» and gaw him leave to jpi seek out bis 
ittdfCt tn the cod be nught execute the lentcncc pronouttced. An- 
drew depancd bodmwIuii discomentt i^vating to fletrch for the 
valorous Dton Quixoia of the MuKhn, and rccvom tinw hifrw word 
far «nnl, aU th.)c h.-td pitvd, nnd th.-u hp thotdd pay the abut* wrdt 
QHiry; but, fof aJl his tikreat)* be depimcd woqiiog. Aitd IiIh tnoscei 
remained bebiiMl bitfhuiB: and 10 tlu» nunoer the valurous Don 
QouotE rednsacd thai wrong. 

Who, jclad shove meftsure for has tuccta^ jccoundi^ htmveIC to 
hjTc ^mn a moo noble beginniag to Ut ieatt of arms, <ikl travel 
vwartb hts v'illige; whb very greot uTiufsiiTiDn nS hinurlf, snd isid, 
to A low tisoc theie wocdt foUowing: *WdJ inaysi ihou csU thyidf 
Ittf^ above all other women ot itw earth, O ahovr ail Uat it i w , 
hMMofoi DttkuM of Tofaosol linco tliy pood fortuw w niefa, «o 
Md AilHvct and pcoitnta w d>y wiU and derfr* so valiaiii and r^ 
oowood a kitight a« i%, amrl ever ihall far, Don C^tote of the Manchj, 
wWs, ai all die world iuMms, received the ordes ol knighthood but 
r, nod }uah dcrtr ti yed to-day d»c gr«u>t wMi9$c and wrong 
wsfti td retion exiuU form, or cmehy comntrt. I'o^y did he 
away th^ whip ovi of that pitiless tnaay\ hand, which did «o 
■eoorgr wiihiiui ocrsiim the delicate tnCani-' 
la thu dixnunp hr came id a way thai divided itidf iiuo tour, 


and prcacodr tiicx thwoiiin^ crou-wjys rcprcKOtcd tfacmiclvcs %o 
hii ifoajEttiAtioa, wbich ofuimcs held kALjtbiv«mDt in tuipeoM 
whidi ^sf ihey i1»u1d uke; and, ihar he mighi inuute tbem, he 
UDod itiU a whdc, and, afic^r he had hcfhoughi himH^lf Wfi\, he kl 
Jip ilic rctnt to Ro^iaJiitc, subjcciing tiii will to ibai of hii horse, 
who prcKfiUy pofiucd hit fint dcti£;n, which wftt lo rtturn hocnc 
unto his own lUhlc: and luving triivcllcd lotnc two ruIca, Don 
Quiaioic di«coi-«f«d a great troop of p^oipk, who, a* it was alter 
IcDcnvnt VtVTc rttiM merclumi of Toledo, thnt rode towardt Mt:rd4 
to buy lilLi. Tlity tvcre HI in niim^, mid tanw wirh tliai 411113- 
Aolcs. or thadowi of the %ua, taut wrvtng-tncn on hot^duKk, And 
three bckey^ Scarce had Don Quixole perceived iKcm, when he 
ttraij^hc ima^ned ihctn to be a new advcoinre. And became he 
would iiniute as much ui was pofxiblo the pouagei which he read 
in his booVt, he repretrnied thi« 10 him^lf 10 he inn Moch an ad- 
YmturcAi he puipotcd to achMrve. And to, vriih comely ^niurcand 
h^rdinc»«. fettling hlmKlf weU in the »iirrup», he act hit lance into 
his reii, and embraced hi* target, and, pUcing htmaeU in iIm midst 
of ilbe way, he stood awaitinj; when tho4« knightf-erram siuHild 
anive; for dow be fiMJ^«d and loot: tSeiti for wch. And when ihty 
wens VI near as they inighi hear and \tc hiax, he liftod up ln% vuiiT^ 
uul said: 'Let all the world Aand and pass no iunhct* ii all the 
world vrill no( confcM thai cHcrc is not in all the worid a mr-rc beai^- 
tiful damsel than die limptess of the Mancha, the peerless Didcinea 
of Tobocol' The nMrchanis stayed at ihes« wordi to behold the 
mafvellouf and ridsculous shap« of him ihjc ipjke^ thrm, and, by 
his faaJtton and tlnem loined did inconuuenil)r >;ailiei Im foUy aikd 
diitrKUoii, and, notwicheundiag. woutd Iclsurclf brhold to what 
tended that amJeauoa which he exacted of ihevn; and therefore one 
of tfacm, who was aocnewhat given to gihtng, and wat wnhnl very 
dikcreec, taid uoto hsm, 'Sit knight, wv do not know tha! good lady 
of whom fpu speak; sUiw her ihrrrlofc tu 11^ and if sW br tci beoti- 
tiful as you afino, wc will willmglf, and wiiliotit any aioipul^oQ, 
(Anfcss the trudi which you ncnv demand of uk' 'If I c&d sliow her 
to yoa,* replied Don Quixote, 'n^hii nuatery were it then for yon to 
aduvwMgeauuthnmtorJoui? Thecoosequenceof nuncafiiift^ 
contrsu in this, tkat, withotit beholding her, yon do believe^ 


anil ticfcud U; which i£ you tcfu» 10 pcrfonD^ t chal* 
kc^ you all to bjiuk, proud and uoreuoDJiblc folk; and^ whether 
70* cooe 00c by €oc (49 the ocder of kiiigfathood nquirei), or aU 
Jtocko^uUiheaiJUm And diiboiwurable practk«of m^nof^^otir 
bood, here wiU 1 nqvct and aisjcit )xiu ;U1, misung in ibe rown 
wbdi I kiTC on my side/ 'Sar knighi/ replied Uie fDcrch^ni, '1 
itqum ycu* ia oil ilicst princes' numes. 11 inany a> we be here, chac 
to ibc tad wc nuy doi burden our cooKJcoccik corifcsiic; a thing 
which wo Dover behdd nor hc^rd^ and, MtUft bciAg (o preiudidal 
10 tho tmpreue% and qitctfu o( the kinj^im of AJcaiia tnd Estre- 
andim, you wUl pt^ase to show txs lonv pnrTrAimre of that lady, 
aUntigh II be no bigger than a grjin of wheir, for <>y one duead 
«e ouy ind^ of tbe wliole df w ; ai^d we will wUh thi^ fa%*our rest 
«cur« And Kuisfitd, aod you Likewise remain content and opaid. 
And I do believe moreover, diat v» are alrody so incUned 10 >y>ur 
mitt tbac although ber picture ibowed ber to be bfind of ihe one 
and M dw other thai the nm Rre and brimttone, yet vittvli wc. 
itlutaru£ng, to pleaio you, uy in her [jtout >U that j^ou liKcd/ 
dropi not, bise Koundrds.' quoth Don Quixote, oil inflamed 
-*tfacre drop4 not, I uy, from her that wluch thou 
unber and civet among botnbiu; and die is not blind of 
eye;, or craok4ixknl, bm i* arsiglnrr than a ipindle of Gii:tda- 
Uta aD of you togcthrr sh^l ptiy for the gieai blaspbemy 
thenx hau ipokcn Against 10 imnvcnse a bcjuty as is that of my 
takartm.' And, s-iying fo, he aband his tance againic him that had 
anmrvd, wUi r^ch fury and 2t\^*rT, as, t£ good fortune hid wit so 
it ihar Ro/inanTe diould siumble and fidl in ihe o^d«t of 
camrr, it h^d gone very SI w^th iUe bold merchant. Rozinante 
Id fine, and his mamtr reeled orer a good piece t^ ihc f»dd; and 
be astmpied to rise, yet waa be never ible. he ww so en- 
^onbcsed by hb Unce, urgct, ipurt, belmet, and bii wnghty ^d 
wottf. And in the meanwhile that ha flrove 10 arisi^ and tould 
■■<.heC7)rd:TIy noc, cmvarxlly folk! abide, baf» people^ afcidel for 
'^- not Sere through tnine own &11I1, but through Uie defea of 
m hm.' 
Qk of the ladceyi that came in the oocnpaiky* and aeesned to be 
mm of none of the best [ntentlooi. hearing the poor overthrown 



lcni|[ht sp&ik <uch iiud&u wofdt, ooukl not forbca/ tfacm 
muming him an aruivcr on bit ribt; ;itid with th2X inrencioii ip- 
pro4ciuo^ to Kim. lie look hi« bace, and, oficr be h^ brakexi it in 
pkocs, be gave Don Quixote lo miny bLows with on« U thctn. ihjl* 
in ck»plic of hi« irmour, ho tbrcihcd him bite a ihtai of what, 
Hif nuiieri cn<4 U) hln, cominuidicig him not to beat him ffi Ri kich, 
box tb2t he ihoutd l«av« bim; bui ad vrouM not narv^t for ih» fotiHij 
wa« ingry, aim! wr^ukS no^ banc e& tbif pby. untU he lud ivoii 
tlv rr%t i>l hi) diolrr. Aru^ rKerefnrp« nmning fnr itv ofber piecct' 
of ihc broken biKT> he broke them alt on the miwrable UWtn kra^hi; 
wbo, for dll ihr tempest of bkwi thjt nined on him. dtd never 
shut his nvxi*b, but thre^ttencd heaven and eorth. and tho» mi:r- 
<krcf5; for iocb they scemcci to him. The brkey iir«l hinudf ot 
last, and the mcf^^otj fo1lo«ved on th«r wiy, carryirK «^'b them 
ocoiWNi enmtj^ o( talk of the poor bekibouml kni^hi; wWi. ^t>rii 
he saw himwlf alone, turned a^^itn lo make in;il whcthrr be im^ht^ 
Ariie; bu: if be could i>ot do ii when he wii whote and 50und, ho^Jifl 
WM it poi&ible he beinjf so hrmsed oifcd atcao« destroyed? And ytX' 
he accoooted hmself very h.ipfTyp pervuadtnjc MniMlf th>i hit dif* 
^raee vm proper and Inddem to koi^^btA^eeram, and did attribute 
all to the faulr nf hi« horse, and could tn no wite ^t up» all hi) bod^fi 
wai $0 bniijcd and laden with blovn. 


wativ L PfeCMifirm nv Foftuu Nuoutiok or Ou> Kmicht'i 


jUT Moagi ia cflcct, ihav he could not mr hicrud^ he r«ol^ 
lo k>v# f*cmif*c to hit Of dinATT remedy, wliicb was to ihiak 
cm iocn« p4iug« of his hifconet; aad in thr inUAnt hit folly 
pcnmfvd id hu rnvmory thii of VaJdoviooi :ind the Moiquit of 
ilwiim, then when Cukxu h^ Mt him wounded oo the tnou» 
am: a hitfory known by diildrcn, oat hidden to young mtn, mudi 
CKkbmtd^ ycftv aod beiieved by nuny old mca; uid is yet lor dl 
dm no mor* dinlMaiical ihan an Mahotnec't mi/adfii. Thii hidory. 
« it teftfMd lo him, wii raosi iit fbf Uw tranct wherein bf wu; and 
liitfiefnn^ he began, wirb ngnf of gftAl pain, lo itunble up 4n<l down, 
tnd pmnouocc. with a lAnguidiing breath, the Mine that they feign 
the wouftded kiugbi to hive said in chc wood; 


"Wbere vJ ihoo, bdy dear^ that gh*\'« net at my munf 
Ot tliDQ dost it not kiww. a chou ^o^^al an,'* 

And aAv this niannn be did pnnecuce ihc oid Mvtg, unrtL thnr 
vtncf ilut ]«y; 'O noble NUrquu of >tamua« my canut lord lod 
unckf And it bdd by chance, thai at the wry »in« time chc/r 
puMd by tfe pboc wfeef« he Uy a m^m of hii own vilbg& who 
wvi his neighhotir, ind r^unwd ^er having earned a bad of what 
m tfai* aaXi; who bchcilding a man vrvtched on the ground, he came 
to him, and drmandrd what he was, and vthM wis it thai 
him to compbiQ to dolcfuUy. i>on Quijcote dkl yxxiiy bo* 
&f?« thu u was hif tMKlfi the Marqtiis of Matxta, and m give him 
o» ocbar aiuwtr, bui only followed on m the repetition of his old 
nstsnea, whm-iti hr gave him aoeouni of his mufortune, and of 
thr hw« the empens^t vin borp in hit i^uie all in the vrrr omr 
OHMcr tint tbe baQad r«aMmt» it. Thr LaivHirer remained much 
■tfonb hed, hennng tboar folUBa. And. tiling <iS hi) visor, which 



wUh the lackey's Uovn wai brclccn all u> pi«c«9i, he wiped bit 
itul WAS JutI of duili and k^ucc had he done it when he kncvr htm; 
10 whiMti he uad: 'Ma^er (Jiux^mIa' ((or so he wa& pcol>ab!f cjlled 
when he had hit witi, before he 1^ the suie of a tuid yeoman \a 
become 1 vnndering kcughi), Vho luih utcd you -iftw ihi» ma»* 
ncrP* Bm he comtniwd hif roimixe, jntwermg out of \i id cvny 
quotion Uui wai put lo him: whkh the ^ood nun perceiving, dii- 
armcd him \ht hcit lie could, lo see whetlier he Kid any ivi>uod( 
bui he tould »ec no blood* or any token on him t4 htin* Afierwird 
he eodea\tn]red to raite him bom the ground, whkh he did at the 
last with much id<\ and mounted htm cm hit an, it a bv=»t oi euiett 
caJtia^e. flc gathered iben together all hu irmi, and Ith not bciuni] 
w much 411 the ApUnun oE the Uncci and licd them aJtoseihct upon 
Rounanit* whom he look by the brldJc. and the lu b) hit halter, 
and led iJ>em both in Uut equipciji^e Eur and eauly Eowardt hii vUe 
lage, bcin;t very pentative to hear the folhet that Don Quixote spok 
And Dan Quivt<e wa» im> leu mdoncholy, who wm to benini flti 
brtUKd ni lie oiuh- very hardly hold lunueU upon ibe au: and ck 
and acmn be brcitbed forth such ^rvcvotu njchfc u he tecEned to li 
tbcoi in bcAvcn; t^-bich moved bii neighbour to enireai him dgaA' 
K> d«cfart unto him ibe cjiute oi tu£ grief. And it scemf lucic other 
bin ihat the vtty devil himitftf did call to hit n>miory hivorici 
acconnvKbied to hift lucceues; for in that Uifunc. wholly fur|;eitin^ 
VaMoviiMM, he mnen^wrod the Moot Abjndarracs, then. vrlicQ 
the oonsuble of AnteqiMra, Roderick Norvsicz, had taken him, and 
carrved him pntooer to hit caule. Sn ikii« when hit neijfbbour 
^nroed again lo aik of him bow l)e did, and what ailed lum, tw 
'red che vtiry sime tvarcU and tppech <h.ti captive Abindar 
lid to Narrar^v juu at he had read them in Diana tif Mooicmayofi 
where the hbrory u written; applying it >o properly to hii pui 
that the Ijibourrr ^rcw almoil moci for ai\^n to hear that m*rA"). 
of foUieii hy vrhich bo colkcted thai hii neighbour wai dUtract 
and therefore he hied at fair as pntiihle he couk) to die v[lb|^, th 
«D he miglu fr» himtclf (lum the vcutiitn ilui Dun Qmxole't id 
and pmhi dacc^ne gave unto him. At the end wherouC iKs kntj:! 
■aid: "Don Roderick ol Narvaez, you >haLI understand thai iht 
bcciuiiful Xarib, of wbocn 1 tpoke, ii tww die bir Uukinea 




Toboao; for whom I h«vc donc^ 1 do, and will da* such Umom icH 
ti fcniglithDod a» ever tuvc been, ore, and aHoII be tcco in jlU ihc 
world.' To ihit bit nrtghbouf aniwered: 'Do not you perceive, Air* 
(tiiiTKt dut 1 dinl) how I am Qeith<^ Don Roderick 6t Nauvjkes 
DOT ihc M^n^iuft iii Manitiu, bi< Pet«r Alunu?, n>ur nnglJxiur ^ new 
an foa VakiovuMM imt Abaiubir^ic/, hui the hLincat ^ciiilmun, 
M^tfCT QviixMh.' 'i know %xr>' well who 1 nm/ quoth Don (Juixocc: 
'jutd alio 1 ki>ow thJi I miy iwc only be ihooc whom 1 \\a\^ lumed, 
hm aJ«o alJ ihe twelve Pc«n of FruKe, ye3» and ihs nine Wonbto; 
u,ecv mine jni. ihall turptin all thow ihat ^vrr dtey d>d logviher, or 
every am <£ than apari/ 

Wiih ihcM »Dd MKh ocber dixourae^ they arrived an Uit » their 
tillage about aurucc: bui the bbourtr awaiied until it waxed Aoroe- 
what dark, because folk should not view the knight ao atnply 
mogflceid. And when he uw hii time be entered into the town, and 
went m Dun QuixcKr't housr, whidi hie found full cf ocmfuikin. 
Tlicrv w^i ihc ciimir itid ihc barber nf the irLlljgCt Ixxh o( ihcm 
Don Ouuo<c'» ^rcJi friends; lo whom the old wonun oi the houx 
did, in a buncniabk manner: 'What do you think. Master liccntiau 
IVo pRvz' (Cof ao the curate wa> eallfd), 'of my tnasuf'c cnU- 
fhnunv^ Thew six dayt ncithrr ho nor h» horw have appeared^ 
nor tbr urgec. lance, or artnour, Unicjciunjie wuniau tlut I Jml 
1 da 9UJ|iect, and 1 am ai sure ii \\ true a^ tW 1 shall die, how iho« 
ao cgrscd hooks of kni^lifhood, ^hich bo luth« and is wont to read 
^BdiiurUv, hax-e turned hji iudgmcai; for i»ow I icmeniber thit 1 
^^Wfr bard him uy ofienunie<> speuiiniE lo himself, that he would 
^^Kmne a Lnighr-crraoi, ;uid go wrk .idven;urrt throiighnui fhe 
wuHd. Let wch books he rccocnncndcd to Saun and Barabbas, 
whkh have destroyed in this sort the most ddiotte understanding 
c{ uU the Mancha.' His niece olRrmed the ume, and did add: 
'klonovfr, ycu ihalJ understand, good Miner NichoJaa' (for «o 
b^^ the hajfarr), 'tlui ii m-any tim» brfcl my uncle in cofitinue 
ttw Ircsurr a( ihosie unliappy bcjnks of divreoiures iwo days and twu 
bipiiu together, at the end of which, iKrowmx the book away Uvxn 
be would Uy hand on hu sword, and wtKild fail asLuhing of 
walli; aud when h« w«rc weaned, he would say that be had 
friur gttinii as grvaf as four towers, and ihc sweat that dtoppfd 

46 DON Quixar£ 

<kM'm, ihtough xkm bfeour hr lookp hr would 97 wai tilood vhat 1. 
gusbed QUI oj tbcoe wround& vAuch bt )lh1 rccd^td to ihc cooflio^l 
And then would be quiS ofi a grtai pot full oE cold witcf^ tttko^ 
mviighl he did become whole oiul quiet; sarinj^ tiut water vru s 
moA precious drink, wbich the wise nun Es<)UtEe* a j^reii enchAOeer 
or vorofrer, aod hin fricod, hid brougbi unio him. Hu; I :tm in iSe 
6ialc of nil this, who ncm advprtiutl yni hnth of mine unclc'i rair- 
ing^tothcendyounu^tluveTcdrcucd it ae itcime totbctcterm», J 
dnid burnt oU Uxmc c^ccocDmunacatcd books; for he had nianv tb^t ^ 
deferred the fin as much :a it xhay wvrt hcniicaL' 'Thjc tlo I like- 
wu« a^uni,' qgoih M^uier Cunte; 'and, to looth^ to-morrow duU 
not pux over ui without nuking » |xiblic procen a^ainit thera, and 
oomlenin than to be burnt in the ftiv. tlui they may not miniflcr 
ooca^on iigain to such ^i may read thenit to do that which 1 (ear 
niy good tnctid h.-itli done.' 

Tht labourer and E>on Quixote uood hraring aU thai which was 
aid. and tbttn ho perfectly undemood the diteaat ol hii Ddgfabouf. 
and theiefbre be began to cry aloud : "(^vn ihe doon to Lord Valiltw^^ 
^n« oad to the Lord Marquii of Mamtua. who atoscs very sor^f 
wounded and faurr, and 10 the Lord Moor, Abindarraez, whom the^ 
vuloroiu Roderick of Nan'acz, Conitahle oE Anceqiwni, bn»^ ms 
his piitonerl' All tlw household ran ou^ hrarin; ihoM ami ukI, 
some knowing thi*>r friend, ih<r others thctr naucr and ancb^ who 
had aoi yet alighted from tibr us, bccune be was not able, tfaqr ran 
10 embrace him; but he forback than* tfyioK, 'Stand still and totjch 
me nor, for 1 rceurn very mre wounded and bun. throu^ default^ 
of my horse: cairy me to my bed, lodr U it be powtblet send far thoH 
wii« Urgaoda, that she may cure and look to my hurt.' 'Sec, in an 
in hotir/ t|uoih ihe nld wonun tfraighiwayt 'if my heart did ruK^I 
very w^-ll forcicll me on which (out my maslcr haired. Come up inB 
good lime, for we dull know how to cure you wdl enou^ without 
■eroding f»r that Urganda you lustt mcniMoed. Aceursed, say 1 
once jgsm. and a huDdnd timas acctusad, may ihoae books of 
Iciughdioorl he, wicch have brought you to stkth cMBieV With iJui 
they bote him up to hrs bed, and wching for Itis wmin^K am^i 
not (\ttii any; and then be wid all was but bruiiingi by roooQ of a 
freai fall he had with hii hora; Bo£iiume« as he lov^bt with ten 


the most unmcMurji^k and boldcu that might be lontii in 
[^rcjr port of ibe canh* 'HcArken,' quoth the curaie, 'we hav« alio 
imt in the dicoe; b)- rolnc hones^.y, I wiU bora their, all before 
irrow cu oiglvi.' Ilicn did ih^y a^ a iboitund qurstioiu at 
Don QuixtKc; biit be wotild amwrr to none of ihcm, and ocdy ro- 
qocned chcm to gi%e bim ftorae mcic and suffer him K) Utep* MciDg 
rc« waa moM behoovetui fof him. All wbkh w&a <k>nc; and the 
cunue lofortned himwU at larjce of the labourinj; wtm, m wh^ sort 
bs faad Fouod Doo Qiiixccr, w4Ucb h^ racoiuued to hiiriy aod abo 
Ar ibUta }» siidt biicb jli hri Firding and hrir^a^ to lown; which 
cM kintOr more eanw^lT the licentiate's dcnro 10 do what be had 
nnlved cbe next ihy; which wa> lu call hii fiiend die barbcf, 
NicbolaN with whom be came to Don Quixote's house. 



TKK Baaskx oe Dun QLDicm't Lihrauv 

WHO slept yet louodly. Tbc curate sought for the keys ciE 
Lbc libfajy, the only author* of UU Ikurn, ^hich the gen- 
lieman'a axtc^ gave tmio him very iviHiagly. AQ of tbem 
eDcered inio it, jnd among the resi the old wumnn; wherdn they 
[quimI nuorr than 4 hun<lrcd great voltunop «ul tkoM very wi) 
bound, l>nid» ihc (m^U oitn. And ^> won as die old woniai» lud 
»ecn ihetD, tbc dcp^ricd %cry hJAily out oj the dumberi aod thwotu 
reiuriMd wiih as great ipeed, with a boly-watv poi and i fpftnid«f 
in ber baod, and taid: 'Hold, maarr Ucimtiate, :ind tpriokl^ thb 
chamber all aboui, leit there ahcmld lurlc in it lome one eDchaniet 
of the iiiAny which llieie boolo contain, and cry qukuiKe with 
for die peo^tiei we mein to inflki on tlicM books, by banbbing 
them out of that v^^orUt.' The amplicity of the good old womui 
caused ibo licentiate to Uugh: who coRunaiuled the borixr to r«4ch 
him down the book* from their ihelvcv oi>c by orw, thai he mif^ 
pf ruie their arguments; for it migbi hapipen toriM to be foand which 
In no sort dcxrved to be ciu»ti^ with fire* 'No,' rqdied the niece, 
'i>o; you ought not to pardon any of them, seeing ibcy have all been 
lenders: it b better you throw them all into the bAse-coun, and 
there make a pile of them, and then tec them »4trt; if not, they may 
be eafcted ioio tlie y:trdf and thcte make a hoofoe of thetn, and the 
tmtXi; will ofTcml miUxl>'/ The ohi lA-oman taid ai ntucb, Isjih of 
them thirttcd ao much for the death of theae innocents; but the 
cunie would net coodcacetid thcnto until hi had 6m scad ifae titlei^ 
at the Ion, of every book. 

The fir«t th^i Matiirt Kicholat pur Into l^t bandi was that of 
AmeJii vf Gojti: x^^xh iHr i:urate pcruting a vrhtler Tbb comes 
not to mr firti of all or.hcri wiihotii anrac myitrry; Cvr, as I havo 
beard told, thjs is ibo ftm book of knighthood that ever w^ primed 


la Spain, Aoi all ihc iJtbcr» luvc had their bc^inaing and cnpnal 
frucn thi«; and ibcrcfnrc mcthmks that wc muix coniionn hiro to 
iba fire, withi>m all r«(nitf>on, ti iha dogmacUor and bcsd of to bad 
a nscc-' *Not, scs li^' quoth tJit bntbvf; 'for I have b«ard ihai it is 
ihff very bat cooi nvrd book af all ihose 01 0»t kind ; and iherriare 
hr [% 10 be pardcmcd^ ^1 t^ic i>nly mmplcU one of hi^ ptu(evdi>n,' 
'Ihn a tjue,' rq>licd the oitatc. '.imi for that rtaaon we do give him 
Kit htc W thit time. Let v% dcc ihat other which he« next umo him.' 
It itf' quoib the birbcf, '7Ar Adr^nutrrt of Spiand$m»t Amadii of 
GaoTf lawfully begoccvn ton/ Tc«, on mine hoMn^/ mplicd 1^ 
nmtr, *hi\ fathn^'s gondrtcst thai! noching dratl hun. Take this 
book, oU tniunsi^ and opeii tlte window, throw it dcnvn into ihc 
)rard, sad kt It lay the (ounduion o£ our heap for the fuc we mean 
lo moke* She did whai was commanded with great alacncy, and 
to the good Spiarniitm fled irtn the yard, to expect with ali paiienoe 
the £re whkh he wst ihrc^riKid to abide. 'Farward,* quoih the 
cmnnt, ThU that comes now*' iAtti x\KhAMba/\t AmaJii of Grettt: 
and. a» I conjeatifc. all ihote chat Mt oo ihti side ar« of the «ime 
Bso^ of Anudia.' Then let ihem go all to the yard,* quoth the 
, 'tn e«hange of btuoinj- Quem FintJ^mm^jtru, aad the 
B.»^i^rd Darimet u-iih hii eclogues, and ihe tti)cle and tniricaie dii- 
iim i MM of the 4'JthiJr, which are alJe in eni^ngk* the btho tluf 
rngrDderrd me, if he went in foira of 3 knif^hc-cinint/ 1 am of tbc 
ftme optnjan,' quoth the birbcr. 'And I also,' said the ntecc. "llita, 
ei»c« it ia «>,* quoth the old wif«, let ihcm come, and 10 tht yard 
«)ch thom al!/ They wtro r«ader«d all up unto her, which were 
faaaj in nrnnber: wherefore, 10 tave a labour of ^og up and dorwa 
^ ualta. the threw thctn out at tlie window. 

'What btindtc ii ihatP* quoeb the curate. 'Thit \%! aiuwcred 
Matter Xichobt, "Oan Oht^aaU of LattraJ The author n( that book*' 
qovJ) the omite, 'compoaed lk«vri>o 7hg CarJen of Ftoufrrt, and, 
o food «¥vh, I can icarce rciol^'e which of ihtf two worki U ivmx^ 
;rr kihnV hrsier, 11 lea lyin^T o^r 'b» miich t can deiennuie> that 
^ lo the fard. beiuft ^ book fooliih and anoganL' *Thii 
■^arff 0/ /'' " j^roih the barber, 'la Lord 

iL-n rcflic<: c; "ihco, by mme hoocity, 

bricAy nuke bb afreft in the yard, m despiicot hia wondcf- 


ful birth and famous jcSvemure«; hi ihe diouih and hmbius* 
lib ny\e duerte) uo grcaic/ fjvxwf. Tu the jr^id wiiti hiirw 
[fau othcTi good nuuterx *Wiih 2 very ipood will,' quoth old Mum 
srotis; And M/aightway did execute liii cocnmandnicnt vaik i>o 
anull ^hdn«i3. lliiK ii 5j^ i'laiyr,' qtuiih Um bafbcf. 'It u im in- 
dcot book/ replied tbc curKc* 'wbrnnii 1 find nothing mcnti 
pssdon; Ut liliiit uritboui any rrply, koc-p compiny wiih ()w 
Forthwith it wj» done. Then was Another book opened. And 
atw tlic titk Cftfrcoi to be TA^ Knight cf the Cr^ti. Tor the 1 
bdewhklt this hook hcafdh/quoch tho curdle, 'hit ignonnceaug 
be pardoned; but U U a cnrnmon faying, Tbe devil \\uV.% behi 
the cr(Bj"; wherefore Ui it go d»e fire.' The barW, taking anoi 
bcxik, aid, 'This i& The hfirror cf Knighx/utoJ.' 'I know his wor- 
^p vnlV quoth the cuiJte. 'There goei ^iDoog ibose bookK I t^^ 
the Lor4 iUymoU ot MontM^a, wiih ha iricnds jutd <onipanioQK 
«U of Uxm j;rvat«r ihi«v-ei lUaii Ocu*, and ttie iw«lv« pecr> oi Francv, 
tmh the hitforvof*rtpher Turp«n< I ain» in irxnii, abomi lo condemn 
them ctftly 10 exdc, forannuch as tlte)' contain rame part oi the 
tunoui poet, Mitthew Boyortli^ hii invention; out of wbich the 
Chriftiin poet, Lodovic Ahotto, did likcit'ix weave hrs MOik. whicl^H 
if I can fiod sovKig these, and that he speaks not Ua ov^'n naiiw^ 
tongtjc, I'll lue hun wiUt no rcfpeci; but if h« ulk in hii om'o bn- 
gua;^, I will put him. for hooour'a okei on my h^^d/ *If iTui be 
to/ quL4h the tKulier, *l hav« him :^t liorue in the Italian, but cAnnoi 
underUisnd him.' 'Neiilker wvce it yood you should tinderiUnd htm,' 
replied the curalc; 'and bcrc wc wo-' < '!r h.ivc excused 

good captain tlui ir3nil;ited it inii> ■■-. -jom that bbour, 

brining ii it htd pleased hinueU;ior he h^tdepri 
ii of tntxh luiurtJ wonh ia f)ie irstuUtbo: 3 faulc Inddcni to 
tboH that pmutne 10 translaii^ vrrws dui of one bngungc into 
loodscr; for, though they empk>y all their indt^Ary and wit 
Elifiy can new arrive to the heiichi oi tU^t primitive conceit wfa 
they bring with tJi^m in thdr ixrn bifvh. 1 uy, ttKrvtore, thit il 
hook, and all the ochcrt ihii may he found in this library to 

o( French affair?^ be can a- ' ! rd in wrae dry v^uk, until wr 

ouy dcnraiine, widi nxv. u:in, wUai wo iboijd do wsL 

tbcoi: always caoocfiing Aervor^ <^ CdT/«o. wbidi aus be thcie 



ifM the rat, nod another called Honcav*Sicr: for cbcac two, 
\D^ to my hancb, ^uU be ttc4ertd up to ihK>st of tbe old puu- 
Bad (rem hen duo the tue'i, wiihout any remittton/ All whkh 
con6nnMl by the bkrbcr, wha did rj:ify hit vntetice, boSdiiig 
tot good jnd dbcfcct, because he knew the cuntle to be so Yir- 
I Buo, ajid to gitM a friend of the iniUi, ^ he would ity 
OffklD; coiorary to ii for ^J ihc goods of ihc wofld. 

And ihtn, opening aoocW book, h« utw n was Patmerin de OUt^, 
ooj UDio which flood uwtlwr, entitled Peimrnn oj En^and. whkh 
die Bcenttate prrcetving, nud, "Let OAW be pru-iiily trttt m puccM, 
and buni«d m nich Kin that even itie very aiho ikereof miy not 
be foQiid; Afid l«i Pdrntrin cj Enghnd be pfocrvcd, as a thin; 
rtr«(y dekctafalo; aod ki ftudi another box as thAt vrluch Alcxudar 
bund ARMOg Dariuf" spoUa, ^d dcpintd 10 keep Homer'i work*, 
be Riod^ fof fci; for, gofsp, th» book hath luftci^M authority for 
two rnMira; ilii> fint, b«i^uMf uf titelf it h ^a^ K^'O^ '^^ ciccl' 
lendy coatrivcd; the od>er, forumoch a% the report runs, thiil a ccr- 
taiii cJiKreet ktnf: i4 Porm^i] wa« ihc author thereof. All the 
tdveotiiru of ihe Cafile n>i Mtraf^uarcb are excellent and antfidfll; 
th« ducouncs v«ry char jnd co'.u^ly. ob«crnng evomor* a deconsn 
ia him iloc tpraki, with gtrar pir^^riny and cnncvh^ therefore 1 vay, 
Maicr Kcholas, if you think pMtd, ihi« and Amadh dr GmJ may 
he prcAvrTcd from the tirr. and ki ill the rtx* wiibou; fuither search 
ur rvf^ard, pcmh.' *In the de%-il'» uanic, do not so, gentle jfossip,' 
ft|d>«d the bwiwn '^ ^u whKh I Hold now in my hand is the 
Hm^os Don Mianu' AVhxl Se?' <poth the ctuatcj 'ihe second^ 
and biurih pan :Weof have grr^i nrctl of ^mr rhuhnrh to 
bu toooatm cholef» at>d we muit, moreoitf, t^e oui of Inm 
dm of the CftJtk of Fame, and other impertinences of more 
|tune& TKcfcforo^ vrv giv« them a Urminus tdir^mariims. 
ibey AaU becorrcaed, «o will w« use nwrcy or justk* towirdi 
l; arsd in fh« mean if>ace, ffMiip. you may kevp them at ytwr 
but prrmif no man %n read thrm/ '1 am pleowd,' qonth ihi* 
and, beiQf unwilUng to tire hiiDsdf any morr by readioj; 
bade ihe old wonuD to take all the great volume* aod 
mio the yard. The wordi mttt nnt spoken to t mone 
if Attf pennn, hisi 10 ono thai Had more dcttre to burn them than 


tt) weave A piece oC UoeD, ^^vrt ii nvy«r «o gre:it and iin«; aixi then* i 
lore, ukiag ci^ht uf than toffAh/rt, iJic ihrew than all out <d ^J>^| 
wi»(5ow, ii>d returning the second time, (hioking u> c^ry away a^ 
great many at odcc, ooc of them fc-li at the bJitbcr'» tcct, wtuH dt- 
firoui 10 know ihc tixk, taw ihal it was Thir HtJ'ory of ihc jamom 
Knight Tirantc the Whtf. Good Godt' qkK>ch the curate, with 
loud voocp, "U Tiri^nir iht White iieru? Giv« m* it, gcwJ{i; fof 
make account lo fuid in it a iieai»uce uf tMi^hu aiiU a OJpium mii 
ol pucime. Here b Don Quir«lci»on n£ MtJciialban, a valiant kniii*hci 
and his brother Tliomas of Montalban, and ttte Knij^ht Fon^cc. 
aod the combat wbkti the vali^u'i UcUiamo fouj^hi wtxh Alano, 
the wiity ainccici of ihc damvel lHa/cTd<<miviiU, wilh ihr Vyvt 
guiles of the widow Rcpouda, and of ihc cmprcK enanKwrud on 
her jquiic Ifolito. I uy unio yoj. goutp^ that d^ii book ii, for ihi 
acylc. one of the beat of the woild: in it knights do cat* «nd 
and ilecfH and di« in their bedi naturally, and make ih«r 
before their death; with many other tfungt which all other book* 
of iiu« uibieci do wam; yet, noiwixhiuntltng, if I tmgfv be jut 
die author thereof de«erved, became lie iHtrpotdy penned and wi 
ao many foUjcs, lo be tent Co the galleys [or all dke days of hi» lift 
Carry it home and read U, and yog shall see all that 1 have »ii 
ihercof lo be true' '\ belieiw \\ very well/ quuch the bari>ei; 'but 
what dud we do widi diesc little bool:s that renuin^ 'Thev, ^^^ 
I lake,' uid the cur^ic, *ire nuC books of kmghthood, but of poary.^^ 
And, opening ooe, be perceived il w«s the Pwjm of Moatcnuyor: 
aikd, believing that all the rest were g£ that stamp, he said: Tlww 
deserve not io be burned with the rcM* for tiiey tuve not, nor cui_ 
do, io mtich hurt as books of knighthood, hdng all of them worl 
full tff unJivujndiii^ and coticeiLv 4nd dti nut prrjudKr any utber. 
'Oil, f;u(xi sir,' <|uuth Di>n Qu;Xo(c his rucce, 'your le^ercoce >hj| 
hkewitc do well to have them alto burnt, ku thai mine vnelc ali< 
he be cured of his knighdy diwue, may fall, by n^din^ of thetc, ii 
a humour of beooming > shqinad, aiu] so wander thmu^th rf>e w 
and MA%, sjn)(iiig of roundirUyv and pbying no j cnTwd; and w! 
is more dan^en^us ttun u> become a |>qci } h hich is, as wmc aay, ai 
incurable and infoojous diicase.' 'This maiden sap true,' ^i 
the ctsrue; 'Aod it wUI MX be amiss lo remmc this atumUine^lock 


out ol our fricfii3'i wjy; and since we h^n with the 
AnM ol MoaiL-nuyor, I am of opioion thst ii be not burned, bui 
oaij xlui all thai whi^h irr^iu nf ihc wiw FHicii, nml of ittr 4^^* 
^fc«"— ^ mirrr Ix ukcn Ji^'iy, ;ini) alw ntl thr longer \ciR% und 
Ift him raxuin with lus proK» and the honour of being the bcsl of 
iha kicuL' This that (oUowa,' quoih the birbor, 'a ihc Piana, colled 
ifat atoDod, wrtmn by hun of Salaman^a^ and this other it of tho 
«ame aame. whoie luihor Li Gil Pota' Xei ikii ol SolAmjinca,' 
jjn««Tvd auuiCT pinun, 'aut^mcril tUt uamhcT iiS ihe ccsulrimiK) 
in ifae yafd. aiKl that ol Gi) Polo be kept a charily aa if U wcr« 
A|»llo ki ovra work; and go fcfw^rd speedily, good gossip, lor it 
Iffowi tatfv 'This book/ <)uo4h the harbeTf opeaing of another, 'is 
Ti^ Tu-vive Boo^t of the Foftttnet of /jH-r, written by Anthony 
Lo£t^a>, the Sardinian rnn/ 'By ihr hnty o^flrr^ ivhich 1 bavr r^ 
idvnL* quoth the ciJiatCk 'uact Apollo W3t Apolk>, and the mtiKS 
iniia:i_ and pocti poets, wit never writtpr. x> dclighdul and cxtrava- 
fuu J vmk aa thts; and that, in hit way and v«in, u it the only one 
at all tfte books thii have ever it:tit«d of tha: kind lo view the light 
ti the wnrhi, :incl ht thai hiib not trad it nuy make occotini iKat he 
never nad maat^r i>( tleli^hi. Hi^t- it to me, go9Ai[\ for I dn 
t... <. more the finding ol it thin 1 would the gift of a cassock ol 
the bcA MtiA of Florence/ And «o, with great joy, be laid it Jtfi<k. 
Aad the barber protecutcd, taying, 'The^ ihnt follow be TAe SAef- 
k^td iff Ibtru^ Thr Kympkf of Enar^f, and Tke lUriaiming of /Ar 
IfJsmgirr.' Then therv^s no rnore lo be don* but to <ldiver them 
Dp iti i}v la.uLt; jiiEt of the ulil wifr. ai^d do not drin^ml ihe rcisoci, 
Ili x)iax ncTt nevrr to ituke an encL* *Thb that comes is The 
^^ ^t /''tit^a' 1~hat is IKH a thephcrd,' quoth the curatCf 'but 
a very oocnpleie ocrunier ; let ii he reierved as a pf ociout iewel.' *Thit 
ooe thai fnUowt is,' ui;l the barber, 'entitled The Tfetuvre cj 
'/ Fixnti.' 'If ihey had not been to many/ replied the curate, 
wvuki ha%c been more esteemed. It i» rotctusity thit this book 
t;mkd ajvl putftd of certain Ki^ thin£i ihac lurk among hii 
coocesta. Let him be kept* both because the jiutbor is my very 
frietML an'* i^ rpffart! of other more hertiidl and lofty wcirki 
hull wrkieo ' Tlui jv uidthe harb«, Wuc Ditty Bog l^uH^i^. 
'Xht author of that work is hkewrte my great friend,' 


nplMd ib» panoa; *ii>d his iin«s pronounced by himicU, do nWth 
dw h«arers» and luch h tbe tivf«ui««i of hii vdicf whm ho lii 
Ukiiv sis a doih enduiu ilw eir. He u looiewlat ^vGlii in 
edogucs. but tliit whkh b i^god i> aercr f^jofinom; let bun be 
kept 4UDOI1K the chcticcst. Bui vrlut book is tbdt which bci dtic 
unto him?* The (/d^Ud ol Mkchvd Orv^atei** quoth ihfi barber, 
*That C^runet* slid the curate, 'u my old ocquarttaiKc tliii nunf 
J ]rc», ;uid I kiXTW hr it iTKicr pfxiitrtl in mrifnn'.mc:^ ikin in Tcraa. 
His book hdth toinc i^ood inveiHion in it; he intcnd> and propoaodft 
sonkcwhatt but coDchjdcs nothing; therefore we mutt etpcct ihff 
sioond pin, vvhich ho h.ith promiacd; pcvhtpt hu amcndiniuu may 
obtain him a generjl rvifiiuioo. which until nuw it denied hiai; 
and whiki wir ex|icfi i))e ii^u of hit second wnk» k«<ep thii part 
cJutcly impiisoiied in ytmr kxl^tng/ 'I ;iiii levy ivcJl ainteni to do 
»0ta jcood j:ofMp.' uid the baibei; 'jnd here there come tlirce tO]cethcr : 
the AMrant/ta o£ Dcm AlofiM> dc hxcilb, the Atatn*4a of )ohn RuilOt 
one oC the mopttniiei of Cordova, aftd the Momtffrato of Cbruiopher 
de Virae^ a Vilmdsn poet.' Ml ih««e three boctki,' quoth the^ 
curate, 'are die bot dui are wiiiicn ia hrm^ vene in die CmitUaH 
tongue^ snd may cocnpeie wiih ihc tnosi fairbou* o( Italy; rcrerve^ 
ibcnn u the r>cbeit piwns ihai Spain cnioyctb of poetry/ The <im»« 
with ihu grew wcir^ 10 tve eo tnitiy bookii ud eo he wmdd have 
all the reft butned at ^\\ adTeniurvi. But the bnfber, ere the Mittenct 
wai given, had opened, by chance, one entitled Tht Trarr of Af^^ 
gc^a. 'I WDukl have abed tlnMe Ickrs niy«elft' nid the curate* 
hadwiitiot:ly caused »nch ft book to be burned; for the autttor thi 
was ooe of the raoiM famot^f pocca of the wofkl, not only o£ Spoin* 
and wot mod happy in the trandstioa of cntain fahlet o( Ovid.* 

f Aft^^» 



f^or Stmvtj DtPAtntut Winm Ot-it Good Kvinan, Dow Qitixote, 
\i\m. rKDxi Hill Hnt:tK to Srf.K Anvi^TVAU 

WHILE tbey tvrrc thus buned, Doo Quixott bcgso to ory 
iloud, uyiQA, Hcfc, bcre* volaroifl koigh^I Here ii is 
□ndio] liui you show ibe iotcc d >-our voHuix arms; for 
die ooOTlsm hfgin to brir jwuy the bat of the tournry/ The folk 
nfamog [o thi* runtovr ^nd Doiw wns in occation th«i atiy funjxr 
^Kvch 41x1 Taiudon o( ibc booki was otniimi; ^nd ibcrcforc h u 
to b« au^wctcd, ifaaX ibc CaroUs uid Lioja of J^iv, wiih the ^^1/ 
0f Mr Emptrx^ Chariti the Fifth, wriiten by Don Lout d« AviJa, 
vm bunvtl, without bdng ever i««a or board; ind perlupi if the 
atncv l^d M-en tbein, ihvy kIiouU um luve pjanl uiukr ao ri^ortnn 
J icnaxxc When iticy oU uii*^ io Don Qjijuxc his damfaa, he 
«i» nsea ajrcftdy out of lus txd, dnd cocuinuccf iuH hit uuicrie)^ 
caxaair and ibshinK on crcry wlc, being so brvA^llv ^wnkc as ri he 
iit«<«r tud depc Wheiefore, uking bim in thcif ar au, they ftturaed 
fatfi by main b>fc« into hii bed, ^nd, after hv wat lomtwhat qiim 
and Mulcd, he uid, turniug himt«lf to t]^ cuntr, 'In good flODth» 
Lord Afchliiibpp Turpioi ii b a grcai diibooour lo m dut are 
crfM the twdte Pocf»t to perroii the knigbti nl iSc arun to bear 
Aua aw^y the fkxy of the tourney witl^out more Mk>» K<ing that 
«e the adventiir«n haw gained the prru thereof the three foreiiKMt 
dxy«-* 'l^^ ymtr perA;e, gmd f^iMiip/ qu.-ith rh«- cLiratv^ 'for fonaoe 
^maj be pJnwd iu ckuijC? ihc uKCeu, ^x\A whji is Imt tixlay nuy 
\m W1M1 aipin to^norrow. Look you lo your ht^lth Eor the pcetcm: 
■k fDfl vcm M Icavl to be rrry much tsred, if bettcka yoa he dm 
^^pk wvmdfii' 'Wounded! no,' t\^JoA^ Don (^iiDoie; 1n>t do«iiCleB 
'T tin aranrv ' il, for that hjiurd, Don Rowland, hath beacen 

vcio pcmtk^ v«i.ji iiftfsUjckof an luk'tit'e; and all itm envy, bnanae 
W «is that I ocUy di/e op;vi*c myvlf tn hii valour. But ki me be 
A|;aiD oUcd RayiMld of MonteaSun if he pay not drir^ fcr 




it, » MOD as I lise from this bed, la despite oC all his eoduuumcat. 
But. 1 prjiy vDvi, call for my brc^kfait. for I knovr ii will clo mc much 
|>ood, anti l«ve ihc rcx^n;^ o£ thU wroag to my clur^* rrue&ily 
meat -WM brought; 2n6 ificr h« lud citen he fdl adMp, and they 
icnuiiu^ nttuniifv^ Jl hU woriiJi^ful mjdrifu- I'hat Dight ihr cdd 
wom^n huincd M tlx bookt iLii ihc frnind in the Ijoivtt <nntl yaid^ 
Aftd scnMT there vmc burnt that deserved, itx lUc'tx worthincii, u 
he kept up m cscrhwung irei&uri«, ii tlicir (uriuora ^nd die \azuKtM^ 
of the worcben hdd p«fnruttcd it. And »o tha prOTart wai vonficd 
in them, ttiac the jmt pays jonudmeft for the linnen/ One of the 
remedin which the cunte3i>d the barber pmcrihed (or ikii pnrwtii 
10 help ihdr fncnd't ditcoie, wj» thai they thould dungr hit duj 
bcTi sod dam up hiA study, to the eod dsat, vshcn ht Afooc, he migl 
noc find ihcm; for, pertup*. hy rtmoring the caute, they m^^Hi oli 
take 4way the elfecti: oikI, moreover, they haJe ihcm to say tlut 
certain einchanter had cairiod them away, fltidy and all; whidi deHce 
wtt» preienily pt« in pfactice. And. wUhin two dayi ofwr, Di>qM 
QnitCKe goi up. and the firu ihing he did wa& to ^ and viui hi^^ 
booki; uid seeing he could not find the chamber in the same pbc« 
vrliere he had left it. he went up and down to find iL SocKtimca he 
came to the plac« where (be door moA, and fdt it with hii hamds, 
ind then would turn his eyei up and down h«re and there to ae^ 
It, uriibouv ipejkin^ j worA, ^x a' ha, afrer dclibcratinn, he vAtd 
of the old wnnuii the way lo hi; bonks. She, a» one well uhtxilod 
before wbai she ahoiuld answer, said, 'What study, or what nothing 
if thij yoxx look (or ? Th«re is now no nsore «tudy nor boolc« m thi 
house; for the very devd hinuelf carried all away with hJm/ 
was not the de%'i]/ said h» niece, *but an enchanter, thai came 
one ni):hi uptni a cloud, dir day xiHn you deptutwl Fmrn Iwjice; 
and. alt^itinf* down (rtim a ivt prni uprtn which lie fode« l>c enl 
into the study, and what he did ihercin I know not; and within 
whd« a(tcr he AnI out ai the roof of ihc houw, and left all the 
Mi of tnftolce; and when v^ accorded to lec what lie had doni^ 
could n«ifher lee booli no? sttidyr only this murh ilie old wonui 
and 1 do remember wry wdL thsui thtr nauj^ity old man. at hk 
departun?» uid, with a loud rakr^ that he, for hidden enmity lit 
he bore lo the lord of thoie books, had done all the harm to the house 


dwf flight [wKvlve tvii^n he w^rrt departed, and added tbat he 
aonicd ihr wbe Muiuiiton. 'Frf!»tn>n, jpoti would hav« uid/ 
Doa QuiJuMc 1 know rxt,' quoib ihc oM wooun, 'wheihcr 
highc Frtttion or Priion> but well 1 woe dut hii funK coded 
wiih "loo," * lliat w true,' qtxxh Don Quixctc; and be ii a v^ 
tt'ucr dbduntcr, aad ray great Advetsary, and tc^ki on me with a 
sniiicT ryt; foe hr kn'jwt^ by hts an aiwl ic^nce, ihii I dulS in 
aoK fight a iingic comhac with 4 kiughi, hi» voy gnsii friend, jumI 
owcMQOic him in bttUk. wiibom being able (o be by hira ouiAedL 
$ad thcnlort he bboun to do rae oil the htin he nuy; and I have 
teftt him word, that he strives in vain to divert of ihun that which 
hj Heaven ilreadjr ckcivcd/ 'Who doubts ci thatf' quoch hit 
*6ui 1 pray you, good uncle, &ay, what need have you to 
yi>ur*df into ihe^; di6culiie^ Jiiil bi^bl^lo? Wcie il nut bet- 
rest you quietly in your ovrn hcuae, than to wander through 
the world. Eearrhioj; bread ot bLuted corn, without once connderinjt 
fapw muny there f*> in ftcclc for wwA that r«:ufn i^n ihom them- 
■elves^* *OK, nieicc,' quoth Don Quixote, 'how III dost thou under- 
ttind the tnatiert B^brv 1 permit myself to be tbocn, [ will piD 
ukI pluck away the beank of a« many as sh^ dare or imjr^nc to 
tmidb bar a hair only of tnc' To thetc wordi the wonnen would 
auk« no reply, because they nw his choler increaae. 
FiAmo daft he rttnatned quteily at home, wiihoiit giving aiiy 
of wooncKrifi Kik fnrTnc^r v-^i^icrt; in wbi^h limc pAued 
plcAunt cnoDunfcft brtwtvti him and hU two ^ot^pSi the 
and b*rber, upon that point which he drfend-d, to wit, ilut 
WQrtd nenkd nothing to much as knijchrtcn-:mt, and tbji ibc 
knighthood fvugtii io bt again renewed therein. Matter 
would onoimdfa him «<netime«. and other limM yi<^ umo 
ha urf>rd: for had th«y not observed that manner of proceed- 
^fl, )t s^rtn impoiiHile to bring bim in <ny conformity. In ihii space 
DoO Qultote desir with a certain laboore/, his neighbour, an honctc 
(if tlie mle of bojtesty may be in^en to the poor), but om of 
jhoUow wli; In reMhluisocu he taid so much to htm, and per^ 
fatm 90 esmciity, and made him to lat]^e promises, ai the 
Gflhrw dctrrminrd to go a^ay with him, and lerrt him as 
iqtMn*. Doo Qubotc. among many other Uungi bade him tu 


duposc hifludi willingly lo <tq)«rt wkh him; for tttyw aim) dicfi 
sudb oa adnn'itxe nught pret^oi iisdf, thai, in »t ihon ip»cp u 
QOt would uk« up n couple ot ctrawft, oa iiIJA<f might be woo, and 
fie be left U ^vrroor iliriajL Witb ilieac ;in<l ludi like ]iromi2««. 
SojkIki PitiizJ (for A) he WJt ciiIlcU) l<^t hu wife and chtldira, mhI 
affreod 10 be hb squire Afaenvaid, Dod C^axotc bq^^ii 10 cam 
plots bow GO oooK by lomc raoiwy; whkh he achieved by KllinK 
ODO cluQg, pwcuDg aAotlMf, And turoii^ all uptide down. At 1m 
he HOI A IH'etty mm, and, accommodating himself wiib a bik^er 
which he lud burmwed erf 4 ffieml. aral puichiog up hi« brohen 
beam lyaifi ai well u he couki lie jujvcttised fab aquire Suicbo 
of like ^j aad hour wbcrdn he meaiu to deport* thai he mi^ 
blceuiie furtutb hsnuelf wiih thai which he thought tieedful; but 
above all ihinfji h< chargtxt him 10 provide hiimclf of a wallet; 
which he |iminiirfl 10 prfform, :ind uid tlt3i hr niracu alio la cany 
Ji very £ood nas* wliich be bad of his owo, bcc^uw be was ooi wont 
10 itA^cl much o-foot. bi ibat o( the AAA Ddq QuiJBMc «tood a while 
pcmivv, cdhn^ to mind wiMfiher ever he Ittd Nftd tfait 407 kiuj^t- 
etranranied Kit squire aswhJy mounted; hut he could ixx remem- 
ber any authority for it; yet, noiwjiluuadtDg, he rerJvrd that he 
might briR^ hi> beaA, vtiih inieniion 10 MrommEHlair hiiu more 
bowxirabiy, when occaiitxi were oflcfttU by diimou&tvnf ibc fvK 
duoourtcooa kntfihi lliey met, from his hone, and Ki%ifi>; it xo hi& 
squire; he alio fumi&hetl him^lf with «bins, 3n<l u many other 
things at he nughi, xcordtEig unio the ionkeoper*! advioe. All which 
being Anithcd, S.incho P-iftza, wiiiioui biddtD^ hU wife and chiM ren 
UrewcU, or tkiu QuiJuHe \at niece MiJ old scivaiii, ihry both dr- 
prted ooe night out of the viUa^Ee, uolmown to any person hviog; 
end they traveUed to Utr ikii mghi, at they were fure in the iDonung 
DM to be fouodr although dvey were pursaed Saacho Panza rode 
on hit he3x< likeapainarch, witlihi«\rallei am) tntli?. and a mervel- 
loiu loii|i;ing to kv himself governor U ll:e iiUod whkfa hia matter 
bad pA>nu»ed umo him. 

DoD Qui«otc took by chance tbc wry tame courae vh) way ihad 
he had dooe ifi hit lint voyage through the iieJd of MocuicU wfcertln 
he inTellcd then wkh lew vexation th.111 the fint; for, liy rva«oQ it 
was earfy, and ihe aunhesmi ttrikinfj no* direoiy down, but atfawaitj 
the liesU did not iroublr ihrm mvicli^ And Sancho Panx^ 



the oppDrmnily food, uid 10 hU itustcr^ '\ prjy )t>u, tuTc atrtt good 
ftr kniglu, that you forget dc< that Kovcrnnkcni d tbc i4and which 
fD<i luv« prpmitod me, Eor 1 «haH b« able to x<^^«m ii ^ve^e it never 
n £T(9L* To whkh Doo Qubcote replied: 'You most undemafid, 
frtcncl SAiKhu FanKi, ilui it u-yi a cuETum very much ii»d by 3n< 
kiuiiht»«mnL to nuke that squiici govctnon of the itbncU 

kiiifdoctis th^ d>ey cofKjOcrcd; dad E un resotved that to good 

cutKun shall CMTVcr be abolished by iiic, but nihcr I will pm and 

theto therein; for diey &jrnetiin<«, md ai I take it, dtd, for 

gnacef purr, expect until their squirei waiced a^ed; and after 
ihqf wtie cluycd v>'ah letTKr, and had suffered many bad days and 
worse nigbta. ihm did they hcdow ujxm than xxnc title cif an cjff, 
or at levt g( a mir<|uis oJ 'omc vjUcy or province, of more rr Ins 
lecoufiL Bui if thou bvest. and I withaft it may happen th:)t I may 
OMqucf ludi a lung<kvn within tix days that haih oibcr kingdoms 
adbereoi to it, which would fall out as )im if it n^ere cast in a 
owMild fiof thy purpote, whom ! would cmwn pceienrly kin^; of one 
Kjf ihemi And do nu< account ihii to be any great matter: Ebr things 
and chances do happen Co auch krught»- adventurers as 1 am, by so 
imexpccted and wonderful wiy« and mcantf as I might give thee 
%cyy eaiily a great deal more th<iD 1 have promiwd/ 'Aftvr that 
minncr.* said Soncho Piinzo, "if I were 1 king» ihmugh some miracle 
of those v«h)ch you ja)«then iho^.tld )o.ifi Gutierez, my wife, b^Time 
aqtven. and my children prtnce^l' 'Who doi^bu of that?* said Don 
Qumxe. That do V replied Sancho Panza; for I am fully per- 
htudeil, thai ohhuugK God trrukd rain k^n^^dom^ do^vn upoti ihe 
"^'^K none of ihem would tic well on Mary Gutirrez her head; for» 

. Hj mutt undfTtraml th:ii (hr'i tuK worth a ckidkm for s (|un<n. 
Tit he .1 L-iHjrirw wfKiW agm* with her hctter; and yet. I pray God 
tluE >hc be dhle to dixharge that caltiug/ 'Commend thou the mat- 
tfr to Goi6t' quoth Don Quubccc, Ihit He may give her that which 
commivu for her. B<it do noe thou ohaae ihy nund to much 
thyself uk-tth leti than at the lean 10 be a viceroy/ 1 

IKK. icuoil sir,* quDtli Sandv^ 'opedally imng I have su worthy 

rvlf, who knows bow to give me all that 

. :,d ihji I ihall be able to fhichaxge in good 


Tin Good Siktem Dos Qvuot& Hai^, in im DiT.infi-i. Arm 
Nt^'O'iAiACiNiD Am'EhfTiritK or nil Wim»milu. wmt Onisa 

AcciMtvn Worthy to Be K»^om>i]> ■ 

AS ihey cUicourud, ihey diicovereti tome thiny or forty wlod- 
ZJk milltt <l^i arc Jo <l>n fietd; and at oxwi as Don Qiihctc 
X JL espied cli«ni, he uid to hit Kguirc, Tonuac doUi addfcu 
our alliiri beticf Uua wc outkIvcs couJd dcsirci (or bcboM ibcxc* 
friend Sancho Paaauit how ihcrc jp(?<Aff ihiny or tony mooitrau* 
^untSf wiih wlioin I mean lo 6ght, oikI deprive ihcrn all of their 
hvet, wiih whose ifsoUft we wiU begin lo be rkh; (or thU i« a £ood 
war, and a grrat >ervk« unEo God, \a fake away u bad n «vd fTt«n 
the tacE d ihc earth/ *Wlui giinu^' quodi SadcU) Panxa. Tbov 
that ihou Kcn thcrt.' quoih his k>fd» 'with the Jong anns; oiid socne ■ 
there arc of thnt rjcc who»c arma arc almoit two tcsguca loA^' 1 
pray )t>u und<i(cand,' (luoih Sancho Panza, 'thii thote whkh appear 
there are oo Kiaots, but mndmilU; and diat which sf«nu in them 
to be aimi aie iheir ulK <ha^ swud^ about by (he wiodj do also 
nuke the mill ^.' *It nmm well/ quoth Don Qiuxoce, 'that thou 
art na yet acquainted witli matter of adventurd. They ait giants; 
uid. if thou becM afn:d, ^ aiide and pray, wUtltt 1 cmcr into cnicl 
and unequal battJe with ihcm/ And, tayiag vo, he spurred hi« hur>e 
Roviname, without i:tking hred to hi^ iJt\uitc S-tncWt crie^ adiw- 
tiung him how iWy wtie doubtlru wiodmilh thai he did uuuh, 
aittl iK> jjpanu; but be went >o full^ pcniodod that ihcy ^ytc giaota 
«a he Dcifher Iv^rd hU tquire'a ouU7>ci| ncv did liiacern what ihey 
Wero, althrft;>;h he drew very near to them, but raihcr tud« m loud 
ax he could. Fly nor, ye ccwardi and vile creaiutvfll for it b ooly 
one knight tfui avuulu ytM.* 

With ihii t)K: wind iocrcaMd. and the mil! nib began to ituo 
about; ^hidi Don QuixMe ecpyiog* o^. 'Althoujcb thoo otovcit 
iDon arms iluo tb« gioAt Briaivui ibou ihaJi Aoop to roc' And, 





ater opn$i diit, am) oonunendin;; Kim»lf nvia devoutly to hi» 
Lady ChtldMA, rknring h«f io luccof hiin ia tku trsuK«, covering 
IpTn**^ vrrH with hii buckler, ami vtTitig lu> Una- un bis reit, he 
ipuTTcd on Rudrufur, and rnct^iinEcrcd with die lini miU ttui wu 
before him, aod, Kriking his I^ikc mto ihc lail, d» wind swung ii 
idMUt with cuch fiiry, that it brok« hii Uncc into shivery cnfrying 
Um and hit borso after Jc. and nadly tumbM him 3 good way oil 

h 00 the M6 in ^d plight Sanrho Pasiza repaired prewnily 
ID oMcur hjm ^ t;ttc us Uis au coliIJ diivt-: jtuI wl«n be? arrived, 
be found him dm able to Air, he had gotten luch a cctub with 
Roiinante. Xrood God!* quoth Sanchoi 'did 1 nut foccicH unto you 
Uui yvu ihuuld luok well wbac you did, for they were none odwt 
than windmilU^ nor could :iny think n:K«*nvur, unlets he bad also 
windmiib in bb brjinL* 'Peace, S^inchci/ qimih Dnn Quixmr; 'iat 
maocti of war ace more sii>}cci than any other thing to continual 
chin^r; bow much more, io:ing I do verity pcr9ua<lc myself, thai 
the wtM Fr«aron> who robbed my study afkd booki, hMh iransfbrmcd 
ibcM gianti into mi 11^ to deprive me of tb« 0oiry of the vkiory, tuch 
n tbv enmity he bears toward me. Bui yer» in firw, ail bii bad arti 
ihall buc Ikdc prevail j^jiitM die pKJiinei* of my twoid-* *God 
fnutt it »i be nuyr Siaid Sanchtj Panza, aod then helped hira to 
arup; and presently be motiotcd on Rozinanle, who nu half shoul- 
der pitched by rough encounter; and, discourun^; upon that ad%'eis- 
tuie, Uwy fallowed on the w^y wbtch guided toward* the pamge 
or (ate o( Laf»ce; (or tbcrr, ja Don Quixote avoud^d, ic was doc 
pMsbk but to find many adventures, bec^ute it was a tbofoughfarc 
EDUch fnequeuied; aod yet he atKrmcd chat he wcoi very much 
bscaose Iw wanted a bt>c«; aod, lelhof; it to hia tquirt;, he 

i rvoember how I have rfad that 9 certain Spanish kni||hc, 
Dnjcd Pem of Vai^s, having broken his swmd In a baitle, 
qS a grr^C branch or scock from an oak-tree, and did sucli raaf* 
wiih it that div, :ind filtered «o many Moors, as he rematoed 
wsth tike mma^e ot Matrhucn, nhicb ajc"''^^ > slump* and as well 
as lU hii progeny were ever jfior that day calM Vargas aod 
I tell thee this bccaiisr I mratt to tear ancnbtv brnnch, 

orfla^uDdaiihaiai Icjm, from dirfirvlaak we shall encounter, 
Uld I iDAo to achieve web adventures tbcrewithaL as thou wilt 



aoooum tbywlf fonuiute for h^unf^ merited id behold ihera, aod 
be d wunea of tfm^i iilmus ittcinUiJts' 'to GocI'a iKmet* qixxli 
SuchcH *l do believe evefy word you uid. Buu I pray you. lit ngJil 
ia your suldte; for you nde odctLnftt which fKocecilK at 1 »ippo«e^ 
vt the bnjioRg you got by your fall- Thou tjyit ini«/ i|uc<b Don 
QiiiKnte; 'and if 1 <k> noi compbin of the gri^. the reanoo 1%, bis 
ciiuc ttnjghtv<-rr>ni lur nnt id ci>niplaiin of :iny wotincl, alibouiih 
ibcir guii did mue out thereof/ *L{ it be *o,' quiKh SanLho>. I koow 
DM what to uy; but God Icnowi that 1 vrattid be ^.ul lo hear you 
Co cotnpbia n*bea unyihin^ ^eva you- OC mynjf 1 d^re aGrm, 
ibat I mwt complain of ibe Leait f^t'tk thM I have, if it be i>m like- 
wiae mean! that tbea;uifetof kntjchis-niaiki muii m)t cuin^iaiD oi 
Aoy harm.' Don Quuore could not rcffaiEi lau^hlci, heaiiuy the 
ftunplidiy of his vquirt; ani after jbo^vd imto him tba: lie mi^hc 
lawfully compUifu Ixitb when be pleaaed, und at nucb as he bued 
with desire, or wkbovi it; for he hsd o«^«r yet real on^ibinfi to 
the eontrary in the order of knighthood- Then S.-ktichri LiJd irnio 
Inm llui ii was dnner-iime. To whom he aiuwt-rcd. th^t be needed 
no rcpax: but if he bad will do cat. be mifhi bc^in when he ptcatved. 
Saikcbov htvifkg cbtoiiiod hi> ficctue^ did mxommodau hinwlf on 
hit att*i bock the b««t h* mighc. Taking ow «f hit ft'allet toriM 
beUy-municion, be rode after hii ina»er, irsvelliDg 4nd eatiiij{ at 
ODce, and llm with pnt leisurif: and evifr tnd anun he lifted ii|t hit 
book wiib luch jvltroiuie at the bcti'fed victiulkr of Maiajp mij^hi 
envy hU ttate; and whilst he rode, multi|j|yiQf[ nf qiutT» Ia that 
muuker, he ocvcr fememberfid any of the promi^n hit matta bad 
nude hmi, nor ili^l ha hold the fndi of advemurea to be a bbour* 
but raiher ^ ^reai recreation and cute, vrre ihry never ao d^ngemu^ 
In coixliiaion, they fttued orer that (liglu tuukr cen^ tm» fiom 
rioe of «hkh Don Quixote Uftc a withered bvaacb, whicfa miglii 
•erve htm io tf>i»e ion for a baoKe; acid therefore he tei thrtecm the 
iron of bit own. which be tud reierved when it «iiu brokeo. 

All tkii nighf Don Quixote iJept act one wink, but thcoghi trpon 
hri IjiHy DulciniM, ihii hr mifEht cnnfomi himirif In vrlm hr had 
fcad in hit hookt of adveoiuiei, when KnijchLt paued over many 
foreci and (\A 







fiMiuvyof ibcLm&atrataea. BuiSonchoifWfUnothutitnanvaiQly; 


fuvifl;! hii itomach wdt lUiJTal. and thai qui wuU mwoorj 
ittfTi Kc cimcd imoothly jw^y the witoAe ni^i in one tttscp; a^i 
h» moMer lud not cilkd htm up, neichcr the sunbomu which 
:k on hit vtuge, nor the incLody of ibe birds, wltich were msny, 
and did chrfffiilJy wrkotne ihc A|3f)n>jch of ibc* nevr diy, uxild have 
iocn jUc 10 4W-ik« han- At hi» Jiriang hr gave one uny Do tlic 
bottkt which he found to be tonKvihit more wcjik d-^n it vns the 
ngfac before, wbcrea his hciift wa^ iomcA%hai ^ie%cd; for he mb- 
muivd thai iWy took not J courw to remedy th:it defect to won a* 
he wished- Nor oould Don Qtwoaie breik hit fiut, who. a» n^e hive 
oiit, meant only lo uB'ain hinuelT with ple33;tni mnv^brmce). 
Tbcn did they mum to their oimmenccd \t-jy loi^^tds the pan 
Lapioc^ whiCh ihcy discovered itbouc three ol the dock in the 
l-lere,' oid Don Qaxoce, m »ooq as he kenned ii< *may 
friend Saacho, thnM our hands up to the very dbowt in that 
iKhfdk n called advrnnrrr^ But ohterve w\\ this covrat which 1 
ihiH ^w tber* ihoi, akhough ihoa snu mt- in ihr grc;iicA dnn^a 
of At wocldi tbou muic noc »et hand 10 thy &vimd in my defence, 
tf tbov do«t noc ace diii those whid; juaauk me he base and vUc 
▼nlfBr peop^t for in ludi a caiL' thou mayit as^t nie. Manyt if 
ilwy he knifhcft, thou nuyti iiot 1)0 «o in anynbe, no: i« it permit* 
ifvL by the bin of amit, that iHiKi mapi help me, unlit thou beeai 
likewiie dnbbed knij^ thyself.* 1 do aaiurc you. Mr/ quoih Saibduk 
Uai htJtin you shall be mos punoualiy cbeytd: and iherelore 
duady in rapcct that 1 am of nune own i^ature a qujet and peace- 
allU nun, and a mortal memj of ihrurting myidf imo nin or 
<| mi iels: yd it b rn:c thai, tnuchiitg ihf^ rlrfrncr of mrne own per* 
WK^ I wiB otji be ahiifetbef so observant of those Uis>, lecing thai 
hoch di>ii>c and human allow crvcry man fo defend hiuudi Irom 
any one tlnf would wnng him/ 'I say no le«Ai^ answered Don 
^jmaoie: Imm in tlus of ait^mg me agaiim any knighi, thou muit 
hnaf>ds to thy 0aiur.1l imfwiliet.* 'I ny I will do m,* quoth 
'and I will observe iliii annmaMlmeni as punaually as 
o( kcqitng holy the Sabbath day.' 

ifaiii they teasoned, ihere appcired in the way %vfo monks 

Btnecs ordeift mounted on two drocnedariei; for the mules 

thry rode wcra but linle ks«. They wore m^iks with 


specudes to ihem, lo k«p aw^y ilic dtitt from ihcir f.Kv«; aiKl eacfa 
of ibcm bciidej bofc thdr umbhllt* After ihcm c^idc a coach, Aitd 
four or five a-horveback accompanying it* and tw^ Uckcyi that tiui 
hard by it. Ther« cum therein* sa it wit after kikowo* a certain 
Bisciine bdy, which iravidied iDW:ud» S^iUe, wherv hcf hmhond 
sofoumrd sn ihe prncni, ind w;is fP^ng tn ihc [ndirt niih on hon< 
oriUc charge. The motfiki rc^lcnot vrirh her. although they traveUed 
the lame WAy. Sc4r<e had Don Qujatoie percei^ti \\\<m, when lie 
uid to hit squire^ 'Either 1 am dccvi^ed, or die this will pro^e tho 
mou fanioui adveniure thnt cv«r bath been leen; for ibeie it«-o great 
black buScx, which appear there, are, queiiionlen, ench:inier^ thu 
fted, or cany aw^y pcrfnncc, some piinccu in that coach; and there- 
fore 1 must, with all my power. tuwJo ihat wroog/ Thi* will be 
vroTK than tbo advemure ol the windmiW quoth Sancho. 'Do 
oot you ttt, lir, that thoie are fnan of St- Bcact'« order? and the 
coach can be none c4her than of some travdleti. Th«reFore, liuen 
to nune advice, and tee well what y-^m do» 1f« the ilevil deprive you/ 
'I lure »id already to thcvv Saflchp^ ilui thou art ^crf if^or^ai in 
nutter of adventures. What I say i« true, as i>ow Uioa ihalt ace/ 
And, uyirjc vi, he tpurrcd on hia borae, and pUcod hinuelf juti in 
the mrdtt of the way by which ih# frian came; and when they 
appmaehetl an ttear m he nippoced they might b»r him, \w cud, 
with a loud voice, 'l>?vittth and wicked peoplH Inve pnexntty ibov 
high prtixeaiei whidi >ou violently carry away with you in that 
coach; or, if you will not, prepare yoimclvei to receive Hidden death, 
at a fUSt pimidiaicnt of your bad works^' The &ian held their 
horwt, and were aituivd both at tl^ ahape and u-octli of Don 
Quixote; 10 wIuku they answered: 'Sir knight, wcxre neither dcvit- 
ith nor wicked, bui frti^ut men (if St, Bencv't oider, thai iraTel 
about our affairs; and we know not whether or no ilicrc come oay 
priiKCMCs iortcd in ihit coach.' 'Willi me fair wordi take no dftct.' 
quoth Don Quixote; 'for 1 know you very well, ireacheroui kntvet!' 
And then, without «ipectlnfi their reply. Se tei tpur* to Ro7inante, 
and. laying hn Uvlu tm the ihisli, clurgi-il ihr fit^i (li^r niih inch 
fury and rage, that if he had not ^^ifTeieJ Himself willtnjEly to (all 
off hii m\i\t, he would not mly have urenhnrwa him Jij;aifiA hia 
wilU but ljkei\iift have tUm, or at Icou WMmded him very dl with 


mC PftlARS OF 5. BENET 6% 

die blow. Tlic second rctigioua mui, wtjn; how ill hU compa&ion 
wu u(»d, ina<&e do M^ordi: but, wmnj> ipun lo ihit castle his muk* 
<bd iljr iway rhfough the firfd, a« sx^ift a* the wind Itself. Snncbo 
Pui£^ imug I he tnonk ovcnhrown, diimoiiniecl vrry ifxmLly ciT 
hb m» lad ran over to htm, and would luve finuckcd hit lubits. 
In thit Arrived the tnoaks' two bdicyx, ind demanded of him why 
he thu» deipoUcd the friir. Sondto replied thai ii was ht» due, hy 
the Uw of flraut it lawful ipoih gain^ ia battle by hU lord, Ood 
^dxoir- The bck^ys which tindersiood not ihe ject, nor knew 
out whjl words of Ujlile w ^jxhU meani, seeing llut Dun Qtniotc 
wa* tu»iv otii of ibc wxy. speaking with thaie thit came in the coach. 
sec both at once upon Sancho, and Icf: him not a hair in hit beard 
but they plucked, and did to trample him under their feet, at they 
left him itrctchcd on the ground without either breith or feeling. 
The mnnk. oitiiTTg off all delays, nvnmird ag;ain on horuJuck^ all 
aflrighted, iuvin^ scaice any drop of blood left in hit face through 
fear; aod* being Olioc tip. he spurred after fail felk>w, who expected 
him a i;ood way off, itayinfi lo »ee the success of ihai au»ulc; and. 
bcinfc unwilling to onend the end of that tfranj^e adventure, ihey 
diif ptoKeuie their jo>jrney, ble»ing and cronsn^ tbemtelves u If 
ibe deYtl did purmie them. 

t>oii Quixoie, as a rehearsed, ^'^ in thi£ Moaon tpeakin^ to the 
bdy of ibe coacht to whom he uid:'Yoitr beauty, dear lady, may 
diipoae from beftcefonh of your penon at btn ye likcih; for the 
pride of your robbm lict now protrraccd on the ground, by ihk my 
nmncible arm. And b«^:*r ynn m.-iy or* hr tmiihled in know )our 
dcGwnfi hi% uame^ know that 1 am called Doa Qutxixe do U 
Mancha, a knij^ht-errajtt and adventurer, and captive to the peer> 
len and beaubful Lady DuUir>ea of Totww). And, in reward of the 
bnicfit wluch pu hive recei^ at my handi, I demand rwihing 
tht but that you rpttirn fo Toboao, and there preienr ynuraelwes, iB 
my namr, hrfnr^ my Udy. ^nd rermiiil iimo V^ri wh^r 1 Uiw ilone 
to obtain your liberty/ To all ihcte word( which Don Quixote saldi 
aoenain Bimine iqutre* tlui accompankd the coocK gave ear; who. 
Don Quixote su^entd noc the coach to paie onwafd, but 
roust preaEoily luru back to Toboao, he drew near to him. 
md. tayinf; huld tm hit boce, he taid, In hii bod 5pamth and yi/Kme 



Bsfquifh: 'GtK the« flway* knight, in an iU hoar. By the God ihat 
cr^Ai^d me, \i ihou tnve not <h« coach, 1 ivill k Jl th«^, as sure at 1 
4m J Biscuiiie." Duti Quixule, uiiJctiiUatliuj^ hiin* Jit! iJisww, with 
$TCAi atndnea&: If thou were a knight, 4» iKou ^rt nou 1 would by 
ihjs tuivc puntihcd thy folly and pruumpuoo, oiufF crGiiurcI^ The 
Bitcoioc replied, with fttcai fury: *Nflt 1 1 genUcnun! I sweu God 
thou licst, .1K w^lj .IS ! am a (>hn(ti:iii- If thou ciu Away thy bnce, 
Aiui draw ihy su'cird, tliou sirair fc<? the wnrrr .-t« Konn a;; thwi ^halr 
cirry away thr can ;i Bijicaiiic by bad. and a gcQiloDan by scj, A 
gCDticntaD io ipiii- of the 6cviU ^od Uiou licst, if uthcr iliiagi thou 
uysir '"Suaight liiou sholt sec thai" said ARruffca,' replied Ikm 
Quixote; 3Dd, throwmjt his loiioe to the Ktourd, he out with hi» 
(ivofd, and took hift budcler, and *et on Uie Bbcuine, with reioluiioo 
la kill Itiin. Tlie Rltciinr, tmng him ;ippraach in thai iranner, 
iilihough he dcsirml to alight cS Wis xtwh. wKich wnt not to be 
miudtbeiog one of those luiughty oaa which irc vkxtni to be hired, 
y«t had he no kittifc lo do 4Qy other thini; chafi to draw one hii 
sword; but it b«fel him happily to be oeor to the co^ich, out of whidi 
he tnatched a cushion, ih^T ^rvcd him for a sliield: and pfrfMiuly 
ihe one nutie tJpOTi tJie oilier like motf jI enerniev Tlioie that" were 
present laboured alt th;ii they mlghi, but in viin, to cx^mpound ibc 
matter E>ctwao them; frtr the Bi^aine swore, in hU bad Ungtu^ 
that if they hindered h:m from cmling the battle^ he would put his 
Udy, and aQ tb« rest that dared to disti^rb him, to the sword 

Thft L«dy, atfonithed and fcariul of that which the bdield> com- 
manded the coachman lo go a Itttl^ out of the w^y, and s^i aloci, 
beholding the rigorous iDitAict; io ihe pio^roa wtiereof the QiicuDC 
gave £>>ii Quixote oytr the tar^t a mighty blow en one of the 
shoulders, wht^Tc, i£ it had not found reiisUncc in ha attnouTf it 
vroubd do^thiiesaly have cleft him down to ihc ^rdJe^ Doi: Quixote, 
feeling the weight of that unmruiurable blow, cried, wiih a loud 
voicp, Kiying, 'O Didciiical hdy cif my soull thr- itfjwrr of all heatiiyf 
sLxxJor thi« thy knjght, who to set forth ihy v>onh, finds himxLf in 
thii ^ngcxouA trance!* The saying of these wcrda, the gripping 
fast of his Aword, the coverinj^ of himulf wcU with liis buckJLT, and 
tht smiUni; of the Bitcainc, was done all Ui one instant, revolving 
CO venture all the success ct the battle on thai one only blow. The 





Bucainci who pcrceivnl him <onic in that manocr^ perceived, by hia 
doughiincu, hit iniention, ind resolved to do the like; and thcieCorc 
expected him very well, covered wUh hi« a^thion, noc being able 
in mnnigc hh mtil*^ :i£ he wiih«d from one pan m anotbcf, who 
[WA4 not able to go a btq), it vn% 30 wcxned, ai a beast oevei before 
used U> rbc like lEiyji* Don Quixote, Ji we hive Mid, cuine aj^aiDSt 
tlie wary Btfcainc witti his iword lilted aloft, with fall resuluiion 
to pan him in two; and all the beholders »u>od, with ^c^t fear 
suspended, to tec the fucocts of thos« moiutrou« blows wherewithal 
ilw^ ihfTJienrd one another. And the lady of (be coach, wuh hrr 
^cnilrwomcn, made a ihoLuand vows :ti)d ofTmngs to all ihe dcrouc 
places of SpAtD, to the end that <3od might deliver (he atjuire and 
(bemsclvcs out of that ^reat danger wherein tlicy wcre- 

Bui it i> to be dcploired how, in this very point and («m, the 
author of thit hisrory leaves hii l>artlc dependinjc, eitcit^o]^ himtdf 
ifiai lie could find no more written of the aci» of Don Qviixme thin 
thoic which he h;»Th already rixoimtcd. True it Is, rhat the second 
writer of (hi» work uttuld not believe that «> ctiriojs a history was 
drowned in the Jaws cf oblivion, or that the vnr» of (he Manclia wete 
so little curious ai not (o rwervc amor(c their treasure* or rv-corda 
tome papen (reatini; of thii fatnout knight; and therefore, encour- 
'B^ed by (his presumpMcnt he did not despair to find the end of ibi« 
pleasant hintnry; which. Hravm hc-ing prnpitmiK m him, hr gnt at 
last, after ihc manner that ^haLI be recounted in the Second {^An> 



WimtftiN h B.iLAj^D nil Eviht* op tme Fmrpui. Battik Wiiicm 
TUB (Gallant Bkcaixe Fouc»t wrm Don Qvtxon 


left the valorous Bitcainc ind the Umoii» Don Quivoce, 
in ihc Fifu P:in, wiib their nvor^k lifted up sad naktd, 
in terms 10 diuharge one upon anuthcr iwo furious cicav* 
cri, aod »uch. d« if ilkcy luJ lighted ughily, Mxiuld cui JnU divbdt 
them both fiom th« top to the toe and open them itk< d pomcgns- 
ate; and in thui »o tlaubtful a taking ihrc dchj;htful htitory nopped 
ind fcmained dixmefobered^ the author tbemif leavinjt lu no nobcc 
where we mighi find the ren of ibc narraikm. ITiit gri<%wi nw not 
4 liulut but x«Wly luriMxl ihe pliMsurc I took in leading il»- U|>in' 
ning thereof into djiguii, thinkiDt; bow snull cociuikkLi> WiU 
olTercd to rind out so mu^h as lo my ofstnioc wanted of thit so 
del«cuible a ul& It »eein«d tjnio me ilmost impowbK ^nd con- 
tf-jry (o i\] f^ood order, tlui 10 j;ood a knight ihouk] wjni fonn« 
wise m^n llui wuuld unJi-rij^ hi& womlerfu! prowrii liwi fcati fij 
duraljjr: a thiqg that fiooe o& thoie knijEhi^erranC ever vranied, of 
whom peoflc if>eak; for each of iSrm hnd one or ivfo mw men, of 
f)Ufp09C^ tluE d:<l not only ^riic ihcir acii, htit sAxy dciximred ihor 
wy Uan ihoughti and toyt, wtrv they nfvcr so hidden. And surety 
BO ^ood 1 knight could not bcsounfonunatess toi^.ini thfit wfacrv' 
with Platyr ^nd othefs hts like aboinHM; and iherefore couUl not 
indiicc mrseJf to bdievc that ao (alUnt a hiitory cnighi remain 
nuimeJ and lame, and <lid rather cain the btilr ufvn iLe mal;c< of 
ith« lime, vAm i% a consumer and tWvourer of all th.inj^ ^rhxh Hid 
tilhcT hidden or conKumed iu Mcihought, on the oiher side, iceing 
tha: anion^ hii hookn wpre found forrw morlom work*, ii>'Ji as 
the Vndecfii'ing of fnUotit), iml the Nyfaph$ **d S^rph^j of 
Hctwrs, thdl alx> bis wrvn hiiiofy muM kjire been new; and if ilui 





k wtrc QDt writico, yti wm ihc tncmovy o( hira (rcib vnong tbe 
dwdkn of his own vilLigc and the oihcr vilU^t xJionung. 'Jliii 
(uajginjtion bold n>« su^^ended, and dottroui to barn r«nUy uid 
truly aL] tht life vid mindes o< our famous ^poiuard, Don Qt&xoce 
vi tine Maiulu, tht Ughi and mirror of all M:inchfu1 chivalry, bring 
the 6nt who* in ibj-i our j^^ and titnc, m> full of oUiimiri* dkd 
uodcT^ the travcLi aivd cxcfCiJc of .imi>-crriiit; and undid vrton^ 
Ewcored widovrt, pfofcctod d4m«ds that rode up and dovrn with 
tk^ whips and i^alfrn-t, and wuh ^11 ihcir virginity on ih«ir Euclcs, 
bom hill 10 hill lod dole 10 dilc; for, if ii hog^ncd not thai sonu 
Invd mucram, or some clown wiih a haichec and long hair, or 
9ontc nkocwtrous giuiti cfid b»c« them, (hnuels there were tn limo 
pan due acihff«»dofEour9cor« year) old, all ivhkh timethc^ nc^tr 
ikpc 0IM day under 1 roof, went u entire dod pure nuidens 10 thvir 
jfniva OS the very mother that bore them. Therefore I lay, tb^t as 
wvll tat ihii 91 far nuny tnhcx ^ood rnftectw tKir ^nllArn fXin 
Quixote b worthy of contimul and mcmnrji>lr praiic«; nor con 
the hLc be juitly dciucd to my»!f, for ibc labnir and dili):cnce which 
t UAfd 10 find oot tbc end of thti >;r^ii:ful history', althouLch 1 kru>w 
vwTf trcH ilui, if Heaven, ch;ince, and fortune hod riot assisted tne; 
the viKld hail brcn drprivrd of rbr delight :ind po^mr ih;ii titry 
Ruy take for almoM two hours togeilw^, who «luU i^iih attention 
read iL The manner, therefore, of fii>duig it was Uiis: 

Eking one day watun^ in the exchange of Toledo^ a certain boy 
by chanc« would have iold di^vn old quire« and ktqAU of books 10 
a m\mr^ that vtalked up ar^d donvn in thai place, and 1, being id- 
^Lcicd 10 read ujch scrolU. though 1 found ilicrn lorn in ttie suetfts> 
bonx away by this my natural indinaiinu tod: one of the quires 
in cay hand, and perco^ed it to be written in Arabicol chorocieTx 
tad ««Dng thiit although I l^ncMr the letters yet could 1 not road 
the wbctaoce, I looked about to view whether 1 could perceive any 
Uocir lufor*! Srt*fti,tjjl il' -. ihar (fuild read ihemj nor w« 

Tery di&jji (u lii^t! 

'i Au iaicf}>rcm^ fui, if I hod 

rcJked oat oC another barer and more ancienc bnguage» that 
iiily aflofil him. In firv% mr ptxnl ffirtUHpc prcfcntcd 
W whom tHlin^; n^y deiiri-v and wMif^ tlw book m his 

he opened it, and, having read a Eitile thcfcin, beyan to bugh. 

DON Quixora 

I ckTOAftded of him vroy he Uughcd; Aod he answered, sit that 
guul note whtdi ibc book had, i bade him to cvpound it to mt^ 
nnd mth th:it lock him a littW atuk; and he, coorimang AiU hit 
lau^ivT, uid : Thvre Ji whncn xhtt^ oo ihii margiag ibM« wordt: 
*TbU Duldnei uf Tohoio, ut many timfs sfnU^n of io diu hinory* 
hji] ilic l>ni ti^in^l for powdcniig of porkt of any wocnaji tn all ihe 
MaiKhi," ' When 1 h^rd it mikc mctitton of I>dcinca of TobM(\ 
I rested amazed «nd imfjctided, and imagified forthwith that those 
qium contaiMd the hiimy of Dcm Quiscoce. With this conceit 1 
hamotd him to rv>d the begutnlug, whi<h he did, and, truiibrinj; 
lh(r i\nbical imo Sfuniih in a irioe, hr laWl that it begun thui: 'T^r 
History of Don Quixote of the Maitcka, wriocii by Gd HaoMfe 
Benenfeli, an Arahical hittoriograpber.* Mvch dJKretioa vm nq- 
tiinte to dissemble the concent of mind I conceived wlten I heard 
the title of the book, :ind preventing the «quire, T houglit 3\\ the boy't 
Kcrollt and paprrt for a traU ^^d wpfr Im of diic/rtinn, or knrw my 
dnirf', he mi^t ha«^ promrwd hirmdf easily, aod abo have borne 
away mih him. more than vx reals for hb racrchandiae. I ikparred 
after whIi eIk Mf>or lo the clotucr of the great church, and I re- 
quested him to turn me all the Arabical iheei» t)ut trcaied of Don 
Quixote into Spaniih, wkhout adding or taking awiy anything &offn 
ihcm, and I uriuM |uy htm wh^ br lined fnr hit |uint. He de- 
mandcd fifty pounds of raiiins and throe budkelt of wheal, and 
protnisrd to uan^ate tlicm ipecdily, well, and (aiiblulty. Due I, lo 
ha«cn the martcr more, leit I thotdd loae maA an unnpca«! and 
vrdcome irtJiure, brought him lo my houses where he innslahrd all 
the wofk in l*a than a monih and a half, even la the maiuMr thai k 
ti here rtscimiiied. 

There waa painied, ;n tlie fint qutre, very oaturaQy, the bottle 
bctwtxi L>rtn Qaixotr and the Biscaine; OTn tn the tame manner that 
the htttory reUictlt it, vrilh their iw-ocds lifted aloft, the one covered 
with hitbuckleMheorherwtih the cushion: and the Biscalne's mole 
wa« drlivetvd m nanirally ai a man mighi perceive \% vm Mrvd, 
ahbougb he uuxl tanher cifl than the shot i^ a croa^bow. The Biv 
caine had a ml*! wriitcn undirr bis rm that taid, 'Doti Ssncho de 
Acpetia,' for to Milce he wis called; and at Roxinanie his feet there 
was another, ^hat aid '[>nn Otnaocc' Roainnnie wu rrurwlkiw 
vrall ponraimd; so loa| and bnk| 10 thin and lean, lo like one bbmv- 




l^f wt]hsiiinciinhb«)fm]Bipuon,»hedid»how very desulf with 
vfot duwddstian Mtd propriety lie hail gLvca unu) ban ilii? name 
IpyinBfttc, By him nood S.incho P^au, boldiog Kus a» by tbo 
hftlier; st whose foct wu anoibcr scroJi, '^TiQf* *Suicho Zancu,' and 
I tfaiak iIk reason tfattvof wiSt ^U ^ bk picture Abowed, h^ had 
* gTMl btUy, a ^UKt itanire, and tbtck kgi; and dt^i«fore, I jw%«, 
hr w« cdM Pauu^ cir Zonca; iot boUi tbco^ aimrt w»<«rci> wfitc«n 
olhimindiiTeraiily tntbthiuory. 1lK^n*vmc-cdnrrli(tlciliiiigsmii 
wortby DotiQf ; bat all of them arc of no grcsrt impottanov nor ony- 
duo; ncccsofy Eor ibc true rdaitom of the biflory; for none U ill, 
K be mic^ Ai>d if >ay obiectinn be made a^mi the inith oC ihii, 
can be m»i« other than (hat ibc amhor wat a Moor; and it » a 
lakmra propriety of thai natiofi 10 be lying: yet, in rnytKi that they 
IttU i&i H> loinully. 11 is lu Iw cooiecEurrd that in iliU hiiujry Uiive 
n father want and concealment of our kn(ghi'» %'orihy act» than any 
taptriimiyi whkb 1 tnurpne lh« raiber, bc^aiuc I Bnd 10 the pcognss 
chtfeoCt nuny timei^ that when he nu^ and oufihi lo have ad- 
vsvoed his pen in our knvght's prauei, be dnth, ai it were o( purpose, 
fan them tiver in lilcnce; wblcb ^Tt% rcty ilJ done, wemng tbal hi^ 
mnograpbcri oogbt and should be very ptcclkc, ii\fe, and urpj>- 
flBossv; ajid that ncidw prohr nor fear, rancour nor affcniMi, should 
nuke thm to tread awry frotn the truths wbone mother ts hanory, 
ih« cmnbCTeu cf lime, the treiuiry of aoicnM* lh« vntnen of tbioga 
pno. the jdverturr uf things 10 can'-tf. In thb hiitcry I know a man 
may find all duA be can dojie in ibe n>04t plcaaiag num^et; and if 
ibry warn anytfaang to be decired, I am oi opinion ibat it is throuf[h 
Che butt of thjt uagnooui knav« thai iranilatcd k. ntbcr than 
ibmngh any defect in the lubiect. Finally^ the Srrond l^an ibercof 
Ijcennfiog to the tianibtbn) began in tint maniwr; 

The mndkint iwonb of ibe two valurout and enrajced ccxnbatants 
bong UEivd aloft. «I KcineJ that ibey tfanatcocd heaven, the cctth. 
4ttd the ikpdia, «uch was their hardinoB and awrage. And the 
6r< due dae hug t d hti blow was the Bucainek which fell with nxh 
force and [nry, u if the iword had rpjc tooted 3 bttLe in the way, 
dtn onty binw Had bwn niffirieM to set an end to ihr ngorous con- 
jmr*", skI all other the adventoftt ot otir hiu^^t. Bui hii good 
which tmervcd him for greater aOain, did wicft his «J- 
rwOfd awry in nicb Mm. as ihonj:b lie uruck bim on the 


kb shouidcTi yet did ii no more haim Uun dittrm ill that tti^t 
carrying ^vray whb it a gr«u p«rt of his b<avn, widj the hiU o( 
hit ear; all which fell to the ground with a dmdful nijn, le.ivir^ 
him in wry ill cav fur a ^ood ume. Good God[ wlin i& Itr ihai un 
tvell dtacribc, at ihU pmcnt, the fury ilui enirrcd to the hcait of 
our hbnchcgan, xicing hinu^lf uicd in ih.u manner. Let u« viy no 
matt, but that ti w^i vuch that, itxcicKing Kimuif i^n in the nif< 
rups, and grii^ng hit (word fist in both hit hilnd^ he ditchvged 
ii^h n irrribic blow on ih^ DivrainF, hitting him right tipon ilic 
cushion, iind by ii on thv hiMtl, itui the Arength and thkkness 
thcrcot so httk a^uilcd him. tlut. as if a whole inouucaln had Eallcn 
upon him« the blood gushed out of hn momh, nose, and cars, aU 
at once, and he toitovd ao on hi« mule, that every seep he took bt 
was rendy to fall o&, as he would indeed if he had not uken him 
by the iieck; yirt, nesrnhi-lrti, lie hnt the stirrups, and, hning his 
grip of the miilc, i: bc.n^ Ukrviitc fri^htrd by ih^t tcfr3>]e Uow, 
rin away as fast as it could about ihc licldt, 4nd Vkiibn iwo or three 
winche« ov-cnhrew htm lo ihc ground. All which Don Quixote 
iiood beholding utth great qui4tness: and aa soon as h^ saw hin 
fall, hr leaped of! his horv, and ran ovn* to him very tpeedily; and, 
Ktting Use poiui af his iword oo his t^yn, lie bide him ykid himself, 
or dae he would cut od his head. The Biscaine vt^s so ama^d as 
he could not speak a wo^d: and it succeeded very ill with him, 
conisdenng Don Quixote't fury, if the ladies of the coach, which 
until then had {leheld ihc conilia with great anguish, h^d not coose 
whrrr hr w^v 3iul rirnruly hrwiuglit him uy <lo t)w*m tlir b\i)ur to 
pofdon tbcii stjui/c'i life. Don Quuotc ins>^cjcd, wiih a great 
lofcimM and gravity: Truly, fair bdlca, I am well apaid to grant 
you your recjuvst, hut tt must be with ihU agTMrneot asul cooditsoii, 
that this kni^ shall promiw hm to go to Tohoso, and pfueitt him- 
ivlf, in my name, to the peitflesi Lady Dulctnca, to the end ihe may 
dispose of tiim as she plegseth.' Tlie liirMiioui and ojnifnnlett tady, 
'withnui ccntidcripg what Don Quixote demanded, or ajdog whai 
Dulcines was, promised dut bef squire should accomplish all thai 
he plaaatd lo command. 'Why, then,* quoth Don Quijcoto, *irustinK 
o your promiir. 111 do him no nion* liarra. ahhougb ho hath w«U 
idcttfved k at my lands.' 


TiUT Whkh 4rm Bern. Dos Qi;i3can Winw 1 U IIab Lstt 

BY this SoDcbo Puizd hid gattco up, though somewhat abased 
I by iJm fnATv' Lickcy^ ^nd Aood oiimuvely beholding has 
' katr» combii, and pnyod <o God with all his heart, that it 
wotild pleaie Him to give him iIm TOtoq^t And thit he nuj^ht therein 
«ifl vimfe iUand, wh«rcof ht might mukc him go^ytfru>^, at he had 
iud. And, wing the cotiiro'.-^rfy ended at L»i, and that his 
fniKMUUcd iiiKtn Ru/in^mir, he came u> huld htm the Atirnip, 
and cait lunuclf on hu kncca befort him ere be ^oi up, axid, ukiog 
bin by the hood, he kiswd it, tayiftit '1 de^rc that ic wUl please yoUf 
food my lord Don Qtuxote^ to bestow upon me the KDvenunenc of 
dot utand i^hich in this tcmble batll« yofn luve wpn; (or tbou^ 
it tmv w-m sa gtrU, yei do [ fiml myvlf ablr emiU|{b to govern 
it. a* Vrdl as any other whatsoever that e^-cr governed uland io this 
moAL' To this demand Don (Quixote anfwcrtd: Thou most ootCi 
Ehcnd SaAcho, that ihii adventure, and others oE this kind, ore not 
sdvcntu/vc of itlatKU, but ol tb^^ardngi and highwafs, whcrdn 
nothing eiac it garned bm a broken pnrej nr xht loss of an tor, Havr 
patieooe a whiie; bm adventures will be oiilercd whereby tliou skalt 
not only be made a gotvnor^ but aUo a greater man,' Sancho rco- 
derod him many thanks^ af>d, kiiung his haod again, and thfi skift 
e£ hia babcrgeeo, be did help him to gee up od Roadnante, and he 
leapt on his an, snd fnllowed his lord, ivhn, with a swift paoe, with< 
BV taking lejTv ur ipealui^ in thoM; nf the coach, ctucrcd inrn « 
that was hard at hand, SatKbo followed him as fast as his 
could trot; btit Roziiianic w^iu oS to «w\ftlv, as lie. pcfcdving 
' htfhind, was forced to call aloud (o his mastcr 
i.r lum, whidi Don Qmxou did, by cheeking 
ff wuh ibe bridle, umi) hia weaned iquiie cltd arrive; who, 

74 oorJ QiJixoTE 

as 1000 M ho cairn, «aid unto him, 'Methinki, lir, thji ic will Aoc b« 
amisi to mire ourcflves to tome dmrch; for^ sccording v that jmn 
\^ ill (li^fu wrtth whuni )xh] (ougln, 1 ceriaii^ jicnuade mjrKtf ilui 
they will ^vc nolice of the fact lo tlie holy brodmbouj, axiJ 
tbey will seek lo appreh^zMi tu, which if they do, in food l^ith, 
bdort vr« r^n get out oE thvtr cUwf, I fcJir mc wc thaJl twoit for 
iC 'PcACc!' cguxh Don Quixote; 'where h^ut. iIk>j ever rud or leon 
that knighc-errant tliai hdch b«ea brought bofore th^ jodgp, thou^ 
he cocnmillcd never so nujiy humicidta ^d klaughtccsr' '1 know 
ootfaiog of oftudHV quoth iiaucHd, 'uof have I cared ui my liic (or 
any; but weil I wot that it oonccrnt the HiAj Brochcrbood to diMl 
with dtich as &;ht ia the fields, aod m thai other 1 will oo( tiuer 
meddkL' Thm be not afraid, friend,* quodi Ooo Quiioce; */or I 
will cWliver thee mn iif iKc- lumU of thr CZhaldearu^ how fotich ones 
out of diOK ot the brotherhood* Utic tell mc. la very jcood canmft. 
whether ihou <&dsc ercr toe a more t-Aloroiu koi|£hi than 1 am 
throc^hout the £Ke of the earth? Didit ihou c^<cr road in htnoria 
of any other thtt hath, or rrer had, more courage in asuiltng, inor« 
breach in persevering, moie dc.iteriiy io odTening, or more an in 
OTeftbrowiuf, iluo 1?* *Tbe uuth L^' qootb Sciacbob "ilut I Itave 
never re»d any history; for ! can uetlher read nor write: bin that 
whkh I dare vngfir \% thac 1 ikever in my life aervcd a bolder nustee 
Uttn you arr; ind 1 pny God th;il we py not for ihit boldaes 
there wherr I haw laid. Tiui ivhich I ri*qt]eit yon a, tlui ywt will 
cure ymarsdf ; foir ymi late much blood by tkv cir, and here 1 hav^ 
lini ;ui<J a hitle un^utnlitM aiimm in my vrjllcf.' 'All thia might be 
csocuaodt' e|tioth i>i>.i Quijtote, *il 1 had remembered to make a vial- 
ful of the BaUam of Fiervhrai:; (or, with one drop of it. wa might 
•pan both timeT and want lA-ell jII those cihet medicinet.' 'What 
vjal^and what luli^m, is ihii "*' tiid S^ncho Panza. 'Ii iC jntwered 
Don Qurote, 'a bdlum whcreul 1 have ihr rcdpe ta memory, which 
ooe pooeasing he twctl* imx fenr death, nor uu^Ht bf to thmk thai 
he may be kiJl«d by any wound; and thctvfot*. after I have m^ide it, 
and given ic umo thee, thou haa ttoihUifi ehe b> do, buc when thou 
«ha1( aM ihar in any b^iilr I he clmtm in twain (at many timet ir 
happvna), tlu>u ihilt uko bir and uiftly ihii part of my body that 
b faUea 10 the gmund, asd put it up aguiD. wilh great vtiMJcty. on 
the part that rectv in (he u<kllc» befor* the Uood congeal* having 



cv cr mott yeatcawf Uwi them jibcg ;i \itiX and giiuUy ; iheii preagoily 
akcr ihcKi iluUr girc mc t%M3 4r4U jtiu of baidfn oi which 1 ha.\K 
ayokftOt And ihou ilult lace <nc^ht become sounder thui xn 
Bppk-' 'If Hut be inic,' quoih ^.mcho, I dn prcurnily here rcnouncv 
th« i^'entmciK nhhc idJiHl T«Hi pd^>mi«cd,aod wiU <lvtTUiKS aoth^ 
die in rfconifwaue of my Acnrices of you^ but orly the recipe of 
tiiit prcckfut liquor; Eof 1 dm ccrtjin thai ad cuacc thereof wall be 
wanh two rcala 10 May pbccd ^md when I bj\^ ic 1 should need 
aothuig cise to giui my living ti^y and hooenly. But kc me 
know, 11 11 ocMtly in nuVinf;?' '^^'ith k« Uua three reoh,' quoth 
Dm QtwM^ 'a iiuo tnay niale :hnv j^jlUouk of il But I aitf»n 
ID teach ihce |(rcjtcr uacretx than tlui, jod du thcc greater ^vours 
mbo^ And ikhv, let me aire myself; for mine ar grievo mc inofc 
dun i would ^-i&h.' SaochA then cook oui ot hi$ wiUct hi« lini ukI 
10 ture hit OLkOxr^ Bm when Don QuUot« «w th>t the 

nf hit hrlinct wat brok^Ht hr was mdy to run trad; and, 
bni hand to his swcin^ and Lifting up hli eyc& to hcavoi, he 

'I vow to the Ocatoc iA all things, and to the fouf ^>pcb 
where ther are largest wnttcoi to lead nich another life aa the i^reai 
of Mamtia did, when be (wore to revenge the death of 
oephew ValdbrUioa: which wai, not to eat on tab[e<k)th, nor 
i|VMi mth hb wife, and oilier things whiciv although I dn pot now 
m a em bcr, I give them here lor eipreucd, until 1 ukt complele 
itvuig* on hrm that hath done mc this outrage,* 

Sanchc, heaani; this, taid: 'Vou inoKt note. Sir Uan Quixotet that 
if ch« Icnght had ncoomplidied that which yt>n ordained, to go and 
iwevni himvU before my Lady Diilrinra of Tohuto, then Kiih be 
fully h^iiifxd his debt* and deserves no new (HinUhmenu rxicept he 
oammit a new fauk.* Hliou ha« spoken well, and hit the mark 
tifht.' said Otyti Qoixoie; 'and thereat J disannul ibe oath, m that 
ot taking any ntw revng* on him; but 1 nuke it, and cnnArra it 
a^n. that 1 will lead rhe life 1 have utd until I t^Li* anirJser helaui 
Kk£, cir as goal ai dus.. prTfotce frun tnme kniglu. And dn noc 
think. Sanc h o, that 1 make this tcsolution ligh'Jy. or, as they uy. 
wiih d>e amoke of sirawa. fix I have an auihor whom 1 ouy very 
w^ imiua htfein; for the very like, in VHty reipect. passed aboot 
ManlifiDii's hflmet, whidi orut Sacriphantt » dearly*' '1 wdjU 
resign dwM kind of oaths to the ilevil,' quoth Sanchoi 'for 


they wUl bun your heilEh, and prqtKUcc your coptc k n cc. If MM, 
leil nw noM-, 1 boeech f)u. U we iludl mx th^te many djiys cn-j 
ODuniei with »uy ihii wc4r« a bdma, ivlui iholl wi? do? WiU you' 
jccornpUiti ilie oaih in cWipitc uf all ibc incun^'cainKrA jnd di»- 
cDOinwditics liut ri»uG thereof? to vnt, id iU«-p in your cJothoi nor 
lo ilctp in any divieliii:^, and a likouund other pemtcncci, vrhich 
the oath o4 the mad old mui. the Mitquif of Mjmu;!, contsiocd.! 
wbkb you mean to raiify iiowr Do dm you «>futcl«r eKii armi 
nten travd nm in any of <hc>r way^ bui carriert and wjggonefi 
who not only arry no hclnMu, but aUo^ foe the most pan, nri 
heard ipeak of them in thcii li«t»?' *Thou dMt deucive diyMlf lay* 
ing lo,' replied Don Qui^^otc; 'tor wc ihall noi haunt thcftc waysl 
two hotiri before tt« ihall we more armed kni^hu thin were At 
the S3ogc of Albraca, to conquer Anj^ka the fair/ 

'Well, then, let it be u\ quoth Sancho; 'ant! I pray God U befult 
lu well, whom I dcvoudy bcwcch that the tisM may come of g^a- 
tng that ialaikd which costs mt so dear, and after let nac die prtsouly,, 
and 1 care not,* *I have aJrcady uid 10 thee* Saocfao,' quoth hit lotd,! 
'that thou shooldst not troubfe thyself in any wise about this afUIn 
iar if an idind were warning, we have then the Vinj[ck}m of Den- 
mark, or ihit a( Sobra^iiu, witich will mmr as 111 for thy parfnte ■ 
us a riD^ to thy litiiscr; ajid principally thou an to re|oice bccatuc fl 
they are on iJic oomincnt. Hut, otnitiin^ this till hii own timr. ^ec ™ 
whether thou hate anything in (hy walkrt. and let u» eat ii« that 
aftefward we miiy ^o te^rch out vonie c-ittlc w1u:rcin we may kxl^ 
thu night, and make ihr balsam which I hi^r tuld thre: for 1 vtiw 
to G<u1 tlui thii ear gnerri mr marvetlniidy/ 1 have herr Jti onion,' 
i^Ued the iquitc* *a piece of chccK, ami a few ciuu& of liread; but 
fluch gros* rants are not hetitiiog 10 nc^ a kni^ ai you are/ 
'Hou/ ill do« thou underhand itV iuwvnd Doo QiuMCe. 'I let 
thee CO undertund, Sancho, that It is an bonctu far luu^itft^rranc 
not m eof imre tn i cnonth'* ifucr; and il by cbtuw they Jvxild 
eai. 10 eat only of that whkh it oett at band: ami thii thou tnij^il- 
ot <crtaialy oocKcivc^ h«iK thoti t«wl «i nuny booki aa 1 have done : 
for iheufh I pMsed over nuny. yet did I ne^vt n^A f^^orried in any 
ihit knightt-errant did ever car, but by ton \6 ad«*eature, 

or ill mne couly baoqucti thai w«q matW 4>u ttMn, and all the 


:r <byi they pasted over wuH hcrtu and roou: oikI ibottfth ii » 
lo bt uo(l«fUood thai ibcy could not lix^c uiibouc m«at, nnd supply- 
ihr abor hf^ nf n^tnirc, berjuw^ chcy wvrc in rtlra mm ,w 
jrr, ti u liktrwite Hi Ike undi^iiood, ihai &^ndin^ iUk greater 
fan of d>cir lives iii toicsu ind iksetu, af>d that, too, wiibouft a 
oQok, thM chctr mou Ofduury m<dt3 ^itc but cooree umI tiuticjl. 
■ iBaih AS thoii dcui now oifcr unio n:«. So Uui, friend Saocbo. let 
thai trouble thee which it my plenure^ tior go DM thou about 
auk* M nrw wurid, or tn hoim knighi-crrantry n(T her hinjc*^^' 
doa tne^ gnod sir/ quoch &nchc>; 1or, by rcuon I cin oeithcr 
ivad oQf wnte, as t luvc sjmI odcg before. I ha>c not fallen nghtly 
m the rulo and laws oE knif-hlhood; a.nd frofn hencciciTh my wal- 
I JtL ih all be wdl iijrmfh«d with all kindi of dry fruii« for you* 
^^^^H|b yoa are i knight; and Cor myi«lf, teeing I am none, I wiJ) 
^H^K fonvU jotl (>thei ilujis\ i)uc aie o( Dwrv s^^>UllXc^' 1 ^y 
^^^ SancW quoib Don Qeixote* 'that it u a CorcibLe bw to koi^hfv 
errant not lo eai any other thin^» than »ucb fruit** but iKii their 
mjct ordinary fuueiunce could be none othej than fKo«c, and some 
bvrbi th^ found up and dawn tht Md%^ which they knew very 
wvlU and to dci I al»u 'h ii^ a vitivir/ (lumth Sancho, 'rn knoiv ihmc 
beibs; fETTi at 1 imjgine, that knoivlcd^c will some day itand ua in 
4cid-' And, tayia^ so, bo took out the provision bo btd» whkh they 
hmk aim tu^vtber with good confomiiry. But, bdng desirous to 
well out a pbcc wicrt they might lodge that night, tboy did 
much thnneti iliar poor dincier. am^ mounitn^ anon a-honehack, 
tfacy madt at much hjsir ai tliey cinild ui find out nvne dwellings 
Wore the nqibt did fall; but the *un and their hopes did £ail them 
Ji oiK«v they being near the c^ns of certain icoathcrcb; and there- 
fan they condoJod lo take up iheif lodging ihcre for that niRht: 
; dtOQgh Sancho's gnB^ w^ gteat to lie out of a vilbge, yet Don 
\ jiiy e^icmdM] ii far, conutlGring hp muvc ilwp undci open 
because be made account aa of t at this befd liim. ihni he 
a wcirtiiy act, which did bciiitaEe and ratify the practice of hJi 


Op TitAT Wnjcii Phufp BcTU'EEN DoH Q\>tx<yrt an» CotaiM 


HE wv caim;iinal very chetffoUf by the gotilKrds- 
Saocbo, iuviti^ XI up RotiDJinu atid biv ass ^m wcU u he 
CtfuJd, be picKotfy rcfxuml to i)tc urtdi of certain piico 
at ffjQt4*akj ihat ttood boiling in a k«aifi ovtf die fin; dad ohbcK);^ 
he thotight, in ltu« vtry momcm. in ny wliAher ihry were io *e3- 
tod lo bo innibnrd cvx ci the knElr imn the iiutmMJ% )k* did ocmt 
iU bec;iuv he uw the hcrcb ukc litem off die Ant. and, ipfcadit^ 
ccnoin iboqnkiiu, which iher hod for tb^ purpose, on the gioujid. 
by Id a uice ihieit ruitkaj tahlei mad invited ihc msMcr and nao. 
wiUs v^^ cboerfid mind, to come and i^e pan of that which thef 
bid. Therr ut down rouod aixHn ihc dciui ux of tliem, which 
were ail ibm ttwdi tn iW f»ld; having Gm (uuii]f some cornr 
conipliiDCOU) pbccd Dan Quixote upon a irotigh, toroii^jt the 
torn npL Don Quuunc at di^vn, md Sancho stood lo ssrvt: tltc 
vfakh was mode of horn. Hia mjiter. AMuig ham afoot, 
'Sftkcho, to the md ihoit mjvn pvrteiw the good inctuded m 
dering knighthood, and alao tn what ponbUny they aft whkh 
evcttiavd thcmdvts in any miainry ihoeoC id anivr bciefiy 10 
hoaois- and nfMmioo in the world, my will ii, ibat thou do« 
hen by my n^ and in company with tbia good pfopin, aikd 
thou b€eA ono uid the wy nUaaime thlag vtdi me. who am 
nuaier ind ntniral loetl; that thou cat in tny dvh and drink in 
aantr cup wfieFtin 1 dnnk; for ibt auac may be Bid oi chiralry 
that ii ri love. Id wit, that k makea all thinya equaL' 'I yi^ yuti 
grtJi ^hanlm quoth Sanchoi >«i dair I avouch uaio you. that » 
I had thvrewitlul ro eat well, 1 could cat it at vn\U or hcittf» waA- 
ing and alnnr, than if 1 sai by an ttnpmv. And bnitlie^, if 1 muar 
uy the truth, mcfhinka that wluch I coi in a conm^ witlvntt cece^ 
tnooia, curionty. ur t^npea of any, tfaoush U were bui bread and 



UAofks 1 git:^ «kal better ittiD tjvkcy-ctxks M oibcx 
laUn, wfatrr I mt^r chrw my mcMj Irixurely, ilnnk but Linlf, wipe 
mj btuub tihciu muH oat ocuc nor cough iboti^ I Luve ^ deiirci 
tr be like to dKike, nor do otli«^ thJDfi Uuc lo^udc and hbcn> 
bcmn «ridi tbcnx* So that, good sir, 1 would luv« you convert ibrw 
boooon ibot you wo<ild bestow upon dm, io rvif«ct that 1 am an 
jJb g gu r to chivalry (zs I am, being yoor iquirv), inu» ihiii|^ mott 
naniiil and proSuiblr (pt mr tkin ihcsc; and ihoujth 1 mnain as 
^jm^l*j f^ tbcm JA i£ they hctc rccamnl. yet ^ 1 here renounce 
from thii tiioc bboI the it-orkl's end/ 'For oil tkn, tbou tbalt «t; 
ii>r ihc UMfihk sb^ be suited.' And «>, uking him by th? ^irnw 
ka forcvil turn co tk down otar himidf. 

TW Ifootberdt did sot u«Vr«and that gibbvriifa of squirrt and 
koigbu^riuii, MTtd iherefore did ooduog else but cat 4od hold their 
Aod look on ibdr sacsti^ tfasi io«scd la whh tbcir Ctm whole 
Mh 9ood (Grace and ttoondu* The coufM oi fleih being 
«nded, tliry served to on the ruj^r a RrecK quantity o£ ftbeUed aooms; 
and h^ S cfapfg; hiirdrr than it it were mac^r <if rnii^h'C3flinf[^ 
Hk horn Aood uuc ilkr while uUc; for it went mund ^hput uj tifien, 
Donr fiail. now empty, cntxh like a cooduk oE Noria; and in a tiioe 
i£ gnpbftl one of ^ two wine4>^ tfatt by tbeic id ihe piislk 
yww* AitttT that Don Quixott had mitfitd hu sppaico wdl, b* 
kiok up a haodCu] d acorni, and, b^M>1ding thtm Mrncnly, h* be- 
^n ID disoHinp in ihi^ maoner: 'Happy lime. a<^ fortuoaiie ages 
woe tboM. whrfooo ouc incdtors bc9b>vred the title cf goUcol ooi 
hnririw |:Dk] (ao much prised in thia our iron 3^) wu ifotten in 
ihat boppy tine wilhouc any labour^ but bectuie thne which hs'cd 
m thftt lime kiiew oct lbe«; two word*, 'thtne' and 'ipim'; in that 
hakf age all thinj^t were in rcvtimon^ Ko nun ntvdcd^ for hit or- 
Anary tuMciunoCt to do OLighi cite than lift u;} his hand, and take 
< boca the stfoofi ook, which did Lbcrally ioviic them to gatbcr bia 
>«veA and nmovy fruit. The ciotr fountaio> sod nmung nvcri 
Uoliw than thm tavoury aod traoiparcm vmten m augniBoeat 
dwioiliiire> In the defri of rocka aod hoOow trvei did tlv careful 
4Dd iUktv^ bcei «oa iheif cnmnMnm-caliK olferia^ m evoy hand. 

KiDtveM* ihe CertiJe crop of ibetr vwecteit travaik The k>fty 
a did ditmiu of thcnuelveiit without any odter on than 




ibat of Oidr native liberality, their bmjul and Ugtu rindi; wher^ 
niilul tiDuict wcte At fi/u uivcrnl, bein^ uisiajiwil by tutfioi ttakcs. , 
BO noDC other tnd but (or (o keq> bade the incUmcnc-^i oi ihc ^u^| 
AU tbca wu peace, all amiiy, and all otncofd- A« yd tlie plou^^t^^ 
(haxo prcsumtd nci, ^iiH m<le cnoMimef, to open anil tearcU (Se 
compjLuioaai^ bowelt oi our Artt nvxhrr; fm die, wkliouE cnmpul* 
fion, oStttd up, thfotigh all ihe puns of her feniLe .ind vpacHM^^ 
hatamt oD tlut vrKkb mighi siiiifyi ^utiauu aivl ilell^ht Hwnie cbl^| 
ilrcn which it thea had. Yca« it was then iKii il^e uoipk am) beith 
tiiul young ihcphtrde»iG» went from valley to \ii\lcy and hiQ 
hill, with their hair sometimei pbiied, >0RwtinK» <&sli^uUtd, 
out other apparri than that which wa£ rcquUiie <i> cover cui 
tlut which modetty wills, and ev^r would havo, concealed^ 
wiere of no request the aturea and ornaments which aic now uwd 
by d»9e that eriecm the purple of Tyre and the ao-nuny-way^^tiut- 
tyrUKl &ilk m> mu:h, but only cenain ^ttax Imvcft oE burdocks awl 
ivy inierT«3ied and vvovto together; wbereu-ithal, pfrhjp>« they wvoi 
as gorgeoudy and coroHy d<«ked at now our court damet. with 
llidr rare and outbodiih iriveniHrni thai idlvnru and curioii^y h 
^Hind out. Then were the amomut conceits oE the mind iimpiy 
lincerdy deli^'ered, arvd embeiliihed in the very form aim! nuni 
that «be had conceived them, wiihoojc any artificial cont^xturt 
woedt to fftidear them. Fraud, decdr, oc malice h>d ncx then met)- 
dled themselves with plainness and truth. Juttiiie vm then in her 
\rtn\Ki lerim. ij\oiii dirinjc not to trouble or confound her. or the 
respect of pn>in. wtuch do tiotv perKcute, bsemith. and ditruib her 
M mixh. ihc law of comjptkm, or ukmj; bnbe^ had nor y«i pc^^ 
icned the undeniandinf^ of the judj^e; for dvn wat tionhtt i^^M^| 
noe penon to be jjidited- Maidonf and honcuy wat¥lcred then, ! 
>a>, where iliry lUicd, alone, ngnWisinj^ locuie tliai no t:ranger 
libertyt or IjKt^ioui intent could preftMlice ii, or their own cative 
desire or will any vriy endamaj^e it. Bur rww, in ih^ie our de 
able timm, no damsd ii uife^ althouj^h she be Kid and »hut up 
another new labyrinth, like thai of Crete; for cvro Hyttt itself 
iLiDOTout pln_itiiF wiiidd enter visher by v*me cmnny, or Ity ilie a 
or by the cmuinual tir^ingft of nirscd care, to infea her; for w 


and fKiirity wit t\rsi inwtuccd, by nicceu o( times, the 
cvdcr of kaighihoiMl, lo JefetKl dimwb, piuteci wi(k>w% ;u)d aiuM 
Ofptum UkI clmxctaod vighli. Ol thi» orxler am 1, friecub j^catbrnU, 
whom 1 <lo beanilY thank tar the ^ood cotcnainmcfit \^'hich you 
6a jpve unto m« and my squire; fof although that every ooo Uving 
ii ofaIijpe4 by the bw oC nature, to fa\v>ur knighK-cmm, yei lux- 
^jprika^ndin^, knowing that )ou knrw not this obltgjiion^ and )^ 
^^■d i?c«i«e Olid moke much of me. U tfaiub with all reuoa thu 1 
^H» rmdcT you dunks with all my bcartT 

H CXir icnighc mjuic th:i lonjc oration (which mijtht have becD w«ll 
CKCHwd)^ because the aconu that were givtn unto him called to hii 
eoiad the ^deo worldf and thtfcforv the htimour took him to m^ke 
the goodsetdt that unpmliiahir diicour v; who hiMrd )um, ill oma/ed 
4iid suspended, with vciy great axtcot>on all the while, Sancho like- 
wne held his poce^ cttifif scoru* and in the meanwhile visited sxfy 
cApo the i«cond win»b>j^, which, because it mi^hc ba fredi, waa 
ItaogKl Dpoo a corli-trve. Don Qtiixoie had «pent more lime in his 
ipo^ than id his uipper; at the end whereof ooe of the goaiheids 
njdL To the end that you may more assuiedly know, or knight- 
r, that we do cntenain you with prompt and ready wiQ, w<e 
wiii ukewi« make >t)u lomc ptttime by hearing; one ol ouf com- 
ptfkicina sinic. who is a herd d good undemanding, and vtrf 
jmorotu wiihal. and can 1)e\idc« md and write, and pUy w> well 
oo a rebec, thai there h rwdhing to be desired/ Scarce lud the goal- 
herd ended his sprech, when the sound of the rthcc touched his ear; 
and within a white after he arrived that pUycd on it, bein|; a youth 
tt MCEM cwtnty ytars old, and one ol a very good grace and coinv 
KOincv. Hti fijiowti demanded if he had supped: and, answering 
ilnE Iv had, he which did offer il^e courtesy, laid. Then, Antbonyf 
thoQ mayfl do ui a pleasure liy singing a l:itle, tlut ihb gentleman 
flOr fueiC may see that wc cnioy, amidst these groves and woods* 
AvMe thai know what moiic it. We have told him already thy good 
tftnlidc^ and thercfnce we desire that thou show them, to verify 
ovr words; and ihnefxe I de«re ihee, by thy Mic, that thou wih 
■I 4ikd ftng the ditty wtiich i?iy imcle the piel>mdary m^dc of thy 
m JO well Lkcd o£ in our TilUgc* '1 dm ctmicDtt' quoth 

Si Dox gcixoi't 

Am r«]ih; and, wiiboui further auicaiy, timing dowa on the 

of t lopped (uk> be tuned tm rvbcc, aod ohcr a wluk btsm. wiUi a 

■ingubt jjood grace. u> suig ia this mancMf ; 

1 know, OlsJia* ihod dint im odoie! 

Though ]^ CO me the um* thou hiu on taid: 
Noc »ha^-(i h oocc by one poor glance cr more. 

SiBM love 11 uxmm by such longuc* bciA-rajfd, 

'Yd, 'anxs^ 1 r^c; hdd ihcc lo be wjk. 

Ii mr xuum rfwu heifnc me j^ood «riU; 
Aad b& it not uofortuuitc that «» 

How hii aflmjocu uz not okui iQ. 

I, by obKrtanc*. gAihn fu my u'ot; 
Th)r mind h ittmt^ vi btmt, by vx undue* 
Aiid Hint tji7 boftocn ia* iboogb Jt tnm wok. 

'And yH, loudic iby ripyar't wtttUt-Uzt, 
And other shifts, ifiou asnr in ddif cne, 

But. vm irmel I Uv 'ci* to htuaj mr. 

^v»Yri«4^ ones tn thr hiUncr of tbj min^f. 

Poiit with ju»C tvcighti my Uilli. which nrv« yet 
Dioiimih'd, dtou^h diifjivixtr ii did iind: 

Nor cm inrrme no««, chotifEk ihmi f«v«irv^» ii. 

If lorehc<MutMu» (a« wiMmtt nf), 

ib thy bttoyuuty. I m«st colkiet 
My wp^ ho^i'evcr dwu dun t)»c ddjy, 
5hiU r»p. «i bM, th« good I do «t|i«t. 

^ many ff v irM he of e«p^m 

Or at*^t to tradcf a turd heart bcttcn. 
Sudb lluiifc* I did fa< i\vne. It nuJc me dtnn 
I tote ibt match ftiip' J* JOid ihtmi ihalt be miBc 

Tnr, Ff at jmy tlmv thou hiir nVn hrr^, 

tVio mctfv tkAA ttK< mrf^hrM vifw tiow I «ri» dxt 

T<» Invour thtfe on MoodNyit wkh the weed 
Which, woen on Sundays, got mt credit KmI. 


^^knv jDdbnv'ry mil ibrcntdvei ovihxt, 
B«c»vM thi^r kot^ «hoc< cvct m on* «nd; 

Wfaidi audc tat, wbea 1 (inl u> ibee rtaoct. 
SdU lo be neat aad (if>c I Jid cooimil. 

'Here f OBiii the dbsico I have cloiWt 

And tntuict f luvr ac ihy window givtn; 

Wbcn iW« didit «l cvcLxr<nv jit«m done, 

And lean'tfatt hetriiif ray voice. u> be io Jtoveai 

1 do ikoCt ckc, die pru*c« hcfc recount 

Which ot thy bcnj<r I n cifi have nid; 
Wfasdi, thoofth thef oU were true, were lik^witc worn 
To auLc tbcc cnvioiu mc lor ipJie upbraid* 

"Wben to Tere», the ot Bcrrocd, 

l.oFiby vocih.diicounc did sceiKtuikc shape: 
*tjOod God'" qwnh «he. "yr«i w<in an ing«4*i ihralt. 

And fvC, tor idot yov ftdorc ui «pe. 

' "She to lier bu^cft duoLi may gi*e, aad ck»i»^ 
Fftbe kur, uid other ihdti (Km sh« fioth vac 

To avokd bei befluty. wieK a ihouiond paim 
And gnki, whidi mif^ love'i «cry tdf ibw*.*' 

'Wnxh 91 her wcrdi, I |pve Iter nraigh; the lit. 

Which did her and Kef counn to oireiid, 
Aj nc to Jiffht he (KailenfEcd prcacatlr. 

And wdl thou know*u oi our Mntt ihc eod. 

1 RMsn not thee lo purch»t ai a Jip^ 

Nor ro th:it md do V thy hvow we; 
thenlnr thme honour either to ontrap, 

Or mc peniudc lo take courae* undue. 

Tike Church kaih bond* wlWch do *o furdr bold. 
At no lilk ttiing for Kren^h comet to ihcm 

To ihmn ;hy neck ttt^t in the ^okt be bold, 
Aad tee if], Qo foiionr thee, will fear. 

1f thfiu wilt DOC hrte nlemnly [ vow. 

By Udies caitir, <^wrap< in prtciotu tfarine, 

Nevo lo kavt thoir lulli whrfc I dwell now, 
H \ he Dot ID bocoow ■ CapnatxJ 



Here Ehe goatherd ended his ditty, and although Don Quixote 
entreated him to sing somewhat else, yet would not Sancho Panza 
consent to it; who was at that time better disposed to sleep than to 
hear music; and therefore said to his master, *You had better pro- 
vide yourself of a place wherein to sleep this night than to hear 
music- for the labour that these good men endure all the day long 
doth not permit that they likewise spend the night in nnging/ *I 
understand thee well enough, Sancho/ answered Don Quixote; 'nor 
did 1 think less, but that thy manifold visitations of the wine4K)ttle 
would rather desire to be recompensed with sleep than with music/ 
'The wine liked us all well/ qtioth Sancho. ^I do not deny it/ replied 
Don Quixote; *but go thou and lay thee down where thou pleasest, 
for it becomes much more men of my profession co watch than to 
sleep. Yet, notwithstanding, it will not be amiss to by somewhat 
again to mine ear, for it grieves me very much.* One of the goat- 
herds, beholding the hun, bade him be of good cheer, for he would 
apply a remedy that should cure it easily. And, taking some rose^ 
mary-leaves of many that grew thereabouts, he hewed them, and 
after mixed a little salt among them; and, applying thi» medicine 
to the ear, he bound it up well with a cloth, assuring him that he 
needed to use no other medicine; as it proved after, in effect. 



Wem witH Dos yL'wom 
■ ABCKrr litis tkoe ^srivcd anodier jtiutli, oeie d ibow ihat 

X ^puuocUt Jo ncH yuu Lituw wlui juucih In iKe vitUge?' 
rvrcui wc kftow u. bcicg jfaxnt?* uys Aoodkcf of them. Tbco, 

quoch the youth* 'that xha liunous (hcph^d and siudciu* 
died chit mornin]^. a»d ihey murmur that be dux) for 

of ibx devilith lut Mirc^, Willum the Rich hii daughter, 
ihe thai goa up and down ihoc pUitu and liilb among us, in ibe 
tuhil uf a ihcphcfdciL *Dott thou mean NtmxlaP' quoth duc uf 
ihcnu 'Even her, 1 uy,' ajuwcrfd the Mhcr ; 'ai>d the |cst ii, ihjt he 
hiUh comiruododf ta hit toiamcni, that he b« buried in the 8cUU| 
ai if he wtfe a Moor; and that it be at the foot of the rock, v/htrt 
ih& fofiDtJUn aaddi olt ihe oork-ifee; for ihai, according to fame, 
jod JJ chqr ny he himieif alBrmed, was tlie jilaa: wlitrod he viewed 
her tiuL iVftd ht hath bkev^Lw commanded auch odter thin{[> lo be 
dOQVt V the ancicnter iort of the Mlbj[« do noA a^low, nor ihinlc fit 
Uj he pcffofned; far they seetn to be otremoniex of the Ctcoulcx 
To all which objectiony hi« great friend, Ambrosio the itudent, who 
lifcrwiar a|^ic]lrd bimtrlf Lki- a shcpl^rd i\ nnc«* with him, in- 
■wcfs. fkat aJl ilull be a^cocDpbdwd, without oniiuMNi of an^duogi 
m Chryiovtom hath ordained; and all the village ii ia an aproar 
afapuf dui adair; aiid yet it h said that what An^rosio acid all the 
other ^lepherdt hii friendt do pretend. ihjU in fine be done; and^vrtow mortutig rhey mil come lo the phce T barr oatned, to 

\um with gical pompu And as I suppose it will lie a thing 
' r aoctnir, at lca>twiic 1 will not omit to go and behold it 
[L i wen ftire ibnt I could not rdurn the ume day to ihc 
' 'We vHU all do the tame,' quo:h the gcutherdsi, 'and vnll 

IcKi who ihalt tari7 here (o kfvp all our herdt,* *T1uki cayct 


DON Qtnxorc 



wcUi Pmct/ quoth one ot them, 'althpu^ ihat labour may be cx<; 
cmod; for I mean to suy twhiod for you all, u^ich you mim 
aiinbuic u> any Wrfuf, or Litrle cunosiiy in me, hui raiher co 
Fork that pricked iny fooL ibe other iby. ami makn iti« uuable 
travel trom Ikcnce.' *Wc 4I0 thaiik iliee, Doewithstimiin^,* qtioih 
FcUff 'far ihy fE^od-wilI.' Am) Dnn Qtnxotc, who beard all tbdr 
diacouru, caueatcd Pwur to idl hiin who that dead maa vfu, omI 
what ibe ihepherdot of whom chey ipok«. 

PHrr iTi;ii(tr annvrr, ihn whM hr knew of tlu* aFF^ir V3^ 
the dcdd pc«Mn wm a rich genilcmin of a cen^ln vilbf;« 
UTwng thow mounrains who had »ti<£ed nuny yean in StisTtnac^ 
and ahcr rtturacd homo to hi$ hoii&c, with the opimoii to be a vrry 
wi«p and learned itud; but principally ii wax reported of htm, flu 
he wa« dcilfnl tn iftronomy, and alt that ithich piixed above I 
bearra, io tlie huh and ilie moon, for he wuuld tpU u% m<nt |i 
tuallr ibe dipoc of the 5un and the moovi/ 'Friend,' quoth Don 
QuiKOte. "ibe djritttiinii of ihcae two jireai Itirmainei ii called a 
edipte, not a chpfc/ But Peter, sto^ttf: not at those tnftrt, d 
prooKvxe h\% hiiiory, apng, 'He i!id aUti jirof^nottacaie when t 
year wotilil l>e atvinidaiii or cttiJe/ TbtHi wmildir »ay .'sreHle,* quDih 
Don Quixote. 'Sterile ot eitik,' taid Pdcr, 'all b one for my pur- 
pOK. And 1 say thai, by hn word*, Itit father vnd hit otivr friends, 
that fpve credit to htm, became very rich; for they did all that be 
counselled themt who would tay unto them. Sow barley thii year, 
and no wheat; in thii, yoo may »w ptas and no bailey; the o 
yrar wiS be goocf for oil; the three cniuing, you sluH nm jTaEhrrr 
drop/ 'Thar soeoce ts called aArology/ quoib Don Quuoie. 
know not how it i< calW,' replied Peter; 1>m I know wdl he ktww 
all thb, and much mo^. 

TinalTy, a few montht after be eamc fmm Sjbmanca, he appearwl 
one day apparelled bke a ihcphcrd, wnlt hit Bock, and kather am. 
havif)|r btM a»:de the lonft habits that hf wore, bdi^ a scholar; and 
ioim)> with him cvrur altn .1 ^^jt frwnd of hit and fdtow-tctulmti 
called Ambfoiro, appein^-lrd Rke a thepherd. T cbd almoit focKet 
fell how Chr)iosiom. the iU^6 man, w^v a ^tvsa maker of 
Irwomuch that he mj<Ir the carols of Chri«mai Day 11 nighl, orMf 
the pbyt far Corpus Qirifti Dxy, wlucb ibe yomln of our >31a^ 


lodmt. IN 

11. orMf 4 


4bd rtpr««tt, aod ill ot them aflvmcd [bat tbey wcfc uuxt cxccU 
Wot. Wbra Umw of ilir vilUgr ^w tbr rwn Krhobrt vn titMrttiy 
cbd like sJkcphcn!^ ilic^ were amazed, ind could poc gucas ih« c.iuic 
diftt aoTcd ihcm :& make ui ys-ott*}cri\A 1 climgt- And Jibout ihii 
litnt Clir7«>noni'> f Jtlicr cbed, and he rrsruuccd poucued of a /^reU 
dni cf fictods at wtlJ mo^'e^e a» iimcov^ablc; xnd 00 hidr quiniit>* 
of cntkv gtt^i and inuO, aod a]v> a ^rcii rum of monry; ol all 
wiuch ibe ^luua^ usui renuincd a ilivvititc liirtl. And uuly Ibe de- 
MTtod ii all; far be wu a good fellow, chofiubJCk and a friend of 
fDod lolk, iUKJ he had a f.k:« like a bleuing. It CAin« ti Iaa to be 
an d cm ood, that the catite of changing bU h^i war noM other 
thsn for to go up smd dovrn thnv^gh thew dewns after the thep- 
hcnka Mirccb, ^rhoni oui herd named betnre; of whom the poor 
ilod Chrynnooi wm beocxne eiumcjmed* And i vtiS leQ )ou oow, 
bocauic u » fii you thould know lU what ihb wanton ias) b; per- 
haps and I tbiak without pevbapi. ytnx have not heard the like 
Aiog ia aU the daifi of your bfi^, akhough you had Uvcd more yean 
tluo Sanu.' *Say San^' <iucah XXin Quixote, being noL able tag 
kmger to bear him to change one word for another. 

The SartM, or SoU' <|uodi Peter, *hvci Ion; enough too. And 
if ymi gp thus, siff intciTuptinic mv tale at e%Tfy pace, we thall not 
he tbLt CD end it ta ft yeir/ 'Pardon mc, fnend/ qnixh Don Quixote; 
iar 1 ffrak 10 thee bf fea»n then was web diJiervfKO betweon 
Siraa and Safta, Bui thou doit inawer wdl; for the Sam or Scab 
Lvn kofcr th« Sam. And therefore prOMCUte thy htnoiry; for I 
will oat iDicmipV ihec any non;/ '1 uy, then, dear tir of ny aotU.' 
qiaflfa i1m 0Mtbet4 *<hat there wai, in our village^ « ^rtnef that 
m» yet ncher than Chrysovom*s father, who wat called William, 
to whom fonufv* gat~e, ui the* md of hit ^mi rtchn, n daughltv 
cdled Uucela, of ii4)0ae binh her mother died, who wai the bcA 
wonum thit dwelt in all ihis drcuit. Methinki I do now mo her 
^nck befert me, with thai bn whrch had on the t>n« iide iho cun 
od 00 the other ode the moon; «nd abot^e sU. she wu 9 thrifty 
hoorwifr, and ■ gmt frieofl to ihp poor; for which ! Iirt eve rliat 
W Mxi ia tht* wry hour enjoying cf il» godt in the other world. 
fVwgrwJ i:f ihelovof »sood a wifc« her hud>and Wilfiam UkcwLie 
dttd, lacnttf bii dmshler Marcela, young and rkb, in the cuttody 



of Hi uncte, who was a pt'tesi, and curai^ of our vilbf^. The duld 
grew vrjtb >ud) bmuly u it made tu mnanbcr Uul of hvr nv^iicf. 
which wii very great; ajul yet, notwUhsundinj;. ihcy jix^^ thai 
the daughter^ would aurpu) hcr^ at indeed it did; foe when ab^ 
arrived to the age of fourteen or fift»o yt.ira dd, no man 
hrr that did doi bku God for making hvr ft) fnir, and nu»t 
rcrn-ijuod cnamotttYd A&d casi away fof her ItJv^r. 1-lff imdo 
hrr with very fiic^t eve and clo4e»«^^; and ycc, ocvtuhclcs^ 
fame of her great beauty did spread itadi ia t»iKh sort llui, 4a 
for it aa for lur gre« ncho, Ucr uncle iva» qoc only requeued 
tbo«e of our vtUa^, but aim ^ai prayed, solicited, and imj 
i>y all Elii3«e tlui dwelt mai'.y leases about, aiid ilui by ihc very 
hcu of ihem, to gi^-c hct to than m marriage- Bui be (who » a 
good ChriajaiK every irxh oi him), aUhougb be doired eo nurry 
htf prtMfidy, as icon as the was of age, yet would tie not da it 
without her goodwill, without «vcr ntpoaJng the gain and p«ofit 
he tnighi make by ih« poivMion of her goodi wBlii be dcnred Wt 
marriage. And, in good sooib, this waa spoken of, to the good pties: 
bis commendatioa, in more than one meeting of the people oif our 
village; For I would have you lo ^ii. ur ctTam* that in Uieie btUe 
vilbget they talk of all things, ;ii^d make accotmi, as I do, that ihv 
prieit muii havie been too good who could ohiige hit puridiio«u=r$ 
to tpeak so wdl of him, and ripeci:d1y in the vilbgei.' *Tbou hati 
rrasnn,' i^uoih Don Quunte; 'and iherrfore follow utw fnr thr liij 
tory ii very picaaant. And xhm. good Peter, dotc rucoum it 
very good grace' '1 pray CSod.* said Peicr, 'that I nenr want 
Heed's; for Jt if that whkh mak«« to the purpose. And tn the 
you itiaJl undersuod, that alihot^h bcr undo pmpoundetl, and 11 
to hii rurire ihe qinlily of every wooer of the many that tlciired lin 
for wife, ajui entreated Iier to marry and choocve at bcr pleasure, yei 
would Uie never a»»-c* other but thai ih« would not marry aa then, 
and iliat, in rttpcct of her over green year*, ih« did f>ut ftnd tier«U 
abh enough yor to bear (he burden of marrage- With ihetc |un 
excuart ivhich »he uneinpi! 10 give, her untir \rii oti imprtftlintng of 
ber, and did rxpva until the were fonher eateitd into yejji^ and 
that ilie might know bov« u> cboote one that might like >ie>; for he 
was won] to My. and that vtry w^> ihat parents were not to place 


DT beitotv Eb«u duldren vfhtrt they boqr« do liking. But, lee hatt 
wfaen we lean imagiiied 11, the ury M;ir^^ apjiurnl nr-r morning 
bficOfDC a iJiepbOTkn; ukI nciihcr hc7 uncir, nor sJl ihosc of ibc 
which diMLudcd het from it. could wof k iny d^ca* bM the 
Dttod* go to the fields, and kc^ her own »hccp with ihs ocher 
toUM of the unvn. And ihe coming chus in public^ whtfn h«r 
Illy W2S teta withoui hindrance, T cartiMX posiibly lell umo you 
how fOMty rich youtlu, ^ well gtotleinen u fjiriiert, liaic L4lu!D on 
tbfm the hahit of Chrysostora, and follow, woaiQ|[ oE her, up and 
down UuM^ iiddi; one oi which, as is aid alrcMly, was our 6t!&d 
mui, o£ whom tl ci ujd, that learning to lo\<c hur, he bad at bit 
cnacW her his idol. Nor is it to he thought thi: becautc XIarceb srt 
hencir in that libcny. and to loose a liir, and nf 10 btdc or no kccp- 
10^ thai tlvfcfore ihe hath gi>-rn the leaA token oc shadow of 
diiboocsty or ocghgcoce. Nay, rather^ aixh i^ the vacchMnc«f 
ther ew ithal ihe look$ to her horicur, that among so many as serve 
•oliat her, not one hath pnis«d or can )usily vaunc himtcif to 
«v ncRVvd, at \wt Kandi, the leau tiopr that may be to ^ain hJs 
; for, although she did otfi Ay or shun the company and con^ 
Q of ihepherds, ard dodi ute them courteously and friendly^ 
wbcfuoevei any one of them he^n to discover their iotentton, be it 
ffvtr so iuKt 2nd holy, as that of mainmony, she cuts thetn away 
her, a« v^ah ^ ^^^g- 
^And with dus manner of piocecding she doct more harm in this 
thar> if ibc plague bad rntcrcd into ii by her mcflxu; for her 
ty and btawy doth draw to it the hearts of thottc which do 
and low htr, but her dssdain and resolution do conduct ihem 
t«niu of desperation. And so the^- knou' not what to $ay umo 
fauctocallbef wiih^i loud voiceuuel ^*d ungrateful, with other 
like unto this, wltich do dearly manifest the nature of her 
; and, sir, if you stayed here but a few days; you should 
thcM mountairu reimind with the lamentations of those 
wnicbes thai follow her, TWe is d ceruin pbc« not br off, wherein 
veolHXirtwodcrzeiiofbeech^'' ' '^rrr Is not any one of ihrm 

in whose nndts not engraven S. . j me, and over aome names 

fraven obo a oown in the Kune tree, u if her lover would plainly 
^nMc that Marcel bears it away, and deacnret the garland of all 




htmKin bcniCy. Here nghi one sfaepherd, tlwre Ano:li0 c«aipUm; 
ui xDDiiier pbcf :a^ hr^ird .imi^riTiit dii:ii?G; hent, in uiKxbera doleful 
Aad dcqairiog Luncna. Some ooe tbcn is tlut puiedk ova <dl the 
whole tuniD^ the ni^fn at tbc boc oj «d oak or rodi, utd* wAhenc 
folding ODoe his wecpiag tfth swallowod »od irigygricJ by hii 
ibou^n^ dw mn findi too dMraia the momng; aod fome odier 
ibere U, who, without giving way of trace to hU u^t doih. amiilit 
iIk lervuuf of Uir rvut f-niidiout heal at the vgnracT, lEittthed upoA 
ihe burnu^ kuv^ brcjtjc iiii iKuinl cott^binti to bcrraa. And «f 
this, B&d of him, sad ct thote^ aod thnv* the bouufol Morceb (kxh 
indilfcnody and qidedy tnumph. All we thai k&tnv her do wait id 
m wheresn ihii her Jo6iQcn Wl Anoh, w who shaD be x> hippf at 
ID ^in dnminkm over to ictriMc a condinoo, ind m)oy lo pcuflcji 
■ bcauiy. And boczuac ^ th« I have recounicd u s^ oolonoiii a 
mnh, it makd tac more <ttnty bdicvc dist our orunfaaioo bub 
toJd, Uut IS laid of ihe occitiofi of Chrytonom** dcodi; jod thtf»- 
fore I do oonikMl you, or, thai you do ekn omit to he pt^xmoz to- 
iDocrafV M bis burial, which will be worthy the srang; for 
ChrywAocn htdi cnany fnends. uid the pljce vrikercin ttt OMi- 
maodcd hmueif to be buiicd >s not half i Ick^tJe from hoxe^' 'I do 
mean to be thcre^' »ajd Don QuJxo;^ ; 'aitd do render ihc« nuny 
thankt for the ddighi ibou h»t giveti Tie by the rebtioa of lo 
plenum a hUtory.* ^b,* i^iiaih thv jpathcfd, 'I do tuX ym know iht 
hab' of the advetuurcs suoDccdnl 10 Marocb's lovers^ bui peradirea- 
lurc wc m-iy rrtrct torac ifacphod 00 the way lo-taorrow that mil 
(tU them unto uk. And for th* prcacnt )<ou wrU do will 10 p> uln 
your ntt nnikr nme rocf, for the air mlgju hun your wound, 
oldkoiq^ «be oMdioQe be luck that I ha^e applkd to k that soy 
ancrary acddenc* oeed 001 much 10 be (eared.* Sancbo Pnnxj, htin^ 
wholly out of pcMicnce wkh the goat \wnW Im^ dhooune, did aolictft 
far his part, hU master so eflcctiully a^ he broti^ bam it hut aDIo 
Peier'ft cahio, to take bat re«t for that night; wfa< « in tov altv he bad 
entered, he b taow i d the rcnuum of the nifht io nimanbcaaoaa ot 
hit l.idy Diilcuiea. m tmiunnn cif Maria's \ovm. Sancho Fiatii^| 
did lav himwif Jenvn betw een Razioanie and ln\ xu. jod dcpt ^iH^ 

out. Dot like a diifavocirtd iovcTt but hke a man 
With trampcmjEi' 

and bf uiaed 


n FrMtmoi tmt Htfroav or tot SHfPHfxncst Maicxu, 


vcvcc Eud the day b«guD to diaDorcr tncH by the oriental 
wix»duw£, vfbca B\-c ot tbc &x ^ojtbcrd* jrUing. wirnl to 
;iwMkc lA>n C^xok^ sod daaaodod oC bnn wfacibtr h« yet 
CD gci u> Chxyumaym'% buruL, and thac ihry waa\6 dccom- 
kim. Doa QuixDi«; tbai dciiml ntxbinjc more^ goi Ufi^ jnd 
cwniiuadnJ Sjtochu to aaddle and vrnpinnd in 2 ukx; which he 
M wub &tcAi dpctitaoQk lad widi tlkc Ukc they all prtKctly bcgio 
ifaor loumey. AitJ tbey hod Dot yet gone a quarter ot a l«Gigu«, 
wbcft, 01 ch» crotxif^ of a podiwAy-p ihey uw ox dupbcfdt coming 
towardi them, appn^fed wirh tibck skinx, aod cnwraed wiih gar- 
bixU of cfpecss and bitcn autla nmpamL. Evcrr one o£ tbcm ear- 
ned to hu bjod A tUdc tmncbcoo of elra. There cune likewUe 
them rwD pcntleineft a-bomback, vrry wdi forniihtid for ibc 
r* widi odker thrio tackcyi that jiionded 00 them. And, ai loon 
lb«7 flKoiaHoodt thty laioud ooa acocher coon«otuly, and dfl- 
whflber they fravcUed; and knowing thai ibey all went 
rardj ihc pboc of the burtiL d«y began thdr foufney '*0]ceEber. 
' hocwvDcn. spcaJa&£ to b^ companion, ukI. 1 think, Mr. 
V >hail aocouoc tbe ttitw well anplofwd thai tve A«ll foy 
iv Ibis >o broous an entcftainm^nt; lor h cannoi choMe hot ht 
areivdiiii; to dn? wiiKlm'iil thiagi thrte ibifilindt hove 
ncnumed tuuu cu, at ncU ot the dead ibrfihenl as abo o( ibe tour- 
6000^ ibcpberden,* *h «enu » to me kk«wise,' quoth Viraldo; 
^nd 1 sf f I would oot only oay one day, hue a whole viskf mhat 
Am noit ti> brfaold it.' Don Quixote dem^oiM of thmi what ibry 
had heord oi Marrrla and ChryruintnH The rtavffltr aaawtffd that 
Acy had eocotmered that rooraiog with thov jhcpberdk aod that, 
if rvttan d«y Ittd mto ifacfti oppardU in thai ouuroiai a^irr, 
dtcy dr"*r**^ oE ihim tbc occaaioo ihtrvif. aad one ct t^m 


rcbcarxd lU recouating ibc sUdiiKenv33 and beauiy of a cefuiii ibtfp- 
hcf<t<» called Mjj^cU, and the amorous pursuits of her by n)any» 
wiih the death ol thJt Cbryiotfom to whose bunol ibey rode, Fiiully, 
hf cold all that .tj{:iin lo him that Peter had told the night betore. 
This drvourw Oiiii «uIm1, anixher befjan, anJ wiv "1^* h* wl«> 
was called Vhilclo demanded uf Don Quixolc ihc (jcc4iion tbu 
moved him to iravcl ihui jrtncd ihrou^ so peaceable a cou&tt>, 
lo whcm l>on yuisotc ana^'^rcd: 'The profe^iio<i ol mj cxcrctic 
doih DM licoriic or pcrmic me to do 0(h«f. Good 6^yi^ cocktfiagt 
nnd eaw wcr« inveated for soft ecuxucTi; but travels, itmcn, and 
arms n'^re orJy [Dvented and made for ilntw ^hkh il^ vto^W t«vnu 
knjjflii^errant, uf wliich number 1 myself (althuu^i imirorlhy) ais 
Oftc, and the leoai of all.' Scarce had they heard him uy thn, wbeti 
they all hdd him to be wood* And. to find oui ibe truih better, 
Viiraldo d>d aik hrm again what meant the wtird iLmj^bta-cTrapt- 
'Havp you nm read, ihrn/ quoch Don Qiiixnie^ "the hiKones and 
annaU of EngUad. wherein arc iie^iod the (artwiu aai cif Kioj; 
Arthur, whom we cootiuually coll, in our CaAilian romance. Kin; 
Amu? of whom it is an ancient and common iraditioit, in the king- 
dom of Great Britain, thac he iMver <lied, but that ha wat turnod, 
by art of emzhantmoot, into a crow; and thai, in proc«» of lime, he 
jiiaJl letutn again to reign, and rocovrr lii« iccfjtre and kingdam; 
fur which lea^n ti cannot be proved thac ever liiKe tlut lime until 
thisv any l£n>:^Uthmaa h^th killed a crow. Jn ihii f?ood king'vtime 
was f&n« )iutiiu]«<l the bmoui order of knij^bihood cif die Kni>-bu 
of the Round Table, and the love that u there recounted did in every 
nnpi^ pdu at it it laid dcivrn between Sir Liuncdni du Lake and 
Queen Gcnevrr, the honourable Lady Quln:aniona bcin^ a dealer, 
and privy thereto; whence cpcun^ thai to bmout a diEty, and to 
celebrated here in Spun, of, "Never vrai Lnight of bdin lo w«ll 
HTved M Launcrioi vAmt that he in Britain arrived," etc., i%iih that 
pfogreu io vWfNX and ildightful of hts amoroui and valiant a£t>; and 
frocQ thai time lorward, die onkr ol knight Went from haod to 
hand ddaci«£ attd aftfcadtDg iikU through nuny ani' iru 

of the world; and in it were, famcxn ood reoowncd i'^ . :L.<acs 
of armt, the valiani Afiiadiv of Gaul, with all hli progmy until the 
fifth generaiirm; am) the vaLortwa l^rhxmAne of Hucania^ and tW 






Qevef-duly-praiW Tinnt^ ihe Wtiitc, toj^cthcr with Sir bevu ol 
H^jupcoa, Sir Uiiy ol Wan^ick, ikr E^Laiiorc. with dtvrxt otlMn 
of ih^ luxion utd age; and almoti in our diyt w« uvr, and com- 
EnuDod, and heard of ibc invindbJc ami valiaiti knighi, Don Belianis 
of Grcvcc. Iliii^ ihrn. gr>c<l ^rs i« to be a Lniglit-rfram: and thai 
tucb 1 bate »id a ibc ofd^r of chivalry: whcrcin> u 1 have ;Llrcady 
I, ihhcHjgh a unn«f, havo made profcfsioQi and the lamc do I 
that tJK»« kiughts pfoft««ed whoa 1 have abov« mtotvocMd; 
ihvfvioft I cravel throujEh theae solmidef and d»enft, leeking 
vvftUuca, with fuS rexiluuoii la uflvf miucf own arm and paiaa 
the most dau^tcrotu that foruuu ihall ]>fe>eiit. in the aid od wcik 

hf ihctt rcoaoni 4^ Don Quixoe«'s the travcUcrs perfectly perceived 
tlul he vrai none oC the witeit; and knew the kind of foUf where- 
witbal he wa» crourdf wIirriMi ihrHar rrmainn! wundrrfully admired, 
tiui ity the relation ot the others came to undcricaad it. 

Aod Vivaido, who was rcrr ditcrcei, And li);tv^t»e of a pleaunt 
tfcipOWtBOO, to the end they mighi pau over xhe rt-^ of the way with- 
ouf heavineu unto the rock of \ht huriai, which the ihcpherdi said 
was B^ar at hand, he reioWfd lo give him fxjnher occa^on to pan 
uflward will] lu» follies, aud ll:«rtftiie ^d uiicu luni. 'Mciliink\ 
til knj^hit th^t )nu have profcMed one ci the mo«t atistere proles^ 
ttoQs in ibe t^tirld; and 1 do cotutandv hold that eren lliat of the 
Ckarterhoufc monk* u not i^ear so uratt/ It may be a> strait as our 
profession/ qiioch Don Quixocer 1>ui thai ii ihocild he to necessary 
Eur the world, [ am within ihc bvcadih of two imgrri to call it in 
ddubn tor, if wc would t-iKik a iruth» ihc loldicr thai puts \n txccu- 
tsoa hi> captaui's comnund doth no kvs than ihc voy capUin that 
oxnmands him. Maoco 1 inf«, thai rvligious meo do with all pt^ot 
juad qtiietnen wek of Heaven the good of the earth; btn soldien 
and we kntxbi^ *^ put in execution ihat wtiich rhey lUnund, de* 
n^ it with (lie valour oi our aims and Ales of our iwurds; not 
aay roof, but under the wide faeaveiuv made;, aa it wcfCt in 
a mark to the iniufv^^nable Kinhearrt^ and tn winter to 
M wiiberiog ffoiis- Sn that we are thi> mmifitrfs of God 
•anh, and the armies whenMvith He execiMeih Hit lUKice; and 

ihe ofFaifi of war, ^nd things thercuniii pcnAiniog, caatUK be piA 

94 1^^ ouixon 

in excculiofi wiikour p/rtAU Uboor, and travail, U fcdlowa that thon 
whtch profc«i wjrtirc take, queftijonlew. xreocr pain ihan thoie 
which, in 4}ui«^f p^^^7 ^^ '*'^^ ^ P'^f u'l^ ^^<)^ <ha' ^ ^^ 
favour and -i^uti ihotc ihat rwvd ii, 1 mean not t\wrcianf tt> Bibmi, 
nor (led) ii cmce pau ikrough my tliiJ>^hi> ihai th* ujtc tti j knigh<- 
«T>m b Jts perf«ci 4« that of a rctiivd pdigioua rnAn. but ooiy would 
infer, ihrou^ tlut which I myadf sbftcft ifaM it i> doubtlvftd^ nioct 
Ithorioiii. more baMva-ri, ^luni^ry, thtmy. raiMrjfale, torn, aiuI bwf. 
For the knightc^mnt of timet put did, without all doubt. nAr 
mixh wot ami rcmtrty vn th<? diironnp nf ifarir life; 4n^ if nme of 
(hem jKeiHlod at Uit lo cmptrev won by the force of ihrir anns. 
In good UiiK it cost ihem a greii |uri of ihcii iwejt and blnod: 
jmd if those which mourned lo to hajrh a degree had wanted those 
cndttftterfl nt^ wise tnen that sMHied ihem, they wMild luve f¥- 
nttined much defrauded of their ^uim. and gtctily deceived od 
tlieir liopes/ *l am of the mtne npinimt,* replied the iroveller; Imm 
une iHIr^ imon^ rtunj mfic-n luth M«niecl io me »ery ill ta knijikt- 
errjm* which is, when ihry petcdvr ihetntclve^ in ^ny ockamou tt> 
begin >ny great and dmgeroiM adventure, in whieh appeart nnm- 
fe«t pcrif of Umttg their li^'ef, they ne*vr, in rhe iofunt of attempt- 
ing IT, rmMmhef TO commend iheni«e]ve« coCod* it every Christian 
is bound to do in like danpn-i, Im mhtr tKi it ro ihnr hdics. with 
so great ck^re and devotioD a« if they wete tlieir i^od*— j ihtoft 
which, in my opinton. HndU of (^ntiliim.' 'Sir,' quoth IX*n 
Quixote, 'ihey can do no lew in aciy wiae, and the kni^thr-^traot 
whKh did any other would digre** much from h« dury: foe now 
it it a receiwd me >nd ai«om of emnt chivaJry, that (he kn>|rbi 
jdvrniurous vvho. jiitemp^lng of any fffCM fejt of unns iFtitll have 
his lady in place, do mildly and ainorowfy lum hu eyo towards 
her, a* it were hy them dentandivfr that the do hvour and ptorect 
Sim m thi« arnKpiHTti tf jn-:* which h* undertakei; atid- moreowr, 
if none ilti hi^r lirm. he ii IkkiriI tr> uy rrrtain wiKdi hr^rweeo hii 
teeth, by whkh he ihaO, witti all hh hean, cmrunend hinuelf to 
her- ind ni thi( we have innumerable examplca in hiwcifici. Nor 
14 ii therefore in he undeniood that ihcv dit umil to commend thens- 
•elvea fo God; fne ihcy have time aod leiturr enouf^ to do^ it in 
ihe p n yre t of ih# wnek,* 



•Pof olJ Am' rTpli«<l <W [ntvi^llcT, "ihric rc^njin* in mr yvt Otto 
vcni^dc whsdi is, ilui ofuntinie^ ^u I tuvc nul, wnic «pt«ch hf 
pm bcTAwta two knight&<innu and froa ooc word co awMchor 
tkar dv)1cr bof^int tcj be miianiud, and thry lo iisn ihcLr honot and 
lo uk« u|j a jcood ptec« of ihe fi«ld» and* witlioui any more :tdo, to 
ntn as (ah at ever they oin dnve lo oifnunttf ^^<S *'^*^ <^ ^'^ 
nmjsi of thdr fKc do corommd tfaemscUet w iheir dailies; ojkI 
iliM which commooly cotoc^ dt this encuunufing is> ihit «oc cJ 
Hicin hlh down, Ovowq oT«r the crupper oi hi& bcm^ paiwd 
throuf-h lod thro;^ try Uift enemy's lincc; and il hefalli lh« othec 
ilui, tf tie had not ouf{ht Un oJ his horae'i raatie, he lud liLewue 
fallea: am) I here annot perceive how he that ii sla:D Ind aoy 
leisure to cocnrnnwl him^df \mto Cknl in ihe dixovnc of this so 
^ocfentfc at>d haily a woHe. Mcthjnks u were beder that tboK 
words which he i|>cnt in his rftce on hb Isdy ^^err faesiowed at 
they Mghi, 40d js t\ety Ouioiac^ is boomi to be«u>w them; and 
die nther, becaute I conjeaure that ^U knif;fats-erTaat hive juc 
IkIms u> whom diey miy oummtrad theimelvf v f oe nU of ihem are 
vol amorous.* 

rUbi canixK he/ answered Don Quixole; '1 say a caarM be th« 
theee's any Lrufthi ^srant wilboul a Udy: for it is as proper and ce- 
wadcti to tuch to he tfUmoored at to heaven to have ttirs: and I 
^larv warraw <hjii no Mitory hath yet been vcn wKrmn ii fooad 
4 knight-errjot wrthoui love: for, by the very reawn th^ he were 
faond withoui thtfn. he woiild be convinced to be no lei^ilimnre 
lib^llt, but a baAsrd- and that he eotered into the h>rtrc«t ot 
duTftky, 001 by the j^e, but by leaping ovv the sncca^ Uke a 
fobber and a ihicf/ 
"Yes, notwidttunfhn)z/ replied ibe niht-i, 'I have read (if I <ki 
tofftt mjrwU) thai Doci Galaar, bjotha to ihc valorous Asndu 
I, had nevcf any cenaia roittrcu to whom he mi^ conv 
himnlf: and yet, for all that, he was nothing less aooaumtd 
and WM a nMst valiant and lamons knight.' To that obiection 
Dnn C^nenie j»n«werf«d: 'One twjflow m.iVn nor .i nisuner. 
much EHutc that I kfMnn, that i\tr IcmeliE whun you atteife 
seemly very miich erumoured; bevdes that, that his iockn^ 
of kiving all bdits -miU wtuch be iboi^[bt were fair, war a 


cutuial indinAuoti, which hr onild nnt garrtn to wcW; but h 1^ 
in ooaduuoci, luiBcictnly vrxificil, ihj: yci Iw lud one Wf whocn 
bt crowned queen oi hit will, lo whnxn he did also commend hin>- 
«U very often and wcredy; £01 ho did not 1 tiuk glory to b« to 
MCCM in hit loves;' 

*Thcn, tar, if U be u£ ihe o>«nre of rU koighu-ettatu to bv in 
bv^' qtiotU die CTAvcIler, then maf h likcvrixc Iw pioumed Out 
you Jfc olio eivimourctJ, teeing ihal u is annexed to the profouon ? 
And if TOoi do ikh pnic j^ur^JI to he ;k« secret 4s Don Udb^r* 1 do 
cntfCM fou< 3> eariMitly as 1 may, in all ihis company's ninu uid 
mino own, that 11 will pleaie you to teil us thtt njime. country, t^iul- 
ity, jnd beauty o( your j^y; ff*t I am sure ihe hxjuM acuxrni hrricif 
hapfiy to llnnk that j11 the world dach know tAic is belowd aiMl 
«rvtd by 10 worthy a knight ;i4 js youndl.* Here Don Qutsutc, 
bradthtnj; forth j deep Kijth. uid: '1 cannot oiihttn •whedutt my 
tWMt enemy dulighi r» no ib:t^ ihe wofid know liow much she is 
beloved, or thai I serre her. Only I dofe a^xxicb (antwrriiig to ihit 
whkh jna so counctHiily denunded) ihot her rjiih* b Dukinri^ 
her country Toboso, d vilUge ai Monch^. Mcr cjllini: must be M fl| 
Lean of a princeu, »cdn; she is my queen and Udy; her beauty ^^ 
coverri^t for in her are i-crUkd and f;ive glorious luote to oU 
thote impo^<»hllr iml chimerical aiuibwes ol beaiil> that poets ^vp 
tu [li4ni miitrFon, ilui \vt hoiri arc goLc^ her Corehirad l1i« Elyuao 
BcUU, her browi the arcs of heaven, her cyct sooii W dicekt roses, 
her lip« coralt her teeth peari), her neck aUba»ier» her bo»oni mublok 
irory her har.4t, and her ivbitcncss tnow; ^uid the puis i^hicb 
cnockdy conceals from human sight, such as \ ihink and undersuod 
thai the chscrecc coouderation may i^'tit^, h-jt nrvor be oUe to 
eqtuitu them-* 'Her lineage, projecoyi ^x di^ure lu know hkewiie.' 
quoth Vn>k)o, To whkh Don Quixote answered: 'She is not of 
the OAcicni Romin CurcioCfe Cayos, or ^ipioi; dm nl the modem 
Cohxinas, or LVnrujt: nor of the Montados or RequcsMic* of 
Caiolonb; sod much le«s of iKe H«hehas and Vilbnovai o£ ViUneU; 
hlafopcs, Nuou^ Rocahmii, Coreliii* AUj[una. V ''^^/jn, sod 

Garros oi An^on; Cerdav IvUnr^uex, Mcad&,- liudjum* 

ct Cuti^; Lanca^tn. PuLjt. a»d MrneKs ol l\)nu^l; hut she is 
of tho«e of TohcHO of the Moncfaa; a lincaite which, thoujih it be 



BcnriNEA 97 

,jlKKhnitttSDcli Asnuy givFa grnmMi^ beginning to tbe rncM uoUc 
.UmiliD oi tnuuiug igca. And let none coniradia mc in thi*. i£ ic 
' be Aoi wiih those coDdiboai that Ccrbiiw put at ihc foot ot Orlando's 
armour, to wit: 

'Xrt noot frocn hence ^ resiunc ihrw umi uj move, 
BuE he ihdi wiih Orlando da/c* hii tore* to prwt*** ' 

'Altlkouj-h my liDcagc be ol du^ Cacbopaaei of Ldradot* rqilkd 
(tw trAvellcTi 'y^ d^rc i not to compare it with ttuJ oE Toboso in 
the XUhcIul; akbcMj^h, to ipcak uncerdy, I nevtf burcJ ;iny men- 
tionif ilut lioea^ you uy until now.' 'WhjH'<jix)ih Don QuuQt«v 
'a It poaibic ihu you nrver b»M o( it nil now?* 

All the company irj\'cUed, giving mirvcUous zticflboa to the 
rouoa» of lUoac mo; lod even the very goatherds and shepherds 
btfgan to pcfcttve the great wa^ of judgownt that wai in Doa 
Quiurie: only Sancho P^inza did verily believe that all hii miswr*! 
««rd» were mo« true, ai ooe thai knru/ whai he wj* ffwn the very 
tun: id hii birili; bot that wherein his bcUef stajt^^ered auinewhat, 
oi the bcautiKil Dulcinca q( Tobooo; for he bad oevcr beard 
k ID hi» life Mure t>f «uch a fumie or prtoccsi, aithough he had 
dwtlt so nuny ycir« hjrd hy I'oboso. 

And n tfary travrllnd in ihnr dbaxiriies ihey beheld detccnding, 
betwna the clrli of :\\o loixy mcwni^irH, to the nuoibrr of twenty 
ilic(4kctdi, ail apfMfclled io skina o( black vi'ool and crowned with 
HarLioda. wb^h, a» they peioovYd afterward, were ail of yew umI 
cypnvk Six oE tl^em eirricd a bicr, covered with nuny *ons o( 
dowert ami bought; which one of ilie guithenb o^iy^* he taid, 
Thcnc that ixtatc i]itttt are ihey whidi bring CliiyvaiLiTn'?( body, 
a^ tbr foot of ihai maunuin it the place where he harh romnundcd 
ihcna lo bury him,' ll^ue vivedt were occ^sjon lo make ihcm hvtc 
to arrive in timei wluch tJvey did jmt atxiut ihc mttani that the 
othen had Ui<! down the ct^tpie on ihr ground. And (bui of thetn, 
Pitfi %hajp [>cijivrL Hki dig ihr grave ai ihr side of a hard rock. 
The r;nc lud the otheii a^luced tbemwives very countxiinly: and 
then Don Quixuie, and «uch aa came wiih him, began to behold 
tltf bier, wherein they uw laid a dead body, alj covered wiih flow- 
<fV Afid oppueUed Like a ihqilurd of locne thirty years old; Aod 


Iw dead r<Kuiirr:iiKr ihoM-fd ihax he wk vr-ry bcatittfu], and an 
tfblc^KKiicJ iDJii. He hjd. pla<;cd found siioax htm in die bkfp 
ccftttm b<wl;3 and many papen* wane open and aooM ihut, nod 
ahognhcr, oi wclJ tho»c that beh«Jd ifai« as they which canda iha 
gf3\«, and all eIw oUw/i that ivcr« present, kept a roarvrUoui dlencv, 
^mil une of tl^m which carried the dead man tud iu aoodier: "See 
well, Amhroiiiu, whcihrr thU br inc pl-icr iIij: ChryiPilGcn raesuil, 
seeing thnt iKou vrouldsi luvc .lU lo puncEU^Jy cbKfvcd wkkJi he 
ctjmnundn] in km icstimcni/ lliii b it/ aiuwcrcd AAkbrosio; "te 
tTuny tim^ my unfonuuic fn«nd rKouatcd to mo in it ihc hutory 
of hit mishaps. Evrn there he loU me that he lud Men ihni aud 
€Dcmy of nunkind firu; and tliere il w-4> vrlwre he Ban brake hii 
aStoionj too, as honest as they weic amoiCKis; and then wu llie 
Lilt tirne wheidn Marcda did end to moKc, and bc|nn u> di*daia 
him, ID sxxh sort as she stf end en the Irajcoc^ tti his oiivcniblc hte; 
and IwTc, in memory of to many mitfonunrs, he comnundod him- 
srif tn hr cf^mfnirf ctl to Efi« howpU rif dc^nnl oblhion-' And, turning 
himidf to IXtn Quiimce und ;o the in\wT inn^Uax, he said. Tin 
body, airs, which yxw do now behold with pitiful eyes, was iba 
ireasisry of a soul whcfdn l>cavcn had hoarded up an infinire pan 
of his cmsufes- Th^.i i& &< body of Chrytoctom* who was peeriMi 
in wtr, witiwt fellow for couneiy, rare foe oomirhness, a pbofoist 
fiir friewlsliijx mi^itfueiii witlwut mcaiure. grave wilhoin |w^ 
sumpiiQn, pkmam wilhom ch/lence; and ^aUy> ihe fiiil in all ilm 
which is good, and second to none in all unfoniinate nnisdiMwca, 
Ht b%«d wdl, and was hMod; he adovtd, and ^ai disdained; he 
pia^^ed to one no bai tavaga than a baasi; he imponuned a bean 
a* hard as rmrble. he purtivd the wind, he cried to devr rs, he Kfxvd 
ti^^tilude, and he obtained fcK rcwiird the tpoiU of drafb in ibe 
midst of the caiecr of his life; lo which a shcpfierticn hdili fitvcA 
end whom he laboured to eterniice, to the efxl ^he ml^hi ever li^ 
in the memories of men. as those paper* which yog ve ibrtc ntojcbt 
very wt4j prove, had he not cnfnfnanded me to ctcrifka ibmi to the 
fire a» wwn at Ihi tiody wai frndrfed n» the »nb ' 

if you did vx" quoih Vivaldo. 'yvu would me greater rigour and 
cruelty towards them ihan (bdr ^ery hvd. nor ii it ditcrwt or (usily 



dsor thM ti>* wiU he ^tfromplhhol whn coenrntncb onytliin)^ rv^ 
pufrojftv t<p mmm: nof shmild Aogomu Cieur htmtcIF luvc gainttl 
rile fCfHiUMo ot wr^dmn, if he hnd ^rmkrrd th-it to be pu? in 
fcmicw whtch th* drvntr Mantvoa End by his will ordotncd. 3t> 
ilu^ Shkv AmbfMOt now that you comimi your (Hend'^B body ta 
tbccanh, do Di)t iberviore cammk tm biwur in d^ltvion: fur ihouglf 
CMciuDcd U Jit oite iiiiufctl, yet uxc luii )ih] lo 4cu)nipU^t il Oi 
^d of dixraion ; but cither ouk> by ^^ in; life to thcx papers. 
One crudty of MatccU may live cicrrully, that it rruiy tervt aa 
dacumem to tbo(e due thalJ brtsthc in ensuing st^ct how they 
ivoid and shun thv like downf^lh; for both myself, and all 
that come hrrc in my company, do almdy know the history 
your trumoQrrd and dcipsiring (ricnd. the occAfion <tt his death, 
OAcl what be comnundcd ere be dcceaaed: out oi whidi UmcnublG 
rtbiioci inay bt ooltcaed bow great hath been the cruelty of Mar- 
ctb, tb« lo^ of Qiryionom, ihe faith of your Affection, antl the cou- 
in which thote make wliich do radily run ihmugh that way 
tnducreet lo^rc dalh prevnt to their view. We untieritdod 
'mght of Chr>'K>siofn'» dc^lh, ar>d thiit he ibould be imerred 
ihii place, and [hcrcforc vtx c4niucd our jntcnckd io-Jrnc>-s, both 
curioaiity ind pity^ and r?U)!vcd to come and behold with our 
thai thp rtiation whrnW cftd h> much grJere m In ihr hrjnng; 
sod therefore nv dnire thee, discreet Ambrosio, both in rcivird of 
thb our iocnpauioo, ojmI also of ilie dcaire whkJi spriji^s in our 
brcaiUt to rtmrdy this diiasicr, if it were potable; but chteAy I, for 
my ptift, ftqucA thcc. itut, omittuij; to burn these pape.'s thou wik 
bwiuv me to take away some of them. Ar4d. inytng so, without 
eipKiuig the thqihiftd't amwer, he ntncbed out hit luod and look 
aoav al them ih-il wcic ncii lo him; which Amhroilo pcrceiviitg. 
nid, '1 will cansvni, sir, for councsy's s-ikc, thai you rcnuin lord of 
thoM which you have seized upon; hut to ima^nc that I wouUl 
«mit to hum iheu that n<c wvrt a vtry vain thought/ Vhaldo, 
dkl bmg to see what ibe papers toniaiiwd wtuch he had gotim, 
unfotd presently one of them, which hod this title, 'A Ditty of 
Ambmiio overlieard him, and said: Thai U the Um. puper 
unfortutuic shepherd wrofe: ud becatiae, nr, ilut you 


nuy see the terms to which his mishaps cooducted him, I pray you 
to read it, but in such manner as you may be heard; for you shall 
have leisure enough to do it whilst the grave is a-digging/ 'I will do 
it with all my heart,' replied Vivaldo^ and all those that were present 
having the like desire^ they gathered about him, and he^ reading it 
with a dear voice, prooounced it thus. 


Whmuin Aab lUHiAum the DEsrAuihG Vuuti or nca Deao 
Shephexu Wtnf Omu UKExrccttD AxxtDt:<n 

Tin C^snoHt or CwhinoirTou. 


Siocr cniri thou (I pi^bb) 6aM drsor. 

From tooi^ to iomffoc. wul tbc ooe lo the othier pol«, 

tU liriJ rooflrain to avti:^ mj tmiA'* d««irp. 
And in my brcoit iciKuc a too oi doI«. 

And bbcMf, u J n4»ti, at one* to ca^ 

Aikd icil mv soctowa 4iid tky vuudecing dnck; 

Tbc iin:adiul voice and aoccnu iliall t^rtt. 

And, with ihtan, smm foe grvaivr torture bt 

Lncnfis of mjr wrcuhcJ b<mxli, irhidi xill bkcdt. 

Tbm liitrti, and knd once aitvtitive rnr, 

Noc v/cll<oiuortod lunet, but hovHiAg to Iwnr, 

Tbai tEom m; bitter bo»om'» «k|Mb ukc» Bight; 

And by ooitMifwd raving borne awsty, 

ittUM fenh ffoo mtae esM and thy <inpit«. 


Tbc Ijof^'s roarin;;, otkI the dr»dfu! boMt 

Of iqoAramy srrpent; and tlT4 fe^Hti] filr&t 
0( loioo wi moiuttr; of forfCdling f o« U, 
Tie pM^ (lulUtn^' '^ tunKur hotfribk 
Of Ae «oniradiAj| mtvf, ai it dodi bear 
The Ka; anif impIacaUc btBowi^f , ytt 
Of vantiuldi'd tnii] : and of the lunlr td* 
TW feeling mourmnj^, and tbe doleful toojg 
Of die uiviom owE, wish tlic dire f^iifits inoo^ 
Of all the inferral ufuadron f*!! of ildf, 
SoJty wrrh my tarmfitin^ loul aroufid 
All iQixed willk K) lUangr, uiiu»u1 touod. 


As ill tht >cn*ct taaj canlbunded be; 
For my hrrce tafmcm, k new way nan, 
Wbwm I jnay noMin my miicfy. 

The doleful eciioet of to jn^ot confu$ioa 
Sh*II ncc fcioumi o'er iMhct Ta^iu* vadi, 

m my dire puijp I'll only mike etfuAOii 

'NluiL^il ilioK itccp fixkt, jnJ hoJow boctCMn Uods, 

WitK monifrtx? longijc, Km Ynmg mw. 

SonKtinwSt lr hukkn dal^i, where QOUfibi ofiparf. 

Or in unhauntcd jiiici £[«c froin ftccn»; 

Or vrbtrr (hr wa coutd n«V tntrwfe a beait^ 

Amidtt the tchocooiu cnw <iC bom imflfaft, 

Whose waiui, vrith bounty, ibefccetdiiatrailiw; 

FoTr ihDUgb fltnong ihow vixt ukd atttn dowo^ 

The hollc-w echo indbtiactly wujei4i 

Thy iTutchIrn rigcnu, »vl ny cn>d |3aln« 

Y«i, by (be privilege oj siy nm^nl iatci. 

It will dior £ocGC duoi^^MoC inc Mr«rid prodnoi. 


A tliidftiik kJLlj; tikd puioKo riin* ifrouKL 
By « luipiooQ cither ialtt or inir. 
Boi jcilou»y, vinth gmtcf njiour sUys; 
A praljx ainenca dodi oor life coafoond. 
AgtiMt iitaf oC ebiivion to eoMM, 
Fuib bope of beK succcu ]p*c» ikile cue. 
EnrritaUc death lurks in all thcw. 
Bot I (O tiQMCO miraclcT) cIo itiB live, 
rcflloiu, absent. cbtdaiA'd, and ocruta too 
Of (he tuipodocu thai my Lfe unc^f 
DrowT)*<l in cbiivioA which my hn rerivm. 
And oDionfit >\\ [how paitii I ncvu tcope 
Co>, TO behold ilv ihadou- £4ifv at hope- 
Nor thuv <lc«pAiicd would I li »Ibw; 
Btti 'tMum I may more aggra^ ue oiy moan^ 
To live ever vhihouc kt wre f vow. 

Can hope and fe^ it ooce, in oo« ciwiai? 
Or U i] rrvott xhm U ihoald be to? 
Sating tbt <aun more oruw b of £Eat; 


IE btfat tot dire jcilottsT cxr«l» 
SbU I dr6KC miiic rjtb? iiiicc Jl vriU »how 
lodf by a thouttnd vroufidt m mjr *otil dwre. 
Or» who will ooc ^c stf c* unir> <I«vp«r 
WiJt o,Tcn «f, afrrr chM he htth ^p)''! 

To xcfikia^ inich crSAifona'd^ O wur cocivcrwonl 

WhJltt ^ipmv by falvho^ it hvfirdi 

O tyrtni of torts oatc, vicrct jtiriottijrl 

Wilb <rut\ cbuni dicfc harxli co^cificr fie. 

With ifiihliQffTi .'Tinlt <ri]pW ih#rr, mu^h dfxliial 

Bm wpoc n EDC, with bloody vjctory, 

Ycnu taaaoty U, b^r mj fcilc^uicct ilaini 


I die. III ftfif> iiicj 'uuy: PIT not txpcct 
In drah Of \jif fof thr Iraft good tvtcttn. 
I •btOMic xviU frarm Hatavf, 
Astd Uf ht ikih i^d!, ibsf cnh dr«h alfrrt. 
Aikd rkc ilw ftwl mo< Itbcrrv n^wt^*. 
Thu u mo« thnl) to Iotc*i old irmuir. 
And will jffinn mine rvcr cncmr, 
In her fjir thnn«, a Birrf fiout coitraoiif 
AikI her f>blJt']oii irorn m]> (juIe lo iprinf*. 
And i«i docitte he; wrangi ^^ill ^ritHL-u Inin^ 
Thit lonv by btf in pvace hit (unc niaincimt, 
AjkI wiih a hard koot. dml diii stritn]*t opiaion 
I iril] ftccrlrraitf rhe wnrfrhMl nimiTKin, 
To which guided f im by her tcomi hfo, 
Asd ofltf lo lite ail body ind khJ. 
Willumi hofw or reward of foiure ]itt^ 

ThAi Uot, 1>T muliif IjiBg n'rongi. doih ilww 
The ruMD Eordog mt io uie viokoce 
Unio tKt( liuidiKHTtc life* tl'^^^^ ^*^ "**' hAic-:ttl« 
Sacv now by ogm. rctorinvi ihou nurrt Itnour, 
Flora my hnn't dtxr^cfl wwitidt hcnv wdjingly 
Ovh vribx lor n; thy acona uni^nue^iiL 
tf Dw d0uu havff Mtm'd to ilie* §o boocJul* 
Ai tny '^^r -i-^ ''.*- K"ji''ii ifaotilJ be o'crc^K, 
Aftd du I. jei do noc to, 

Por ni rH> n TuinjvEitt ukc IcT the Wdc: 
Dx whkh, of «ny Hhd% ipodi puMeuM thou wui 


104 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

But i>iher, Uughing ai ray f ouenl »JL 
Show how nuivc «CM bc^iiu to make thoc gbd 
But in » lollr to idvisc the* diUr 
F\H } kouw, in my ttraili'^ Ku^cfMioa, 
Cea«uU iby glocy aAd ihy cbicfen bliir. 


Let TAiudut ff Mn ihfr pro^mlot dc«p« 
Cotne, for it u high time now, with bit tluni; 
And SityphtiK, with hU opprcfsmg sione; 
Let I'ttyui boAg hic ravtn tbtt iK <r iltxpt. 
And luoa oiakr do tt^jr wttb whcd accun 'Ua 
Kor ih« ihrrt tiurit, oft Ub nng oji. 
Acvd let ibem all at o»u thdf morul moui 
TnoiUlc iftio m breaA, irnJ lovdy H»ad 
{[f it may b« a dm due to dnfotr), 
AimI chant nd obwqiutt, with doleful air, 
Cher a toric umvortKy oj (he ground. 
Arxl ihc thrt«^jcMi infernal porter gnm. 
With thduttfld Aocutcn and chtmcrai duo, 
Rdjtb tbe dolocoiu d«3cani out axtuio; 
For greatrr porap than ihii I t^mk oot fit 
That any dyinn lover ibould obtain. 

Devpftihi:^ cnnzoa*, do hoc thov cotnpiALn, 
When (bcKi mjr ud society shall rcfraia; 
Bat rather, tincv ihr cauv whence thmt didtt iprin^ 
Hy rny nuiionuiK, ^rowt laorv tortBAaia« 
Ev'n in the K'^^'^* ^^^u mutt ihun lorrowjog. 

ChryKttiom'f cafTmne likvd woiMferftilly alt the bearfn* altlxn^ 
the reader ibereof afEriiKd th^ £i was duI catifurmable to the roa* 
tioQ thil he had received of Marcda's virtue and ore of btndf; 
for in it Chryiouom did oompbin of ]calr>4iticik luipcionii and ab- 
lencc, being all o( them thing* tlui did preiudkc Marceb*i j^ood 
tame To this obj«tioa Ambrtwio antwcred (m one ihii knew very 
veil thr mtM hidden vrcms of hii friend) : *Ynu mtiti tindctuamt 
■ir, 10 the cod you may Utter utUfy your own doubt tLit when 
the utifonuiuie ihcph^ wrote thai canzone he wai ab«eni from 
MarceU. from who«e pre^^oce be bad wittingly withdrawn himttcli, 
to >ee if h« oould ^thcr totne pait of hii «c«*itvt partJoni, (iriocurtd 



; >nd aa c^r^f ytfaing <k)ch vex an absent lovo* find every 
fvaf Mm liitn, so vtM% Chrysostom Ulccwix tormented by imagined 
yeilo«»i« Um! fi»rad luipsdofu as much as iE they were real and 
tJt>e- And vnth thlt T(m:iim iHe truth in her porfccnon and potnr 
t4 Mircrb'i vin^xs who, rxcc^itn^ ih;it the h cnjel and looiewhai 
artOfiM Afld tery disiainfu], very envy iucU a«jibcr ought, Dec 
csa,«Ratni hcro£ihelcfl«defca.' 'Vchi have reason/ qitochVivaido; 
ukI tOi deuriag to r«>d aoocber fuper, he wa& iotemipted by a 
mftrveUbui Tision <Cof nxb it seemed) ih^t itnexpeciedJy ofleraJ 
Mflf 10 fhdt %ieiv; which wis, thai on ilir 10^ of the rock whetdn 
ihcy made the grave, ;Kpj)eaxed the shcphcrcku KLircda, ut fair 
that her beauty turposfcd far the fame (hnc vv^ i|)rcad thereof* 
Such u had not bdbdd hcf before <hd look on her theti with ad- 
mir^ition and tiJenfc, and thoie which were wont to view her re- 
ouiord no Iru KiitpeiKird ih?n ihr nrh^^ri; whirh m*vrj- h^ torn her. 
Bin Karcr had Ambrotio c)ed bcr. when, wiih an irrful and di>- 
lUining mifld, he ipakc these words: X^mcM thou by dunce, O 
6cfce buUiik ol these moiiaciiiul 10 tec wh^her the wounds ol 
rhii wrxch will yet bleed at thy prennec? or dott thou cocne to 
mmk Aod vaunt in the tra^cal feits of thy stern naiureP or to behold 
fnxQ thji Ivi^hi, like unotlier cni-rdLeu Nefr>» the fire cif iDflamed 
Rome' nr arrogantly to trample thts infortunate carcase, oi the 
tAi^raiefu! ddu^er did her father Tarquin't? TeJl ua quiddy why* 
thou aamect, or what thou doft rnoit desire? For, feeing t know 
vj^t Chryxnro<n*« ihnughit never diiohey?d k\w in lifr, I will like- 
^Hlw caoce due all thnte his frienih ihall trrvp and re^vrence Umv.' 
^^F*I eoms act hcrct good Ambroao^ to any of those e&da ihou uyit.' 
^Bpoch MirccU; "bui only 10 turn for mine honour, and give the 
WDcid 10 ufldmtand how little rcsioo have all thoee which tnakt 
ov «h« author dther of their own p>ini or of Chryfoai»a*< death; 
ind tbi>T«fotv I de«tre 2I] yuu ihai br here prevni lo lend vteniioo 
unui mr. &?r I me«a met U) ^prixl much lime or worth to pcnuade 
10 rhe diicreet so manifest ji truth- Hcnvcn. u >x>u say, hath made 
mc bitauutui, and that to much that my feature movei you to bve 
ahno« whether you will or no: 'Uid for the aitection you show unio 
>cxi »v, 9y, and you ai&rm, that 1 ouglu to k>vt yna again. 1 
, by the nJlt^r^l initinci ihit Jove hath hotowod on me, thai 



•adi fair tfuaj^ h acnuUe: but I c^inncit coocdve why, (ot ihc no-' 
mi of being beloved, the party liut li so behnwd for htt b«iaiy 
JkMiJd he ixMiid u> tovc run luwr, aIUiuukIi 1ȣ bc^ (uiih '"hI, icaog. 
thai foul ilungt dse ^^x)rt)))^ of iiai^ ii u Jt bjKJ £ir|tiinuni lo w), I 
love tbcc, l)cc4U]»c tair; dnd therciorc tbou muu i3oct ro«t ddiou^ 
uacofDcdy. But set U» cite ilui ihr bcijuu occur equal oa boih 
ftuia, it i6i}ov/% oat, ibtfrcfor^^ i)ui their d»ijct khould mil ooe 
«r.iy; for all briLJtin fio luic rnamnLir. (im knibt (Id cmly t!r]igh< die 
agbt. jod Aul^eci noi ihc wdl; (oi if jU bcautic» did cnamuttf 2bd 
fubfcct lagtiKtr^ raca'i wlllt would cvci run confuud iiod miying, 
widuiut beiog ablt to miikc any clectioa; tor [hr bciotiful Aibjccu 
being infioiiep ihe dcttrv mu*c abo pcrfoic* b« inAniu, Aiu^ u 
1 Lire Iicard, uuv love brooAc3 no dii'iunti lod raiKt needs bo 
wdtitfary, and aot enCofccd; which beioi; ao^ M 1 pveautoe it il* 
why wndd you have mc lubfeci my wiU forcibly. wiiJwui Btiy 
odttv otliguioD thjui ttuiu ihit you lay you love tne ? U Dot, uU 
me, ii Heaven bad ioad« ni< foul, as it luth avide mc beamiluJ, 
could 1 fottly osinplain oE you becauM you aSvcuA me wx? Hnw 
cDiMh more, aeeiDg yoo o>ii^M lo ocoiider ihat I did not t:lwoie 
the beamy T luvel for, ^uch as it is, Hcuven besunwd ii grsin» 
widtaMit my demanding or cUcuntc it. And even a the vipcx de- 
serves no hbme (or the potwn ihc cjrncv, aUhougit thetewiihsJ 
she kdl, seeng it war bestowed on bcr by nsnure* lo do J as littk 
merit r> be rvpttbendcd becAuca baautifiil; for beauty In an honcci 
woous is like tire afar oti, oi a dur(>cd9>d iword; fur neilhei 
due butos OCT thu cuii atry but 3i»di as come near them. Honour 
and virtoe vt the oraamenti ei the sooL wuhoui which the fainn 
body ic not iiu be eiieemcd xoch; and if that honuty be one of the 
crimes that ai&uvtch and beouti&th tzutu thr body and io«l, why 
likottU she thsc it belcMrtd, biCauae f^r, advcmure ihe loss thereof, 
ta aDswer his intentbn whidi only for his pJnasure^s nfce laboun 
thai dke may kiw ii, villi tU Iuk fnrre and induoryf I wai boiD 
free, and, becauv I mif^ live frtdy, 1 nude deaiaa of the Bolttude 
M ih» Mdifc Ihe trees of these RKMOMaiiks arc my cniDpsnKnut 
die dear waier of those ttreomt my mirrors. Wirh the tn:cs and 
wtmn 1 oommunieate my chnugfact Asd beauty, 1 ^m a poned fin, 





and 1 forard imA aHooi, Those whom 1 have coafnotircd with my 
li^u, I \uvc undesceivcd with mj words. Aod d tWiuo ht hia- 
taioid by hopet, 1 ncrtr Saving gTV«n any to Chrpfntom, or to 
aejr ochff, ft nuv w'cU b^ oid ihji he w:u raihrr Usin try biK owo 
ci>uinacy ihjn by my cnvliy. And if I be dufgvd thai hit ihoa^Ks 
vtre boocsT, and :lLit 1 w» thcrchxt obliged to ^nswei unco tbtfo. 
1 njt ihji when m ihjr very place wh<ft you m^kc hu sqitikhrtt 
he 6rit broke hit nund unto rnc« ] tcld him ihat roioc intention 
«« v» bve in perpetual toliiudr, oiul ihx only tli^ «Jtih diould 
ffAwr die fmiif of my wtrunncn ^nd ihc KjmiU of my bcuity; 
tfid if he would, After ibii my rcmhjdon, persist obniuMcty wubotft 
al bope, umI uil aj^iut ihc w\aA. whjt mndcr ii ii thjc he dkouk) 
be drowMd m dte midst cf the gulf of hit r^hocu' If 1 had tsar- 
tuaed Him, tHeti were 1 bl*e; if 1 bad pfea^ed hitn, ibec j^oold 
I ife agiimt my better purposes aod prefects. He itmve^ bang 
feruoAed to ihe comrafy; fie dupiitnl. ere he vn% bored, See, 
then, if k be mson tlui 1 bc^r thr hbrnc of hii lortnent. Lo liim 
<pCQplMn who bath been deceived; let him detpair to whom hb 
pmBiaod hopes hive hiUd; Ux him oonicn il whom I rfkall evir 
caD; let him vjun: whom [ thall admit: but let him oot call lae 
<7uel or a bomicide^ whom 1 nevrt promiied. deceived, called, or ad- 
BMtieti. Heavefi luth wx yet iird;iitied ihai I ^looild kiv? by deuiny; 
aod to diitiV iKil I ^xiuld do it by elrctkm may be rxoued. And la 
dna |*caera] caveat jcrve every or>c of tluMc s^iiKh aolicJi me for hi* 
ptrdcular bencAt. And kc it b< known* that if any Ktali hcivafur 
6« ler my lo***, thai bo din not ^Cddoua or unfortimatt; fee who- 
«)enr tovm not jny, breeds not in reaion jealouty in any, nor 
dio«dd any rf^nhaiiMU 10 any be acmunrrd diHiuiungv He that 
cafta me a aavaj^c and a baiilitk. tet him iHun mc n a hurtful 
•sd prcfttdida] thjnj:; he that calh me trogratcful, let him cm. sate 
cBv; h« th4t'« irTan£>r, kt hitn fkot know me; he that's cni«l. bt 
hun not foHow hm: for this tav^j^, th» baalisi;, ihii iofpiKe, tbk 
cTud jind anui^ one, wiD neither leek, ttnt, know, or purttw any 
ol (hrm. Pur if Chryaooom*! impatience and luacllong dciire slew 
rfkotild mine honni proavdirtg and carr be inculped ihcne- 
I preserve mine iniqcnty in tbc society of thoe tnca, 



why wuul«l any dcsiie tov to lo»e ii, snrng rvi;ry oae covtu ta- 
havc ihc bkc liimielf. Ko coovcnc tUe better jiinoQg men? I Kai 
aj you dil know, riches eivAixH uf miae owa, an<l iherefoce <lo 
coTd other mcD't. I luve a free conJilioo, nnd I do not plnuo 
nibjeci fne^ Netiber do 1 Love or haio any. 1 do no< dccivr tl 
nun, r4 Koliui thjn ochcr; nof do I jl-m wuh otii^ and piu th« iJi 
with ADOcher. The honeu cont'dutkiii o[ itic |)la»u»as «f thcic 
vdU^ca ind tiic care ol tny ^oai), do entcnjtn me< My dcurcs 
limited by these nvHinlams; anti if they do 3»c fnicn hence, it 
to cooietnplate the iMumy of he^vefi— iicpi wkercivithal ih« loi 
invdf towinl her lim dwelltog/ Anci^cndrnfchcrc, wiihnm clefini 
to hear tny an^wYr, she turned brr bak ;irKl cnccfcd into the thick* 
part of the wood dut wai there At hind» leaviD; ail dM>fc ihit 
prevTit nurvdk>uily idmired M her beamy And diKrctioo, 

^uoieof the cfaepherdfl present, (lut were wounded by the pom 
ful heum of her beautiful eyei, nude proiTer to punue ber« wlihoi 
reading any |m>tiT out uf her m^Eiifetr moluiion nude? Uiere in li 
bearing; whxh Don Quixote iKxinjc. and ihitLkin^ tliat Uic 
of this chivalry did jump fttJy with th^i occM>n, by succouring 
trested iUnud>i bfing hand on the poinuad of Vm tvmtdj he 
in loud And imelhgibk wordfi; 'Lot no pertoo. of wtuttoevtr 
or cnnditinn he br, prnunrt^ lo follow ihr btr Xtarcrlx, nni 
pain of falling info my furioui Uidgtucioa. She Imh Aotwot 
dear and tu&icDt resuoTM. the little or oo fatilt aht had in 
tora'» di;aih, ami how far she livicft from mcanii^ to condescend 
to the dctircft oi any of her lovert; for which reipect it it lUil tl 
Jositid o( bein^ purturd and per«cuied. the be honoured 
efteemed by aII the ^nod men of ihr uxirTd; (or %he Uiowi in 
iTiart it ii only die akine that &vr( therein with honcu inicm 
Now, whether U w<» through Don Qoijiote's mcfucest or wbi 
becautc Ambeoeio requeMed iKcm in coodude wiih the obbgattoo 
they owed to theif pood friend, none of the ihepherdi nUMKd or 
defuned frocn thence until, the grave bang made and Chryam- 
tom'i poprri burnt, tlicy bid the laidy into it, with nuny tears of the 
bcboIdefL They ihun tl>e »qndchrc with a great stnne. until a 
tnoouoicitE were wrought, whkh Amhroaio oid hs «'em to hivtt 
made, with <d epitaph to thit teiue: 


*Hvr^ of ;i \a\itig %wiiii. 

The frozen cuciar Uci; 

Who vm A heard likcwiacv 
Aod <littl tt-.rctigh iLtdjiib. 
Stera rigour hath him daan. 

Of « <07 imr inffr^u, 

Ry vrhucn lovr ilodi liblc 
Her tyrvtDjr •roun.' 

They preicnEly strewed on ihe gtM^et Ruoy ikiwen and boughs, 
kkI CTcr^oe tDudiilm^ 4 wliili* with hii friend Amhrovit, did 
afanwiud bid him £4rcwcll, ami dcpuicd. The like did V^T^Ido 
jod hU comfianicfi; and Don QitUotc, bidding his hoA and tbe 
travdkf^ adieu. ih4ry rcquctccd him 10 como whh ihctn to Seville, 
b«c»»c ii was a pUzt to fit for the finding of adventure^ u ia 
nvry ftr«fl and oornn' ihereoE ^n o(T«rpd morr than in dny othrf 
|i4ce ttrluuutver. Oufi Quiiuur rendered cltcm tti;iiiL» for ibdr 
Jdvke jud the good-will tliey seemed to ha^e to griliiy him. tad 
taad he imlher c^j^hi oOf would go to Seville until he had freed 
«U thoM tnountains of ihievu and roUierA, vrHercof, as fame ran, 
tlwy were full. The travdlers percd^'inig hU gocd intention, wotUd 
not importunr him tnoer; hut, hidiling hfm again farpwrll, ihry 
dipartcd, and fclloMcd on ibcir journey; in whi^b tlic^ w^cEcd 
toe mancf of diKoune, at vitll of the history of >i.trala and 
CbryKMom at ot the EoUiei of Don Quiicoie, who determined to 
fa la the natch of the tbefiicfdeis Marcda, and offer unto her all 
dnt he was able 10 do in her service. Bui it hefel him noc ai he 
llsiu^iC at ifuill be rHimried in the ditamrie ol that true hbinry; 
pnag end here to the Second Pan. 


CHAni^ 1 
Hftpramft *ro Dot* Ql<ixott^ by £>4cuuktws~c Wnif Cvtrfti 

THE W14C Cid liunct BenenfeE r«couni«h tbat, oi una m 
Dmi Quixote had takca leave at the guibcnU, hli ho^ the 
ru'j^bi before, and of all tbosc thai wffe prvMOC fl( (be burul 
of the ihephefd Chryioaom, he and his squire did pr«enil/ enter 
iiun tin- same wrxxi hiXa wtiidi ihty b>d t^en l]« bcuuiiful slw|V 
bcrden MarccU enter bcfare, AjmI, Iuvuij: Unveiled Id if about tSc 
space of two hours Viichout (tndioj; of her, they arrived in Goc to 
A pleatant meadow, enriched with abundance of flourisHng g^^s%. 
Dear unto x^hkh nini a delightful and refreshing arram, which did 
jnvkr, yc:i, co-nstr-iin ihcm thereby to paw over ibe brat of the day, 
whidi did ihoi bcj^o u> cmti with gren fervour and vchoncnc), 
Don Quixote and S^ncho alighted, «od. leavtoj^ ibe «3 and Hozi- 
nantc to the &puciouinc» of tlw^e plains to feed on the plenty at 
gno that woa then>, they raniKlud the^ wallet, where, without 
any ceremony, the n\aiter ^md man did eat, w;ib good accord and 
fellowship, what th^ found iherein^ Sanchn bid neglected to tic 
Roxiname, ture that he knew bim to be so tobcr aitd litde wji 
u oil the maxcs of ihc pauure o( Cordova could not Tiukc 
think iho ie4ti artmer thought. But fortune did ordain, cr 
ibt dtvil, v^ detpc not at all hoorir that 2 troop of Gillii 
tnare\ bdooging k> certain Vangue&ian currten, did feed up 
down in the sunc valley; whkb curien aie wonL with ibetr bea^\ 
to pau over the hcati in pUces cituaicd r>cir unto ^rau and watef* 
lod that wherciA Doa Quixote happened to be was vrry fii Eor 
their puqxtte- It therefore befel that Rozinante took 3 coftoin deiiro 
to ulaee htmielf with the lady mare*, and th<reforc» u loon u he 




■d moAtbem, ^uadontn^ bu natural pact &nd ciston, wiilwuc 
hing leave oi bu moater, he bejcaa a litile «iAift uoi, ood w«u lo 
cocnmuiLicjte hit necemiici lo them. But they, who, :ifl it fednftl, 
KmI more drurr i» tvcA rKin id tnbcc thotn, efiimiincil Kim with 
|fanr h«ri> aiu) tntZt in such son as they bmt^e all hit ginHs jimI ielt 
Bbi in his tuktii tuir, hiviag o\xrthrown the tjddlft But that 
Riidi rarely grmcd him mofi w^s that the cjirier*, pflrceiving 
■te ml«Keili4t waft c4l«re<J by liimEo their mar e«ifvpiif<dpfvMnily 
Bilieu uKcauTtf with dubt and tnincheotu^ and did » bdabcxur him 
B ihry £airiy biirl him along. Now, in thisE t>r-ui>r), Don Quiftoce 
mI Sancho (whi^h beheld ibr hombiittng <jf Roxiiunic) ap- 
pcovbcd bctflthlc^; ind Don C^icote uid to Sancho, *Fof at much 
u I cao perctm, friend Sincbo, thc» men arc no knigbii, hoc ba«^ 
njdlly [xopb of vile quality; 1 uy it, becauie th&u mjkyn b«lp 
me ID rakr dup revenge for the outra^ which rhey luvp doi>e hefrce 
omr bee (o Roziaini*.' "What j. deviP quuh Sanchu, Vhjt le^nge 
Aould we ukt, d the«e be more tton twenc)-, and we but two, ;Lnd 
prr^v«nture bui oof and a half?' '1 am wonb a hundred/ replied 
DtM Quixote; and, wtiluiut mikiri^ any longer discourte, be «et 
hand to hit timed, and Aew upon the Yaoguettant; ^nd Ssncho 
Psim, nunTd by hit kscd't <^^mpit^*, did the liki"; whrn. wwh ihc 
fim bknir, Don Quixote piercing j bu^ codt thai one t^l tlmii wore. 
wmuti»d biin ^rMr^-oudy in ihe shoulder. The Yiagucsiani, *enng 
ihiitl^T ■ to ruddy handled by two men onl>, they bein^ w many, 
'Vft to <h« fulc«» and tniiKheom of their carri a^^ 3<^d, bemmif>)t in 
^bitf odvefinriei In the midtf of ihem, (hey UA on ibem with ad- 
Wifablc t^Ynl and vrlititiencT^ Tiue it it, thai at iht trccind peal 
^m^^ fuuck &uk1k> down to iHc i;n>ui>d; and ihe Lkc happened 
Htal Duo Quixoie, his dcxiemy and courajE^ beinff nothing available 
^Hb|te tnjKC, sod, hi« toe to ordaining, he Ml jute a; hi« courtcr t 
w^^^mha had nne yn jpxtvn up; by which vi'c miy ponder the fury 
} vhereWTthJmiixiMoiubacief, being placed in wrathful and runical 
kxa. Thr urrim i-erteirinj* ibr ^rvil lUey lud tomTnitml, infuin^ 
jiica loading with all po>tJ)>le tpecd, followed on ihcir way. 
Uvh the Mlveniunt tn a bad fashion* and a wor«e ulent, 

liimidF wat Sancho Panza, who^ «vinfE 
uid, v^-iih a weak and piiiful voiec. Sir 



Don QtujuRcl ohj lir Dnn QluiumcI' 'Wlm wouklu thou 
brother Sancboi' replied the koi^Jt* with the Lkc eilcmiLUtc ofd 
doJchil tunc '1 w^uidt* quoth &u>cho, Imvc oi your w-orihip £ 
dxaufhc or wo of the liquor of I^eobUtt i£ you luve aoy oj ii ji 
haod; perisiapi it is good to core broken bocw* as wdl » it hdpi 
wouikds.* '^Vllat tvould we wa&i, imhippy tint I ami' rcjilM Dmi 
Quiiujti^ *if I lud it here; bui 1 svrcar untu thee, SjqcIki Pansa, b) 
the £^th o( a knjichi-erriint, ilut before two diya pjm (if fonuDc da 
|xuc noi othetAViie), 1 wiU have it tJi m> po^^r, or it shaU hinA) 
ew^pc my hsadfi.* *I priy you/ qucth SjncfaOr 'within bow idqbJ 
«byi, ihink you, ihall wc be able to mr our (c«c^ 1 cao say of my^ 
ieU/ quoth the crmhed kni^h!, *iliii I caxinoc »a j ceft^kin term u 
the daya of our recovery; but 1 am in the bull of ill, fuc I Uioulni 
not haxY drawn tn> sword ajc^irut men that are not kniifbu ju well 
as I am; and therefore I beUcve thai the j^od cif bauiei ha;h ptt 
tniiied that this punishment ihould be givcp. uoLu rm, in paiit oS 
[fantgretsing ihe laws of knighthood. Wherefore^ brother Saocbo 
it is reifuiAite th^l iltuu b?rLi adi^niicd of iliat which I dull u) 
UAio ihcv rww, ioT it impoiKtli both our ^oodi very mixli; and tiL 
that when thou b<hoId<^t thit lite like nucally t^ibblc do tij an^ 
wroDg, do not wait till I set hand to my %wx^ againii tfaan* foi 
1 will noi do kin any sort; btit draw thou ihinc, and chutiM thru 
at fliy pleuare; aod if any kot^iu sluU come to their attirtautt 
and nKEour. 1 %hali know then h^iw tu dc{«nd liwe, and oSeiW 
ihcm with alj roy force; for thou haft by thii perceived, 
thouund ft!gn« and experience!, how lut the valour of ihia 
invincible ;)nn exteiKkth itMlf:*— ko arro^nt remained dM 
knight, through t)i^ \irtory he had goiien of thr lurdy Bh 
BtK ihiK advice of lui lord tremcd not so jEood tii Smtho 
«3 that he would ocuit to answer unto him, uiyin^. 'Sir, 1 
peaceable, quicf, and whe; man, and can du^cmblc any 
for 1 lu'/e wife and children to maintain and bdinj; tip; 
I«i thU Ukcwue he an itdvUe io you (ic<Ln|t h cannot be a 
ment), that 1 will no vet hand to my twwi] In any wa^ 
afEunit clown iv km^hr; and (hai. from ^^ nrwjrd, 

panion, before God. all the wrong* that iL., i... lJljl^, ur 
do onto OK, whether they were, b«t or dull bi dooc by hi|:b oi 




rich Off jjoof, gcjitlenun or chuji, vriibout exceptinfif any 
JUEG or coDdititm.' Whjch being heard by hb lord, he wid: *1 coutd 
wish 10 have brudi enough ihai 1 might answer thcc wtih a httJc 
moro esM^ or thji the grief which I fc«l in this rib wcr^ scsuagcd 
ever so little, Uut I might, Paxizj, mike ihee understand th« 
error wherein ihoLi an. Come ben; poor fooll if the jpile of foniiDe> 
hkbeito so coati^ry, do turn m otir favour, swelling tiic saiU of our 
dcnre in iLJch ntx is wc way securely mi without tny hiridnoce 
3jn%-G 3t ihc haven of any of those islands which I hnvc promised 
UA10 ibe^ wtut wouJd become of thee, ii }, oonquering it, did 
mjke xhce lord ihereof, seeing thou wouldst disable thyself, ia 
reipeci thou an nuc a kiii^hi, nor dcitireit lu be one, nor wouldtf 
tuve valour ur will lo revenge ihine injurie!!, ur m defc^iid tliy lortt 
ihi|>'s? For thou muA undcrsUnd th;it. in the kinj^donu and 
provtacM newly conquered, the minds of the inh.^biiarts <tre never 
10 thoroughly uppcjisod or wedded to the o^cction o£ their new lord, 
dui ic is not 10 b« fcojcd ih^c they will work some novelty to ih«r 
thuigt again, and lum, as men say. afresh to try fortune; and ii 11 
therefore requisite tlut tlie new puauriuur liuve uiiderit;iiiding to 
govtm, »nd valour 10 oflend, and defend himself in any adventure 
whatsoever/ 'In this last lii;it tuiih befallen us/ quoth Sanchot '1 
would 1 had had tlut under ^londinx ^nd valour t>£ which you 
speak; but 1 vow unto you^ by the faith of a poor m:in, that I am 
nnw {{iter fnr pbi^rrs than divniirv*^ I pray you try wheiher 
you cslo arise* and we will help Ro/^inante, although be deserves 
it not; for he was the principal cause of all these trvublea, I would 
oevef have believed the like before of Ro^inantc. whom 1 ever held 
10 be dU cKaste and peace^ible a person ;i£ myself. Jn fine, they say 
well, that one must have a long time to come la the kucwledpe o£ 
boJses, and iliai There's noshing in thii life srcure. Who dum 
iMxm thait after those mighiy bl»^vs which ynu ^ave 10 that un* 
fbnt;na£c knifzht-errant, would succeed to in pott, and as It were 
in yotir pursuit* this so furious e tempest of Aavcs, chat hath dis- 
dufged itself on our shoulders?' Thinc> Sancho,' replied Don 
Quixoce* 'ar« perhaps accustomed to bear the like showers, but 
nune, oursfd between cottons and holUnds ii 1% mo« tvidtnt that 
they musi feel tlie griei of thu diigrac:?. And were it not i):ai 1 


imagine (but wfa^r do I uy Lnaguic.') I know cowoly <kui 
thcK locoBunodjucs ast joocMd to the exercue d irm», 1 
b<r« die fo« v«ry iA t^ and dupteuufc.' lotrn^tl^cquineai 
'SsTp neao}; thoe diigncit ura of the eucuc« o£ kibgbtbaod, I 
you whether they lucceed very often, or whnhw ihcy have oci 
tioiM linuicd wherdo ihcy bcfiU? For mcthinki^ witlun two 
veotura mofCr w« dull wboUy rcmaiD diMiubled iot iht 
the god> in macy da not mkcout iu.' 

'Know, fhtfid Saocbo.' rtplied Don Quucote, tb4t 
kiagbu-emdt u wl>}«a to a tbotoind dangBn and 
and it u Abo js urdi, in the next tief^tee and pcFWf r, to nuke 
kings and empefori. ^u cxpenence hiili ihown in sundry kni)fhl 
wboK bmoriei 1 have cntirt noiw& And I could rrc<Kint unto 
DOW (dfed the pdiA 1 tuffcr pcnoit tne) ol $omc of tbem whtch 
moufind to thoM high di^ria tvhich I have aid, ooty by ili* 
iji thcit arm; aad tht vtry nin^ men iound ihcm, both bvGorvi 
Jtc^r* in dJvcri miscrln and cjbmitMs.. For the valoroiu AmA4k\ 
Gau! »w himicU in the power oi Ya% mofial enemy. Aicaki 
tnchaxittft oi whom the opuuoa run» inljllibte, ih4t be giM 
huD. being hu priaooer, more than xvta humited itripe* 
horte^ridbe, a&er be had tied him to a pllUr m hii 
And there u, moreover, a sr^ret authur of no tiuW cr^i. who 
iha< the dvalicr dd Tcho, being lakcn in a jtd, like ucito a 
ihar >]»ppcd under bu feet in a cemin caitfc, ahcr the Cull 
himicU m a dcap dungton tmdcr (he eardx, bound h^nd^ and 
and then tbey gavt uoti> htm a clyrtcr oi ^r^w-watct and 
which bnMijghi hJm ahnoec od the end of hit Mir: and wofv w 
ihar he wa» tuacoured in ihai groai didreAa by a wm man, liia 
grrai Eiicnd, h had ^one ill with tho puoi knijsht. So thai I 
very \i^i pai) junoox *o many witnhy penoot; Eoir ihe daofccfv. 
diiftTKM they «ulTfnd wne )^vaicr thao thov whkli vn do 
«adurc. For, Sancho, I would have dwe to underaand. thai 
woundt which an giwn to oae with ihow inKnafiei):« iliai 
in one's hand, by chance, do not di^gnce a maa4 And it i> 
in the laws c£ nmclr combar, m rvprcaa term^ that tf iht 
strike MMxhtf with the Uit which he hath in hit hand; 
fa> ovtafcoly of wood, yet cannot k ba nUd that he who woa 
had the butinado. I tay thii, m the end rhiw mayti nm dii 


we remain I>nii)ed in ihit Um coofliat lK4( iHeirdore we be 
[; for the irmtwhkb those men bore, md wherewithal they 
bboumd ut, wcr« nont other iban tlwif p^ck-siivtt, sod, » fir u I 
QQ nraembcr, n^vtr m coe c( ihem Kad a tud:, itvord, or digger.* 
"TlvT jfJVT mr iv> ]e:furPt' afi^w^red Sincho, *14> looJc to dieni lo 
Dcarij; £ur scsirce had I Ui<l IktDd on my cruocbooot wficn tbqr 
falcMcd tny iliotiUeri with xhtit pin^ ia such sort aa they whdQy 
deprived me ef my tight and the iofce of my feet tojceiber, AnluBg 
me down on x\%t p\xe where t yei Ue stnugtit, and where the pain 
of the dr^nu received by our ciidgelling doth tioE to moch pcndi 
me » tbe gr»e( of the Uow^ which thall rcmiiin u deeply imprimal 
la ni| mccDOfy as ihcy 60 id my back/ 

for iB tbh, thou shalt undcrttjnd^ broihef Pifl£i/ reptied Dod 
QuixDt*^ 'ihjti ihttr« ii do ren»mbrji;Ke which time will not tndt nor 
jrief which deadi wttl noc coostime/ TiVhat greater miisorttme; 
qaath S^ncho, "can ther^ he ihjn thaf which only etpKieih time 
■pd death (u end ind cotitume k P [f ibi» our displace were of liat 
kad whxh mt^hT be cured by a pair or two ol pLuAers, it would 
DOT be so cmI: but 1 begin to pc!rx:cive that all the ^l\x% ni an 
bo«f«tal wiiJ not ruflk» to bring them to ^ny good tenrn.' Lcav* ofl, 
Sinrho, and gaiher (trmgih o*it of i«.-e-iline«,' ^li-^ Don Qtiixoie, *for 
K) will I likcwJMr iii>\ and let u« lev liow dodi Rufioanir, fur me- 
thifdi> tlut the least part of (his rotihap haih not faJkn 10 bii Itx.* 
'Voo ovf^i Ti<t\ to marvd at ihnT/ quoth Sanchot 'seeing be is Uk^ 
wise a kntf^hf-err jtu; iKti whercii I wonder U thM mine ats rcmaina 
llivr witboot payment, where we are come away without ribs.* 
Torrunr \r^vr% alwjyi nne dnor nprn in diuuc^n,* cjiitith D^n 
Quiiutr, Vhercby to remedy thcin. 1 uy it, boc^ttw ihat Lltk beoA 
nay vupply Rozinance's warn, by corryir^ ofi me froco beaoe unco 
«ti« cvnkt wbrrrin I may be etired of my wounds- Nor do 1 hold 
iktf Ictod of rkting diihooourable; for 1 remember to hai^ rvad that 
i^ good old Sttenui, tutor of the merry god of laughur, when he 
ttderett into tlie city of the liumlm! >,Mtn. rude tcty t^t\} moumcil 
ly an.^ 1t i> like,' quoth S^nch(\ ^hat Ke rodct a> you 
an a*M but there ii great diffdncc bctwi^ nchng and 
Lwart upon otw like a c^ck of rubbith.' To thii Don 
The wound* that are rmiwd in bactle do 
rherefore, friend Pinza. 

a i]r-pn*e men 01 11; w 



do oot r«ply Mty more unto ntt, but, st I have uid, ante u w<dl 
thou canst, and by ntt; ui iliuo |ilcUKtii U|30ii Uiy l>r4U> lod Let 
deport from bfiiKC btfcre th« nig^i ovenakc us id thoe 
'Yet 1 have heard you s^y/ qucdi P<unu, 'tl:£t ic tv-os an ordii 
custom of ktii^htt'efrant to deep in downs and d«terts the moA oi 
ihe yoar, and ih^i m (o do ihcy hoJd (o? very good b:ip/ 'Thx n,' 
taid I>on Qiin(0(F« *whcD they har^ none other thift, or when thtj 
are ia l^w; and thn u ao uue ai that thert h«tb been a knighi Uui 
hath di^lt Oft a rock, CMpoMd to tlic sun and ifae shadow, and oihct 
annoyaacei oi heaven, for the space of two ycoxi* without hii Udy'i 
knowledge. And Amadii wai one ot thai kind, when calling hiniMlf 
Beheftcfaroft, he dwck in the Poor Rock, nor do I know punaiullf 
of^hi yean or i-i^ht momhf, for I do not nnnemhict^ the hutorf 
vr^; let it lufkc ihat ibeie he dwelt doing of ijcnancc for lotne 
diagvt whkh I know not, that hu bey, Oriana, did hun, Iko, 
iMViflj tlut apon, Sancho^ despatch and away before tome utbcr 
dii^race happen, Idte thai of Rozinante, to the as&* 

'Even there lurkt the devil,* c^uoth Sancho; and vw bmuhtng 
thirty whs and dtrn^scntr ngh** and a hundre^l nnd twenty di>- 
Qontcot) and cxccrttiona ^amit him thaL had broggbt htm liicfc, 
he aro^i rcmainiDg bent m the midit ol tlie wav^ hl^e unto a 
Turki>h tow, witliout beinj; abk to adUreu hinwclU ^^* o"*' 
wiihnandii^jC all ihu didkuliy, he lutneued hb asi (who had bmn 
■jUo fon>rwlui ditir;tctL<d by the oiYrmuch libeny of thai dAy)| 
arjd aficr he boii^cd a^t Ro/.Jnantc, wh(^ weic be cndawcd with 
tongue 10 compAain, would cen^iily luve borne l^a k:rd and 
cotafJony* In the end Sinclw bid Don Qiuxocc on the am and ti 
Koi^Qafite unio httn, and. leading: Um asi by the lulier, trav-clM 
that way whuih he deemed rm^\yL conduct him coonetc toward ditf 
hi^way. And fnnune, which guided hit ifEuin fitun good lu 
aber he had travdUd a little Icnffiie, ditcovcn^l it unto lum. 
\in^o ^hich he »aw an inn, which, in deipitc of hinw and for 
QuixGte'i picamrv, mu« necvb be a cartk. Sancho conwnd*d 
it was an inn, and Ma lord that it wai not; and their conimi 
endured to k>n^ ai they lud biuue, before they cuuUI di 
ID orriw at the kidfpnfi; imo whbch Sanchu, willwut ^iher 
injf of the dkifTixCt entrred with aD hii U>adin|E* 


Of Tiut Which HAmKf» Unto tm£ i:«:nruov« Kkicht WmttN 
Till IhN, Whkh He Slppoua to Br a CAfrm 

THE ifuticcpcr, Mcing Ooci Quixote laid ovcnhw^ut up^D 
tbc *tf, dciiundcd of Sancho what cbvaic he bad. S^incho 
uuweccd dut It wa« nothing but a till down from ^i rock, 
ind ihit hit nhs were iKcrvby Aomewhii bruiK^. ThU innk««per 
had J wifct not. of tht cockdiikin th^t ihow o( that trj&de are wont 
to be; foe she wAi of 4 cli:uiuble Oiiture, and would gtieve at the 
dUnuiict oi her ncighbt^ork^ Aod dad therefore presently occur to 
tvrc IXxn QuixoCCr cdiisic^ her d^uffhter, a v«ry oimely youag 
nuHlen, 10 ;iu^«t l;er to cure ber i^ixu. There likevme served in 
iW inn on AuuriAn wench, wTv wji bjoid-f jccd, flai-pjied, nddle- 
iMcci blind U ofic eye. and llie ixhcf Jtntnt d^a; imc it i^ tiut 
the cooachneia of her body »iq:^Iicd all the other defect*. She wax 
OM levcn pitim lon^ from her tcct un(o her head; jjtd ber ihouldcri, 
«Udi dtfl sonMvrbai burden b«r, nude ber look ofieoer to 1H0 
p0QDd than she would willingly* litis beautiful pitcc did auist 
he yotutg nuidrrn, and both c^ ihem nude a very bad bed [or Don 
Quaxoic ixi an old wide chamber, which gave nunifest tokcnt oi 
that it had io«nctiRkes terved many year* only to keep chopped 
for hisrwt; in wlucb was alio lodged a canto-, u^tcie bed was 
JbtJe way off frocn Don QuixoteX which^ though tt wai made 
and coverin^i of hit rnulriv was much 1>ccter ihao the 
i\ tiut only cuntaidcd four boardi ruughly pbncd. placed 
' tra.sclft; a Sock-bed. which in tly; thinncaj lecmcd 
:< ^ -llof pdlfi^ and had not they shown iha; they Wttrt 

through certain br«.ichet nud« by antiquity oit the tkk, 
would by the hardrtni uiht^t lAt rhcm to \v uonri; a pair 
dkaiu ttuAe ot ihe iLiui of Ufgeii; i cuvolri, whui4T ilireads 
EEBs would number, be ihould not Urtt ooe only U the acoMini. 
Hum uiigr»dott> bed did Don Quuuatc Ue, and pccvnily the 



hoatm lod bet daughter aikointcd him aU cvet, ind Maritoriioi ((oc 
«o ihc Asiumn wictuh w^t coikd) 6mA UM the ctmllc llie houtfl 
tT th« plaitlering ol him, pvrcciv:ng him lo l>« u bnm^ in tuodrf 
pla<es (h« said umo him ihj< thow »ign« rather terriKd to (irncvd 
of hh%-i ihjin of a iaAl. "They v/tic nai blowt,* replied S;tncjM); tnn 
the fock kid roDny sharp cndi and knobs on U. whereof every ooe 
left behind it a token; ant\ I desire you, good mi&trcHi* quoih he, 
'CD IcjiTc some £bx behind^ and then ihall not W'ant one ttuc necd^ 
die u» of them; for, ] anure you, my h>dk doth l^kewtfc tdu 
If that hr m,' qiwih thr toirrtt, Nt \% likely ilai thou didtt 
fin." 1 Aid nor fall,' qwxh Sancho Pivrz-i, tiut with the s\ 
bright thjt I tool; a! my maKer\ fall, my body doth to 
me, ai methmki I have been bandM>mely bcL:it)oured* 'U n»y well 
happen m thou «yK/ quoth the hones^a daaghipr; *fof h hath 
befallen me tundr)' timei to <iream that I fell down from lomt 
hi^ tower, and could never ctvnc tn the guxind; ukI wbeS 
awokt^ 1 du! fin^l tnyv^Tf scj troubk^d ojul bmkefi, at if I had 
fallen-' There it the prant, ma^en,' quoch Satkrho Pan^a, *that 
without dreaming a: all, but being more avrake than I am at tl 
hour, found myself to Have ^^ery few lect tokens and markr than 
teed Doti Quixof» hach.' 'How k thi» gentleman r;i1Ipd*' (ji 
Mantomei ihe Afltuian. 'Doti Quinoic ol (be Mancha«* 
Sancho Panu; 'and be iA ii knight-errant, and tine o! tfie ben 
itrongeft that have been leen in the world ibev many apet.* 
is thAt, a knight-erran^V quoth the wend^ 'An thou u> young 
the mtvld tlui thou knowefi it nm?' amwered Sancho Pan: 
*Koow then, titter mine, that a kni^^-^rrani h a thing vhSch, 
t»"o HXJrdi, you tec wril oid^llra!, ar>d after bccocnct an onpefii 
Today be u the mi>tl unforuniatc creature ot the vix)Hd. and 
moct needy; sad to^morrov he wd] have two or three crowns 
kingdomt tn bectow upon hU tquire,' *lf n be to,' quoth ike hocess, 
'why, (hen, havt not thou gotten at Iratt an earldom^ trrtng ihnu 
thu good knighc bu iqiire^ It is yet too soott.' replied Sanci 
'for ii U but a month tin^e we bcRan first to seek adventurrv and 
have not )«t enccuntexcd any wofthv of tlie name. And sometii 
rt beblU, that senrcKing fof cne thtng we encminter another- Ti 
fr h tlat, if my lord Dm Quiwjie neover of thft wound or falk ant 


thu I be ooc duagfd ^ it, t would not niuk« an exchan^ of my 
hopd ior chf bMt dele cif Spaia.' Don Quixote dnd wry ttientivcly 
liiWQ unm all iboe diicoufscs, iiri, liinni? uii in Jiia M at well » 
lltoOEKtId. uking fan boMcu by <hc h^nd^ Uc ukI untu ber: 'Bdifve 
me, iMautEKJ lady, that you nuy couxu yoursdf fomuutc for luvinjt 
larbuunsd my pvnoQ in this your oole, which it such, iliai if I do 

Kaix ft, ii i« bcoust mtn my ilat proper praitt ctinki; bu< my 
will tn^vm ynu wtut I am: otAf chit I will say myirlf. th^it 
kocp eteriuUy wriut^i in uiy ineintiry ;1^ le^vxc ibai you 

I brw docie tuuo roe, to be grateful unto you for it whiht I live. And 

I I would It mRhi please the htgliest heavens thdi love held me not 
i ■] atthfaOed and uibfecc to his lawi ai he doth, and to the eyes of 
[ jfal BPf ratcfiil bir whose nama 1 «cretfy imuier, ibcn should thnc 
j^H^BpDUfiful ibnurl prrtrmly tigninriv my lihrfty/ Th^ hoimtr 
^VH^Uet, aod the foud Maiitoinrs icmaiiinl cunfouudcd, hear- 

iflf ibc ipeoch of ouf knigbt -errant, whicb tbcy uaderAOod as weU 
jM tf be had ipok^a Gr«ck unto them: but yet they coocctved that 

enrcre words of compliments and love, and u people tmufod to 
fbff bke laofiujjip, thry Mrf^d ^nd admiral bim. ai^ he Kemed 
them a m^n of the other wnrld; and «i, rrturnin^ bim thanks, 
WB|b ovcndy phrtM, for hit lar^ offe/s ihcy deponed. And the 
^Kirian Mariioraea cured Sancho, who needed her bclp Qo Icm 

1 *ne carrier and dw had ogrwd :o pau the raghc togfdier. and 
ifa» bul f^iVQ umo him ber word that, when the gtiem were quiet 
and htt naxer ]]erpii},\ ilt« iMtnild come unto hirn md iaii%fy Us 

! iVtfrr_ aa much as he pleaied. And tt U «aid of this ^ood wendl. 

) ib«i ih* oevrr pajned the like promice but that she pcrfarnMd il, 
it wete given in the midst of a wood, aad wiihoilt any 
fee sbe presumed to be of gemie Mood, axid yet cht held 
k vc diipaar 10 arfvc ia an itm: for the wat wwit to al^sm tliat 
fcfT»rai aad miiforttna bmught her to thac UAit. Tbr h^fd, 
namnv, niQtard, lod cotmtcrfita bed whcrerwi Don QviiiriCe lay wai 
the Srm of the lour, aod next unto it was lut K^utre's. thai only csn- 
taiofld B tnit ind t oovnlfi, and rather see med 10 be csf shorn cittm 
tftun «fiol. Mu-r tluse two hrds followed thai of the carrife, made, 
m «■ hare taid* n( the funnels and furniture of two of his be^t 


mults, althoiAgh tbey were twdvp all in number, bir, bt, 
goodly brass; far he wat atw of the rich<» carrien o( Arrrs^ 
the author of this hinoty ^imcih, who nuktth pvtiaiUr tni 
ol hira, hocautc he knew him vcr> well, aod bc«i<k*, aonw asen 
that he was >omcwhat okin uoto him; omittmg that Od Mohvort 
B«oen£«ll WIS :i very cx^ct hHtoriogr3f>h«f, and moct curioiu ia all 
ihin^i, as miy he gathered very wcll^ siwiag ibac tliove wUdi Mxm 
icbceil bdog vi minuu; aiul iriviaJ, he would not ovcnlip them to 

By which those grave hiaork^nphcn may take example, wbidi 
recotuit unto us matters to short and succinctly nt they do tcarcc 
arrive to our knowledge, Waving xht mou tabnaotul pan of the 
woAt drowned in the ink-hnrn, euhcr through neghgcncA m^Ltc, 
or ignorance. Many good fortunn betide iheauiho4'o( TMdsUc dt 
HMmonU, and him that wrocc the hook wbcreiQ afc rchcarted the 
a>cu of iho CoiiDt Toinilku: Lordl w^th what prcciiencss do thcf 
deiCTibc every dpcumiunce. To conclude, I ny thit, aftvr th« carrier 
had vUlted his muLpi, >nd %xvtu uoio thmn theif tecand re^miiinfE, 
he itrctcbed hiniielf in his coverlet^ and expected the coming of ihf 
most eacqui^te Marttocnu. Sancho waa alio, by this, pbbtcced And 
laid down in hU bed, and thouf;h be desired to iloep^ yet would not 
the gr^ of hii riba permit him. And E^on Quboow, with the pain 
of his sides, lay with both his eyes open, like a hare. 

An the inn was drowoed in sileooc, and there was no otlMr Ej^bc 
in k thsA tbaC of a hmp, which hunjc lighting in tl>c midst of the 
cnrry. Thij marvellous quictDCS^ ftnd the thDuj;hLs which aJways 
roprc»cnud to our knight the memory of the loccesici which 01 every 
p«ce ar^ recountrd in books of kni^bthotxl (thr principal authon 
of ihit mishap), called to his inuiginitjononcof ihestxangBK£aIita 
thu cMily may be coofccturcd; whkh was> be imsgined thit be 
trrived to a famous castle (for* u w« hav« ftiid, all the inni whotm 
be lodged sooned unto him to be such), and that cbo umkceTMr't 
daughter was tha lord's daughter cf the caslkv who» overcome Iry 
hix cottirlioriLf anc] valour, wm riurnociml nf him, and had promivi] 
thai she would oune to solace w^th him for i good space ofocf her 
bthcr aod moU>ef hsd gone \o bed. And holding aU thu chimera 
tad fictioci, which he himself had built in hu bnvK for tooiC firm 



and cenajn, he begin to b« vtxcA in mind, :ind to think oa the 
danj^crcxii tmncr, vrbtrein Wn honesty «ii like lo bll, Aa6 dul itrinly 
purpoae in luuii uu to oimmii any ditloyalty aguinfl hi« Udy, 
OulcijMa U TcJjovj. ^dthfiugb very Queen Geficver^ with hex bdy, 
Quomanomd. ihould corne to ftolidi hinu Whjbt tJiui he Uy think- 
IQK o< tHnc follittt the liovr :ippro3cbed (that was unlucky for hitn) 
«rherein the Attuibn urcndi tbould cufne, who emen<i into ihe 
chdmbn in trjtch of her carrier, in tier untitk, barefpiMeil, and lia* 
khjir tniued up la a coif of fustun, with toil and vrjiry »te]iis. But 
the was aaact come to the door v4tco Oofi Q^nxocc kh her, and, 
ahsiAg and umng up in his bed, in despite oi hi& piiUiers And with 
grvai gncE of hii rihsr he >tret<hed fonh hiv arnn to receive hit 
hcaiMlful damael, rhr Aunrjan, who, crouching >nd silently, went 
fnipib|( w'tih ber lundt to find oui her iwert hiMrl, and eilCiHinteicd 
Don Qiuu>te'» ann% who prctently lei/cd very strongly tipon oibc 
ot h«f wnsis, and, tlmwin^E her towards him (the dahnfr tux ^ 
ifMok a word.) Ke cau«cti her eo uk upon hit hed'« ndc^ and prcMnily 
groped her imock, and ihhoLigh it wu of the sirongnt canv^ he 
iliougfat it was nwfi sii)cle and fine hollind. She wore on ha wrias 
ccnain bracrk-ts of ^lii». whkh be esteemed to br pceciotis oriental 
pcirls. Hti b;iir wh>ch ^as olmooi as rough as a bone-tsU. he held 
ift be wim of the j^tecin;;est f^d of Arabia, whose hnjchtoess did 
obicii' ' ' ■ ' die lun: atxi het breath, which cenainly smetled 
bite ti I riih feieiTnl I'rosn over nigttf. an cncd iinin him a 

KDOftt ittkjlaiU arocnatkal, and sH^cct ^tmell. Aixl finaUy, be pdinted 
her in hit t^nurf of ihe vame tvry torm jnd manner as he had read 
fcu brjoki i^t kjtifchihood, of a certain princess which cttnc lo visit 
:nijthi who was grirvomly wounded, bein^^ overcome by lut lovt^ 
with ill the ornofnrnti rbat here we have recounsed; 
bhndnrss of this ptnr g^illnnt was ujch, ai neither ihe touch- 
aavotcr. or otiief things thst accocnpanied the jfood damid, 
untlfcnve him. bdn^ iu:h as were ^)c lo rrtake an^ other, tavc 
a carrjer, vumit uf his boufli; U^ niher tie nude full accoum thai 
he held the {cnddrii of love Mv^ceti hb armi, and, holding her it^I 
^TT be]po la cijuri hrt. wiih a tow and amnrans sviicr, m 
r; t ojiild wish n> find myielf m terms, moti high and 
irui bdy. tu be able to nxoitvpauv so jrcai a favour as iKil 


wlucbr wtUi llie jircsrnte nf ytittr matchleu femmv you lave ihowa 
umo me; bui fonune (who it never wcxuy o£ pcraccuiinj^ ihc gooil) 
huh pJc4Scd <o Uy mc to ihu bcvi^ whcrcio 1 lie au brokioa Add 
bruited^ ihsn although I wcr« dcuious u> «a£iify youi wiU. yti ii it 
impottiUe; nptcialiy Meing u> dui ImpoiuhiUty nuy be wkkd i 
greuer, 10 wit« ilte promtwU I'niih tvfaich I Iutc g]%eii to ilie vui- 
nutcbabic Duluuc^ ol TcjU>m>, the tml) buiy pC mj mul kiddeo 
ihcKighls; for did not tliis let m^ 00 ixK botd n» to be » jciuckts 
Aod tiud a kni>;lii At to ovcnbp so Comuntc an occ;iooa u ll 
which your bounty hath oHerod to m*>' 

Marmirnn rrnuiiud Kwcaiin^, ihiottgh anKiciy, la vm 
brld w hsL by Don QtiiEote, i^uif wuhcxit athcx uiMkfiundiiig 
i;iTjn£ aiuntiod to his mtrds she bboured jU that »be OHiiil 10 
herKtt bom him wubout if^tkinK * word* The csnicf, whoM 
luteitiion kept htm iriU wakiiij;, did he^r ut lady Ciom Om 
ihit the dm entered into the room, and did attentive^ ^ve car 
all Dofi Qiti^ciio't ditc'iuriri; ami, fdlout that the Axottum 
brc.ik fnwnifc waU him for any other, he drew ncftier ujifD 
QtU3iotc'» bod, and viood quiet u> xc wbcrcucKo those words which he 
cxMild not UDdentand ttfidcd; but viicwiog thM the wcttcfa strove lo 
depart, and Don Quiacoiv laboured to withhold h«r, tfat i9tt tocfnin^ 
evil uoto hurt* he tjp with hU araif and divhari^td n trmUe a bkiw 
un the enamoured knif;ht*t}ixvi;ii he bathed jII ttii mouth m hJood; 
and, not cootent hercwiilul, he oiounied upon the kiii^ln* <iQd did 
tnad oa his ribs, and passed them all over with more than a iroc 

The bed» which waa somenhai weak, and do« tci^ firm of fouo- 
dation, betti^ tmabl* to lufffir ib« addition of the canicr» M dcnra 
10 (he ground with to great a nobe aa it waked the innkeqier; whi\ 
prei^roUy taifvciiii}; thai it wai one of Maritortwa' cooAicti, h^ 
cause the answered him not, tiaving called her lotkOy. he [ofibwuh 
aroie, and, lijcbiin^ of a bmp, he went towards lh< place vrbsm he 
heard the noise. The weisch, pricciviny that her master oitsc, and 
that he W3£ extrcsne chokric, d:d. ail uhanscd and iraobledL run 
inio Sanf ho l*3n»\ hed, vrlio tlc^ all iliii vihilo voy MUndly, lusd 
thorv cnniched, ami made hcncU at litiie aa an egg- 

Her mjmo mtcrrd, irrytog, ^Whorc^ wboe an thou^ 1 darv 
wtfntHthiiibcMVesoaMotthydoiaga?* By dua Sdisho awaked, 


av4 Mog that buUi lying ilmoit whc41y upon bim, bo thought 
it wu Uw Digfaonaro, and began to by with hit fias here uxj tbert 
jbom hiitt very NwjIiJf, jifid ^CQcmg oUicis wrt>ii(Ehi MAriiurocs 1 
ktfOW nuc how nuD) bluw»; wbo» sricved W iht (uin afae CiMiuced 
thac, ostiD^ oil boQcuy audc, ^ve Sancbv the cxchaii):e o£ his 
blowi to thmly ai the itu<1c kifH to au'ske in despite oi his sb^EjE^^' 
■CM- And, bndrng humelf ii> be m> abated <ji an uncouth petinxi, 
wlwni kc OKjM nnc hrhiidd, hr irosr and cjtighi hold <W Mariiumci 
B wvU ai be couU, and dwy boUi began tbc bctt fight and plcaunitu 
jkiRiiiib in the world. 

TbecafTiOTft pcrccivmg by ibe light whkh the innk«rp«: brought 
m with him, die Um«iuai>l« state oi hit mi^ircu, ibandoning OtM 
QmxMt, be iiuzandy repired to give Iter die umtohu thai wat req- 
whkh tikewiie dw innkeeper did, but wi:ii aiiodier meau- 
hc approached with Intention lo puniih the wcndu believing 
tbe was infoIMy the ciu^ of all cha: harmony. And so^ as 
ta uy, the cat to the rai, the rat to die cord, tbe <xx6 to the poit; 
the carrier struck Sancho^ Sanchci the wench, she returncxS bim 
lin hii liberality with intereit, and the inn-keeper laid load upon 
nuid aho; and all of them did mince It with &iKh expedition, 
dicTc wa» 00 leisure ai all allowed io any one of them for breatb- 
;. And the b«sc of all wai, thai the innJcecper's lamp tvent out* ^nd 
finding tbentscK'es in darkneu, th^ belaboured one another 
wkhoiii compiujcin, and at once, as wheresoeva' the blow fell. 
It brtuaed the place ptttfuUy. 

There lodged by chance thai n^^hE in the inn one of the squadron 
oi thoe which are called of the old Holy Brotherhood of Toledo: 
bkrwiie hearing the wonderful noite of the light, laid hand on 
t%ji at o&e and the lin box of hit x'n\e\ And rniered intn the 
withotn li^hi. uyin^, 'Stand itill ^o tlx oETKcr of juuicc ;ind 
tbe holy brotherhood/ And, saying v>. the fint whom he nKt 
thv poor banenrd Don (^uixoir, who lay overthrown in hit bod, 
with hii fac« upward, without any fueling; and taking 
bold of bit be-ard, he ciied r>itt incnuntly, *Help the luntcpM Bui, 
■mg thai he wivm he Ikdd fait bowed neither hand nur foot, be 
prcttTuly thought that he was deadt and ihai those banailUtiit that 
bu^ >o etgerty in the room had slain him; wherefore be Ufied hii 

124 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

voice and cried out loudly, saying, *Shut the inn-door, and lee that 
none escape; for here they have killed a manr This word astoniihed 
all the combatants so much, as every one left the battle in the very 
terms wherein this voice had overtaken them. The innkeeper retired 
himself to his chamber, the carrier to his coverlets, the wench to hef 
couch; and only the unfonunate Don Quixote and Saocho were not 
able to move themselves from the place wherein they lay. The officer 
of the Holy Brotherhood In this space letting slip poor Don Quijiote'i 
beard, went out for light to search and apprehend the delinquents; 
but he could not find any, for the innkeeper had purposely quenched 
the lamp as he retired to his bed; wherefore the officer was con- 
strained to repair to the chimney, where, with great difficulty, after 
he had spent a long while doing of it he at last lighted a caiidl& 


WuuuN Am£ RuiMJoeD TH& I.vr«i;MUAbL£ MiSFOftTV'NU Wumi 
Do^ QuucoTi Afio Hii (iooo SQi;iiri ^A^atQ Suvnum in nit 
bift, Wiiiac He* to Hu H.\t^i, 1iiov«iit to 1^ li Ca4TL1 

BV Ms time Don Qutxoce wii cocne to himvlf 353111 out of 
Jib [fiiKT, and, with llt« Like lomeiiiaLle ikxei Ji ihar where- 
widiiJ tic h^ c^nj lu» KquiTc :hc diy bt^forc, wlicn he ivu 
OTcnhfO'Wii in the v^k of the pick->i^vc«, he called to him. «iylng» 
'Fneod SaiKlio> ttt thou a^p? lUcpcA thou, incad Soncho^* 
^A^hjil [ ailwp? 1 renounce myfcif,' quoth S^ncho, full ol grief 
aad <lespicf, U I think not ill the <ievlls in hell h^^^e been ^JMting 
of mc here iJus iii^htl" 'Thuu mayii c«iJi»I)^ bel>e%e ii," replied 
Don QuixcMe; 'fur ciihcr 1 know \«r>' Ilctle, or elje tliii caatle is 
emehinced. Tot I le< ihee U> wit — but ihcAi must firsc swdr 10 keep 
Mcrtt that which I mean to tell tboe now, until :iftee my death.' 
"So 1 fwe:t/," i)uoch Sancho. T uy it»' c)uo<h Don Quixme, 'because 
I eaanocahidcio takeaway .irybndy's honour/ 'Why/quoch Sintho 
agaioa 'I iwciU that 1 will cocce-i^l li until ^ftor youi wonlup't <iiy^; 
and I pr^y God that 1 may discover it to-morrow/ *Hivc 1 wrought 
tbit siicb bunn* Sincbo,' replied the knicbt. '» thou i%x>ulAt desire 
ts Me iM cod to sooQ?' 'It ii 001 for that, sir,' quoth Soncho; laut 
because I onooc abide to keep thing! long, left they sliouU roc 
m my cuiiixly.' '!-rt « Kp f t^ wim ihcm [x<-*«"«/ i;ml Hon Qiii^rte; 
'fof I do uu»( ^le^tcr miittcii thai to ilty k^vc and i:ourtcsy. 
Aad thu 1 nuy rehcortc 11 unto thcc briery, know thou a little while 
umct, ihc Icihi of tliii caitk''i iIjUkC^Lter cjmc uoto me. who 11 ihe 
motK bxT and beautiful dAm^^l liui can be found in i greit pan 
oC rhe eAnK Whu could J ay uaio ihee of ihe ceniments of bet 
pawmi vrlur of bcr rxcellmT wit? what iif oihrr vrrrr ThingiP 
which, that I may prcaenre ihc faith due unto my Lad) tXiLiiica ot 
bo«H [ posi over in >ilcncc I will only icU th«c tJui Heaven, 
vioiu of the iocnimablc good that forttuie had pax in my handi; 




or pvrhapi (and that it mo&t proluMe) ihls caulc, is I hov^ m^^ 
b eachaoied; jutt at ihe cimc viHca ^ve were in moti fwen 
acoorout >|)mh, I htkag noi able to sftt nv know Cram wlieoa) 
C4n>;, there ajri^cd a lund, )oinal to ibc arm of soTnc niif^hiy t^un. 
aod gave mc such jl blow on the J3w» as they rcnuin aU bailud m 
blood, and d»d after so tiiump and bruite me u I hd my^lf woni 
now ih:in yesterday, whtn the ^^rrien, dmnigh Rozioaote't m»l' 
oets» did i^w us then; know«v how. By which I cuofccnire tJitt the 
tfcasure oi ihi^ i^itnneVi be-jtuy i« kept by aome enchanud Moor, add 
i* not reserved for me.' "Nor for me,' quoth Saikcho; 'tor I h»' 
been borabtsed by more than four hundred Moor% Trhlcli 
hanuDtred me in such sort ax the bnji^ng of the pack-»cavc« 
^Ided brud itnd tpicft^akei in compricon of it B<tf, tir, I 
you irll mr, how rjin ^ixi caII thiv n gnod and rare advetmirv, tMn] 
wc remain so ptiifuU)' used after it? And jtt your bsrmi nuj 
K<]outtted loA, In respca you have held, as ycm said, that inconcw] 
panblc beauty bettvecn your armf. But I, what have 1 had other 
(ban the grc^tcti blows tlut I iball c^er have In my life? Unfor- 
tnnate thai 1 am, and the moihef that bare dkI that neither am J 
an errant 'L night, nor rver mfiint m be any^ and yer ihi" gr fJ tetr 
pan of our mitJupi m\i falb lo ray kn/ 'It xetni thai tbou W2^ 
likcwiic beaten,* replied Don Qi;ixoee. *E^il bdal my lineajte'' 
quoch Saikcbo; Tuve not I told yotJ I was?" 'Be noi grieved, fricfid,' 
rep)t«d cjie kmghi; 'foe I wiD now compcxind the ffedoos balunit. 
whkh will cure u» in ihe twinkling of an eye/ 

The oificer ha>in^ by ihU time lighted hii Ump^ eotered mm t1 
room 10 see him whom be accounted to be dead; and u loon u 
Sancbo saw him, seeing him come in in bii shin, hra head wn 
up in a kerchief, tbt Lamp in his hand, having withal a very evil-] 
fa\^oured counieoajtce, he demanded of hit lord,— 'Sir, li thi< hfi 
chance the enchanted Moor, ihat turns anew to tormeot us fnr 
wmewliat thai it yet unpimithcd ?* *Hc c^ionot be the Moor,' 
AAswcrcd Den Quixote; 'for necromancers sufier not thcrondm vol 
be Mtn by any/ *[f ihe^' lufTcf rot thcmsdvct tn be ven,' ^\ 
Saneho, 'they lufftr tbemielvcc at lean m be felt: if not, let mj 
dMMilden b6ar wiciwti; 'So might mine alfo/ tali Don Quiimi*; 
'buTf nftwithttandbijt thlft b no luAcfefit argument to pruve him' 


wc 91-c ii> br the cnchamed X(uor/ ,\a thus iHry <liBcafm«l, 
ibc o&4f arrived, atid^ Ending ihcm to conununc in so pwcc^iMc 
tnd quid jnAOitcr, be rotcd sdnairod. Yet Don Quixote hy with 
Wi bc« upward as he bad Idi hini, arid wai noc abU to «ru- h«mtcU, 
ht n-w 10 be^t^n and befUiiMr«d. Thm odk«r ipfroo^hing, d^ 
ouaded ol him, 'WrII, liow do4i ihuu, gwid (dkr^ r' "! woukl tpedc 
nore fiuiioeil)^/ ijiuiih t>an QuiKole, 'if I were bui ludi 4 oiie a\ 
ihou an. h JC die cxauym of this couou)', you boctle-hcad! to talk 
jhcr m rude a manner to kfu^bts-cmnt?' 'i'be otbcr^ imfxtticnt to 
mm oo* of ^ vik prcwtice use hiro with ih^i bc^l liii^u;.g«, coutd 
ootvodur* ii; but. hiting iip ihc bm^s oil ind at), gave l)on Qinxorr 
well M falovr on ihe puc with ii <i( he broke hi^ btiid in ot» or :ho 
fdMcSft uid. it^ring all in dirkncu brhiod him, deport prcKntly 
ogi of the dumber, *Without doubt/ qtioth SAochow imr)£ thi« 
■ccrdeot, *ar, that wu the cnch^At«d Moor; and I tJunk he ke<p«th 
die trvonire for othcn, and rtt^rrtth only for tu fut« :iod bnrjv 
bJowu' 'It it as ibou Mytf/ quoth Don Quixof^; 'ind tberrforc we 
n ml 10 icakc acvminc at ibcM: ciKh^iiimcnis, or be wroth jud 
ngry At tbcRi; for. id rripoa ibit they arc invisible and fuitasricol, 
we ahiU HOC tiftd bim on whom wc may ukc revcn^i Ukhj]^ we 
bbourvwr ao much to do it. An^, therefore, Sancho, if thou beett 
^bic, and cjjl to die cooit^le of thii fortreo, and pnocore mt lome 
vL wincv uli, lod vinegar, tKit 1 make tli« wbolewo^ habam; for 
icrily I belirvc thai I do need it vcfy much at thai tinu; the blood 
ruuKth m fa« out of the ««ound whi<h the »|iifit ^atc me c\en now.* 
laThfiThm jnT tjfi,widt£ncf enough oi hUboocKvtd \v«at without 
Ight lowardt thr innkeeper's, and «)Kouciief«d oD the way the officer 
d the hr>ly brotherhood, who ffood harkeotnji what did become of 
W enemy: to wixtm he viid, 'Six, whuuwer thtiu bcvrn, ! deaie 
ihec, do tu the ^rout azilI hrikcfii 10 gnc me a tiiile mocmary, oil, 
vine, attd >alt« to cure one of ihe bett kni^hoerrant that ii in the 
nifhi who btth now m dui bed. londy wounded by the hiadi of ah 
ac ciiint e d Moor that U in iJvii inn/ When the oficcf he^rd him 
iprA in thatnuuuicf, hchddhiintobeoucof kiiwiu: ondbecaair 
the dawniojc began, he nfienfiH rhr inn-dcxv, and to!d unu> the hoM 
that wh>ch Sancho dnnaitded. The innkeeper pttxndy provided 
dut he wtu«d. lokd Sukcfao carried it to tdi nnaater. wba ImM hii 


held btt^rttn both his han<U, and comfjIaiDcd fnuch oE tJie piS 
that the bbw oE h]4 bcod cnuMd, which d^d hun do other bun i>ud 
to fabe up two UUt«n ftocMwhai ^T^a/l, and ihaJ whkli be nq)poaed 
CO be blood vm ocAy the hunuKif which the anxwty and Ubour 
of mind ho pnu«d in thti Uft d:uk adveoture bad nude him 

In rcsoJubon, Don Quixote look hti simple*, of which he made 
cosnpouod, mixing ihcm all tc^hcf, jind tl^n boiling of ihem d 
good whiJe, UddJ they came (as he thought) to their pcHtamtu 
He atkcd for a vUl wher?3D he might lay ihit prrciam lu|tinn bm 
the inn bcuig unable to afford him jii) such, he refolded ac Uu m 
put it i&io a tio oil-pot, whkh ihc host did ticely give him, and 
forthwith be uid over the pot djthiy pAtemostcrs and as matiy avm, 
talv«i^ acid creed*, and ^ccmpanied every word wiih a croa> 
form ol beiMdictton; at all which eeremoniei, Sincho, the iiuikoepar, 
uxl ihe offktT of iJir holy hrmhrrhood were prcmit; fur the 
%vent very wbcrly to imt and mAe irA^ly hii mulci. 

The liquor bring made, be lumtctf wouEd prcacmV make 
ence of the ^rtno of thai prectoui halum, as he did tmai^iiie it 
be, and >o di<t drinic a good draught of the overplus that cotUd 
enter imo hit poi, being a quart or thereaboutft; ;ind sc-uxe had 
done it when be bqsau to vumii «u extremely ns he Hi noihing unu 
up in hii «onuch; and, Uirough ihc pain and ajtiiation CAmc6 by ha 
vomitS) be Cdl into a rvrj abiuulant and great iwcat, and therefor 
commaoded himself to be well cox'ered, aivd left aloue lo take hi 
ease. Which was done forthwith at>d he sltpt three houn; and th 
awaking, found himwif to wondeifulty cned and fttx from 
bfuisiog and [utJi, *i he dnubted rmi but ilut lie was 
wboJe; and thTTcfon; did verily pcnuade ^mulf iUti he had 
pcoed on the righc manner of compoundinjf the Balum of Fie 
and that, having that medicine, he might boldly from 1 
undertake iny ruini, ban let, conflicts, or advenuirei, how 

Sancho Panaa, who Ukcwi&c aiinl>utcd the swUca core of hi 
mifter lo miracle, requeued thai It would pleue him to give hi 
leave to uip u^ the remainder n( the babam which reocd in th 
kfftle, and wai do small quaotiiY; which Don Quixote gnntcd 



nd h<^ liftiaf; up b^iwetn borh h^(b» did, with a gpod f^th axid 
bmtr taknc, quaiT ii oH all, being liuk U«s than Ktt nuttor had 
dnmk. The toccrts, ihrn, of iho bi?:ory is, iliai poor Sancho'i 
cU)ciuch wji no« to dHlc;ice 31 his torsi's utirrcfoii*, before he could 
cut, be wai lormcficcd with so many cruel paaxgu loxthin^^ tuvcatx 
jnd dimavi, oa he did verily perauad« himsclt ihit his bar hour 
wu come; ind, perci^vrnj; btoudf to be so afllicted aod troubled, 
hff curved t)io baUam, aod the thief whxh bad given ii to him. Don 
Qmxor^ *eei0j{ uf bint in llui ^liiifiil takings uhI: ^1 bdi^ve^ Sancbo^ 
all thi« evil licfallcth ihcc bci:juic rhoii Aft not dubbed knight; for 
I pmuadc myKilt thai thu liquor cannot heJp any one ihjl h doC 
*U your wor^ip knew that/ <|uotb Sancho,— Vvit befall mo and all 
ray lioeagcT-^why did you th^oforc content ihii I thould tastt it?' 

In chh time the drench K-td made hh operation, and tho poor 
'fttuirr did so swift and vehcmeniiy diu:hjfgc hiinielf by both cjun- 
Qcb, u neither his mat or canvjis covering cotUd xrvc after to any 
nm. He twt^i ^nd iwc^it :if:^n. with mcb txccwft s^nxMoipga, u 
noc only bmielf, but hkvwiie all ihe beholden, did verily <lecm th» 
hii bfr wv rttSng, Tliik (lorm and mithap endurad about lome 
two bjurv ifte-r wUii^h Kr rnnainrd nric cured at ht% nutter, hut so 
W6*ry ami itidi^sox^ jit he wai no< ^bb 10 itand. 

But Doo QuiJtote, ^mIio, as we have xud, felt himself cased and 
ciutd, would pe<nntly depart to seek adxYOtum, it seeming tjmo 
Uia thai M th« timo which he abode there ^va1 no other than a 
dfprivin^ both of the wv»ld and needful people of his favour mA 
anJMinfr: and caixf% thruu^ii {\te Mvuri;y jnd confidriKe tlut he 
hut in hb iuUun* And carried iliut a^-iy by ihi^ dciire, he himKif 
fftddled hi4 hone Rozinanie, and did empannel his squire's bcatt, 
whom he Idwwifte helped to apparel himaelf and to mount upon bit 
»; and pfBently. getting a-honcjuck. he nkde over to x comer of 
inn. and bid hand on a javelin thai wai there, to moke it wrve 
itwcad of a lance. All the people that were In the uui stood 
Kftf him, vd)ich vftrc above twenty in number. 

Tb« iiuikeeper*! daughter dtd also boV upon htm, And he did 

rfrer withdraw his eye from her, and wrnild ever iftd anon breathe 
fanh to doleful :i sigh » if he hod plucked it out of the bottom of 
Ht bean; which all the beboldera took to proceed from the grief of 


hia ribft, but espcci^Ur tuch ai bid seta him pUistcTcd ihc nigta 
before^ And, b<ing buth tnounccd chui a-hpfxback. be c&llcd ibfl 
jnnJuaopof, and u^d umo hiiD, wtih ^ fitavt and oakl voite: 'Maoy 
am) grcac sr* the faroun, in vomi^bJe, whkh J law itcnved in thii 
your cjtile, and do rcmJio ruai r>bb^cHi 10 gruiCy ymi fnr thrm i3] 
the dayi of my li£e. And d I miy p^y or rcoimpcnac tliicm by ir^ 
Tfinging of )x»u gpon any proud nutcrcaiK \hn luth docw you any 
wrongs know that u it nunc ofiicc to help tW wt4k» lo rrrcnge 
Uie wronged, 2nd to duuisc irutort. Call tharafOTQ to irMmary, and 
if you find ;inyihinj£ of tHii kind to cotnmend to my oirrcctioci, yo;i 
need IMC but ooce to say it; for I do proinitt- you. by Uv order of 
koigktbood which 1 have received, to uiiify and apay yon accont 
injC to your own doire.' 

The iDcikecper answeretl him afcaiot with hke gravity and 
not, raying, "^ir knight, I ahaO not need yoat aiananc* wbeA» 
wnMDg it done 10 mc; For 1 know very mell mytflf how 10 take the 
revenge that 1 shall ihinlcguod,vtd>Fiitlic-iniun'iioffpri?d. Thai only 
whxh [ reqtme ia, that you defray the ckiri^ whereat you have beca' 
here in the inn thu mj!hl, as well tor the ttnyv and barley jpven 
to youf two honet. at aUo for both your bedi^' *TKik then, la an 
inn?' <iuoth Doo Quixote. *That it -.t, and an honotrrable one too,' 
replird ibp innVoqwr. TTjcn havr I htiherto Ittvd in an tRor/ 
quoth Don Quixoic; Tor, in ^^ery ffjod sooth, 1 took h till now 10 be 
a caote, and ilut no mean one netihcr. But lince that it 11 no uude. 
bm an inn* that which yon may do for the preieni time ia, to foegrn 
mt ihoie ocpenMi; for 1 cannot dn auf^ht a^nct the ctutem of 
kai^tt i eff i M; of all which 1 mon cenainly know {without erer hav- 
mj^ read until thit pre«Rit anything tc the contrary) rba: they nevet 
piid br ihdr lodging, or other thing, in any inn wbere*oeva ihey 
Uyi (oTt by all law and ri^hi, any j^ood mteruinmcflt that ii pvcn 
unto them ii iheir due, in recoropente of the iim^portabio mvda 
they endurv. ceekioH of adventufe« both day and nictht. in tummer 
jnd winter, >foot and jihorvelnck, wiih thirfi and hitnger, in luat 
and onld. hnng ftubfni m sU ilir diiirmprratum nf hc;trf-ii jdiI all the 
cfijconunoditieiof the eanh/ 'AH that concerD« mc noiKmii; re(^icd 
the innkeeper. 'Pay unio me tny due. and 1cfl\-e thnc talr^ ^ml 
knighihoodft apon^ fee I care tor oothkig oIm btft hnw I may coaw 


by coioe ovftu 'lltou an A nuul and a bad b&si,* quoch l>oik 
QuoDCi?- And. »>iDg to, Kc spurred Rouiuuiu, omI. ftoon^ifk^ 
wuh bti ^ivdiQ, hv Usuod out of tbo itiA in dupju of tlufti ;iJl, lod, 
wnbooc k)oking bchiiul him to tn oaco whether hit K]ulf« £ollotv«d» 
br nxlir a i;<x)d way (iff inom iu 

The inokeepcf, aeciQg he depantd without uiislTin^ him, ctme 
ID SaDcho P»nu to get hi 1 mooey of htm. who sA^wend dut, since 
kn to«d would doc py. he would kkci.v[3<; ^ivc Dothini:; for bdi^, 
be W21, K|uire lo 3 kiught-cmmt, the xay sistne rales aiul reisoo 
rxctnpicd hit nuuter from pjyraaict In inat sod lavcnu otighi 
to «rv9 and be uodcnuMxl a4 v*dl oj hinx The innkeeper gneur 
«i thoe wenis, and thrcAtcocd him tluc. if be did not pey 
kn s|)c«ddy, bt woujd rceowr it in nciAniaor that trauki ^rieiv 
Wax. Sancho replml, cwtaring by the ordtr of koij^hthood whtch 
ki« lord had ncavMl, thai ht would noc pay cfie dttuei, though ii 
tout him bs It&; lor die good and ancient cuflonn of kitighlvmaai 
ibould never, throiigh hik default, be inlnn^fed; nor thould ibeif 
iqtitfes which ore ^ct to come icuo the world cvur complain 00 Kim, 
«r npbrauJ him for tramgrciting oc breaking «o )UR a duty. But 
ka bod fi>rtune ordatncd thac there were at the Vrry tim* in the 
mne tun foiir clothkr^ of Si^govio, aiul ihrce pnint-nukpn nif the 
oewt of Cordova, and two ncighboart of tlic nurkei of Scvilk, all 
fkattul (oik, wcLl-mindcd, mahciout, anJ phfionic; all wlikK 
yrkltod and m a moaner moved all at one time, and by iHf very 
mne ipitit, came nrv to Sancho. and, pulhng him down off hii a&s 
oorof thanraninCur tbeinnLeeper'taiverlei, and, caving him inio 
k, they knkcd up, and, «eein^ t\te hwtse wai vimewhai too low fiv 
ihor inteoded business, they determined 10 jro into the b;i^e<ourt. 
wbidi wasoverhcAd only limited by heaven; and then. Soncho Ucan^ 
bid in the m>d*t of the hbnkec, they b^f^an 10 tou him aloft and 
ifmn ihefDitlvet with him* in the mannirr they v,xn^ wont to im 
jt .Shromide. 

Tbe ouicno of ibe miserable hcioued squire were so many and » 
md at they arrived at last to hi* (ordV hearinK, who* »t3ndinjc 
fade to Imtti AOcntiYcly whdt k was* believed that ioqm new 
did a^tproach, until he i^eiceived £t Ian tbar he ti-hkh 
waa bU «|0tnTi wherefore, turruQg ih« rnns, he made towar ds 


ill* inn with a loathcome gallo|>, and, finding h ktiui, he ftide at 
about It in vr wltribcr hi- mi^lu cn^tf inin k. Bui tcarc^ ^xas he 
airivcd at Om wjIU of the b^icKoun, which ^tfc not vcfy high, 
when be perceived the foul pUy tbi; wu t»ed bownnl his squire; 
£of he taw htm <Jc!*ccn<l and juctjul into the air again, wuh aodi 
grace and agUiiy. thac» did hii cboLer permii, 1 cartatnJy pcnoade 
my«cU, be would lia^c buix for laufEhter, He snyeJ to maum tbr 
w^ll frnm hh Ivvw, hut Ix w^% ut hiLiitn] jn^I bttiLcn ai he could 
nol do lo much a« ahghc from \ui buck; whcrcfoic, from hit bock* 
he u»cd ttich reproachful and vite languafie to thocc which lottti 
SanchOp as it U mpowhle to by them tiown in writing. And, not* 
withaanduig all hii «coraftil speech, rt't did noi they cease trtMtt 
thdr btighier and labour; nor the fifing; Sincbo from his coin* 
pktnu, now iiid then meddled wiib thrcjii, now and then wkh 
entrcaliri; but ar^led very UltlCi nor could prcvjiil. until il>cy were 
conitrauied by wearineit to giv'^ him over, Tliea did ihey bnn^ 
him hti ut ji^ain, ind, helping htm up uixin ii, the>' U{3pe<l him in 
his in;in!le; and the cun|KiAionacff Mariioinei, behuddijtg him in 
aflticif^d and o'cilahourcd, thot^ht It needful u> help him w J 
draught cl wjucr, and u brouj^ht it him front the wcU, bccatiM tfa«| 
waicf thereof was coolest. Sancho took the pQt, and, laving it to lut 
liptpbeahiizaincd from dnnkingby htslord'^penujaon, whocfiad tOj 
him abed, uying, "Son Sindw, drink not water; drink it not, 
for it win kill thee. Behold. 1 have here with me the moat holyj 
balaam' (and ahowed him the oil-pot ot the dreiKhrt he bad com* 
potinded); 'for. with only ^^^ dmpt that thou dnnkeit, ihou ihaltJ 
wkhotit all doti)i. remain whole and Aouod.' At tho«c words»| 
Sancho, looking behind him» answered his rruiter. with a lotiekr 
mice: 'Have you forguiien so uxm how ibai I 4m nn knight, or do 
you duirc th^l I vumit the remiunt of the poor bciw^U that innain, 
in me tinoc yeftcmight? Keep your li<{uoe for youradt la 
devirs oamc and permit mc to h^e in pcKe/ Aikd the conduaimj 
tS thi& ipccch and hit be|rinDiDg to drmk was done all hi 
Ifittani: but, frnJin^ m tW fttn clraiif^ht ihot fi wn water, he 
not laaU? il 4n> murr. but itTjucUttl Mariiurnrm ihji thr wouM 
him some wine, which she did saiaij{hi with a very gpod will. a\ 
Uhcwise paid fair ii oul of her own fmmti (or in tSaa h » wrii 


of ber, that though she followed that trade, yet had she some shadows 
lod Uueaments in her of Chrisciamty. As soon as Saiicho had 
dmnkeii, he visited his ass's ribs with his heels twice or thrice; and, 
the inn heing opened, he issued out of it, very glad that he had paid 
oothiog, and gotten his desire, although it were to the cost of hii 
ordinary sureties to wit, his shoulders. Yet did the innkeeper remain 
possessed of his wallets, as a payment for that he owed him; btit 
Sancbo was so distracted when he departed as he never missed 
them. After he departed, the innkeeper thought to have shut up the 
um-door again; hut the gentlemen-tossers would not pennit, being 
such folk that, if Don Quixote were verily one of the knights of the 
Round Table, yet would not they esteem him two chips. 


Pamu^ A^u Hub Loku. Don Qcuun, Wmi Oiitut Awknujuk 


SANCHO arrived to his irusccr all won lud ditnuy^ info* 
much li he wxt tcjrce abb to spur on hii brast- Wbco Doo 
QuIkdcc bchdd Him in tlui cav, he u'ld lo Inm: 'Now <So 1 
vrlkoUy pcnu^dc mytdi, friend SjiKho, tiui that catdc of iiio i« 
doubUctt coduDtcd; for ibox which made paatimc with thee in jo 
cruel RUttftCr, what Wm could they h^ but spuiii^ or people of anocbtr 
woHd^ whkh I do the nth^r believe, b«<3iiw 1 saw Uut, wlula 1 
stood ai the binier of the ]nud, beholdiog ihc aos csf ihy nd 
tragedy, 1 was not ia any wiie abic dther to mount Jtt 0€ alight bcun 
Rozioaotc; lor, as 1 »y, 1 think ihry held me then cacbanied Foe 
1 YQw to thee, by mine honour, that if 1 could hare dtber awucucd 
or alighicdr 1 would hare lakea vucfe vcngcaacv oo those lewd ud 
tnachmus caiiifis as ifaey should ranember thv jm fee rw, 
thou^ 1 had tbocfore advcacurvd to innyf the Un-i nf ksight- 
bood: whkht as I have ofmmct mM umo ihec^ pcmutifith ooi uiy 
kaa^t CO Imj bandi on ooe that b ooc kot^Med, li it be mc to do- 
fneeof tut proptr Bb and ptnomaod that io cuv e^ groat and 
tirgmt pecenlty.' 'So would I a1» ksvr rcyecy d myidf,' qtntb 
Swho, 'if I mi^it, were they knigfau o« oo kni|^«s; but I couU 
V<: and yet 1 do mEilbbJ? betievt thai thoac vUdi took tlmr 
plcaivre with nir wtn oaiihar fhoRi nor ■nrfiinnrf tncn, aa you 
ay,butnicsi«^AtthaodbooMaimar9;aikdaBoCihcni,a«l turd 
thcQi calfed whsht dwf toned tor, had pntper nan WK lor ooo iw 
tenrifd Pcver Manind, aod aiwcbcr TcBdrio Kemandtr, and I 
beard ^so the iiuikecper tailed loho Kkmm^ the deaf; ■> that, 
far your isafaibry oE nee l«ftai 9<v the hanrkti ol tht ^a^d. 

a&ffaciv «C your ho««, WW ooly 

I do dwly odbct ihn cmkL, thaa ihnr 



■earcb of will bring lu M but la ui many iLivcQEurf^ ^ wr dsull 
be abk 10 know which u our lighi kJoi, And ihji u-hicb we 
Bi^ do bed. ^cordjftf to my Imlc uodcnuadiogi w«rc td r<tura 

V BgBUi u> oux vilUg^^ DOW ilut It i» reiptag-ufnci and look to our 
gootb, on&ning to leap ihus, ai Aef say, oui cf ih« fryi&^pan 
tniD ifae fm.' 

"How UuJc <icial tiiou kniiw, Sandio,* repUnl Don QuixiM(% 'wh^ 
Ifpcrtunnh 10 cbivalryf PcacCi and have patience, for a day will 
cone wberaci ibon thaJi »c with ihin^ own cres bow honourable i( 

V ifl follow rb[« cKcrcitc. If not, tdl mc whjt greater oonteoc may 
tbere be in ihu ««ckl, or what plcdtur* cari equal ibst of winnifig 
1 banir, and «finiiji)phing over one's cftemyf None, wiiboitf doubt-' 
1 think it be m,* quoth Sancho, '^ildiou^h I do ibot know it; ooly 
[faa I kiKHv, th:u, linoe we breamt koi^bu^rranu or xhm you an 
BMW (Ear ihcn i« do reaaoa why 1 should coiiM m/MU ia to hoivMir- 
able a number), we never overcame ajiy battle, if it wu T>ot that cf 
ibe Bi«^lne^ And you came even out of the very- same wtth half your 
ittt acid beaver leu; and ever after that lime we have had nothing but 
uidgcb and naore cud|fda, Uowi and more blown; I carrying wkh 
ine bende^ of o%'erptiu, the cossinfc in tbc blanket: and that, by 
itaaon tt vr» done m me by enrhantcd prrsoni, 1 cnnnot be rrvengod, 
Mid by cnowqnrnce thall nnc know ihai true gutr and ddtgh-* rhai b 
taken by i^nqntthing mine enemy, whereof you ipakc even now.' 
Thai ia it which grieves me, ss it ihould thee also, SancfiCi' quoili 
Don Quiuxe. Bdc 1 will procure bcteoher lo get a eword made vmb 
mmh aft, thii whoeoever thaU wear it, no kind of wtcliiiinww 
dull hurt him; and perhaps fortune will preieot me tbe very lanie 
which bekmifed 10 Atvudti, vf\i^n he c^itled liiouelf ^the kni|tbi 
td the btimin^ twiFrd.*" which wit oite of the hex th^t ever kmght 
b«l in tbb wnrid; far bcaidea the virtue that 1 told, it d»d aUo cut 
lODe a rtaorr^nd no armour, were it ever to itroo;; or cochait^dt 
could ornd bH<^c 11.' 'I ;im to fortunate,* quo-h Sancho, lh» when 

H txM, and that yai3 found woch 2 iwnrd. It would only lervi 

be benefiQal. and aznd in stead, such as are dubbed knighu 

duth yiNir habun; whil« the poor aquirn nrv crammed hxll with 

'Fear not that, Sancho*' quoth l>ic QuiJuace; 'for fortune 

II dot with ihoe more liberally than «o-' 


In ihcstf <lis:aut«« Dwi Qdnvc md his K^uire rode; wfafta] 
QtiixDlt, pcicciviii^ a grtJt and ihkk ilutf In Jirjie rn the way] 
whtifdn he iSQ\t\kd, tuininf 10 Saocbo, U]<U 'Thii i^ Siocko, it» 
diy whcre;n ihaU be tiumEcat the |[ooU wh^b brtur^ hath rcKrvcd 
(of dbc This i% the diy wherein the torae o( tnino oitn mun baj 
ihoivo >% much 31 in any ochcr whiitorvvr; and in ii 1 will do «jch| 
frail ns thjll for ever fmuin rtxorded Ui thr booki uf lunc. Dent, 
ihoa see, Sincbo, th« dusi wliich juittih iliere? Kiiuw ibdt ii vSi 
caused by 1 inighty army, and sundry and ionumcr^lc n;it>i 
which come maf-ching ihcrc/ 'If ;hit he to,' quoih Sancho, 'iht 
mua there be two onnio; Cor on this other lidc ie rAi«ed at grcxt 
a dux/ Dtjn Qjixote turned b:)ck (o hehold :t, ^nd Meing it wji ki 
ijldetdr Ut W3E marvellous glad, thinking ih« ihey were dDubtles^y 
two aioiiex winch CJii>e ei> fight ofie wtih Jiioiha In (be iqmIiI ci 
th^ SfUCtous plain; for he had his fantasy ever feplcAifhed with 
these baules, enchantments, succ<«S4;s« ravings, kxvcs, and chaliengM 
wluch ore rch«m«d la boaki oj krughihuod. and all that ever hej 
ipoke, thou^t, or did, wsi addrencd and a|>)CiGd to ihe hke ihin^.j 
AikI the dua whkh he hati seen wu raiwd by ivro ^eai (kjcki ii£{ 
&hcei\ tlut came tWoti^h ihe ume Gdd by two dliTercot my«i{ 
Atid could not he discerned, by reason oC the diM, uniil they 
very oeof . Don QiMxnte ihd aifirtn that th«y wefe ti#o artnscft wich| 
10 rery good eam<«t os Sancbo bebeved k, am) dorundcd of hii 
"Sir, «hai then ihall we two dnV "What thall wp dei,' i^uiiih 
Quliotf^ 'but assiA the needful and weaker aide? For thou 
Wiv>w, Sarkcho, thai be vrha txnm iniA-irili u» U ihe grcai 
AUEarafafoik, lord ol the irrcat island of I'rJixjlufu; ihe other, 
nurchcth ac our hack, is his fnemy, the king of the Cai 
Woia|>ohn of the naked arm, so caUcd because he ftiU eaierath 
boitk with hi t nght arm naked/ 'I pray you, good sir,' qticub 
'to leJl me wliy thar two prtnocs ha?e ocie another » much f 
are encniM*.* repUnl Don Qttisoct. 'becauae that ih^i 
ia « futioua pifaiu and is aunxHnd d Pnua^hfl'i duighicrj vr\ 
b « ^^ery heaulilul and gmciout princcsa^ aod* moreover, a 
tiafi;ftndher f ' ' •* V-r lo the pagan king, until fii 

he ^ndor. .' I h^ioroe one of hH rctigkiiul 

'By my bcanU' quotli Sancho, 'PentapoUn hath rann. and I 


all tlui 1 tniy/ 'By cluing u\ L|uuib Don QuUate. *iIuhi 
jiaiormai Uiy dutj ; fx)r it it noi f equiute (luc one be a knight to 
Ac end he fn;iy ana into «udi batlJcs;.' *i do apprehend tbjt myvlf/ 
quotb Ssncbo, 'very «^^; but where diali wc leave thit its in the 
muitiin^ tfast wc nuy b* siiro 10 find him again afisr the fonHict? 
»for 1 ihink h is noi chv ctiuom to enter into bitili^ motmied on 
'lULh 4 hcutc' 'li » uucv* quoUi Don Quixote: 'thu whidi thou 
suyrt do h id k»vc him to hi> adveotitfts. and care not whctber he 
be lost Of found; for ^« &haU b^ve «o many hnnea, ;:Cter coming 
wroC ihb haole viaori, tlui wty Koizitvmte hicmelf u m duixer to 
W dungvd &)r another. But he arierui^ie; for I tn^sui to devribe 
unto choe the priocipil knigTv^A of txnh ihc .^rnudi and iq ihr end 
4oa nuyst dw bccrcr sec ^rd nxc jU ihmgt. ict ut rciirc ourfclvn 
to iKii btiic hillocl:* from whence both umK^ nuy e^t^ be 

My did «i; and, nandang on the top of a hilt ftom wKotK< they 
irhjvF *wfi both (he 0ock&, w^uch Don Quixote called an armyt 
wril, if the clouds d diiat had 00c bandercd it and blinded their 
yet, notwithjaoding. 04ir knight seeing in conceit that which 
he really did not ve ai aU^ be^tan to »y, with a loud voice,— 

Thai kmfthi v^ikh ihou 9ttn there wkh the yetiow arrnotir, 
«ho heart in hit shield a Ixm. cn^vmcd, cnjuchin^ ai -a damvl'i frvt, 
o rhe viloroui Laiirc:iiin, k>rd of the ulvrr brid^. The other, 
nhne ai ma are poivdcrcd vath flowers of gc4d, and bears in an azure 
Md du«t crowns of tilvcr, it the droaded Mtcooofembo, great duke 
4 Quirocia. Hk other, limbed Ukc a pane, that standeth at hii righr 
kiad, it th« undaunted Hrandabartkiray o( Bcliche; lord of the three 
Anbns, and cdkics armed with a tetpent's hkin. bearing (or his 
ilueUl. a^ is reported, one of the giites of the temple which Sanuon 
^ ^> i<t/'jtb overthrew to be revenged of hiaenemiei. But turn thine 
nfhcr nde, and thou shah see first of all, and in the front 
' ^ ^;ther army, the e^et viao* and nev(?r vinquidied Timonel 
kita^nna. pnnce ni Nrw Bucsy, wlm comrs :iTitird with arms 
into blue, greea, white, and yellow quancra» and bears in his 
, Ml a 6dd of lowny. a cat of ^d. with a letter thai sayi Miati, 
til the bqoinping of b^ Jady*s name, which is, as the rtfwtt 
Hw peerlHs Mtanltoa, datighier to Duke Alfeniqom of 


Algarv«. The otber, Uui btixctcfu ind opprcMcit) the b*ck of 
nt^bty oxjrMr, wIiomi armour b «& wl^ as mow, uul jbo 
iliitltt wiiluHit Ally clpvicp, Li 3 cwvr knkj^hi of i^raiic<>, caUtd Pi«rm' 
Pupin, fajtc) ti tlw tuning uf Uinqtic- Thi? uihfr, that bcau lib hofi 
ftldsi willt hii arnwd Inlt. ind bean the jmu oj pure Azun, u 
inijclilV l>iiki' at Nitrbii B^iuniTtlardo of ihc »^>od, who bciri ii 
hit dcvKr 4 UatruWr witli A nuAto iJui uyt, "So u^« my fortune." 

And thut he prococdkxl forward, naming fnimy koightt of tht 
Mni\ riv trtUvi u|tiaili(in, rvrn at hr had imasiiwv) ihrm, anJ iiTn< 
bi^tol Ki r«ih (ifte hi» .ami, Ku ciilourt, imprcse, Jiid uKJ(to<-s ^1 
dtoly bornr twuy by tbc inu^iniiion tA hii woiKkrtul dutr^cuuA] 
ami, M-iihuut aummcriiig, h« proc«ed«^ lAytngr- 

TIkU Liu tquadnm owfiiinith fcik of Ottty lUtioAs: in it 
titom wh^h t4iio tlw Twect waccri of f^moui Xime; il»e noUA- 
uiiUKU mct\ ilut iicjid ihc MWital iwldi; ihfVK tlut du ikfi the 
moM |HV0 iiid rue icoid oi Ariibu Friix; thoM Uut po«3«ucd the 
f^moui ftod d^ivHiiul tuitki ul dcdi TenDodocitc; iboae thai let 
blmtdt rn«ny And iundr>' w.iyt the itoldtn Pictolut; the Nutnide^ 
unUfdfati in theii finvniir; the Prniun, fiouitn lor irchm; the 
l^mh» uul Metko^ tlui (ti^M dvitix^ tlir Ar.ihK. incufunac in ihttr 
dw«Uin|t«t th« Scyih>4iu. at crttcl d* wUtt; ibc t-j^*^^«ft% oi bored 
lipat uhI rtha infiinbe ottionx wbooe b»« 1 kftow tod bdaoW^ 
jkhouili I tuvt iots<aimi thia 4tfwatMtmML In tku othtr 
noM riiuei ihsv i«m tl« crymdhaa ni^Mn «rf the olii 
hMbt ihcw ihM «bp and polbJi iheU bos with th» Imiwc of the 
■■ w d d i aad ffoUon l^V«a; thoae tku pnttoi thr fJtujtA fc Buenc 
rf4MMCkftili ibmtWinnpleifa»T«mMficMkeD 
Ml IMttuiv; Ihnv chM rvcnoM thttiuetctte m the El^ku fichb 
Xm m x tlw mh Mam h ^ iMi^ <iu »<K d vf«^ mihh out of 
ifcM^ywJhJ mihim^lhrMdim nbcmot tW-Gathoii 
ihov tku Whe thMVahtn » ISww^fc fiiw wJ fat tW uaoxh* 
ttM <rf hn cMranit th^ ihM faod *ev fci:fe» Mihe %M r^^ of 


AcntNTtmt OK TKa sheup 139 

rDoiM critrity and biicfncu, tbcir proper Jtiiibuicft. being iwhi]< 
lowvd up and cxi£uUt<I in thow ihaags wbch l^x h^Kl read in bis 
l]rtng bookd Saacho Padza oood tuipuadvd m hu ipivcK and 
)pofc« not a wofd, bot ooly w-ould dow sod then lOfa his head, 
u K« wheiher !i« could nurk ibme knifjthu aiul gunu which his 
ktfd had lunicd; anii> by rcaun be coiikl not dixovct 4ny, he wd, 
^r, I five to the devil iiny man, gunu or kni^^u ot Jl ibosc you 
nidb that appoireifa; ax kaA» i cannot ditccm them. I'crhapt oil it 
but ffOcbjfURktnt, liko dui of the ghocti of yvst^DJ^ic* *Hotv i^ytl 
doa io^ quoch Don (^itotc. 'Dwt noc thou hear tht bofm iieJgh» 
the tnunpvts sound, and the notw of the dninn?' '1 hoir nuihing 
dx,* Kud SuKhu, 'but iTv sreai bleating of many sh«pu' And to it 
vu> indeed; tor by thif time the two flocks did approach them very 
aear. "Vht fear that thou conodveu, Samho/ <|tJoilh Don Quixote, 
tokcth thee ihat thou ctnst neid:er heir nor tec arighi; for onte o£ 
ibv ctfncii of fr^r it to tmiM; iht- v^nsn, >nd mnke ihin^ appear 
tfherwiv dian ibcy arv; aixi smng tl»xi fcarcAi 10 miich, retire 
Ay*clf our of the w^y; for I alone am ^udkicnt to gn-c the Yictory 
Id that part which 1 ahali a&atu' And* Karipf tnded hu speech, he 
tfC cpuf« 10 Rorinjme, iod, wuinj! h» tancv in thft reitt ha flung 
4nwc from ihe hillock hke a thunderbolt. Sancho cried to him as 
kud ai he could, Myiug, 'Reiuin. goud uf Dun C^xutH fof 1 tow 
uvD God, dut all tboDe which you go to dur^'e ^rc bm sheep Jod 
TOtioiu; rerum, 1 say. Alas that ever 1 was borni what madness ii 
ikit? Look; for there U neitlier j^inc nor koiitfal, nor catti nor amu, 
ftir ihkhk parrd nor whole, nor pure azure* nor de^tlidi. What it 
tr rnj do? wrrirh thai 1 am!* Fcr all ihU Don Qu:xoie did not 
munu but rather mdc. u)mg with a loud voice, *0a, on, knighi>l 
III you ihaf aervc and maKh uiM5cr the bannefi of the valorous 
taprror Pmiapohn tA ihe naked arm; follow me^ all of you. and you 
>a-uJ tcv how euily 1 will revenge him on i6t enemy. Ahlamfiron 
^ Trapotuna.' And, nying id, iw enn-red mio the mkbt of the 
of thrrp, md began id Unce ihem with such courage and tmy 
ii Im did In ^;Dod carncn encounter hit mortal enctniea, 
TW shepherds ihu cosnc vnih the Aock. crinl tn him 10 leave 08; 
n% iMr wordi took no effect, they unloosed their din|t«t ^nd 
heitBD en saline hif pate with etooas as ip^t as onc*t fin. Bta Don 


QuusMo nude no account of their suxici^ utid did fling uf> And 
among the slMvp, »yi'>8» 'X^'here art chou, proud Alifaoifiifcmf 
wticfv on ibou? Come lu rur; (ctr 1 am but one knigbi alorw, whi> 
desrc to prove my force wiiIi thcc mm to nuit uid tlcpvivc ihoe 
c( xhy life, in pain M the wrong thou dost lo ibe vaJUnt I'cnupoLsi, 
the C^nram-inie/ At chat iiutani a ttonc ^vc him nxh a bkiw oq 
i>n« of hit Kidci, »r did bury civo of bit f ib( in bii body- He bcbfitding 
himself so ill digtic, did pre«enily bolinv ih^t lie wat eiihrr Uata 
Mjrdy vroundnl; and, rcntembeviiig lumicH of bi& lit)tio(, be 
out hU oil'pcc, and Mt it to bi» mouth to driak; but cfc be coitii 
uke as much as he thought reqmme to cure hia buns there cometb 
anoiker almond, i^-hJcb striKk liira so full upon the hind uod ml^J 
pot, AS h broke it into piecei, :i<ul oirried uwuy wiili it beudes tbre^| 
or itjut vd hii cbrek ti-eih, And did muieiivcr biuiir very luiely two 
ot hif fingers. Such wu the firtt and the Kcond bk^w, ^ the 
knight ^-AS conttrsifwd to fall ctnwn otf his borK, And the »hi 
herdi arriving, ^id \tti\y believe iJiey hod ilim him; and thercfi 
garhcrin^ ihcir flock together wirb all tperd, and carrying at 
ihdr dead muttons^ whkh were more than sevm, they wrnt away 
without verifyiEi^ the nutter any furtlie/. 

Sancho remained all Oni wfule on the hdghti bd^dicg Mi maa- 
ter't CoUieft, pulling the luiif of hU beard for very dcqair. and etmcd 
iHe hour and the moment whernn he Arvt knew him; but, umng 
him ovTTlhrown to the ranit, atkl the ihephcnU fled aurjy, Itr omv^ 
down to him, ami found bim in very had taking, yet bad he 
quite loM the uie of hii acnsea; to whom he taidt *X^id noi 1 
you, sir knight, return, and told %<ou due you wew not to tn' 
an army ct men, but a fkxk of theep?' That thief, tha wiae man 
who if mine advenary/ qunih Don Qimtote^ 'c^n coumerfeic and 
nttkemeH toieem tuch»or vanidiaway, as he picavth; for* Sanchiv 
ihou ou^KCSt no know that ii ii a very easy tl^ng tor tboM kind of 
nwn to make tin utrm what they ptcaM^ and ihia mahgn thai perae- 
cureth mc, envying ilie gk>ry whch he law 1 waa bke lo acquire 
in ihb bank, hath converted the tiKmy't tquadeoru Inio At^ 
And if thoQ wih tiot believe tDe, Sancbo, ytt do nnr 
take, that thou mayit rrmo^T ihkie mor, and pen 
whkh I afirm; get np on dtine aiv and Mbw them fair and tofil] 





1 b9 

,l:„_ f.,, 


itio^ spd, thou ttult *cc that, At icati m ihcf arc portod any du- 
tac« tiom hmcer they vnU turn to thcif Hm fovm, atxl, karin; to 
h ifaeopt will iMCome m«n, a« nghi .-ind iir^ight at 1 painted liicni 
lBche0 It tli^ fiiit. Bui go not doa, Iu/ 1 \u\t nwtl oi thy help aod 
ttiiuance; driw neurtr to mc, and ace how mjuy cheek teeth lad 
(xhert I waM, Cor oMichutks there u doc one le£t in my mouth/ 
Hith thai, S^uidio approjiched so cieor that he laid almost his eyus 
mi bis nusler'ft mouth; and k wu jutt at the lime that the baisim 
hxl now wrougbi bi;i rlTircE in Dnn QuiJtoie htK socnach, and at ihe 
very jcaMEi thai Sancho went aUnH to IooIl idio his mouth. h« 
db^ged all thai he had in hit uomach. with as great vtolcoce ai 
R bad bccD shoe cue of a mutkrt, \uti in bu compusivc tquir«'i 
btat(L 'O holy Mochffr M^tyV quod) Sancho, Vhai U chii that 
hicb bffaUea inpf Thr poor nuD b monally Mt-oiindni without 
ifciulMi for be vomiitih tip blood at bis mouih.* Euc, IooIuq^ a bale 
nearer to ti, he perceived tn the colour and smeU that K was not 
blnod< bL< th« balsam of h-± m;t%:«f 't od-lMttlc: whereat be instantly 
tank such a IccilKinj;, that his stomach liktrwisc turned, and he 
vomited out hit rery boweU abnott, all to his roaster's (mx. And 
a they both rmuinrd Ukr pi-^rlfL Snon aficr, 5anchc) ran <o ^iss 
tta to cake soowwbat lo clcai himseli, and to cure bis lord, out of 
hb wallet, which when be found wiatic^, he wa4 ready to run 
«tfE of his wtis. Tlicre he be:gan anew to curse bunadi, and ma4t a 
fiffli KMilution m nund that be would leave his maiter and turn 
Id bii coDnlry a^ain. although fie were sure both to lose hit wages 
Mid rhe hnpe of gavernmrnt nf :Kr pmrtiiieil island- 
By this Doo (^ixocc arose, and, Ktti n^ bis IcCt hand lo his nwuth. 
tboc the rot of his teeth might not fall our, he uugbt bold on the 
fus vS Roainantc's bridle with the other^ whu had nc^er stirrtd 
b«a hii masier (such was lut loyalty and good nature), he went 
Inwards bii tqwre, that leaned upoo his ass, with bb hand under 
bi cheek. like our pensaiive aitd makoAtcnt. And Oan Quixote^ 
tg oi him in that ginae. with such sgas of sadness^ satd onto 
\: Iwnow Sancho^ thai one nun is not more than another, If he 
not more than inothar. AU thete icorms th;it tail on tia are arxU' 
ID that ihr time w^ waJi calm very unci, and that thinga will 
better uvcts* hereaflet; for ie is nut possible that eitbtf good or 


ill be durable. And hrncr w^ may cMkz ihai* oor mxi^minci 
having U^[od lo loqg^ mu ionixac ind wc-aI muu be tikcwiic ni 
4ad thcrclc»rc Ehou ougMcM not thiu (o aJilkt thyftU £of the 
dui b^fa] me. -iccing no pan of tl&em {nil to Uiy lot.* 'How noi^ 
quoth Sancbo. 'Wu be whom they toeted yetterdiy la. ibe covorl 
by fonuD^ ;uiy Mh«r man's ton ihan ray {atha'sf And itie 
that I want u><iay, wilb ;ill my pmriwdii, wai it any ulb«t\ 
mine omi?' 'What! dott ihou want thy waDct, Smchoi' qi 
Don Udixoio. *Ay, tJut 1 do/ quoch hc« 'Id thac maiUKr/ 
Don Qubcoii^ *i*e have Doihing left us to on today/ That would b> 
m,' quoih S^ncho, 'if we cotild not hnd amoag ihoe fitkJf rh« habf 
which I have bmrd you uy )ou knon. whiTtrwuhd Mich uoludc] 
kai;bl»«mnt as yuu are wocit to nipply lik« i^eed^' 'For all 
quoth Doo Quixotc, *l wxH)]d mthcr haire aow a quarter ci i h 
oc a coke^ and c^x> pilchard's headtf than oU ilie hcdn tbac DioKOi 
i<ln deioibcth, althoijgh thcry came glossed by Dooor 
bansetf. But yet, for all that, get tipon ihy hciKi> Sancho ibo goo4? 
and follow mc; (<tf Gwt who is the piovi<l(f for ail cFejtures, 
not foil ua; and principally, acting wt <k> 9 work x> grtatly 10 
service as we do, icciug He doib not obuidoa the little iUcs of 
ur, nor the wocmboj^ of the eurh, nor the vpawolmjcs of the wattrc 
uhI He b 10 merdfu] ihit He mikecb Hii it:» ihiM od the good 
ard ibe evil, ;tnd rains <>n sinoers und |ust men.' 'Voti were cntxh 
fiticr/ qifoth Sancho, ^ be a jxcacbcr than 11 knight -cfrviLi' 
'Kni£hT»<fr4nt knew, and ought to know, «omcwliit of all ihinp,' 
quoth Don Qiaxotc; Yor there hith been a knighi-cmnc. in ticaci 
ptitt who would make a urmonor ditcoitrie in the imdit ofacunp 
royal wkh av f^ood grace ti if he were grMjuated in the unlvenity 
erf Pani; by whkh vk^ muy giiber llist the bote nrrrr dJlcd the 
pen, nor ilic pen the lanre.' 'WcU, then/ qu^rfh Sancbuy 'Un K be ai 
you ha^ siid, and kt ui depart hence, and procitre to And a lodging 
for this ni^ii, x^herc, I pf4y C>od, may be no <ovcthetM, aod xmaca^ 
nor Kpintf, nor eochanied Hoors; for tf tbem be. Ill bamw the fioek 
and the hook on the devil' 'Demand thaf uf God, 100 5>ncbo/ 
quoth Dun Quinxe. 'and lead me where thou pleau-st; fui 1 will lra?i^^ 
the electiim of uur lurlgtnf; 10 iby chotof far this time. Yot, 1 pniy^| 
thee, gi\^ me thy btnd, amd feel how many check fccth. or others, 


I wraru m thb n^u sde id the upper jaw; Cor there I fed most pauu* 
Sukcbo ptii in hU fingCf and whUsi he felt him, de m a n ded, 'How 
many check teeth were >x>u accuitomed to hivc od Um side?' 'Four/ 
qoocfa bc^ Ixnidcs the h:Rdcrmost; all of them very whole and 
flouad.* *Sce wcO vA^si y^a »y, iir/ quoch S^ukcho.. 'I uy four/ 
quoth DoD Qtiiiote, *if they were noc rive; for I never in my Ii(c 
ihrw or kvt any Uicilh, nor kilh any BlJen or been worm-eitco or 
mancd by any rheuiD-' 'WcQ, then/ quoth Sancho, *you have in 
thia DcdxT pArt but c^^o check teeth and a half; and in flie upper 
Qttlfaer a H^, nor any ; for all there U at plain :a the palm of my 
laod.* 'Unfominatc II' quoth Dan Quixote, hcAhog the lonowful 
Qcwi thai hit squire ttJd unto him, *£oi 1 hjd nihcr (ox on« of 
a^ asmu «> it vrcie noc thjit of my k^ocd; (cr, Sinckot thou muA 
wit, that a mouth witbout check cecth ii hke a mill without 1 mill* 
ODOfi^ and a tooth Is mtich more to be es te em ed thiia a dtanwcd. 
Bui we whkh profeu the rigoroui laws of amu are fii^ect to all 
tbeie dcnsten; whcrtfore mourti, gentle filou!, and g^\^ th« way; 
Hoc I will fbUow tbcv what pace thou picascti.* Sancho olicycdt ajid 
ro6c the way where be thought be mi^ £nd lodging, without 
tonog the Ughwaft which was there ^-cry much bcatOL Andt^oing 
An ^ £al» and Uttle (for I>»i Quixote his pom o£ his jaws did 
an suffer him rest, or mako overmuch haue) , SanchOr to eni^naio 
bin and divea Im thought by iu>ini^ some things^ began 10 aboard 
tub in the form we tocan to rehearse in *l^ r^iaptj^r #^<ii*«* _ 


Or Tit£ DttCRist Discovui Pauui Brr^-EEN SAHcrn> akv >Ib 
Loftv; wmt ni£ AmxNTvu Svccsiviw or a Diad Bonr; a 
Omix Notable OcctUiENcis 



EI^HNKS, good Au-, thii ill the misKipi thu befrl ut 
iIkm diys part, arc, wiiboui any doubt, puniihincni of 
th« un you comnuiced oj^ainu the order cf knighthood, by 
not performing; the oath you swofe, ik« to eat bread ofi table^Jocbv 
nor to ipon with tho queen, with all ihe reit which efiiucOit and 
ymi vowi^ tci ^icLx^iitiiliili. unlit ytmi l\Ad uxm \he \u^ma of Mali 
drino^ or I know not how rhc Moor it culled, for I ha»e (orgoctcn 
njjiie-' *Thou »).^ right, Sancho/ quoth Don Quixote; "buu 
tcU (he truth, indeed [ did whoUy forget it; and thoti ma^u Ukew 
think certiinlv, that becautt thoa didtt not retneirber it u> me 
iime>thaiof ihocoTcrkc tn^t JnRined aia piinUhirent on thee 
1 will nuVe oniciidi; for wc have atan jiutancri of recondtbtioa 
all things in the order of knighthood* 'Why, did I by chance iwcai 
anyihinc^' quolh S.incho. 'It litUc impcrti,' quoih Don QuixoCt, 
*that ihou ha.1t not iMvum; kt it m(Bce that 1 know ihou art not very 
clear from the halt of an accetxory; and iSrrefare, ax ill ftdventurei, 
ii will DO* be ill m prrwi^lr a rrmtxiy.* 'If U be wi," qiioth Sancha 
litviare ym» do not forget this agJiin, aa you did '.h^t of the 
for d yoQ ahocld, perhaps thofc spirits vfiH take again a fancy 
solace ibemadvei wkh me, and peradvcmure with you yourself, 
they Me you obiurute.* 

Eiidng in iht?te and other lucb diicouries, the tiighi ovenoolc then 
tn the way, before ttitry amid diKovrr any lodgin^i, and that ^MM 
wu wortf of all they were alinoii bmiihcd wiib hunger; fi^iPQ 
the 1ms of their wallets they loii at oiicv; both tlieir proviiiob and 
wardcT'houM; and, to accomplith wholly this dbitra^, ihrrv 
eeeded a eenain ;idwniuf<, which omatnly happenetl at Vr-e by 
down, without any addiiion in th^ world, and wu ilui* Tbt rtl 


«bui up with wKUQ dirkn««£» }^ notwiih standing ibcy ira\cUed 
itlUt Saocho Mifvizig thai, unc« ilut was <ho hi^wiy, thct^ 
br wUJuii a league or two, la ay tcuoa, mow uin. TfavdLng 
ihovfuc M 1 luve iaid, in « «Urk night, the aquirc bdag hunp>, 
and the nuster having a good sEomach, ihey ww camtng towards 
thnn in the voy way thc^' tra^dl«d a grc^t multilude o( hgUu, 
iMimhImfl nochiDg 10 well u> woitdcring iun^ Sancho* b«holdtng 
them, wu flnxk ituo a t«tKu!rHuI ^inun-mmr, aju\ his lord wai 
nuc mncb bcnrr. ITic onc^ drcvr Ku au's hjltcr, ibe oih^rr held hiJ 
boTM. and both of tbcm stood still, beholding attcnti^vly what that 
n»Kht be; and ihvf pcf<«i^xd thai the Iighii drew st;ll nearer unto 
ibtftti^ and tht cure ih«y approacbod^ they appeared ih« greater. 
At dii? »>;hi Saitchu did i/fmlil«, like onr infect^ by the uvour of 
:LuJvn; :ind tXxi QuUuitS Imt izuud up hir bfi^tle^ who» 
ig himvli a Iiiile,nid: 'Sancho, ihii muic be, quriiionlesH 
and moit danf;tffouA adrenturc, wbvrein it u requisite that 1 
all my valour and itrcngUi.* 'Unfortunate 1!' quoth Sancho; 
'tf by chanoo this ad%vnture were of ghoftis, 3% ii «Mneth co mr that 
« is wkat will thrrr l« nbi to niilcr it?' 'Ik they never w great 
llbnti,* uni Don CjuixotCt '\ will not oooMrnt that they tuixh one 
of thy ganncitti: lor If they K4cd with thcc the other time, it 
bfcausc I <ould ncx t«ip over iht waUa of the yard; but now we 
in plaia fuld^ where I may brandish my word as 1 please' 
if ihry enchant and beDumb jihi, as they did the olher Ume,' 
th Saadio^ 'vrhai will it then avail iu to be in open field or no?' 
all lltat.' rtflied Don Qiuxoce, 'I pray ther, Sancho. be %A jcood 
ragt; icr etpeticncc ^11 tiiow thcc how great my valour it-' 
iwifl, and pIraM God/ quocfa Sancha And so* dqxirting loow- 
II ti' ' thry brgJin again in view eommly what that 

■tnv- ^s might be; ^nd after a very Itiile space tht^y 

«ifM] many while thinsSi whose dreadfid viuons did in lliat very 
dUttnt abav Sancbn I'ama hii couragc-T and now began 10 chatter 
hi« Teeth hke one il;at had i\ic cotd of a quoftan: and when 
rly perceive what it tvas, tlwn did lus bejfing and 
ui iT^th incrmr: fnr ibey di&rnvrrrd aluHif somr iwemy, 
wnh whhe, a-horwhocL, wish lapers llgmnl in ihcir 
tin illar whkfa followed a Incr covered over with blKlc, and 


thtn enAjnl oduf u% ajMrahftcIt, :mi^ ill mourning, 3iul lik 
WW that mulc% c^'cd u> the vcr^ ^louxul; tor they pcicd\vd ilut 
tfacy ivcrc oot bo»cs by ihc quictocu of Ukctf pKc The whiiv 
rode murmunng lomcwlut amung thcsudvot with a low um) 
pasiive \Y>k«; which iirsage viitoa, ok iuch aa bour, and In 
ooc inluhiittl. wu ver/ suHicWu^i fa nrike (t^r icno SiodioS 
and even in hi» nuiier*i. if it had brcn jny ncher tlun Di>a QuUciie 
but &ux[io furnhlcd )i0c ;trt<l tlierc, being quJlc ovenhrovrn wi 
Icfror. IIk cutitr^ry h.ippcacd to bis lord* to wl^om m ttui 
hour hit inu^iubAi rqifotcntod uiuo him mou Uv^ely, the i 
veniure wherein he was to be such a one a« be oAdmis hod ftad 
lui books of cliivilry; for it fi^ra) uitro him dut the Litter «iai 
bier, whotin vru curicJ wme ^ric^oiuljr wouuded or dead ktujcbc, 
whole rDtcngewM«otr reserved for him. And. without nukm^ 
other dboonne^ be eet hu lance in the rest, sKUeJ hicueli 
£n hb saddle, uid put blxn^ in the midst ot the iv^j by 
the white fuUc muit forcihlr pou, with grcM vpifit ;ind cnura^ 
And when be siw them dr4w ueir, he utd, with 4 loud 
'Staxtdi or knishtr wbotocincr you be. and render tne Jicawnt 
you are, from whence you come, where you go. and vrhit tluL 
whkb )ou cuty in thai bien (or, according as you show, tithor yon 
li>v» ilooe to others or othen to you nme injury; and it k con* 
veoieni and otedful th;it t know it, either id chaitite you fiv the 
ill you bav« conuniitcd. or die 10 rcrenge you of the wroag whkh 
you hdtve wiFcrtd.' 'Wc are in bas:e,* quoth one of the wiiite mcsu 
*and tbe inn is hr off, and thardore cmnoc eicptci in uive to full a 
rchiina u you requen'; and with that, spitrrini; hit mule, (unod 
fnivnrd. Dnn Qaixncc^ highly diadaming at the aiuwer, itciL him 
thf bridle, mkI bcid him, layinj;, "Stay, prtHid IctiiglLi, ^ind be Un 
maomitd anotW time, and f:ivc me AaoLint of th^t vtiadi 1 d 
manded; if not, I defy you all lo inortd b«tlle/ like mul^ whereoQ 
the ^ite man rode wat v>niewhii fearful and ihiiiiih: ^^v 
takpn ihus mdely by tbe hriille, «ho nxik such 4 fri^^St, r 
tip on her liindcr legi. the unhoraod hex rider. One of llv 
thpc came wi:h them, )ee>r^ bim fallen, bej^n to renk Don 
who. beinff Iry ihii iborotifthly carded, withoui any more 
ting hb Uoce in the rtt. ran upon one of the moumert^ and 


[f TOO V 


r \^... 



him to tbe grouad very tore vnoundc^j. And, luriunj; upOD tbc rott 
it WW a UufifE v^xinJiy tlic Dotiog with what dsxtcrity he di<l «ioult, 
bmk upon -Jic^n^ and ptit thera :ill to fligbi: and ii arcniKl nooe 
boi thfff RDrimtritf? bitl fpKfen ihtrti wtngs be bcAiind him- 
«i fiimlJy and awrageoiuly. 
AU thotc wfaicc men ^x-rc fc^f^L pcopd^ and ufurnicd, add 
th cf rioro Bed awjiy from the skirm^ In a tru:e> and b«^;oa to tn- 
Tsrto thai Add with tb«ir uptf s bunung, ihai thoir Mocned to be 
rnnkvn ihic tivd to nin up and down tn nighrc of ]ot« «ad r«crrA- 
Tlii^ mounwrt ]iikrw:Mf wiric n Lip|»d Up and muiQTd by thrJr 
wifhout any danjeo- oJ hn perton, give tfa«ro all tKe baitinado. 
cMMd them to Eonak« thcar roomc wbedwr they would or oo; 
jU of them did *ivri}y thiok ihat he wai no man, but a devil od 
, ih^ met thrm in i.ikr away ih^ ilmd body which they earned 
!□ the iJKcT. AM (his d>d S^ncHo l>ehold, m.i(vel)out:y admiring at 
hii maiur'f boldQcas^ vbhich made him uy co hlmxlf, 'My maocr 
u iftfalbbly aA fuong and valiant at he iaid.* 

Tbcf* lay GO ch^ ground by him whom hit mnie Ittd ovef^own, 
a w;iT laper will bunung, by whote bght Don Qubvote percdved 
ioau aod, owning o^ex id hiin, lie bid i)*r pnnt c/ ht& biicr upon 
tui Ucc, kayinfi. that he »boiikl rtfider himidf, or ebe he wonld &lay 
)miiL To whk4i the other answered: *1 am already rendered rnorc 
'Ksff enough, sGcin;i 1 cannot mr me out oi the place, for one of my 
■ ^\ bnjkfti^ And if yon be a Chntiiant I detir^ you not fo IcUl 
me; £of ihcmn yni would commir j gtm wcTilr^, 1 being a Ikm- 
uilfl, and fu\r raeived die fifst oidcfi.' 'W^il, dken/ quoib Don 
^saote. 'what de^il brought ihec hither, bcin^ a Churchman?' 
Wbot air/ ref>tied the avenhrowo, "hui m> miiforiune?' Tfei doth 
,1^ tbrtoiea ibee,' said Don Qubcoie, \f thou doit not attsfy 
in aD ihsQ wbidi 1 fim dimiund^ of ih»/ Tou ibaQ eauly be 
quodi :be liccr'iuEr, *inil thcinrfore yaa dull wh that, 
Evftof «il I uid I wai 3 Itccmiate* 1 am none btn a bjchdor, 
odkd Alooao Lopes, born at AkoTtndas; and I came Ctom 
of Ba4u, with eleven other pri«m. which are those that fled 
with chv tapvi. W« travel lownidi S«]c<nrU, accompanying the 
dnd body thai ties in %im liiifr. of a oertam gendeman who died in 


bjftzij and wi£ there deposited for j vrUiint «nd dow, ic ! of, 
carry hU honrs en his place of burial, whirh it S^Dvii, iht pbct oC 
hubiitk' 'And wbu killed him?' quoth Doli Quaoce. 'God,' quMh 
thtt bacbrJor, Vith ccruia pcsukntial icvctt that he took/ 'In thu 
maniWTi' qtioth'Doii (jmxKHe» 'our Lord bath dcbvered bk fro«n 
paio» ] would have uken to revenge bis deiah, li any ocher bad 
him. He luring killed bim ihac did, there b no oilier rvmedjr h 
KikcKC, uitd u> lift up ilie shouklert; Un ittr atine I muii niy 
havo done, if He were Ukcwi*c pleated 10 slay rr>c. Ajid I wo 
have youj reverence 10 undcruiuul ibat I im a kni^'li( ot ilu Mane 
colled Don Quixote; and mine oiBce and excfatc i^ to s^ throvjtK^ 
out tbe world ri^htin^; oi wrongs and undoing of injuitcs.* *1 cia- 
not undersund how tbst un be, of nghiing wiongi,' i]udc1i tbe 
bochdoi/iociag you have made me, wlko wji ti^beiiwc. omir vtxy 
crooked by breaking oi my legk wbxb eatt never be netted d 
OA long as 1 live; iuid tbe injury wbkb you have undooe tn mc 
none other bui to leave me »o injuied &i I diaU nroain toiund 
ever. And ti wii v«fry great diiTeiiiure to bive encountered wirb 
you tluc go dxnic to leck adventurcx' 'All ibiogi.' qtuxb Dun 
Quaxote, 'succeed not oi one f^hic^n. I'hc hun was, M-ii^cf Uicfaelor 
Aioiuo Lopee, that )'ou travelled thus by ru^ht covered wiih iIuht 
turpLices, wicb bu/ouig tapers, and covered with weeds of ckkkv so 
that you appeared most properly some bad ibing^ sod of ibe cmW 
world; and to I could noi omit to fulfd mf duty by auaulung yuu» 
which I wotild have done although 1 veiily knew you lu be tbe 
satans therDielvta of hell; for, for such 1 judged and accoumod you 
ever tdl now.* 

"Tlicn, since my bad fortune haih to diifx»ed 11/ quoth the badw- 
lor, 'I de«ire you, good dr kni^ht'i^ranc (wlv> bath given me «o 
evil an errand) that you will lirlp mc rrv ^a up from under this mu 
who holds sill my leg betwixt the stirrup aikd Mddle,* 'I would ba 
stayed talking until tomorrow morning,' quoth Don Quixote, 
why did yot} txpoct so long to decbra your grid to m«^' He 
preiendy failed fn Sancbn Panfa to come over; but be bad liule 
mind to do. (ur be was otherwise emplcj^ed raruaiciifig of a lumpccn 
mule, whkb tlttite good folk bfOiighi wiib thcm« wtJl futniahra 
with beB]r-warc. Sancho made a bag at hu ca»oek« and, atching 



iD dm he might ct could ooDi;iin, Ite Iskl i; on hii beut, and ih«n 
pmttttitf afrrc n?pain*d m hit mittrr, and hi4ped <o drlivn Uw j^inxI 
bartcfaj from the oppreuiofi of hj« mule; ai>d, mouiuing him Again 
oa ii» be ^vc hina his taper; xttd Doa Quixote b^dt him to £oUow 
lijf fctk>WB, oi ^vhom he thotild 6cmk pardon, in his naine, for ihc 
vpToog he bad dofir ih^m; for it hy not in hb baodf lo haT« done 
the contrify. Sancbo uid 10 him al&o: 'If thote g^nilcmi'n woiilJ by 
dooce know who tbe vulurous koigUi b ilui hjch uicd iliena thus. 
yott may say unto ihrm th*t be is the Umcua Doa Quixote oi 
U^nch^ ucherwiM called the Kjugbt of the Illtavoured Face/ 

Wiib ibis the bacbetor departed, and Don Quixoie dccn:tnded of 
Ssodv) what bid moved him to call him the Knight of the III* 
fjnnsrcfl Face, mote ai thai limc than 21 any ether- 1 will lell ynu 
diM,' qoDth Sacicbo: '] stood beholding o: you a fvciiy while b> ibc 
upef Uf^ whtch thai unlisciy nun camcib, and inily you hav^ one 
U ih« cnUavourednt coumenances of late thai r^«r 1 saw, which 
aibarproc««(kihof your being tired after U^usbaitletorelu thtougb 
At Ion o£ your teeth/ "Thai is rvM tbe feaioo/ »«! Don Quiioie; 
Inn lather, ic hjib teemed bt to ilie wise nun, ip who«: cHarftc is Mt 
the writisig ol my hijcory, ibii I t^ikc socnc appellative name, ait 
it ihe other kni^us o£ yore have done; fi>f one called himselt t^ 
KAjgfai of tli# Burning Sword; nnoihcr that of the Unicorn; this, 
hni of The Phoenix; tbe other, ih:it of the DamteU; another, the 
KnqiEhc of the Giitnn; and some other, ihe Knight of Death; and 
bf tbeiv names and devices they were known ibroughoui the com* 
f«Mof the c4rtii. And so I say, ihat the wise man whom ! men* 
i3DDBd set in thy mind and lon^ue tlv tKou);bi to call me the Rmght 
It lU-fsvDured Face, as 1 mean Co call myself from henceforth; 
■nd tbsf tbr ti4me may IvcnnMf me better, I v^'ill, upon ihr first 
ncanoo, awe 10 be palmed in my Jueld a nvui ill-fjvoured coud- 
XBxaa' 'You need not/ quoth Sancbo, 'spend so much time and 
taomwf in karing the like countenance painted; but that which ^ou 
suy more eadily do is to diicover your own and k>ok dtrectly on 
Ame tlut bdhdd you; and I wiD warmiu you, tlui wuboui any 
mcee ado, or new paintinjr to your shield, tliey viill call you "him nf 
^ ill-fatioDnd bee.** And let tins be said in fett, thai hunger and 
the wuj/t of yoai leetb have given you» as J have saidt so ill-^ivoorcd 


a fiOB, at )XHI ouy w«U escute all ocbcr hKi^7 pornaacirtt*' Ooi 
QunKoce Liuglml m his sqitife't ooAcm, vid yttp iwinbdiM, 
initpoacd tu cil) liiinikelf by thui oaroe a> wdji ai ever he «boit)i 
have aimmotUty Ui iJaiiM fii» >h*cld and buckler. * ^1 

And uiter a piuu h^ uul to Sancbo: 1 Ik^n: I jun excommuni^B 
cntcd for having b»d viokm haiuU upon acocuKraici^ ' . ' j'hifJ^ 
f/Aif/, /r^«n/ fMu/^nu dioMo,"^ etc.; aJthoUgh I .un cc^ .. A rac< , 

my hnnck upon him, hut only ihU in^'iflia; and hrQ<)». 1 Hid tick i^| 
any way suipca [hjt L ofTcncM pr>uis or (^hurcKtncn* which [ do^ 
reelect and hooour » a OhJioIic oimI tjjthiui Chn^^un; bm ratbcr. 
ihat !h^ wera (hadotvi and spiritt oi tho othtff wofJd* Aitd if t 
wora luppeiKd, 1 reicennhcr 141-U diit whicli bofel ihe Cid Ku 
Diaz, vihen he brok^ ihai oiher king's gffnbaoadDr'f chair bd' 
tlic poiM*'a Iiutiftcsv f(ir x%1iJi.h he cJicoiiiinunicaco] Uiin; and 
f/3r atl ifaat, tlw good Roderick \' behaved himself ihat day 
an honcMirablc and vali^ini knij^ic* 

Abctit lhi» limp ihe bachelor deponed^ a% 1% aad. ivitliout «|)val;in 
a word, and Dk>n Quixore would fain have Keen wbctbcr ibc 
dut came in die Utict vat botxt or do: but Sanchu would doc 
pcrmil him, saying, *Sir, you have Enithcd ihis pcnlous adTcncure- 
vnoA with yout ufciy ot any ooc oi Uxmc 1 have sceft, Thii fQOpIe» 
sdibtHif-h overcome and ac a t ttw d^ mi^ p«ihatM 6dl in th» coo- 
lider^Hion ilut he who hath otwoocne them u but one person alone. 
pnil, giow.^.1^ A\h:tmed ihtf eof, would (>trlLipi join and uniie ihcm- 
mIvcs> and turn upon ut, and give iu enough buainen lo do. The 
It in i^ood plight according: to ray tlciirc, and the moN< . 
aod hufi|^ Of>praacth i^s therefore, we have notion 
A Ms tioM but retire ourselves with a good pace, and, as it n lOi 
*To tbe grave with the dead, aad ihrni thai li^'e w thf' ^< 
AndrpficLin^onhis jssherri]ucflcd \\n matter lo iV.luw h . 
Mciiiji that Sincho tpokc not widuHJt reaxjn, he ipurTod ahcr 
without r«^Iyin;c; and. having irjvctled a liitU irav bdvnsrti c 
*mall mounuir.s thr>' found a large and hidden valUy, where t 
odighced; and Sonchn lighiemnj? hii bcut, and lyinjc both alno 

upon ihp jfTrm gr»t% hoJpen by the mice of V - ■' 

their hu%. dirwd, ate ilidr beaver and lupprr jll 

fyiilg their appetite* with more than one dith u( void mc»c< whjcii 



die dead gendeman's chaplains (which knew bow to make much 
oi dkemseives) had brought for dieir provision. But here succeeded 
another discommodity, which Sancho accounted not as the least, and 
was, that they had do wine to drink; no, nor so much as a drop of 
water to rinse their mouths; and, being scorched with drought, 
Saodio, perceiving the field where they were full of thick and green 
grass, said that which shall ensue in the chapter following* 


Ot h WospotPUt. AtrviNTUu, AotievEi> wmi Ltu Hazaei> T; 
EvKi Amv Onm Kmqiit Did Avr, kv tiu VALotovc Do 



T i& uoc po&&ibk, niy lord, but thii ttime gmti herbs do xrgoc 
iku ncaf unto thu place muu be tonu fououm or fl|ain thu 
watercth ibcm, and therefore^ 1 pray you, kt us (6 a link 
Eattbef, s,t>d we shall m«ec thu whkh nuy iniEigai« tbe tembl« 
thirst that iffiicti ui, which teCx uv, quntionlcv, in more pain i)u 
did mir hun^r/ This counsel vtus allowed by Don Quixote; an 
tbcrcfofe, la<fing Roxinantc by the hndk^ and Sincho hii lu bf' 
the haltcf, jiia laying up the re^cnioo of their >uppvi. tbcy »ct 041 
thfoti^h the p^iAi only gtuded by thdr ^cssp for ibe ctighi was m> 
dark as ihey could not t«< a ^oi. And scarce had ch«y tnvvtled t 
fauiMlrtd pac^s when ih«y hmrd a ^eat mite of wHer, a,s tf If f 
bcacUong front warn gttJi and Mecp rock* The tiabc did 
them very mucK and ktaodin^ to hear from whence b 
they beard unawares anoiber DOmi wfuch Watered all the 
they CDiwd^-ed before, spocuUy in Sjincbo, who^ as I luve 
wai naiundly vrry f^rftil and ot little spiriu They htfard, 1 
CETtain blow^ ttrtick wiih (woporiiufu with j kind of nkitling vt t 
aod ckuiu, whkh, accoin|iafLi«d by ihe furkm* louod of the waicTt 
might «tnUc terror into any othu heart but Don Quixote's. 

Tile night, ai we did, wji d-uk. and they happenod to vtiter in 
smoim certam tall and k/ty tren, whose leai-e^s moved by a soft 
gale ct wind, nude a fretful atkl ulU nner; «o that th« niliudc, 
silUBtion, dar KnctA. and the Dois« of ihe water, and ireniblinr uC ibe 
kavo ori*.urrmXt did breed homrr 4nd affri^hr; but ifiecully scciAj( 
that the bl^w* TK*"' ''►"^l t*^' '^'iM iXtft not, noe the fnofning 
approiarhed, whr^^ '. thji the* kovw tux th« place 
wbvrv they vnrre- Bvi EXq :!t4m 

bcarv kqvd na RoMutc _ , _^ .^; — ^-..-^ahed 

41 V 




bis UiKc, ind &^<l: 'I-Vicn<l !>«ncho, I woM Euvc thee koow thai 1 
wai born, by ih« dupo<iti4>o of Huven, in tbii out age of iroo, to 
mitfciuifr in it xhxL at ^M. ot the golden wortd, ii ii it c;dl«^ I 
4m he iot wWn ate tciitT*ed nil d^n^toui, grrjt, and vaWottt 
fcm. I uy Aguu, that I Am he M^hich stuil set up again ihmc of the 
Round I'abk^ the Twcitc Porrj of Krarwc, and th« Nine Wofihit*. 
i sm he who ihall cautc the ins to be foc^ttcn of thuie Flaum, 
Tabbnt««, OtivdAcn, and Ttrantcs* the Pfut»U:^«, Beluaiitt, with 
aU [hecrpw of tli« fainc^ui L nigh iv^r rant of times [ud, doing iu this 
■rhefoa I liv«r« luch ^tirjt jnd wundeifu] (giIl oC ainb a» t}i:iU 
obscure the bravnt that ever they achieved. Thou uotev well. 
£uthfuJ and loyal ^uire^ the daikncu of ih:i mjchr* the sCFtDgc 
ttleocc, the deaf and confuspd trembUn^ of thcw Ertn* the dmdhil 
notttf of thit traicr in whose icarch w« como, which (oenu to throw 
uvtf headlong d,Twn from ihp «i*p nvwniaini of th* moon; ihe 
ioooftiable blows which do itill wound our rar»: all whkh iogethcf» 
And cviery ooc jpart, are able to strike terfor. fear, and omaunKot 
laiD the very niind of Maxt; how much more in hia iliai b not 3ccua- 
ittAedcodwlik^chancetand adventurei? Yet all this which 1 hav« 
dc^ftbiCFd to thee are Inciter* and rouien of my miad, which now 
cxuKth my fai^.'l alnxni Iu bunt in my bfcjii, wiiU ibif dc^re it hath 
tu t/y ihia adventure^ how diRicuh soe%'cr ii shovn itself. Where- 
tiirv, tie my honc*» ginhi a liiilc MMster; and farewelM Here in ihi* 
place tbou tnayst expect nw thrte day« and no more. And if 1 fhall 
«oi rcnmi in thai tper, thou mayu go hack lo our vtllagt, and 
bocn thmcr (for my sakp) to Tobo-^n, where thou ihilt tiy ;o my 
uiaoGipa/iibk: l^ady Dutcinea, tkii ivet cai^dve kni^hi ditd by at- 
tempting things that nn^it make him wonhy to he called her».' 
When Sancho heard his btd speak these ^ords, he began t<i 
rev(\ with the greaieat compauson of the world, and say tinio him, 
r, I Boe m> rratnp why you thould tuidenalce thU fearful adventure, 
ti now aJght, and oohody can perceitv in; we nay vrry wrl[ rmu 
_thr w:tT, and apan from our«l%'ei doA^ef, although we should 
^ant diink these Utfcc days. And. seeing none bdiold u^ 
re Wit bt much ten any one to take notice of our oowardic*; 
filh«r becauw I heard oftiimet the cvnic of our vilbgc, whom 
ktxtur tvry wed, preach, "that be which leekt the danger. 

154 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

perbhetb tberdn"; so ttui it is doi good lo imipt God* und^rukii 
mxh :i hugp alT;ur« ikiI q( whkii yv» cuiiioc otapc but by nur, 
0od Id ihosc whtch Heaven hiUi iJitady wiou^ for you ti 
in ddivcnng >4>ii from banf; tos»«1 in a <Qv<erlct» ja L wu, and 
l)nnjcinj|> you avr^y a vi<tor, frvo jind laie^ from amoQg so majiy 
Mbcmks as accompani«d ih^ dad nun. And tvbra all Otu ihsU no^^ 
more or loftrit )*f)vr lurd ht^on. In iHu move iu '" iHink «nd '"^l 
lainly bclie're, ibat acirco ih;ill ytni Jcp^n from chl» r^^^^ when 
thtougb ^cry icas 1 ahaU give up my »ou] u> him due pb^ucth lo 
take ii. I \tit my couniry. yniv^ ^md children lo come and wrw you, 
hoping ihereby to he vrorth more, and noc l«»; bur, oa covrtouinitt 
breaks the uck. to bnih it alio lorn my hopei, veini; Vi-hen tlvry 
iv«rc moft pfTf^nt ;ind Lirdy to dbcdn lluc unlucky and accuned 
ialand, whicb you promi&cd me lo often. 1 kc ibii, in rxchani^c and 
pay thereof you mean to lonakc me here in a dcicrt, oui of 
fraquenraiioD- For God'i ajk«, do not ma Ajch a wrong, nry loi 
«nd if )«u will Qcc wboUy desist from your ptirpaw, yet defer it 
baai tlU ilir morning: for ai my Ultle &kiil that 1 iFarued when 1 
a ibcpherd, tcUeih me, the dawnins i« not three boun oH; for 
mouth of rbc iish it mcr the head, and tnaketh raidnighi in the Eai 
of the tcft arm' *Hovir canit thou, Sancbo,' qnotb Don Qntxi 
'lee where it ihe ]in«, or that momb, or ihai tail of which yvi 
spcnkrtt, nving ihe night it ao dark xhi-, i ■■ ?/ine aji 
nni^' "That U iruc^* quoih Sancho; bu; f' > . /rs wbi>ch cm 

Me things under the groiwd* nod miKh more in the skict. Asd 
bcudea. we may pither, by good (GicourK» that the day b not br 
off,' *Let it btf at little off as It tia^* qtxxh Don Quisoia» "it ihall 
never be recorded ti me that either tears or prjyen could aver 
^uuj<le me from prffnrmJns ihr duty of a kni V * -hfir/Dre^l 

good Sancho, huld ihy peacei for Oral, who li . cd mc Klfl 

oncmpt iliia unir^n jnd (earful adventure, will have an e^^e to my 
weal, and abc to oomFort thy wrrow. .\nd that iImmi hast tJicrvfiDr* 
to do it ro nuke strair my jcirlliA, and remain ben; for 1 will rtctffn 
li^re ihonly, either ahve or dead.' 

Sanchn, perceiving bit lorfTt laa rrtnlininn. and how Itftle hia 
tenn, couns-lf, or prayen could arail, tewltcd m profit himielf a 
link of hn wit. and niahe htm if he could to cscpect until day; and 


wAmk he did fasten the ginbv, he loCUy, without b^ag frii^ ikd 

iu*i luker to bodi Raxiimute's Ic^ «i f;at, ih^i wliea IXia 

ibou^ to dc-puit he cotiid dou tof thit has horse oouU not 

J tfcfk. buv icapiag. Saocbo. seeing the good lucccu of hi» guik, 

'Behold, uij bow Hu^x^^ muvcd by my tctm jind pmycns Kidi 

thai Ro/ifuntc (hpuld noc go a sup; and if )x>u will bfl 

iil ciinimclin^, jnii ({iLiinn^»ai>d inking bun, you M-til do nothtnj; 

but cRT^^ foviunc, ami, ai tlic |>ro^ctb «ay^ but "ipuni j^juiut the 

pnck." ' Don (Juixou gtrw wood u iIun Aod yet the raon be 

fpurrtd him be was tbe t«M 4ble to go; wh«nfof«t wtilioin per utviof 

liv C3UW of kif borw'ft my, he resoK'ed ai bit (o be (|uiet, ind 

cffpi-a viiber till ibc mDrntug or eltc till RozinanK wudd pleuo u> 

depan, helicving t'ctily ihxi the impEciiinciu canic cif iodic otber 

cMt»tc, and nrji itom Sancbo; and ibcrcfufc uid uf\W hirn. ^Siocc it 

III lo, i^iAcbo, thii KoiUDufuc cunoot sur hjm, 1 am otHiKiu to ufiy 
pt dv d^wjungr dkhoufih h«f t^dian» co»t ms tonkc tears,' 'Voa 
Hull lur? no cju^ u> wrcp,' rrpliod Ssncbo; fc* I will ontonain 
■ju cdiin^ yiiu oi Utwuu^ uniil ii be d;i), i( you will not ^i^L and 
bke A nop upoa ihoe grevn htrbi^ oa knight^cfraot an woot« that 
foil nwy be tkc frcdicf and better aMc to-morrow to attempt tbac 
toonajtm* adventure wbich yott vxpectJ 'Wh^ dost ihou call 
liqt^uio^, or tleepkagf quoth Don Quisoie. 'Am 1 perAd^cmure 
oae ci ihoie koi^ut that teposr in limr of d^rgcf ? Slcrp thmt, who 
w.u( booi Id dccf)^ or do what tbou pl»ic; for 1 ihilJ do tku vblxich 
I ihaU ice fittcA for mr ptctcooc' "Good lu* be ooc an^ry,' qturtfa 
Siocho; f nr J did not «pcaJt w iih that imentkn.' Aru) w» drawing 
Qtor uMi^ him, he att ooo <A hU hAndi on the poinnMl of the faddJct 
and the otber hinder in itich ton tfait he re^ed embracing hit 
lonTi ErTt (haj;b. or« djriti^ ta drpiirt frcMn ilwocc the brodth oi a 
iinyrr, tuch wn the fc&r be had oi ilio«c hU>tv^ wbkJL oil tlic whilo 
did vound withow ccaang. 

Then tkm Quixniv tommjndrd him to tell tome talc to pau 

4«riy the tinw* a he bad prooiised; and Sancho aid he «<;>ould, if 

fear of thjt w)uch he bcord would uiffer him. 'Vei,' (^uoth he, 

I ihit I will rncmmpe myvll io (ell you one. wivntML if I 

anjiht, and thjt 1 br not iniem^nnl, ii ibc bcu hitfory thac 

tfer you hcaid; and he you Aticntifc for now 1 bcjpD, It wu that 


11 was ili^ gcin- <h3i kIuU hefalt be fur ue all, and ihe hum ii 
him ihjt Kircbo ii. And yoa mun be ^dvcnisctl f|ood nr« tb 
the bt^nnin; thai aiKicnt men gave lo their ule» Wdi 50c o< or 
dinary things an^ \i wa^ a scnnjocc d Caio, ibo Roman ConrDEi 
which nyft 'And the ha/m b4> fo« him ih:i: «carchci it," whith iv at 
fit for thi^ place it ti ring for a linger, to [he eiid thai you may hm 
(]itMt. ^fitl 001 l» gu seek your own haim to any pU<e, biA (hoc 
turn lu aootbcr way, for nobody compcll«th us to foJk>w lIil^ w 
vo many fears do fuipntc m/ 'ProKcute thift taJe. Sanclio.' utd 
Don QuJJEoce, 'and leave the charge of Uw way we mui> fp lo rac' 
*l say then/ i^uoth Snncho, '[tut in a villagr itf Eurrmadura 1 
wu a tbcphfrd, 1 w-outd fay a gDattbcrd; and ai I lay of my 
this goatherd ws« called Lope Ruyz* and thu Lope Ruyz 
enamoured on a Ahopbcrdesi who wm called Torralvj, the whic 
»btfpberdeu called Torraiva was dauj^bter to ■ rich herdman, an 
ihi« rich berdmao— * 1f ihoa tellest thy ul«, Sandio, afi 
nunner/ quoth Don Qiiiicoi^ 'repeatiiig tveryihlnjc iwicr tJwr ibavu 
%AyiiX* thou wilt not vnd it thctciwo days: idl it fci»a::nuly. and likr 
one of iud^RicM, or dttny nothing/ ^ tbc very lamc fashion tfaa 
1 tdl Are dl tales told in my country, sad I knovr not how m tell i 
any other way, nor it it raacon thai you should »sk of me to tnak 
new cunomc' 'Tell ii ai ihoti pleaie^i/ quoth Don Quinocr; 'to 
unce fortune wdl imm oiherwi^ biH that I cnuil hear ihee, pi fior- 
ward/ 'So that, my <lear sir of my souL' <|ix)th Sancho, 'that, u I 
have uid already, ihia shepherd was in Iotc with Torrdva 
shepherdcts, who was a round wencb« scornful, ami cirew «cKQew 
near lo a man, for the had nuxrhachoct; Utr mriliiitki 1 &ce htr 
before my f>c»/ 'Behke, then/ qiimh Don Quixote, 'thou knewMC 
lierf' 'I di<] not know )itrr* tjiKxh Sandw, 'bat h<- il\Jt told mr the 
1^ utid it was M) certain and Irue^ ibal I nught, wbcn I told h t 
any other, very well tnxar and athnr that I bad seen %r all rav 
So that, days pasAng and dayi cnminR. the AtviU who sWfM 
and that irouhlcs all, wrought in such K>n, as the love tb^ the 
herd bore 10 ihe ihepherde^i turned into man*4laujEhter and Q)-will 
and ilie came wav ^cnid^nj; 10 bad tociKuei, a certain quantriy 
linJe iealiiuiMfi llui ^le gaiv bim, nxh oi tliey pdMvO tW line, 
came to the forbKlden. And the shepherd d^ h^lc her »o muc 


ward, that be wu content lo l«ave all thii cDuatEy^ beciuie be 

would not ttc Iter, Jind go w^ieie hit eyct should never look upon 

her, Tiiirra)v», lh;ir vtw hrru^lf ilii^biiirfl hy Ijcrpc^ dir! prnmily 

line him Ixun' iluii cvcf ihc <Ld IwUiff/ 'That ii a n.itunl ^otidi* 

tioQ u£ Hcmco.' quocfa Don Quixoic, *io diidain iIkisc that love tbcm, 

md to adcct those whkh lute ihcm. Pa&j toc^^d, S^DCho/ 'It 

hifptned.* quoth San^ho, that the shepherd let his purpose in ex<<cv- 

tioo, and, ^hering up hU goats, be tni%'ellied through the fieldi of 

EsCnaaadun, 10 pau iniii iKr- kingdtsri uf Pcirtu^^ Ttirralva, whkli 

kaew ii wdl, followed him afont ami ba/c-lcggcd, lUr or(, wiih 4 

pdgnm'i KUfi in ho hand, and a wallet honing at her neck, U'hcrc 

thef •;iy that the cirricd a pqccc of a looking-gUts, and anoth<>r of a 

tocnb, and I know no: wh:)t hiite bottle of ch^ngef fof her f»cc. 

Bat Id her carry what die camn, for [ will ncc pta mys^f now to 

•enfy ibit; only III uy, diai ihey say. that the Uiephenl airived with 

hn ffoau 10 pau over the river Cuadiana« whkh in Uui acaaoa was 

twoUen very much, and overflowed the banks; and at the »de where 

^^ came there wm neither boat nor bark, nor any to pass hinudf 

^^m hi> i^ruU orrr the river; for whkh he wit very much grieved^ 

^^■dlixe hr uw (lui TiXTaJta c.imr vrry nnr, .in<l the woiiUI tmiible 

^Vim ircry much with her praycri and lean, but he went a? kmg 

k4>Ling up and down, ihat he spied a hihcr, who had so httk a boat 

u ii could only hold one nun and a goat » oocvt and for all that 

^nk* and agreed with him to pata himself and three hundred 

that he had ovef the riwr. The fisherman entered tntu the 

and eairwd oyer one giuai; lie reiurnetL aixd paiird nvn m>- 

V aod turned back again, and paued over another. Keep you. 

w, pood account of the goau that the Aahcrman ferric* over; Ebr if 

00c only bt for^ien, the ule will end, and it will not be potiihie 

^ttil one word more oi ii. Tollow on, then, and I uy that th« 

ing*{Wace on ibe oiher side was very efiriy and sttppety, wluch 

the tuhermafi ^vnil zniKh tioM coming to and fro; yei, fur 

ihalt he lur-ied f^ir antiiher xoat, and another* and another' 

'MaLft account,* quoth Don (^ixote, that thou lian puurd them 

fo' . ^ ■ i-fhou wilt not n' ' nd of poiungtham in 

vbolr yr h Hnw many/ ^ ■*\ 'artf already paated 

r' "What a de%d know Ir' said Don Quixoir. *$«« there that 


which 1 said,' quoth S:incho, 'ihu yooj should kMp good accouM^i 
By Javc, ihif nW » <A<td, thcrrfnrn; tor ihct* is 00 patsing fbnnn]J^| 
*l-Iow cao dut be?' suid Dou Quixote^ 'U u 10 greatly of the cmetxi^j 
of this history :o know the goMs ih»t arc passed to cucdy and di»>_ 
tinoly dut if one of the Dumber be loiued ihou oms; itot tUlow 
with iby tale?' 'No, nr, in no icn,' «ud &uicho; *for ds soon tt 
donuDded oC you to tell mc hyw nijjiy godu po&tcd over, jjid 
^you :inttvmil me you knew m*, in tha very insuni it vrem fmm mi 
out o( my mentor)- aU th.ic was 10 be cold* and in iaiih it wm 
^icai Tinuc ai>d content/ 'Sof ihcn,' quoth Don ^tuiiotc, 
tale i« ended?' 'Ic is as ccn^nly ended ai t> my mother.' qootli 
Sancba 'Surely/ repUed Don QuiEote, 'thou hm rtcountod ooe 
of tlie rami tain or hitfories tliat any one of the wur4d could 
ihirdc tipnn, :md iliJi >ixh a manner of teiling «t fimdiing a lol^H 
wa» ne>-cr yet spcd, or shall be seen agaiin; although I oerer tasi^^ 
pccicd ftoy cihcr ihing from thy ^ood disootirsc. Uui E do not 
gvcdtly marvclt for pcHuips those Mnseless urokcs base iroubled 
thliw underuandLDg/ 'All that may he/ taid Sancho; bur t kru>«rp^ 
ta the litKoiifae of my tale, tlierv h on toon- 10 he uid, bur ducf 
llierif i( ttKU, where the crur (if counting llic ^ati ilut were 
wahed ofver tite river befzin^.' *Lc: i\ end in n |zood hour whcr^^ 
it lists,' answered Don Quixoic» 'and kt m try ^vhethcr lU>£iDaflti^| 
CAD yet slir him^df.' Then did h? turn sgain to givo hin the^ 
ipim, and he to Iczp at he did ac the hrtt and r^tt ii>cw, bet 
uiuible 10 do other, ti^ was so well shackled. 

k happmed alioui this iirnc. ifui. either ilinw^h lUr vulrl of t 
iDDfttinjti or that Sancho had eaten ai supper lottle kmtivc mea; 
or that ii was a thin^ natural (and that is most credihk}* he had 
a riesisv to do that which others could not da fcr him; but rudi 
was the fear oniered inio hi| hean a« be dared not deparr 
hom hb lord the breadth of a ctraw, and 10 think m leave thu 
whi;:h he had dcsirtd undone was also impo^hle; iberefore, hU 
roolurum tn tlui |?rtplcXMJ etjj^ot (be k Bpakeo with pardon) 
vm this: be looted hit riflht h^ul, whcreurithal he held b«c 
hinder pan of the uddle^ and ther^xrzthiJ very wbW, and wi 
tny nolle, be uru^ the cod-piece point whem^ithal lui hrrec 
werr only mpponed, which, that being let dip* did preamtly 


rdoft> ■ 


down about hb Ic^ tike a purofbolu; tixtt Uiis,lifdiig up his 
the bat he could, he catpoicd hii buttocks 10 th* ik, which 
wm nnc ihp bast. This being don^, which, m ho ihooighit vmf 
ihp chirfrtt thing r«qtiisi(^ 10 iuue out of ihat inrible an^iab 
2od pIku^e; he was AUiJdcnly troubled with n jtnnt^* to wii, that be 
knew tiDt bow 10 <ii^urdefl kimKlf wiil^ouc mukmjE a notw; which 
w av^cl* first be shut hii lotth clo«e^ iified up hu sLoutderSt and 
gatbovd tjp hii brcnih ;ii much at he aiighi; yct^ notwiiKnandiog 
aU ibesr d^ligencct. He wju mi unfrirtunaie, ilui 1v- mxfe ;i lilile 
Dote Bt ibc cod, much difTcrrnt from ;h4t which made him so 
inrfail. Don Quixote heard k, and u:dt *Wtt«l B<n>c is thai, Sancho?' 
^I know it lUH, a/,' quotb h«; '1 thiok it bo some dcw thinj* for 
achrcnturer; or raUwTt di&r«n:urej never beRia with a Hftlc/ llien 
Etaued be oeic« again to try his hap, and it tucceeded so wefl 
that, wiihuui nukiitg 407 rumum at cuj^e but ihat whii:b hr did 
the tint^ be found himaeif free ci the loac&ng that t/oubled ham 

But Duo Quixote having the seme of tm^Ua^ aa perfect ai that 
bU bearing, and Soncbo flood so near, or ratbcr foined to him. 
(be vapoure did ao:md upward, ^ilnxwi by a direct linr, be could 
exonc biniulE but thjt some of them mun occdi toucb Itis ix>«e. 
sofce bad ihcy arrived, but that be occurred to tbe tinsd 
lemedy, sod itopped it x-ery well between hb fingcn, aod then 
Hid viAk a inaffiing voke, 'Metbinks, Sandio, thai thou an mocb 
Atii* 1 am indeed,' replied Saocbo; liut wberetn, 1 pray you^ do 
perceive it r)ow more than cna?' 'In ibat tbou traellett now 
fc Ubd ever/ quoth Don Quixote, 'and that rtot of amber/ 'It 
be w,' quoth Sancbo; ')ct the bult it not minc^ but your«. 
cH brin£ me* at sudi luiNaionable hour^ through so desolate and 
ul placet.' 1 pmy thee, friend, retire tbyself two or three step* 
,* quotb Don QiiiT«e. tioUjn^ hit fingera dJU upon hia nose, 
frtvuhriKr/tnthhavemofvesretif thy prrKin,3mlt]f (bcrr(|xCT 
oweat to mine; Iw I ncc the o^-crmuch UmiLaiity that 1 use 
wiib thee hath cttfEendcrcd thit conicmpr/ *1 dare wager,* quoth 
'that you think I have doike lometvhat witb my penon 
I ouftht QoC 'Friend Sincho,' quodi Don Quixote, *it ti the 
la HIT k thus/ And ihuv in their and sudt like eonT et t a tion. 



ihe muter aod the nttD pa&sni ovir ihe ni^i. And Saocbo, ««ciag 
fh^i: il>c nvK-iiing a|»|>ruj>di, he Wiwd Ro^uiante very waiily, ami 
lied up bii bote, Ro^nnnte, feelui^ lumKU (iiUbou£^ he ^"Jii luii 
(utunlly very cotirjigcous), he Kcnxd to rcyouiCi And bc^n to 
boeu ihc ground with h» hoofs; for (by his kavt) he couM oevrr 
y«c curvet, Don Quixoie, teeing iKit Rozinuu* could now tuc, 
accounted U to be a good tign, and an encouragement of tuoi lo 
anetapt Ual umc;ruu& adveniun^ 

B]r iKis Aurora did display Her purple manile over tfic face ot 
hea^«i], and c^^erythir^ appeared dioioclly, which made Don 
Quixote perc^jve that he vnu nfnong a number a£ loU chettAuc< 
trm, whkh coflamonly make a grc^E shadow. H* heard lil 
thoM- inccisable strokes, but could not r\py ihe cause of thtm; w\ 
fore, giving Rodmuxe pccseitUy ihe ipur, and luniing biKk agaidj 
to Sancho> lo bid hun farewell* he conunonded him to tfay for him 
there three day^ at the ^nge^^ ond ihai, if he returned not aher 
that spaee^ be thould nuke full accoimt thai Jos'c was pleated be 
dvxild ei>d his day* \n ^ha: danperout advcnttire. l!e repcured rn 
him ag^iii ihi^ rmhist.ige and errand he (hould cjfry in UtA hrltjlf 
to his Lady DuUine^; and tlui. touching; the lew'ard of hii lervkn, 
he should not fear aAychinjc: for he had kit hb tesiomcni, mode 
before he deported from his village, where he iihould fukd hKincll 
gratified toudunj; *U that which pertained to hi» hire, acoordinig 
to the rale of the time he had ferved; but if Orx\ wouhl brinitH 
him o^ from (h;i[ adwniure ufc and Miund, iml niihjut daogertfl 
he might fuUy .xooitnt to receive the prcvnited UUnd. 

Here Sincho be^n anew lo vrtcp^ hraring again the pitiful cfi^ 
courier at his good lord, and deicrmiftni ntit Co al>andon him 
und) dw last trance and and of thai affair: and out of iheM leai 
and bonounlile reM^iriion of Saocho. ihp nurhi^r of ihi& 
colkosi that it b like he was well bmn, or at the very teait an 
Chriffiao, whoic ^cf did move hit mailer a liitle, but not k> much^ 
as he flJuKild show the lean ancwnenr of weal:r>cu; but rather^ dis- 
sembling ii rbe hen he could, he followed on tus way terwarda the 
way uf tliF n^TPf, itnt\ that wherv ihr nrobri were hrjrd, Sancho 
foUowed him aOx>r, leadinf?. » he wa» wnnt. his a^ by tt 
who was the invftar^kble feQow of bii pmipeious or advent 


And having ustcUaI a guuu 4»ace aiiHJiig Uueie chcsuim Jiod 
if UtCA, they came out into a ^ttlc plain tlui Aood ;it the foot 
of ocftatn AMp rocksf from whow lops did prcdpiUte itself a 
gnat fill of water. TWc \^^c at the foot of chotc rocks ccrt^ 
fcotUH, BO ill macW » they ruber fccmed niinc o£ buildings chin 
houMi; from wHwikc, ^ ilicy [vrceii^cd, Jjd isuic the fearful nuiiour 
and Doiw ol the strokes, which ytt coniiDurd- 

Roxinantc ai tfait drcudlul noJM did AUn, and beinff made quiet 

by hit lordt Don Qlijxoi« did by httlc ^nd htd« tlr^w neur to ihe 

bimw^t rccDiTvneitdinf: himn^if on du? w^>y mou devoiuly to hit 

Lady Dulcinn, and alio 10 Jove, deuring him thai he would not 

iorpX him. SaiKhn ncvrr dep«vird itnm Uis lotiW i^r, .inti ^irichrd 

BIS lus neck jnd eyes at br i% he might (hroiigh Kasiiumtc ht» 

Irp, to M< if he could perceive that which held him so fcarJul 

and nvpeiwlod. And ait^ they had mvelkd about j ktiodnd 

rooK, at ih« doublUij* of a potm of a moitntala, they taw 

very cause pi mi and op^ (for there cfKild be none other) of 

It >o hideout and fearful a ncjiv iKji h^d kq« ihcm M the ni^hi 

doubtfd and iiUi^hiod, and wni (O reader! if thou wik not take 

in bod parr) six iron maces that fulled cloth, whkh, with thdr 

t«rchang«abk blo«vs> did form that marvellous noise. 

When DcM Quixote uw what it was, he wiTe<l mute and all 

nbuncd. Sitncho heMd him, and s^iw thai he hung lus Imiu! on his 

Wctft with tokens that he was socncwhai athained. Don Quixote 

laoked aUo on his squire, ;m<l uw hii chrcWs iwollcn with laughter, 

l; wilhal eiidciii sijcns ihaT hv^ w,tt m cianjcer 10 burst if he 

I -^I otA iha: passion; whcrrai all Don Quiiioce's maUncholy little 

AVtnu:. he cnuld tUH, bpholding Sanchn, btic lan^ also htmtctf. 

Stfiu:ho saw his nuster begin the play, Iw In slip the 

, — i> sucb violent manner, 10 ptess his sides hardly with bt^th 

Itis hondi to save him^lf from burninf. tour timei be ended. 
f « rene^^ his laujthter, tviih as j^at impube and 

.- .:.- iiti^ whereat Don Quixote was Monder fully cntaf[vd, 

Ux diseffy hrarin); him wy in ^bing manner, 'I vrouM ha%e tliee 
k&ow. friend Sancho, that I was bom, by rhc diipoution of I^cdvetu 
sfl this our af^t iif mm. to renew in it ifiat of giild, or the ^Idcn 
vorid. 1 ui hf for whom arv rtMiwd all danstrovs, gna^, and 



vnWocjA feats,' And in this son be k-«oI repeating ^ 
gnoteit p^ut of ihe wo«ii Don Qutxott lud uid the fint 
ihi^ hnird f be- liovimcis blowit. Diin QiiiKnir jtrrmving t)i 
modcctl him, g'c^' «o AkJuincd aikI jh^') wiilul^ ibji, Ufiin^ up tW 
eod of hii bjK<, be ^\x him iwo »ikJ) blowj on the back. a$ U 
had rccowd ibem on hit p^if. would have (rctd hii iiuaier f 
p)in^ him uiy w;»j;e^ H it were not io hi» hetrv* Saodic^ 
ih^ be gained to dl eameit by bU jetu, fe^ihnfE dot hb mase 
ihouki ^(j imwiirij wHh it, he said unm hinu with rrry i^trk iob* 
misiion, Tacify yourfcLf, gcod ur; for, by |f>vc. I did bui ycsi* 'Ilui 
why dost tbou ics^ 1 cell ibcc 1 do not iot/ quocb Don Qui^tc^ir. 
*Comc hcrc^ master mcrfy-man; UuAk«« ihou ihjt, ds iho«e 
iron macn to full cloth, if th^y we» conif other dingorout 
wnnirr, that I have not thovni motutioo enoiigb to undnr.ik^ a 
Rmsh 11? Am I by chaiKc obt^td, being, as 1 ain, j Lntfibi, 
know jui<l diiUDgubh QoiAe^. and ptrcdv^ which are of a fuUing' 
milLr or no? /\nd more it might (ks Li is tnK), that I never uv 
viy before^ a( thou bast doi>ef boM villain rhoE thcKi ani bona nnd 
hmuftbr up isnoag i\^ like: if ivou mnke thou iKjt these lix nuoe^ 
t)E- uvivcfttxl imo gianti, and ca;^ thrm in my besrd one by nnc, *"^ 
all together; And when 1 do not turn ail their becb up. tbcn 
me at much as thou plcucu-' 

'No morc^ good sir/ quoiJi Sancbo; (or I coq£c«s 1 have 
nmtwluc too laughfomt. Hut tell me, I pray you* im>w thu 
are in peacA as Cod shall deliver you out of all adirenmre^ that 
may MA] you, ai wIioIl* jnd wund ai He haih done out uf tU^ 
haih the not ^treat leor wc were in been a good «ul>icct ol )au|^tcr» 
and a thing wonhy tbc icUmgP— at least I; Cor of you 1 am 
ilui you do not yet know what feat or terror ii,' *I do not denyj 
i]uoth Don Quixoce» 'but that which htM ib is wnrrby of bughtar 
yet ought it not lo be recountinl, foraiuiuch at all pcnom asr dm 
so diicfcct as Id koovr how to duc^rn one drun; ficm anotbcft and 
Mr cverydkbs in his right poinc* 'Vou know, at Icaitwiar,' quodi 
SoQcho, 'how to set yau javdiio in hu point when, pobtinfc 
my pati*. yoa hit me on tlw shouMefi, thanks be to God. and 
the (k&gmce I put in gueng aside. Bm larei^t-eli ir, for oil wit) swsy 
LB the bucking; and I ba^e heard old hAk oy "'that tnati Iovcb ihcv 

nc, tir 






ho orukes thtc to weep." And bc»i<lci. gnat lordj arc woot. 
sittr a h*6 word which tKty uy u> OE>e of Uuir wrviog-man, to 
beftow on Itam preMnily u pair of booc But I know not yH wlm 
diqr are vom to ^ve tkvm afur blowi, U ii be not ihai kiiighu- 
mant givr, alter the HiitiiuclD, iilindi, ix km^kluim on tbc cua* 
iL* *Tbc <iie cniglii fuo n bvourably,' <|uoth Doa Quixote, 
»ll thou hasE uSd might oorac u> pa«s; and therefore pardon 
if donei liou thog an dtscrMC, and knownt duE a nun's first 
mntlocu are not m hit tuod. And be advcnivd of one thing from 
faaicvforw,ird (to ili« ^nd tf> abuaio, ind cirry thipielf mure 
ic»pecdu!lf' in thy ovcr-mtich tiibeny oi ^xxl:h with nc), ckii iu 
u many books of chivalry as I have read, which arc inHnitc, I 
ocifcf found thac any iquirc sfoltc to much with liis lord as ibou 
do«i vntli ihinc; which, in good sooth, 1 do attnbutc to thy great 
indiwTctiuti Jnd minr; ihirtc, in rrtpcclittg mr ui lix:lc; tmnr, in 
A nuking myself to be mori; rc^rdcd. Wjt noc G^nddlin, 
cfis dc Gaul's squire, carl of the Rrm Island? And yet it it 
o( hif&, thai he ipolcc to has lord with his cap in his hand, his 
bowed, and his body bend«d (ntor^ TurcHco). What, th«n. 
W9 uy of Gasabel, Don G^laor's squirt, who \va.i w silmt, ai to 
UB the nceJkucy il:«-fcoE, hii n^me h bui ott<v icptMinl in 
disc feo gmc and authoiiic a kistofy? Ot jJl wl-jdt my i^x^ixJs. 
^Dcha thou mutt tnfcft tJui thou must make difference between 
the matt** and the nun, ih« tord and hu Gerrin^nidnT the kn^j^ht 
mvi his squinr: so ilui Uam ih^ day (crwarJ we muit proceed 
tnore respect, not letiing the cJew ran x> much; for aftw 
I grow angry wiih diec. n will be Kul for ifae 
and benclits thst J have promised tbcc will 
in their time; and if they do no«* thy wages cannot be bet, as 
luve ,-iJrcidy siid (o thee.' 

"Yim sjy *wy wrJI/ qooth Saocho; Iimi fain would I learri (in cue 
llu the tin^ <if rewaids cjme nt*. and llui 1 mutt nf Drtt-uxiy 
mm to my wj£e4> how much a knight<rTam'5 sciuirc did gain in 
innci fust^ ttr il ilxy dW! ajcT« for months, fir by iay^ at iruton's 
am r* 'I di) ntv ihink/ ffuoth Don Qit:x<i(c, 'that ihey \v«nt h> the 
Wr, hijt n*ik TMiflcd in tHeir InrxTi cniinny. And if I haw attigned 
t^,.. I'iu l[i my msAtd testament, whkh 1 left at hociv, it wu 


to prevent the worst; because I know not yet what success chivalry 
may have in these our so miserable times> and I would not have 
my soul suffer in the other world for such a miouity as is thy wages; 
£or thou must understand that in this world there is no state so 
dangerous as that of knights-errant/ 'That is most tru^' replied 
Sanchof 'seeing the only sound of the maces of a fuHing-mill could 
trouble and disquiet the heart of so valiant a knight as you are^ 
But you may be sure that I will not hereafter once unfold my Up* 
to jest at your doings, but only to honour you as my master and 
natural lord.' *By doing so/ replied Don Quixote, 'thou shalt live 
on the face of the earth; for, next to our parents, we are bound 
to respect our masters as if they were our fathers.* 



Mamuinq^ with Othue SvGCEiiu Which 6e»o, rut In- 
viMaM-L Kmi-kt 

rr bcffui about ihii bmc lo r.iiiu or^ S^ncho wouJd fain haw^ 
BOtsfsd imo the fnlling-nuU^^ but I>oa Quixote had cotvodvcd 
luch hxe again« chcm £or ch« j«sc rccouii<«d, li he would 
m no will* <:ome ii«ir thrn>: hii^ rufnin^ hn w.kjr on ifit* ni^ 
Inrul, be Fell iiito a highwiy, 11 much bmm a ihat wficmn t>icy 
rode the day before. Wtihtti a while after, Don Quixote cjpted 
•ne a-honcback, tKH bore on h» hod somewhat dui K^stcred 
like gold; and kotcc had he «ecfi him, when he turned to Sancbo, 
fiid, *Mefhinkt. Sancho, ih;ir there's oo prowrh that if not 
r; for ihry jip all iemc(K» ukcn oai of cip«im<i: itvtf, whkh 
the univcfuL mother of sdcncct! and specinLUy that pro^eib ihat 
ri, "^herc ont door is shut, another 11 opened.** 1 aay thu bo- 
if fortune did thut y^fiernight (be cix-r that we searched, 
IviDjc ut in the adventure of the IfOfi maces, it lays ui now 
open ihe dour thai may address u& lo a brJer and more cer- 
advefUmc, whereon, if I CAOoot make a f:oud entry, the (all 
tD be mine, without hdnj; able lo attribute tc to the little knowl* 
cdlge of the fuUmj; maces or the darkoeo of the ni^; which I 
becauKt if t be rwt deceived, there comes one towards ut 
n on hii head (be hedmet at Mamhrino, fnr which 1 madp 
oath.' 'Set- wrll vbhii ycv siy, sir. and hrncr wh^t you do,* quoth 
'for 1 would nnt wiih thai thii were new m^cei, to 
i«uer uf and our tutdcfnanding/ 'The devil rake thee for a man!' 
replied Don Quiicocc; 'what difference i* ihere hetwixi a helmet 
»d hilbn^macei ^' 1 know nui/ quoth Sancbo- Imt if I could 
ipe^k as enwh now ai 1 wai wont* perhaps I would give ycni tiich 
reaanns a* you ynundf shmiM ire how much you arc deceived in 
you iptak/ 'How may [ be deceived in thai I aji xcrupuloui 



tnicor?' quofh Tkfti Qoixocc. *Tdl trip, (cm tbou noc ilut kniglit 
which coma lidint^ luw/aitis ut on a djppl»-grcy hone, wkh a 
bdmec of gM oa lus beid?* That which I »e uul fiiMl out to he 
90,' uiswcred SjiDcbo, 'is none oibcr thtn a nun on a grvy sts likt 
mine owo, and ht'mf^s en bii hoid tomerwhat that shum.* 'Why. 
Ehst K Munhrirxi'f hdiDct,* c|wxh I>>n Quixoir. 'Stand aiide, ;ni<l 
Icavr mr alonr widi Kim; ttioii «ha]l irr haw, wiiboui i|ircOi, 1p 
cur olT dcbym 1 will conclude this advcntuift dnd icmaui wilh ihc 
helmet fls mine own which 1 hdvc «c» much dcurtd*' *l wilJ have 
cire CO iinnd o(T; but 1 iiun ai^aio Lo »ay, that 1 pny Cod thai h 
b« a purcha» of gold, aa^ not fullirtjE-miUi.' 'I 1ut« aUcody uid 
unto ihw Oial ibciu ik> nc< make any more inentk», no, lun ia 
thought, of those nucjc»; (or if tluiti dntt^' aid Don Quixoiet i ww* 
[ ny no mo<v» thu I will bi(tcr <h^ wuU' Here Sancho, (earing kK 
hii mottcf Vixiuld a<ccomplbh the vow which he had ihfown out 
2S rouDd aj a bowl, held hit ptfaca. 

Thit, thcnfbre, U tho truth of the hisiory of tho Mnwt, hocfr, 
and knight, which Don Quixote uw. TWie W3i in ihat oommaiV 
two villago, the one m> tittle as it had neithet ihop oac barber, but 
the greater, that was ii>car unto lu was ftiroiabcd of ocm; and Le 
therc£ore did aervv the little viDa^ when ihey had any occasoOi 
as oaw it befell that therein Uy one sick, und ttuui be let blood, 
and another tlut de^retl fo trim Hii lw;inl; for wl:lch purpocv the 
barber came, bringing with him a huxro buin- Ai^ aa he txavcOcdp 
it by chaooe bci;an to rain, And thercJote clapped hi^ b^sm on hU 
bead to ttvo his hat from tiaining, because it bebkc was a new one; 
and ibe basia hmng cl^an tcoured, gllAvrpd half a Icajcua otf. He 
rode on a grey ass, as Sancho uid, and chat vns ihr n^Rnn why Don 
Quiiutc* luok him tu be J cLipfi&f-grcy ueed, a knigbtf and j hdniM 
of gold; iot he did. with all (ad!ity> d^) tvcrythiitg which be saw 
to his raving chivalry and iU<rrant tboughcs. Aikl when ha kw 
fhait iho poor knij^t drew near, without settling htsudf to com- 
numo with him, ho Lorcited hj% javelin kiw on t]>e dugh, and ran 
with 3ll tbr force RozininCQ might, thinking tn urikr lum ihnjii|^ 
and thiough; oimI drawing ocaf iBito him, witttoui stopping his 
horic, he<ri«<l,'Dctc(ui th)idf. caiiifit or dsa render onto me will- 
io^y that which is my due by all nnaoo.' 

tai a 



Hm barber, ^ho »o wiihoui feiriiiR or surmiung any tucji tkiag, 
uw thM. imouvf ;um1 iptrit cotne upoo hUn, lud ry> otber temtiif, 
i»4md the blow nf thr bnor, bin in f;tU i^ liii ;tn ;n tbc |[nKiiiu; 
tnd watm had he louciin] ihr canb, vrlicn riling up u^jui as light 

« deer, be raa ftwty so swiftly ihiough ibc pluQ m the wind 
acafcv ovdtftke himi Iciviiig btluad him on ih« ground his 
whfnwjtfaal Doai Quizoie f«iVKl cooteat, aad uid dui 
pagan which losr k was divreet, and did imitate the castor, who 
vctn^ Iiiifudf haiW pimited 1it Ui« huniLis. whkii u%m and tuts 
a«»7 thit miili his tccih for wh;cb he kno%vi by fuuintJ iivfiincc 
he lA fe^Uowcd. 

Tben be CDmtnor.dcd Saiuho to take up the bclmei; who, lining 
It said, 'The Kaiin it a good one, by God, and it at wdl worth a real 
li eight as a nuTYrdi.' And, giving ir in hn lord, ho pmemiv «rt it 
tm hu bckcL uuDUig ^botu cvtry v^^y t^ see whether be couLd £tt 
the beiTcn md. aodng be could oot liod it. he aaid. 'The pagaa 
for whoan tlb« faoious hcfanec woa lira forged had doiiTtlci&ly a 
very great bead; aod that which grieves me princlpoUy ii that ck« 
hdfoci wanu the one halt' 

When SandiD htsard him caU the \xiua a helmet, hn roitlil not 
ooooin bU Uugbter; but prtacmly remembering of hi» nu>tcr'« 
thtitr, be checked it in the midst. *Why don thou Uu^* Sanclm?' 
qmfa Ddo QvLUcotc. 'I laugb^* asd be, ';o think on the great bead 
ibe piffn owner of tbtf bdmK bad; for it is for all the wtuld lilw 
« barber's bduu.' 'Know Sancbo, that 1 inugine,' qtJiMh Don Quiidocp, 
^tfau this £emocia piece o( iliia eudianled helmet did bll, by uicne 
tttaa$B jccident. Into wmc one*ft baixb that knew not the «ortb 
ifcereof, and wtntij; it vr« of pore gold, uiibout koowinj; what bo 
Sd, I tbit^ be hath molten ihc half, to pfo&i hamtelf tborevritbal, 
■nd ntade of the other half thb^ which aeemi 3 barber's bavo, as 
duaa m/m: buc be it wkal it Em, to mr who knowt wi^ll what h 11, 
tu wiyamurioo nialco do matter: for I will d/eu it in the 6nc 
tam when I tbaU Bod a soiiib. na that which ibc God oE Forget 
made for the God of War «ha]l not Mupaia, no* Dor oome near tt; 
ttd in the neaawhde 1 will wear i! as I may, for eortutUiig It better 
than noibtttji; and morv, veing rl may very weD defend me from 
die bbw of a Moot.' That s tnM%' quoth SakIio, 'if it be not thtown 



uui ct 3 sliii^ ftixh » thai <ji ihc b;ittli! </ iHcr iwo ^nnies, wl 
they bles^ yxmf worthip'n check iwh^ ,ind brcikc the bonk wlicfi 
you ctrrkd the most blescd ilrcnch whuh made nw voniii up 
gnu.* '1 <k> not miich cxita for the lou of h, Sanchot' qunth Don 
Quixote; *foff-, ai thod knoweo, 1 hare the recipe in nicmory.' 
have i likcwiaep' quuli Saitclio; 'but if ev«r I make ii dt uae 
again in my Efe* 1 piay Oixl thai }w<e may be mine md: hciw mi 
morr, J ne^'sr m&iii to ihnjjt my:Kli into any occanon wheron 
«houkj have iK^ oi h\ lor I mcasv, wich aII iny ftvc vrmcs ta k* 
myftdf froim hiinin^ any, or b«ing hurt. Of being once again tounl 
in :> rmYrlri, I uy nnthing; for «ijch disi^rac^ can hardly btf (m- 
wnted, and If they bcfitl, th«^re if no other rmwdy but patJcncr, aod 
to lift up the «llouldcr^ ke«p in the breath, shut ihc cyrst and siiffcf 
ouradvej to be home where fonime and the coverlet pUasech.' 

'Thou art a bad Chr iuian^ SoiKhcs' qtioih Don QuixM<^ homi 
him Kiy «o; 'for tbou never forgetieit the in)urie« thof are 
doM to thee: knnw th;ir it b the dmy ot nii^e ami |ttfit^rott> n^i 
not XV make any accouni of utys- Whajc leg hau thou luuught ai 
Umc, what rib broken, or wha; head hurt, ibat tbou canjt not 
forget that jest? For the thing being wd) cvunincdt u ww 
other than a joit or pMtim*; for if i did not tak^ it lo be tuch,! 
had reiuraed by thii to that place, And done motv harm In 
reven^ than that which the Gieeks did fuc the rj[>o of Hi 
whut if ibe wcfe in theie times, or my Dukinea In hctt, the mi] 
be mre she ihould never have gained m> mtich fame tor beauty 
she did.' And) uyiag so, he pierced the sky with a cigb. T 
ftiid Soncho, lL-t it past for a |e«t, tince the revenge cannot pau 
Ames; but I know well th« quality both of the yrti and «nri 
x*i also that they th;Jl never hH out of my memory, »% thoy 
n«ver out of my «houl<kt>. But, leaving ttiis 4ijxirt, whAi ifaall 
do wtiU ihi> dapple-grey »eed. that look* to hke a grey au, wfni 
thjt Manin left behini, whom yuu otenhrew, who, according 
he bid fiect on the duit and nude haite, he minds not to eooa hii 
for htm 'gain; and, by my Isgvd, ihe grry liexn ia a ^aad one.* 
am not accuflomed,* quoch Don QuuDce. *w laniadc and 
thofc whom I overcome; nor ti it the practke of chivjhy lu 
dMVf honca and Ut them go a&>oc. if thai it befall (noil the «iai 


bw ui ilie oudba \m own: tot in vjch a ax it is lawful lu uAit 
at of ihc vanquiihcd is won id hw war. So tlul» Saiicbo. kave 
horftc, or *Mj or wbm cbc ihou pleatest 10 c^U ii; for when his 
(M« at deponed, be w'A\ return a^c^in tor it.' "Gw! know»,' 
h Sancho, 'nhnh^ ic will W $006 or no for mc lu uke him, 
Ai leitf ihaii^v fof mine own, whkli, iTVfhink% is not sj good. 
Ttuly ihc Uws of knighrliood aic Airait, ainc« they extend noi 
dicmidvu 10 hcerne tlu- exchange ci one a«s fof jinoiher. And 1 
krva^ wbeiher they perrert at lean Co exchiii^;e Uie one hArnea 
:UK}<h<f?' 'In thai 1 ^m not very sure,' qucich Don Qulioee; 
':znd 31 Ji cavr of dixibt (amit I he hr^ter informed), I say that ihou 
ndnnge them, if by chincc ihy nc«l be ciircmc/ 'So eiticmc!,' 
quoth ^ancho, 'ih^ if they were for mine own very penon, J could 
not need ihcm more/ And f>reM:ni]y. enabled by ihc licenae, he 
Okade mmtatio e^p^mm, and wt fonh hii b«ifcT like a bundrrd 
Thit bein^ donir, rhey b«nlce ihdf f jm with the relic% of rhe ^|v)iU 
h^ made in d)c camp o£ tufni^cr'liur^ uml drank of the 
breams, without ortce lurmn^ to kxd( on dwni (» much 
abhorred ihcm for the mar\eUoiu terror they had stracken 
in); and having by their repa cut away all choleric and 
mtJanchnlk- humours, they fnHowrd on the way which Royiname 
plwed to Irjd them, who wat fhe dp|X^i>orv of hi« maAer'i will, 
4ad alio oi the ^s\\ who fciloi^^ird him jtwayi wheresoever he 
•rcAi, in ffood amtty and company: for all ihia« they returned to 
iW hif^way. wherein ihey tra%-elled at random, wiihooi any eemun 
lUflsmiioa whkh wiy to j^. And a» iliey tlmt travelled. Sancho 
10 h)» lord, "Sir, wit! yciu giw me Ituvr to amumme a Httle 
you^ (or, iince >tn> luve rmpoard upon mc thit ^ip com- 
of iilence more rhan four ihin^ htve rolled ui my 
voouch; and one ihinjc thai I have now upon the lip of my tonjcue, 
1 would not wiih for auythinji; that it should miica/ry/ 'Say it,' 
quorb Di>n QttiTote, 'and he brief in ihy reawnt; for none it de- 
^^cbd if l« prolU/ 'I My iheii/ t^uuth SjikIui. 'ilui I luvc been 
the«c bicT fjayi comMcrinje how little is gaincxl by foUowing thcK 
acKcnturcf that ;x>u do thioufzh these doeni and cfo«MvayK where, 
thocq^li you ovenofM and finith the mott dani;erouat yet no nun 




we* Of kfiow» ibcn, and so the> shuli rcmAin id perpeiul «il«ncc, 
both to your |tf<^u<l>cc and ih^ of tba famo which ihcy diMrv«b 
And [l>frefDr«, metlunlcs it wpra benct (aiU expecting )iiur better 
iudgroeui hffFtti)f t^^M we wcni to »crvc tocne enperur or wher 
gfcat prince iKxl m^kcth wjt. in wbo^ scivjcc you might «bow 
i1m vjdour of your pcrwo. your nurvcUous Cofcc^ and woadcffid 
jud>;incnt; wbkit bemjf perceived by ihe lord vrliom wv dull 
terv^ be mus perfocce reward ui, every one :iccortling to bit 
(Icftens: am) in nch a plactr will r<()f W4nr one n> record your iwUc 
acu for i perpetual mcroory. Of mine I uy nothing, wciDg they 
must not Iranjgrcas tlK squire-like Limit>; aUboii}[h I ioit avoucb 
tbii, A any nocKe be takeo in chivalry of the fcau of sq\ur«i» 
fthill not tall 3way betwixt llic lines.' 

'Soncho, thou uytt dm U\* quoib Don QuixoCie; 'but bdorti 
a tluii^ LEiiihc tij p;i^ ii Is t&^UMMtv tu speud wnc iium* \tp 
flown the world, as in probatiocu aeckiojc of advcmu/u* to the end 
that, by achieving ion>c a nun may acquire wch bme and rcDOW 
ai when lie go«i to the coun of any |>rt!£i monarch, he be tha« 
aUrady kr^wn by Hjk uTtiii; and rhiti he tball scamly be pcr< 
crxird ki raicT at ibr ^im by the Iwyt of that city, when they 
all will ioUvvi jnd cnvirua hun, crying out aloud. Thia i» the 
KnJfht of the Sun, or ibe Scrpcot. or o( tome other device under 
which he hath achieved Mninj^ ad^ci^turei. "Thii is he,*" will they 
»y, ''who ovvrcame in tant^t 6^ the hu^c giant Uroobruno of 
thff invincilile strength; lie itui <Uietichaiiteiil thr ^{reai Sophy of 
Ph-nis, of the Urge racluituncnt wltcrrin he h^d !air. alnvNC nine 
huodrnl yean." So that ihey will thui go proclaiming hb acu 
lioin hand to band; aiid prcicnily ihc kinjc of that kio^dotai 
moved by tha gnai bruit of the boys and ochet pvopU. will itand 
at tha windowa of his pcdace to wc what it ii; md m idoo a* he 
»1ul1 cy^ ihe koighi, knowing him by h\i anns, or by ihe tmpri-^e 
of hu ihidd. be mtm nnccturilytJ)', "Up] go all o( you, my kni|;bii, 
a« nuay oE you ai ue jn court, iorth. lo receive the flower oC 
chivalry, which comes tliere." At whose command thry ail will 
lally, and he himtalf will come down to die n^tlsl of th» Main, and 
will embmce him most urndy. and will giw him thv paacct kiA-j 
in^ him 0a the dbotki and piacDtly will urry him by the hand 


I and V 



queen*! chamber^ where ibc kn^t ihall liad her accofopuiied 
hf the princnn her ibughirr, whkh mint br ttaet iit ihe birtsi aad 
^M<<MMrrr diin«cb tbu can be iouad duou^uc che %ast conpfttt 
ol tbt canh, Afier ifats will prcMAtJy tad ifi a iricc 5ucc«nl. ihat 
jht will citt bcr eye Oft the knighi, and he on her. and cMb of 
than thall 3«em to tli« oibcr do hunun creature, but an angtl; and 
liicfi, «Htbout kiicwing how, or how doc tbey AoU reouin G^Klve 
and c-manglai in tlve ii>cAifH;^blc 4inuipu» ixi, uxJ with grcoi care 
io tbeir loiixht bcouK ihcy know not how they thoU 5peak lo 
diioavcf ihc anguiAh and fcdmg. hrom rhcncc the king vwiU Garry 
hinit wifhont doubc. lo aatac quarter of hii paUoc richly hanged; 
wtwre, Kaving taken o^ his anni, they u-jll bring him a rich mantte 
oi KarUt, fu/red with erminei, to wear; and If be termed wdl bc^ 
hwe^ bring jjined, he %tull now look aj well, or betrer» otit of x\tein. 
The ni^M being cone, he abaU *up wilh tbc kifi& queen, and 
prmctti, where be ihaU never lake hi» eye otT her, behoving tio- 
amra of ihoae that ci;md |>re«cnc, aod she wdl do the Lik* with 
at much ditCFetion; fnr» ^ I have said, the ii a very cluav«t darmel. 
The laUcv iKill be lakcn up; there dull enter, tiocEpectrdly. m at 
ibc hallt aa ilUavoured littJe dwaxf^ ^iih a fair lady that comes be* 
kisd the dwarf between two giaats, ^ith a ccnaio advconutt 
WTQughc by a most atsdunt wiae nun, atid thai he w^ ihall cod it 
Aall b* hdd for tho br^ knight of th« worid. Presently the king 
«iU r o mm a nd all iboM* ilut are pieieni to prove it, which ihey 6ck 
hm QCine ct then can Snish ii bji odily ibe new<Gsne kniglu, to 
ifat gicat prooj ol hu fame; where^ the princeu will remain rery 
^ad, And will be very )oyfi^, and wdU apoid, because abc hath 
•etdol her thoughts in «o high a pboc. And the best of i1 t«, that 
dik king, or prince, or w!t:ti cite he it, hjth a very great vtjt with 
another as mighty m% be: and the knight hli guest doth atk him 

he Kxh bceo in the co-jn a few days) bcciue to go and serve 
■Em in thai war. The king will give it with a very good will, and 
iha koight wiU kiu hit hands counwxuly for the favour he doth 
him thardsL And choc night be will lake leave of his lady, the 
pCEDceas, by wcne wimknv cj( a garden that looks inin her be<l* 
dunlstr, by the which be Kaili spoken to Iter oftiimc* birfcitT,— 
hiog a great fnenm tod help tJicrrto, a certain damael wluch the 


^^ mttA^ He «g»^^ J'"! >^1« ^viU £^ Jq 
.J ..^ Ninil waief lo bung \m to hersdf agam; ifat 
'^oi: ^ ^-^w brtjuic the noining dmws near, u^ ifv 
rfM^v *hrm discovered by any, for her ladvs hj wuw 
fniKCM nviU return lo hctscH, ai^d wil] give qqi ^r 
^ htfidi^ a< ib« window to ibe knight, who wiU km t^ui n i 
^ «m1 a liiounju! tim^i, nnd will bathe ihem alj ta inrL 
j^ wiR renuin afrcn) bnwccn itictn iw^ (he means thtt ikc* 

^ ro 4C^u^t OQC aoothi^r wiih thar ^txid or bad m! ? 

t pnncctt tt-ili pray him to njy away ai Ih,!,. ^^^^ ^ ^^ 
he Uu!l jirtxniw unto her, with rainy o;;tHs Axid proce-abcm! 
mU he lyrn again to kiss her haiwh, and take hU Ujw of h« 
Och fo^linic, tha. there ^-.ll want bm lUtlc to end h>. FJr in 

dV^art H ^^ -^ *- ^^ '" *^ ^ -P W ««« 
» It-^ oi the ^^^^ ^'^ "''.^ ^''^'-^ -^ P 

* rnV*.* 1 , ""' "■*= tjweft, and princeii. They uO hm 

ft Vll ^""^ *"' *^<^ fi'" '^<^) "^ ^<^ 1^»«« « iP « 

l^hi r' " '^^ ^^*^^ ^<*^"ff* *^^^ '""^ '»'»«' ^ ^^ 

wt intl TT: "^'^'^ ^^ will be almo« constriined to gm 

^^^ ^'^ <««« o«c j1) that fUMeth. aod go after to tdl 
, J^ ^'^o teoavtt her wiih lejrs and says imio fair, 
^."*f*E^'«t affliukMu .he h^ u that ^ dDih ttx 
^T,**~ "^^gbt, Of *heihef he be of blood <oyal « tKL 
rr ^toure b«r agaia, that » ktc« bounty, bentty, ud 
'»^«fc her knight oouU im find pbce but in a icrc« ukd 
*^«^ The carrfal prinects will comfon he^«Jf %.ith thi» 
•ncl lahout to be chwful, l«i Ae should yi^ octaaon to her 
aio w*p«a any amiM ihn^ of hei ; »wJ wkhin xwo day* 
>he vrill come out in pobEc By thii the knight is litpaned: 
ptill«Mwv,udoTcrcDaM:itheking'ftahCiny; he wins niiiiy 
r«M iriuin;4tt for miny b^nJet; he retuma to the cmm; he 
hfi bdy, artd ipe^ to h>c4 ;xi ihc sccuttotxttA pbee; he agreecb 
kv to denoBd b« of the king ice his wife* m mt^rd of his 
ta; whtnuiiTO the kmg wSI not cofucnt. bvcaiuc he komrs 
ihii b4 it; but for all this, diher by carrying hcf jwjty» uv 



firxne ffihtf mimwrt %ht princes bfovnrt hi« wi(ir-, and br accoiirat 
liinurlf ibrfcfofe ^rry fortuoiiti bvciuic it tv^ a[t« knovrn tluc 
the umc knight u son to a vcrr vilonius kuig, of I koow out whjit 
Q>uniryi for I Miev« it » iMt in all ilit: m^p. The- faihcf dies and 
chc ptiuccu (lo<h inherit i\\e kingdom: and ihui. in two wurdK our 
hnijtlu is b^roine a king. Hm tn ihii pbcv c^otrne propiulv the 
ttanmndity lo rrwjini Hi« tquite, and ^W thmc tlui Kripn) him la 
ucend (o «) hi^h an »ut(:. He marries hii »qulrc with oik at the 
princess's damtcU. which thall dcHibtlcu be iKc very wmc thpi was 
joiuiinted with bit k>vp, who ti wrn« pflncij^ul duke's daoghier/ 
"Dut't ii I ie«k for/ quoch Sancho, ':ind all wlU j^ ri^ht: ihcr«- 
fot« I «vtU leive In thut, fof every wliil ttl ii vrtiich you uid will 
luppen to youi)clf, withuut miaEunjr a foe, c^Uin^ ^xwrielf, the 
Riright of the lll'fj^'ourcd Vact' 'Kcvcr dooibt it. Soncho/ quoth 
Don Quixote: 'for ei<n in the very same manner, and by the %ime 
ttvpt ihj( I have recounted here, kni^tt-cfr^ni do asoend, and have 
jiceruktl, tn br kingt and rmperori. Thtf only i« e^pedieni, that 
vr iiHjLiif^ nhai kiiij; among the Chrisiiant or heaihens nukt^ war 
and hath a fair daughict : but we ihalt have lime enough to bethink 
tbx< aocci as 1 have taid, ^^■c m\tn i\m acquire fame in other places* 
btton w« ^ to the court. Also I want anuc^wr ihinj;;, lh^ put cue 
that wv And :i Chritttan or pojtan king than hath ivari a.nd a bir 
d^vqihter, and ih^ii I luv^ j^inAl inrrtdilile {ime thmufihom the 
wide worki. ytt cannot ] icll hciw I mi^hi lin<] iKjt I am defended 
&oni kin^i, or ih«t I am at the Icict couun-f^rnun ronoved of an 
tRifcrDr; for the kinfc will not gi\<c iik hi^ daughter tmtil ihi> be 
finr wry well proved, though mv ^vorkt deier\« it never 10 much; 
HI thii I fe^r 10 Ime, rhmugh thix dfffci, that which mine own hath 
i»vil«d ttj well. True tt is llijl [ jm a grullvman u{ a known 
bouie of propriety and posteuion: and |)evhapi the wi^e man that 
«hall wnie my hiiJory will w be^iitity my kiwlK^d and deccem. that 
he Wvll Snc\ me 10 knt the AfiK or itxih descent from a kinjf. For thou 
■mm undentAnd, Sanfhn, that ihere ±re iwo manner* ni lines^ in 
thr vroeldt lomr tkiJ (IrriiiF iheir p^li^m- fmm pnrm and moit- 
avdik whom iim« hjth by liitW and iitik*- diminuhixJ and iouuimed. 

Eroded m n pimi Hke |iyramidv; ochcrt» tkit took their bcgin- 
(n>ni haw people, and «K«ad from defcne unto des^ec, untd 
bocnmr at bit greu lordi. So thai all ttie di^erence it, thac 


tonv Wat ihai which ihry nv not qcfw, and othtfs arv dut whkh 
ihey were noc; ami k mighi be iKat I am of ihoic, and, ^ftcr ^ood 
csuinirutiofi, my bcipiuuag fwgbl be touad to have been famous 
and glorKMu, whcre%«-itbal the luoj^ my bthcr-iti-Uw, oughi lo be 
oonEcntf w-hc»oevcf he were; and when be wrrc noc, )^ »haU ib« 
priiKctt love me in itich »cn, ihai she ^lali, in dctpiw o£ her £aih«r'E 
tnrthr admit me fof hef lord and ipouse, alihnugh >hc knew mc la 
be the Km of a wacer-bcaicr. And tf ooc, here in ihi» pbce ouy 
quader wdl the c^rrpns of her awjy pertor«(t and carrying of her 
wiiciv btu I liked; £or eithtr ume or deith mv»t n<«(U and her 
faiher'c dtspleaure/ 

'Here comei well to pxu iIkM.' [toid] SaiKhor 'which tome 
damned fcl1t»ws are wdcii ici say, "Seek noi to get thai with i> good 
will which tho;) mayK lakc perforce"; ahhoujth it were better and* 
'^rhc leap oi a shrub u more north than good men't entxcoucs.'* 
1 My it to this purpoic, that it ihe king, your btherin-bw^ will noc 
QDrtdettead co give unto you the pnDC»t% my minreu, then there's 
no more to be done, but, as you uy, to steal h^ :iw.iy and carry 
b^ to another pbce; but ;ill the hurm ia thit, jji die meauwbile tkdt 
comsx>s)tioa is unmade, and you po&vcu not quietly your ktngdoau 
the po<ir iquirc may whutle for any benefit or pleasure you are able 
lo do hjm, if i£ be not that the darnel oE whom you spoke oven 
now run away with her Luly, and that he pafK away liis misfortunes 
now and ihrn with her, iiniil Hnvrti nrciiin simrr oilier thing; for 
1 do think ih^t tat lord nuy give her umo him pretenilyt if flhc 
ple<ue to be his lawful spouse/ 'There's none that c;in deprive ihce 
of that/ quoth Don Quj:tote. *Why, so that this may befall,* quoth 
Sancho. 'there's no more but to commend ourselves to God^ and let 
fortune run where it may best address us' 'God bring it so ro pass,* 
qtioih Don Quixorev 'as 1 desire, and (hou hast need of, Sancho: 
and Ie[ him be a wretch tlut accuunis liimwrlC one.* *Lel him be so,* 
quoth Soneho; *for 1 am an old Christian, and to be an earl there 
is no more requisite.' 'Ay, cod tis more than enough,' quoth Don 
Quuote, 'for that purpose; and though thou wert not^ tt made noi 
much mfttier; (or 1, being q king, m.-;y give thee nohiliiy-, without 
either buying of it, or serving mc wiih nothing; for, in cre-jtlng 
thee an cad, lot thereby thou art a gendenun. And, let men say 



tlwy pieu^ tbey must, in good fxMhr call tW "r^^ bonocii- 
atHe," although It grieve them ncrtr v> much.' \Kn6 iKink )xmi,' 
ijooik SonduH 'ilui I ivoidH nric jiirhoriw my htadn?' 'Thnii mii^ 
uy 4^'JA/o,f]r dj^niiy/^wnh Don Quixote, 'incl i^oiUtido. for iImis 
4 buibjjow word.' 'Let ii be «o,' c|uoth Saocho E'aaca. *1 »ay that 
1 woiilil accommodate ill vciy wcD; fof 1 wa> otice tbe wsmcr of a 
<Drifratn«ty, and the wuroer'& ^wa becanw me so wcQ that ev«ry 
ofke mA 1 t»d a |tfe»ence 6c For the provou of the fume; then how 
eiuth mure wlirn 1 &)uU tt-t on my ibuyJJm ifac niy^l ralw of 4 
dKko. or be apfurdkd wiiJi gold and pc^Hi* dft£f ihe cLucom of 
oruige carti? I <k> vchiy bcLiew thu rtKn nil! come a hundred 
hogpce to we mo.* 'Thou vr.ti wnn very ^cU/ quoth Don Qubcotc; 
1>ut thou muM fhave ihii beard ver^' often; ror at thcu Hut it now, 
lo buihy, knit, and unhjndiomo, tf thou iha^^est k doc w«th n razor 
u ibf lc;ui evei y cxW (Ly, mc^n will knuw itui Ukhi ^l aa fir fiofn 
j^iihty AB a muaket caa catty.' 'What mure U there to be done.* 
quoth Sancho. 'than Co take a bari>er and keep lum hired m my 
koutrr yea, and if it b< Micetoryp he &haU ride after me, as if he 
wero a maurr of horte :o tome noblonun.' 'How knowctr thou,* 
qmxh rVn QuiwKc, *ih*t ni4)lem(-n have thrir manrrs nf Vmvs. 
ridui^' aiti:< thcin:' *Soo'ie few ycaii a^o 1 was a month in the 
UAUU and there I «aw tlui d >t>uik^' little lord todc by for hii p1ca> 

fhey mmI be was a jit^K griiidee; there EoUowcd him still 
- LL.jiii>ack a eenatn roan, turning; every way ihai he vreoE, to eu 
W tenly tt-emrd lo be hii hone'v tail. I ibcn dnrunded the cauw 
vliy thai Gun did nnc ride by ifir □(1ier*!i trilc, hut «till did fodbtv 
kua la They answered mc tb^t he was ma^ticr t>l hb hoi>c». and 
4ut the grandvc* were accustomed to orry vuch men after them.* 
Thou u>^ true,* quoih Dna Quixote^ '^u^ dwu mayu cany tliy 
rtobef in ihai maancr a^cr tboe; for customs came not all logethtft 
nm inveniciJ ai oiice- and thou tiuyit be iHe (ir< «atl ihic 
Kii Uiibcr .^ftcr bim; atul 1 du ji^uic ilice that k b an i^fWc 
miEfic iruki ut trim a nun'< beard thart to saddle a hnnc/ 'L<l 

iA the baiber felt lo my cbarfce,* quoth Sancbo, 'and that of 
:iinD|E i/J he a tinj^. and of cr^'i-in^ ntc an iMr], \i \our^' 'ti ihill 
tt.' quufh D[:n Qucii^^rt-. Ami x\v.\-^. liiiLiik; l:^ hu ryrt, hv uw 

which thai] be ncouDied in the chapter following. 


Or TiiB L:butt Dos Qvixofc Ga\x to Many WuTcias. Wno 
Wm A-CumviNC Putionci: to a Placx Tiiiv Desikii» Not 



CID HAMET BENF,NGEI.I, an Arabic ^ml Manchcgan 
author, fixoLims ia ilm mou grave, lofty, divine, wrect 
a>nc«jtc<i history, that, Afi^ then diKourvs pused bctwcea 
Don Q^otc and hit squire Soncho I^qu, which wc hav« Uid 
<lown in ihe lut di:ip(a', Don Quixote, lifting up bU «yes, saw Out 
there came in ihc very wme way wherein ihcy nxle, ahoui vxa^ 
iw^lve men ia a coir^pjny on Foot, innned like he^rl-nntim in 
^i^t duiu uf iiOM, ihji was tied itxKit ibeii n^kf, and e*^ 
c^ them bad msnaclc^ besides on tbetr hands. There came lo 
duct tlKin XVkX> on horict»ck nnd two others niooU the horscmeo ' 
kid firelock pieces; thotc thai came afoot, dirts and swords^ An 
IS toon as Sincho tavr them, hesaid:*Thifiit a chain of jrillpy-tta 
pftiplrforrxnlhychrling to^ioibe^alle^x' 'Howt pmplrfiJicrdf 
ditnundcd Don Quuoie; *ii k pouibie that the king ^iU force 
soybody?' '1 »ay not so/ inswtted Suubo^ %ut that k i> peofile 
which aje oondenLncdt for their oHences^ to >er%'« the kttig in tba 
gaUeyt perforce.' In resolution,* r«f>Iietl Don Quixote^ "howvoewfr 
IE be, this folk, although they be cofidiictrd, go peTforc«t and not 
willingly.' 'That's m,' qiioih Sanclvx nTKTi, if thai he so, here 
Uih in justtv ihc cxrcL«fon of my functioii^ io wit, the dtuolvin 
oi violciKci and outrages, and the auccouring of the dIUacd 
nctdful/ '1 pruy you, >ir,' quoih SsikIks 'to consider that the iusti 
wlio rifwvtenti the king himself, doth wrong or violeiKe v 
hui otity doth cktsiite them for ibi^ir eommntted critnrL' 

Uy this llir chain of i\i\r% arrivi^, .ind Don Qaitoir, With 
councous icrmi, re(|uc>ted t}iosc thjt went in their giurd, that t 
would plc«*c W btorm him of (he cause wherefore llicy atmnl 
that ptoph ^vny in ihat manner. One of the jcuarvfiafts ^'boricbAck 
answered that tfccy ^^e ibve-i coi^demned hj his injfcsty tajht 



diwJ then w^u 00 more to be &ud, neither ought he to dciire 
uty Further koowM;:^^ 'For M dui,' replied Don QuixocOf '\ would 
Um kora o£ tttrf one of them in partkuhr the cauie of hii dift- 
gtacv,* And to this did add other %t>ch iitd so cotutvcHis wtirdtr lo 
taom tbccn to irll him what h? cictircd, as the othet giuidijn 
>bonicl»ck uiid, 'Although we carry here the rcgi»cr and t<M' 
aooy K>f ihc condcm nations of every one of these wretches* yei thit 
n no tim« to bold chcm here Iodr. oe take out the peocevMs to read; 
inn 70a nearer, oik) demand it of themielvec: tor they may teU it 
m ihtf pieasitt and I koinv tliry wlU; Cor they are mm ihat lake 
ik£^il buth in acting and icl-^in^ koitvcric^' 

With thii bccnaei which Don Quixote himidf would have takep 
Although they h^ not given it bim, he came to the chain, ax^ de- 
mshM uf the lirn for whit otteoce he went in to iU a gui«e. He 
■mwerid ihac hit o^enre u\-t« no other than for beii^ in love; fof 
wlucb (Jute oiilr be went In ihiit nuimer. Tor that, aud no more?* 
Rplkd Don Quixote. 'Well, if enamoured UAk be cast into the 
gilleyta I might have been n^win^ thcfc a good many days aj^o,' 
Mf lo^re was not tuch as you coojecturi^* qwKh the slave; *for mine 
vrai tluU 1 loved to much a baikcc well heaped vrith fine linen, as 
I did embrace it to nr^iEily, ilui ;f ihr ji»(icp nm lAken ir aw:iy 
&otn me by force, 1 would i>oi hart forukcn it to this hour by my 
jCOod-wtIL All wu done in fia^antc: there wa^ 00 leuure to give 
Hke cormcni ; the came was concluded, my shoulders accommodated 
with 4 hLincljed, a»d, for 1 ijpplement^ ihrve prizes of ^>afrtspn, 
aod the *wk was rnUed.' 'Whni are ^arrupei V quoth Don Quixote, 
"Gsmijws »fe ^^llryi,* replied the iUvr*, who was a young man of 
ttmc (our-and-twcnty yr^rt okl, and uid he was born in I^rahiia. 

Ubn C^bso^ demanded of the ^^o^ his cautc of offence, who 
ivrndd answvs nochingt he went so ud and radarbcholy- But the Brst 
soiwaifMl for him, and uid, 'Sir, this man goe« for 1 cuury-bird, 
t QM^n faf a muncian and singer.' 'Ii if pr>uihl«,' qunih Don 
J^uixute^ "thaL musk tans and sing«T« are likewiiv* »-nt (o the gal- 
' '^'e% «r/ quorh the ib^c; 'fnr ihcre'i itochmg worie than to 
in aa>;tiah.' 'KatJier/ <iuoih IXio Quixote, '1 have heard say 
&tt he wfaich utk^ doch alright and chaie away his harms,' 'Here 
quiie ooomfy/ c|Uoih the slave; 'for be that ungs o«Ke w«p« 


all hU life aitor.* 'I do doc uitdoDUitcl 11/ «iid Dan Quixote Buc 
DiH of ili^ guirdiant uid to him, *Sir knighi, w sing in ^mguith it 
ui(L 4iikjii^ l]u^ |)cuplt^ nan j^ihK locooEeu upcui tlic rack. TlicT 
gave this poor wr^ch Ui« torture, and he cooEcucd hii delight that 
he woL a qiurtrcKO. xha\ is, a stealer uf l>mtft; and b«cau*e he Imh 
confessed, be is likcwiie coodcmoed to ibv f^alleyt for ftlx feus, whh 
an aiDco of two hundred blows^ whkh ke h&Ars atrmdy with turn 
on his dtnttldi-ri. And he gi»n .tlw4yi ihui uil and punxatiTe, 
»usc the othe^r thicvct liut remain bcKiitd, uml aUo thote w 
go here, do ibusc> dofUc, niMi icorn him for confciAio^t and 
luting«coufaf*ctouy Non;for, tlwy uiy, aNobftth^t imny t 
04 a YWt and iHm :;> dviinqu«n: ii vtry fortunau when hit Hit or hi 
death only de^^endi tA hiB own coogue, and not of vitncues 
jimofs: and, in niiiHr opinion, ihey bav'e very ^ctt leaioo/ *l Gk< 
wbe think the ufnc,' quoib Don Outxote. 

Andf poiiinK to the iKird, lie demanded that vshicfa he had done 
of the rest, wlw an$ivcred him out of hiind, and that pleasandy 
"I go to the Lady Gufrupei tof five y<Mrv bectuse 1 wjntrd 
iltiuif^' '1 vr'iil ^uc twcnEv with ;ill my haul to free thee Erotn 
tmtfortiine,' quoch Don Quixote- "Hu:/ quoth the »Uvet 'woid 
l>e like one ihut hath money in the mid^t of Uw rv\U And yet dio 
for buogcr hecjiiie he can get no meat to buv for it- 1 ^y thu. bv- 
CaiJW ii I lud ihiMc twcfiXT duc^u which ynur worjthjp't li 
olleri me, in di>e Kason I would htvt to amiiurd wi'.h tliem 
notaiy't pen. and whctud my Uwycr's wit 10 wdl, that I mij; 
UHl«yM«mv»clf indMmiditolthvmaiketof CocodovcroE T 
and not in thi4 way irailvd thu* bk« a greyhound. But God it 
patience, ind this if «nougk' 

Don Quixote went after to the founh, wtu wa a in^i of vener- 
sb\a prcieace. with a lon^ wlutc beard which reached lo hit boma; 
wfioi hearing hinueU demanded the cauK why be amnc t 
began lo weep, and anitwertd txA a wonl. Kui Uk Afth aJavc 
him a tongue, and laid, 'Thii hooev m^n ||oe« to ih« galWys 
foitr years ^fi<^f hi^ hjNS walked xhv ordtn ,' " ^ 

and a-bcirwbuk/ 'Hut it,' qi>;th Sancho 1' 
w» earned iboui to the ilumc and pubLc view ot the people,' 'Vo 
AN in the right/ qtwth tht tbvt; 'and the crinw for wfakh Ke 




uiodcniDnl <o thii pAin was. !« bcLog j brokcj ol the cai, cye^ and 
oi jU ibc body too; for io tll^ct I mean th^t thii gci]iiicn>azi ^otfh 
lor 4 bawii, and likewise for tuvin^; x little unuk and vntraoce in 
wiuibcraii*' 'If that i^jcl and iuu^hi in witchcrift were noc added,* 
qumb Don QuiiLOfe, 'he metifed rttt to ^ anil ruiv in i1u> gilkrys 
kv being a poic bawd, but uihcr dder^td in ^ovoa and be ihcir 
ftocral; for the oiiicc of a bawd U noc bkc every od>er ordinary 
o£c^ bot nibcr of great discrciion, and most ncccssafy in moy 
fODUDoawnJth wrU governed, and sbouJd oot be practiaKl but 
by pcofUe mU bom; and ougbt^ brades to bave a vwdor and 
cumiiuior of (hem, as arc of all oibrr ir.t^ jud a ceriairi sft' 
favnird number oi men known, at arc oi the other broken cf tbc 
eichanse- And in ihii muuKr many bami that are done migbl 
be cxctwd, because ihtt trade and office if pfacii«d by indiscrete 
peopfe of tittle umlieru jndin^ : su^h at aro women of little morp 
or leu: ]"OuHK P^K^ ^^ i^itTK of few yean' AUuidiO];. and of le^ 
rxprnrncc, vihicb m the moit urgeikl occatioai, 4jkI when they 
eboiild contrive a ihift^irtifidally, the crumbs freeze ia ibeir mouths 
fktSf and they know not which i« ihdr right hand. Pain would 
forvr^rd and give reaiont why it ii eonvenieni to make choice 
ibntr wh^S onghi in ihr cnmmonwcdrh tti praciitc thit vi 
•eccuory an o&c; but the pboc and ^cojion ii noc ft for ki one day 
1 will say ii to iboae whkh may provide and remedy il: cnl> 1 uy 
fiovr, that the aoumpi or addition of a witch Kaib deprived mo of 
ibr oimpauion 1 thoutd c<herwi(c have 10 see thote grpy Kairi and 
fare to uich divrevt for being a bawd: although t know 

thai un wrcny in tlie wtvld coa move or forte die wtU. 

iEKne ifCDoranC penoni ibtnk (tor our will is a free power, and 

'sno berb or charm con constrain it); that which certain ttmplc 

or ttizcrang companioru make, are %ocnc mbiturcs and 

wherewiihal thr\- caute mrn nin m:id, and in the mean- 

10 ihai they K=Te fcirve xo m-ike one love well, being 

I haw uid) a thin^ most impossible to conoraiji the wit!.* *That 

true/ nnoth the old; 'and 1 piotest, iir, tkii I am wholly inno- 

of the imputation 01 wiicbcraft. At for being a bawd, I could 

Amy ii; hJi yer I nes^er ihougbi that 1 did ill then^n: for oil 

r tDtcotipft wat, that all dke world ihould ditpon tltem, and 

<b ou!< 



If an 

live LOfj[Ctl)cr la coaiconl and quMtncM, Wftboui ghcft ur <|iuuNLk 
But thi( t>y good dcnre ivjikd mc bm hsdc to htncJcr mf going 
ihpff, fmm whrncc I hiw no hope rwr ?o reiurn, my yeaii cki 
burden mc» an^l aim the Aofie, vthich kii mc iioc rest uii icunn 
And. saying thiii tic turned jg«io to hit loxncnutioni ;n st iht 
and S4JKho took vach compauioo on htm, 15. setting fu> hand 
hii bosom, he drew out a couple of ihiUmgs and jsave U hira at an 

Vtvtn hill] Dun Qmixoii! |xi«m! to aiMxher. and clemaQdol 
(atih; who in>vmcd with no leu. fauc ^ih much more pkan 
than the bimcr: *l go here because I hive tc^cd wmctvhai too 
with two eouuM-genran of mine own. and wuh two other sutcnb 
which wcra nooe of mine own; finally, I jnaed to much widt dicm 
all, thai ihftncir reMilc«d ih« incmtr of my ktndrrtl 10 imricaidyk » 
there i^ no caiua^ that can well resolve tt. All w^i proved by me, 
J wanted fav<7ur. 1 had no money, and was in danger to looe 
head; ftnaily, I was condenuwd (or six yean to the ^lleyi. I 
tented it, u a puniihrnent of my fault; 1 am )<Hin0. and let my li 
bur 1«)ld out a while lon^r, atul »]] will gti weQ. Atkl if you, 
luii};ht, carry nnyihiiig lc> luccotrr ixt [nor fulk. Cmd will 
you it tn hea^vn, and we will have care here on earrh to dpeaire 
in our dady prayen (or your lite and health, that it be as loog a 
as good aa your countcrunce ddtcrrck.' Her that laid tHii went 
ihe habit of a stt-nlcm. nnd one of the guard lold him thai he W2i 
great talker and a vt^y good l^iniu. 

After all thcKCamea iruu cf lomc thirty ycariotd, of very eofntly 
peraooafiCh tave only that when he loolccd be Kem«d id ihruA the 
one eye into the uihcr. He wut dt^erontly ised frtmi the ml, Im 
he carried about hi« lejf 10 long a cKaio, that it tired jU the reft 
hit body: and he Ixad be^dn two iran ringt abuit hii nock, the 
ni the chain, and the oilier ol that kind wfakh are caUed a 
friend/ or the 'foot of a frirnd,' from whence descended two 
unto his middle, out of which did sijck iwd manaeJo, wherein 
handi were locked up With a ; 
neiilin vn hi^ hjndt in hit mom I . . 

hU handt. Don QuiKnte drmaaded why hr vru an Idaded with i 
Okore than the ttn. The jfuard uuwtfcdt bccnue he akicie Ita 


ctxnfniited nuirr f^uilu th^n all fogrthrf, and ^u^ s nmrr tl » p ef a te 
kiuvc; Afid iluu ^though they caincd him licd in iKu sort, yet 
wcDC ihc>' not nirc oi him, but tcarcd he would make tun escape. 
'Whiit huUu can be huvo to grvevoQt^^ quoth Doa QuiKotc, 'anc^ 
b« Kich only de<^%t<l to be (eot to the f;aU«A*f ^' 'He f^h,' f«plL4<<l 
the gturd, 'to ihwn Cot ten yf«i, whkb i» equivalmt to a <i\il 
iht ncMrT uiivc '.ti know oxxe, liui tlui ihik iiun i-% rtve; tutfur^ous 
oi Piwiinonu. who ii c(h«rwiAe called GincAilio of ParapitU.' 
eomwtuipfj' quoih the slave, bconnjE him tay io, *fgo tau 
ioEtly. and run no< ihut dilating of name* and uimames. I acn 
calkd Gtnn, anJ not Ginnilio; and Pattimoixf ic my nirnani«, a4ui 
not Parapilla, as you sjiy; arxl l«t tvcry one turn about him, and be 
mM i\o little/ '$])C^ with leu i^^eUi&g.' ijuoih the commbury, 
thief-cjf-ntore^ao'the-nurk. if you will not have me to make 
hold your pedM tnan^rt your teeth.' 'It leeou welV quoih the 
'that a nuQ it earned a» pJeeueth Cod; but one day tom^iody 
thai] kmtw wheihcf I be eaJled Gtnetilia at Paraptlb/ 'Why, do 
n« they ti*II ihcr yj, ar/rncr?* ifuoth the gujiitL 'They do,' laid 
&JK1; "but I will make thai ihcy ih<ill not calJ me so, or J xviU fleece 
there whefc I muiief under my teeth. Sir knight, if you hare 
ing lo btxtow on us give it ut now, nnd begooe, in the name 
Cod; for yoti do tiff u« ui-itb your ton-c unous teafcJi of knowhig 
rthef Rien'i Uvea: and if you would know mine, )'ou ihall nn^* 
vand that 1 am Gioes of Pasumome. who^e hfe '\s wrilien' (^low* 
F0|t bi5 hand) ly iboc two Bn^crs/ "He says iruc,^ quoth ihe 
cocnrouvin; *foT he himielf Kith penned hti own hittory so well 
at there ii aothinfi more to be de^rcd, and leaves the book pawned 
io the pHwm far ivn% hiiiidml rfaU.' 'And likewivci meam 10 rr^ 
drvm it/ t^wMh Gmes 'ihcmgh u were in for ai ouny ducait-* 
^U it so ^ood a w^ork?* uid Don Quixote. 'It is so good.' replied 
*thai it quite put» down LajcahUo de Tofinc^ and as many 
a» are writien of iball bi? written of that kind; for thM which 
a£rm &3 you 't%, that 11 ire^iu of true :icddefiiK* as%6 ihote ftO 
thai no like invenuon can be cocnpared 10 theni.' *And 
''led?* qixuh I>jn Qmittc. I1 ii ciHed,' uid 
U' . , . '-.' 0/ PdiMmoittr/ 'Ami is it yrt ended?* uid 
knitfhi- 'How can ii be finidied,' replied he, 'my hie being not 


yti fndcd, ancc lU tbai is Avriitcn ii bom the hnur of mj btnh 
ihat iiuum Uu( I was wm this Iqk time to tho ^Ity*?* 'Why, 
bdikc >t>u weff there oiKe butortf' <|UOiii Don QutxoM. To 
God and ihe kio^ 1 have been lO there aiM^ef time focir yrof t, ai 
I know dready liaw ihe bbcutt and provanr agree wlrh my «( 
quull: Ginn, 'nur docli ii grieve toe very much xo return umu <hi 
for there I >hall Live Iciuire lo f-a^^h my book, anci I h^vc nuii 
tbinxt y^i to uy; and in ibc j[alley» of Spin there u mone 
time thar. is t^^uiKitc for ihx huiinc^ although 1 thM not 
mui:h lime <o |K-n wh:it it yet unwruieo; for I can« if ntvd 
my it all by rotr.' Thou srcmeti to be ingeniout,' quoth Doa 
Qinxoie. 'Aitd unfoauoxe withal.' i|tioch Cine^i W nu^pt dii 
ttill persecute the beA ^'itk' 'They penectite knavd.' qooch thr 
oonunianry. *l have already ipokcn to matter conunmary/ qixA 
Pasumonte* *io ^ fair and softly; for the brdt did not give you thahJj 
rod lu t!ie cad ytm duuld ubuw ui s%-refcliei that go liere, hui rjil^t^H 
to guide and carry m where hu majesty luih oimmjniled; if not, 
by the life of-- Tu enough thai pedupf oivr day m.iy come to iiglu 
the tporu th;ic wer« m.ide in iho inn; and Icc all the world pcdoc 
and Live Vfiell, and tpeak batter; for ihii is now coo graac a digi 
ttoti,' The conimirury held up hii rod to ftiiike Rtuamoote 
answer of bis threats; but Don Qiuxoce put him^tf betteern tbeii 
and eouejted hiiri not to ti«c litm h^irdly, ^ccin^ it wai not rnucb 
ikal one who cjirried his ban<lt *o tted should have his tongue s<ii 
whac free; and then* turning himself lowardt the fbvc«, he sasd; 

*I have gathered out oi all cha: ivhSch \nu ha^v itaid, d«ar brvil 
ren, ih:ii althottgh they piiniidi you fnr your faults yn that the paii 
you go CO suffer do not s^tiy wdl picaw you, ai>d that you 
toward them with a very ill wilL oim) wholly conorainrd, and 
parfaaf» the httle courage this felkm' had oa the rack. Ae want 
money diai the other had^ ih« urulJ favour that a third enjo^rvd, 
finally. tl-M? wn^<-hed senTefice of the judge, and ih'- 
that juMtte ilut wai do your sidei^ l>Are been came ■ . ^ 
AB which doth present iiself to my tnctnory id such sotu aa 
peraadech, yca< and enforceih me, to effect ih-v ■• for whkl 

Heaven acnt me into the woddr and made ir^ -r^ai oi 

of knighthood wUch I follow, and ihai \aw whkh 1 made tlundn 



fyr juid mot tbc nc«dfu), and ihoK tlut ^c opprciicid by others 
mote poienu Bui, Eoiraimuch as I know that il u one of the ptrU of 
prudofKV oM 10 do thoc b/ foul in«9a« which may foe accocopUthcd 
fair, I will entreat iho«e g«ni)aioco, your guardiim and conv 
iry, they will pJt^se co loose and lee you dppan pearcahly; for 
will not wjAt Dthcn to icrve the king id better occjikrni; for 
m» CO mc 4 n^orous fnaiwer of proceeding to nuke iltsxi of 
whoin God and r^tuie created free. Hovf much more^ f^ood 
of the ginrd,' jdded Dotfi Quixoie, '«?cuij; tbrte poor men 
lire oe%ei oxmniiird any offrnce agaiiiu yiHi? L^ thvtn am^-vi 
hm (bar tiu in thff ochcr world : ibcrc jj a God in heaven who it 
mat oegliseni in puni&hing the evil nor rewirdin^ the fiood; and it 
a no wile <tccent ibat honourable men should be the executioners 
ef other meOt «e«in^ they unnot gain or lote much ibcreby. 1 
land thi( of ymi in this pejcejbk, qu»ei manner, to the end that, 
ftnx ALumnAiiU mj n^uEM,. 1 nuy hate ouj^inn 10 yield you 
1; Aod if you will not (k> it wiUinf^y, ihen ^uJl ibtt UiKc and 
sword, nuidcd by the inviiKible valour of iiune ann, force you 

if 1 fJcauni doting/ ant^^^ered the ccmminary, 'aAd art 
jm wlierrwidial you have tiniihrd yuui ha^je rESHinang. 
Would you. ^ood sir knt|>hi, have \is leive unio you thoic the king 
brcetb, » if wc had JUihcriry to let ihem fo, or you 10 eonuiund 
la to do Ki? CfO oo your way in a good hour, i;entlc str, and settle 
At baAn yoii beir on yovt head lomewbat ri^ter^ and teardi noc 
tbiif whether fhe 01 bath three f«et.' 'Thou art a ta, and a rai, 
an) a kjut^l' qtioili Don Quixoce. And «x with woid aad deed at 
Dooe, he awauficd him ao M»ddcnly ^ without pvinf him Iciiure to 
defend himielf, he suiiek htm dowa to the earth very lore wounded 
with a blow of hit lance; aj>d a* fortttiw would, this wa» he diat 
had the fiotlock |riece. The reit of the g;uaril remained uiootifaed 
M the iin^-xjircin! .Ktiit^rr ; hu^ jf Lirt rniirnir^ w? (Scinwlvr^ thr 
Ml K^nd io lUtir twordi, and the itxiiii;en to their dani, 
all W tbcm act upon Don Quixoie* v^ e^ptotd tbcm very 
And do«ibilcs>ly he wouM ha\c been in tUn^er. if the 
ptfoeivin} the oceasjoo offered 10 be 10 tii 10 recover liheny^ 
not feocured it by breaking the duin wherein they were linked. 


The huHy-buily wat uich ai ihe j^u^rds now be^an co run eo hinder 
the lUvci from untidng tlicinsdvcs, nuw to otTead Don Quixote 
who osHultcd them; so thai they could dn nothing avaibblc to keep 
their prisoners. Sancho, tor his pjrl, helped lo loose Ginct oE 
Paxamoate, who was th« fir^c chat leaped free into the tidd without 
clog, and ^ain^ upoa [he overthrown conunitury, he disarowJ 
him of \i\it iwotd 3f\il pitrcir, :ind nciw aiming At the out? and ih^Q 
^t tlir uiher with ir, wirhout discharging, made afl the jfiordi to 
^biindoft ihc field, as well (or fear of Pa^umontc^ pcce as d«o to 
ahun the maTvellouft showers ot stones that the sUvet, now ddivcfcd, 
poured on diem. &incho grew marvellous sad at this iucc««ft; for 
be iUEpected thniE those which fled away would go and givo norice 
of the violence commiiied co ihe Holy Bioiherhood, wiitch would 
preu-utly i^\ue in uoopsk to t«urdi tht? delLm|ticnt»; and N^id us mudi 
to his lord, requesting him to depart presently from thence, and 
«mbosk himself in the mounuin, which wa« very near- '.\il ;> well,' 
quoth Don Quixote; *I know now what i» At to be doncH' And to. 
Callioj^ together dl the (bves that were in a tumult, and had (tripped 
the commifsjry naked, ihey came ^i) jboui him to he^r what he 
commanded; lo whom he uid: 

*It a the pan of people well born to gratify af:d acknowledge the 
benefits they receive, ingratitude being one of the sins that mou 
olfendeth the Highest. J my h^ sin, 10 this end, bec^utc you have, 
by manifest tria], $.een that wliich you have received at my h^nd, 
in rxhward whereof 1 deiire^ and it is my will, that alt of you, leaden 
with ihdt chain from whkh I even now freed youf neck), go pres- 
ently 10 the city of Toboacs and there prcACiit yourselves before tlie 
Lady Dulcinca of Tobo«o. and recount uiuo her that her Knight of 
the Ilifavoured Face sends you there tc remember his service to 
her; and relate unto her at large the manner of your freedom, all 
you that h^vt* ha<t such noble fiinune; and thii being ilonv, you may 
after gn whem you pir.ue/ 

Gines de I'aisamonie answered for all the rest, allying, "Thftt 
which you dcmLind, good sir, our rcJeawr, 13 moit impo^blc to be 
performed, by reason thai wc cannot go all together through these 
waySf but alone and divided, procuring each of us to hide hinuelf 
tn the boK^s of the eaitb, co the end we may not be found hy lUc 


Holy BrotherbcxKJ* which vritl cloubtJcaily xx out to xarch for ui. 
Ilul, ih^rcfore, which you may Ai>d oughl to <k> in Uiii cx^nt ii, 
10 cfaangv thii service and homagr of tha Lady Doldfita of Toboto 
nto a CBftaJn number of avc-nun^ and creeds, whkh we will ay 
for your intfatioo; tnd ihii U a thing th«i nay be JCcompliihec) 
by oighi or by day. rtinaing or mting. in peace or in wjii; bttt to 
Ihtnk due we wUl return a^ain to take up our chatru. or set our- 
t«]ves in the way oE loboto, is as hard as lo make lu believe thai 
n is oow aighc, u being yet scarce ten of ibo clock in the morning; 
and CO dcnund tuch ^ ihing of lk 11 as likely a& to wek for prar« oJ 
the elm-tree/ *] swear by such a ooe,* quoih Don Quixote; ihor- 
vu^y cniiged, 'air too of a whores Doa GincMlio of P^aptlli. or 
howioever you are called, that thou ihalc gp thyself alone, with thy 
Lul between thy U^ and bear all the chain in thy neck/ Pai^- 
monte^ who wai by nature very choleric, knowing ainir«dly diat 
Don Quliccie wii not vrty wiv (ii^iii{{ Kc had Atnn|KnJ n>cb ;i 
cldpcrau au as U) Kek to give ihem liberty), scciniE hinudf tiiui 
jbutcdi winked on bis compani<^ns, and. going a little aside, they 
«M such a shower of tionct on L>on Quixote, as he had no Idwrc 
10 covtr himself with his buckler; and poor lUmnonttt mad* no 
iDorv account of the tpur than if his sidpf wrre made of brati. 
. S^xho ran behind his ;iu, and by his mcaiu Weltered binuelf from 
id and dunver of iUxnn that raiocd tjpoa bodu And Don 
could not cover hioudf ao well, but that a number of 
ftrvck him tn the body with so great force as they overthrew 
jtkut to (he ground; und iCArce wji he fallen when the »udcnt 
l»n' upon him and Eonk the baun it& \ns hc^d, aiul gave him diree 
[ blows wiih it on the shoulder^ ai>d akct struck ii so oft about 
thejfnMmd OS bcalmostbrokcit in pieces. They took from bun tike- 
wiae a caanck which ha wore upon his armouff and tbou^ alio to 
taka away hit icockings, but thai ihey were hindtrod by his greaTcf, 
From Sancho Uiey look away his caoock, and left him in \nt bait; 
vkIj dividii^ all the >paib of die battle smon^ thenuelves^ they 
depuncd e%cfy ooe by d% way he pIciKd, t/oul>lcd with grcflter 
ore hovr k> ocapc frotn the floly Brotherhood which Uny feared, 
ihan 10 load thittnselvea with the iron chain, and go and present 
dtfiualw before the Lady D^inea of Toboso. The au and 


Rozinante, Sancho and Don Quixote, remained alone: the ass stood 
pensive, with his head hanging downwards, shaicing now and then 
his ears, thinking that the storm o£ stones was not yet past, but that 
they still buzzed by his head; Rozinante lay overthrown by bis 
master, who was likewise struck down by another blow o£ a stone; 
Sancho, in fear of the bullets of the Holy Brotherhood; and Don 
Quixote, most discontent to sec himself so misused by those vety 
same to whom he had done so much good. 



Mous^WitiCH Wa^ Om o) iiiL MoiT Raait Auvivtuus That 
jy Thu oh Aat OruaN to Authiviic a Hutokit k Rbcoi;xtb» 

DON QUIXOTE:, seeing himtclf in to ill ptigtit. uid to hjs 
tquirc, "^AQcho, I hilt beard uy ofmmc^ chJT to do ^pod 
to men uiKhaakful is to c:m vrxiet into the tea. If 1 lud 
beU^cd Mini thou uidit tti me, I might well \avr prewnrrd all 
ihu ^ttl; Itui uuw ttu: it pa^. ^licnct, and be wiwi onofhet ttinc* 
You will t^kc lA-dTninjE a% much by thii.' quoih Sjnchn. '41 1 im u 
Turl:, Bix nnce you tay tlut if you had bebcved mt you b^ 
ivdilod thi« grief* believe me now, nnil you thjll ocbcw a greica; 
tor you muit wii ilui no kmghThood no* chivalry Is of any authnhty 
niih ibr Holy Brcrhr^hond; for it cjtrrf not two fanhings for all 
tkc knighcvcnam in ibr v^K>fld; and know tlut. tn^tlunLs, I hc^r 
, A cif arrows bui« about rain* Ciri alieady/ 'SldcIkv thou an a 
^^kural coward; qooch Dan Quixote; 'buE, b<K;iU9« thou maytt not 
^^M thai 1 am obsunutc, and chit I newr follow thine advice, [ ^vill 
^^Hte thy coiund xh\\ itme, and conv«fy myself from elu: fury which 
^^fcw thou frj^Tit u> itiiich: but it xKalf be on 3 mndiiion — that ihou 
™l e>cr tdh alive nor dying, 10 any monal creature* that 1 retired or 
mindrtu' niyvdC out d thi> danger for fcar» but only 10 satisfy thy 
nqtM»ti: for if thou uytt any other ihiti^ thou thaU M\e me moA 
fabelyi aod tvtti from thi» vwy time till that, and from thence 
aoul DOW, 1 gt%r thee the lie hernn; and 1 uy Thou lietf* and thati 
be. a& oEttimei aa thou viytf or doit thtnk the contrary. And fin not 
fvply to me* (or in only ihin):inj; that I withdraw myidf oui of any 
peal, but pnodpnlly thia, which scanM to carry wrdi it some ibadow 
M feat; 1 am about to remain And cxp«t here alotw, noi onI\ for 
^ Holj BrDthrfhnr>d, w\ii<\\ thn^t nafnr« and feareft, but alu> (or 
farvihrrn uf ihr Twftve Tribes, For the seven Maccabeei, for 
and PoLlua, and (or all ilte other bfodiers and briKherhocxJi 

• i i 

.■-J -.i.>L',_ tit jHJK ji not to fly, and to 

, ' I J .-. i..„ (I,, il.iiii'i iMi^KiU-iU alt hope; an^ it is 

I < I » ^ i> ii» I > > |i iiiHiJttll Mil- itiiby for tO'inorrow, 

I I < I h^iiixlt I'jiullv III nMt- lUv. And know tluE, 

h Mi 'I -^ • >u-l <i'-iui HI *lii I. li'i .dl thju undersund 

I \ -s . ^^ \.- h M\- \i y i\\ .,*^sl i;**\*nv.ivi,T:; jjjii therefore 

1 » . ,» »H . i»iu>s>mfc; AX. w .t^'** c,\ ?yt rnoiinT on 

. .L.>, \ \\ K'.\.- -^si. iihi :rwne jrter 
\\* ^•.. V - 1. s m-te jie-jT !egs 

* X ** . *. . \\-, r:^^'.:!L - ^cni. ;nii 
* * VN V \ ' * %t'^^ :io =i;. "in i 



h ur^cdi, and likewise ikn Uw prcwoi r«<lx?u prcvcfiit Ut« 
etpeOBtJun of j fiflwi;, Ginnt, ivho W3% neither grateful not gra* 
60UX ruolved 10 Mcal Av^ny S^iKho his ^^ itu\<^ui^ no ^naAiiii uf 
KoJunoMc, M J tiuat: ncu^r ulc^blc no^ pAivrubte. Santho tlcfit 
H>ujHlly, :iik1 M} he ilolc hit bcia, aiid Wiis before momiiig so ht 
frocD ihtfucc, at he feared not 10 bv iouruL 
Aurora ullinl foith Ji Uit io refrifih ihc eonh, »i>d oflfi^i 
iQchu x«iih 4 roiui xMTTiwful jccmVui, (of he prewflOy mused his 
\l and 40. teeing himself dcpfivcd u( him, he bexin ihe ttwtx %u\ 
jod doldul loxncfitalLon (A. cKc worJd, in luch xwt 13 be uwak«d 
Don Quixote with hu <HiEcrie3» who heard thai he $ud thus: 'O 
idd q{ my bov^<cls, born m mine mvn houw. the Epon of my 
uldrerit ihft comfort of my wife, and ihe e-nv>- of my neighbours, 
««» of my bordmit, and liruUv, the ^uuaarker of half o( my 
if for* with «)T-3iVfl-nventY mjrvrdit iKai 1 gained daily h> 
ihce, I c&d defray h*lf of mifte cxpetwcs!* Don Quixote, who he:trd 
the pbint, jnd kfirv/ iIki the cauie^ did comfort Snncho with the 
bed wnrdA he could cle\'iie, and de^red him 10 have paiicnce, prom- 
ivn^ m ijive a letter of excKin^ce, to the end ihai they of his hou*e 
li^liT dHivfr hAm three 3s«et OS drt whxh he had left at home. 
SjiKho ajrnfoned himv^lf ^gain with ihli piomue, and dried up 
kia ledn. moderated bU Ughu and gave hii lord ihanks foe jo {real 
ivpur; and ax rhrv entered in Bnbef imong those mounloint w« 
recount the joy of our knij^t, to whom those places seemed 
90cnmmnd3i« to achieve the advencuris he watched for. They 
to hk memory the marveliom acfidenf* thai bad hefallcti 
liglic»«nrani In Ukr vJitudrt jik! ilnen^ and he rode 10 over- 
ond transpnnrd by thew ihooghu aa he remembered 
ttothifif el«ei nor Soncho had jnv other care (aficf he wna out of 
ft3T to be talicn) bur how to fUl bit bellv v/\xh wme oi the reiki 
1 yec rrmabed of the deticat spoih; and *o be followed bia 
" -^ fMiw and theti *«if of a Ki^Vei (which Ro/inanv car* 
iT^ of tbrais) vtmt rm^, lininj; ilim-ij«-iih-i1 hii pannch; 
atidl wbilii he wcni tfaiu employed, be would net ha\v given a mkc 
10 eocoutitet nny other adventure, how honourable loever. 
&tf whiLii he was thus biuicd, he espied his muter laboutinfr to 
1^ wtth the poim of his fa««Ua (ome bulk ot other that by 


on tbc ground, aod wem lowardf him to tec whtthtr he needed 
his helpi IDA at th« scosoo that be lifted up a saddle-cinhion and a 
portmanteau fait to \U wl^ich i^«tv hilf Riri^ri, or nicHer wholly 
rtcted, by the weothrT; yvt they urrighod tt» much chjt Sontho'ii 
jkSttAancr W4i roquiiiie lo talc them up: and sn^ighi his Inrd cotn- 
imndcd him to tec wh,ii wii in ri:c wollrt. Sancho obeyed wiih 
o^jiiou, jind although it wu shut n-ith a ctuin aod hAUginj; 
lock, yet by the pam which wen torn lie taM what was wiihiiu to 
wit, four fine honand ihinv, jiid uthi^ btieni both cuHoui and 
dean, and moreover^ a luiulk^'tcliici, v,tinrin wja a guod quantiiy 
of g/Mi which be perceivinif, aaid, 'Blcucd be Heaven, ^^icli tudi 
once prcAcnted to u* a beneficial ndvcnruicr 

And» ficvchin^ for ivtorc, he fnvtnd a i-ablct v«ry coAly bound. 
This Don QuixoM took of him, conunundifig him <o k««p ibe pild 
with hitnwif; for whkh rkh fa\v>ur Sancbo did pmcmly k<«» hi« 
lucids; and, after ukin^f all ihr lintrn, he clapped ii u)> in tlic bag 
of their vktuaK 

Don Quuote havtnj> noted all ihew ihingf, said. 'Mvfhink^ Sancbo 
(and it cjnnoc be po*fibU any other), thjt «ome Craveller having 
left Kia way, poued ihmugh this nv>uitutn, Mid being ^ncoumered 
b> thieves ihL-y dew him. and huncd him tn ihit iiccrci plaLr.* 'I( 
caniKK be so.' ans^^red S^ftcho; 'tor, if they were thieves, they 
wouU not hive Icfi it^s mone^- behind ihem/ Thou sayvt trac' 
qwith Don (^iaoie; 'and ibcnbre I cannoc conjecture whai it 
mij;ht be: but stay a while, wp will »» wfatthtr thcsv hn anything 
wHum in ihene tibleti by which we may vcm and find out that 
whkh I deufr.' 

Then he opened it. and the ftrrt thing that he ioond written in k. 
01 M were o first draft, but done with a very hkr charactet, wai a 
voonet, which he fvcmI aloud, that Sancho might al» hear tt, 
wa» ihu which cmutt: 



X}r Love of uodtfAandinx <ivtv ii void: 
Or br ahoDftdt in cTDvilj, oc mf (uiq 

*thv occtriim tqtiAh Dot; foe whkh T hiJr 
Titc larmcnii dire fw ouLiili iik HUCaJm. 

dm if I'Ovr br a god. I dnr vraintahi 

He Eiooflii igootitt; and imon aj« doodei 

^P tni] 


Godi ihoujd not cn»d be: Uxn who otiIaIju 

Tbk patn J woKiip, which my Hrin dividn^ 
FilitT I «fr, it (HpCu 1 ay it tt; 

Foe w ^tvil ill aftd gocxJ cannot cocttitt. 
Nor cfdth that wrack fram Hcavrn hvfftll, hoi ftt 

l>.it ihoTlly ] inutt dte can ik> way nnnt 
Foe ihc eiil whooc cause i« hiirdly wcU cxprcM. 

B)' nvtraclc ^oao tnic cure nuy gcC* 

"Nothiog on he learned by th^t ver^e,' quoch Sancbo, 'if by that 
W, <ir likmd, vhich t» uid ih«c ytiu %axhia not where lies the 
ren of the due/ 'What hiio b hen::' quoih Ddd Qaixoie. 'Me* 
ihou^^/ qwiih Scmcho, *tkii you read Ai/o there/ '1 did ooCt but 
Fill/ uid Don Q^iixoir, 'which is wiihoiK dMjbc, ihc lumc oC the 
bd) on whom the nuthor of thii nnnet coRipIainit who in gpod 
tnith smita to be t rcawfuibic good poet, or else I know but Ikdc 

"Why, tbio,* quoth Sanchcv'bclike you <k> abo uadenuod fWtcry ?' 
Tlur I do, and mor? than rhau ihiiUceff/ quoth Don Quixote, *» 
thou )hah we when thou thalt c^try a letter from me xa my L^y 
Duidnrj del loboao, writicn in vcnc from the one end (o the other; 
1 VfoM thou shciildtc know, ^nchoy ihat all, or the grater 
umber of knigh^^-^rrint, in limttt put, wer« gr«at v«f»ii«rt oiul 
tniiiiciaiu: tor ihev twfi qualitipf, or ^ces, sis I nuy better term 
thrm, uc anueicd to amoruut knighis^ventueen- True it is ihar 
th< >Tf*ei o( the ancient knjjchtt are not » adofned with words aa 
they «je rkh in oonceiti.' 

1 prvy you, tead rvofe,' quoih S^ncbo; fee perhaps >*ou may Gtvd 
fofoewhat ihit may uiivfy/ Then Don Quixote turned ihe leaf, 
and nid* Tbii \% prov-, and vrnu to be a htier.' ASlixt, sr, 3 imv 
«ve leiter?' qtioih Sarcbo. 'No: but Tiirhcr ol love, according to 
l^l- ^<^(-mningi' quofb i>>ii Quixote. 'I pray you, ihcrt&irc.' quoth 
r^ 11 bud eiiDUf*h; (or I take j;rt4i dcbght ia the«e tiuo^ 
U lo^*.' *i am oootvm,' quotb Don Qui»otB; andt rtftcSiig U loudly, 
Saocho b»} nqticAvd, It uid at eniueth: 

"Tlty Cdie [imniue. and my certain mitfortuiMi, do cany me to 

m place, ai fmm tbenee thou xluh sooner receive nenti of my 

lh«n fwobi of my <uii complatnu. 'I1»u hast diidained me. 

njcraiel for one that bath more, but noi for one that ii worth 

192 DON 0U1ZOTE 

fDorc Uun ] axn; but if viftuc wcr« a u^jvjrv of cadmatiofl, I would, 
not pmubtc oth«r fnen*s fortunvfl, dot weep thui foe nun* own mi)- 
foriunet. That whirh ihy beauty crecwrf, thy ^^wki ha« ovw- 
thrown: by ii I <ieriiinl ili« w be jn :iitgcl, and by Uiew 1 crrtainly 
know iIm: to be but ^ wtitnun. Red in jjcace, O causer of my war) ■ 
and let Hciven Vf-oHi «o that thy spoute'i deceits rcnuin uiU cor>- 
ccalpdf to the end thuu maytt not rtpcfic H'hat iliou diiLi, and I be 
conAfAined to tak« rtvengv of that 1 dc»re not/ 

H.iving iTwi the letter, Don Quitrnr ui<lr 'We can ccilleii K%^ by 
diift than bj the vorin whjt \\tr -MtiUw is> other cban ilui be Is u>nic 
dUdjuotd lover/ And xh pjiuiog orcr all the book, he fcv^ind odwr 
vcrsei and letters, of which he could read fiomc. o<ho» not at dl; 
but the 3t:tn of ibem all were accutaitofu, pbints^ and mluruus* 
pleaiunn, gric&* favoun, and dUdaini^ iDtne wlemnlted, othen 
(k'pliircil- And wh^lM Dnn Qiiltciti- pnued nvcr the ixiok, Sjitdio 
[uned o^v^ ihc malct. wiiboin Icarin^ a corner of 11 oj the cuihion 
unKarcbed, or a leiun unripped, nor a lock of wool iincarded, lo 
the end thjt no^hinje mlf^ remain behind for want of ditijtcncr, 
or carolei^ncu— ttie found gold, which pai«ed a hiind.'«id crowni, 
hnd stilted in him tiicH » gre^nc^ 10 hare nu>re. And though he 
got no more tluii th^ vrhich he found at the TirA, yo( did lac jccounx 
hii flights in the coverlet, his vonutin^ of the drvncK ihe benedic- 
liooi of the pock'Mairet. the blows of the carrier, ibe iou of hit 
waller, the robbing of bit cavtock, and all the kunj^r, thiru, jod 
wearinets ih;it he hnd paued In the vrrice of hii giood kml and 
imwet, fur well etuplriTed; ;icr(icintin|: hinuirlf tn he more thjn 
well paid by ihe gifis received ^ ibc money tl^y found, like Koij^hi 
of the lU b^xHircd E'ace was the while po»&e£tcd with a marveUoui 
(Mra bo know who was the owner of the malet, ooniecturiog, bys 
tlw toonic and letter, th* gold and linen, tlui the mamovrfd wufl 
some nun of worth, wlmn rhe disdiin and rigour of Ms UAy had 
conducted to sooie dcsperaie tertm. But b) reason dial nthody 
appeared dirough that inhiUtabU and desert pLkc by whom he 
might be infomseil, he thought on ii no mor«, bm onlv rode on,, 
wilhom chooiinp ' - , V - - ^ ^ 

totn^ (whoicx' 



sa iiDflgiutioo ih^t tlwrv could not want toma «tnuige adven- 
oaikdaK thai fnmc. 
And A% be rudu on wiih thii cuuudt, 1^ saw « m^m o» the top of 
2 linle nUHuitain itut i^ixmI rti»t bcft^cc bb l»ct, leap Crt>cii rock to 
rock and tuff to tuff with wx>nclcrtul dexterity; and, 21 he thought, 
he MAI naked; had :i bUck and ibicl: beard, the hurt nuay and 
-£G<ifuwd]T mingled; his iwx and legs luro; hU thighi were covered 
lb a pair of hn%e, which teemed 10 bt of mufrey \»I*rt, hui were 
30 [txn thit ihi^ diKOvcred hii Sob in ouay pUcn: his head was 
likcwbe birc; and lUhout^b he paucd by with the haicc wc have 
ncDunieU. yet did the Knif^hi of the lU-favoured Face imxc oil ibctc 
parttcidiri: and aUhoi^h he ende3%i>ured, yet could not ha follow 
him: £i>r it w;t« not in Ro/inontci power^ in that weik uate wherein 
he W2t, to truvrd so Kwifrly ^imtmg those rockt, chieAy beuig 
aAlarall^ ixry tlow and piSlc^nutlc* 

DoA (JuiAocc, iiitr espying him, did inunndy imagine him to be 
the owi^r of the cushion imd nulei, and therefore reiolvcd to jp> 
io hu srarch, ifthoui^h tie should spend t whole year therein among 
mouftiaiiii; .^(id commanded Sjnolw to go about the one nde 
the mouDUin, jlih) lie wcjuld ^i> tine other. 'And/ «|u»ih lie, 'it 
bctall thjt, by uiinx thit dili^nce, y^-c nuy encounter with that 
whkh mnifthnl so mddenly out of our n|;ht/ 
t cionot do vo,' quoth S:incho; 'lor that, in paninf; one step from 
(ear pmemlr to 3M:iu1it me with a thonund vinont and 
n|>hcmcTUt; and let ihit it-nT you hrrc^fux for .1 w^unin^. 10 
ibe end you may not Wntefonh pait me the black of a nail from 
your pmcncc.^ 'U ihall he 30/ answered the Rnitihi of ihc 111- 
fa*i>ured Face; 'and I am very £Ud that thou dosi thui build up«in 
my vakwir, the which shill never fail the*, although ihou dida wim 
thy very loud: itid, ili^refore, follow mr 1>t tivile aoA little, or ok 
thou aaayst, and make of thinr e)c^ two bnienu; for we will give 
4 turn abtuit thit litiW rock, and perhapt we may meet with thii man 
wc «jw i3cn now, who douhtleuly can be noite other than 
of our booty.' 
b which Sancbo rrphnl: 'It wirrt mudi bvcrer noc to dad him: 
we ihould tnoei him, and he wer« by chance the owner of 


194 ^^ QUIXOTB 

that Rwciry, U it roou ^vkicni iKu I muM rr%tiyrr u lo bun; oiul 
ibefefore it if bctcu, withom luaig chit unproliublc diligcn^Ci to 
let roe posMs* it ^na fvtc, imiU the true bid Atull 4ppc^i by locne 
way lc» curious uid cUli^cm; which, pcHiafM. nuy bU at nich a 
lime as it ihall be jII spent; and in Oui cue 1 job fre« from ^ 
proconcs by privilege of thf king* 

Tlioit dccn^Yd Ehywlf, ^ncho, ibefcJn/ qtioch Don Quixoie; fnv, 
seeing wc arc fitUen already into tu>picicm oE the owoon w< arc 
bound to KOfdi and rcatufe it to him^ find wbeo wc wutiki noc 
Muk him out) yet tbc ntbefneoi pmucnpiion that wc have of U hath 
imde US posMs^ors mats ftdf. Mid reiulert m as culpable oi if he 
whom we luTmtur i^vre v<rrily ifie irt>r iMd. So that, frieml SaiKho, 
be not gni-vnl lo Hvk hm. in rcAprti nf tbc giiel wheraif them 
shalt free roc if he be found.* And, siying so^ sfHincd Rounjote; 
•tod Sancho followed after aloot^ aAimatcd by the hope ot ibe younj: 
QSMS his nutter bad p^vnuted unto him. And having compiuvd a 
part ok th# mountain, Th«y found a tinW itr«am, wherein lay dead, 
«nd half devcMirRl by dogs and craws, a mulr saddled and hriclled, 
all which confirmed more in them the sutpicoom that he whkh fled 11 
away w«s ownev ot the mule and cuihion. And as they looLfd^^ 
on it, they heard a whirtle much hke uofo thai which sl^^pherds uie ^^ 
as they keep their flocks; and presently appeared at iheir Uh hand a 
peat nnmher o£ goats, after whciro the goatherd thai kept ihetn, 
who was an a^cd mnn. rolbwrti im the top of the mouniam. And 
Don Qubou cried to him, rcqi>ftiing htm to come down lo ihcm; 
who aniwcred them again x^ loudly, demanding of them who had 
bvouight tham to thoss deserts* r:irc1y iroddan by aviy other ihaa 
goau^ ivolvcc, at other *ara^ heatt^ whkh frequented tbotc mouo- 
uim. Sanchn an^\«*ered him, ihat if he would desccud where they 
were, they would girc him xcotinc tI»aeo{, ^A 

Wth that thie ihephefd came down, and, axriviniE 10 the place ^| 
wherv Don Quiioie wat, hv taid: i daje wagtT that ^-ou look on the ^ 
hked mule which licidcad there in that hociom; we!J,iu ijood laith, ^A 
he hath bin in thai very place ihese six mnnihi. Say, I pray ymi, ^| 
hava nor you met in the way with rHr rruurr thereof?* 'Wc hate ^ 
eneovBtoted i»body but a cnthMUi and a Lnlc malct, which wc foond 
not ^vry f^r ofl from hencv.* i ifid likewise rir>d the Gune,' replied 


gvxifhctd. *but I vvouM never uke it up nof approach co k, fear- 

fbr it iu for d ii&i;ch; Eor the dc^il Li crafty. «rid now and then socne* 
iluoj: ori^eih, cM^n Irom uitdcr tf nuns feci, whfr&At he Kumblet 
iftd folli, v^'jihout liftDvrjnf; how or how not.' 

TKji h the very wmc I wy/ qiiOfh S^iKho; "(or ] likr^^it<t found 

n. but n-niild ncc approach it ih« cjft of a snmr. Thete 1 have loft 

Ji, oikd ibdv it jcnuuu 41 k vi-u; for i vroutd iwt ha«* a Jog viik a 

*bclL* TcU mr, soud fcUow/ cwvii Don Quiico(c* 'dost thou kn>ow 

b the ONvnef of ail ihcic tliinj;!?' 

That which I can cay/ aniw«fed Oac ^ach«ftl. 'i« that, jbout lome 

^jbE monrlu pad, Itiile mor^ or Ic-u. ihnv arrived at a ceri:i:n ihf<ep- 

tatme thrrc lrj|[iv« nfl, a >nUEi^ gentleman of comrly (x-rKictJ^r 

Ma6 preicn^;, mou^itcd on t)u[ very mule which he* dead ihcrt* 

and wnh (he ^amc cathion and nv.tct vrhtch you say you nvci btit 

lAuched 001. l\r tlcmarulcd ol u( wh'tch was the mofi hidden and 

ijiacc<i(ib)e pan of the mounuin. And we told him ihxt thit 

wlKmn we are now: and it is true; for if yoj did mter but half a 

kogue [anher, pcrhapi -fou would not nod die wj/ out aj^ain an 

ly; and 1 do greatly marvel how you could find the way 

itaelf. W then; a neichtfr hixh^-ay nor path iKai may addreu 

to thi« place. I ^iiy, il^en. that (he young man. at icon as he 

otir amwer, he turned the bridle, and tnvelled towardi the 

vrt showed lo ham, Ica^-ing us all with vcty great liking of 

rkoc^i, and marvcUcd at tv^^ demand and ipccd< wherewith 

dcfurind and nude lowurds the mountain; ajkd after that time 

did not iM him a good many of daySr until by chaikce one of our 

ilMfihrrdi can»* by wifh our pmvinoii of vinuah; to whnrn he drew 

tout sjichkijij; a ivad. and spurned and beit hiiTi, weii- 

>. and after wen: to the jm which cairkd cm vjctuals, aivd 

^ JV ail tlie btead and chee^ that was theie, he Aed into the 

'i vronderful spM«L 

i-.. - Acstd of ihi), lomtf of us ^toathcrds, we went 10 seonrh 

bim, And ^vni thrrnn ^ilrmAi two days in che mnit folirary placet 

Aim n>< ^{\ in die end foi:od hitn lutUo^ in the hollow 

oi A v!_ . -hA jcrcai oofktnec; wliu, ^1 xx)u m lie perceived 

came fonh to tnoct at wida gfcm oaidneu. Htt apparel was all 


lom; hit viagr «Ktfigttfi*d, niul roaitcd wiih i)v* lun in such nuuinef 
as wc couki acarcc know him, if ii were not that hu Atiire, jlUiot^ 
rent, by the ooitcc wc hod oi 11, did give u« (o gndefAJnd that h« 
was the man for wEtotn wc sought- lie diluted ut ceurteoiuly, and 
to brief and wr^^ good rvAfont, Ut uid, ihiT v.^ ought not to nurvd 
sifvtn^ hiin ffi in thji mitnnfr, for ibai it behoved 10 do so, ihit 1w 
mi^lii Oi^cuiupliaJi ;i cicii;t:o jnfinnce enfoined Ui him, for tiw nuoj 
siiu he had committed. We prayed him to tell tu what he wu; btic 
we could never pcrsuuk him to Ao it. We rcquctted him lifcevriae, 
that whensoever ho hitd any need of meat (withoui whwh he coaltl 
not live) he should cell ut where we might And him, and we woold 
bTiiT^ it 10 him with great lore and diligence; and if he alio 
did DOC hke of thit moiion, thai he would at leiuwiw come and 
ask it. and rwt take it vioJeotly, 03 be had done before, from oor 
sbepberds, He ihankt^d tis very much fur our ctltr, and tntnatad 
pardon of the at^aults paued, and promiied 10 ark it from thence- 
forward for God't sake, without giving annoyancr to any nne. And, 
touchinj; hii dweltinic or |4acG of abodr. he uid thjt he h»d none 
nihtr than that where the nighi orcrtook him, and ended hit di»- 
Gourfe with so feeling lament^ thai we might well be accounted 
tfones which henrd him if therein we haid noc kept him company, 
connderin^ the «aie whi^riHn we had *cen him fim, and that 
wherrin now he wat; [re, ai 1 ^tld, he was a very omety and gra- 
cious yoting nun, and ihotved. by his courteous and orderly «pccch« 
that he was w«ll born, and a eoun-like perwn; for, rhough we 
were alJ i^k>rviu such at did hear him, his gentihty wai such at 
could male itself krv>wn, even to rtideneLt iifelf. And being in the 
betf of his discotJtie he vrnp[ird and grew niem. fiting }£\ eyr* do 
the grmjnd 1 gciod while: wherein we likewise fiood «ill <utpeniW, 
expecting in what dut disiractioo would end. vnih no Little com- 
paukm to behold it; for ^-e easily perceived that »o«ne ncddeni o£ 
madiico had lurpriit^d him, by his cranntt k^^ beholdin;z the earrh 
m GsMlly, wttbour nncc m/wing the eyebd. and ctfher timet by die 
ihuuiog of ibrrn. the biting of hU lipa, atsd hendtng ct hi« browv 
Bur ^«ry fpeedily afrer, he made uiocrt ^ ' ' ' HimielF: fre, rStiD 
from the gmuod (wht^eon he had xWj ^ii i hfiie befure) 

with grtoi fury, he xt upon him that sae next tinfo hbn, witb 




Mich courage aad id^ Uui H wc IlmJ ik)C ukcn him jway he would 
kivt floin Kicn with blow» jmd bkes; aod he iJid alJ thii^ laying. 
*0 irachcrcoi Feriundo' hvft, h«rc thou ihah pay me the injury 
that thou thdu me; titew hjitdi ihall rend out the heart, id which 
(In harbour 4Ad an? IkijiqcL ;UI evil* tof^nber, bm pnntJi^ly fratid 
utd ilocrtr/' And iq ttictc he added other words, aW iddicaaed lo 
the dtipfabc of th^ rcciundo^ and to atuch him of treuon and 

'W« tool: from him ii btt, not without di&ulty, our teUow; Aod 
Iw, wtihoui uying J vmrd, dcpirtnl from ui, etnbuthlng himtclf 
pnueatly mmong thr buihes ind bfamblMp leivin^ \a wholly di^ 
thkd lo follow him in those rough aud unbauDted places Bt this 
«w gathered that hii madni»i cornea to him ac umM. sod that »tn« 
ooe, called Feriundo, h^ dooc some ill work oi >ibch weif:h% M 
the termt thovnf, to which it hath brought htm. All which hirh ^hxr 
hrvt% yei confiimpd at often (wliifh were many linvi) u \^ ciiine 
ciut to tlic fiddly lomctimt!! to dcnund mm of the dtepWds, and 
brf timet to t^c it oi them pcrtorce; for when he ii takcQ with 
» Rt o( midncu, although the ^phcrdat da ofTcr him meat WtU- 
ly, yet wiQ net he n^reive, unleu he cake it with buffett: and 
brn hr h m hi\ ri^H: unv, hr a^^ U for C(id\ ukr^ with coiirirny 
humanity, and rcoddt many thanks and that not widioui tears, 
in ^cry truth, ut% ] uy unto you,' quotK the goathcfd, *thai 1 
fouf otben, wtiefeof two are my tnoo^ other two my fricndi, 
■ed yeoerday to i«arch tintil we fouud htm, aod btjtt^ found, 
eihef by force or hit meant, we will carry him to the To>ivn tsl 
Almodovar, which it but ei^lu le;i}c^i<^ (nnn hirnce, and ihcre will 
1VT have him cured, if hi» diieate may be holpen; or at least we tluU 
learn wh^i he is. when he turns to hit witi., and whtiher he hath 
tnf frWr^dt to whom itoticc of his misfonune may l>e given- Thii 1% 
%if%, all tlut 1 can my coocerning th«t of whkh you demand ct me; 
and yo« shall uniJefrtind tlut the m<rner of tlrow (hangs whkh you 
in tbr w^v. ii tlir very umr whiMn you taw pau by yuu ut 
and nimble':— for Don Quixote had told him by this, that 

vinp ihr rocki. 
liiml >\ thei^oodmd'* taU; 
•vidi XFttter desire to know who thai unfominitf nudman 


wost purposed wiih himscJf, 3> he had aLrcady resotvcd, to Marck 
him ihKHijqhout the mowuoias without letviDg a corner or c«ve 
of it unsougki finc:l tie Kid ^iien him. Bm fortune difpowd the 
nuner bcrtcr than hp Fxpnrircl; for he ;ippcrare[| la ihii very laoMOt 
ia a de^ of 4 rock that niuvivrcd to ihe pbce v/hxm ihe>- ^oocj ipuk*- 
ing; who came towaxdi thrm, murmuring aocnewhat to him*^ 
which could noi be undcfi(ood nc^r at band. And much lev oCk 
off. Hu appar*) W2S aich u wa have doiivcred, only differing ia 
dm, a* Doo Quixocp p^rc*i^«d whrti he drrw' nftir*^, thai he wnre 
oo hioir although toro, a Icatlier jerkin, purfumrd w;ih ajnbrr; bf 
which he thoroughly collected iJut the pefwa which v^nrc wch 
ottire was not cf :lie least quahty. 

When the )o<in^ man G;une to ihe place where they dttCour«R&, 
bo nhited them with a hoam: voice, but wiih gteat coimosy; and 
Dnn Qui3C0<9 refiirnnl him hi« grmings with no Ir.M cnroplimcni; 
;tnd, aJi^hcing fforn Rozinantc, he advanced 10 rmhracc him with 
very ^>od carriage and countenance^ ^nd hdd him a good while 
straitJy between his a/mt, u if he liad known him of lonj; itow. 
The other, whom w« may call ihe UnfonuiuLe Knif;ht of the Rock 
OS well a« Ootx Quixote the Knight ol the lU-favourtd Pace, after 
he had permiiied himu-4f la Iir nDbmcod a w^hdr, d;d oep j litthr 
olT from our knighi, and, laying his hand* on hi« tbouldcrt, b^gui 
to heboid him c^rrtcitly, at one driiroui to call to mind wbciher 
h« bod ever seen tiim before: being, perk^Mi no lets admired to 
Itt Don Quivoie's fi|n'^^> proporuoa> and amis than Don Quixote 
WM 10 view him. In rewUition, the fint chat ^ke after the em- 
bracing was the ragged knight, aud aaid whai we w^ pracDdy 



WicEHtjN U PiionctmD nic A&vintvk£ or Siia&a Moiuisa 

THE hiftocy aAmu thai grut w^ the attention whefe^tithal 
DtMi Quixoic liUtiEied to Th« Unionuiute Knight of ihc 

m* wlucjocTtf you b« (for 1 know you not), I <io ^iih all my heart 
l$fMity the kgiu of affection and oounoy whbdi you have uxd 
tmnrdi ac, dnd wish heartily that 1 wttc in tc/nu to «crvc wiih 
mote thim my wiD the good-will you bur lowafdt cvm, m )vwf 
CQUrteoci cmerudnment denotes; but my fate it «o nigg^-irdly a£ 
il affardt me nu oiUft iuoii^ id fcpiy j^ucil wt^k^ doue u> me, thdA 
only u> lend mc a good dennr socnetiine to audy them.' 

"So frtai 11 mire affection,' replied Don Quixote, *to scfvc you. 
tt I wm fully ce>i>hed ne^'ce ;a deport out of the^ tntHmtains until 
1 had found you, and ki»own of younelf whether there miglii be 
■ny kind nf n'mcHy fotind for ihe gtiti ih»i ihU ycHii vn iE.niiu»il 4 
kind of Lie digues liodi (iutK-» your u>ul; ^nd, if Jc wcce rc^oisiic, 
to vsrch it out viSth ail pouiblc diUgcocc: and when >«ur diaajicrt 
kiKAva ol tlKioe which clap their door^ in the f»zt of cocnioru 
intencM m itut caie to b«ar a part in your tamcnutiocu, and plain 
wtih the (k)lrCuI note; for it i« a coniobiion in alSicEion to tiav« 
candolci in ittcm. AikL if this my good inietiTion may 
Buy acceptancct of be f:taiin<d by acty counesy, let mc entreat 
yoUt >irt by die rxcett thereof which [ kc accumulated in your 
boK>m, and foinily I conjure you by that ihttig which you have, 
or do prmrtuty Buvtt affect, that yiju will please to duclo«e unco me 
wfio ftNi afe, jim) wh-ji the cauie hath been (hat peruiaded you 
oxnc l«> lt«c and die in thcK deaeru like a brute bcaat. vedof 
live acDong such« ao alienated from younelf, aa both your auire 
cptDHciiaciCt demonstraie^ And I do vxhv/ quoth Don Quixote. 
tlM hi^ otdef of diivalry which I, akhoujih unworthy and a 
liofter, have nettled, and by the profe«non of tnightt'^rrant, tlut 


if you do pl«3iuro m« ti«r«in, Co auift you wiih At gooA *%mai 
my profrtitoD ckiih bind me. mhti by remcdyuig your diAmff* 
if II c;ui be hulperi. ut d» by 4»iutiu^ >-ou lu luneot u. tf Jt be so 

like KtujEhi of the Rock, who heard him cl the !n'b\t>Ufed Face 
(peak in Uut manner, did nothing else for a f^rcnt while but behold 
him igiin ind agsiA, and re-behofd him (torn lap to toe. And^ 
affrr newmg him vrrll, hr «id: 'If yntj havr anything 10 mi, 1 pray 
you give ii mc for God's uke> and aficf 1 hive r^icn L will »Mii{y 
your demand lhorougUy> to graiUy ilx many courtciica und uo- 
dc«crvcd pro(fff& you have made unto mc' Sancbo, and ihc gout- 
herd prMenr, (he one out of hi» wallet, the other oui of hh Kiip* cook 
wme meat, and ^vt k to the Kniffhi of ihe Rock, lo allay \m 
hunger: and he did cat u> faM, like a diMiacted mjio, *% he leJi no 
jniermitiion between bit and hir, but clapt ihent up to nviftly. 
a» he rathef xaned 10 swallow than 10 chew thero^ and whilst be 
did &i1, neither he nor any ot the reii «pake a word; and haviofj 
ended hii dinner, he made them tignt (o follow him, » it Ua 
ihcy did, unio a liule meadow tented hard b) thjt pbc^ at the fold 
of a aiountain* where being arrit^d, he itretclicd him^li on the 
grass, which the rcn did liketviv \a h:t imitatton, without tpr^kiof 
4 wotd until that he, after Mtthng himself in his piKe, began m 
ihts manner: 'If, «ir(, you plense to hear che exceeding grcatoco 
of my <£u&ier& brietly rehearsed, yxm muhi proinite me thii ^u 
will ISM interrupt the file of my doleful narration with dthcf d^ 
mand Or other thing; for in the very instant that you shalJ do il^ 
there also must remain that winch 1 say depending/ *\\icac word* 
o( our ragjied knight's called to Don QuiioCe't nrmrmhnncv thi 
t:ile which Kik u;uire had lold tinto him, wttrte hfl rrred in the 
jctouni ol hisgcui-^ wh:<h kid paucd the ri»ei, for wh:th ilui tiiuory 
remained suspended. Bui retufning 10 our ragged maoi he said; 
This pfcvcnikm which now I give is to the end tluJ 1 may com- 
pendiously past over the discourtft of my mishaps; for the revoking 
uf them to rtfnemhrance only i^r^^es me to none otlief ttead ifeufi 
to increase ihe old by addin|{ of new misbtftuoes: and by hnw 
much ilse fewer your qunlions are, by sij much iho nwer ifXXKlily 
shall [lidve finished my piiifu) discourse; and yet I rncuD not tooail 




ihr ettftMul poirw oi my woes untouched, chat your ilriircf may b« 
hadn vtiltkkoi]) AOti^iciL* Don Quixoin u> Kb own ^ikI hU utW 
cunpomoa'i name, promised to perform his fcquett; wherrU|Xiii 
be began bis rrbtion on this manner: 
*My iuni« li Carckiiio, the pljce of my binh one of the bea 
in Afi<UTuKia« my bnc;igc niiblc, my par«nit rich, ^nd my mi»- 
VI ^ntt » I ilunk m^ |Kirrn:K b^vc rrc rbu dqTloird and 
my kin^Jk coivckikd thcni» bcin^ very lifik abk wtdi their wealth 
irdrcu ib^m; for th« goods of fonunc ^n bjt o£ imiU vimic 
fetacdy ihe diuslprs of heaven, Tbeie dwelt in th« ume city 
heavvn, tvhernn love bad placed aU the glory tbit 1 could desire; 
^tvM ii the besiuiy of Ltximl^. J (Umael :i& noble And rxh if 1, 
but tnnce lorlunAlc. iod less conauni ikui my boiiouiable <ieiues 
npcctcd. I loved* honoured, and adored this Lucituli ilmoft from 
very intiocy, and »bc affected roe likewise, vi^th all the in- 
ty and good^will whidi with her io young years did accord, 
[narcnts Icncw (uu muiuj] :tmiiyt for which ibry w^re nothing 
rvcil, peiodviiig vety vt^W, ilui ^b^MJuj^h we coniinucd it, yet 
could u hive none other end bu< that of mainmony : ji thing which 
tin aqaaliiy o^ our blood and substance did of iix\t atmott invite 
to^ Our a^ and affeaion incmsed in such tortt as it teemed fit 
Luanda's father, for certain good respects to deny ne the 
of hii boui« any longer, imkaiiog in a muDner therein 
«> much lofcmtuKd by ibe pcicU, her parents; which hin< 
served only to add flame to ftime, and desire to ck^irt; tor» 
i|;b tt set (ilerKe to our tongues, yet would they not impose 
Hi our pen&y kIucI: are wont to evpcess to whom it pleased, the 
nwia^ htddrn wotcies of our loult, wiib rmirr tibrrry thain The 
longur; for ibc prcK^ncc of the bdov^ doth often diuroa, iroublc. 
iii^ urik^ dumb the boldest tongue and firmest raoluiion- O 
hnTtniJ bow nunv kners have J wnitcn unio berf What cheerful 
Ji»d boncst answers luve I received! How nuay ditties and amoroui 
lenn have I cocnpote^lt wherein my soul declared and piitibthed 
kvf pAvoru. deciineil bet inlLnKx) ticsiitri, efitciiaiitnl hvx re- 
and recreoEed bcr wiU! In effect, perceivtni; rofsclf 
■■{nrceti. and that my >oul consumed with a perpetual decire 
Id hcf , I r«iotvcd in pui my deiiret in execution, and finuh 




in an insunt ttui v/'ruch I dcctncd moii cxpedicat ior xhe bctto 
ochiovii^ ol my dmirod and duerrKl rtvr^; wbich wu (u 1 
did indeed), to denand her c^ her fvh^r iot my hwful tpouM*' 

To ivlik'l) he fnjdr .ifuiv«r, ilut he did j^rjiify E^ie ^ood-wtU 
wlikh I &ho«ved bjr hoooiiring him, ^bd dciiie la lionoui myscU with 
pawnt th.ic w'cre ht»; bul, teeini; my iather yet lived, the mixion of 
tkti matter pcofxfly nXM! coiie«rficd him: for, if a wufc noc duoe ^i 
with his good Uking amJ pi^asurct LiKinda was noc a tvotniii 10 ^M 
hr fakm nr ^ivrn by itKihh. I rritdiral htm ihinki foe hi« gmil> ^^ 
will, hit «v<^d« Mi»iiiDg unto mc very rcdUHuibk. as thai cny f^thfT 
ihoutd jgrce untc fhem u lOOn ai I thotjld explain che maacf; and 
ihcfeloic departed presently to acquaint him mth my dcnre«: 
who, Jt the time vdUch 1 entered into 1 tlomber whenfin he waw 
iiood wiith a intcf opvn Ui liit hand; and, dpying me, ere 1 cEmld. 
brcik my cniiKl iiiil<» Uiiu, gaw il me, ^ym^, 'Uy th:it letter, 
Cardenio, you ouy gather the deiire xhjx Duke Rscardo bear* 10 
do ycKl any pleasure or favour-** 

This [Xike Ricardo, a« I think you know, ar^ already, is a 
grandee of Spin, whov dukedom it icaied in ibe hra pan ol ^ 
Andalusia. I icok ihp Icntt and road it, whfch .ipprJTrd to nr^vta, 
ji 1 m)icIE xcotuiicd it would be ill dooc if my f4tbcr did not 4C- 
coJlifliUi the conLcnu thereof, wtueh were indctd, that be dvitild 
preiently address me 10 hii ooun, to the end I mif>bi be compuuoo 
(ind not BtrTant) to his eldest ion; and that be wouU inchArp;* 
himself with iIm advancinjc of me to nich preferoteau at mi^ 
be»Ir uiifu ihc vitlue and ptlimaiioit lie nudir of my per* 
no. I p.^ucd iivcr the whole leiref, lad was alrxicken diunh j; the 
reading (hereof, but chicRy bearing my father to wyi "'C^rdcniOt 
ihou muit depart wiilUn two dnyi, 10 accomplish the duke 
and omit not to render Atmijdoy God thanks, whirh ^.- > 
open the way hy which thou mayic ait^iin in fine to that wluch I 
kitfHv ihoo don merit." And to ihcte wordfl added <«rtmn others 
of father)) cotiiuel and dircaion. The term nf my dqttftiin! ar- 
rived, and I spoke to my Lueinda 00 a certain nu^t, and recounted 
tsMu her all that pasted, and HVewlv to her fafh^^ ' '':\% th«m 
eo ovrr^ip a few diyt, and drfer lltr beiilindnv; ijii^liirr 

eltewhere, umiJ 1 wem to imderitdm! Duke Rlcardrt his will; ivhich 


(Wcrawii mc, and the conHnncd it, wrtb a tbouttod oulu lad 

'FinalW, ! cimc ir* Dvikc RkarA>'i court, and vrts m fnendl^ re- 
ceived 4nd *ntrft;inmi hy him, ii wwi ihcn very cfivj' beg^n lo 
rxtfdir hcf aoajMomcd fimciion, being forrhwith vmubtoi by iht 
aackot tcrviior^ periu<]<lin^ i>^mxlvc« thnt ihc tokou the duke 
Aowtd CO <k» me (jivoun could not biH twti to thcif prejudice. 
But b« ibii fejoictd mou at tnint arnnl was i Mcood »oa of the 
ilukc'v citl«d F^rrundo, wba W3t )<iun}f. galhof, very comply, iib«n1, 
and aflnofoui; wlnit wiiliin J wIiIIf jftt^r iiiy coming, tiHJ me au 
cloiriy ai every one Wondered thereji; ;ind a]tbmt||1i the cider 
lov<d me well, and did me f;ivour. yet w» ii in no ropect corU' 
parable to ihjt nh#Tcwithjl Don Fernando loved and treated me. 
)i (h«i«fore betel that, at ibere \% no secrecy amonpl friend* m 
II bin ihey will cofnmnnbraie ii rbc nnr lo rh<* (nhrr, and thr 
i4rity wbich I had i^iih IVn Fernando WAt nnw pj»t the 
bvour ind turned into dt^rost amity, he rc>«dcd unto me 
tho(i|;hi», but chiefly cne ot hit lovci whifh djd not a little 
him; for he was enamoured on a farmef'i daufthter. that 
^nt hit raihef\ vaisal, whow furents w^re mar\Yltoitf rich, and 
the hnvdi uj Itc^utiful. w:uy, diKreeii, ^nd hoDetf» ai never a une 
thai knew ber could absolutely determine wherein or tn whkh of 
ber perfections ihe <lid mott excel, or was most acoompbsKed, 
thofe good paeti of the beautiful counir>^ maid rediKed Do« 
indn hit dearv« to xuch an esiigent, as he resol^vd, thai he 
ib^ hetler ^^in her gimd-will ;ind mnqurf brr inii-grity, to 
her a proniiv of mafno^c: tot o4herwi«e be should bbotir 
tfico that which w« impmubic, and but stnve Agalsm the 
I, u one IxHiiid thereunto bv ouf fricndihjp. did iliwart 
divuadf him from hif purpose i^Sth the beti reauuu and n«o«t 
efioekitu words I mighi : and, teeing all could noi prrt-aU, I drfCT- 
niianl lo acqujtni ihe Duke Ricirdn ha f^ither wherewithal. Bui 
Fenundn, hrin^s vefy crafty and dincreei, tu>pccted and feared 
much, because he cocuidered that, in rhe law of n faithful lerrjnt, 
bound not ro conceal a thinjr would turn to miKh to the 
loifioe nf ihc diike» cny lord* and therefore, bcth m tB%«rt and 
dmv# me at nnce, [he tihi] ilui he cottid ftnd no mean* fo 

by thU 


good lo AdMe ibc rmianbrancc uf thjl beauty out of hu miwl, , 
whxh h^ Ul» tieon in sikH subjeaion. than u> abicm hiiiudi ^iflj 
ccrujn monihi; ind he would iikewiic luvc dui JbvoKe u> b^^ 
ilut, (hoi boib of Uf thauUl dttpnn logc^hcf, nn<l cocne tg nrf 
fithcf'ft bouw, under pretence (as be would inform ihr^ duke) ihii 
he uiYEM lo tec and cbpjpcit ccn^ia grrac hor&ct thit Kar in ilw 
city fvhcrdn I vvi% born, a ph<x uf breeding the bat borics ic 
the w>rl<L 

'&rarce bad I hcdrd iuiii ny ihis. when (bome iway by tl 
natural propeosaoa each one hath u> hiv country, ukI my 
)oinn1) ;iJihoiigh hii dvnftnmrm h;id noi bwn «} j;ood, jrl 
I have mJicd u« ai oiac of ihc mou expedient itut cuuld 
ima^ncd. becauic ] mw vKcasioo «nd opporiunity so f^Hy oScri 
to rciurn aai sec «^in my Lucindj;; and tbcrelore, »ci on by tl 
thoughi aikd d«ttf^ 1 approved his opinit^n, 3ni did qukktn 
puTpow, pcmncliog him lo prmecute it with all potuble ipe«d; 
nbwnce would in the end work her vSvct in desf>iie of tlie r 
forcible and urgent thouj^u. And when be said iKJs u> mc he 
already, under the title of s> hu&b;ind (a^ il vru afterwwd known] 
mpod the fruit» of hxi longinjt deuie^ fruni hU beauuful coui 
maid, and did only awatt an opponunity 10 reveal it wiihi 
hit tnvn detntncDt, Cearful of the duke hi& fatlier'i indigiuiii 
whei) he should understand has error. 

'It ahcrw«rd> happened that, a« lore in young ntcn ii not for 
the ttiost pan Unre, but tusit, the whkh (aj [that whkh] it ever 
pof>oMth 10 Jt«aU as hU last end ud period b deUgbt) «o soon 
at it obtAineth ihe tame, 11 hkewiw decayeih and ra^ctfh ioedbly 
10 retire llul whkh was teftned kwe; lot ii cannot crara^rcA tht^ 
limjti wKich Nature hath uaajptcd ic whkh botindingt fir meastaeai 
Nature hath in tU3 wite aUiicted to true and ai^cre ifiectioo^— I 
would tay that, at sxm ai IXin Femai>do had <niuyrd hu councry 
Lmi, hit deling weakeoedL snd hit impnrtumtict waud <Qld: and 
if n the Rni he (vigntd in c«cuv no abwrn Unuelt Uiat he mifbc 
with more fadiiiy comiuu thrnu he did now m my jpoud oranc 
procure to depart* *o the cod he mi^ cut fvt dwin in cxvankxi. 
The dukt jtave hitn Licence lo depan. and oomauaded mr to 
■eoonp«ny him. We came fa my diY, when mr laihcr Astcruiiwd 



tiim Ekocording lo iiis calling. I saw Lucindi, and thtn 4^in were 
fwived (^Ithuugb, tucldftl* iliey were natber dead mtt owtiiGctl) 
my demro, lod I Kquaiiited Don FcTDando (aIi)' lo my local tuiq) 
Willi them, because I thought i( wu not bwEul, by the Uw of 
Vft lo k«p anrthing concealed from him. "nwi* I dilated m 
on \he bdtMv, wi;, and ditcrcilon of Lticiada, In so atrt^W 
3 nunncT 3^ my praise iXtntd in htm a df^&'tro 10 %'iew j damvl 
to iticaily jdoracd, and cnruiicd wiUi so rare eixlovnneiua. Aiwl 
ihii hi« duire 1 (through my imiionuac) »tislicd, abowing her 
unto him by the Ught uf a candle, at a v^iadow where we two 
wfre vfOTit to parley coj^er; ^vh«re he beheld her to be such as 
wai utAcient to blot oul of hit memory all ihe beauiiei wluch ever 
be h^d viewed before^ He Mood mule, bcndc hinucKt and ravubcd; 
jnd. morrovc-r. rcilcd to greatly c:vinic}urcd, as you m^y pcfixivc 
in the diKOursc of this my dolelui njoration. And> to mlUinc 
hts destra the moie (a thing which I fearfully avoided, and only 
dfci e o » >f < d to Heaven), foriune so dUpois^d that he found after mt 
nne of ha leners wherein she reijumed ihat ! would donaiMl lifr 
of her father for wifc^ whtdi was so discreet, hcncst. and amunAisly 
pcnoedt as be sasd, after reading ic, that in Lucinda alone were in* 
ail the x^ces of beauty nnd understandinjr joinilyt which 
ch^lded and separate in all the other women of the worU. 
et, in good lOoth. I will hen* confefK the truth, thit although 
saw cicarfy bow deverrcKOy Lucinda w;is thus exidlrd by Don 
, yei did noc bcr praises please nsc so misch pronouiKcd 
him; and therefore began to fc^r and luspcct him, bcciusc he 
DO nsomeflE overtlip js without making some mentioo of Lu^ 
, and would still himself begin the discourse, were the 
orvcf 10 faf-fdirhird : a ihiri^ wfudi niiunl in me I omisut 
cell ivhai ^ealouay: not that I did fear any traverse in Ludmtj^ 
loralty. but yec for all, my htcs made me ihe very thing whi^h 
they most assured me. And Dun Fefnando priKurcd 10 read all tJie 
papers I sent to Lucioda, or she to mc, tusder pretext thai he cook 
ntraanElnxry <Mrght to nme the witty conceits of us both^ It 
£cU oui, ihat Ltxmda^ having deriutsifed of me a hcuk 
TO read, wherein siie IeiJc marvcIJDLU delight, and wai 
tit Amadis de Csul'— 


Scaixc liid Don Quixote w^cU bcaid him make iucduoq of buoLj 
«l knighlhood when be replied co him: 'U ^ou had, good tir, but 
oocfi Cold tnc 04 the iK^nning of your hiuoncil lurratJOQ tlut 
your L^y Luciiuh ^^;Jf jffccicd 10 the reading of knightly advnw 
tur», yoo DcnM not io have uttfd any amplificiriMi to endear or 
mako pJdin unio mp ilip pminrncy of her wii. vrh^ch cmainly coulil 
DOt in anf ^*^ ''c ^ excdleni and pcrspkuoua a> you have 6;urod 
ic, il she waDicd ihe propeaikra and Jcdiag you hiw rcbcirvd 
10 th« peruuDg of m> plenum); diuotiriet; 10 that braccforth, witi^ 
mtf you need not ipcnd iay tnore wordt 10 eitpblfi sod nunifejB 
the heigfic (if her bcautyt wfJrtli, and undersC;irdLng; fnr hy thji* 
only lUKicc I have rcircivcd ai hrr dcvcxioa to bookt of knighthoud, 
1 do confifni her f<M ihc most fair and MCCimphUicd lA^mati for all 
pCffcctBom iQ thowodd; and 1 would to God, good tir, thai )vu had 
al*o Mnc her, togcthftr with Amadis ihc hiatorl«« of the gcod Doo 
Rugcl of Gr^etii; for I atn cenain the Lady Luanda vhiuUI ham 
taVtti great dHighi in Darayda and GarLiya, and in thr vntiy cnc^ 
cctti of the shepherd Darind* and in t).o)e admirable ver»e» of 
Btjcolicf, sung and rcheamnl by him wilh such gncc, dit^retit 
and hhcny. But a time may come ivhaein xhn fault nuy be 
compensed, if tc thiU [ilnse you ic come wirh m« to my 
for ihere l may give you ihnw hundrrd bnok«, witkh ant my nul 
gicairit conientmmir and ihc ctitenainnrirnt of my life,— althougl 
] do ac/vr verily bciioc ih;it none oi them arc Ich, thanks br tn t^ic 
malicftot eh-il and eo^-ious enchamcf»* And I bo>eeeh you to pardon 
mt tht« traaigresikm oi our agrttmaiii at iIm hxa prcmmd^ jkm m 
imenupi your cHacourvei: for wbeA 1 hear any tnoiioo nude of, 
cJuvaby or kmghtit<rnmi, it b no more tu my power to omit t^M 
■peak of them than in the tunbcams to leave aii warming, ur ii^' 
t)w moon eo render thing* htvnid. And therefore I entreat pardoDi 
and that you wiH protecute )*our hutoryt at ibat vphich mam 
imporet itr.* 

Whilii Don Qmiotr ifoke rhott ivords, Cardenki Sung 
head on hb breait. ^ring tiunifcii cokrni ^m bo vrii 
sad. Aim] althoegb Don Quivcxe requested him tiwe to 
on widi hu dboourw. yet Acither d*d he hfi up hit head or anmvr 

^^^^^^r CABDENTO S HACE ' 30? 

« word, tin at Uu. aint he bad stood a (ood wbUc mtiiin^ bo 
held up his bud .uul sajd: *b cannot be taken out oi in) miod. 
ttor b there any on« in the world cad deprive me of the coDceit, or 
make tne be li ew ibe camnty, ami he wrre a bnctk^icd th^ii would 
dkink or bdicve oUicrwiiCr ^a Uut the grcx tilUin, M^ler 
EJiiahiii die barbcTi kept Queen Mftdauma as hi« Icoua/ 

Thaft u oot so, 1 \ow by inch ocd Auchf* quoth Don QuixoCCt 
ifi ffraat cholcf (.lad ^£ be w:is ^voot, rapped out throe or four round 
oadhi); 'U is gttai malice, or rather villiny, v> lay &i>di a thin;; for 
Queeti Mad^unu was a \ay nvtAe bdy, aj»d it ought luE ui be 
praumcd that so hj^b a princess would fall in law with a quaick- 
salver; and wboviever thinks the contrary lies fake an errant vdlaia, 
21 1 will make bim understand, ahorseback or afoot, armed or dis- 
afmed, by nigbt or by day, or ai he best UkcUC Cardenio stood 
bchohling him %tfy mmculy as he spoke ibete words, whom thr 
acodcm of his modncst had by this ixMsesicd, and wa^ doc in 
p&flta to proKcuic hi» history; nor would Don Quixote gi^'c ear 
to h, he wai » mightily dasguited to bear Queen Madaurna de- 

A irurvellou* accidenil for be look her defence as eamettly at 

if the wrri- vcniy lirs true aiKl xuxarA priticeuw hin wkl;ed l)o»kK lud 

ao much dutraaed him- And Cardenio bcinj; by ihu furioualy 

Dadt bearioK himself answered wi;h rhe lie, and ihc dcnomisMioa 

ot a Villain, tvith oiJicr the like ojtra^Ecs, be took the fctt in tU part, 

and, lifting up a done that was near unto him, ga^te Don Qnixoce 

•ucli a likvw tbcrewithal as he ovcnhrcw him to the ground on his 

back. Sancbo PaLzo, teeing his nustcr so loughly bandied, ict 

apoD the fcol with \u» Art shut; and the ragged man received hu 

asostdt in sucb manner, as he Ukewiae overthrew bim at his f«ei 

■Idi one fui, and, nKHiniing ^lerward up^^n him, did work htm 

^Bih his fort like a pioce of dougb; anil \\ie giuiberd, who thoujjiht 

to succour him^ was like to incur the lamc ilangcx^. Ajsd after be 

bad ovDihrown and he^tm tl:em alt very wdL be ilepancd from 

dkm, and eniered mio the ^vcod very quietly. Sondto vosc; and 

Hdi r9S« to see himself so bcUhoured wiihoui dtsen, ba ran upon 

K gMibvnJ so be revvoged on lum, saying that be was in tbe 



bult, who UmI noi pntmscuttwd tbvm bovr ilut nun's raving &i 
did ulw hjtn (o at liitM^; for, HmI th«y b«<7n advent^ then 
ihey inighi kiv? scood oU the wlule oi) Uwit gujud. 

ihc goidierJ anavrctrd ilui he hud alrtady ^dvuied tbem tlKtrof. 
And if h« bad Dot been atientivc ih«fcunto, ytK be vra» ibcrcfoie 
ncitKiri^ the mora culpable. 

Soi^cIuj Panu replied^ and th« gojiibcrd made a KJoindcr thcr^^ 
Ltfitti; bui their dkpin^rian rndrd at b^i m the cjichmg hiild v^M 
one aDOtbct** [>e.itd&> ^nd b^-fiuii^g thanu^vcs u> uacompittuufe- 
ately, ai if Den Quixote liud rxx ixuihcd li^m* Uxry vt'ould b;iw 
torn one another to p«cc«5. Sancho, holding uiU ibe goalhcrd E»i. 
taid UDCQ his lord, Lei me alone, m Knif^ht ot the UUfavound 
Face; for on ihi& m;m, wito i> a clown i\ I am myieU, and do 
dubbed kntgbl, 1 may KifrJjr ntiify niysrlf v4 xlw wnin)^ He boib 
done me, by fii^tio); with Kfm K^nd to h^nJ. like an b»(KLurahl^H 
nun/ 'h ii true,' quoth Don Quixuic; 'bui 1 know well thji be U iv^ 
no wise culpabk of (hat which hath hjtpponvd.' And, uyin^ ^ 
sppcated th4nii. jdH tirmed again to (Vm.irw! of the goatherd wbetbcf 
ir iftfFP jKittihIr to uvci again w«Ii Cjrdeiiio; fof !*t* nvruined 
po«w»cd wiib an csooecding dciire to know tbe end o( kb kJtiury. 

llic gOkitbcrd itirDcd ai^in ru repeat what he had ^d at the Rra 
lo wit, tivat he knew no: any certain pUce of htA abode; but if 
buinied that cocmnaik any while^ he would some time meet 
him, either in hii nud or nwxlai hixnour. 

Wbk:h Tmats ok nit Sruisxe Av^T^otftu That Happened to the 

K^lCttT €Hf THt NtAKCKA IN SitWU MoftE^A: AND OP im ?!>'' 
AMCC He D|I> Tutu, IV iMtTATION Of htUttilMxn 

DON QOrXOTE look leaw of tho goatherd, uid, mowring 
cincr igAin on Roziitanie, he commaDded SaiKho to follow 
him, who ohe^f^ but with j vifry iU wtH: and thus they 
inrrvlkd by little and Uiile, trnicrtn^ intu the ihickeil and nnighai 
p«rt of all the mounloin; ind Sancho wcttl almcMt bunt with a 
dotre to tcawD ivnh tin maa^efT and therefore wished tn mind thai 
Ik wouUl once begin, that he might not tnatgrcci hii eommand- 
II of dience imposed on him, bwt growing Ji Iwt wholly im- 
lo cunt-itn himwlf fpnrhl«sf iny longer: 'Good nr Don 
iCt I pny you giw me your blcMUg aod licence; for I mctn 
<lqun from ihii place, jind return to my houte, my wife and 
dhildreoi with vrhom I kIuU be, at leaic, admitted to reason and 
jpeflk my pleawre; for tKii yoa u-ouJd dwire to have me keep you 
ipany iliruugh thc^ie dt^ti-rti night ^nd day, and thai I ma^ ncii 
when I ple^Lv; h but to b*iry me ilire. Yet, if fnrtimc Had 
kippily disposed ouf offjuri as thit bcAAi coul<I (peak, ti they 
to Ou>ivipnc'« lime, the harm had been )cs«; (or then would I 
ibiCDCint a whlW with Ro7in:>nto (teeing my niggardly fo^une 
bnk tKic trcAHoted 1 mii-ht do it with rntnc at%) what I thought 
3itd m lbs surt nvnUd I waive my miih^jn; for ii t& a Kublwrn 
[. and t1;;al cannot be borne w-tch pJiliencc, to tmel all llie dayt 
our life aa^ ikm ti> encounter any other thing th:in Immplingi 
kder ftvf, tutungi tn covcrleiv, blowc of nonen and buf^etv; aiid be 
l>eijde« sH ihb fofnd lo tew up our moutht, a man daring not lo 
break Mi mind, hut to ttand muie like si pan-' *Sancha T under- 
thee now/ quoth Don Qultote: 'ihou die^i with longing lo 
liuc whkli I luve forbidden thee to »pcak; accotmt. there- 
tkii comtnandmeAi revoked, and say what thon pteaie*- 



condicioA dui this nvocation be only available and of (ora vhflst wr 
dvrtll ID Utexr aKnuuain^ 3:ul no kxi^er.' 

*So be it,' (luotb Sancbo; 'let me sp«ak dovti for wlui auf 
befall, God onl]^ know».' And thcot b^oun; to ukc tkc 
of hii licence, h« Slid, 'I pr^iy you, ie!l roa what bcneAi oook) 
reap b}' taking Qimy-h M^d-inmi's part? or what was ic co the 
purpox ihai i!ut Abbot w-as hex friend or no? For* If |txi h^ 
it slip, tedog you vrcre not hu jtd^, 1 verily bclicvt dan the i 
bad pfo«ccmcd hi» tal^ 4od wc Ahould kivc craipod the blow 
th« iioo«i cbe trampling under feet, and tpuroLngi; yea* >Ad 
iKan fivftor sx good buffeu/ 'In Uith, Smcho/ quoth Don Qul^ 
"it ihou knewetc as well as 1 did bow bonoumble ami principal 
lady was Queeu Hadanma, tfaou wouldtt r^Lher My ilut I 
great patience, xeing I did not tuikt bun on ilie mouih out 
which auch bla»|»heniitt issued; for it la a v«ry freu iLdtonour 
aver or diink tlui any queen would f^ in love with e b 
For the truth of the biEiory t%, that Matter Eliubatt of whom 
madnuQ apakc, was vcty piudcnt, and a man qC a umstd |ud, 
and acrvcd the qmxn a^ her n^mr und phy.iicijn; but to think 
she was h;t Jcnun is a madncas wonhy the severest punithmcot. 
and to ih« end ihou nuyft Seo that CardetMO kn«w not what 
said, thou mutt onder&tand that when lie ipoke it l» tliea 
wboUy bciidc hijnscU/ 

*That'4 it which 1 »ay»* qtjoch Saachch 'that you ouglu not 
nuke occontni of word* spoken by a fool; for if fortune had not 
auuted you* but addreued the stone to yty^ix head, as it did to your 
bceau, w« shou'd have remained in ^ood pKght. for havin^^ turned 
X) caineMly in llui soy lady'» defence, wliom Cod confound. And 
think )-ou iliat Cafdenio would not escape the dangers of the law. 
by reason ot his madneM?* 'Any knigbt-erranTt* answered 
Quiaoi^ *it bound to turn for the honour of wonven, of whai q 
so«vcr, againtt mad or luUDMi men; how much tnure for q 
of so high degrve and wtvlh ai was Queen Madanma, to whom 
bear panicuUr afloctioiu (or her food parts? For. besdea bcr 
bein^ Rurvdlou* beautiful, aht was, moreover, very prudent and 
patiecu ifl her calamities, which wen vttf nuay; and the compajiy 
and countrif of Maiter Elliabat proved wry henefidal ind 


ttry, til mdurv lin lo bnr hrr <Tii^j)« with pnufence and pAdetn: 
aod Ikikc the ignomnt ind iil-mc.ining vulgai look occaaoQ to 
OMpccT :ind at^rm ilui >hc was hit tnccd> But 1 uy j|;Ain ihcy 
&«t ftad aU ib&M that do cuher think or ssy it, do lie a thouumd 


'Wtiy,' qmxh Sancho. *I iwrither say it aot ihmk ii. L^ ihoM 
«Gim my sucli ihin^, eai ilui lie and «wulkm> it with ibeir bread; 
and i£ thrv oi M^hum you ipcak lived tighdy. ibcy have p^^n acccxmc 
lb God thereof by ihiv [ come firovn my vineyard; 1 know nothu^. 
I DID not afraid lu ki>itw ocher men'i ltv«t; Eor he that buyv :tnd 
En iluU t'eel it in hit pune. How much more, veing I wai bom 
naked, and am now naked, 1 can nc'i'.hcr win nnc k^ac! A tn^ut ii 
bv! a m^n. though he ha^'e .1 ho«c on his hcid; hut howsoever^ 
what Ifl thai in me' And nuny ihink there ii a sheep where (here 
ifi t>D fleece. Bor who shall hri<Ile i mnn't underitanding. when 
Dim art prnfaiM?" 'Good God!" quoth Dan Qiiixotc, 'how tn:iDy 
IMe% hail ihou iBsenett h^rv? and how wide from our purpoie 
Arc ihosc prove/hi which thou halt rediedt Honest SEiocbow bold 
thy poice; and (rom liencdorth endeavour to serve thy matter, and 
do not meddle w;ih iliinj^ which concern ihee nothirifr; and under- 
fund, with all thy Bve tentei. chat whiivfiever 1 have done, <ki, or 
ahall do, b wholly j^idtfil by natun, and mnffirmahle to the rulei 
(if Vnt^hllwid, which 1 kmnv iHTtter ihan all the nt'iee knighti ihat 
cvtT prcitened thtm in the Aritd.' *Sir/ quoth Sancho, 'aod is it a 
ffwxt nJr of chivtili^ that we go wandering and lott among thew 
moumaini in thii nrt, without p^ih or way, in the teanrh of a ftiad- 
tnvQ, in whom pem^nttire, afrrr he U fotind, wtH return a deiire 
to fiftjih what he hc^an, not of hi« rJe. but of your head and my 
rflHi, by entkavounnp to break them wundly ind thoroui^hly?' 

^?mt», 1 «ay, Sancho, once a^fn,' quoih Don Quixote; 'for thou 
mcHC wit that the desre of 6ndtnjc the madnun alone bringi me 
f • • VI TTMxh. » ^hkt whrch 1 hive in my mtnd to 

u l-brnmie, by whxh I \)iM iJa; Pimu! renown 

iAd fame thrt>iighout the universal face of the Garth: ux) I thall 
tbenrtrilhal (r.-/ " ^ ^' mjy render A koight-^tTani oitnfTletc 

otkd &J1IOUI.' venture v«fy dangefow?' qitotfa San- 

du> P^uizj. 740,' antwcrrd the Knighi of the lll-bvourcd Face» 



"altlmo^h the tfit^ might run in such «nrt >t wc might catf a httiani 
inKcid of an OKOuntcf ^ bui all conuKS in ihy dlhf^e^nce/ 'La tniae?* 
quoih Sartcbo. 'Vcs,' quoih Den Quixoic; *for it thou rctnmect 
tpocdilr from the pbcc wbcfcuoro I moaa to Kod tiiMb mf pain 
will also end thonJy. and my glor>' commence rtty soon aiwr. 
And hA:.iii<be 1 will tan liold ihtt long suspended, awaiEiag to 
luar iluf t^vtl cjf my words, I wxmid have tW to know thai At 
Eamous .\tnadii dc Caut was one of the tnoit accomplbbcd kni^u- 
otantf— 1 do not say well sapiifE be was ooe; for be vn^ the only, the 
fim, and priine lord of aa many as hrtd m his age. An «vil you 
and a wone month for Don Bdlianii^ or any other that ihill dat 
prounie to compare with him, for 1 vwear that they all arc^ quo- 
tioako. deceived, i alao sat, th^i when a painter woidd becocnt 
rare and ex ce ll en t in his ait» he prDCurc4 to onitatc tbc pattenu 
of the moit xti^lar masters ct his tcieiK«; and this very rutv 
runt current throughout aD other xni^ and cxercivn ol ajccouni 
vrhich icn-e to adorn a wclMispofcd commonwrahh; aad lO ough 
and doUi be that means to obtain the name of a pnidrru and paticat 
nun. by imitating Ulytses, io whotc pcrpon aod duger* doih Home* 
deUn«ate unto us th« true ponnirure of patience acid tulTennc^; 
a« lilcewiw Virgil dffnonuratet, under the perion of Aeneu, ifc< 
duty aod valour of a pious nnt, and the Ki^jaaiy of a hardy and 
expert captain, not showing them such ^ indcnl tbej wm, bio^M 
as ihey should be, to remain as an example of virtue lo eosuiog^^ 
posterities. And In this very manner was Amadis the oonh uar 
and the urn of valoratu and amorous kniithts, whom all vet uiighi 
to imititte whidi march unde: tl»; ciui^ttK uf Ic^^r and chivalry. And 
ihii bcixis ao manfeM as it ik I Snd, friend Sancho* thai the kojgbi- 
errant who ahaQ imitate him most thaJI Lkcwix be nejireK to atuia 
ihff perfection of arm«. And that wherein thu kmght bewrayed 
mott his prudence, valour, courage, parienee> conitancy, osid love, 
was when he retired htmic-lf lo do pcriance, being dlidaltwd by 
bdy Oriana, to the Poor Roclu changing hb name tmio that 
Bdtenebroa: a name certainly moit ngtu&dtire and proper [or 
life vrhich be had at that time wiUinjtly chosen. And 1 may more 
tttily imitate him herein than in dm\4ii|( of giants, beheading ol 
Mrpents, killiitg of moosteriv overthrowing of armic^ puOlng iiavi 



to Aij^ and limibiD;; of oiclunimtnu. An<l tcektif; cK« lUfl BDOllD- 
uin u K> fit fof that |Mif|>ote, there ii no reason why 1 ihould over< 
ibp the occaeaort, wltich <fnth ia» (nrrnKKlioiiiIy prnflcr me Hrr Uickv' 
'In cAea,' quoth Sjnd:c)» *wha: if M yt)U ^can ip do in ihcsc 
raoMc placaP' *Havc not I told thee already,' aid Don Qoaote, 
*xh2: I mean to foDow Anvidb, by |>)jiying h«» the <lc(piired, wood, 
and furiout nun? To imiutc ]ikewt»o the valimi Orluido, where 
hr fuund iltr tnkrnc hy a fotmoin ihnt Angrfic^ th» hir had nbusrd 
hctidf with Mvdoxo; for guci whereof he t^n mad. ^nd plucked 
up tico by their rooc^, troutiled the waters of clear fouQUifu, ilcw 
ih^herd** dcftUoy««I their Htxkt, fired the ^hctpfolds, os^enhrew 
hou»es, uuM aunti after him, and cornmiiied a hundred thDuiand 
oiher imokocct, worthy of Her nal t jmr and mtfmufy. And ahhou^h 
1 mr^Ti not tu imiuie Ruldin. or OrlJ11lllI^ ur RowUud (for \ir huA 
thoe funies), ejL^ctly in every mad prank Uui be played, yet 
I do it the best [ can in those ihinf;^ wfiich shjitl seem unto 
1m motft essential. And pefhipc I nuy resEt comeoied with Oie 
\j imitation M Amadii, whc^ wkhoui endamaging, and by his 
and only uting ihnc of feeling laments, [arrived) to as 
tame thereby a» la^one whatsoever/ 
"I bdieve/ rephed ban^ho, thii the knights whkh performed 
the like ptoaocee tM^ere mo\^ hy lome rektons lo do the Uke atutee- 
Mfli aad ^liei: bur, ^cuxl sir, wtut occaiion hath been offered 
you ID brcome nxM^^ Wh.Tt l>dy hvM dincUned ■f<M? Or 
arguments have you found that the L^kdy Dukinea of Toboso 
ercr dalfteti v^ith Moor or ChnMian^' 'There is the point/ 
ans^vred our knifzht, 'and thenia ooci^itis the peifeoion of mine 
alTair«: for that a knighl-erranv do run mad upon any itst occa- 
WM de te r v« neithrr praise nor rhunks; the wit is in woiing m;id 
wiilvKii cause. wlicrd>y my misxrru m;iy nndmiand^ that if dry 
1 could do tlui. wh^ vrould 1 ha\t done being wueredP How 
Bittdi Boorc, scdng I havr a \im mnfiw* ihrouKh the prolii abtethce 
that I have ma<le from my evtr niprttnev Lady Dulciti*! of 
Tohrrto? For, ai ihou mlghieu haw heard nfid in Mafiii Ara- 
bmiia hit Shepherdv* 

"To him dot abim is, 
AU dui^ suoecd Asniss/* 


So thau triand SsiKhob I would not h;iv« thee lavitK tUiw lonfftf in, 
adTJsing to let tlip lo rare, to tuppv, and lingulir in Unitnuon. 
am iiud. mid will Ix; tiutt, unttl liuii; ftriutn a^un willi 
upoa ^ ki;ci. wbkli I mc^n to tend wiifa ilbcc tu my L^dy Dulcineafi 
and it ii be ALch u my loyalty dctcrvet, my madacss uid 
iholl €od; but if the contrary, 1 (hall run mad in good carncit, ant 
be in th:it mie that 1 ^Kall a|>proheDd nor fret anyibing. So ihai 
b(»wso«%Yr 1 be Jfi5wpred, 1 shall i^ue out of ttv cofiflia and pQJi 
wherein ibou teav^tt iBc by joying the good thou Ahftk bring mc. 
wiKr; or not (eciini: the evil thou shaJt deaounccv as nud. But tel 
mc, Sancho, keeper tl>ou charily yet the livlmct of fUnibriito, vrlui 
1 %kw Ui«« ta}:e tip £rum the ground the other diy, when tk^i ui 
graceful Fellow iliou^hc to luve hmiru ii mi» i^-ecea, bui could^ 
mil, by whxK muy be uillc:aed ihe eitcdlem Icntpn thi^tenf ?' 

Sancho aj^su-ered Co this demand, sjyinjz, '1 caniioc sutler or bdr 
loof^cr, itT Knijiht of the lU'£ai-ourcd Face, nor ukc p^tlif^ndy nuay 
things which yvu say; and I begin to tiupein, by your vivtdi, thai 
all ihaE which you have saki to me oE chiralry^ snii of giiiung^^ 
kingdom* and rmpiret. :i bcaowiag iibnd* and other gifts an^H 
great things, ai knightxrram aic wont, are oil matters of ^ir ooJ^ 
hejt all coMiugt or cozening, or how clic you pleite to term it; 
for he that shall hear yon n^sn^ a barb«r't baon M^inbrino'i hctflMt. 
and thji you w^II not ^Mtndon that orror in more than four days* 
what other an he think but that he who affirms njch a thing 
wont WLt and discretion? 1 carry the baaa in my ho^ all bit 
and bortid, and will have it iiKDded. and drcia my beard m it 
homef if God bhall <k> me the favour that 1 may oim day ttt ray 
and batrna* 

'Brhnld, Sunchn,' quoih Don Quutntr, 1 do Itkewiif iwcjr t 
iliou Kan llic sbailowGU pai<? ihoi ever .iny M^uUe lutl ur tuith in tlic 
world. U \i poisiUe that, in all the cinK thou halt gone mth me. 
ihou eoutdst not pc^cei^v Utat all the adventvnri of kfUghi»«rTvK 
do appear dumor^tt folliot, and dctparou thia^ baing quite coo- 
mryp Not rhjT ihey arc indeed juch; tuit rvhcr, by rr»on choc 
we are still hoimml by a crew of enLtutitersk which change 
traruform our aoi, raoVing them woo what d»ty plroie, acoMdio 
as they like to favour or oanoy lu; nnd ao cJiij, whi^h Mcctm iq I 


botbcr'i bun, u in my conce-.i Mambnno his helma« md to 
aootbcr will Jtppt;tt in tome other ihapc. And n ii doubiksdy dooe 
by xhe profourid tcttrtct oi the wiw mjifi my fnendr to mak« ihu 
aeem a bj«jo whidi, tr;]Uy ind inily, i% M^iinbrino's hc]mct; bccatiA* 
ilu(, in bcir.g sd |tTcdoiis ;i jcwd, -ill tht* world vixjuld partuc mc lo 
dcpnvc mc of it; but now, fcttog dut it is » like a bubcr'i baaiu 
tfacy ofldeivour not to gain lE, as was cicsuly ihowcd in him that 
tfaoughl lo brcjik it iha other day. and wouM not carr\ i\ with him, 
but WEi it lying behind htm on ih« ground; for, in faith, he h»l 
Bcm Mt it did be know ihc wuiibinco iWrcoL Knp h, (hetid! 
br I need it ooi at iluv pttucixi, wherein I muu rather dijann myself 
ci the 4nni 1 wc^. and rcreum a^ naked » 1 w» at the Ikkit of 
ny hink, tf 1 shall uke Um hurotMir rather to imitaie Orlando in 
doiftg of my penance than Ams^E.* 

WKilit ibui he diuiHiruMl, he ;irnval lo the fuot of a lofty moun* 
tun* nrhich stood hkc a hewn rock divided from all the rot, by the 
ikirt whereof jeiided a vnooth rircr, hemmed in on every side by a 
j(rvn and Dounsking meadow, who«c vrrdurc d»d marvcdioudy 
J« ti^ the grttdy beholdrng eye; there werr in ic alio many wild 
irt**, and ymmr i^anr^ ,nnd ftcnvcr*, which rrn<lrrrd thi* fJjCff much 
more pt»ung. llie Kni^^ ^ (be tlJ-uvoorcd F^cc nude choice 
of thif pUoc to urompliifa therein Wu penance; and tberdoee, as 
aooQ ai he hid viewed iu he began to fiiy. with a loud ^otot^ like 
a <iMra.ted man, thcfe word« entuing: Thic ic the place where the 
horaour of mine e>ei thall incte^v ihe Ikjuid veins of thU cryttal 
otfTTOF, and my coniJmuJ and deep ught shall give perpetual 
motion to iIk leaves of these mounlainy treu, in testimony of the 
pun which my oppressed heart doih suifer. O you, whosoever you 
^^fc ruttjcal godil which bare yo^jr mansion in this tnhahiiable place, 
^^Bm ear tn the plaints of this unfnrtunaie la\«f, whom a long 
^^paroce and a few imagined nj^cicifli^ kt^c (onduard to deplore 
^mU Male among thcae dcaerta. and make him exdaim on the rough 
fttndstioa ot that ingraie and ter* who is t]»e H^ the tun-, the period, 
term, and ^nd of aW human beautv, O ye Napeaj and Dryadsl 
which dti AttmetTy inhabit ilie ihicketi and grows, m may the 
nimhte and U^vioua tatyn. by whom (although in vain) you are 
btlovoii never hive power to interrupt your sweet rest* as you shall 


auist mc to limcni my diKutcrf, or at !»« attend ihcm, whtbt I 
di>l*fully br«ath« ibem. O Dukinca of Toboool iKt day of 
ojghr, the gbry of my pxln, north of my cra^li. *Qd sur of 
fortunn; xt HtMwu enncti thee wjih the highest. wlirnioFVff Om 
atult flentjinii it, ^ii thi>u wilt coiiudcr the pbce iitd fuu unio 
thifw obKocc hath coiKkaed mi^ di>d uuwer my fotth omI 
in cocnpaisionate and xracioos manner O loliUry \ma, {which 
from httiCfdorw^ kc«p com^i^my ^iih my soUiude), giw tokctu* 
wtih the v)ft mtjiiiiti i>F your U>i)gti\ ih>ir my prcwncr <)o<h iw^^ 
dblikc you. O thou my jquire, and grateful companion in all pn>>^| 
pcrous ackI adverse aucccMcs! beat wdl away what ihou ihaii xv^^ 
me <Io h«tc, lo the end thai ihnu maya afier promfxly rvcoum it ^^^ 
l)» toal caust of my niin/ Ai>d, caying so, h* alighted from Rozin^f 
sntr, and, lalcing olT in a irkc hU bridle anil ^dle, he ttnick him^ 
on die bunockt uyin^ 'He ji^f^ ihec liberty thac wjTUt Jt him- 
acU. O boncl as famoiu for thy wufk» as Uxhj art uafonunaee 
thy faie«' Co where thou pIcAKit; for ihou bearer writteai in ih 
fonbead, how due neither the Htppo^riiT of Aiiolpho, nor the 
reno^% nrd Proiui tv\ which cott Bndaminie so dearly, could cotnpasv 
witli iber foe twifcne**.' 

When Sancfio hid viewed and bcatd has hud speak thus, 
hkewtse »aid, '<.k>od b«idc him thai freed us Irom ihc poina 
tinpannelhng the grey au; for if be were her^ in fnUth. he ^kould 
also haiT two or three cisps on ihr buttockt. and a short tjrarinn 
in his praiv. Yn if he vrrre hrrc, I wouid not prrmii any <ithei to 
unpaiincl liim, lecing ibcre wat no occasion why; for he* Jgood 
beait, was itothin^ sul^cci to the passions of lov« or despair, iko 
more than I, ivho was hi« matt«f whm it pUawd Goil. And, id 
good moth, sir Knight of the Ill-favoured Fa», if my depanuFf 
and yonr madness be in good «arii«ifi. it wUI be nnrvlful to saddfe 
Rozsnanie a/^ain. that be may Mtppty the want of mine a^s; for ic wQl 
iboflcn the rime vi my departure and return a^iu And if I 
my ^r>yajc^ afoot, I kno^^ not wlien ! shall arrive there, or return 
hjck unto yr-tK fnr. tn flo<>c! i-.irneit, I am 3 vwy ill T 

'l-rt if III" at lUni likp«/ qtiuS l>nn CJuiKmr: 'tn \i A 

pitaaeth mo noibing; am) therefore 1 reiolve thai thou tkah 
from hence a&cr dmt days; for in tW mean %^<t them Aalt 






wh4t I wUI do And uy (uv my Utly's aake, lu Uk «ncl ihod aufSi 
uU U to her.* 'Wby,* qtMh Suncho, 'vAu.i more can 1 Tiew than 
llut which J have teen alreudf'?' "I'hou irt aliofccibcr wi<ie o£ the 
nisueft' ansvh'ert^ Dan QuixoU; 'for I mtid yc^ tcur mine apfxud, 
iJiniw jway mintf armour, ;w4t brai my hiMd afiout thAc rocks, wUli 
ouny Dtbcf ihin^t oi <hat kind due vrill siiikr thee imo jdmixi* 
tkm/ 'Let me bciocch you,' quoih S^ncho^ 'kc vftli how you ^\\c 
yourself those knocks aiooi^t the rocks; for you mi^hi hAppco upon 
^jpokff ooa so ungracious a rock, as at ih« htn r<ip vrould diuolvc ali 
whoAe mathrr^ of your adventures and pciuQce: and, therefore, 

would be of opinion, seelr^ ihat you do bald it neceisacy ilut 
ktiodu be givfn wiili the Itcad, and that thi> enlcrprix cannot 
be oooompluhed wi:hout them, Uut you conrenc youndf, seeing 
ihai alJ it but fe^ned, coum^friced, ind a iestf— chat you ihould, 
I tay, eoacenl yourtelf wiih tifriking it on the vrjilrr, oc on toroe 
odier ffifi thir^ a coCinn nr wnil, ami Irrjve (o my chargr tbi- *rt' 
aggCTjIHui ifmmf; for I wid icll in my bJ) thjt you nrikc >Tiur 
lud a^auut ibc poiDi of a rock which was harder lIuo a diamond/ 

*l thank ihce* Sancho, for thy good will,' quoth Don Quixot«; 
im I can aisurv that that all thest thiagt which 1 do at* no tc«u, 
bm vrry wriout eamntt; Eor otherwise we should trant^ms il,e 
ttaudei of duralry* wbidi oocnmaad u» i»t to avouJi auy untnitK 
on [uio of relapte; and to do one thio^ for another is as much u to 
he, So ihii my bcid'knocki ntuit be true, firm, and lound ooea, 
wMhou] any A>ph>nica] or ^taa^ shadow: and it vriU be rcquiiite 
tfaa^ yiHj Ittv^ me vome lint to cure me. seeing th;it fortune haih 
drprtvrd us of the bibmm which we loil/ 1l w;ii wnfic to have IcHi 
the au,* i^uoih Saittiho. 'seieiflg tlut at once widi him, we have Ion 
oar lint and all our other provinon; and 1 cntrca: you most camcsdy 
001 M name aitiin thiit ^ccurwd drink; for in only hearing U bxO' 
naoMi yod DOC only turn my guit in me, but also my soul. And 

m]ueiC yriu, moreover, lo mjke aca>imc ihji the icim of three 

tt aheadr exfrired. wherdn you would havt* me take notke 

yo - For I drdare ihem already for seen, and will tcU 

... ... . Ia<dy: wherefore, go vrrtte your letter, and despatch 

all haste; for I tonj abvtdy to return, and ukc you out of 
ry wherein I k>ve you.' 



'Docc thou call it a purgatory, Sancho?' qudh Don QutUKe. ' 
ha<Ut done boticf h^t ihou cilM ii hcU; o« nthor ^toftc, if th«n* 
b« aoyiliing wor«(* (lun ilut/ 1 c;ill i( k\' quixh S^nchn; '"Qtaai 
itifrritQ nviU rit rttentioj' aa I Ikkvv heard >Ay/ 

*I undcf3Und ()U/ said Don Quixocc, 'vrtu: trtcniio mcaoBih.^ 
'Rncntio' quoth S;inctio, *i» dut, tvhowevcr u m bcU. never toeats, 
nor can come, out oE it. Which shall fall out contivy m your ptr- 
«»i,Of m)r fcci(hiillgoilL,if I maycury ipun u^quidceo Roiiiuu^ 
aih] thai I may mWy armr brfotc my l-uly l^ilcincj in TnboKi; 
foe I will rtcouni tinta her such xraiij^e diingx of your {oltm Aftd 
m^nctt ((of ihey be aD one) thjt vou t&vY, and do <htly. ji 1 
will makt h« a« soft aj » glove, ^[hoitph 1 tcund h^ at ibc tirft 
hirdtr ihan > ooik-tref; with who(« swdet and Iwney answer I 
return (n the air as tpeedily nt a wnch, ^ind take t<^i qui t4 t 
purj|;.Llory. which ts nci heQ» olihcin^h it ic^nu (W^ Mtin^ llicrr 
hope 1o e3c;ipe from it; which, as 1 have laid, they want which 
in hcfl; and 1 believe you will not crtitrxiict me hrrfin/ 

niiou hJit region/ amwered the ICni^hi of ihe lU favouin) p 
'but how ihall 1 wnie th** leiier*' "Aim! the wammi fnr ihr rccei 
of the coltt afan^' ;iddnl San[:l«>. 'All Utall he iiMrricd lo^hrr, 
quoth Don Quixote; 'and xcittg we hiis'e no p^pcr» vn may 
well, tmiiAtinj; the ancient men vi timcc pMi, to wruc our nun 
in (he leavci ol trees or wax; )«t wax ii :kA hard (o be found here 
paper. Htn, now ihii I rememlver myietf, 1 know where wv nuy 
write our mind wrU, .ind more tkin well, id vtit, in Cirdetiiu 
tablets, and thou shak hive care to cause the Icilrn lo be wn» 
out again fmrly, in ihe fini viUjgc wWdn ihoo iluli fmd a 
master; or, if such a one be wanting, by the clerk of the church; as 
b«ware u> any lort (hat thou pve it not to a notary or cottrt-dcik 
to be cofied, (or they write tuch an esiunglinf , CDnftitmded prooett 
letter, as Saian himself Would scjjxc be able lo read ii.' 'Atid bm» 
shall wc <ki h>r want of your t%xmc and rabscrrplion^' quoth Sfl/Kfao^ 
'Why,' answered Don Quixote, 'Amadii was never wont Go sub- 
scribe to his iHirrt* 'Ay* but the wjrram in rvceiv? the tbra« dis» 
mun (uii:ih]y h^- rubngned; nnd 'i it ihoukl afterwanl b« 
they wotild soy tht fotiiKr is £oltr, sod w I ifaftll rnt wLibow 
coIll' *Tbo warrani sli;ill be wnnen tod finocd with my lucd 



ihic tabkUr wkich, as ftooit at my tu^<^ sluH etc, Um ttuU nuke no 
y in dcUfvr dm ihrto. And ^t roncvmlnf ib« kivi>lrarr, 
stuit put thii sti>3Cfi|>ik»u lu ii. ''Vuufk uu-il ilcathf the Koight 
ihv Ul-l4Tourcd J- jcc." AiiJ a lookc^ no ouncr tfaongh it be 
by 9ny unogvr; iorucniicb u I cia icnieiabcr Dukintsi 
Dciiher write nor nad, nor tuuh vbe wen any Utter , txs not 
niich OS s choraaer of my uniting nil tbu chyi of her life; fur 
my Idv« 3imI hen have hten ewr Pbtonicil, ni^^rr cxtendtng them* 
m1««i binbcr dun to ma honai t<%ui and vtcw the odc o( the 
otker, and tvcn ib» nnw to rarely, ^ I dare boldljr rwcdr, that in 
these dozen yean which 1 love hcf more dcnrly th-m the light of 
that* mine tyvt, which the earth shall one day dev-our, 1 have not 
nvn ber four timn, and prrhjpi& oS those same four times the haih 
KMm pcrcdved once that I beheld bcf— such ia the care and dour- 
ocai iriicrcwxhii ha parcnti* Lorenzo Corcuclo aod bcr mctlter 
AJdoosa NogaUs. have brought her up*' Ta, ca/ quoih SaDcbo, that 
ihc L^dy Dulcinca of Tobcno u Loreazo Corcuclo Us daughter^ 
called by onotber ruine AUkinrj luMert^a^' 'The same U ihe** 
qijjd\ Ddq Quixote ^and it u the tliat tncriia to he c(npre%i of tlic 
vatt uni«r*eJ 'I know her very wclU' replied Sancho, 'and I *tare 
ay that the can throw an iroo bar as well as any the Aroagc^t ]aA in 
oar parub. ( vqh^, by the pvcr, that Xvt a wench o( the mark, tall 
and ctx>iJt, and to itiirdy wi:KaL ihai sho will bring her chin our of 
ihe mire, in dninte of my kn^ghi-cfrani, or that ^all err, that shaLI 
booow ber » his lad>- Out upon herl vrhit a strength and rouce 
ifce hatht I law her on a day «and on the top of the diurch-tteeplct 
jpcaOeenainicr^'sntsof her father Sft that laboured in a fallow 8cU; 
aliboujEh they were Half a leajfue from thence, they heard her 
wt4l ill if ihcy wen* il t\ic (oat of th* itpejilcr- And the hetl thai 
n m her tA thai the is nottiin|f coy; for »he hath a very ffreai tmack 
ot oourtihip, and pbys wiih c^^ery one, and gibes and iens ai ihcm 
all And now I afhrm, ^tr Knight of the [U-bvourpd Face, thai not 
•oly yoo mcvy and ou^hi to commit raving fdJies for her uke, but 
f^ y*M may, «kiih juit tirle, alw deipoir and bsng ynurwlf : for none 
licar dhetmf but will my you dkl very well, although the devil 
icJ >tKj away. And fain would I be fiooe, if ii x^-eri: for nothirtg 
but In ie« bcr; fnr ti is maj&y a day since I law her. and I am 




fur^ the Lf chin^ttl by this; for women's beamy i« much trnpirtd 
Iff guing dvtrjyi lo ibc fic4iJ, cipiicd lo iJtr urn and weatlicr. AjuI 
I will now, iir Dun Quixo(e« coqEcas 4 irmb unto you, that 1 
Jived iinitl oovf in a marv^loitt error, ihinkmg well ^nd fuivhtuil 
that the Lady Duldnci «'j« tome j^tmi pcincets, cxi vrhnm yuu 
tfiumourtHl, («■ locb a pcnon as mmtcd ihoie rich pfcvnu whi 
you bc^ciwrd on hri, :if well o>( iKr Iliujinr .m of ihr Ujvtt, ^i 
many ochcr«, ihdi oughl lo be. ^s 1 supptud oosmpondcm ia dv 
tiuny viciorici which you Kitc gaiDcd, both now a/id tn the time 
that ] vm no< your »qiiifr. But, poud«fiiig n*eU the tnatter. 1 cm- 
not conceive why the Lady Aldonju Lorenzo — 1 nw^n the Lady 
Duldnea of TobouK uC Eheie ihould c.uv vdietlwf lhn« vinquu 
men vrluch you send, or thiU ftend, do go and kneel befoie hei; 
tt may befall that ihe. ai t1>c very time ot tiicir ani^ali bo combio, 
of fiax or threshing iQ the barn, w^horeat ti^cy wotdd btf uhA 
and the liketvi«e lau^h, and be somewhfU dupleafed at the 

*l have ah told thtv, Sarichfi, many timi-i, ihji thou an too 
J prattler/ quoch Don Qiuxote, '^nd althnu^h tlicu h4»t but a 
wit, yet now and thcti thy Erumpi nip; btit, lo the end thou nuy 
pciccive the foukii>c» of ihy buiin, ind m^ dLKret>oiu I ^11 uU 
a *ho<t history, which h ihit: There wax onco a A^idoti-, fair, 
fm, rich, and wiihjil x^ery plensini *nt\ jocitnd, th-it fell in love 
a certain ruund and wdUtt*! urrvjint af a colh^^je. tlJi legrat came 
tuidenund it. aod therefore uid oa n d^y lo the widow, bf 
way of fraternal oorrcaion, "MiaueWk J do jErcatly marvel, arul not 
wiihoua occasion, that a woman to prir^tfial. w beauii^l, m H 
and ipecially to wiity. could mat;e mi :U j chcice, at lo w^< 
amoured on so foul, si bate^ and fiM^i^ a man a% nidi a one, 
having in thib houie m miiny raattcra of art, graduwei, and divi 
orrv/npt whom yo4t mij:hi have matlc choxe as ann^f^f j^can, 
ir^, I vnW akv ihit, and I will not h^is-e that." ISut d>e antwerfs] hi 
(hQ\ with a vrfv pleasant ard p»d ftrace: "You are, iir, gnmlf 
cvjvpd, if you derm thjt 1 h.-ivr madr an ill<> in lurh a ocif, 
him iiiccTn never to greai a (ool: for, lo ilie puiixiie thjii I incin la 
urn him. he know» ai much or rattier more phikwiphy than Ar 
toite." And lo, Sancho. ia likewise Dukinea of Tol>ofo » moc 
worth fli the hijihen ptincua of the world, for the cflcci I tnean 



uw tipr. For ail the poctt which ccl«br;iie rcn^n btlics pit plf-auirr, 
iIuilLc&i tU>ii thji iticy ;i[I tuct tnjurcuci? Nu. Duii iIkaj bclioc 
T the Anur^tlixi, iJic Phrlliio. Silvto^y Dian;u, GaUtcUt Alodu. 
lOhas Mizh itk«» whcrc^vithul ihc books, diiii^i, baibera' ihopo, 
and tl'KjUrai ;uv filled, urrc tnJy bdiet of AmIi umI boon, and 
th«t miitrcUiet ^Wh have and do ccl<4«ati' iljcm thioi? No, ccr- 
y; but wefr fiir ihir ^rtuirr p;[n fe^ii^tLnL <i) kjtc i% a lubjecL i^f 
ir vcrKi; to chc end ibc juihors mtghi ht accounted amorouv 
snd men of courage cnfwKh to be wch. Aitri thw ii it zlto tiif&icnt 
oic to bdJcvc and ihin)s ib^E ihe good Aldonza Lorenzo is fair 
hoflcn. At Got her parr ma^, it maimt btii liiiU; for nciap vuill 
to lake- infofmjtton thcvoof, to give hcv an habit: JntI I nuke 
uiit of hcf a.^ of the greuicM jiftiuM in the u-orld- Fof ihou 
ouglueac lo know, SaiKhOh if ibou kfiowc^ it ix>; already, that two 
Ukingi aloiM incite mtn 10 lov< more than all thing* dn% and tbo«e 
fa«, ujqiauiafi beauty and a good name And boib theie things are 
in Dulanea in liet prio>e; for none can e^ual her in fairnrtt, 
few cocne nmr bcr foi a jcoud repoit. AmJ» for a Anal conclu- 
I ima^irie that all thax which 1 »ay is really (O. without adding 
takinjc diight away. And 1 do imajctnc her* in my fantasy, to be 
3s I couid wish her a% well in beauty at prindpality, and neithct 
n Hrlrn apiirfvich, not Lucrccr come nc^r her; no, nor any of 
other famous Mromcn, Grrck, naibarous or Latin, ol !wt' 
n/i Af^cu And let every one uy what be plfa>eth; ioi tbou^ 
should be reprehended for thi& by the ignorani, yet »lull I not, 
be chaitJKd by the more obwrvant and rigvroui tort 

1 avcmcK* quoib Sanchu, *iliai you ba\t^ g^tat reamn in all that 
:i<] :lut I .ini mytcif a rery au— buU ^lU^' why da I n^mc 
, .1, my mouf h, jceinj; one should not mencton a rofc in oi>r*t 
tbu wai haajfed^ Bui ^vt me the Ictierr and farewell; for I 
chati^/ Wnh tlvat, Dnn Qtsixote drew f*ui hi* u&leit, and, 
r^ iw\e, t^TTJn ut tmlur lii^ Liirr w\\U grr^it j^raviiy; which 
Bufad, be dllcd SjJKho In tad it to hum 10 ihc end he miithi bear 
in nvfTKiry, Ted h) Lhancr h-r dii.\ U>v: ibe taUruo^ tJie wdy; 
wtr< his a<n% foftuix^ jh maJe Jurn fear cvety event. To 
cli Sancbo answered, saying, 'Wriie it chere iwio« or tKnc« in 



the book, niul pvo trut ii ahet; dyt I will carry It uirly, \vf Gotft^J 
giacc. Foe :o ibink that 1 will be Abik ever to ukc ii by rute is 'flj 
gicAl foli^; tor my riKmory u so ihon ai 1 do mAAy timcfl lorgci ^'' 
ininc own luunc. But ycc for all ihau read it lo mei £0O(l ur; lor 
I yvcM be gUd to htas it, as a ihing whkh 1 tvppow to b« a& 
tfrKCfrlleoi as if IE ^«re cnc in a mould,' 'Hear ii, tbcHf' inld Doo 
QuUGOW; fur ibm it uya: 

'^THE Lcrm or con ouoon to duixunia or tokud 
'Soviuicx Ladt,— The woundvd by the point of abMOO^ and t)u 



bun by tht cLntf of ^y hc^n, swcnnt Dulcincj of Tobosol dodi 
Acnd ihcc tJut bcAkb ^vhicli be WAotcib bimsclf- U ihy bcituy di>- 
djiiQ me, d thy valour iusti not to my bcnelil. d thy duddicu CD<W i 
v«n then»«lv«ft CO roy harm, maiii*rv all roy pacienoft I «hdl be ill ^| 
Able CO fuuain this care; which, be« Jo that It ii violent, U al«o ttvo ^ 
duTjbltf. My 2pud Kjuife Sjiichu will pve Oi^e CL'rimn reltuvm, O 
bcautiftd in^diCt and my deafdt beloved enemy! of the naii? 
whcrdn 1 renuin for ihy ukc. U thoti please to ^vour ine, 1 am 
thmc; and if not, do what thou Jiknc: for, by ending o( my life, 
I shall both uiisCy thy crudcy and my defUcf.— Tliine diKil d«atfa. 
The KfcxHr or Tiut [LL*v4ttNmi] Purt.' 

"By my father*i Kfe*' quoth Sancho, when he heard the kcter, 
*i£ b dw higliiest thing ihit ever I Keird. Good Cod I how well do 
you uy everything in iti mi how excellently hdrc yoa applied the 
AubicnpiioD o( "The Kni^hi of the lUf^vourcd pjcel" I say Aj^airu 
in good eiamcstt iKit you arc the devil himsdft and there's nn^lun^^ 
but ^'ou know It.' 'Ail if nc^cesKiry/ annvcred Don Quia:o«e, Tor thn 
odke ihit I profei^' 'Put, then,* quote Sancho, "m the oiher ndc ci. 
that leaf, llie i%-arrdnt of ihrre <olii, and firm it vrich a legible lenvr. 
that they may know it at the fust ugttL' i am p)oued.' i^i Don 
Quistiie. And lo* wntioff it, he read it Afier to Sandio; and ii 

'Vou shall pkawv good niece, for ihb fint of cnlu, to deliver unti . 
my squire Sancho PanzA. three of the Iit< that I left at hocnc, and 
are ta your char^; the which three oilts I comnund io be dc- 


tD tum, £or «s nuav others counted and rcccivtd here; for 
n-ith thi», aod hit akoqu^it^ftcc, th«y ikuil be iuttly cUivtie^i. Oh'eD 
ia the bowds tti 3icm Mortna, the twi>an<ttweDti«h of August, 
Irf tbia [ir«3€Dt yotf^— ,' 

I^H'lc goes very well,' quotb SAocbo; 'subs^ it, thcrdoce, I [way 

F TDU.* 'U OM<lt no teal/ quoth Don <Jaixoic 'but only my n^nc» 

which ii :u valiubld as if it w^crc tLbicribcd not or4y tor ihreo 

>tvs b(:c ^lin for ihre^ HuitdrefL* My truu it in you/ jmnvfml 

Sdmho; 'pcnnit ine» for I will gfl uddlo Roziotote. ind prqiaie 

^jouritU to give mc yo\a bicuirtg; for 1 ptupooe pftMQtly to depart. 

hdan I ttt any mad prank of youtK for 1 wiU «ay that I «aw you 

pUy so maoy, as no more can b« cfeurcd/ 'I will luve thm iuy, 

Sancho (and that bnauw it is requisite), at katc to nee me surik 

tukrtlt i^y^ntf A doxjcn ur Iwu of r4viri{{ trick»; fcx I will clcajmcii 

ihem in kta than half an hour; because that thou, havinfc vlewcci 

them with ch^ne own cy^ nuy« wfdy iwcar all the reit that thou 

Kit ti^ idd; and 1 a»ure thee that thou cacut not tell to nuny 

I mean to perform.' 'hex me entr^i yoa, good fir, t)ui I may not 

you nakrd: fnr il will turn my uomucK, aiid I thuW not br Me 

lo keep Qiyxlf from weeping; and my hcdd it yet so M>rc iiiKc 

yettcnushi, through my bmcnuttocis for the lo» of the §:rcy bcafi, 

aa 1 am ddi strong cnouj^ yet to endure new plaints. But, if your 

be such at I mu«t necessarily see lome follie*, do them, in 

name, in your clocbei br.etly. and such as are mon nece^ 

, te«it)^ ofinc of ibe^ tlun|;i ire requisite for me. And, 

1 ha>e said* wc mijcht excuse ximc (thai shall now be lavished in 

tn^) ID retufQ speedily wiUs the ncwi you deiire and dcsem 

much- And if not, let the Lady Dulooea provida herself wdl; 

if ihr anfwrr doc xcordJng lo reason, 1 itialcc ;i tdrmn vow 

him that I ouy, ihaf 1*11 jniVv hef d»gor|^e out of her »iomaeh 

answer, with very kicki Aod futa; for how can it be su&red 

•o famous a knijzht-erran! as yourKlf should thus run out ol 

win* withoiJi* nr^r for whav. for one Lee not the jivrnilcwoman 

nin me to uy the rest; for 1 will out with it, and wonire all 
ufWQ twelw, ahhou|ch it iKvev were nJd/ 

I then 

224 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

'In g^Md (aith. Sioclv\* (^uoth Dcxi QuUoie^ '1 Uunk thou an 
grown u nud la my^/ 'I am not lo mad^* rtplicd Soiwho, t>ut 1 
am iDor€ cholenc. Bui, MCtin^ ihai ftiide, mv, wJui utU yon cm 
until my return? Do you mean to <la a« Cirdenio, and take by ihr 
fiighw;iy\ »i<k perfofce from th* ih^ordi?' "Cirt tlwHi not for 
that,* (cplicd Don Quixolr: *iof jUhough t hjd ii, ypf vixMild 1 nor 
cat any other thing than the herbs and Fruiis that tlii^ fWJd lod istet 
do yield; for the pcrtecctoci of mioc ^jii <oau!U tn faMing, and 
tho cKtfrciM ai odur Cfliiignjocu.* To thit &incho replied; "Dd yiw 
tcnovr what I fear^ Uut I iboU Aoc iind ih« v/uy la you af-ain htffe 
wliCTi^ I leave you, J! is ^ difficuli and obffun-/ "Take well ihe 
morkK and I will endcist^ur ca kcrp heic oboui/ (|uo4h Don 
Quixote, 'until thou come bock again; and wiU. noofeovcr, about 
the tioM of thy return, mount to the topi of the«e hi^ rock«i Co see 
whether thou appcarect, Bui thou thoutdu do be«i of aJl, to the end 
ihmj tnaysx noc day and mi» me, ii> cui doivn htrr and rhvre certain 
boufhSi 4l>d tirrw thrm m\ lUc Wiy at tliou ^orv, uniil ihou berv 
out in the plains ^nd tho^c may a£icr fcrvc thee i» bounds and 
marks, by which thou nuya again find me when thou ntumtn. 
in imitation o* the due of Thewuj'i labyrinth/ 

'T w3l do w\* (jiinTh SarKho: and ihen, cuiung down ceruin 
boughs, be drmaiMlcd hit kird's blessing, and dcpaned, not wiilvut 
tears on boih sides. And, alouMing upon Ro/inintCt vrhocn Don 
C^xoce commended ytty Mriomly to his care, that he should tend 
him OS be would his own penoa, he made on towards ibe ploinik 
«re«vit^ here and there on tite way his hranr hrs, as his muter bad 
ad%i>nl him; and vfilh fhai depaflrd. alilmujth lits lord importuned 
him to behold two oc three foUici ere be went awa^. Bai scarce had 
he KWM a hundred paces, when he returned and taid, '1 say, sir. 
that you uid weQ iHii, to the end I mi/thc tweor with a sole oocs- 
^cnce that I have sfvn you play these m;itl incLx ii wmt atasoiy 
ihii at IcAti I see you do ooe, aUxwfh thai of your atxxb hnv i^ 
ODE grat cnny^' 

'Did not I rrll ihee sqV quoth Don Qmxole; "St^ty Sanchci, for 1 
will (b it in the space of a cre<A" And, tjikin^ off with oil ha^ie 
his hcMe, \m rcmoiaet^ rhe half of him naked, and did tnitandy give 
two or three jetis b the ^. arsd two tumbles over and over on the 




ground, with his head downward, and his legs aloft, where he 
discovered such things, as Sancho, because he would not see them 
again, turned the bridle and rode away, resting contented and 
satisfied that he might swear that his lord was mad- And so we 
will leave him travelhng on Jiis way, until his return, which was 
very soon after. 




ND, lufninj- lo rccour«t whst tbc l<nij;hc of ttic ill-favoured 
&c« did when be wtu alt alone, dw bmoiy says dial, ahcr 
Don QuBXOte bad end^d bis fricks and leipK o:ik«d from 
the ginOc downwarJ, :tnd Crom thut ujiw^rc! ;ipp«rfJLcdr teciiig itnit 
Ills »|Ukio Saucbo was gone, 3rd woliUI l>ttw>ld on nton: of hit 
mad pr^nki, he aacmdcd to the top of ^ high rock, and bc^n there 
to think on Uiat whcfcon he had tliooght ofctiXuDct bcfctfc. without 
t^tt mskinf^ a hiU rtsoluticn therein, to wit, whether were Ji bdMr 
to imitate Orlando in hii unmcauirablc fune«, than Amodii in hit 
melinc^oly moodt: and, sp«aking in himKJf, wnulJ nj, 'If OHoiMln 
wax » ^aloraui and good 3 knight n men lay, what wondrr, Kving 
in Cine he wax cochuviedt and could not be ^Un. if it were not by 
clapping a pin to the ule of his foot, and thcrrkre did wear iboet 
nill tha; had veven fold^ of iron in the boW? dthoujch these hb 
dntughis flood him m no ue^d at KoncervaUev a^^iintt Bernardo ikl 
Cirpio, whj;lv under iranding iliem, prt^ied bim id <lci;h between 
ha ornu. But, te^vinj; hit v.ilour apart, let lu come to the lotiog 
of hi« wits, which it i» cenain he loti through the ^ign% he found 
tn the iorcvc, And by the news that th<r ihephcrd gave unto him, 
that Angelica had ticpt more than two noocitidrt with the Ijttlt 
Moor, Mrdoro of the curled Lorkt, Kim ihor w«s page to King 
Ar^camante. And if \ie underdood ihif> and knew hk> lady had 
pbycd hciide the cuihton, what wonder wai it that he ihould mn 
mad. But bow can 1 imitate him in hi) furiet, tf J cannot hnintfi 
him m iheir occatioo ? foe I dare 1^^frtAr for my DulcEiwa of Tobo«\ 
that all the dayi of her life she hath not *een one Moor, even in hit 
nwn MU'iTt AS he is, and the is now righr as her mother bore her; and 
I ihould do her a manifcv v/ranz^ if, wpm my h]x luipicion, I 
ifiovU turn mad of thji kind uE follv ilui Jjd ihsiTnci luricni Or- 



Unxkx Oq i1k cchcT si<Ie, I let thut Afni4ii <^ GauT, wiihoui bang 
bu wttc, or utin^ any other raving trick, ^iocd fts grcit tome 
tij bdag amoroui ^t any one ctic whAtt^cvcf. For iha; wliich hit 
hiuory redo* was doiw other than chat, Mring hsmutf disduned 
hf hit lady OriaiiA, who liad contmnndrd kim to tviihdrjw himseU 
from her preuncc and noc appear again in it uxuil the ;ilcrjmd, 
he retired hmiaell, tii the com|>jny of a ccruin hermit, to the I\)or 
Rock, «ul there cnunmcd himwU with weepii^ until that Heaven 
atdAvd him in the mist of hit greattn atre« and n>ecetiity. And 
ihh being true, an it is «hy ihould I take now th» puint to ttr^ 
myself all naked, and offend thne trees, which nrvcr yet d»d mc any 
horai? Nor have I any reason to iKMible tlw drar ^^-^iicxs of iheie 
btookst which muu give me drink when 1 ant thirty. Let the m- 
n wii bran o a of AmadU live, and be imitated tn everything as much 
3ts may be» by Don Quixote of the Mancha; of whom may be »atd 
whaiwa»uid<Jtlieo<lieTr that iIkai^Ii lie achieved no; jcreat things, 
ycC d^d htf die in their punuit- And though 1 am nut contemned 
«r diid M D ed by my Duidncat yet it Is suffidont. ai I have said 
already, that I be absent from her; therefore, hands to your task; 
snd, ye bntous actkms of Amadii, occur to my retnombronee, and 
Inttnxi me where 1 may hefl begin to imicate yoa Vrr I knnw al- 
ready, that the greater thloit lie did uie was pra)ci'i and so will V 
Aadt saying so. he made Kim a fxur of beidi cj ^^cat ^alls and was 
vwy much vexed in mind for wan; ol an Eremilt, who might hear 
,hU confe^ion and cAmfort him in hit a^Kniom; and therefore Sd 
|g nt crt?tn himtcif walking up and down the little green lield, writ- 
tngand^vinc in vb^ rindt of trnrt. anc! on theimfineh lundi. many 
verier all accommodated to his sadneu^ and some of tliem in the 
praaie of Duk^'nea: but iho*e that were found tboroutthly finiihed, 
land were leji^e after his own finding again in that place, were 
only theie enmfnf;: 

'O TV pbm, yc bntM« and ye tms. 

Thar f)octrJ«h in thh f^aum ike. 
In iohy tnd vordam dcffrvet, 

U my hifm^ < \' dcUijhL 

Hear tny f^oly i -h ore th*«, 

And )rt not my gnri nw mole«i. 


Though ii «vcr lo ffrrtioj^y weai, 
Sittcc her? tot to piy >«ur rcA, 
Doo Qi:Jxixi: hU (ran bath addreitf 


*Ixi ihis very plasx wu fmt «p<cid 

Tb* loy^ka ]ov<t »(! tni«, 
Who hioudf from h)« bdy did hide; 

Bm yrl fdt hu nmiwi incvr, 
No< luiowing wbeac« dwy sti^hi ptoMad. 
Love doch hmi cruel J y wren 

Wiiii a pinion of evil desTtnt 
Which robh'd Doa Quinctc ot nn, 
Til] a pipe wiih leart wm fuU prac» 

I>ikinca'» want 10 lammr 

Uf TobtMo. 

'H«v MflfduoK ad\«titufGi, bliod, 

Avaoag these dcwn wooJt sr-d nidt^ 
SiBI cumrth on picAm miDd; 

For a wretch acnMlit bushy locks 
Aod aa£« miy inufoixuoa hnd. 
Lo«f ma hU n faifs ivoufidcd hu br«Mi, 

And not with soft hindi him pent, 
Ajid nhcn lie hit aoddb had pna, 
l>0ei QuiKoto kit tears did fcith wtM^ 

£XilctncA'4 want to Umuit 


Hm addhion ot Toboio to the name of Dukioea did wa exam 
email laitf^Mr in ibote which found th« verier redt«i- b«catm 
ihey una^ioed that Don QuiEOCe conceival that if^ m ibt canu&f 
of DuloQpa. be did dm abo add chat of Tobow, the rime cotiU 
not be undentDod; aod in truth it was 10, u be hiftucU did after- 
ward confcai. Ht compocad nucy oihcrc; but, as wc bt?e rektedL 
nooa coold b» wall copwd or (bund ratiror but ib««t ihna oanaat. 
In tfali, and in tighing, and invoking the fataia and lylvans of tbaK 
WDod^ and the nymplia of the adfotauig attcmu, wkh the dolomn 
and hollow echo, dot H would asnwcr and tfary combft and Inncit ■■ 
QUO him, aad i n the learcb of tcunc herhi to mstain htj Uoguiduiv flj 
liarcaa, ha ootttfUiocd himscU all tlu titnc of Soocho hu abwiica: ^ 


had ht A2yed ihrcc wcckt awny, as he did but cfvrec days, the 
Knight of the lU'/jToured Face ihould huvo rcmaiiK^d io dii^.gurcd 
as the x-ny mothti thai bcirr hint would not luvr knoM'n him. 

But ODW il U congruent tfuc, Lrjvtng him AWAUowcd in ihc ^u\t% 
of aonow and voriiiying, wt turn and recoutx what happciKd to 
^ncho y*tt2si in lu« embauia^; which v^m thaii luuing out Co the 
hjghwiy, ht pfuently took that which led iowa:d» Tobovo. awJ ^- 
rived the Dcn <by foUowb^ to th« inn vihtte the diigrace of the 
covvflel bt^A itim; antl icjrcc b;id he well rapied il, ImiI |iireMmtl)r 
be tinagiDed thjt he wit onoe again ilyin^ tn tJ>e aii; and llxerefore 
woaM not enter into it. abhoujch his arrival wu ac Mich on hour 
ss he bolk mi^ht and oufthi to have stayec^ btin^ dinnertime, and 
be hinudf hkewi«c pot^ctxd vah a m jn'dlout longing to tas;e some 
worm mot— for muny (b)'^ p.iu hr h;'d (n\ allngcfhrf fin cnld 
viiuidk Thi» dc&ife enforoed httn to approach to the um, rcnuiniiig 
mO doobtful, nocvnthitoAding, %vhctbtf b« ihouUl enter into vt or 
oo. And ai be (tood thus luspeoded, there isnied ont of the Inn 
two pertoai i^hich preMn^y knew htm, and the one said to the 
other, TeiJ mc, ma^er licennare, is not thiit horsnnan that ridn 
ihete SadJlo I^u:zJ. he whom our advefkiurcrS old vrtimao said 
ikparrcd mth her matter for ^i viuire P' 'h W quoth the licentiate, 
'and that ia our Don Qui:a>ce his horse.' And they knevr him so w<jl, 
«fl tboM that were the curate and barber of hu own vilbj^e, and 
were ihoH; iKar nt^dc the le^ith and formal prfictu aj^insi tlie 
beolu of chi%ahy; and iltctrforc, ax vion at ihey had taken ftill 
noikf of SaiKho Panza and Rozinantei desirous to learn new* of 
Poft QvixoiCt ihcy drew near unto him; and the CLiroie ealled him 
by hu tumv, taying. 'E^riend Sancho Panza* where is your master?' 
Saocho Panu kr>ew them uiitantly, andL dcfirotu to concnl the 
place and in;inner whrrein hit lord rem;iinrd, did jntwcr tbem, thM 
nuoer wrai in a certain place, withheld hy ailairA for a few diyi, 
were of ^tat contequcnce, and concerned him very much, and 
he dur« not, for Soih his t\tu discover the plaice to fb-eiru 
no,' qtioih ihc barber. 'Sancho Panu, if thou du4t oat tell tu 
«4iere he nfoiimeth. we mua bnatftine (a« we do already) thai thou 
haa ni:4)ed and dain hem. »)iniaf!y Rjcing thou comest thua oci hb 
r; iibd ihereforB thou niuii, in good fAJth* ^ci ui the bone'a 

230 DOK ouixon 

ownirf, ordnpsUnHtothincJintv^tT.' Toor thrmtc (or me oodtifi^ 
quuih fianchti; 'fi>f t im mil j mux truit mbi tjv ituirderB any mc^ 
Every man n Unin b) hU dc^in^^ of by Go<l tlur inul« Mm. My 
lonl nmotcu doing of pcnaoco io the tnidit of thu paaimtmn, «nth 
vtry gnat plmsurc/ Ajhd then he presently rccqunEiHl uoio ihcn» 
(rocn tlwb^nnii^ to tbeend, the (athjon wbercin btt had Ub him, 
tbe fldwntum whjcb hjd bcfjllrn, ind how he carrinl q kutf to 
the Lady DukuiiM i>f TaliouK wlr.i w;ix Lareruo Curcudu ktt^i 
ilauiEhccr, of whom hii lor<l wis oumourrd up to the liven. ^M 

though iJk7 knew 1>- j<In«» atrandy, and tb« kind 

lherca(, yel o» oflvn » iliry h^nrd fpeok ihtftof, il)ey raved newly 
amazed. Hiey rrqiteued Sjftrho 10 ihow ilwm ih^ Iciter tlut be 
»nicd to ihc Lady Dulcinr^ of ToboM. i le Ufld them thii ii w»t 
Written in tablets, And that he tud exprtti older itccn hl^ lord to 
haw it (iitly cnpiod oui in paper, ai ilir fUit viliagt wtvmtita be 
ihouM arfivv. T^ ^hkh the nirate amu-md, hiddifig ihow it txxiio 
hiiti, jimI lie wuiiUl vrfite ow the copy verf foUly. 

Thvo Sanfbo ihruM kU hind into liii Unom, and Moucfied tba 
Bttle hook, but could not find ii, nor sbtn^d no<, thoQ|^ be lud 
pffudied till DDDflD^day; for ti w» in Uon Quiicoc^'c powvr, who 
pave tt not to biittt iioe did be erer remetnbcf to donind tl. When 
Sancho perceived that the book was Um. he wajoed as wan and paW a« 
a dead iiutn, and, turning ^K^^t* ^'cry tpeedily to feci all ibe pent 
of hik body, be saw dearly that ti amid not be (otmd; and tbenfon^ 
without making; any more ado, he laid hold 00 his own b(«rd with 
tmth hii iitif, ond dfvw almon the erne half c4 the hair twsy, and 
afrei^'ird hemwred on hit fact and noao, In a cnefoeato^ half a 
docen aich oilh ai he haihnJ ilvm all in blaud; which tba citfatt 
uid bttrixr bdwldittjc thty aAed him whM bcKl UfaUen him, thju 
ht mimtcd hfnMftlf m UL 'What ibnuU httM ne,' »nfwend 
Samiut 1km that I ha\« bit at oOe hand, and lA An LMtiAi, tfafl«e 
cokt, vrhmof ihe Irm w^i like a cuile^' "How n^' ifwA the bar- 
ber. 'Manr/ uk! Santba, 'I luiv Vnt the taUm whvnn wne 
Wi. 'Lira\ letter, and a xtmliUe of my lord**, **V*'t***tI id 

hiA nit^ ■ tkc oDOiaumJed her to dehm qbiq me ibciv cnkit 

of buv * 't iwmrined in hii hmuc' And, »ytfl|F to, heft- 





"^qiukI the lost of tus grey ao. The cur^e coiniortcd hifa, and nid 
diJti. a% loon a* hii Idrd wcfv found, he would dcil wtili him to 
nacw kU gt^ttU »^ wriic ii in pjpcr, acconltn^ io the cwnmoo 
use and practice^ foruinticfa aj ihotc which ivcr« writtca in ubtcU 
were of no voHm^ and would dcsct be jccepccd oof 3CCompliil;c<L 

With ihif Sjincbo took coia^«, aod aid, U that was »» he cared 
(kot BtuHi for ihe tou of Dulcioea't lener; for he kcirvr ii almoai lU 
by rale. 'Say ii^ dico^ Sancbo.' qtxxh the baibo. 'and wc ^vdl aiicr 
wrOA it-' Then Sancho acood <tiU and bcgao to Kraxh hii head, to 
csl the kuxf to tneiDory; and now would be itand up^ one kg, 
sad oow upoo anochtr. Sofnctin^ci he looked on ihe earth, other 
wbdrt upon beavoi; and after lie had gnawed off alincuc the half 
of QDe uf hii naih, and held tbcm all the whJc Mjit^pended, atpuoing 
hii nicital thereof, be said, after a long peuoc: 'On my aouL mamr 
hceniiatc, I give to the devU oaythin^ that 1 can raoembcr of that 
bcier. alihoujth tbc bcfjinninj; was tliit: "High and tuuaix>ury 
hdy.*" *I warrani yoti,' i\vnth the barber, lie taid not but "&upet- 
hunun" or "smtrdgn Udy." ' 

'It U lo/ quoth SaaunOft 'and pftxntly foUowed. tE I well rcmera* 
bei: "He tbnt u wwnd:^ and wonu slcep> and th< bun oua doch 
km your worsbip'i bandt, inttratc and very scornful fair"; and thus 
be wvtii fovtng until be coded in, "Youra until dmth, ih« Knigbt at 
xbe ni-iatDured Face"' Both of them look great delist to ace 
Saocbo's good memory, and priiied it lo him wry cnuch. and re- 
quMed bim to repeat tbc letter onco or twice vntm to ihcm. that 
dkey ini|;lit also bear it is memory, bo write it at the due Ha^Mt 
Saocbo curiKsl en rrcicc ir a^\n and again, and at evety repetition 
laid oibrr Uuw diouuikd erruri. Aud after ihii be uM other tlttngs 
fi£ hia Lird, but ipokc not a wurd cf hi» own tooang in a oo^vrlet, 
whidi had bcfalSot him to tJut inn tnio which he lef used to enter. 
Ht added b«ckle«^ h&if hit kwd, in brin;^ him a good dttpBteh 
licm hi» Lady Dukina of TabD«o» «rauld Cortbwiih tet otn to 
n^anwf how be mij*ht become an cmpncr, or at ihc Icatt a 
BKMur^; for iher bod w agierd hnwrcn iJhciAwlvea both* wed ii 
waa a v^ry ciiy maiicr tor lum in bccooiif O'-'tc, luch wat ihe viiour 
of Ui pcrvoo and itrenj^b of hi> arm; and that tt^titn he were one, 
^ fWdld pmcun; him a good numj^; for by that time he «ko(dd 


be J wi4k>wcr at lUc IcAsi; jikJ he ivouM wive hun ooc <A the 
pcnir'a la<Uci it> v>-iic, th^t were ^n inhcntnx of tome grcoi and rich 
tutc on iho firTD Iwd, for now be would has« no more iiUodi. And 
all ihi« waff r«-bicd io terioudy by SojKho. and to in Ht ptrfca 
tense, lir KfAtchJng ha noie ever and anon it be tpokc, 10 at ihr 
mx» were Aridccn jmo a new aroajxinciiL pooderinff the vehemence 
of Don Ouixocc*! (rcQzyi which curicd quite away with it 10 that 
loft tl\e ludj^raent of that poor man, but would ctot Uhour 10 di^ 
posst» him of that error, b«<aiue ii seined to them iha^ nace ti 
(lid nut Wit ]\i\ convience ir vnt% better to ksre hi-iii in h, ihit the 
rDciLtl of hU foUicK mi^h: turn to ihar greater rccrc^iioo: and there' 
fore eihortcd him 10 pray for the hcahh of hti lord; for it was a 
very po»ib)c aod contingent thing to ornvc in the process of ticno 
to the dignity of an emperor, a» be taid, or 3t UaA to that o£ an 
archbiihop, or other cUling equivalent to it. 

Tlien Saixho demanded of thrm, 'Siri, if fortune ihould turn our 
aSairs to another courwi in «tKh lort u my lonl* aboodoniog tJic 
purpoM to purchase an empire^ would lake in his head that of 
becoming a cardinal, 1 would f^m team of you here, what cardinaU- 
errarn are wont to give to their iqutm?' They are wont ti> give 
them* i|u:ili ihe cuiaie. **ome tiinple beneficev or some funoa^qtr, 
or Io mike rbrm cierkx or tejitoDa, or vergers of nme church, whove 
iivb^ amounu to a good penny-rcrii, besule the proht of the akar. 
which i( nftunief as mixh more.' 'For that it tt requiatie/ quoth 
Sancho, 'ihii the u|U]rc lie not m^xrricd, aiKl thai Ite know how to 
bdp raaa at Eeati; and if thai lie no, unfortunate II that both am 
married, and knowi not bcutfo the firtt letter of the A B C, wfaai 
will then become of mc, if my ma5ier take the humour 10 be an 
archbishopt and not an emperor, at it the cuMom and uie of kitightv- 
erranif* 'Do not a^kt ihy mind for that, friend Sancho,' quoth the 
barber; *fi« we will deal with thy lord Wie, and we wUl cowuel 
him, yira. we will urge tt to him j^ a matter uf 0QnB6eai:r, i)ai br 
become an emperor, and twn an aidihisliop; for ir will be more ea»y 
for him to be nich a one, tiy nsaion tlut he ii mure vak>rou« than 

'So roeihinkv' quoth Sancbo, 'although I know he hath ahiUiy 
enough Uh all. That whkh 1 mean to do for my |un ii, 1 wiU pny 




anio our Lord lo conduct lUxn 10 ihji pUf« wheran he rruy «erve 
Hitn but, Mvl ^ive nie ^n^c^i icw^rdv.' "Didu spcikrit like 3 
dbcrect nun.' quofh dx cur.itc, 'and iKou itijh do ihcfdn (Kc duty 
ol fl j:ood Ouuiian. But thjt whtch wc mu«i eikdevvour now i^ 
ID dcrisc Sow we may win ih/ Iprd from pnMCCUiing ihic unffofit- 
Mt pmanre Kp harh in hand, a« tHcu sjiyw; jod to the eiid ^ve miy 
ihink on the manner Scnv. and e»c oitr dinner wiilul, tfeing ii if 
lime. Ice m all entti inio tlic ina-* Sancho b^dc them go in, aikd he 
would stay for tbcm ai tlic door, artd that he would after icll them 
the rttuoo v4iy he luid no mind to enter, neither ^^ it in any sort 
CoQveoieat th:it he should; but He entrcMed them to brinj[ him 
vmievHui fofih to «ii (bat \vtrv wirrm, .inJ vtm^ ]>r(iv3nd Ujt R<J7-i- 
lunteL Willi th;it they dfp;irird inrn tlv liul^n^, and withm -i white 
^ef the barber brought forth un;o bim some tncAt, And the curate 
4od the b^bcr, Jifivr having pondered well with ibcmiclvcs whji 
CDUfte ibey were to i^ke 10 ^iijin iho^r dcngn, ihc curitc fell on a 
device v«^ Iti both for Doo Quxote't humour, and :itio to bring their 
purpow 10 pAis; and was a& hi- icild the borber, that be bad b^ 
thought him to apparel liim&cU like a l^y ddvoiture^ and that 
be ihercJofc should do the bc^i thai he coukJ 10 fu hitnxlf lik« a 
k^uite^ and that they would go m tliat habii to the place where Dno 
<^i3«4c sofoumed. feiguin;^ chat he wii an afflicted and di«tre»ted 
damsel, and would demand a Iwun of ham, which he, as a valorous 
kmght-eirani, vno^ild in no wJac deny her, and that ihc gift which 
be meant to deurc, wa« to entreat him to fallow h^r where (he 
wot>id cArry him, 10 right a wrong which a naughty knight had done 
unto her; aiid dui the would besides pray him rK4 to command her 
to tmmask hcTV'K, or inc|uirr anything of her estate, uniil be hul 
nghi jgainii that bdd knighr. And by this meant he ter- 
id tlai Don Quixote would grant all that he requested 
in this manner. And m this tort they would fetch him from ihencr 
-r to hit sillage, wher* they would bbour wtih all their 
. .. whether lui cxuiTigaot freniy could be lecovered by 
aay remedy. 


How Tia CUKATE *Mi Till BAJtKU PuT TlIM* Dt»lCS 1)4 Pi 

*m( Ma-sv OriiRK TiiiNf-1 WiM-ncT to B» Rkoiuiui i?« Thj 
Famcmjs Ilinoitr 

THE curate's invcatioit (kdikcd not the bariwr, but 
ple3*cd him m well is they prcfcnily pot it ia etccujoiL 
Tlwy l>t>rfnx*'t*l, ihctrinrc. of il:e uink.tvptT''i wife a gow a , 
aod a kcfdiirf^ letting her in piwo ihcrmf i fair ucw cuvkW o^| 
d:e cur.itr*«, 'Ilic barber nude him a grcil Ix^rd of ;i pied ox't UiL^ 
wbcrdn ihc liiAkeeper W3& wont to bin^ his hnrsc's comK The 
b(»it&& derruoded of them th« occifion why chry would ijjur ih«iA 
Uiin^. The curate roa>iini«d in brief, rcjitons of Don Quixoce'i 
nudae^ and how dur di<iguisetneni W3s retjuiiife lo brin^ hJi 
away Crom the motintaiQ whcidji x: diat pre^ni lie iii:tde hia 

Proctuly tbc mnkotptt and lus wife remembered dicmidvc* ho^ 
be had been their RUCAt, iml o£ hU battAm, and was the loued 
sqiure't lord; and Uten they rehearsed again lo d»e citrdt^ ill rh:u 
had puued briwtTii him and them in that tnn^ wiibaut omiiun^ i1 
«oc)dcnt that hjd lidallen Sancbo himself; and tn eoncliuion f] 
bo«icaa tricked up (he curate so handsomclv » there coald br 
more denred* for the attired him in a go^n ol hroaddoth, bid 
with guardt of bUck T^rctf c^ch hting a span breadth, (nD 
^ashei .ind tiim; ihr- bndicr and dri*r<?s o( green vrlvrr, wvlted wii 
wLUc uiiu; whkli gown and doublelt ai 1 su&peci, were 
nude in the time of King Bamba* The cvrace would not peri 
them to veil and bckerchief him, but 4ei rrn ha head a white t^udtj 
linen ni^htcapp which be carried for the nighi. onJ j^irded his fore- 
bead with a black tafleta ^rter, and wkh the other he marked bi^| 
face, wherewirkit he toYeied hU beard and viaapc mi ' : ^hcn 

did he encavquc his puite in hit hdi, which was to bn . .i^li^^ 

•ETVc him cKCcUenily for i ^MrMt^; and lupt'^Qg hrmicil up luai^H 
aome ly in hu loqg doak, he ^vni to hone, oiul rodo oa women lu^V 


Then mmimfd iht bnrbrr likrwiie on his muk, oHih hii beard 
LiDj^tn^ down 10 die girdle* fatilf fed «ud tulC Alutc» ^ that wbkt^ 
«i we lu¥c uidt wai oudc oc ilic uil oi 1 |^vd-coburtd <ix; thca 
ukiRg Ica^e cC Uicm jilli oud ol ibe good MartiorncA. who piooiiaod 
(AUbott)^ a ufm«r) to ay ■ rocuy lo ibor uneittioo, to the end 
lltsi God tniftlx 91^^ t^m good swxrss ia so Chn«dati aait di^uU 
«n iiJvmiiiiT lU thai which they undertook Bui icircc wnc ihcy 
j^ocK out o( ibc ifiiu wbcD d>c cur;»c bc^n to dread » Litic that he 
had done lU in appoidling hiinw^f in iK;ti wiw* occountinf ii a very 
mdveuH thiog tJut a prieit sbouJd dight hinuoU ks aldtou^ tho 
mflMT conotrnttd him dct^x ki much. And acqiisinciDg th« barbtr 
with hb liUrtntVt be nkireated him cK;t ilicy nii^t change axiirei, 
moD^ it wts much more just thai he. b«CAUM a Uymao, should feign 
ihc oppfdxd Jnidy. aod himMU would bea?fnc hli K|inr«, for io hi« 
tuiy M'ould b« less piti£in«d; to whkh, d he t^iotdd 00c conde- 
d, be r««)lved to pass on do ^nthetr althooj^h the de^-iJ ihoukl 
ttny thrrefon* Don Qubcote away. Sincho came over id Uirm abom 
tliis maaa* and sccii^ them in ih^ habii, he ojidd wk cnouin hi» 
bughtcf. Ihe barber (to be brief) did aU that w^ch the curate 
H c "« ' * . uid nukui® ihu» an exchange of lavcauoiUi tbe cunte 
i M trua t d him how h4 should bthav« himstUt aod what vn>rdi h« 
diould me to Don Quivotf to print and move him to come away 
wiih hini. and fofsake the propcnuoa ami love of thai place which 
\tc iud chnfCD to perform bit vain |)enanccw 

The barber aiuwered, that he would set ewcrythir^ in his due 
ruint and perfection, ihouRh he hid never lessoned lum* but w^d 
mt vi on the army until they came nesir to the pbce where Don 
Qunoce abode; and tht^r^orf? fiildrd up hut dntbrx, and maiirr 
fttTKMi hu beard, and fonhwiih went on their way; SaiKha Panra 
pbyiag the guide, who recounted at large lo them *\\ thax had 
luppened with the madman whom they found In the m^juniain: 
CDttceohtigi DOtwkhfianding. the booty of tbe irulet, ividi tbe other 
Tldn|e« faond ihefrln; for, although otherwise moa »mp)e, yet wa« 
ear ymnig man on onfinary rkt of (boll, and had a bpice nf 

They antved the next day foUowinjr to the plaoe where Sancbo 
hed left the tolicut of boui^ii, to And that whertin his master so- 


joufncd; atti having uktn ootke iberecJ, W laMi tnuo them tlai 
ihii wat tbe emiy, ;tU(l [)irTcfiir<- rbr^- tnighi do u -^^vd 

ibcRiKlvo, if by duojtc tlvil m;^bi br j mun to [sctx ^Jirfi 

libcfty; for they hjuJ loM hUn dre^, thu ao thdr bdu^ and 
appareUin^ in that m^nrtci' contia^ wholtv ihr bof« of tree&«^ hm 
lord out ol chdC Wfrichfci jjfe he hxj chtMeo; aod tbenfcn dil 
charge him, U4i lut li(^ f»t to reveal to hin lord in amy cis* vtut 
ihcy wcfc. not sctni £a aay M^rt tu ktxnv ilwm; and that if ^ 
dcmandctl (as they vren sure be would) w4ictW be had dcb^ord 
his intet to Dukinea, he should say he did, and that by rttiaa im 
could not rud, she atuvi^ercd lum by word o£ mouth* saytnff thK 
she comnundod, under pain oi her indignationt that prvvmlf 
jbandanin; «o juticrc a life, he would nunc and wv her; Ivr Asa 
wns mott r^ui5trc, (o the end that moved thcfcvnituL and by whn 
ihcy meant likcvn&e to uy umo him, they made ocrtun aocouA W 
reduce him to a brfttr Li/e, and <Jtoiiid beodex penuade him to thai 
course miuml)\ which m^[hx ua hm in the way to bvcxime aa 
onperor or nuKUnrh; for » cooceniinf the being an aichfaiduap, b> 
iieMl«d DDt to fcur it at ill. 

Sancho lisicivcd to ail the talk and iiutnictioci, and hotr tbam 
away well in memoiyi and gav« ch«mgreit thanlit for the t&imikoa 
iboy had lo counsel hit lord to becrvne an emprmr, and noc an avrh- 
btthcip; for, u hir luid, he mu^inod in hit nm^Je tudgmmit thai an 
empcrar was of more il>Uitr to reward his M|uire than an aicMnslnp- 
ctnttu He lil:e^%-i»e ndded. thai he ihoufiiu ic we/e n<cca&Uf be 
weni somewhai before ihem to ncarzh hiro, and drlix-er hb Lady'i 
answer; for ptrhap it alone would be niAdent to fndi htm ckji of 
that place, nrjdvxn puitii^ tliem lo any further pjinjL TVy tiked 
of Santlvv f^oza^ device, and therefore detcrminfd lo c&pca him 
until bl» mum wi:h the news o( findinii ha m»er. Widi ikw 
Siocbo entered in by the clrfei of the rocki (leaving them both 
behind logedw). by which ran a little wnooth sinsm, tn wh«A 
odMf rodti, and wme trtn ilut grew i», rtiada a fmh and 

plfftflf^ dndnw. HicheaJ^Jodthediy ,■- --,j ^^hey arrived there, 
waa Qoe of ihoae of <hc mmnh nf Au|C»«n- »*m In tho«e plana die 
hrai i> intolerable; the htmu Jhm* <hm ii fh^ 4fiernot«: jl| ^h^ch 
did render the pUe owe patrfult w^ ""-^ed ilicm lo rwnain 


In until Sancho't rHurn. Both, therefore, reeling tlwre qu^lf 
under the iludaiVr ilvn? uirivecl to tKdr hcarinjj tlie usuucl of A 
vDicct wbidi, wiiliotit being sccornpanied by any inxnuncnt, did 
Foound io fwcct and mdodioudy, as ihcy rcmnincd grc-iily 2dmir«d, 
i)«cjine they vstocmcd not th:i: to be a place whcr^n anf to good a 
muiimn might mnkc his abode; for, although it is ufually uid that 
4o itv wooih and Avldi ar« found tbepherdi oE excellent voifrs yci 
du» latbci 4 potftical ct)d«afm<uii than an approved tnjtli; aikl 
of all whca tlicy perceived that the \ma iJicy btsrd him aiig- 
u^erc not of riutic covnpositioru hut rather o£ delicate aod oHirdy 
tticn. The tniih v^-hereof it confirmed by the verier, whkh w«re 

'Whodod\mT weal disoiaijh thus and statft^ 

Attd Mf by w^nn my woti ftugmanE*d b«^ 

By r^Alousy. 
And who my pj|i*nof lioth by triJ urong? 

An Ab»cixG loojc, 
IClliat be so. tiM:r. fur my {;ricvua> wrung. 
No nmciiy nt all I may otxain. 
Since rry bc4 hope« 1 criMily i«id lUin 
By dbdain, icaloofy. aad abKitM long. 

'Wbo in my mini ihcMe dolon itiA dock move? 

Dire lovc- 
And vrko my glory'« tbbdodi mon impofunt? 

And to my fJiims by wtmcn jnfrcav i% gtv'a? 

6) Hrav'n. 
U that hf it\ thcrt my miMfxiu itunpt <'v'q. 
That oi my nxiodioui rvil t nrcds in\j« ihe; 
Suicc in my harm jom'd and united be, 
LoTtt ttaveruig fortune, aod a r^orouj Hcavco. 

'Who bcdvf Kap can nnto oe beqacaih? 

Prmn whom hU fjwmn doih not low efcrange^ 

prom clurigv. 
Aad hit too leriout hifnii, vrho cvieth vrhiHy^ 

If dui he «4V it it no wiidocn tnily. 

338 DON Quixon 

To think b> hunua PKam Co cure thix cut. 
Where the o«ily ofilidotcf and mod'cinct on 
Desired nknih, hghl chn^ ud efidtcu Mly/ 

The hour, the lime, the toliunncu of the pUcc, voieCf and an 
him thit Ming, ttruck woodcr nnd dcli^hl m ibc bcarcTK mit>Ji 
which remained Kill quiet, lisiecin>; wh«thcf they mighi hiur m 
ihin^ pIsp; biH. (wrceivin^ that ihf iilenc« runMniwd a prcny 
ibty agreeJ Kj Uutc and vr): e>;<i thr muucMn ihat lUQg 10 
momomly; and being rwdy to pot Tbe^r iwolmion in pcMtice, Uwy 
vnn ofioia arrcued by the urnic voice, the whkh touched ibdr tin 
anew with ibic mnnet: 

'Holy amitvl whuh. vHth nimble wings. 
Thy >tfDbbfyi« Iravini; hcrr ira eanh beUriti 
Amdng the bkotd K>ub of h«awi, up-fliitn. 
To XMVK jmpcxial rooms to cheer thy fniact: 
And thence 10 ut, b (vitico thcu lik'tt) auaga'd 
||3« Prtc<, whom thady veil to coietvd bringr. 
Am ofu nute«d of ba, DvccU wc Toid 
Clad irt w««d« of good aod vimioui ihiitgi. 
Leave heaven, O ani^l do twi pcnnit 
Foul FrjuJ tbui opcitfy thy robea 10 Inrrtq 
Wtth which, viocefe tni«mf ftntroy dori it: 
For if diT likenttf from it thcw don not wmt. 
The worLd will turn to ilie 6n( oooBict woo. 
Of (fcfcotd, chiof, jDil coofuikio.' 

The long wa« concluded with a profound tt^h* and both the 
ochert lent aicrtuive enr tn hear if he wnukl ua^ any more; bui 
ptfceivin^ that ihc muAC wat ooovetied »&> thr^« and doleful 
pliuit*. tlvey it«Dl\vd to go umI learn who wu iHr wretch, aa eocci- 
Ifiii Cor hk) voice at ddorous in hii ughx. And afier ibcy had jtDfkt 
J little, at the doufclii^ of the point of a crai;. they perceivc^J otte of 
Uv very lame form am) fatl^oii ihai Saochp had luinttd tinin thna 
when hr lolt! ibrm rbr Initory vt Orderno: wKich nun np>ii 
them likewW, ibowtd nc — *' — ' '^"- ^ui «l«>d »tiU 
hh head hangiajt on hii be l r. not once li\ 

his tyn 10 behold them from the tirvt tiinc when they 


The amte, ivbo wju a nun very m^cU apoUtn (u ooe thjt hdid 
Already inidligciKc ot hit nutfomuM; for h« kDciv him by hit ngiu). 
6nrw nc^ttvt tn him, acul pra^-cd and peniudod htm, iviih dion bm 
V0y torcible iGkAOfii, tu ftxtakc that mtvj^blr lif«^ Im he ihuuM 
there eccmAlly lose iL which of ±11 ntiscnct hvuIcI p^ovc the moot 
miserable* Cardcma 11 thii stfj3<>n w£« in hit right sciuc, free from 
the fuhoui acckknt ih^i districted him uj ottun; and therefore^ 
newiiig them buh ^turtd in so ttrsngc and unutual u f^ithion &0111 
that which w.ii uv-d inuHig ihnar €]rM:tx\t he n^rd «oinr\rlui ad- 
naiftfd, but ciucAy hcuiog ihcm ^lC3k in hu j^air, as in a matter 
bwwa (for »o much he gather^ out of th^ cur^Ec» speeches); ocd 
ihoTvfbrQ aiuwvrcd in this rrunncf : 'I p«xcci^*e well, good sirs (irho- 
florv^r you ba)^ that Heavtu, W'hich hatfa alwayt care to succour 
^Dod iDcii: y«a, everv and the wicked mjny times, hath, withouf anf 
dortt. ackhr^ml uiiiu mr by titcv durits 4ul pl4<:ci ui mumc 
fnMn the w^j^ hauxu, perioos which, Uyiag betore mioc eyes 
unth qu*ck and prcf^nant rea^ns the littk I have to lead this kind 
of life, do latioitr to remove me from th^s |>Iace 10 a better; and by 
rcsian titcy knnvr not as much ax 1 do, and that after escaping this 
katin 1 jdtoll full into n fnr grrnfrr, ihry accnunr mr prrhap* for a 
aun of weak discourse, arvd u hat is worie, for one wholly devyiid oE 
pdgmcnr* And wore k to> yet is it no nun'd; tor it teems to me 
thdi thft force d the imaginanoa of my diuiters is to beor and 
powvrfal in my d^ftruciion, that I, without being able to nuke it 
any muunce, do bccocne like a ironr^ mid of ill ffjod feeling aoA 
LomvWge. And 1 conte to kiuw the ceruiuty of tliis trvAh when 
lome osen do recount and show unto me tokens of the things I have 
dofte vrhdsl ihU terrible oceideni overriden roe; and after 1 can do 
^^p more than be grieved, ilxnigh in vain, and eurse, without bendit, 
^^H too froward forttme, and render as an excuse of my madness 
^^K nlarioD nf the ljlmt rherrnf to as tnany j.i ple.<te 10 Ixrar ic; 
Hk wile men percd^inf the <auM vrill nx wonda at the cffocis. 
afid thoo^ they give me no remedy, yet ai leiit wtU not ooodemn 
r; far ii will caiii«n dw anger they conceive at my murvla into 
cwisfimrina for ray ffi^tracei. And, slrt. If by chance ii be m that 
yon oocne wiih the same inteninn that others did, I request yrm, ere 
yoB ctd^Tgc (unhcr |our dncrart persuaiioais, thai you will giw car 


awhile to thr rrljikxi of my miklu|ii; fur perfups. when yv» ht^t 
undcruocxl it, you maj uvc the bbovr ilwi you would uLc. ccs- 
forung ^o «%il wholly iocAfTol^k tA oomolmda.' 

Uoth of them, which 6turtd noching to niuch [it] to uodcrtf^ 
from hit own uumtli the occjtton of hi« hanrn, flid mtnui bici ia 
rdsie k, prctniiing u> do nodung else in Uik ronnly ar cuedIdh hi 
ivFut hlmkrlf |ilf4tctl. Ami with ihUthe *orrowhii p-n' ^ ■'-" 

hi> ckrHiU hJiK>T)» with the very lacnc words dm 1 
rctirancd 11 u> Don Quixote and iIm go^itherd a few d^yt paU, wbm 
by occoiion oC XUitcf ElUnbai ami Don Quixoii*'* tnirinnty k 
otMfning thv ilECorum of chivalry, tlic i^k rertuinn) impofecu ^ 
our hiaory Mc at above. Bur now gotxl fimunc » c&ipc»»i ihir;^ 
ihAt hU (oolisb fit came not upon htm. bul fpve bim l«iuir« lo cm 
tlnuchUiiory tothpcnd;an<lioarnvinjtoibep3Siage thai fpo^of 
ifi« Icitef Don FvrrianJu found in tlw book of Am^dii d« GsuL 
Ca4tkn>o uid ib;ii hr h3<l It very^ wdl in moaory, uud ibe ictisf 
wa* ihU: 


**I ditfoover daily in thre wonhi that oblige and enfonrr tat ts 
hold ihre iWjr: and ih^tforr, if ihoti dr^rru to have mc discbor^ 
thUtUu, u'itboui bcrting a wiii on my honour, thou mayit cavlyi^ 
ll, I )uve a father that kiiowa thee, and h>vci tne Ukcwisc wdU vibo. 
wil]v>tJ (crnntf my will, wilJ EKcmnf^liih ihai ivhirh v' 
0U|{hlc*i It^ have, if it be m that ihou rtirrmrit mi' l» n\\K 
yiyit, and I ito bdieve/ 

"T\»t letter moved roe lo ilemand Lucin<U ot her fathcf for 
wife, ai I Have already tfcoumcd; and by 11 )l«o Luanda rtmati 
in (>oo Fern^rKki'* opinion cruwnod for mto oi thr Tno« dii 
w-mm iif h^r timl^. And thti htlirt levuv vrw thai whwh fitv 
Hm in mind ui ikiiroy '^ *^ 1 ctMild offca my dotrex I told 
|\ f. 'V >Tuitttd all thff tbA^uliY nf her bi 

(v ., 10 Mil, io that ray taihcr ihould fii 

tWfnjml hat th«- whvch I dai^ not to memwn iinin him, frarii 
b«t hr wfiubt no« lA^llinvH (On«nc themimo; noc fur tl 
Cpuktr, kwinty, viit i«r, and btoiKy of Lucbdi wuv u him 


or ihat &he had noc parts in her able to ennoble and adorn any otbir 
lineage of Spin whjmoev^r^ but bccagie I understood by him, 
(hat he dcMicd not lo marry me unnl he had wen what Duke 
Rk;irdn wtiultl d» (nr mc Fmilly, I iM him that I (itrcd nut 
reveal i\ U> my father, is well for (h,ii inconvenience, ai for many 
ochcn chat m.idc mc to iifrAid» without knowing what they weic» 
as mcthougtit my dc«rc« would never uke ctfect. 

'To all dkii Don rcmaodo m;idc me ;tnf»weri that h« would lake 
upon him to (peak to my fAihrr, and per^mde him to of that 
aflaif aUti with Luciud^V O ^imbiiiuua Mdiiu^I O cmel CaithncI 
O [«cii»oroLi3 Syllal O treacherous Galilua! O traJioroLks VelLdol 
O revenKeful lulian! O covetous Judaal Traitor, cruel, revcngcfuj, 
and cozeiunf:> what iiidi»en> did ih&« wench commit, who with 
ttjch plaint! discovered to thee the secrets and delights of her heart ? 
What ofTcote commiirc^ T against (hec^ Wliat wunh did t >i|>if;kk, 
nr counicl did I ^^e, that were not all addressed tn the increasing 
of thine honour and profir? But on what do 1 (the wor^t o£ r\[ 
wretches!) complaint seeing th^t when the current of the stars doth 
bring with it mishaps, by reason they come down precipitately from 
above, there is no eanhly force c^n withhold, or hum^n industry 
prevent or evacuate them. Who would have imagined that Don 
Fernando, a noble j;entlemaiu discreel, obliged by my deserts, and 
powerful to obtain whatsoever the amorous desire would exact of 
him, where and whensoever it ^eii^ed on lus heart, would {ai they 
say) become so corrupt as to deprive me of one only sheep, which 
yet ! thd not powe«? Rut lei rheie coniidcrations be bid aprt at 
unprofitiihlr* ihjl w^c m^y knit up ag^n the broken thread <if my 
unfortunate hl^ory. And therefore I wy that. Don Fernando be* 
licvini^ that my presence wa^ a hindrance lo put hi$ treachemu^ and 
wicked design in execution, he resnlved to send me to his eldest 
brother, under pretevt to get some money of him fnr to btiy six 
^reat horses, that he had of purpnstf, and <inly lo the end I might 
ahaeni myself, Iniut^hi the very sjme day th^t he otTcred to h\tt&k 
himself to my father, and would have mc go for the money, because 
he might hrinjf his treacherous inrcnt the better to pass. Could I 
present this (reason? Or could 1 perhaps but once imagine it? No, 
trulyt but rather, gbd for the good merchandise he had made, did 



male** pmffn- of mftdf to depart for the mootfy wrj vrlUijijtlr. 
ipokc ilut eight to Ludmk* ood iKt^uaiwcd h« wiUt tbr aj;rwii»ui 
passed bci«vcca iDc aod Don Fenundo, baddiiig bcr to bupv 6rmlr 
Out OUT good 10M desirca would son a vrubcd aad happy cnl Sbc 
«mwered fD« J^iln (» Utile ^uspeciuijE Doa FenuiKk'b inftwo » 
raywif), bidding roe id r«tura with oU «pecd, brcsuiv sbs btbttoi 
thjc titc cancluikin nf oat iilcctioi» ihouM be ofi kmgcf cI ActtJ 
than my bcher defined lo «|>eik unto hen* Aim] what was the ouse 
] know HOC, but as tooa as 4he had sakJ thU aaco nM, her cyrs mr 
6\kd with teoft, Afid fiamewKflt thwarting bar dtfoat, hindcfcd hcf 
from taymg many other things, which mnhought ihe ativcd m 

'I rested Admired at this new ^oddcnt, omil that time oner sced 
m her; for always^ as nuny times as my ^ood Eorrane and dJicctfr 
j^ruiced iu w« coQ«^i«d wixh all sport and dtdaght* wtthouc m 
inrermeddUng io our diicourws amy %tar%. slf^ compUinu, n^ 
doiu, or feart. All my ipetch w^ lo advance my hmiuw for hanfig 
received her from Heavtrn as my Luly and mhmu; then wooU 1 
amplify bcT beauty, admire her wonh, and pnusc her dhcrctioDU 
She, on ihe other side^ woold rtturn m^ the exdoAfrti endfav tf 
me ^Hji ibff, » one eiumoitred, acATumed wonby of biad asd 
commrndjruiru After Mt wv would recount > himdml ihoiscad 
toys flnd chances befallen our neighbours and acquaincam: and 
that to whkh aiy prcamnptuKi dared further xo txttai jrwif, wtt 
•omvtimci to xakB hof buutiM snd ivory band: perforce, eukd ki» 
them AS wall as 1 imghr. through the rigorout Knonw of a nif^ 
gvdly iron pace vrhirh divided uc But the Fvc^cnleai niglit »r the 
day at my lad depirtuie. she we|H. sobbed, and ^^lici!, ^nd dtpancd. 
leavinff me full of coofation and toward sMaulti,. 4iiva») to bchcU 
such new and doltiul if>I<cns of lOfrow and feeiini* in * .iffinifi Bttf 
bociiuw I would noi murder my hopes. I did sitribucc all ihoe things 
to the fofeo of her aifcaion roward* nie, and tn the pricf whtcl 
shamce U wonr to vvlr in ihow that tmro one anod^er <^Hy To 
brief, I depancd bvm thence torrowful and pctuivtt, roy miu! ^i 
full of ImaKtnjittocis and wipicbns, and y«t knew ikx whoc 

pecun! or imnjtincd: cleaf lokeflo, (of«rdllAf the aad 

#tilifc»rtuM wHii:h attended me 1 arrived lo the pUce when ( irtf 


>csu, and ddWcrcid my Icitcr 10 Don Fcfoaiub'ft bioihtfp aod was 
i%vll cnt<nAinc<U bcu lUX well iinpicchcd; £or be commanded nw 
10 txpua (a thing 10 [n« mosc diipleiiuij;) eight days* aad th« out 
«d the dult tuf father's preseiKv, b«cau»e hit biYXhcf bad wnttea 
omo him to send him ccf tain moneys uaknown 10 his father. And 
all thb waj but f^5« Dun Femaado'a invention; f« lib brotiu 
warned not motwy wbcrc^tth^ to faavt despatched me ftesently. 
bad not he wniten ibe conuary. 

Thtf was so displeaiiiig a comnuuKlmcnt ind ofder, u xlxnosi 11 
brau^n me to termt of dUubeying ir, b^^tiic it leemrd 10 mc a 
tbui|E mou impouiUe to uitfiin my liie to many cbys io the ab«a»e 
of my Lucit>da, and spodolly having kh her so sorrowful as 1 have 
recounted; yet. tiMvntbsmidiiijc I did obey like a jcood servant, 
ahhotigh t kiww It would bo with ih« cost of my health. But og 
ih» frMtrrh day affer t had arnv<rd, iherr camp :i man in my wurch 
with a IcttCT, which he delivered unto nve, jind by the endorsemeni 
I lukcw it to be LiKtnda'^; For ihc hand wai like hers. I opened it 
(not without fear and atsaitmcni of my icnsei)* knowing that it 
rauit have been Kime ieriouf occnsioo which couJd move her to 
writf unto mev bciog absent, SNitig dw did it » rarely oven wfaea 
I was imsent. I demanded vt the U^rer. before I rrad, wlio hod 
ddi^md it to bun* and what itcoe be Kad spent in the way. He 
answered me. *^thar pa»infE by chance at rnidday thrcuj^h a tfroet 
of the city, a ver>' beauitful lady did call him fiom a ccri;un ^nndow. 
Hsr eyes were all beUidibered with tears, and «aid unto him tery 
hastily, 'Bmilirr, if thott bent a Cbrisibn, as thou appearesi to be 
tiar« I pray ibcc for God*» take, ;hii thou do forthwith address this 
letter 10 the place and person thai the supcrscripilon auigncth (for 
thtf be well known), and iberein thou shah do our Lord great mtv* 
kr: and bvcante thou ma>icr not want means 10 do iMake what thou 
shall fuid wf4|>{wd in tliai handkerchief/ And, uying 10, die threw 
«fuc of Att win(k>w a bandkcrcbieft wherein were hpped up a hua* 
dred vaiK this mg oi ^cild which I carry here, and ihai letter ivbich 
1 dehvered unto you; and pretenily, without expectinjt mine aniwer, 
she dcpaned, hut firu taw me take up the handkerchief and Iftter, 
and ibm 1 made her Hjtns tlut 1 wookl accotnfdiih herein hef 
**ff *!*■*■! And after, perceiving the pains 1 mighi uke in briotpng 

244 ^^^ QUIXCJTE 

you ii w ^xM coD&LiJcred, and mcidj by the cndovMineiit 
were the xnAD to whom it wai fiddr&kcd.— for^ mx, I know 
weU«— and al&o obli^'vd lo do it by \\ve leass of Out bc4Utif 
I detcrmioed not to truK any other w^ith iu but to conM anil 
il you myw:\t in |wru>a; md in uimn hourt tion- it wu p^A 
unto mc* 1 luvc iravdled the luurney you koDw> whicli i% at ku 
cifhcecn leagues lon)(/' WhilA the thankful dcw mcnengtr ipikf 
thus unto me, I remained in a rrxmncr h^n^in^ on his wordv - - 
my ihighi did tremble in tuch manocr ai 1 could very hartSy lui: 
my%eM on foot; yr*, taking ccMtrage, ac laii 1 apmrd lUt 
whcrenf thcw were the conicou: 


'**The word that Don Fernando hath po^cd unto you to ^itA. 
to your fa:her, thai he might tp^ak to mivtt, he hjth i>c£onipliibed 
Riorf lo ha\ own plwtirp ih;in m your prcAi. F^ir, iir, you vfaai 
underfland thai he haili demanded me for his wife: and ray L/iha 
(borne aw;iy by the advantage of wofths which he support lo ht 
In Don Fernandc more than in you) hath a|*re«Kl u> hJa demand ia 
•o good MHietc, as the Mfsousah shall be cvUhraied wiihtn thHc t«o 
da)^ and that w wcretly and akne as only the beavccu and sonr 
blk of the bouse shall be wuneun. flow I remain, iia;^ne. and 
whether tt be convenient you should rcicrn, you may consider; and 
the success of this alfair shall let )ou to perceive whedser 1 krve yon 
well or no. ] beseech Almt^hty God that this may arriv* unto ycvr 
hands before mine skill Iv in <bn(^r to foin icidf with hit, wbkh 
keepeih hts promi^ £aiih »> ilL" 

"These were, in sum, the ctKiteiila of the Icltef, anJ the modi 
thai persuaded me |vcscntly to depart, mihoul JUtcDdtag any oti 
inswer or other mone^^; for Uien f conceived dc«tfy that it was 
the buy^l of the hnr«es. hot that cf hit dflighm whith had 
Don Fornsmln in wnd tw to hit hmrlier. Thif ra^ which 1 fni 
ceireil againtt him, joined with the frar in itn^ the ftviwi vehic^ 
had giitied by «o many yean' service and dcsirtSt did wt wings 
nw. tor i arriired ai 1 Itad flown next day at mine o^^'D diyn, ij 
hour ind mocnent fit m fo speok lo Luanda. I enrevevl 
left my rnufe whertm 1 todr in the liontsc tnan'i house ihv 


brou^ mc tfae ktier, itid my fonunc purpotin^r ihen to be favoui- 
flbfe to nw, diipooiMl m mine a^juxh thai 1 found LixintU uitu^ at 
Uut iron grace tvhicti W4« ibe «4e witnoft of our lovra. Lucinda 
knew tne ttraif;hE am) ] ber, bui no< ax we m^ghi to krow oi>c 
3fK«W. Bui who i» he in the worU ibat can truly vaiiu that be 
Kath pcncunicd dnd ihorougKly cxhauftcci the coofuicd thoughu 
dnti m'jtiibic nature oj womeAi' Truly none, J uy, tbon* to pirocced 
wttli my tdo, that at loon at Lucimia percd^vd hm; »he taid, "Ost- 
I am sttired with my wfukfing gann^a!^ and ja the boll 
lil fur mr the tiaitot Don Fctnandu, aitd my Luveunis htXyrr, 
with other wiuwue*. whkh ahall rather be such of roy death than 
uC mtiw eiifxiuuil*- Be dm troubled, dear fnend, but procure to be 
prevent at ihii taeriftce, the whkb if I caADOC hinder by my per- 
mflnoni oivd re^uMU. ] carry hidden about me a poniard secretly^ 
whkh may hinder mate reviluie forcm by jfEi^ing end Ici my lifr, 
jnd J bc^nning to ihcc, eo know cenain rhc afFcciion which i have 
nn borne and do bear unto ibcc.** [ answered hex tro'jblcd acd 
h^itily, (e^nnf! I ihould not have the leisure lo reply unto hrr^ uyingi 
"SmM lidy, let thy works verify thy words; for IE ihoti camett a 

rd eo d«fefid thy cndif, I do henr hknvife hrar a tivord whefe* 
»l::.j^ 1 will dck^iid [hei;. or LIU myself* if fcxiuoe prove advcTK 
and contrary." I believe that ahc could not hear ail my wordi, by 
reaaon she was called hastily away, ai I perceived, tor thai ilte bride- 
gimom cipecifd ber commj:^ By ibu the night of my lorrou-s did 
thnroughly fall, and the sun ol my gladness was set, and I remained 
wttbnui li^ht in mini- ryn m (iisc□urst^ in my undertiaivdiiig^ l 
owld not (ind ihe way into her bouse, nor could 1 move myself to 
any pan; yet. coiuidcrmi; » Uu how important my proence was 
for thai wiurh mi^bt bcfafl in that adwmurc, I animated mytcif 
the bm I could, and entered into the house; and as one ihat knew 
very w«B all the eniriei md pEtsugm thereof, and ipccially by 
navm of llie tmulde aiul hiuint» thai was ilvn in Uii>d. I went 
in unptrcd^td of uiy. And thus, without bemj; seen, 1 had ihu 
cpircnunity to pbce myself in the boUow room of a window of the 

hall, whkh was oo\€r«d by the endt of two encnuntefin^ placet 

ispiKry, &om wbena I could tee all ihar was dnrip in the hdk 

myself ormmrrd of any. Who coilU now describe the 


aiuiiilt-^ and lurpriKiU of my hnrt whilv J then abodi*? che t 
which cncouDicicd my miad? the coasidt/atioos which t \ai- 
whidi were so imay and such* ma Uuy <ai) aCLiber be »j<t» vir i» 
il rtfl^oci they wioukL Lta 11 sulBce vou 10 know thai th« bhdegroco 
oniervd iDU> ih« hall wiihom any ofcument, weaHf^ tb« onhrmy 
array he was worn, and was accoinpLiiiied by a Dousin-jt^nmn 
Lucindj'v^ ajul in ^1 i\k luU tlicxc ti'4» tin stranger pcwm, unr sa 
oihcT UuD ibe hoiueboM Acrvanu. Within a whde alter* Lucijub 
csune OM. of the poriouTi Kcompanicd by her mother and twv 
walting'tnaidf of her own, ni richly aittrcd and dcckMl au her cilipj 
and heitMy dMerrttl, and the pnfixiion of ccKinly pomp and hnvcry 
coaM aHord. My diuracticn ami trouhic at initid Ian mc- no unv 
to QMc pirtJculaiLt die apparel she wxxct and thcicCorc dJd odf 
nurk d^c colour^ which were carnation and white; and the ipkp 
dotif which lh4F pttciwii vtocm and ^«w«b oC har Itrcs and .lU the 
reft of hff gartnentf yielded; yvn did the singuUr htauty ctf hvr bir 
flod golden trcuea lurpua thrm 10 much, ai bring in romprtcocy 
with the pradoui Aoneh and iUme oi four Unk» tKtf UjEhced la 
the hall, yet did the splevKlour ibereof seem br cwre bnjehi and 
glorious to mine evei. O mcnioffy! the mortal caemy ol raine eaww 
to whaf end wrvet ii rww to refresenf unto me die iocoropafaMi 
beauty of that my adured enemy ? Were il not betin, cnid memory 
to tetDe cdj e* and rrfircaeot that witkh >he did then. that. 
moTvd hy » maoiicst a wtooj;. I may at least endcavoui- to low 
Ufe, littce 1 Ganaot fvocure a revenge? Tire tuH, f^ood un, 10 beif 
the digreqioQ* I make; foe my grief b tiot of that kind thai may 
be rehe ar w d uiodncily ^od KpredilTp *B30|t that in miikr ofinioo 
e^Tfy pom^ of tt il worthy odf a larfc discotffX;* 

To thit the curate anfwered* that oot only they werv not tiraJ or 
wnrwd heannji of him, hut rather they roceiMd niarT<riltHU dcfif^ 
tt) hear htm motim each miiiincy and drcumoanee. heraute they 
VMi* audt o dea »^ not id be patard qvw* in nlencr, hut ra 
atcrknl ai miidt Mnadcm aa the princip^ puts ol the htstoty. 

Tou thall thea wit.' quoth CardnMOt '^t^ n they tfacti Mood 
the halU the coraee of the ponih ccitand. aad. takinif them 
by the hand to tin thai ^MA in toch act act k ivqmrad at the 
oft "Will you. Lady Lmnda. akm the Uktd Do« PernaMdc^ who S 



here pftAcaCi for your lawful ^pouae, duor4liiig as our boly mother 
of the Church commands?" I thnui out all my heiad and neck out 
of the tap«^ry, and, with mcst aUentJve art and a troubled mird, 
untied myivli to hear whjit Ludnd:^ ankwcced, expecting by it the 
ftCfiience <if my tlrarh or ihr* confirniaticxi of my life. Oh, if ^nt* h;id 
dnrcd TO ully out at ihai time, and cry with 3 lotid vokc» '*0 L»- 
cind^f Luclndal st:t well what thou doesc; consider mlhal what 
thou owcst mc! Behold how thou art rainc^ and that thou canst 
not be any other's; Not* that thy sayinR of Y*a and che end of my 
life ihall be boih i» one instant O irailor» Don Fenundo. rotd>er 
of my gioryf death of my life! what U tliii thou prefeadesi? what 
will thou do? Conjtidcr lh<tt ihnu canil ooc Chtiitian-ljke> achieve 
thine inccnticn, seeing Lucinda i* my ipouw, and 1 am her hu> 
hand-" O hioJi^h rnnnl now that 1 am ab^^enE, and far from the 
dangtr, I uy whjir 1 t^hould have done, and noc what I did. Now, 
aitcr that i have permitted my dear jew^] to be robhed, I exdaim 
on ih& rhief, on whum 1 might have revenged mytelf, had I had ^s 
muth heart (u do ii at 1 have U> cnmpbin. In fine. %iiu:e I w;lx ihen 
3 coward nnd a fool^ it ia no maucr though I now die ashamed, 
sorry, and frantic- 'i'hc curate flood cxpcciin^r Lucinda's answer a 
^ood whde ere sh« gave ii; and in the end, when I hoped that she 
would tako oirt the ponistrd to stah her^lf, or would unloose her 
tongue to say tome inuh, or use some re^scn or persu^nsion that 
miglu ceduund w my beiwGi. I heJrd her in&tead thereof aiiMver, 
with a dismayed and langui^hiitg voice; the word "I will/ And then 
Don Fernando said the same; and, s^^'^JT 1^^ the ting, they re- 
m-iined tied with an indii^luble knot. Then the hridepoom com^ 
in^ I0 Icixs his spouce, she set her hand ufwn her hearE, and fdl in a 
irsrcr between her moih^r's ^rrns, 

'Nnw only remains irnfold ihc c^*c wherein I was, seeing in that 
Yea. which I h^d heard, my hopes deluded, Luclnda*s words and 
promtwa bbiiied, and myself wholly disabled to recover in any 
time the good which I loit in that initant. I rented vuid of counsel, 
abandoned (in mine opinioi^) hy Heaver, proclaimed an enemy to 
the earth which upheld me, the air denying hreath enough for my 
*ighs, and d»c wairr humour sufTicierit (o mine eyes; only the fire 
increased in such manner as 1 burned thoroughly with rage and 


icalout). All the house v/is in a tumult fot this rmMcd uiui«awti 
of LticiDdA; and a* hex moibcr uocUipcd her bcnam \o give br 
ibd OJii there appMred in it a paper* folded up, which LKxi F 
oando prcMiiily wized 00, And vttni aiide to rt^d it by the light < 
■ turiii: and after he had riMci i:» lie uc down in a thjir, Ijvio^ hil 
hafid^ oa hii clicrk, wiih tQiinirrit xigiiA cf mebfichcily ditcoolcati 
wuhoui bdhiiLkini: hinucU of the remedies that wt^c npphed td tui 
spouitf to bnng her fl^ain to hertelf. I, H^cir^ aU tl^- h^lk of thr 
house thus in in u|>roar, did ddveniu/c mytc\S to jauc, not 
in^ much whctK-r I wrre wtd or no, biMring wiihol j rrvltojon ( 
I were pvrccivril) to pUy such a r^th |un, as aII ihe wofld 
UfidefU.ifid the juai indii^nation of my breutt by tlie rcfcogf 1 
would ttkke on falM Dun Fenundo and the mutable and diuniyvd 
tnitr««). But my deAiny, whi^h hath r«4«rv«<i me for gredtv vnl( 
{it poiiibly tHere be aoy greater than mine own), ordained thai 
initaiil my wit sliould abound. Vflieivof ever atnoe I tiave 10 grai 
want; and ihcrcfnrc. ivitlKKit niU U> uke rc¥Bi^ ■ irMcit 

enemies (of whom [ mi^ht Kiiv« uktin it with till b.. ^^ma 

they lUiipecrrd 10 little my baag there), 1 detenruned to take ti 
myveU. and execute in mytelf the p^in which they <le*efwd, 
thac peilujn with mutr rigour tlun I vmold lun incd lowsri) 
if 1 had Uain them >t that time, Keing th^ the ftudden dcjih 
iihcth ptncndy tiie ptin; b<H ibat ^liich doth lingenogJy tor 
kilU «hmy«, iMthout endinjt the bfe. 

To be ihort, I went nut of the bomi^ ztti oune do the ocher w 
I hdd left my mule, which I caned to be saddled; and, wi 
bfahfing nunr huu adir^ 1 QXHiacrd 00 farr, and rude out of the 
cify, wichuui daring, Uke uKKhcr Loc to turn beck And bebold it; 
And then, «vemx mytdf alnoe in dke 6M$i aad that the 
iIm ninhtdid comt mcwend thenkaceilMnof mosc me to 
intht^t- r fcMT 10 be titard or ktwwiv I did Ir 

Aod ul-.l 'f^vue with k» muiy onve* oi Lul: ....i 

FertMUkix Ai d thccebr I mqihi iBltfy the wroop ibcy had dooe mc 
t ^Mi bee iW litk of crueL « n r alrfiA blatb »d womftd, hut 
^yeekHy b< u > wh > ■c^g the nAa of «fae ««qr had sh 
1^ iW tffe «<^ btr etfemnn, m dqvivr nir tbecvf. sod miifcii It 
biM vkh wfaM famur Ua dtdE am fajddy ad BMnlly; 


in che nudjt of ihis tune o£ nu]c<l}CEi<»is ind )conis< I did excuse 
hcTf KiytQ}{. Tlui il ^is no nurvd thac a mjiden kept dote in her 
pirrnlt' bouw, nude and 3ccuitonx>d :ilwjy« lo obey thenit ihouLd 
m Uu condefcend ep ihrir will, tpcci^^lly facing they bf^unviKl u^n 
hfir (or hudund so noblcp id rich, and proper & geiulcnua, as lu 
ieb$m luni would be rrputcd in her lo proceed either Erom w^ini of 
iodlgiDCiXi or Erom luving boiowcd her aSectioiiu elsewhere, whkh 
ihingi muft of force greatly prejudice her jcood opinion and reDO^n. 
PnortiUy would I rtirn a^iin lo uy. :Kic though she bad lold ihem 
that I wu ticT spotae, ibey mij^hi rutily perceive iKn in chtming 
ftic ^ had iKPt mjJe lO tU an dctuon thai Uk mi^ht not be excused, 
tadn^ chJi bcJoiG Don Fcnundo offered himtcU, d>cy tbcnMelvcs 
cooJd not happen to dciirc, il their wishes were i:\iidcd by reuoD, 
fii 4 m^ch (or ihoir daughter as mys^f; and (ho might co^ly 
w %Md, bcioTw ihe put bcrwtf in ihjti Utr and forcible p^M of 
titg her Kiml, ihaE t hjd already given her mine, vrhkh I wotdd 
cocne otd lo coofeu. lad cooiirm all that site could any way fdgn tn 
Aa ca«c; and cooclud«l la the end, tlut liule love, k&s fudgmont. 
nuch ambit>oa, and desire of greatncii caused her to forget the 
wonb whereu'iihal she had d«c4rt\ed, entenained, and sustained me 
my finn hapts aod butv^i tle^ire^w 

"Utiik;; these worda^ and tcdiog this un<iuietneu in my bfoist, 
velJcd ail dK rc«t of the ni^^hi, snd ilruck jbout dawn imo otk 
ihc vniriet of ihoc otouncuiu, tiuough which I travelled three 
at random, without following or finiling any pch or way. 
il I arri\*cd at Uu lo crnain miMdnwi; iim\ M^\ ibji lir ! know 
in which pari of thcw mouauinj: and finding theri; cciuin 
«t 1 dcnunded of tbem which ivjy lay the nuuc craggy and 
e pbcc& of thcic rockf, and thoy directed DM hither; and 
1 travelled ioward« i<, with purpOM here to end my hUi 
etueriog m amuog ihoae desotf, my nrtule, through wearineii 
< ' I. fell lic^d undti mc or nitbtr, ^ I may better supptne, 
El) himsdt of so %-iJe and ui^^rcfiuhlc a burden aa he 
carried ol me, 1 rtnumcd afoot, overcome fay nature^ and p«crccd 
thiottnh awl thiough by hunger, without having any help, or know- 
wlio nbghi luccocr me, and remained after that maoof r 1 ktiow 
how k»^. ptaiu^Me on the ground, and then t rose again wtthout 


flny hun^j and 1 fouinl Dear unco me ccfUfn gooilienls, who nvn 
ihow doidxle^y xhai M me in my hunger; for they tcsld ine in 
wlurt mnfUMT thry fn(;n(l mc, and how I tpike fto Aany fooltib aod 
mad word* ai g<ive cumin argtnnetii that 1 wa& lifvfiid cif jut%* 
tncm; and 1 tuve fell id mywU unce llui time ttut I cofoj noi mj 
v^ts perfectly, hiM. mther perceive them to be m ^tttakoicd ao 
tmpctired, as I comimt a hundred follies, tearinfi mine appar«j, cryio; 
loodly tliroagh these devenv, curving my iaici, and tdly 
fiti; alil^irird name cif mint? enemy, wiihoifl having tiny nfhrr I 
Of diKouric M. thai tinie than 10 endeavour to finish my life erv 
And when 1 turn 10 myjeJf, I am $0 fafobco imd tired ii I am 
ad>]cto txiT mc. My mon ordinary cnsnaoo-pbco it in th« 
of a cork-cree, uiAciciitlY able to cover Uu« wre-ched avcaic 
cowherds and ibe goatherds ih^c feed ih^t cxnh here in 
fnuunuini, moral hy cluniy, g^^e nie ^u\rrfijju:i% Iciving meat 
me by the ways and on the rodu which they luppove I frequent, 
where they think I may find i;; aod vo, okhoujEh I do then w 
the use of reason, yci dtxh luturai i>ec«s^cy induce me to know m 
meatt and tiirrrth ray appetiie to tovei, aod my will to lake h. TWy 
tej] m<% when ihry meet me In my vrits thad T dn ckIky limes come 
out to the highwiy^ and take it from them violently, even when 
they themscWes do ot!er it unto me wilhn^ly, After this mamicf 
do 1 posi my miMrable life, until Heaven ihaJ) be phttied to cotulua 
it to the Uit period, or «o change my memory as I may no nwcv 
remt-m[)er tlur beauty and trrachcry of LuciiuL or the injtvy lione 
hy Don Fernando; for, if it do mc thi* favour. wltlvMii drj>nvin^ 
my life^ then will 1 convert my thouj;htx 10 better diaooarvx; if i»<»^ 
th^c ia no other remedy btiC to pray God to t^riw my mul Entdl 
Hii mercy, for I neither fiiu) wlour nor armgth in m)^elf to ri™ 
my body oix of the ttraiu wheicin (cr my pkanirr I did at Gm 
wiHirglj intnide it. 

Thia iu tift, the biiier rtUiiot^ of wtvf di*a«e«; wbnvforc jud 
if U be wch aa nwy be ceWwated with lew fcehnj- and 00m 
than that which yoo may by thli time haw perm ted in my«U: a 
do not So voio laboir to persuade- or OMinaci me that whsdi na 
shoukl afford yoa may be good for ray temcdy, for it w3l work 
Other eflca In me duo tiwfidoe pteJcribeJ by a tkOfol pfa 


pttkni ihat will in no ton receive ic I will lui^« no hcalcK 
LucijMb; and unce the pf«ucth to dli<futf hertelCp iwng 
seeing she <m^i to be mine, so do 1 ilto uke delight to be of 
ruiiiue ol fniih:kp, :ilUv)ugh I migh? br 4 rcuiner 10 gnod tur- 
tUJM. She tuih ordained tlut her dunging shall nuil:Ji^h my pcfdi- 
tion; and 1 will Ubour, by procuring njiDC own lou, 10 picatc ami 
t^iiity her will And it «hall be in cxanifile to ensuing a^ccs, th^i I 
atone wanted chat wherewith all other wretches Aboinukd, to whom 
ihe impovubjliry ol recriving i:omfnn proved jHimrrimei 1 curt; 
but in Die it ia an ocmion of greater feeling and Kjrm> bccju«c I 
im pcnt^aded thJt tny lurm5 cannot end even wi;h ^cry death iikU.' 
H«e CAfdcnio iituibed hit lar>:e disccuru: and unfonunaic ind 
dAMMoot hittofy; ^ad just iboct the time thit the curaic was be- 
hinu^U d tcarm comfonable reawiu 10 antwef and per- 
I, He was MUpen^kil hy a vuice arrived to liia heariitg. whiih 
ith piiful accenti tn,6 wlut ^all be recounted in the Founh Purl 
this rumtion: for in ihU very point the wiK and most abaolute 
LonogrifiAio, Cid HanKt Bcnengeli, tixiitbcd thv Tltird Boole of 


WictacjH u EhtcouiiED ik» Nrw aito Puamnt Anvi^fnrRx Tmt 


MOS'I' tup|>y and fawtunatc were those tinics vrhfrem 
ihrxt nucbcioia and bold knightt Doq Qoixoce oC the 
MsncKj, w;kt buiowcd oo iht worid* by whwa moa 
honnurAblc moluiion lo revi\« aod renew in it the almd): wmat 
out AOd wcU-ni^h deceavd cxcruiw ai aipu. wc jo) tu tlsn our w 
nifgifd am) KArtl Jn age of jJi p^stimci. nut ooly ibc kvrcrtnci« dL 
liu Cf U0 hisioty, bm jJm of the other td» itid d^resAons coMuwd 
ttiMvin, which are in lome rtspvac nu Uts pleasing, anifidal, aoA 
trui- Ihon the ^rry Ki«[ory tiu*!!; the which, proorcuiifig ili£ cjrdrd, 
y\iun, and vlf-iwtnnl ihmul of the rd^lion, uyi th;ti, u the cui^cc 
bc)can lo bcihmk himicIC upon some aatwcr that mijEht both <om- 
(iirt and amtiuiv Cardcniot he was hir.dcrcd by 4 ttxcc ^vlucfa came 
10 hu hcunn^t i^id very dolefully the wordi cnuitng: 

*0 Llud! ii ii potiihle ihs; 1 luw yet found oiit thr pincr m^k 
ituy wr^ie for a hidden w]>ukhr« to ihr WmkI trf ihu loatiuome 
ilut 1 tAwiUiAi^y bear w loog? Yei, ii rmiy be if the iot»i 
oi thrM rocks do not llltkfe mt Ahj unfortunate that I ami 
imich moft jtratvful compankiu wilt ihnt et^a and thjcMti pro< 
10 my (ImfcuLbjr atfording mo Idwra id opawmmifug my 
io Hca>«u virUh {iaitttts. Uun that of any aural aao liWitg» 
^lete u noDfr upDA conh fnKQ vrhona may br cxpectcil couojcI 
JmMh mm to oanptoiwy or tn hamifl rgmniy ■' Tbecnrue 
lib gCTff m iiloM blMil 4«d M J wmM)d al ifae wunk dtarly, 
i > they oonjecrarvd <•• tiid««d it m) choc thoar pliii 

>itviv vv^^^Tm) wey Mmr noao tlwoi, cWy lU dD atw id mkK 
\W iiUntiA; w^ hamf; fM» vine tmKf a^i thsnoE, 
A ymimmith betiiad < mi riiiriat ^jfcr ■> adb-cnx^ 

A MAm IN DisomsE 253 

aitircd like a country Kwoin, whom, by rcaon \m (ice wm incbned, 
at hff Kit vruhmg of bU ie^i in the ch^ Arcam that glicleil thai 
way, ihry could not prrffvily ttiscvfn, and ihrn-fcicr 3|»p«>jchn! 
fowjrdt Kim vrUh w ^roii iJlrncc. 2& ibcy woft- nm dc^iitTictl by 
hioi, who only Attcmkd to the woahiD^ of his feet, which were » 
wlbteh as tbey property resembU^ two pieces of clear crysul thai 
jcrew aroof^ the other stones of ibe sireont The wbit*ness jnd 
beuiiy of the feet amazed them, being cot nude, as they well <oik 
jvctum!, to timd cUxIt, cir uiAiturr ihr iiefa of Wy oxen, 4nd UiU)' 
iog the plough. 11 the ^ouih's ^ppireJ would pertu^le them; and 
therefore the curoic, who went bcfocc ihc rest, tcang they were 
tioc yWL spted, made sigru to the other tux> that ihcy sh<iuld diven 
J Iinlir out of die way, or hide ihcfnceWet behind wcnc broken cliffs 
rh>r were nesr ihe pbrr, which iKry d\d all of :hrtti, noting what 
ih<r yuuth did wctli very great attcutkjci. lie wotv j liiik- brown 
capoucb gin veey near 10 hb body with a white towel, alio a p^r 
of hreoches and gomashoes of the same coiourcd doth, and on his 
head a clay<okHired cap; hb gamashoes were lifted up halt the 
leg, vrfakh verily itemed to be imhite alahauer. Ptn.iUy, having 
watheiJ his feet, uktug oui a liiveii kerdiief fttmi un^ifi bit op, Iw 
dncd them thcreu'ithalt ^nd ai the takinjc out of the kflx;bicf he held 
up hss face, and then iboae which stood gazing on him had leisure 
10 ilisccm an unm>^fcbahle beauty, so nirpasring groH. as Cardenio, 
n>undiog the cur^ir in ihr ear, w6, 'This body, since it is not 
Ludibda, can be no human creaturr, but a divine/ The youth tocA 
off his cap X Uit, Jnd. sh^k:ng hit head Eo the one jnd (irbcr (lan, 
id diihrvcl lod discover Mjch beautiful hairs as thoK of E'hoelHis 
ight jiurly cmubtc them; and iberehy they knew ih« supposed 
to be J de:Jc.ite ^voimn; yea, and the faJrett thai ever the first 
had seen in ilieif lives* or Cardenio himself, tlir \ovAy Lurimb 
red; fori as he aticr ;iJTirmed, iip feature save LucindaS cauld 
>siih hers. The lonf: aod fc^lden hairs did not only cover 
luldrrx but did alw hide her round about in inch M>rr as 
[her fecc etcep*K]) rv> other pan of her body apf^eartd, ihey were 
nrar jnd long. At ihts timp her handt tmv^^ her for i comb, 
licli, at hrr fen irrmrd piece* ol crystal in the water, m did tliey 
ir among her li^m like pieces of drivtD stMw. AD which 

254 ^o^ QUisom 

circunuarkc« did poimc the ikrc« which ^ukkJ puinm at ha 
grsM idnurition sad dcure lo know what shs wii* and tlkercfefr 
rcK^vtd t9 ihow thftoiMlvcs; :i(vd with ihc noiiv which tbcy nadr 
whm ihey jrofc^ the brautiful maiden held vp hrt h^, and, f»^! 
nxiving her hairs imm before hrr t»yes with both hjinds. she c^hbIj 
those that luJ nude it: Aud prcsenUy drtiing, fuU of fetr ttij 
trouble^ she hid hied on a fMcktt that was hy her, which Kcmed 
to be oE apjurcl and thouj;ht to By away wttbout fU)ioj[ to pttK 
on her tfiou, or ic ^tktr tip her hair. Dut icirce had the gooe ut 
|ucn whm hrr drbc^ic ^nd tnuW frvi. un:ih1c lo abiile the nNj|H| 
erKoimtcr of thr sioa«&, Dijdc her to toll lo ibo cirth; whkh il» 
three perceiving, they can>e out to her. and the c«r«c amvm): Sf* 
of all. out} to her, 'Lddy, whatsoever you be. u^y aod fcAr iwhiof ;[ 
for we which you heboid here cnne ocily with intencioo to do youJ 
lervice* xnd therefore you need not pretend to impemnetit a fiijhirj 
whi-'h nrirhr-T your fc«i can eitdufe, slot wwjhl wc pemuL' 

The poi>j girl rcmamod w aoiizcd and coofoutided u she 
swercd ixM a word; whcrcionei the curate and the rest d^a^ 
ne-ircr, tb^ looli htf by the hand, and then he proncetrted hi* 
laying. What your habit cooc«iled from us, bdy, ymu ktirv ha- 
bewntycd^ b«tng mantfrsi argnmi^nn thai the caann weiv of 
aiuiU ownieDt which hjve thus bemikLed your siiiguhr Wai 
under 10 unworthy array, and conducted you to thii ad-dundkii 
defleri, wherein it woa u wonderful chance to have met you, if 
to rened>' >Tiirr harmi. \ei at least to j^ive you Jomt com&arTt twill] 
no evil cjin itUict and \vx une lo much, and plitoge him In to 
t x ireme ^ (whila it deprtm fxx the bfe), that wSl tvhuUy 
from hitcfung to the advke that U odlcred with a (ood azxi m 
iumuioci; » that, fdkir Udy, or Iw d, or wh^t ebe you «hall p J eM e 
be tennecl, shake o(i your affrifihtmentt and rciiedTie iinto m 
good ur iD (t>nune: for you >haU find in v - — '- nr in rwry 
pan, rorufianiofuiohflp yuo in deplorv y\ '^' 

Whit« the curaXr made ila^ speech, the di^uiicd wx«nan «Dod 
one h$S a>iev|v now beboMing the one, now the mhef. wii 
once movitif; \m lip or aayinff a word; \ux like a rua>£i] 
when ra^ lad unuen thin^ to him beforv are unexpectedly 
anted » hif mw. 


imisring, and u&tng ochrr p«nunsiv« reasons 

cdcci. •Mtn hd at bit li> nuke a breacb on lid 

Ecdtoiu iikDc«, aod, with a profound ^gh. blow open her coni 

A^u^ nyuig mnkewhjc lo thu cffea; "Sieicc ih« aobunnesa o£ ibeM 

iDckt baitb not been pottnt to conceal cne, nor the dubevcUing of 

my duDirdcred bain licvnved my tongue to belie my lev, it were in 

vtun For mr to feign fku aacw which, if ynu Mii-^rd ii. iviiuld br 

^more lor cxAxntsj's wke ibin ^ny oibei ri:}pc^L Which pictuppo'xdr 

^Hj<y, j:ood sirs, tlui I do gratify you bi^ly tor the hbftsi oSm 

^^pu hotv mflde mc^ which ar« »uch aj bi*« bound hk 10 unify your 

HBtmand ai near 31; I nuy, althouj^ 1 ivtr th« rtlatiofi which I nau« 

make in you of my mi^pi will breed M>rrow at onfe witli com* 

puuon in you. by reuon ]ruu ^lidl not be jible co Giid ;iny a^lve xhxi 

ttuy aire, covnfon, or bein^le them: yet. notwithitanding, to ihe end 

my repumtioin may i>oc ho^-er lon^ccr fuipendcd m your ofHnions, 

leeipjT you know mo to be a womui, and ricw me young, alone, and 

ihtu Mfired, being thir^ ;)11 oi them able, either joined at parted, 

m ovcnhcaw iJtc hnx crodii, I must be enforced lo unfold what 1 

could otfacfwifc most willingly conceal.' 

Aii ihu sbr» thit ippcired k> comely, »pokc without Mop or aig- 
fitiog. with to r«ady delivery, and «> vw«ipi a voice, at her dJscmion 
tdtturrd ibom no lea than her beauty; and, reiwiring ngvn iheir 
cxiaifdMiHnu and enireatiet to her to accomplish speedily her prun- 
ivr. \hr. icning an oo^neis ap^rc, drawing on her alvoes very mod- 
cttly. and winding up her hau, «at her down on a none, Eiod the 
other three about her, where ^ u»ed no little rioleoce to vmocher 
Ctruin rvbellioui tears thti strove lo break forth without her per- 
^adakm^ and ihrn, wiih a rejioscd and clear voice; shfi began the 
^Bbiory of her Ufe in lUi nunner: 

^^ *Ia ikit prorinccof AiwUtuia there is a certain town from ^fldicDDe 

diikv dwivcf his dnorauution, which maket him one of thoct in 

4rv called grandees. He hath two aonfr-Hhe elder i« heir of 

ttvet, and likewise, a« may be prev^med, of hiK vimies; the 

U hdr I knmv not of whit, if he be doi of Vdtado, hb 

iroacheries ot Gaiak>D'A frauds. My parent* ore thl^ nobloruut's 

tU ^ hnmble and low calhn^, hut 10 rich a^ if ll>c jrood* of 

bad ct^uiUed thoie of their fortunei, ih^n should they have 


had oothiag die to desifc, nor 1 icMcd iq tee myxlf 11 
fortune! wher«in 1 now am plunj;«), for peihops my miship* pn^- 
CMd from tint of lh«irt, in noe bdiig nobly detccoded. Thm it u 
dut tliry jLTt- Dur to bate u ilwy vhould ihrrrfore fhotnr their catEnjt 
nuf u hijfb M nuy dtcck my coikcji, which pemuJn mc thai mj 
diuucn fsrocccd fiiwn their lowncst- In coocluiion* they Art 
farmrr^ oiid pUtn people* but wttliout iny to^icb or »po< of haJ' 
blood, and, as w« usually lay, old, rusty Chritfianft, yet so ruity oad 
jncirnc as y?t thpir riches jnd rrognifk^nt pori ^lui ihun, by lutk 
^ud little, the tilk- cjf ^piiuliiy, yru, mid ut wuf^dp alio; altluMgh, 
the treasure and itobility whereof ihsy mj<t rooti price and 
mi to have had roe for tlidr daughter; and therefore, u wdl 
reatoo thai ihcy had none cthet heir than myxeU, u alto 
at affectionate porentc. they held me mott dear, 1 was ooe of the 
moti rruidr of M\d chrridicci ibughirrt ihar ever fnctirr brought up- 
I vi»« the mirror whcrvin they bcl^cLd (hcntsdvei, the sufl of thni 
old age, aod ibc vut^ect to which they addrcMed all their deum. 
from uhichf bccau«e they were owst virtuou*. mine did not ctray 
an inch; and even in the ume manoer thai I was Lady o£ their miod*, 
10 was I alio of iheir goodl By me were tervami admitted oc dn J 
miscd; tl>e opckc and accouiU of wlul wa:i «>we(! or icapnl [niwd^ 
ihrau^ my )uDdi; of the oil'milli., the wine-presie^ ibc aumbei 
of icrent and liltk catttCk the b«'hivc*--Tifi fim-, pf all thai m) rxh ;i 
fanner as my father was, had, or could have, I kept the account, and 
wat the oeward iheroDf and mistress, with such care of my side, and 
pleasutr ci xhnrt, a^ 1 ctnnof pn&iihly endear it mough. Tlie times 
of teiuixe that 1 lud in thr d^y. after I bad gjvcn kLm was neoeuary 
CO the head servants and uchcr labourers, I did eiMenain in tboie 
exerdaes which were both comineDdable and rcqtuHte for maideui 
10 idr. Lo nwin^ making of boM bc9, and many tunet haodtinj 
the ^uatf; and if lometimes I lefr thuie cscrcim id recreate 
oniod a Hiile, 1 wouU then Cake some fodly buok la land, or |4jy^1 
on the harp; for csEperkoce had tauiEht me ihjr misoc ardereih di»-J 
ordered nWU. and doth lij^titen the pjviiocu thai adUa the 

This was ■ * ' ' Med in my father's bouse^ the r«ooumin]t^ 

whereof 10 } - ^ tun Iwm ikioe fur oaentatiop, oor to 

gtf« you to undsHaod tk> I am rkh, biA ni die end yon may oui 


wilkom Biinc own fault, 1ut« 1 bllen from tluc haf>|>y 
ia:(l, tinio the unhapp>' pLifihi inio wtuch i iud now 
reduced. The hiitofyp ilter^forc, U rhis, ttui piutng my life in to 
many ocrupadoni, and that vrith (iich recolleconn u might be 
ooiTipAm] ui a rdigkiUK life, uji»ct]» a I thou^hli by »ny (xhcr 
pcr&on than ihooc ol ouf house; (or wbcR 1 wtot to rom k wai 
commonly ao early, and ao aecoai|9anitfd by my mother and other 
nutid-Mrvontft, and I myMlE 10 covered and ttr^ilul oa nune «ye» 
did Kiire »e tbe eanh whereon 1 trod: ^nd yet, noiwithsiandiog, 
thoce cl love, or, at I mjy bcfter i^m ilu-m, of idlm^B, 10 whkh 
Jynx eye* may not be oompoicd, did rcpfcacsii mc tn Don Fcrti^ndu't 
atfeciion and care; for (hu u Uk name of the dukc'i younger son ot 
ihom I spake before/ 

Scarct! had the named Don Fernando, when Cardonio changed 

r, nnd begin to tweac* with nx:h alteraiion of body and countp- 

loOBt ai die curate and b^ifbef i%hich beheld ii, feared thai tike 

jcddeot of irenzy did onauh liiin. whidi was wool (at tliey had 

beard) In pouett bun at timet. But Cardeiuo did nothing ebc than 

if and «tood ttill, beholdinj; now and then tbe country f^tU 

tiratght what the wat; wboi, wiihoin taking notice of Mt 

teration, followed nn her di^ntirtr in ihii ni;innrr; 

'And »:arce had be teen mc, when (at he hirnidf after confeiKd) 

be abode grtaily «urpnMd by my lovci aa hit actioru did after give 

evidcnc detnoBuranion. Bnt to conclude soon tbe relation of th<»»e 

miifonunet which ha^^e no eoncluuoii, I will owrdip in silence the 

diltfreiKei and pra^rices of Don Fernando, used 10 declare unto me 

IgteHdEaion. He tuboined all ilie fulV of the boiue: he beitowed 

PP^Buid bvoufs on my parents. E^cr> day wa> a holiday and a 

day of qmns in the strccu where 1 dwelt; ai nif;hc no man cotild 

tlecp for monc, IIm letters were innumerable that camn to my 

i^jha t***, wiihoui knowing «dio brought ibem, faned too Ml of amor- 

^^■1 coac^n and o^cn, and mnlaiuing mure prumim and protrua* 

^Bmu than characicrt. All which 001 ocily could not mollify my 

^Bkodbol rather Kafdencd it *o mixh as xt be were my mortal enemy; 

and ihctefure thd conttruc aD the cndeaYours ho used to gain my 

Hwill to be practised 10 a contrary endi which I did not at «> 
ting Don Ftfoando ungenilr. or that I eateemcd him too 




ioipomuiMt; for 1 took a kind oi delimit to bm mysdl to 
«fWincd uid bdoir«d of m> noble a f-entLcmAit; imt woa 1 an 
offtndai to lee hi* ppeti wn;un in my paitt; im, if I be not 
dtcvtved ia Oiii poifiit b? we Hcimcn ever io iaul, wv love to bor 
men coll ui beauuiuL But mioc honesty wu tlut ^«'bich oppoxil 
itvU umo lUl thc«c 1^i^g&, ^ind the cofitioual Admoeittcm oi 
parents, vrfiicb bad t>y ihii ptuul) pciccivcd Don Fcnuado't 
ctnc«v ft* 00* chit carrd not all ibe world abould know it. Tli*; 
woold o&cn my luiio me thac ibey bjid deposited tfaeif boaomi ud 
reputation in my vittuc almw ;ind dia:r«uoci« and bode me Coosda 
tW iii«i;|tuKiy llut wut between Doc Fcnundo jnd me, and tlui 
t migbt colica by i: bow hia thougbu (d:d be cvcf so mufa Afirm 
ih« CQQtniry) wero more addrcucxi to oompus his pfenurac ihu 
my prtiTit; ai>d tLn tf 1 ftared i»y inoomvcniince mij(hc bc£>U, 
the end ihfry mi^hc cross it, and cause him id abandon M« to tin) 
1 |Kj»uii, iIk^ u-uuM uutch Bie where 1 moa liked* eiiher to 1 
bat of that town or any othei town adjoining* nyii^ they rai|^ 
ed^y compass it, both by rcoaon of their jtrtat wralih and my fpod 
repon. I fortified my molmion and iniegriiy with these ccft^n 
ptumim «i>d the known tnith which they told m«v and therelore 
would nevvr jmi^rr to Don Pamanda aoy word thai mij^bt crer 
10 (ai off Argue the Ir4st hope o( u^ndeKendliDs to his dciire** AH 
wKich caiMioni of miac, which 1 think he deenkcd to be diadaiai^ 
Ad mlUmo more his bicivma appctjte {tor this u the name wher^ 
wiihal 1 ciKiilc hit aifoaion tov^^di dm), which, had k been tuch 
u il ought, you had not known k dow. be tbco the ouv o{ nvod- 
ing il ImI iwt befalko tn& Pbaly, Don Fttnando* 
buw my pumu nwEUK tn many m». to the end they might tnak 
wM hb hope o( ever prwrwing me, or at kMi m cooresoank 
pnMTvt miw hpoour. ancl thu ncrn or canBim wv an ocottte 
be did vrhM. fou ihiU prvitfotly beet. 

Tor, VMS o^it aa 1 fiu in ray dunfaer, cwly aiiettU by a 
nal<ka this wtrt^i mrv 1 hmng dtat tjbc doom wy mtm^ fiv 
leal* ihmgh oiy >tgliipn«>» <ny bonnHy mgbt incur any dan. 

kfttfNuw or imi#Bing bow k mirfa bappeo. nocwiih-' 
lIB mf iKMnwiWi «id nad pvmMe^ and umim the 
naliluda o( thia vWv and iw^flwtinaw he jBDod hekr^ me in m 



chatnbrf. Ae hit pfcsmcc I W2t v> Emublrd ;i% ] lo« boih ogbt am! 
speech, ind by ic^M^a tlicicof could not cjy> mui I thiid; 1>e would 
fiott tlxKjgh I had auemptod iu permit me; Cor be |>rc>cDtly ran 
ov«r 10 mci Afid, taking me between bs arms (tor, ii I have said* 
I wai »> anu^ed js I hud no power to defvnd mjrteU), tie ipak« 
%och cbingt to me as I know aoc how it U poaubki tint 9t> nviny Kei 
ihouki have al»ilify to frigii ihiug^ reieinbUng in diovr w much 
the inMh; aod tbc traitor ouxd tean to give credit 10 bis word»r 
and lij^ to f^ivt <ouni«QAikoe to hi« inn^ruon. 
% poor toiilt being alone amidst my fncnds, and weakly pTKtitcd 
>uch oAiits, be^n, I know not how, 10 account hii leaiiDgs for 
writin, bm nor in such soit ai hit tcaia or aigba might jny wiw 
mo^v Ene to any com{.u^oii utJA vrrre not conuncndablc And k\ 
the Era tmi>k acd ama^cmcot oC mind being pa«. I b^an again 
to recover my defectivi; spitiu, and then foid 10 bun, with mor« 
courage than I ibou^jht I should have had. "U, ai ) am. my lord, 
between your anm, 1 were between the pawi of a it«rce Uon, and 
t 1 werr roiidc certain of my liberty on condition to do or uy 
ythin^ prejuiijcial to mine honour, it would pro^ aa impouibk 
br mc to accept it as for that which once hath been to \ca\x ofl hii 
eneocc and being. Wherefore, even at \<iu ha^« engirt my middle 
wifh your armtt to hfccwrtc have I ricd ixa my mind wiih vinuotu 
and fofcible dearcs thai are wholly difTcTcni fracn youri, at you 
dull perceive, if, Acekir.g to force mc« you pro-jmc 10 puas funhcr 
Wkh your (oordmatc d^iigtu ] am your ▼jual, but not your ilave; 
nor hatli the DubLliiy of your blood power, nor ought it 10 Juiden, 
to dtihooout, Slain, or hold in little accouni <h« humility o[ mine; 
and 1 do esteem mytelf, though a CMiiUry vreuch and farmei^i 
duiglitcr, A3 mudi as }X>u can you»elE, though a nofalenun and a 
kmL With me )t>ur vioknee ihaU not prevail, your richen jcaun any 
j^race, your wordi ha\« power to decetve, or your U(ths and tcan 
be able to move; yd, if I %H;ill find 3t\y of these profenies tttenttoned 
him whnra my pjmu ^uU plr;iir 10 bcimw on nw for my tpouat^ 
will prcKntly subjea my wiU to hb. nor thiU it ever vary from 
mind a iot; ta that, if I mifchi rrmain with honour, althou^ 
trmcd void of delimits yet tvould I willingly beeiow on you that 
you pvcMOtJy labour n much 10 cfctainr all whkh I do aa) 



to divert yoor tmpsg dioughz from ever iliuikinfc ilui 
txuj obotn ot me aught who is doc any bwfol ipoiue.'' "if the lei 
guIy cppwbs tbereia, mott bcmtifiil Dow th ga" Ifiof k> I ain called)* 
uuwcnd thr diilof^ lord, "bcitokl, [ givr thr« b«e mjr haod to 
be ifaioc alooc; sod let dw hciivoUt irooi whkk tmhiDg b coo* 
otalei).«Dd tfau nmigc o£ Our LAd]r» wfakk tbou biit hoc pfcieii« 
b« witoMwt of diift tnnhP * 

When Cardenio heard her ay Out the wu called DoftidMa, ht 
Ml agsin iaio his former nnpicion, aod ui the end coofifmed Ids 
(ud opuuon lo be ini^ but would not tmem^ bes speech, bdn^ 
deainxu u> koow the lucccu, which he knew wholly iIiDtut belcre, 
aad therefore uid only, 'Lady, u it pouiblc that you arc luifDcd 
DoTDChea? 1 have hcii6 report of another of that name, which 
pcrhapt hath run the like courte of your misfortune; bat 1 reqtxfl 
yaa to Goniiniw yo^ir rcbikifir for j time may come whrreiD I ttaj 
rccouni unto you thui^ of ihe uirie kind, which will breed no tnoM 
wlmiriiioa/ tXiroihea noted Cvdenki's wordi and his uocoudi 
ukd diustroiu attire, AUkd then coucaied him very tostaoUy if be 
kjMw anything of her alTairs be wouM acquaint her therewithil; 
for if forruoe had left her any good, ie wjs only the courage whidi 
the had m hrar patiently any diusier thai ntglv befall her, beiqg 
certain in her opinion thai no new one could arrive which raighi 
increase a whii those jhc had already. 

'Lady, 1 would not let dip the occasion/ quoth Cardenio, 'to tcU 
yoti yvh^t I thm^ if that which I im:i^ne \vere true; and yet there 
if DO commodity left to do ii, nor can ii avail yo;i much to know ii/ 
'Lee ir be what it list/ uid Dorothea; 'but that which after befd of 
my reUiion w^ ihja: Thjt Don FernjJido look an image that was 
in my chamber tor wiincu cif our contrtct, and added withal moot 
forcible wordi and unuiujJ oithv promising unto me to become my 
hutband; ihhougb I warned him. before he had ended hit speech, 
to ire well what he did, and lo weigh the wrath of hii father wlien 
he thonid sre him mjtrrin) to nne «> ba» and his vavtal, and thai 
therefore be tbould take heed that my beamy (»uch a» it was) 
^lould not blind him, seeing he sbodld noc find therein a su^tcient 
excuw for hit crrar, and thai if he meani to do mc any good, J 
conjured him, by the love that he hon unto me, to licence my for 



I^IOT' ■ 


DOKOTHEa's STOftY 26l 

net 10 ruk ui their own «ph««, jocording js my quality rwch«d; 
ioT such un«qttil mjtcbet tki iwver pleats long, nor pvf severe with 
ihjj ilelq;lil wlucnrwitlul t}ie> tx^an. 

'AU the fedx;ii3 bcsc rtrbc4nccj I said unto him, and nuny mcire 
ich DOW Are falicn out o( mind, bui yet proved of no ciBcocy to hiin iiQCi hU obstinate purpou; even like unto one th^i goetli 
lo buy, «nth intentio.1 never to pay for what he takct, and tbere- 
t'cir^ finvr OKisidrrt ihc ^cc^ VftKih, tit drfrn of ihr aiilT lir (ukn 
to cicdit- I At thi) ^A3on nude a brief dixourM', and u'td that lo 
aiyscUt "^l may do this, tor J am ooc the lirst which by nutiimooy 
hath okokM from a low dcgrt« lo a high cauic; nor ihall Don 
Fernando he the first wbon> hejuty or tdind afToction (fur that 1* 
the mou c«nain) haUt induced io snake cb(ii>c« of a conson uneqtial 
!o hii graiuctt. Then, unctf berBn I create no new world nor 
a»iom, ^Hat error can be committed by embracinjc the hoixnv 
whcrewiihaJ fortune croons me, although k so befel that his atfec- 
lion to me endured no Voider than till he accomplished his wiU^ 
for before God \ ccnet ^KaU dill retnain hu wife. And if I ihotdd 
di«d,iin(iil[y gi\f him t\tt lepi^Uc, 1 vx him now in tuch trrnu as, 
perhaps foigccting the duly ci a tioblentan* be niiy use violence. 
and tbcD iball 1 ntnuln (or ever dtahonourcd, And alto widwut 
excuse oC the impuiatioos of the igikorant, which knew not bow 
CDtich without any fauh I have fallen into thit inevitable danger; 
for whit reaantu may be su&iently forcible to persuade my father 
and oihcri that tlus nobleman did enter iiuo ray chamber wiOwu: 
my consent?" AU ihciit demandi and answers did I. in an initant. 
ftnilve in mine imaj^notwn, and found myself chiefly forced (bow 
I cannot tell) to aitent to his pcctiton by the wiuieiset be invoked, 
cha leart he shod, and fimlly by hli iweet ditpotitinn ;Lnd cortidy 
(dture, which« accompanird wkh w m:iny argiunrnu u( unfcigixd 
•tfectkm, were able to conquer and enthral] any other heart, though 
-:c at fret and wary as mine own. Then called I for my wailing- 
;ju-vl thai sJw mi;;ht on eanh accompany the ceUstia] witn«t»ei. 

'And then CXm Fernando turned again to reiterate and confirm hi* 
UMtii, and idded la hit formoi uther new saittti a\ wiineta^t. and 

shed a tlioosaiid succecdtnjf maledicrJocis lo li^hi on him if he 
not accomplish hu pmcabe to me. His eye* again waxed moist. 



bi« tighf iocrvasod, and himtdf tfnwreathed me more araitly b«- 
iwc^B his xrtns inan which he hud iirvvr once lamed me\ lad wtiH 
ihi^ ^d my taudcu** dcpanurc, 1 kh [o be a nuidefi, aod he b^n 
u> be ji iiujtor and a disloyii mm. The <by thai niccecdcd to the 
ai^ht of my mtibapt CAme noi, 1 thinlCf m> soon i« Doa Fnaudo 
dcurcd it; for, :iftcr a man haeh laiuGed ihai which ibt ippctiit 
co\'cii, ihc grcjiiest di^iUght it can u^ idtr it to :ipttn iuelf frovn thtf 
place where the dc*ire w« nocomptishrd. I wy ihi*» hticao?* Don 
PeniJodo did hii&;cn hit di'funtrv Inxn nx: by my nuid'i indiutry. 
who was the vcty Mmc ih^t had broti^-ht him in:o my dumber, be 
wai got in the street before dawning. And ai hii departure ixtm 
me be said (aIihouf;h not with to j^reat sKow oC afTtctioii and vehe* 
mency » he had used :it hit coming) iKat 1 might he secure a( his 
faiih, aruf ih.n hi^ otrht wrtr firm snd mna: tnir; ai^d for a 
condirmdiion oF his wofd> he look a rich ring off liis fifigef and pm i 
on mine. In iinc, be ckpancd. and 1 remained behind, J cannot wd 
tay whether ioyhi] or ud; btii U^is mudi 1 know, thai I reitcd con- 
iwd and penM^«» and almost beade nyseU for the late mbchaoct; 
yei either 1 had net the heart, or else I forgot to chidp my maid for 
her irejchery coninttireil by !(hi]ftin>; up Dan FerwuMin in my 
chiimbcr; forms yet 1 could nm drtcxmirc whciHer th:tt whloh had 
bcfftUcfi mc was m good or an evil. 

'I md to Don Fctnjndo, at hii departure, \h^t ho might tee 
other nighci wh^n he pleased, by the tame mtans Ixr hitd come iK> 
night, vdng I wai his mvn. and would refi », until it pleased him 
to let tlie world knuiv ;1ui I was hit wife. Bvt he never returned 
again but the next mghi following, nor could T sec him after, for 
the «pace o( a month, either in the stred or chiirdt, to as I <Bd 
spend time in vain to expect him; alihoi^ I understood that be 
fiill if] town, v%i rode e\-ery other day a^hunttng, an acertise 
whkh lie was much addiciftl. 

*T1ui3c days were. 1 Itncvw, unfortunate arul accursed to me, ind 
those howr* sorrowful; tor in them I brgan to dcnibc, luy. rather 
wholly to discredit Don Fernan<lo'i (akh; and my maid did then 
hear loudly the diecks ! pvo unto her for her prs^iimpioo. &vtr 
until then dloemhlnf; and I wai. monwer, cof»itrau»rd to wstch 
and Vtxp guard on my t^ars and countenance. Icu I should gWc 




^ w as U 

Dorothea's stort 363 

to my paff RU lu dtm-tud of rnc the cuue of my ditrr>nc«-n(%, 

and thertfay ett^agi* n\e lu tue arobaga 4>r untrutln m cover ihrm. 

Ikic jU (hii cii^ in on iiuunt* one mometx arnviii|E nlieTci>fl a\\ 

tbcac rcspc«a ttumbtod, ^ hoaounibic difcourrrci ended, paiifnoc 

wai ion, and my men hidden mctcu luucd m public; which wat, 

Q ihtn W31 tpr«id a ccnatn rumour thfoughout the town, 

n 3 ffW dap jEtcr> ilut Don FfTnafttlo hid flurried, ia a city 

near adfOidtDg, 4 dainsid of iurixoung bifjuty, ojul uE very ocMt 

birth, 4]lhou^U not so rich u ooukl deiervc, b> her preferment oc 

6owrf, so worihy a hmtund; U WJ4 aUo toid that Uic wxi named 

Luci fl di, with miny other ihiogt that hjppMktd at thoit etpotiuU 

worthy of adnuration.' dr<Wmo hearing Locinda nanwd did iMtb- 

Utj cUe but lift up his shoulders, biic his lip, bend hit brows, ind 

jfter a link while )Hed from hi» tjG two Sood* of tean. But yet 

for aQ thdt Dorothea djd oot itucmipt the fiic of her hlMocy, ttyio;* 

This doleftil newi came to ray buirin^; ajkd my heirt, tDstaid of 

freezing iberacM, vm fo ioflmed with choler ami nfte, en I had wed* 

■ aijih run tnn 10 th* iirei*!. ind wiiH ouicrirt puMi^tHrd tUt. deceit 

ai»d 1JC9IDO that wa^i doiK^ in mc; hut my (ury W3s procnily a^iuaged 

' by the resolution which I made to do what 1 put in ococutioo the 

I fvry umc tiighl, And then I put on this habit vvhtch >'ou ice, boing 

I fiTtauntomobyon«of thowchatcmoQg u& country folk are called 

iwaini, wbo wai my fathor'i servant; to whom 1 di5ck>wd All my 

mbfonunes and r«)i)eued him to aooompany me to the dty wtwre 

tlinderuood my cncttiy tojoumed. He* after he lud repiiiended 
y boUncn. perceiving mc to ha^t on inflexible resoluiioA, nude 
ter 10 Bt:end on me. 31 he uid, uato the end of the world; and 
vctttjy aficr 1 miucd up tn a ptilow-bear a woman's aiiirot tortw 
money, and itm-rls, 10 prerent nfNXfitiei that might befal: and in 
ifw nlmce of iiight. without acquainting my treacherous maid with 
my purpose, I iivued out of my houae, JKCompatued by my aervunt 
and many imaj^inaticnt, and in that manner set 00 towards the cityi 
Mid ilbou^h 1 u cnl on loot, waa yet borne away Hymg by my deiirei. 
Id oooie, if not tn rime enoogb to h£ncWr that which wa« piAi. yet at 
kiM 111 demand of Don FetTundo that he vndd tell me w^ih wlut 
omKience of iolI \k had done it- I arrired where I wiibod witiun 
twu days and a half; uid at the entry of the city 1 demiadcd where 


Luanda hex btW dwelt; ^ad he of whom 1 firu detnanded ifac 
queHMMl innvrrrt! ntr marv itun 1 tfAirnl 10 lifir. He sliown) sv 
ihc hoafc, ^nd rcccunicd 10 mc aU thu bcfel 4t ibc dji^iio't 
marr^^, bdng a ihmg >o piibUc «nd known in the cit/, as incn 
inndc meetings of purpou to diiconrK thcfcoL 

'He taid to rtM that Om very night whervtn Don Fefoafldo urat ■ 
espoused to Lucindi, after she hjd given her fonteot lu be hit wUe^^f 
the wa4 inK^tntly aiuiled tiy a lerribte occideiit tlut aUick \ua into i^« 
if«oce, aod her spouse approachiftjt ui tiocbsp her bowtn ihui ibe 
mifsht take the oir, found a paper folded in iti v^fitten vrilh Luanda'! fl 
DivD hand, wherein she i:iid and decbred that ifae could not be Don 
Feroando't wtfe« beciutc the wit already Oirdmio^ who wa^ 11 
the nun told me, a vny principal gentleman of ibc ume city; ofid 
ihxif she lud given her consent 10 Don rcrnaDdo> iT was only done 
becauM ahc would not disobey her pa/cots. In conduuocu he loU 
me ihit the paper made aUo mentioa how ifae had 3 moluiioQ id 
kill hercelf presently after die marriage, and did alto by dowftj 
iTvrein the mctivei ihe had to <iu ii: all Vi')u::h» as ilKy lay, wu Gdn^| 
finned by a ponurd ihut was found hidden jbout her in het apporeL 
Which Don Fernando perceivin^i pretuming that Luanda did floul 
him, anil hold htm in Lrtle accc^uni, he Kt upon her ere thit wits cume 
CO h^J'ielf, and attempted (o kill her with the very t^me ptmiard, and 
hod docie it, if her fath« and other fiicnds which wcte prcu-ct lud 
not 0f)f»ted ihemuhn and hindered his detcrminackm, Monaver, 
they reported that prexmly afier Don Fefnando atweottd 
bom ihe cky, and thai Lucinda turned not out of her ngony 
the next day, and then recounted to her parents how the wai verili 
^ufe to that Cordenio of whom we ipake even now, 1 
besidrt ihoi Carden», ai h u rumoured, was prcenl ai i]te 
and that as soon as he saw her mimetl, being a thing lie wvuli 
ne^'fr have crediicdi dqtttted out of the city in a dciperate 
but fttn Itii bdiind him a letter, wherein he shovred at Urge tl 
wrong Lucinda had done to htm, and that he himsetf m^m to 
to lome place where profile ihoald never aftn hnar of him. All ihti 
was notunotis, and pufahcljr bruited throughaiA the dty, and c^er| 
one qvke ihcreol, but roo»t of all luviog rrry soon after undci«i 
that Lt^nda wai miwng fmm her parcnu' hot»e and the city, 


ihe could fwt be found in Ecu!tcr of bcxli; for whjch bcr parenu wcie 
aIxikm bc»(lc ihcTDSchn* not koowin^ what mcani to uic to tinti her. 
'TbcfC nrws rr<f ucm] my hoptt a^n to Uwn f4nk». iind I e»teciiMO 
ti b«fter TO firtd Don Fefoiodo uanurned than nurfi«d, prciunaiog 
thn y» ilif g3tvs of my rnuedy ^«re ikoc wItoUy shut, 1 ^viog my 
self to UDcirf^JTid ilut Ht^i^'eu tuul pcradventure aM ihai imj«etlj* 
racnt on ihc second nurrugc to nuke kim tindcrstjnd vt\u\ he 
ought to the first, am] lo rcmetnber )k>w he vw a Chritftan, and 
that he waf more obliged to hU fioul dun tti humin rcipecu. I 
re%*oKed oli <hcv ihingi in my mind, :ind a>mL'nfil(*u <lid |ft conv 
fon mfwlf, by (cigniD^ ^rge yet langujfhtng Iwpc^ to siut;iin ifut 
which I W3Vr do to inuch abhor. Aik! whilst I Maycd thub In ihc 
V Ignortat what 1 mi^hi do, tcdng I found not Don l-Vriundo, 
I heatd a crier ^o about publicly, promiiiag great rcwanli to any 
ooc ihai could 6nd me out. giviof^ ti^ni of the very age and ai^rtl 
I wore; and 1 like^^ luMrd ii was luuirei) jbru^d ilui llw youth 
which came with me had carried me away inxu my fatliei'i houK 
— a thiojc that touched my soul \tty ocarly, to view in) crmlct lo 
fjrojUy wrecked, M^rif; that il wa> not lulficient to have lott ii by 
my GMiUfig ^^'Jy* withoi;: the addition [of} him wtth whom I 
defuned* being a subject to ba«e aivd unwonhy a( my loftier 
ihwi](hi^ I laving hcwd ihii cryi I deponed out of the citf with my 
icrruit, who even then began to gi\t lokcm that he faltered Li the 
y he had promtwd to me; and both ol m togcthcf entered the 
ume night into (he mo^c hidden pans of thi« mountaini fearing 
we might be fmmd. But, m it it commonly taid that one evil 
I on aujiiher, and tliat ll>e eiid of one diiaiier 't\ the hq^imuntj of 
. Ki proved k willi me; for my good scryanU until then 
I JLnd tntAy« rather incited by hi» vJlany th.m my bc-itit). 
he to have caLen the benefit of the opportunity which thntf 
itafde placet offered, and tolicTted me of love, with little tKame 
fear ot G<x!. or rnpcct of mysHf; sw\ nc^w irein^ thai 1 
\us iinpudciuzes with wverr ami fepiehcouiir wmiI^ Icjv- 
iaa Aft caireaiici awdc whcrewithaJ he thought fir^t to have cuto* 
puvd hiA vnlk be bex-Ai to u»e hi« force: but juu Hcavrr.. which 
•ddom or never ne^lecu the juu m^s asiiuance. did v> hvitar my 
proc«edin^ ac with my wcdc forces, and very Etttle labout, 1 threw 



him doivn i steep rodt, ADd ihcrc I left him, 1 koc-w not w^M ihcf , 
aUv« or dead; and prrs^rntly I «mered m amonx t^vt« mouo^^^H 
with mori! iwtCioeu itun my far uid weanii«i« required, hm^^ 
therdn no cxhcr proit*ci or dnifpi tlun m hide myiell in thm, as<] 
idmn my f^uEicr and ochcn, which b>' hit «nucaty Emd nmiu Kjogk 
for tnc everywhere 

'Some mnnthi aro past linoe my fine coming Wrr. where 1 louiul 
a btfdm^n, wtk> caxried mt to a vUbgv vtatod in the mtdn of ibcie 
rocks, wheretn he dw^lt^ and «ntefniii«d me, whom 1 hive Krvfd 
ui a «lK|^irfd ever aifice. prucuiin^ M miich ju lay m ras lo ahkh 
AiiQ in ibc field, in corer these !uu) whkh hjve now so uaexptcxeJtf 
bctray<d mc; >vt all mf cjtc md indoary ii^^ilcd no<t socinK my 
mflAcf came at btt lo ch« nocicv ihoi I was po mia, but a 
which vrii ^n occaticn that th« like ovil ihou|;ht cpruQg in him 
before in my servjim; ind Jt fofnme gitcs not ^Iwayr remedy 
the (ificuJiiei which accur* 1 fouad adihet rock but <hii 
to cool 4iid ctifc m) m;t)tcr*» jnArmity. i^ T hid dcirw (<v ni} 
and iherefore 1 jccouiitvd it a ]e«s inconvenience lo dcpAH tJi 
and hi<le m^'self again among thew dcflcru, than to odvrtwurc 
Trial of my (trength or rcaton with hire- tbcnfara^ a» I i:ay, I ti 
10 imbnOc mytclf, and «i*:irch out some pbn vhef^ wfthmir 
cncumbriDCv; 1 might eiurc^t HcAven, wiUi my \i^% and Ccnn. 
have compauioii oq my miih^p, and lend me indiutry otkS b«our. 
dthcr to unit forruiuMely out of it, or die to die imidii ihoc tnl^ 
VkiAn, not le^vin^ any memory of a wrrtch, who hath mmiaerrJ- 
matt«r, alihoiigh not through her own Mnx\r, that mvn may ifcak.] 
and murmur of hrf, hgfh in hrr oiA-n and in ochr^ coonoWi,' 


ftoai TiiEAn Of tiic Di«ctET>cw or the B&^tiTFyL Dor^tieia, 

AXD THS ArtiF'^UL Mi>0>-U L'(m TO DmUADt THS Amokm^ 

Rmk-^tt mom (VivtikijIn*: Hi\ Pciukick; avd How Hk Wa* 
GorTK:^ AwAv; Wmi Mlnv OmuDiLiafTFULAM) Pu.%iA>a 


THIS is, mt, the true rcJaEicf) of my iiag^dy: sco th^reforv, 
now, ani jti<)gr, ntM«h«f chit tighs you heard, tht yeoriv to 
wKirh yins liticnvd, and ihr tr«r» ((ut giii4v<l out at muie 
cyxit have noc had sufficicni occa&ioit no appear in gr^icr abundauu; 
AAd, having coiuidcrcd ihc qudity of my ditgrjioc you ^11 pcr- 
cdvfi all comfort lo be v^d* a<«ing the remedy thereof b impoiiihle' 
Ooly I will rei^uest %i your hoiidj one fivour. u'hich )Ou ou^hi 
ami OUT ea&ily gr->nAi =id ii, thai you will add/eu me unlo ioni« 
pUce wnerv I fr-;!y Live nccurc from iht- iatt njui siiiiipkiDii I lu%'c 
to be found by tboic which I know <k> d^ly tm^d in mj pumnt; 
fbT Plough 1 xm turc iKit my pattau' gt^t jRcaion coward mc 
doth wartant me I o be kindly rccdv-cd ar>ci eiiccnairMd by them, 
yrt the dume ii vc gmi th:it poupucth me, only to think llut 1 
tlull not return lo ihrlr prciscrit^c in tlui ttace which they cupoa, 
^ 1 accouDE a tit IxftcJ to bjr)Lih myKlf ffoni ihclr ught for Circf* 
^Hia once u> behold their i^zc wah the IcAit s^^picioa that they 
^(lia wxxuld behold mkiw, dirorced from that honeuy witich whilom 
my rooden bchivSotir promiwd/ Hefc the ended, and her fjf«, 
uicUeoly ovemifi by a lovely scartet, ptnpktMXJ^y denoted tli« 
(ee&nfi aiul bothfulncti of Iicr soul. 

The ludienti of her a*d story felt srcat modoru both of ptty and 

jdmiratirm fcr her mij&rttino; ind a^ihoii>;h the cttra:c (bought 

comfort and toiinvel her forthwiih, yet ^ai Iw prewmed by 

lo, whn, taking her RrsT by the hind, taid ai bsr, 'l-^dy, ihou 

the br:iimful DoroiI>ea, dii^^F«T iin-M nch CIrnjrdo.' I>;)forheJ 

nf ^drniri^ when ibe beard ha father'} name, and u^v cl l-mw 

3ti8 DDN QViXOTB. 

little value he vented who lud mmtd him, fur we tuve alreidf 
rccuuninl how j^^triJIy CuJifitki wa» clolbed; tod theniar^ the 
Siud unto lum. And who irt tlKt^i. (ncnd, Uiin knowcxt so wrll 
father's name? lor imiil thu hour (if t hnvc not forgortcn my 
I did not once njmc him Uiroughoul the ^hok diaeonrM of 
unfonunaie taW.* 

'1 am/ 2D>we«nl Cirdrfiio, 'the unlucky kni^ whncn 
(afi thou takiA) a&mcd lo be her huiband. I am the di 
Cardcnio, srhofn the wkkcd procctding cf him thar hath 
ttfoughi ihce to thoM termi nhetein thou an. hath amducitd me 
the Kiaie ui which I atn^ and ihotJ nuyu behold — rj^jjcd, 
abandoneil by all human comforr, jikI, t^hai ii wceie, vuid of len 
seeing 1 only er^oy it hot ai mxoc few ihort limcst a:id th^ wbea 
Heaven pleajcih to lend it me. I am he. Dorothcat that w« proEEt 
at Don Fcrnando'« unrouonahke wedding, and that beard the coo- 
sent which Lacinda g:i^'e him to he hit wife. 1 wu be thai 
noi the courage to my :tnd see the end of hef trance, or what 
of the paper foiinJ in Iki hotom; for my loul had not paiter 
suflcfAaGc to behold m> many miifortunes ai once and tbcrcloi^ 
abADdoncd the plafc and my patience lo^ethcr, and ottly tdt 
letter with mine host, whom I ^ntreited to deliver it into L 
her own hands, and then came into tbeie de^en*^ with tesoluii 
to ervd in ihcin iiiy niisevahle life^ which, aincc tlui huur, I haw 
hated as my moat monal enemy; but fociune hath not pleased to 
dqnive mc of !:, ihinking it m&neot to ha%'e Impaired my vrit. pcf^ 
haps receiving mc iot the good success bciaUcn me now in fifK^ 
of yourself; for, that bmg true (as 1 belicw h h) which you ba 
here diicourvxt, perj.lvcnture it m:iy have merved yet belter 
for Its both tit our diu^ers than we cxpeix 

Tor. prt5uppo»'ng that Lucinda cjinoot marry «ntb Ddd F 
naodo, becatj»e tht is nune, oor Don Fernando with her, beo 
yu\itt^ and that she hath decbred vo manifestly the same^ wt 
well bi>]ie that Heaven hath meant to reston to ei^ ooe 
**T ' ' i'^ own, seHnp ri yci ninusii In heii^ noi mai^ awjy 
ar. And Kciiif* this cocnfort remains, txit ^Miing from an 

very remote hope, nor founded on idle uumiio, 1 requist ihee. 
lady, to take oiKxbcr rMolwion in thine honourabtc tbot^f, ae 


i ttic&xi to do k in IDIOCY aad kt us acconunoditc outkItcv to expect 
(cf »uc<«3i; for 1 do vow uoto ihec. 6y the faith of jl fcntieBUa 
diriuoD, OCX 10 Ibfiake iW uniil 1 $ee ihee in Doo Feriundo't 
pt w a a^x >g; and whcti L kIuU noc, by mtoos be able to iodik-'e him 
to acknoitled^ how far he rcsu indcbttd 10 ihcc, ihcn wiQ 1 u«c 
the librrty grifiicd to mc as a gvnclcman, and vith ju« btk chatlcn^ 
him lo the fWld to mpv:i ot the wrong he h^th doiw unto thee* for- 
gKting wholly nune owo ioiune^ whote rff%^eog« 1 will l*iv« 10 
Heawn, that 1 m^ be Me to right yoan on eanh/ 

Dtirothe:a roied wondeifuUy admired, luivinjf kiiown «ikd hcnird 
CmJeaioh ind, ignoring what conifwteni thaoki ihe might fctuin 
Km bi tttiffactJOD ot his Urge offcn, ihc cut bcnelf down at hi« 
ba lo hive kiued them, which Oardemo would noc pemut; and 
the licentiate am^«red tor both, prainng gKiaitj Cirdenio's di^ 
cnuEv, and chiefly cntreuccd, prtyvd, and coumelled them, tint ihey 
would go with Inm Co hi» vUbgvv where ihcy might At themselves 
with luch thiogi as ihcy wanted, and also take order how to scirch 
out Dofl FcmoAdot or cury Dcfothca 10 her father's h(Mtfie> ot do 
«!» what ihey deccwd moa oonvenienc. Cardeoio and Dorothoa 
grnlScd hit rourten^ sod accej.'^jnl the f;>voar he prpferred. The 
tttfftier ahu, wbo lijd m^id ^L tiie while silent Jtnd si^ipvoJeJ, nude 
thecn a pretty dboourte, with a% friendly 4n oiler of hinudf and his 
service as master cunie* and bkewise did bridly relate the oocuioo 
a£ iKrir cnming thiiher with the extravn^ant kind of madneu which 
Don Quixote had. anil how ihry rvpected now Kii K|iTire's recism, 
whom ihey had xns Jo «*arch for him. Ordmio having hcflid 
hirn named* remembered preMnily, a& ni a dream, the conllia 
passed becweea them both, aind recounted li unto lhcm» but 
o«dd not in Jny wise call to mind the occasion iheraof. 

By Utif lime they beard one call for them, and knew by the 
voice tlut it wai Sinchri Pinna's, whti, b«:au>e he ^tind ibem not 
the place where he had left them, cried oui for them u loudly 
be mi^hi. They went to nsoct hmo, and demanding for Don 
[Mr, he anrwcred that he found him all naked to his skin, letn* 
almotf <ksd for hunger, and lighiog for hU Lady Dukioea; 
and, ahhouf;h he had told htm how she commanded him to repair 
pnattnily to Tofauso, where ihe expected Um, yo, notwithsiaading. 


he tOffwem) that Iw w^ <lticitrun«d nevtr to Appear hdort he 
beauty itnti] be had done fnu that ahouUI nukt turn worthy td tcr 
Xraoout favour. And then the «quire afirmed, if that hiunour 
paucd on Jtny furrHer, tie icsmd hit loid wo^Jd h^ in daogcf c«vtf 
lobccomein tftnperor, 31 he wjcbriund inhooour, no, DOra caribuL 
wbich Wiis ihc Ir.i^ itut <x4iid \m: cx[>ct;ccd of hinu ^_ 

The liccDtiiM bid bim be ot good cheer, for d>qr wvwid briii^| 
him ffDcn ihciKC v^cdicr be would or no; ind ncooraod to Car^V 
dento ind Dorothea what ihey had btf^ougbt for Doa Quisvot^i 
rem«ly, cr, at traer, for che carrying him hom^ ra his hnuse. T> 
that Dorothea aiuwerad ibat ihe tM>Ldd countcrfdr the diUfCMEd 
lady better ibaa the barber, and chiefly neing ^ \ud appwd 
wherewithal to act it most naturally, and therefore denred ihmi n 
leave to her charge tbc reprcseming o( all that whidi thouhl be 
needful for the achieviBg of their detign; tor the bad read auar 
bonki of knigbtbocxl, and hntw wvU the stytr that ditfrcvd 
darDsels usrd when xhty ttx^acnai any Uvour cif kni;pbtvacWeaUl^ 
CIS. 'And then ne«i we nothinfi elsc^' quoth ibc curate, "but oolr 
to put our purpose prcftcatly in executton: £or, qtiaxionlcttr good 
cucceu n;mi on car t:d<, ccvtng it h»h «o uuacpccudly begun 
already to open ihe gxm of your rvincdjf, and haih alio facibaiud 
for o^ thit wIk-i tuf \ie had iDOVi necenity in this eiigent/ Dofotha 
took fonh^^-ith cm oi ber paHoW'bcar a whole gown of very rkh 
siutf, and a short nuntle of auoeber green Auff* and a CK^r 
nany ether rich jeweb out of a box, wbcrewithal dw 
benelf in a trice to gorgeoudy it ibe vemed a very rkfa and 
lady- All which, and modi more, she bad brought wiib her. at she 
laidt ixonx her houic, 10 prevent whit might happen* hot never bad 
any use of thctn until ihcn. Her gracet gesture* and bcuuty bked^ 
them ah extrenitly, and mide them account Don Fcrniatki to be 
man of linlt underttandingt teeing he contomiMd euch fi 
But he which wai mmt of all admired was Sanho Rmza, 
at be tbotighl (anJ it wai » indeed), that be bad nm in all ibc 
dayi of his life before acen 10 bJr a aeaiure: tod he rrc|ueaied the 
curaie* very tcfioudyr to idl him who that b^utiful bdy wa^ aid 
what she iou|rht among ihow tboroufj^i^roL lliu fair lady, friend 
Saacho,' answered thr curate, "la (aa tf a man said aothing tfar is 

wy rkh 


grvat) hetf-gppaf«ai. by cUmx line, of the rmghty bngdocn oE 
Uicotmcoa, ind curma m Ute aejich of yuur Ifinl, lo doniod a 
booa of btm, which is, ihat be wiU destroy ^nti undo .1 f^reaE wroo; 
dooe unio bcr by 2 wtckod ^Eiant; and, throu^ ihc grtdt fame 
which ii tpftad over aU Ciinnea of your lord's provress, tfau prtnccs* 
ucocnoiofiDdhioiour.' 'A hj>pfyccarcbcr, andafomtuwIlDdtagr 
<]ticiili Sandn; 'and chicly, if my ruAtcer be so h^?^ ai to rigbt due 
ittjury jutd redr«^ th^t wrong t)' kiUii^jf lh4t, Ol ihe oii^bly lubber 
gf a pane whom you uy. Yea, he vritl kill bun, I am very certain^ 
iibftCkaoaoebat inccchun,andif hebenotaspint; for my master 
hath no kind of pcu-cr over «piriti. But I mtift raqucvt one favour 
of you among other* roo» Ani««ily, good maoer Jtotndatt, and It ii, 
thai ID the md my Uxd nuy not take an huiDour of beanning a 
catdinal (wbkb u the thin^ I fear mo&t in ihi* worM), Out ^ou 
WiU giv« him counu:! to matry thit pnnccM pfe»eatly, and by that 
iBCflBi be «hall remiin inciFuble of the chgniiy of a cofdioaL, and 
win toroc very easily by hu enipif«, And 1 to the cad oC my deiirev; 
for I have thought vrell of die toaner, and have found that ic b in 
PD wtac enpedteni tbat my lord ibouU brcnme a cardin4l; (or 1 am 
wholly unfit for aoy ccdeaastical dl^ruiy* acciDg I am a mafricd auo* 
and ihcrWorc, to tfoubtc mytclf now wUh se^ng of diipcoKttioQft 
to ««4oy church &*ings, bavingt A' 1 bivvv both wife and cbildrmt 
wvm never 10 «ad. *So rh^it all my good coaiittt in that my lord do 
rtMrry ihb princeu Intijorly, whose namr yec 1 know not, and 
^Bebtfe I ha%<e nor &ud 11.' 'She i% hight/ quolh the curate, 'tbe 
W feccg Micomioona; for her kingdoca being called M JC pm i c on. 
it if evident ihe mtm be termed to.' 

That it quenjoobn,* quoth Sancho; '(or 1 have known many 
» take ihcJf denoralnjition and uimame twm the placv ctf char 
cafBng thcmtelvos Pcier of AJcala. fohn of Ubob, and 
of V^dobd; and pahapi in Guinea princes and quecna 
nme ciutom, nnd calJ tfoem^elvea by the namet oi tbdr 

I think/ quoth the curve; 'and ^ touching your ma(ier*t 

ge With h<-r. ! will Ijbcmr tbemn at moch at liet in my 

,* WKrrrwithjl fun^ihn remained as well wiuficd as tb^ 

sdmbed it his aimpticky, and 10 see how firmly he had 





DtittriMJ in cfanipacehMl eotttn u|na 
tmita bad i oo m i Am bccur haed the bend wlncb be m 
the ox's ud 4NI Itti dcct lod <&l i&^ Hiti na^ y^y^ to coide i^9 
to flic pUc« wkem Doa QuixDCe wu, aod ^dwjgUtd b«m wvlul 
ihn he ifaould m do wiic cake any Dotn cf die amo* or birfe. 
or confm in nny nn ih:if Hp Lnrw rhrm, (txr dwedn ooovu^ 
all Uh iikBUu of bringiiig t>jn Quuiua- u» ibcmiod lo hecantM 
ttDptrof, Yet Cardcnio would mc go wiiii thon, EeaHnjp tc« tbcn^ 
Don Quixote n^fit call lo niod their coDtcntioii; and the cwsu^ 
iliinkjDg dito ihjt hi« preMOCe wu not cxpedMOt, rasaaiDed «* 
liimt leiling ttie others ^ before^ and thete followed sfar off uv 
and iofily on fool; And tie thtj (lq>3rtr<i ihe cuisre liutracml 
Doroibei anew wlui >hc should i;i), who bid him to fear txidiinf 
lor the would ditchBr^c bcr p«xt to hu tatiifaciioo, Aod u bn^ 
f»( clijvjilrY required and bid dowiu 

Thcy trn\«llrd about rh!~re<|uircFt« of a league, » they MpM il* 
kiii>^it, nnd ai Ijii they diKoTeicd him among a Dumher of imnatt 
lodu, ill jjiiMfcUed, but noc armed; and as aoon ai DorucheEi bifaeU 
lilBia ikc ftuuck licr jullrty. her ^^^l^bedtdcd barber £i>Ik>wuig hcT 
and at ihey opptoached Don Qjixo(e> ibe barb* Uapcd Ugblr 
ilown from hti mule and ran towards Dorothea lo lake her iama 
hdiwcen hit armt, w)u3, alightinfCi ^'eot with a venr (good pa« 
lowardi Don Quiaote, and karcled before hioo. And ^thouj^ hi 
tirivrd to make bcr aiise, jtA ah^ lemauung ttill on bcr knees, qttltf 
tr» him in thit manner: M will ore aruc from beoc^ chnce valonw 
aod appravw) knigbt, until your bounty and oounexy dull gracf 
lUHDineoneboon. iriuch shall Aoch redound tmto your hanour a 
ffian u( fiiut pervMU and to tlie pmfit of the nwil diicDCunLiis 
wnaiMl «kBMl that tke sua htth ewer toai. And if U be » 
AairipMrafyour mvi ^ o b b f am be cormpoodaa lo the bralt 
tour Imnonal fosn^ you ai* obGfvd id maaoa diia comfertWM 
ibai oMtti frnoi burfi «o wtma^ m dw wand of your 
MAMb MKbioit yott far «o MBMdy hv nuahapfc' 

*f irdl aut uu^en )m ■ wvrd, ^r Uih/ qnocb Dm 
IBM hmi a iul of yuhu atflir. wd you vur biv tbe 




1 will ooc get 1^ itom bertct, my lord/ quoth the afflicted lady, 'if 
firai, o£ ytiiir wonted bounty, you do not grant to my nsquru.' *l do 
gi*« Aod ffnoi it,' sud Don Quutwc, 'so that it be not a thing that 
may nini to the duDdgc or Kiodnncc of my king^ my countiy. or 
oi her thu kttpn the key of my heart and liberty/ It thall not turn 
to the damage or hindrance of thote you haT« said, good ttr,' ra- 
pliedibedolorocad^m^J; anJ,» shel^~iUVlying this, Sin: Ito Paau 
founded bn let d in tlie tar, saying ^ily w l^in, 'Sir, you iiuy very 
Weil grant the requcn she atlEedu For it it a cutter o( ootKing; tt ii 
only to kilt a moiutrouA fzuot, and the th^t dem;ui<ls it is the mij^hty 
Pnncc^ Micomicono, queen of the great kingdom of Mioomicon in 
Ethiopia/ Let her be wlut *hc wi!!,* quoth Don Quiitoc^ "for I will 
accDrnpUih what t am bound, and my conscience shall inform me 
coafDfnuUc to the itate 1 hav« proteiMid.' And then, tufiung to 
ibe damid, he said. 'Let your great be»ity arise; (or 1 grant to you 
uy boon which you ihall pime to mIc oI me.' ^hy, then/ quoth 
dM tiimacl, 'that which I demand is dtat your magnaiumout perwo 
mine pmenily awjy with me ta the place where 1 ihall carry yott, 
and do likewiie make mc a pmmitt: not to undertake any other 
•drcniurv or demand until you revenge mc upon a traitor who hath, 
igaiui aU Uwi» both divine and hunun, usurped my kingdom,' 
*1 ay that I grant you all that,* quoth Don Quixote; 'and therefore, 
bdy, you nuy cast away from this day forward aU iha tnetancholy 
that trqi A lea you, and labour that your langubhing and dJunayed 
kupca may rcco*«r again new jtrength and courage; br, by the 
help of Cod. and that of mine arm, you AhaJl mc youradf ihortly 
a a occd to youf kini^dom, and enthroned in the duir of your 
ttcient and great estate, in despite and maugre the tniiors that 
■hall da» gairuay it: and therefore, handt, ia the work; fur they 
ny itiat danger always fo1k>w« delay/ The t&itrcucd damicj stmve 
with much Mk> to km hii hand, but Don Quixote, who was a most 
aecnmplMhed knight (or courtcayp would ne\<cr condescend thet^ 
MEOf but, making b«r arise, ha tmbraoad her with c^cat kindnets 
jnd retpect, am} comimndrd Sancbo to saddle Rozinancep and help 
ham m sum huiuetf. 

Sancho look down tlie arms fnthwith, which Sung oo a tree 
fiks tjophks, and, teoiching the ginhs, armed hii lord in a mocncntt 



who, iccixig himtcU arrned, tiid, 'Let tu, io Cad't vunkc» 
from btace lo aniKi iliit grra: hdy* The bariMr k nath d all cfafl' 
wtlii*^ md covkl vrtth muth a6a dlnanblc tiii Uugliicr, cv knf 
on hi* bcdrd Uut dvcatcmxt still to UU off. wUh wiuioc fall^ periup^ 
they ihoukl ill tuve itnait»d wuboui brvojctaj: their good pvp^ 
to pdtt. And seeing tiut the boon wu granted, and noiad d« 
diUgcncG whrrewithal Doa Quixote nude homself ready to depkff 
aiKJ acmmpiiih ihr wimi-, tip atone bikI lonk hii Lulj by ibe fasBO. 
iUkd both of them together bolp bcr upon hi^r mule; wd 
a&ct Don <Juixot<; leaped oD Rosdnanic, and the bArbcr gm m 
botiCt fiiMcho only rcmaiomg aJooi, whore h« afmb reocwed 
iMiDOfy o£ ibe lois of hii grey aa, witb the warn procured m 
th«fel>y; but all ihii he bore wich very gnat paiienoe^ became hr 
siil^xncd that \d\ loni was now in rhe way snd oexi d^ne n be 
An empcTGtf: fof be made an iofaQUc account that he vroold raaiT 
ihat pnocetft and At lean be king of Mioomicon. ttut yei h gnevei 
him tt> think bow that kingdom was in %bo country- of black Mooa 
and that therefore the oatioo which thotild be given w him foe k> 
vanahUiouldb^aU blacky for whi^K difitnJiy hii tnai;iitiiM>n aiinc^ 
prcKndy a guud remedy, and lie Jucouiied ¥rith himvJE in thn 
fuanef : "Why ihould I oat ibouKb mr Mibfocu be jD blade Meoa^ 
U then any mrre lo he done than to k>ad than in a ship and hruf 
tbecn into Spiaia, where 1 may mj] them, and receive the price et 
them in tv»6j money? And with thai raoacf may I boy tetat 
title Of oCoTt wfacrdo 1 nwy after Kv» at mine ttm aU the dayt ef 
Illy li£&. Nol bfM sfecfx and hate ao wit or ^NUvy to Aipow ol 
thingit and to kU thirry or rcn thouands vas«b in the ipvce thai 
oot would tty» Give me those Wawt. 1 will '*^|*— * them aJE; the) 
cbaO By, the linke with the gmt, or ai I can ben contyv^ the nun«r 
and he ihey evtr wo hiack, I will tratuhHin ibifii inn* whiu or ^reOnw 
oocL Oocne oar. and «e whedier I cannoi >uck weU ray &ngv^ 
eadL' And thm he trtvdled. m *4iiittm B and icUd aa be qnto 
Eanroc hi» pain o( aavcflioiE aiooc Cardenki and the curate tfood in 
the mjiiiiinw bdiokUuaB that t '^ ti g ij fram heAud Axnn bucnblv 
where dwy by lurking, and wtn in donhi what Maas n aw 
and rain in ootDpaay wkb dKvi- 8« dw ommb. who w«i 
and pranfV pkxtv. denied incandr «hat wa to 



that tbqr raifcKt Aitam (heir desire. 'Ilnu, he took out of Lis 
OK A piir of ilMiAriy iftc! eui oil Cirdefuo*s beard thcrewithil in a 
trice^ sod d>cii gavr unto him w wrnr » nding capoiith vrh-<}% hf 
luRi«lf had uDt and a bl^ck cloak, j;h] hinudf walked in a douhltf 
uul how* Cvdcoio. thus aukcd, loolccd so unlike iKh he wsts 
bckwct M be woidd not hi»ve koown himwtf in a k)oktaJ^gUuk lliu 
bdfi£ fioUbadL and the otbert gone 00 b«tore wbUst ihef dhgubed 
tbefn5idf«t» they uUM our with ficiUiy to the hi^iway be&>re Don 
Qtiixole or lti« cpmfxuiy; for ilie iock« aiul miny n<hcT lud p^siugrs 
cjkl fkOC pcrfmt thcac thai weri^ i-bcirM^hKl; 10 niAke so 5prcily m 
end ot their Touroc^ a« ihcy. And having thorou^hJy paiied the 
mowuua, they escpecud at ihc foot thcreol Eof the kjvght and hk 
conpiny, uho when he appeared, 'Jie curMt loo3tcd on him vtry 
carnntly for a gr^at ipace, whh inkltog dut be b«gan 10 know !um. 
An<i afiri be had a gtud wlu}e belidd hint, he rta xowzTtb turn 
wifh hit amu spread abroad, aying, 'In a gnod hour he the minor 
of all knigbihcod found, and my nobJe coimtryman, Doo Quixote 
ol the Mf nchal the tlower and cream of gentility, the ihadow and 
raraeidy of tht; a^icird, and iKe <iuim^acncr of knightv^t rant^' and, 
nying ihii« hr bHd Don Qiujdow hn Wi thigh pmbnced; who, 
jclininng ii tlui whkh he heard that man to uy and do* did ^bo 
review him vnth laitenuont and fioally kn«w him. and, all amazed to 
lee bim, made much ado to ali^t; but the curate vfould nee per- 
mk ham. Whetefore Don Quuote Mid, *Good master ticeotiatcv 
permit me to alight; for 11 It in no tan decent that I be a-horwbock, 
ind m rcverrnd a perxjn aa you gn on fmf/ T will never oiment 
UicfmuKOf* mtfuh the oirafic; 'your highncu mutt need* ^uy on 
hnraefaack, Meing thai thereon you are KtunorrKd to achieve the 
gittieic fam of chivalry and advcrturc^ vrhvrb were ever attn in otr 
aittt For k ihall suffice me, who am an unworthy prieac. to get vp 
bekitid imnp one of ibete other gemlcmen ilut rtde In ymjr com- 
pany, if they fill soi takr it in bod pan; yc^ ^md T will make ac- 
OMmt that I nde on IVgaiui. or the xArx of the (amout Moor 
Utaamqur, who lie« yet encbanicd in the steep rock of Zulema, near 
unto Akab of Henarei.* 

Tndy, 1 did nee diink upon it, good matter licrntiJtr.* anvwertd 
Dna Quiioce; >et, I pmnme, my bdy the princeu will br weB 


apatdv Eof my ukt, to coramifKl ha iquiro la lend you tbft uMif 
bb aiidlct and to get up him»c!f ao. ihc crupper, if so tt be iHji ds 
b<m will bear double/ 'Vc», ttut it wiU; sold tfac |>nncc«», 'tcr 
3U||ht I know; ood tilcew^s^ I am «iirtt, U v'Ul not b« oeccNVT » 
coDinund my v\mte co alight^ tot b« if of himMli to coitrv&om mi 
OMuily Xi he wjll in no witc cooddiccnd thAi an ccdcttUtticai 
Abodd go OQ foot whm h« ouy tuip bun to a borac' 

Tb4t i» cnoM ccrtoiQ/ quoth iJk« barber; aodtaayinjC 9D, be digin 
aiA ouTcatcd dM ctirat« to take the nddJe^ to wlWcb coimesyto^^l 
easily condpsce[>d. Biit, by evil fortune^ as the barber thov^^ B» 
Ic^ip lip behind him, the mule, which wm in eiha a hired one, and 
that i» «dEd«3t to ny it wis u^uji^Ty, did lift a lialc her biiufa 
quancfiv and bcitowcJ two or throe Hings on the a:r, whkh h>l 
they hit on Master NichoLu his breast or pace* be would hive b^ 
queaibed the quest of Don Quixote upon the dcviL But, botmJi* 
Aanding^ ihc hadicr wji vt affrightnl :i% hr {rll on the grouod, with 
K> little heed o£ hi& burd at it f^^ll quite ulT and lay sfwad Uftai 
the groood; and, perceiving bimtdf without it, he had no nika 
shift bttt to covtt hi4 £»ce with both his haod*, and a»nplaiii thM 
all his check iccth were tmickeo oul Don Quiaocc. beboldioK "^ 
a grrot thr^f of a bnrd fallen away, without jaw or blood, from ihc 
face> be uld, 'I vow this h odc of the ^eeatcst nuradea tltat ever 1 
uw in my life; a haih taken and plucked away his beard as unoodiiy 
DSifil wcredoaeofpur|MHe.* Thecututcbcboldin^tliedanger whkh 
ibetr tnventioQ waa like lo incur if k w«rc detected* vrent fotthwiiK 
and, taking up the heatd, cmzk to htaoer Nkholai^ that Uy «ii11 
a-playiiiifi and, with one puih. bnogiiig h!a head lowarda hts own 
bnait, he Kt ii on igun, murmur^njc the tvhUc n^rr him ocruin 
wofds, which Im Mid w^» a ccna:n prayer appri^pti^tcd to the 
teiting on of fallen btards, a« they should won pcfomve; and ao, 
luvin^ let h on lundioo^ely, ibe i«imre mnainnJ ai wcU bearded 
and whole as ever he ivaa in hii life Wbef&i: Don Quixote tened 
manrdloudy admired and itqucflod tbo curate to teacb him tfaai 
pwyw when they were at ldtttf« for ho suppOMd that the viitue 
thereof extended ittclf furJi^f ihan to die hiteakog on of beardK 
lince i; vrtx minifm thjt ihe pUfe whtnce the beard m% torn man 
hxvc ranaincd witboui flcsbt wuufidcd, and ili dtghu and, Meijig U 


CQScd all, it mufi of foicc Mrrvc for more than the beard. 'It \% true/ 
replied rrLU[er curate; uxl ibeo procnjied to tnatrua him wich the 
Mcrac with the ^tn opportunity that w^kt prcicoted. 

Then they agreed d^at the cunte ihould fide hm on the miil^ 
and sftfT him ihe ccher two, each one by lurtu; timil they ;trTived 
la the inn, which wat about lome Iwd leagues tbentx. Thrn: being 
thus mottmed (ta wit, Dod Quiioie^ the ptinccM, and curate), ^Dd 
the other three on foot (Cirdcnio^ the b^rbcrt *nd Suicho pAnza), 
JDoD Qiujto(« tJtd 10 ih« duDttt, *M»laini let m«> entreat ycMt hjgh- 
iMfii to Irad me the way that moct pSastdi you.' And before (be 
GouM iruwer, the lkeni.ijie said, Towordi what kingdom w-OL^d 
you ifavtl? b it. by fontine, towards ilut of Micon)icon? I mj^ 
poi« ;t rfioold be thitherwird«, or ebe I know but Uttle o£ kii^ 
dofm.' She^ who kriew i;«ry Vk^ th« cirntes meonui^, and wu 
WveU DO babe, aiiiwered, taying, 'Ye% fir, my way lua tuwardt 
thaf kii^gdom.' If ii bcu>/qi]oih ihv curate, 'yoy muspotc through 
the TilUgv where [ dKvIl, SDd ftom ihenos dtrea your coime 
towards Corthagcna, where you m^y lockJIy emboik vourKjTei. 
And if you havo a pro4p«iX)ua wind, ^nd 4 c|uaei and calm Aca. you 
may conne nithin the ipoce o( nine yeari 10 the wght of the Lake 
Meona, 1 man Meolidas^ which itandi OD thi« ^de of your hi^< 
ne»'k kingduin ^rrie Imndred days' journey, or more* 'I lake you 
Id be deceived, good itr/ quoch ihe, *foc it h not yet fuSy two 
yarn stnoe I deputed from ibeoce. and, truly, 1 never almox had 
any bir weather, and yei.notwithnaodingp] have arrived, and come 
to iee that which 1 so much longed for, ro ^ it, the presence oE tKt 
worthy Don Quixorr of the Manrha, whose renown came co my 
pockr BA looQ ai I touched ihe c4iih of Spain with my fooc, and 
moved me to leaich for him, to commend myself to his counesy, 
commit iIm: itutkc of my cause to the valour of hii tavicdbJc 

Fo more/ quo:h Don Quixofe; 1 cannot abide to bear myielf 

iied^ for I im a twom evicmy of all atlubikm; and ulthoogli 

jfau be not fucht yec not withstanding the Ike discounes do offend 

chase tan« Whti I can ny to you, fair princess 11 that whether 

iv« valour or not, that whicii I Iu%t, vt luv-e not, ihall be cm- 

in your aervkt, even to the very lots of my life. And so. 


odotuixif thji till ihu time, kt cdc eturcAt good ousuf bccatiMc U 
teU me the occboioq which hath brought htm here to iboo qturioii 
so oloiic, without attvnduui, stnd so sLighity auimd, is it «uikA 
me in no liuJ^ admiration^* To thit J wjU aiuvir with hrcwf,' 
qoDili ihe ciinie. 'You skill underhand thai VmiIct Z^idiaUi tin 
bofber* our very good friend, and royadf, mwlkd tuw^nU Vnik 
to recover oett^iii sums ai moDcy which a kiAsmdn of miACi wba 
bath dw«lt these many years in tl>e iodic?^ hsth KOt uitto mc. Iht 
sum ;s noc 3 little one, for it swrnounitd scvsaty thoutawl niils of 
eight, ail of gptx] weight— sn* if ir svat noc ■ rich gift. And lussidg 
ffcstcidjyiliroughthsf way. wf were sei upon by four robbu^ ttkidi 
<lespcal<d ui ot all, even to our very burd*, and ihii iii ludi son a« 
tlw boibcr was fofced 10 wc on a couoterfeA doc; and iliis youfly 
nun that goeih here with us' (raeamnff Cardeoso) 'wa4 inuisformed 
by tlsein aoew^ And the beu of it b that k is ptiUiciy bniiud 
all this coatmark thai iliow whkh mrpriml lis wrrc gatlry-sia* 
who were aet at libcrlyt at is reported, mixh alxNjt thii umr 
by so raliant a koigbt as, in despite of the comtniujjy 
guard, be freed tbcai aH And. questi^flietir he either mt wos^ 
or ebo as great A knave as themMlviis, or sane one iliat wtnlod bodi 
loul and cnfucienco, wring he lee ilip tho wolves amute ibe 
the fox anM>ng the hens, aikd lliesi Ivtrd by hooey, and did (n 
justice, rtbeJ igainit his natural lord and kinif: for he dkl to 
oppugning hi» t^M eomaufidaicnts; and hath deprived the gal 
of their feet, ood let aU the holy brotherhood in an uproar, w\uA 
hath reposed these many years past; and finally, would do an act 
by which In- should Uw hii soul, and yci r-oi ^uin hit l>ody/ Sandio 
had rcbcsrMd to the curate and lufber the ^veniure id the sbv«% 
vrhieli his lord had accocnpiisbcd with such glory; and thi 
the curate did use this vehemeoce as be repeated it. 10 see 
Don Quixote would say or do, whose colour rhanged at ewy 
and dtiTii not coofess ihaf he was hSmvlf the delis-oer if ll 
gtxxl peofJe. 'And these.' qtxith the rurase, 'were they that hai 
robbed ui> Aad God, o( K% infiinte mercy, pordr/n him who 
tknd their goAttg to f«ceiw the pucLuhmctu they had so wcU 



and iheV 


Maw Pixuaxt DisccvitiEs Puici> Bcru-ecv Do.v Qcixon an& 
Tiiotft OF Hu CoutANv, Aftcr He Had ABfcMN»JE& nil Kwn- 
at;i Pt^cft UP Ha PluCA%c& 

iCARCE liad the curacc fuilsbed his ipccch thoroughly, wbcci 
Sandu> uid, *By my faith, mtntr Uc«Diui(« he that did ikut 
fcM wu my lord, and ihai Dot far want of warmngr for 1 
lold him hfforehand, aud advisnl him that he ihocdd •?« ivvll what 
tw fJid, and tliat it w;i» ;i mi id deliver (hi;m, beotue iht-y were all 
KAt to ihe galleys ton \try grcx viUinio thqr h^i pUycd.' 

*Yoo bocikhod,' rcpljcd Don Quixorc, h«armg him «pcsk, 'ii 
coocrrnMh not knighl^-^rriLni to «>miQe whether the aJHiaedr the 
ihained, ond opprtiwd, which tlwy encountei by the wjy, bv 
in ihji faihkm, or arc j>)utij^ in ihji dtumtt, through 
own defjtuJt or di«f(Tw:«, hui only jre ultltt^l tn auitt ihem ai 
uti oppntxd, xtung thdr ctta upon their piru, and noc on 
if currKM. t met with a roiafy or hr.iH* of inserted people^ sorrow- 
ind imfortonatc, and I did for tfa«m ihjr which my religion 
r^scu; u for the rru. Ice ihnu v^^ it flwwhere: and to wtkofo- 
cTvr cltf-, the holy dignity and honourable penoit at maiter Ikvndate 
tScrpcrd, if sball term t^ il, T uy he kduxvi hut tfijchily wh^i brlongi 
ID cht^uhy. Jjkd he Vna like a whorr?u>n and a villain bom, u>d ihu 
wiH 1 make hitn know with the broad tide of my fword.* llxw 
mrdft he uid, icnJir^ himapJf in hit ■tim^M, and addnuing hit 
BonoQ (for the barbft'v ba«in. which b* accouAKd to bt Mam- 
brino's hdmri, he carritd hanging ac the pommel of his sadcle^ 
■adl be mi^ hate k^rrfwrtd of the cnnng* the ffdley-daw had 
wfp ti y h t in it). Dorothco. who wat very divmt and Ftowot, 
and thjff wu fay thi» well aataaintcd with Don Qui?Bo(e*s bnky 
iMnavr, mmI aw all iht r«it make j jait of hem, Sancho Panxa 
acfpcA would akn Aow he* conceh to be ai good at «iina ochen, 
aad therefore takl unio him, \Sir knight, r em cnbw yotvwlf of the 




boon you have promitcsl unui mc, wHcrmnto cnnfonmr^ }t»tmdl. 
you canooi inccfincddlc in any other Aclvcfiturci be u ever h> ufgcm. 
Tbcrciorci utuaj^c your nomach; for if nusicr liccntutc h^ knova 
that ih« galloy-ibvM w«r« dtfliv«r«d by your lavtnciblo arm, U 
would mh«r have given uniohtmwlf ihr««blow«oaih«moaih. mJ 
alio t»t his tongue thriw, ikm have spoken any woai ^hmioc mi^b 
remit your indtguatioo.' 'That 1 due swear,* quoth the curate^ 'yet, 
ind beddu tom away one oE my mouttache*.* 

'Madam,* said Don QuiJtoic, *] will !wld my peace, and suppm* 
the )utc cholcr alnady enkindled in my breasts and will ride qukttf 
flnd pvxtMyt until 1 have accomplkhed the thing 1 hav^ pnxniiA!; 
and 1 reqiicv )ou» in recompense of diis my good dcafe, i{ ir hr oct 
dupleattog to you, to ifll me )'04u grievance, and bow many. vrliitK 
and what the penons be, of wlum 1 mim lake dtic* kufEdenu and 
entire revcnji^.* '1 ^^-itl promptly perform your will hereint' ai^ 
ivt^ed DoTOithea, *[f ii will aoi be irkioa^c to you lo luien lo 
duaaert.' 'In no tort, good madam,' uid Don Quixo^ To wtik^J 
Doratfaea ansurcred thus: 'iW ihcii ancntire to my rcUtioa.* Scart;^| 
had abc uid so, when Cirdcxuo and the birher came by hcf »d&^ 
dcftiovis lo bear how the di3crt«t Dorothea would icign hrr taU; 
and the same did Sancho. wliich was » much deceived la her per 
von a« hu lord Don Quixote, And she, after dr«tt^)f herself wrll in 
the laddle^ brthmight and provided Itene-lf ivhiht ihe cuu^hetl 
used other gctiurei, and tlicn bc^n to speak on ihat m^mncr : 

Tim of all. f:ood lint I would have you note that I Ptn caUoJ- 
And here she ttooJ stupcfided a whilt, by reawn «he had Eoi 
thtf namt thai the curate h^d given unco hcr> But he preseistl 
occurred lo her suc<oof, uiulervtaoding the cium, and uid« It U 
WDodcr, great lady, thai you be in»ililed and fta^cr whilst 
recount your muforttmo, BednjE '^ ^^ dwr o[rdiiury custom of 
alters to deprive those whom they lormetit and diMrao it^r 
ory in such sort as they cannot remember themwlvei wrn o( t1 
own very nimei, m now it ptovia done la your hifchtwsi, which 
forgeti iisrlf that yoti aro rullnl the Princess Mkomicri<iA, lawful 
inheritrix of iht great kingdom oF Micomtcon. And wi|h x}ut noti 
you may easily ndu» into your doleful memory all thav wl 
you shall pkaoB to rchaatsc^* 


is very inW qtioih ihp damsrl, 'arkl from hnurfonh I think 
tc. wtU uot be nmlfuJ lo pioitipt fDc ^ny tm^tfCt tor I will anivc 
into a ufc port witli the nanauon at my authentic biitcfy; which 
b, ihut my taihcr, who was c^cd ihc wi»c Tinacrio, wa> very 
expert in that which w»t called an mapc, sod be koew by fait 
wdcoc^ that ray mother, who was called QtM«n Xaramtlla, ihouJd 
dir licjocr l>c clccrosnl, and ihai he should alsi poix froiiii ihb hic 
wlihin a while after, and leave mc an ofphan; but he was wool to 
nr how that did iwx afflia hia mind so much, as that he wu tcfy 
ontaia that a huge giant, lord oi a gr^t Uland near unto my kit^^ 
itom. calkd PanditiUodo of the Du^y Stghc (becauM; akhonj^ 
hb evn tiuod in their right pbc^ }-ei do ihey ktiU look aaqi^nr, 
which be doch lo terrify the beholders), 1 aay that my father knew 
that thii jciaat, when he should hear of his death, would pan with a 
nuin powef into my Land, and deprive me thereof, not leftvuig tne 
tiM Uait nllafie whcran 1 might hide my head; )vt maght all this 
btszciued if 1 vro'jid m^irrv wirh him. Bui, a« he found out by hit 
adcncr-B he knew I wt>idd ncvei condescend thereunto, or incline 
nticie aif«ajoo to so cuicqual a marriage; and herein he aaid nothiiig 
but truth, for it oercr paucd once my thought to eapouac that ^ant* 
aor with any other, wen he evcv lo unreasonable, and great, and 
ini}i;hty. My Caiber Ukewiie added ihem, that after bit death 1 thould 
«e PandaAlaiMlo unirp my kiagdom, and that I should in no wi» 
ftand lo my defence, for ibai would pfove my dcKTOCiioo; bui« 
Icaviog to luiu the kingdom frccJy without iroti)4cs, if I meant to 

I asam raioc own death, and the iMal ruin d my good sod loyaJ 

! fdiiecu (fot it wouid be impossible to defend mytelf frtscn the 
deviliih force of the giant)* I should presendy dirfct my course 
iDWsrdi Spcun, wheie I should Had a rrdmi t^ my lutnift by cn- 

lamnvEring wirh a krirght-eirant whoie fjio>c ahould eaiend iurlf 
much about that time throughout that kingdom, and hii name 

' AduU be^ if I forgot one roy^, Don Azote or Don Cigote.' 

'I^dy, you would »y Don t^^iivote.' quoth Sancho Panxa, *or, aa 
he u called by aoocher name, the Knight of the lIKfavoufNl Facr.^ 
•Yoo hatr reason/ rrpRrd Dnrmhra, 'Hp oid_ mnrroTer, that he 
tfcoiJd be high nt fiaiurr. have j wnhofed fa^r, and thai on the 
ri^ aide a liide unda the left iliouJdef, or thercaboina, he thould 



have a tavmy qwt with ccrtaui hain like 10 briidct.' Doa 
hcorm^ chis, nid 10 bd aquif^ 'HoUl my bortt W^ aoa 
and bdp me to alee o& nkw ippird; for I mi\ set wh«ihH 1 
ibr knigk a( lAbom (lie wiiif ktiig lulli prD}iiotc<L* 'Why 
you now put oi7 your cktbcs?' quoih Dorachea- To set w 
1 have tliJLt »poc which your ^thcr mcntiofird,' Aiuwctcd Dn 
Quixooe* "You ocwi dm undo your apparel lot dut purpM^' 9u£ 
SftodiOt *fof I know alre.ndy that you havo a tpoi with the tokrai 
ibe aained on ihe very rvdgw of your bick, and jrgurf yon w> he a 
wry urong maa.* Thai u ^uirta^ot,' (juoih iXjrxhci; 'ioc Vrc nutf 
mn look tno near, or be oTef<ujk>U3 m our fnmda* aSaira; aal 
whcihcr ii be 00 ihc fhouldert or nd^c oi the b^k. it importa btf 
JiiiJCk for the tubttancc OMiiiflt only in having such a mark, and 
wberuoevtf i: thall be, t^ing all b one and the •df<ciinc Aeih; 
doufadecdy, my good facher did tim wrtl ai atU and I likcwiv 
comniirndin^ inyuJ! to Don Qui%otti toi surely he » ihe man 
whom my father spoke, xtio$ the Algaa o( hi» IKC agiee with 
of the great renown thai is spread abroad oC ihi» knighu noc noJy in 
Spain, hut alio in Eihiopaa; foe 1 had no noocf luxM to Oiua, 
when ] heard to nuny of hie proweues r«coutmd. as my mitid |taw 
me prewntly thii he wat thr man in whow search I traivUnL' 'Bat 
how did >'ou Uad in CKuna, j^ood madam,' quoth Don QuisoCb 
'tetany it n no sen iqjvh?' *Marry, w* quoth the otnte, aodcipatng 
Doixxhea « answer, the prioocB would sty that aficf the had Laodad 
in Malaga, but the lim place wheraa ihe hard bdinict of you was 
at Ouina.' 'So 1 would hive aaid,* quoUi Doratheo- 'And it 
be v«ry well.' quoth the curan; 'and I denre youf oia|eay u> 
linue your dJaraurie.' *T1ief«! needs no further ffintimtarion,' 
Dofochca, 'but that, finally, my fortune hath bees » tstourahk 
finding oi Don Qubcite* ai 1 do already hold and accoooc myself for 
quflto and lady of all mine etfat«, seeing that he, of bis womed 
btHincy aiul magiuAceoce, hath prozntwd me the Itoon to iccvnipaiiy 
me wherewever I ih:!!] guidr tiim. whiiJi ihjt] bv 10 nana Oiho 
place than to set him before PdndaElaodo ai the dodi^y U)du« ui ibc 
cod you may ^sy htm, And restore mt u> that wb»^ ha hath to 
wrooyfully UHtrped; for all will siKcecd in the twinkling of an eye^ 
as the wise TinacflOfc my good faiher. hath alrmdy foretold, who 

» was 

;t ma^_u 



iM moreover, acid alto kh it wnit«n in Clolducal or Greek duf- 
nctcn (for I otniini nod ibem)^ ihat if the knight oC the propJiocy, 
after lunog beheaded Ac gunt. woutd cake iiic 10 wife, that I dwuld 
in DO ton rcbttc hixn, but loitantly odmitttog Km for my spouiCi 
make him 4it once po<M««or of myfdf and my kingdom/ 

"Whac thinkfii ihou of ihjft. friffod Soncho?' qundi Don Quixow 
dwo, when he he-ird her uy to. 'How likeii thou iliJi point? Did 
mot I leil thee ihm mmdk bdat? Set? imw, whefher wv luve not 
a luDfciotn la command, ind a queen wbucn we may aarry.' 'I 
■WEir M much,' qtioth Soncho. 'A pox on the knave thai vbiU not 
miiny w toon a« M<iEtcr Paodahilado his vrindpipei an cut! Mount, 
tfktnr and «re whnher the queen be ill of no, 1 wouid to God ill 
^MAsacof my bed were turned to be such I* And, layin^ 10, he gave 
two or ihice (riskles in the all, with very gre-ir agta of conieniment, 
and procntiy ^vcot co Dorotheii. aad, taking her mule by the bridle, 
htf withheld it* aiA laying hinuelf down 00 lu& knees hefoce hefi 
t«qtteii«d her \«ry cubmcisivelf to give luin h«r hLindi to kiu ibem, 
in n$ti that be ttxmirtA her fur hii tjiuren jiiii bdy. Wtitcb i>f ilw 
Iwhoidcr* oDuld alMtaIn from layghter, pctcemng the master'i 
m^dncM and the Mrrant'i wnplicity? To be brief, Docochea must 
Dcedft give them unto ban. and promised to mjkc him a great 
brd in her kingdom^ when Heaven became to propitiout m her as 
ID lot bcr ooce rccDter and pouess it ptsbceobly. And Saocho ro- 
nmnd hv thanks wiib inch words as nude them ail bu^ anew. 

'Thu ii ray hittoty, noble litii,' quoch Doeothea, 'whereof only 
nacs untold that none of aU the iratn wiiicb 1 brouite <Kit of ray 
kiiQEdam to aaend on me is now extant hue this weU-bearded aquire} 
^ all of ihcfo were drowned in a great ttorTa that overtook us in 
the vriy ti^ht of ihe h:iH>c4ii, whi^no? he and 1 r%c:ipMj. and camo 
ID land by the lictp of two pJanki, on which wv Uid hdd, almost 
by rairade; as a^to the whole diicoune and myttery of my life 
«mns nsKie other than a miracle, as you mi|;:hc hav« nott^L And if 
in oDy parr of iha rcbibci I htva tjcowdad. or not ob«r«ed a doe 
dtcorunL, you mmc impute it to that which m:i«rr ficeotiate ttid 
to iJie firti of mr tu^Diy, tlut cootinoal paim arid afflktions ti 
mind ilq^irca ihent thai uiilcr the like c;^ iherr taeroory,' That 
ikaB nut hinder me, O high and valorous ladyl' quodi Don Qtuxote, 


'from enduring ai many it% I ihitll ui^cr in yoor smnoe^ be dicj 
QeveraagreatordiiEcuJi;jindd)crciWIdoaacwr;iiifr ^ndoiafini 
the promise 1 hjvc niA(k^ and do twcor iv go oFifh )t>u lo tiic end 
ci the world, until I fiiui out your Iwrce eoemy, whow proud tuaid 1 
mwn ta ilicr ojf, by the help oJ Cod aad my valoroui arm, wiTh 
<hc cd^c of chu (I will not uy a good) Kwotd, thanlci tic lo Oino 
of P^uamoaiCt whkh took away mtat owiu' Thti he wid nno- 
muring to himfdi. and then inuoccutedt nyiogi 'And ade^ 1 ban 
cut it ofl, and l«£i )<iu peaceably in the ponc^aon of your Kate, < 
sbolJ zest in four otvn will to (btpoic oE >XAtT p«noA ai you Sfcc 
hcu; for HA loi^ ns ] shall havt my nvfnofy potwood, ftod arf 

uiU captiTjtal, and my undcrttaidin^ yielded to ber 1 will Of 

no more; it ia mi possblc that ever I may induce myself lo niarrf 
any oihei, aidwugh she were a Phoenix.' 

That which Don Quixote had said laa of all, of not ounyin^ 
dbliked Sancho to much, ai> lifting hii voke wiib great anger* Iv 
raid, '1 vow and twrar by myv^lf that )'OU arc not in your right 
wits. Sit Doa Quijcote; for how it it pocuibk; ihac foti can call ibr 
mailer of contrjctinic >o hi^ a pcinceu as thi> u in doubt? Do you 
think that fortune will offer you, or every corncr'i end, die like hap 
of tbii whkh ii now proffered? U my Lady DulciAM. pcrlupv 
nxire beauiiful? No, crrrainly, nor half w fair; n^. \ am rather 
about to «ay tlul she cocnes not lo \w% ihtjc i)im n bor pirKm. 
In an ill hour iluU I arrive to pos»ei» that uniottunate earldom 
which t expca, if >oo go thus »eekin>; for mutbruba in the Ixxtom 
of the «ca. Marry, m:ftrry yourself preien:lyt ihe devil take yoa lor 
mp, and take rbat kingdom cofno into your hands, and being a kinft 
make CDe prrxnily a nur(|LeK or admiral, and inuaiuly after let 
the de^ uke all if be pleaae:h.' 

Don Quixocct who heard nxb Uuphemiea tpoken againtt hu 
Lady Duldnea, could noc bear them any longer; and therefnret 
lifting up bii javdin, without speakinft any word to Sancbo, fpave 
him ilierewithal two ntch bkiwa ai he o%-erihreiA- him to the earth; 
and had um DoroUkea cried to Um to hold tut bind, im bad doulv- 
kisly ilain htm in the pLice. 

Tliinkes! thou,* quoth be a^er a while. *baee poisntl thai I 
shall have always t^urv oud dispoaitkin to thiun my hand iiUn 


my jtotxh, and dui there be ncihing else boi ihou still criing and 
1 pardotuog? And d<ut not cbou ihink at it, cxcofnmunicMcd ratcall 
for (CfUioly thou art vxcomfnunicdtcd, irang thou hut tjklkvd k> 
broadly ctf the peedcu Dulcincat And dou not tbou kao% base 
ilavrl vagiiboud! that if it were net for the vakMir ihe infuianh 
inco mine inn, that 1 ahuuld not have tudkient forte* 10 kill » flea? 
Say, Kodcr with tlv viper's tonguel who doiff thou ihiok hath 
jpined tht) kta);dom, and cut the head 08 tlm pantt and made thee 
a majx]Uis (Cor I give all this for done already, and for a mailer 
cfickti ami jixlged), hui ihc wimln and valotir of Duldnea, \tang 
mine «nn ax the iiwrumcnt of h<-r actr She figbi« under my per- 
aoOt and ovcroomcs in me; and 1 live and breathe in her, iftd from 
W I heUI my life and being. O whorewo vUbinI how ungrateful 
an cbout thac seeic thyutf taulied oat from cb» dim of iht «anh to 
be s Dobleman, and yet dott repay so greoc a beoefic vnih <le- 
iraain^ il>e peiwa clul heitowed ii on ilieer 

Saocbo was not so sore hurt but thac be could bear all Ins ma^ter'a 
reaaofU very well; wberctorc, arisinjf somewhat hastily, he raxi 
behind Dorothea her palfrey, and from thence taid to hi« lord, 

cU me^ dr, if you be net determined to marry with thii princecsr 
mo4 dear ihii ihe king^kim dull not be yours; and if it he 
BoE, what ftvours can you be able to do to mc? It is of this that I 
cwDplain nx. Marry yourtcU one for one with this princess, now 
thai we have her here at it were rained Co us down from htavtni 
uid yoo nuy after turn to my L>ady Dulcinea; for [ think there 
be kJQgf in the world iliat teeep lemajM. As for beauty, I will not 
inienncddle; for, it I mxm uy the triuh, each ul bulb is very fair, 
akboo^ I have nerer seen ilic Lady Didcinea.* 'Howl ha»t thou 
nor lecn her, bUtphcmouES traitorP* quoth Don Qtuaoie, *As if 
ihtfti dtdit but even now bring me a meuage from herl' 1 uy/ 
quoili Sancho, *l have not seen her so leicurely at I might partko- 

Rsly note hrt beauty and good parts one by one, but yet in a cloy)^ 
ll taw them, they Itkcd me very welL* '1 do cxcuae ibee now,' 
id Doo Quixote, 'and pardon me the cfi»|tkauirc which I ha^v 
hren tittio thee, for the ttnt motiocu ore not 10 our hands.* 1 
we that well,* quoth Saticho, 'and thai fa the reason why talk ic 
ID me of one of thote fim mntiom, and 1 cannot omit to speak 



Do:< QunorTE 

oixe, at Icuu ibat which convi to my toopir*' 'For aB i 
Stodm,' nplicd Don Quixote '«m iveU «rh« thou tpcak^ic; fat 
"ih^ cttfthcn pitdwr goo to oft to ibe «rateT''«*J vnU ny qd B»i^' 

'Vr'vJt then,' intwvxttl Soticho* "God u tn havm, Nrho Jiah iS 
iboc guikit And jIuU be one djy jui^ u( him th^c uos nm*— 
of nKinDocifw«kixi9wdL.or o£yoa by omdcniigwdl* 'Latbtft 
bv no nnorr/ quo^ Dorothea, 'but run, Sanchez And luu ymr 
lord'fi haodi and 41I: hint forgivttiMis, and £njra httncafcntb uU 
mora heed how you praiit or dispruir aii)hody, and spca& m 
ill of dm Lady Tobo«>p ift^bum I do tun know odtcnrbc than to tb 
her wrvke: «Dd huve coci^dciK« ui God, for thou sKili not wan 1 
lordihip wbcfdo thoo mayu Uve like a kiojc/ Saiwha went mtlt 
hts bcud lunfciofr downward, and demanded his kird's h;indi ^^sdi 
he giw uniu Kim with u grayc coi£tiiciiJtacc; and iCier he hod kiswd 
k, be guve bim hi^ ble^iin^, unti said to him rbm he bad «Hne«hv 
10 uy unto bmv and therefore bade htm to corm piawwhM t^^^v 
WAfd, ihac he rai^t ipcuk umo him. ^aficbo obeyed; and bodi of^ 
iham going a litile at^. Dort <Juixote a^d unto hitfit i hove not hA 
Idturo nftcr fhy coming i» d^miod of ehee in parttcubr coQcenua| 
theamhaiugcibat thou or nnUi, and ihr answer ibai diau broufliiit 
back; and dn^reforr. now fbnunc Icndt ii» umc opfiort unity 
leburti do not deny me the happinew which thw aujti gm 
by ihy tood Mwf.' 

'Demand what you pledw,' quoib Saiicho, 'and 1 wUl aanwt 
you; and I rei|t]e?bi you, j?kvI my hxd, thai you be not treat bcDtf^ 
(nitli w wrnUifuU' 'Why Jmt thou say w, Saocho?* quoih Don 
Qubuxc '] say it/ replied S^ncho, 'bocduie dial thoe bltrw*wliidi 
yoa beicowcd now, wat nubcr given in Tevcngc of chc dineuoa 
wlucb ih« devil ftiftfd bttwcf^ ua two the other n^gbL fluD iv 
anythin); I njid agaiiut my Lady Dukcin^. wliom I do honotf 
and reveteiicie a* a ntjque, alThiit^i iJir be nonr -n'- ^--rjvte 
dtr is yours.* *l f>7ay ibee, fuod Sancbo,' said Dv^-. 'fall 

not sjcain into ihoK divmirici. (or they ofiaid me. I cbd pardoa 
ibce tbefti aod t)>ou kno^'oi that a new offence must have a new 

\% tbry talked tbui, tbay fipiad a gpStam coming* lowartk them, 
ridinit on aa ass, aod wtten tie drew mw he wtfned to be 



Egypiua: bur Sancha Panza, wbo, wlwniorivr ht m« ^Dy assOt 
roUowed ihcm wkh hl« eyn and hi$ henn, i% oqp Ous thou^ call 
ua hiv owii, Hjil kjicc- i-ynl iiiiii t^lif^ii W kfirw ttuu U was Gincs 
11E p33i»mojiie, a^<l, by ihc \wtk td tbe HfTpuan, found out the 
fleece oE hi» ao, as in truib tt wav; For Gin«s came ridinj; on bis 
grvy ao. wbo, to the end be mif>Sc not be knovn, Jind also have 
convnodjiy to icJI hit \k;xu^ Aitircd bimidf liLe :tn Egypiiin, whotc 
Uit|?tEage and many utlipn h^ cauld «pcak at vM\ ai ii ibry vrrre 
hi» mothet (oa|:uc-< Sjincbo uw him and knew him; and vc^rcc bad 
he iccn and tikcn dockv of bim, wmi be cried out aloud, 'Ah? 
xhtvit Gint«mol Itiva my good» behind ihce, mc nay lifv loow. and 
ifci not imtnne<ddJ» wtdi tny csw! Leave mru an, ttave my eom- 
fortl Fly, vilJainf abieni ihyiclf. ihiefl and abandnn ihar which ii 
ooQc i>f ibinr!' He nwdh-d not lu hjve uwi! m) nuiiy waoh and 
frumps, for Gtncs Icapod dcmn at ihe very futt, Md bej^inninfc a 
tm. tktt feemed rachor lo be a RallofV be abftnted himsdf, and Bed 
hr enough trocn (hem in a montcni. Sancho wvni ikcn 10 hii au, 
en^krafiiig him, aid, 'Htwr hait chou done bbherio, my 
ing and inaiun^ gn;y an of min« cyo. and cny dcarc« com* 
I?' and with tKit stroked and kixsod him as if it vtn a 
creature. 'I be au held hii p«ac«, and permincd Sancho 
to kitt and ch«Hsh him^ withoui amwering a word- All the reat 
■mv«d, and congratubtffd with Sancho fnr tho finding of hit an; 
but chiefly Don Quixote, who «aid unto him 'Jul notwithnandifijt 
th«t he found hia aii, y«; wcwld not he therefore annul hit warrant 
for rbc three odes; for whkh Sancho trcurncd him very jpvat 
WhjUi tiwy two travelled tc^f^ther ditfonrsii^ thus, the cume 
lid tti Dorijthd that «he had vtty diicrcrtly diicbarged bertHf, 
w«B m tbe hiaciry it in brj hrcriiy and muutkm ihcreof to the 
Lie and cnnceit> of bookt of knighthood* She antwertd that 
did ulitime* read booka of tlut «ubjca, hut thai ahe knew ddc 
the provinces Uy, nor seaportf, aad therafeita Ad only uy 
rnmlom that die had UndiNJ tn Otuna. '1 knew it wa «a,* quoth 
cnrace; 'and iheiefbre I *akl what ynu Iteard. wberewth:^ the 
tier wai nidaml. But u h not a marvellout thinu m lee vnih 
triui bcility the unfuaunate fCDileman believes all thete inveniMMU 





ind JiM, only bcau«e they beat the Ecylc and manner of <hc EqUm 
laid down ift his book*?' *U is' qtioth Cofdcniot ':ui(J thuc »o niv 
jnd beyond all cdik^c, ai 1 believe J ihe lik^ were to b« inveateJ^ 
iciKe could Uw ikiLiij>ctf w'tt\ devjte %ucli anutlief .' 

'Tbeie b fcc/ quuih the Lurolc. 'a:( morvtllotis a nuuer 3ft 
for, leaving apart tb« simpliciiicx which this good gvnilcnun 
conoenuRg hi« tt^nxyt if roti will connmunc v^wh him of any odwi 
suE^«ct wbotsofls^, he wiU ditcourtc en i: wiib an cxcclUnt nMtW. 
ind ihow Kimvlf lo ha^v n clpir and pf4*-itmg iindenr^ndtng; 
dial, if he be not uioched b>' inaiicis of chivaLy, ihvrc is ao 
but will deem lum to be o£ a Mund and cxccUciit judgincni.' 

Don Quixote on the other ttde prcMoitcd his converunj; 
hii iquire whilst the 04hcT% ulkcd lof^cthcr, aiul uid to Sane 
'Let u* iwu, friend Panza, forget old injuries jik! lay unto m 
now, wklKiiii any ranoxir or anger, when*, bow, and when didu 
thou find my Lady Dukinea? What did ihc when thou 
Whai mthl thou to her? What amwcred ihe.' What cou ' 
thowcd the at the read my lettcrr And who whi it out Cairiy 
thee^ And every other thing thsi Thou sluh think v.-^ 
in thit iiditf lo be dem^nd^l or jn^^wrrcd, wiihotit ■ 
or lying* or toothing adubtioa: and on the other tide do ooc 
bittVUEc It, lai tho\x sbouldn defraud mc thereby of ex 
dahght,' Sir.' answered 5and>o, 'if I must »ay the truth, none 
out the letter for me; for 1 carried no letter at nW 

Tlwivt iAyu ut»e»' qix>th Don Quixote; 'ffi* I hxiiK) the 
wherein it wa& written wifh mytcU two d.-iy« after thy dcpoitun^ m 
whkh did gricvtr me cx>:ccdinglr, beoiuw I knew not what thuifl 
wouhkt do whevi thou d>dH perceive the want of the letter, and 1^ 
aiw;ty« made full account thM thou wciulda r^furn again ftom ih« 
plaoowh«ry thou thouldst first mtut it ' I had done so,' quoth Saacho^ 
'if 1 had not ix)rnc it away in memofy, when you read it to mr, 
in *udi sort di I said to a clerk of a vestry, who did copy it out of 
my undcriiiaodiitg so point by poinf, at he laid that be newt inf 
all the ^ri ci hi* li£cv Althouj^h he read many a leiier of rc^' 
cocnmunicatioo, read or seen so fitie a letier tu if wax.' 'And doit 
thou bold it yet in mmiMiry, Sancho?' qiMitli Oun Qiututi^ 


'No, sir/ said Sancho; 'for after I gave it, seeing it served for none 
other purpose, I did willingly forget it; and if I remember anything, 
it is that of the "mouldy" — I would say "sovereign lady"; and the 
end, "yours until death, the Knight of the Ill-favoured Face"; and 
I put between these two things in the letter three hundred souls, 
and lives, and sweti eyes/ 


Or nit Plu£.knt Dncot'RUis CasTnexstjt Bvrwnv Dok Qrmm 
K\0 Hti SotJiuc San'i3k> Pa^^zji, witic Odiu Aiwft.vnjftU 

* ALL this liktth mc wdl,' uid Don Quixoee; *il»fe£or« nyoft* 

/'\ Tbou arn\«<bi, aod what was that queen o£ beauty dobg 
X Jl th«nP I darcuy that thotj founden h«f thrcadiujt of peuU, 
or 4;mhr»iclvnr;ff ittmt cvskmi <levicc with Venice gold, for mehef 
captive knight/ 'No, ih^t 1 did not/ quoth S^ocho; 'btjt ^iiuiowiog 
two bidbcU of Whcxt in ^c yard of her house/ 

'Why. chcn/ ^id Don Quixote, 'thou mayst nuke occoum ilut 
each corn of (hit ^vSc;it wit a grain of peirt, ucing ihey wvrv 
touched by her dclkjie h:ind. And, friend, didu thou non well 
what tlx wlieat wai* whether of the beu or ordinary?* 'It wm oou 
btil red,' uid Sancbo. 'Well, then. 1 auure thee/ a:uwercd Don 
QuiKOCet 'that bcln^ sifted by hex han<b. it must neodA mjike very 
fair brcod and white. But pass forwonl. When thou dtdu ddx\ 
my letter, did the ki« U * ESd »he iet it on her head ? tWd rf»e u*e 
iitty tx1ctl^us^y wunliy of s^h a Ir.ierr Or whil did slie^' 'Whtfi 
1 ivent to give a uato her,* said Sand»p *she wai holdiug up of 
arms with a |cood quaxuity of wheat that she had m her iievct 
therefore taid unio me, "Friend, lay down that Utter there on 
»ck, for I cannot read it until I have winixiwed all that is ben," 
*Odi«ffra Udy/quixh Dnn Qiittoce; 'dieturdy did th.if hruiiievhe 
mi^ht fead Jt a: leisure, Jcd rt<rcJ(c herself iheiewiihaL Furwjfd, 
Sancbo. And as long at she was thu» bujicd, what diKOur*o pasted 
sha with thoe? What did ^ demand of ihee ooocetning or-' 
And thoti, what d;d» thou amwer? Say all, good Sotncho, say aU; ■ 
recount to me every panictilaiEiy, and let not the least Iminunyjfl 
itmatn in the inklum.' ^1 

"She demanded notiung of roe/ fjuoch Sancbo; *but I recoUfUcd^ 
unto Iter the itace 1 had left you in for her sake, doin|i of peoai>ce^| 
ill naked from the girdle upward, among thcM rocks, like a bn»f ^ 


use ■ 


b*Mt, ilecpiag OD tho gtoiA<i, and eating your bread without ubk- 
dochi, ind ilut foa mw cocnbed >^Lir beard^ but wa^ wecpiiifi; 
And Ltjruiig yom (firiituc/ Then? Ukiu ui<iu 111^' tpjoih Oon 
QiiixiXc; 'for 1 do aoi curie roy fonuoc, bui niher bleu k, and viiU 
UcM it u lotijc IS I sbiU Live, »ciaK it hath nude p-.c worthy lo 
mern Ok !<ot« of so high ^ bdy as Dutciotfa of Tcbow.' 'She ii u\ 
good ^liih io high/ jruwercd SxDchpO^ '^ stw mrpa»cth rne olmmi 
by 4 whole cuheu' 'Why, hr>w now, ScukKo^' sAid ihr knighi; 'hatt 
Ukou DMUurcd ihyidf vr.d> bcr^' *[ did mc^uirc mysdf voih her in 
this raaiuia',* rtpd>cd Saocbo, that coming over io help her to lift 
up a Mclc o( wheal on on a«, we foia«d co near v I %i<dJ p«rctived 
ihar the was more than a greac ipjn higher th^n myvlf/ Thx jt 
irur/ quDih Dnn Qtiixot*^ %it <hiftkrt< i^^u^ imk fh^i rh^ t^Urvt 
of her encoded auturc ia adorned with d thousand mitltooi of grai;ei 
4iidci»doinn«msof thcuul? But* SaDcbo^cbou<JE\ii not deny mc 
one cfalog: when tbou didit thus approach her, didu tf^ou aoc fed 
a oaovt odoriferous uneU, oji aromattcal fngrancyt an — I cannoc 
lell whsi, so pJtniin^ at I know ivic how ttt trrm il— 1 tay \ij::h i tf nif 
At tf thou vrcn in Hune curious perfumers ihop?' 'TImi which J 
know,' qtiorh Saochor 'ii that I ^k a hate unsavotiry Kent* lome- 
whjt la m miah and man-hkc, and I thmk ihc reason wn beciuie 
(he bad twcat a Uttk doing of thai cxcrclie.' Li wat not «o,' quoch 
Don Qirtjoocr, "hue either thou hadil the mar, or d» rfid vnell 
dtytelf; for I know very wdl how ihat ncnc among ihnrni dou 
Kent* ihit lily of ilkc l>c!<U and that chcucn acnbcr/ *lt may wdJ be,' 
uJd Sancho* *ai you have jsid, for 1 have had many times mch a 
uncJl a> methouRht ihr Lady DuEciA«a had then; and though she 
Bidlrd loo it wcr« no marrrl, for one d^ll it like anodvr.' 
'And wdl/ qtioih Don Quixoie, 'see here, ihe haiti sified Iter 
^^Bin, and k-jk it to ihc mill; whai did iAk aficr ihc had read the 
^Hrct?' The kucf ?' said San<ho, "She read it oot, for she said she 
^Kttkl neivhsr md r^or xvrite; and therefore she tor? it inti> small 
P^SWet, and would have no man to read it, \est those of the ^illaip* 
ihiiijkl know hrr«ccTei%. and [said] thai what 1 had loid h^ by wurd 
o£ mouth of year love and eiaraordirury peruncet w^uch you n^ 
do«D|> tor her sake, was sufEiotat; and* hiully, the cdq- 
ojmniaoding mc to soy Qoao you that ihc had her oom- 


mcadcd ttoto you. and ihit the nnuined vnrh gxvaUs tSeufc to »t 
you thui ID wntc unio joo, and ihcfdofc ^ roquemd aod vnikd 
you, 2S you leodcred hn a^oioi^ tlui prannily i^a ugbi benR^ 
you should abandon ibew thniUy gicrvti, bvvt ofi four fmuty, and 
ukp |)fva«Dily liw way of TolMno, if Munr manrr td gnattt tm^ 
purtaoce did doI cccur, fur the lad tktj (tcm 6esm tn «c add 
ulk wuh you. She bujrhcd hevbly wtxn I lold her thai yoa 
named yo«indl "the KJbj;bl U the ID-taTOUf«d Face." ! tl an a n d rf 
<ji her wheihcr tbc heawn Bi«caine cavDC thera^ and the aiuvoM^ 
that he did, and i£ffn<d withal that h» <rai a wvy hooMi 
I aikcd lUo for the ^aUry-sbvct, hm ihe told nw Kbit the had 
Donc oC thcra aj ytt/ 

'All £00 wdl till tha»' aid Doo Quixoco; %ui idU ae, 1 pnr 
thM^ whac imtl did te bMow oa tfatf ai diy dvpamira, far 
reward of the nem tfaou c an faJ* unto he* of me? For » ii an 
iiaial and ancieni fTiffwn afncmy koi^luA tod ladict tmstL la 
botow oo aqiMnst dantd^ or dmHib «hkh bring then any gpod 
iidiiifs of didr lacbca^ or acrviniSi aoitic nch vewd. as a tvimd 
and ilunlcs of tbetr tuckome omw.' 

*[i may well be,' quofh Sincho, 'and 1 hold it for a very laudaMt 
cunaoi; hut I ditnk it wai only med u tinm pasc hv 1 chink dv 
nuoncr of thii our a^ u ooly to gyyt « piece oE bnad mi cbcor; 
for dkis wfta aU dut my bdf Dtdooea bestowvd 00 fofi. and ch« 
owr die yard walls, when i took my kave with h«T, atid in nun 
ihcrtof (wvQ fair aU good mkcni) ihc chf««e wa« mai^W of ^mfi'i 
milk/ "She it nurvdkus tibrc jL' oiM'b Dno ^nniu: 'and if dw 
gave tbn not a iewd of fold a wu wnhooa dook, bncaiuc dv 
had ooQt then about her. Eiui u u not toot dkat oxata at bsc; 1 wil 
■echo-,aDdth«nanihingiihaUbtaaiaadtd. ICnownt Aou» Saacho, 
whcnac I wmdeff k b ac this uddcci itfum: 6or h nenu lo me 
ihou wi pioe aod ban rnme hack Afcain in ihr air; foe ihov hast 
bem away bat a lot)* more chan tknK dayik Tohnao bcinir more than 
thiny ImgiKi from heooe; and ihmfnre I do bchr^ tKai ihc wtje 
endumtr 1A0 ukt» car* of mifltf aAws, and » my frWnd (for 
Efaem ij ndia one of force* and then tmiA be, ondrt pun thai 1 
ehe fhonU nor br a fooA kinfEhc-trTam>v-4 my 1 verily rhiok thai 
iriac nun faolp thee m tcampia nnawmn id thi^f; far tfaa^ are 


wiM men of thflt condUioQ which will uke a kiugbt-trram slcqWog 
in hu bfd, and whJxMit knowmg bow cf id whac nuaaer, ht will 
wak* ibff O0X< day 3 (hoL<«and lea>;uei from th^t pl^« where he fell 
ailMp; and wcr^ it not for Uui, kctighit-efrim could doc loccour 
one aDocher in their fnott dingrrout r%igenit, as they ik> oow at 
«vcry ixep. For h ohiimcs htiiU thai a knight u %hting in ihe 
nountaitu of AnncnU, with xxne de^iUdi fauix\ some dreadful 
thadow, or fierce knighi* where h« » like to have the worst, and in 
diii poitit of death, when h« least oxpecu it, there appear* there, 
m the top of a cloi>l or ridiog in a charioc of fire, aixxhrr knig^ 
fnrnd, wly> wu but evtn then in En^and, and hrlpa him, am) 
him from death; aikd returns af^ajn that nl^t to hh ovm 
1^ when he Hipi ^ith a very good appctiie; and y«t> for all 
thai, U ther» uxint to be two or three thotiiaod leagues from the 
009 to the other eountry. All whkh is con^patsed h^ the in<dimry 
and wisdom oS those ilcilful <-ndunref3 tItJt tike c:iTe cf t\ie nid 
nlorotu knights. So Out, friend Sarvclx), I ^m ticit hnrd of Iveltef 
in i^iTiiif; thee eredit that thou haar gofie and returned in 90 short a 
lirae frixn ihU place to Toboso, seeing, as I have taid, lome wbe 
man my fnenJ haih (briike) transported tbee thither by sxeoJth, and 
uitiUMre ol iltykcU.' 

1 ea&ly think it,* replied Saiicho: 'for Rozhunce travelled, in good 
faith, ai lusiJy at if ^^ were an Efryptian'i a», with quicksilver in 
his ears.' 'And 'Junkcsi thoa dot/ quotb Don C^iiote, 'ihac be had 
nor c|ukksi!veT in his eart^ yes, and a kpcm of deviU aim to help 
it? who are folk tlut do travel and make ochert go at much ai thry 
tin wiihuui tnv wr^rioess. BuL le:ivi]i; all ihii apart, whai is ihinc 
opinion that I iJwtild do now concerning my Lady's commaiulmeni 
m ICO and see her? For, altbot^sh 1 knmviKac I am bcHimf to ubey 
her bctets, y« do ! find myself disabled ai this lime eo accomplish 
ihrm hy ream cif the ^rant 1 ha^v made the pdnoeu thai comes 
wkh ui; ami fhr hw of snzw dmh atmpr) me to accEiirplish my 
word ra;hcf ihaa iriy wi£L On the one side, 1 im assatUted and 
urged bf a desire to go and an my bdy; on the other, my promised 
bi^ and the glory I Aall win in this en' ■; ■ ^'j iiKite and call 
mt aw3y. But that which I tcsolve co do ! w^rh all ipenL 

thai 1 may quickly arrive u> the place wberv ihat giani ii, and will 

by (u»w J 


CIA oQ bi* bcvl ji my CDOuqg; and wbon i have pcttceabljF tiuuflnl 
the printeu in her kxagduni, will peyrnily fduni tu toe the k|^ 
that doch listen my koms; w whom 1 wilJ pvM w^ tordUi 
rcflsoos of my 10 loDg abacocc, cu ihe shall ouUy mntJc trend V 
cxojK! my stay, £«eing iH ckith redound to her glon aad £aiiMt; in 
all cL;i [ b;t%c goineii^ do ivin, ur kIuU hctc-^fief ochidve; by (oree 
ot Arms in diU life, prot«edt wholly frcxn ihc gfockiiu favouf 
pleaieth u> bc«unv upn» ine. aivd my beif^ heea.' 

'O God'' quolh Saocho^ '1 perceive thjt you af« fivcatly 
ID the pate. I pray you, fir, tell me whcdker you mean to jcd tfajt 
long ^oya^ for nougbi, and kt tlip ami lote 10 rich aod v^ lu^ 
3 pfefermem a« ;b^ ivhcrc (Iv dowry U a Ltn^dom, tvhich is in 
good bitJi, as I have hrard uy, iwcoty thouujuj Ict^ui!! in rotnpwi^ 
aod moa plcmifully uoicd with all ihingt Mceuarv iot the au» 
laifiiag of hum^n lifc» and that i[ is grc«te« ihao I'onugal aid 
CaitiU joined io^e(hcr? P«>cc» foe God** lov^ Aad bhuh At yoor 
own words, and lake rrvy counsel, and inafry prmncly in th^ Rra 
villa^i; ihui liaih a {nn&h (vte«t; and tl you vrill not do it ifaov. 
cut you wish a bcu«r cominodiiy thin to hive ouf own mmer 
Ikemiace, who will do it roost cx««UcnUyf And note that J am iM 
cnou;^ to j^ve countd. and that ihJs which I now ddivtt ta ai At 
for you at if k wvre eiEpreniy coff fct you in ■ mould; iot a tpomw 
in the fist ii wonh more than a Aying bttiov. 

' "For h« liiat can have i:ood aftd cvi doth chooat, 
For iH that belxfes hbi^ mu« 001 paMncc lose** 


'Why, Saocho,' quoib Doo Quixote, 'if thoo ^ven me coorad 
10 rruTTy m ihr i*nd 1 may become m king, afiei I have alain the 
giacii, and have t^atinodity thertby to promote (hec. aivd give thee 
what 1 have promiacd, 1 let thee 10 underhand that 1 may A> all that 
oMei cauly without marrytnjt niyself; lor, beh>re 1 eotef into the 
battle^ I will make thia conditioo, flat when 1 come away vkiot, 
allhotifth 1 marry no< ihr princra, yn iliaU a p«n tj xhr kingc^m b«fl 
at my diipoutJon to bestow upoo whom 1 ploaie; and when I faeive 
it, upon whom woMldrt thou biT« ne bcatow it hui on ihyxHr 
'Thai it OMaifeM,' laid Sancho; 'bm 1 pray you, nt, h*ve care to 
chooce that pan you «XHjld re«rv« towar da the aea&de, to the 


itui if ibc living do ncx pJ^iw mt, I nuy tfrkbark cny black vatvU, 
vid iTukr (he bntdii o< them which 1 KsTe said. And lilc^wii^ I 
prjiy jrou Doi 10 uoikile jroui iniiid itunlinjf tv s^ Aud s«r my Lidy 
DuidiMa dt this time^ bui tr«^^ tunurd* ihe place vrli^rc ilic gi^oi 
u, jukl kill bm, AtKl coiuliKie thai bu»cie» &nt; Eor 1 »wcar uMo 
you dtsi 1 4m of apinion it will pmve an jj^cnturc of vcfy greii 
honour snd profii.' '] juuuc thrc, Sanctn),' t^ucth Don Quixuie, 
^ihnu 27% tn the rigKi, and 1 will fnlknv ihy a>un«rl In ntthcr gpiiig 
tiiK with (he pricicoH 10 visk Dulcinca. And 1 warn thoc not to 
ipcAk i ivord to uiyfxkdy, no> not to ihotc thn ri<lc wtth lu, of 
tbat which wc have hcrr ftpokco and difcourscd tof^hcr; for. 
BAM Dulcioca 11 so wsuy aikI iccrei at shv would oor have bor 
tliou^hls dMmvered, ii it na reH&oo ihat I, either by mywlf or any 
mlwr, should deua tiiart' 

'if that be k\* quoth Sxacbo. 'why. then, do you maJ ail diooe 
which you ^^Kiuish by virtue of your arm to present ihcmtelvae 
tD my L«ly Duldnea, seeing thii it u good u aubtignatloa of your 
huulwriitii^. that you wish her well, and are enanvmi^ on her? 
And icdn^ ihJl ttiav whtch go to her muit (ordUy lay thvm ilown 
I on tbcif kncei before her preMrnce. and oy that they come fram you 
^Jf (fe her honuf^ how then c:in ibc ihoti^ts of you both be haddn 
^^Bd coocvalcd^^' ^b, bow grnc a fool an tbou, and how tienf4el' 
^^■otti Don Quixote. 'Doit noc thou ptroetv«, SsiAcho, how all du» 
^Hbalti to her grcji^r glory^ For thou oughteA to wit ihat, in our 
kni^dy pfoceedingk >t ia great honour that one bdy alone have 
onny knigfai»-cmnt tot her srrviu>r»t wichour extcading ibdr 
tknif^u any further than to 9en*e h«r only for her h^ worth*, 
without attending iny other reward of their many and good desiret^ 
thaa th4t tkv will deign to accept thtvri ai hex u^rvjnti and ktii^bix' 
1 ha^« heard preach,' wid Sancho, 'that men sl-ould ln%r our Saiidur 
with thai kind tji Urrt only for Mis own take» without bang moved 
ihovunui fitber by the hope of f;fery <x the fear of pahi; akhought 
br my pan, I would lov^ and wrve Him for what Ho h able to do.' 
The flrrtl take ihrr foe a dovrnl' quoth Don Quixote; "how ihiirp 
and pertinently duR tbou speak now and then, aUe lo make a nun 
ina^ne ihii thou bait nuditdr "Now, by mine hooctfy/ qiapth 
fancho, 'I can oetiher read nor wricc* 


Master Nicholas perceiving them drowned thus in tbnr ducouneii 
cried out to them to stay and drink of a little fountain that wai by 
the way. Don Quixote rested, to Sancho*s very great conteDtmentt 
who was already tired with telling him so many lies, and was afraid 
his master would entrap him in his own words; for, aJthou^ be 
knew Dulcinea to be of Toboso, yet had he never seen her in hii 
life. And Cardenio had by this time put on the a[^>ard Dofodiea 
wore when they found her in the mountains, which, thouf^ duf 
were not very good, yet exceeded with great advantage those whidi 
he had himself before. And, aUghting hard by the fouatatn, they 
satisfied with the provision the curate had brought with him from 
the inn, although it were but liide, the great hunger that pressed 
them. And whilst they took their ease there, a certain young strip- 
ling that travelled past by, who, looking very earnesiiy on alt lb«e 
which sat about the fountain, he ran presendy after to Don Quizoi^ 
and, embracing his legs, he said, weeping downright, 'Oh, my brd, 
do not you know me? Look well upon me: for I am the youth 
.-\ndrew whom you unloosed from the oak whereunto 1 was tied.' 
Don QuLxote presendy knew him. and. taking him by the handsi 
he turned to chose that wtre present and said. 'Because you tnay see 
of how great imponance it is tha: there be kri^hts-errant in the 
world, to undo wrongs and injuries th:^: are committed in it by the 
insolent and bad men which l:ve therein, ihou shall wit that a few 
days post, as 1 rode dirou^h a wooJ, 1 he-jrd ceriiin lamentable 
screeches and cries, as of sorr-e neeivl ^r.d x-tlicted person. ! forth- 
uidi occurred, borne jw^v by mv prc:rt*:o3. towards the place 
from whence the lament^rle vf:c:e vurcfti. and 1 found tied to 
an oaken tree this bey whcyn \ou >ee here :r. o:ir rreseace* tor which 
! am marvellous ^hd. because i.: I shjU r^^t «v the zmth he mav 
chftk me. 1 sjy :hat he was tied :i* -^.f *.*jk. s^ark =jked from the 
midcle upward, and a cenair^ c^ow:: wu ircvr-ni: —s ^h with 
ctMt\ blows cha- h? ca%e ":ii_'n w^.ib. :-e :^.r.i ci 1 Tn^Li. which clown, 
a* I jfter underCLXid- was hi* rr^^^er. At^J *t\ 2s ax-r: is I siw him, 
I demanded the ca-« 0: :b<^ cr-jii-l *;r.;vs Tv r,:i fellow 
answered tha: he "tvat him rvc^^i^r '"^e «*> ':*.* wnir?:. i^ that 
cefta:n nffeUgence* of hi* rfT.v-eev>?d raf-wr -^^r- ^-^ j zhiti than 
of iimriic::v. Tc which rh:» cb.i'.c jr*wers\L "SL\ be »^:ir^ aie for 


Be bur by nason ih^t [ demand my ^-i]cr« of hlin-' Hit 
aumet replied 1 know 00: now vjhM ipoectw^ and excuse, the 
wSirH alibaugb I hr;tf(l, yi^ wrrt they luit Uy mc admiiinL In 
muluiion, I (^uml him :o ]yr locucdt ami Irak the down^k iMth ibat 
be would take him honM% and pay him there hia wagcs> ofic real 
Q|30iii dnonWr— ay, and thotc alto perfoJiicd. Is ic not true, son 
Andraw? X>.d$i thou not note with wbac a dominnrtng cooistt- 
nancf t commAnded h^ and u-ich wtiat humility he promised to 
«ixuaipliih all that I tnifXJted, conunimdrd, unJ deured? An&wer 
me; ht not whained, oor juggtr at all. but icll what pa^ued to thoc 
fEcntJemen. to tht end it may be manifestly seeti bow iMCroary U 
ii« as I have taid, to luve knighu^vnnt up and down the b^h^-ayC 
'All ihai wtiich you have uid.* rjiioih the buy, 'h very true; bm 
ihs Old of the m.iiiFr succeeded altogeitter avntrary to that wlikJ] 
you imapned.* 'How comrary?" qucoh Don <^xotc 'Why, badi 
not the pcoMUt paid ihcc'' 'He notoa>y hath not pojd me,' answered 
th« boy. "but rithcf , at loon as ycu were past the wood, «ad that we 

Lined boch alone, he iunu>d a^to and lied m* Co th* same tree, 

gave me afmh k> many blows, ss I remained another St. B4r- 
V all Jiayed; and at every blow he said some jest or ochei 
dcruson of you; so char, if I had not fdt the pain of the vcriprs 
10 moch as I did, I could have found it in my heart to have bughcd 
tvry hconOf- In Rne, ho left me in tuch ptdfiJ ease as 1 have been 
rv-er Uott cunng myulf in in Itu^in-A of iSe trvA whkh ihe wkked 
peasant (fid ilten unto me. And you are in the fault of all thU, for 
if jD«i had ridden on your way, and not come ro the place where 

were not vou^bt for, ruir intermeddled younff£ in other men's 

perhaps my master had contented himKif with {pving idc 

or cwo ol nmkei, and woulil prevmly afirr have loosed me 

paid me my wage«, Bik by reasovi yo^r di:(lv>fioureil him to 
wiibouc cause, and said 10 lum so many tJlUins. his cboler 

inflamed, and, sedng he could not revenge it oa you, finding* 
him»«lf alone, bt dlsbunfened the shoi^ier on ro* so heavily as 1 
greidy fear tKit I ihall never igiln be mine own man.* "Hie bun 
nmtutcd in my ikpanurc* quoth Don Quixne, *for I should nol 
hawi jgone (ram thetxe until I liod seen ihec paid; Cor I tnt^ huve 
nry well known, bf many experiences ^lU there it no clown ihai 



will keep his word, if he see [he keeping o£ it can euro dny way 
to his d^nijige. But yet, Andrew^ thou do^t remeniber how I swore 
that if he paid thee not, I would return aad seek him out, and like- 
wise find him, although he conveyed himself into a whale's belly.' 
Thjt'5 true/ quoth Andrew; 'but all avails not/ ''Diou ihaJt set 
whether ii avniU or no presently,' quoth E}on Qui:«>te; and« saying 
so, got up very hastily^ and commanded Sancho to bridle Rozinantc^ 
who was froding ^^htlst ihev did eat. Dorothea demanded of him 
what he meant to do. He answered that he w-ould go and find out 
the villain, and punish him for using su^rh bad proceedings, and cauK 
Andrew 10 be p;ud the last Jenier, in despite of as many peasants as 
lived in the wvrld. To which she ai\swered. entreating him to rt- 
member that he ci^uld not deal with any other adventure, according 
to his promiso, unul hers were a»:hie\evJ: arid seeing that he him- 
seEf knew iz to bo trt:e hoi:cr than -;r^v other, that he should pacify 
himself i::i:'l his iot::::i '.r^'-'A her K:"\i;J-.^m, 

W^xi h.ivc re.isw-,' s.u.; IVn l^^:\*^:c, '^ztd therefore Andrew must 
havi* rav.t-:*.^-o :v::o:*e v:^::l :::% ri*c;:rr. ,:?■ \,'i; h,:ve said, madam; 
^T.c. v.}:e:\ L ^^..^! :■/.::'. iC...-,:\. \ c.^^ ^-^^tv^: u-;:^^ h^n. and likewise 
rer,ew :r-v :*: »,*"■'.:*-', :'.i'>;v :/ zt< z^^'. 'r-.t h< sitisred arid paid.' 1 
S£-l:i:\^ r.."! mi s;:.'"*. .\v/"l>h' «r:v:S A '..':v'-^, *r..: "oulJ hav^ as much 
'rr..'':\£\ as r", c^: ^^i:\ r,*^' '..- ^\ ..-\ r.'.:.",.': :.■:/„: ,:11 the revenges in 
zT.i \\:-:'.d. *-'.^e :vi* s.":^? i\\c^'. :/ i■.'^ .' -,- c-:-\ awa^ with me, ,ith1 
*_'Vv: S: '■^ :':: \.*.: -' ■/ .■- ,':".«■, '■./. i:^>^;:' ,.-.:: a:ti I t^rav Oxxl thai 
zT-r- rr:.-' .v-^^i- .'-- cr. \i :,* ::-j"^ »,-. ^* .-,'* h:^\-- ]>«n to me!' 
>;.7::*-* :.vx . , ,s ,■' ^ \-- .: / ,\-- .V ^-j.\- / */ c^^^£'flf. j_-:^^, givins; 
.: :,* '.-'z: ••..'.-. -^ ,■. ":■..' ,", ,-* .\7i: \',- -^*. :,-■ ;>t^-\ o:te ha:h his 
7^- ,':■'.-■'->.:.■. '. .- ^ ^,'- ^■ " : .v : :^^r-^*: hav- \ou:* 
N.. /. \ ■/ :■" ",--.' ^xv .-: --/, .■ ', , ^,'-^- -x: ' >r>;.^w on thee/ 
;.'.:?- N: >,'^.- V -.v . ■ . V '.■ .^ i, *.,- - ; ,i-^ . 'y^\-e n^^ ot 

: -■^- ': ,' '.- ,"- - ■■, ^ ** . , , ■. ^j; nv r'v s^jt::res cf 

V -. ^->,.' .':.','*■.'■ * - A. .' , - ^ Mri- J ',' ;»-_ ".;\:k: vea, 

>- .:-. - ,v - - . -^ , . > v. A^.ir^w ^aiJ 

.'.■ " » : \ - . *.\^4 '.. ^v , ' ■vW'^'^ C'Ai.' him 

. ■■ -i >; ^ ■; ,■ A --■- ' * v . -...■"* ^*:^ Tiae it 

*:'- v.''../ .-* A.' 0' ^'^^ " ^< - ' -■■ ii^'w- > '^-^s, i>'<J 

*- ^.Vi'^o' .-■ .-.1. ^^ ,-.> -^v v ;_ ' .- ^^ ,-tg*.: ^olJ 


e done, although you should sec me tora id pieces^ yec do not 
x)ur or help me, hut leave me in my disgrace; for it cannot be 
preat but that a greater will result from your help, upon whom, 

all the other kiiights-errant that are bom in the world, I pray 
1 His curse may alight!* Don Quiiote thought to arise to chas- 

him, but he ran away lo swiftly as no man durst follow him; 

our knight remained marvellously ashamed at Andrew^s tale; 
^reforc the rest with much ado suppressed their desire to laugh, 
they should thoroughly confound him. 


Treatini^ of That Wiitcii Befel All Don Q^sixcrrE Hu Teain os 

THE Iss 

THE dinner hoing ended, the)' saddled and weni to hoot 
pro^^ntly, jnd travt^lW ^1 chat day and the next widuuc 
t^iKituniorin^ any adveniure of price, until they arrived Xt 
the onlv bitt; jnd v^uivn^w oi Sjnchi> Panza, and though he would 
full uiii h.ivo cxciisod his c»:ry inv ii. vet could be ia 00 we 
^\i>'w\ it- The uinkivivr^ ihe hosii?^ her dautihier, and Maritorno. 
s^vini; IVii Q;:i\o;o jnJ ^i:i».-S^> rxruT^- went out to ttcdvc them 
\\:'h tAeiis ^^: j:ie.:; '.*\e -:v: v*^, a^^-^ ^e ^rnienained them with 
^T^^c <^'\::V.ciiM\^-i: a\-.<.\ .',:^:\»;:sc. .;::«; Sa,.W :hci:i U'' tiuke him ready 
a Si-ccf: Iw t':..::'; ^":f ^':hi-: «h,*'h :>.."* \xJ. cacti isn:o him the tinw 
iv:.w. '^.:/ *:;^^:^: :^r S.v'si^s*, ':: \'.^; wo,;U: jV\ ut Seiter than the 
I/.n: :.VL\i\ ys^" Kw.'J. fi.\c ^,^>- ,v'j '..-z i ;>;-..v?-* IVn Qaixote an- 
*u,':-i\: I'y.,.: h;- u\-.„.= \>,ir\ ^wy^v.-c^ ^ Tc^A.-.TS:\it ^»i bed tor 
h v. :hf s.---'.." VI .-.' .-.w ur,''? 'i-fC '^* Sir-w: anJ he wem 
/.rftTAiA ^.^ N\'. ^* .\\-<^ •. ;^j: v -:., -^..V iv-vS. i^re^L i:id void ot 
w-.:, \.^/- S.V. vi" v\r* ^,' i.x,.- ' . -,- * ^ v^-:. "^rc", v^Titr. :Se hostesj 
\-,/ -; >-.■.',' ■ .' ■ .^- N :v , . -.- .-V 'i :•—. r* :Se Sf^ri said 
\,-,,,rx "-.^ . :\.-s<^^ . .X'. o . ,-5.- "* :,-..' v r.x^rr f.>r a Seard, 
J '.- :'^/. v". . :. ■: '- , "' ",Cw, N- >,\i-%r C-X5 thrown 

. .' ,■ ■- -1. - ' .^.' Vv. ,r . . ^ . o- -V -V 't.v : ', r.-^ri- :Se comb 

;*j: ', V* ,v ^i .' ■- .' V — ^..w I'v N;..-><^ ^fcoulJ not 

i ■■-■ . . ■ .- V, .. V - ■ .^ . ■ -*v *.vr--..-:r r^^^Si h:ni ti> 

\-^,\v .\. N.- ^. -^ y \- v.v ,^- .^.'^^vl. >•: :>.^: Sr ir.icht 

V ' .- A. O ^ ^v ^ -^ s. ^ 1.. ^, .-,^ x-,/ -,wnn; him 


aII lilmiy. With ikit the bnrfwr uirrrndrml ihc txl willingly tn 
the ho«[»i. aod likcwiie all the other borrowed wjircs whkh she 
bad km Cor Don <^ui3ioic s debtor). AU thoK oi ihc inn rested 
woodtrful anuxcd ai Dorothea'^ beauty, and alio nt the oociieUn«M 
of xhe ihepherd Cardenio. llien the curaic gate ord^r to nukt 
rrady for thnn uich ruejt is ihe mn cottld atlord; lod the inii' 
keepd, io hope uf belter payment, did dreu \vry speedily for tliem 
M rtuooabKc good dinn^. Don Qinxoce tlepi all this vbhiie, and 
^iCf wcfc of Opinion to let hin:i take hi$ restf weing sleep tvas roore 
fequitkelorhisdia6ueihanm«i(. At the tal^e ihey cUscDurMd (the 
innVnqvT, hit vfiit, daughter, and Mjiriiornev, and M iht other 
trj^cUcn being pre^iii) d Don QiiixorcS nrooge fremy, and of 
the nunner wherein (hey found him. 1 he hosea» «fboona. re- 
couDied what hid h^ppciud ihefc, between him snd the earner; 
Mid (ooking IO MO whether Sancho w^re prcccnt, perceiving; thai be 
was xwny, A% told tli^wiM sU the story of his canvassing, wher^^t 
they amceiTed no liitJp content and pajuime. And. asthecurMPuud 
thM the original cause of Don Quixoit s madness pnxceded from 
I -dt c readme o*I books of kuightltood, Uk iimkceper oASwered*— 
^Bl canoot coi^dve how ihac can b^ for, as [ be]i«ve, there ii no 
^Hpfing so delightful in ihit world, and 1 myielf hive ih-o or three 
^^Oolu of ilui kiiii! wiih i^titiT paperi, which do verily keep me 
alira. and cot ctd) nie. but many other. For in the reaping timet, 
many of the reapers repair to this place in the heats ot mid-day* and 
there is eircrmr.n! some one or other among th«n that can read, who 
tjL*s oAe of ihete bookt in harid, and then tome ihiny or more ol 
Bsdococnfunhimahoui, .inddoUitrn tohim wiihsuch pWauimas 
il hinders a thousand hoary hairs; for I dare uy, at lease of myvet^ 
dial WhcA J hear idl a( thow furiom and terrible btows that koights- 
trraff givt^ h inliana me with a desire to biconK such a one mv»clf< 
and CDuld find to my heart to bt htaring of them day and ruj^' 
1 am jim uf ih** um« minrl^ no more, nor nf> Irvi,* uid the lumen, 
for f nrwr Kj^f 4[iy quiet hi-ui in my Iulhuc, but when tbt;u art 
bearing those books whereon thou art so besotted, as then thou dott 
to chide. ' ' Hy ordinary eaccrcise at other tiows.' 
vefy trur,' i- ^'ncs; 'and I in good sooth do ukc 

ifrrat ddight to hcu thoso things, for ihcy aro wy GiM, 3Im1 mf^ 

biatt ■ 


daily wbca ilvy ipU how uxh a bdy lice ctubracvd by her Viii^ 
under an oringe tree, and (hat a ccruiti danuci kecpdh wauii il 
the while, ready to bum for cn\y thai ilie hath pot likrwue fatf 
rweethean, aftd rery much afraid- 1 siy that -oU those lIua£» an 
ju nv«t at honey to me/ 'And you,' quoch the cumo 10 ch* «fr 
keeper'i daughter, 'what do you dunk?' *l know not in giicxl noK 
»ii/ quoth she; 'but I do likewise j^\t ttit aod 10 trmh. jili 
I tioclcrstand it noc» ytt do 1 take Kkmc pleiiure 10 hat them; 
miiUke greatly tbow blows which pSeon my father to niucK, 
only delight in th« bmeoutioos that knighEs make being 
from thdr ladiei; which in looih do now and thim makp me wtep 
through the coinpauinn I take of them.' 'Well, then,' cjuc<h Doro- 
thea, 'bebke, fair fnaidcn, yon would rcii>cdy tbcm, if nich pbina 
were breathed for )our own ukc^' 'I kAow not what I wooU 
afuwsffd th» girl, 'only tht« I knew, that there are »CDt of 
hdm «o CYud, at their knights call ihcm Qgvrt and Ikmi, snd 
ihoutand other wikl beasu* Afu^ SP^ fnui, 1 know doc vthtf 
ujuouled folk the) he. and ao wtthoui cciiKiencc, dut became tfarr 
wjU am onoe behok! an honourab^ man, they sudet him eitbcr 10 
die or mn mad. And I kno^' not to what «nd ft«rvet all thai cofivcL 
For if th«y do ii for bonetiy'i take, let thefn marry with them, br 
rl»; kntglna denre nothing morev' 'Peace^ child/ qjuih the hottfu; 
'for it socm« thai ihnti knowm too racLidi. of ibose naaiirrft, aod ii * 
not tJcccni that maidens ihoutd know or speak so much.* 'I speik^ 
c;u(Kh (he, ty rtsson that this good sir ma<k me the demand; xai 
I coidd not tn OAxntty omit to anr.vor him/ "WvlV taid thv cofSttb 
*lct mt entreat you, j^ood mine hoit. to bHng tis facfc those 
for I «x>u]d Uatk see dnem/ 

'! am pleased,' said the irmkeepcr; &n<l then entering into 
dumbcft he brought forth a little old makt titoc op with > dial 
and, opening thereof, he look out three great books aod 
popen written with a very f.iir I*«ot. The firw bnulc be ojientd • 
that of Dan Crrongffio of Thratia^ tlic oshrv, Fitixmaru 0/ Hi 
ctfiuia, and the third, 7'Ar Hincry 0/ iJk Gftta C^pmn. GontA 
Hetmindffz ^f C^dotM, with ihf life of Dte^ G^m P^tJfi 
ndfoined. As toon as the curate had read the titles of the two 
h« said to thtf harbcf, *\Vfi bav« now gnst wane of our Mcnd^ 


old wonun aad nicxe.' 'NoL ia much as you iltiiik/ qx;otb the 
baitxM'; 'for 1 knovr also tbe way to tKe yard or tbc chjirmey, an<Ii in 
f^DOcI (ootb, there it a fire m it good enough for that piiipow,' 'Would 
you then/ quoth the ho*tj bum my btjoki?' 'No more ot theni,' 
quoth ihc curne; 'but thew fitK two of Ooa Cintngiiio And Frlix» 
matt^J 'Arc my book» pcrki(3s' quoth the innkccpct, 'heretical or 
phlcgnuLi^j], that you wouM thus roughly handle ihcm?' "Schit- 
ooattcaU thcu sbould^t have s^d/ quoth the b;irbcr, 'find r:oi phleg- 
nuticoL* It is m>/ said ihc innk«pw; "but if you will need* burn 
any. I prny you, raiher let H b« ihai of tbe Gteet Captain, and of 
that Dirga Garda.' foff 1 would niilif-r auffer one of my son* to be 
burned tlian any one of tbo^tc other two.' 'Good friend, thcae two 
books arc lyin^, jnd full at tolhcs and vamtie:^; but that of the 
Or^at CaptJin ti Kt\xCt and contameth the acti o{ Cion^ulo Hcrrandez 
of Cordova, who for bU sundry and nobic acct mcfitcd :o he termed 
by all the worl^d the Crivai Cipiain^ a nnmc fanv>u«, illutinoui, ami 
only dewrved by himself, and [his other, Diego Garcia of Farodcs 
w^auublegeutlciuaii. born In tlieciiyof Tfuxillo in L&trcmaduri, 
and was a mOK valorous Aoldier, atid of w lurpasAing for<e, aa he 
would detain -i miU-wbeel with one b^nd frotn turning la the 
midiC of tbe vpee-Jieait motion: and standing oiK« at the «nd of a 
bridge, with a twu-luniled iword, defended the pauagt- a^ain&t a 
m^hiy army that aticni|ji«! 10 |u« over «; ami did mi m;my irtlicr 
thing!, that if another who were a siranjEcr and unpiw^ionaic had 
wmicft tbccn, at he did himidf who was the rdater and h^stori* 
ogr^Dher of hit own ;kcu, and therefore recounted them with th* 
modoKy of a g^ntlenian and proper chronicler, they would hav« 
drowned nil the Hectors, AchiUeses, und Rolands in oblivion/ 

'Theft- ji a jesL,' quoth the innkeeper. 'Deal with my faihcr 1 
pray you i»x at what you wonder. A wise tale at the withiiolding 
of the wheel of a inill. I swear you ought to fc^d that which i% read 
la Felixm^rtf of Hirtrarsia, who with one thwart blow cut five mij^hiy 
giants in halves, ai if they were of beans, liice to the lirile friars that 
children make of henn-cntU; and %<-t another lime upon a grc-at and 
moft powciful army of more ihaii a million and m hundred thou- 
u:id K>ldicrs, and overthrew and scattered dicm aII like a flock of 
tSryoep, Whac« ihen, can you tay to mc of the good Cirongilio of 


Thracia, who was so animous and valiant, as may be Mtn in b 
book; wherein is laid down, [hat, as be sailed along a river, then 
issued out oi the midst of the water a serpent of fire, and he^ as »ob 
as he perceived it, leaped upon her, and hanging by bcr x^ 
shoulders, he wrung her throat so straidy between both his amUi 
chat the serpent, perceiving herself to be well-oigh strangled^ bd 
no other way to save herself but by diving down into the decp^ 
carrying the knight away with her^ who would never let go hb 
grip, and when they came to the bottom be found himiglf by a pabce 
in such fair and pleasant gardens, as it was a wonder; and presefldr 
the serpent turned into an old man, which said to him such thii^ 
as there is no more to be desired. Two figs Cor the Great CspOiB 
and that Diego Garcia of whom you speak/ 

Donxhea. hearing him speak thus, said to Cardeoio^ ^Methinb 
our host wants but little 10 make up a second pirt of Don Qmsoa^ 
'So it seisms to me Ukewise/ rerlied Cardcnio: 'ior« as we may coD' 
lecture by his words, he ccnairJy believes thjt ever^ihing wnttea 
in those books passed v-is: a ir ;s Lid d^wn. and baretooced friari 
wcuU be scarce jble to persuade him :he ccTxrriry." 'KiKm\ frietML' 
Gv:oth :he Ct:ra:e :o :r.e ir.rAec:*er, "*vhi: there woj ne\er any sudi 
J Tzur. i* F^«\:r.ane c: Hircar.ti. cr Do:: Cir.?::ciUo ol Thncia, nW 
c:her SL:ch kr>;*:h;i as Sx'ks *:: chi^olr* rsc^nzizi lor all is but » 
ceMce ar-d r.Jt:*::! v-f :dle \v-.:5 :r_;: *v:r::vvfifti tSerrL to the end thai 
-^j^-j. saK. :,.^ pvW c^'iz the v.rr.i, -* \v:,r rtoosr* do in reading of 
th«:r,- Fcr I j;::.:tfr£S s^^ea: iTxe. ;>_i: iS?re were ttever such 
k:i:ih:; :r. iTi^ wcr'.d, ri:r s^"^ id^'sr.r^rw a*d rav-,no happened 
iz ::/ Cos l:-i: "?cr,e :.^ i:.^i:-<r ,v^-" cj:ch :be i^akeepcr, 'as 
:zc_£r_ I '-Liiz^- rxrc Tat-.v rruL.-A .-,:T"jvrf i-^ -r-t;, a:>i wSsre the shoe 
■aTiSi rue nc». I rra* •^^--^, *;-. i-," vc ijv^c :- c-^-e :ae pap. for 
t- thi L*:ri ; izr, zvi V '»>,:;, 's .: ,xx 1 ;?-vc sxc^ tbo: vj*i labour 
:j perr,.:adie :::<> :ra: ;! :r-r: -k* \^-.': :*ob; c<»i :xvi^ tiv one but 
zv^--^ iz-l li^le*. :.N^ >>f-.*^ .v -:,v r-^ ^~^■^ a-*^ ti-^kxir ot the 
L^cis :: iTje Pr:-^ \7k-t:..*c... J.* .: :*c* ^v*-^ .vA r?ac »v:*;ld penmt 
K T^-Li'i :_- ys rr 7,:^*^ i: v*"v'Tf. i x- s.* —>; -* .v^rA?* i:^f <n:hanr- 
:r'.e.r:i, oj j_-^ ^i^ t:^ T-a'<j i r\: ^ ", ■ .*v*. >'C V-* ■■■.cs.' l have told 
:rtfe iln£ijd>_ r:e=c,' sj_c i?tf ->^_j--ri^ ".Mv- ;**> ?* Jwn; xr :be recre- 

THE tKNKEKPtA 5 imoKS 305 

the plays Jt cheu^ tconit, and imckt xtc ioknttd (or tke 
pudme ot >omt men whi<h Kivc none ochct occuptrion, and cither 
i>UAht IMC or unnot worlc, even eo tuch bookt irv permitted to bo 
printed; pratujniDg (41 in tnith they ot^ht, tbat no man would b^ 
found «i timple and ignursni m to hold any o[ ihew books for a 
tnjE hitforv. And if my leiuirc pctmificd. ai>d tfut il were a tlttn; 
rtquiiice lof thi» audiiory, I could ay many tlun^s conccrninjE the 
wbpcct of bookfi of knighthood, lo ihe tnd thaK they kbould be weU 
Gootnvcdp jmd aUo be plc^urw ivtd profitable to the reodert; but 1 
bop* Bomeciine to ha^« ibc commodity fo communkaie my conoeJc 
with thoie that may rfdmi ii« And in the meanwiukj you may 
bcfieve* good mine bon* what 1 ha^« aaid. and take to you your 
bookav and agree whh their irxiths or leasngs as you please, and 
much good may u do you; and 1 pray God that you halt not in time 

00 the foty. thai your f^KKit Doxx Quivoie halieth/ 'Not hck c^uoth 
the innicecj**, 'for ! wiH ne\cf he m wtiod ai to become a kntght- 
«Tani, for I sec wdl iKai what wa« uunl in the (imcs of dictc famous 
knij^htt ii now in no uw ix>r teijucrt/ 

Sancho came m about the midu nf ihit discourtet and rvtted much 
ccafoiMKlcd and pcnt^tive of tKat ^hich he heard ihem tay, that 
tmghtMrram wpcc now in no r«j(imj .tnd that tb^ book* of diivalry 
un3f coot^ned follies ind LJcii. aiid pLrpotcd with himidf 10 we the 
md of thai voyage of ha loid\ and that if it sorted doc the wiihed 
mcoess which be expected, he roclved to lca%e him and return home 
to hii wife and cbddren and accustomed hbour. The innkeeper 
thought 10 take away hit booVs and budget, but the curiae withheld 
htm, laying "Stay a wUilc, fut 1 would lee what pa|ier$ arc tlnue 
whtdi ave wriiten m so fair a charactcTi' The host toc4 them out 
and gave ihem to him to read, being in member some eight iheect, 
with a tide wnitcn in text teiten, wtiich said, TA^ History of fA^ 
Cari<m^mpfrtin^ni, The curate rend two or three linct lofUy to 
Httimvir, and viM afrpi, 'Tnilif ihr ri;lc vA thi* ht^trwy ckxh imt mit- 
^^Kc me, and il^rrcfore 1 am dhoui to read it through/ The innkeeper 
Icanng him. uidi Touf retvrcnce may \cry wdQ do ii< for I assure 
you that fotne mMts wfakh bav-« read it hert, 31 they tnmtled, did 
comnsend tc mtecdirq^y, and have bqyted It of me as etmotlyt but 

1 would never bestow it, hoping lome day m reuore ii to the owner 


of this maleCi who forgot ii here behind him with these books and 
pliers, for it may be that he will sometime retiiTD, and althou^ 
1 kiiow that I shall have great want of the bookSy yec will 1 mdie 
to him restitution, for although I am an innkeeper, yet God be 
thanked I am a Christian therewithal/ Tou have great rcasoo, of 
friend/ quoth the curate; *but yet notwithstanding, if the taste like 
mCt thou must give me leave to take a copy thereof.' "With aU taj 
heart,' rq>lied the host. And as they two talked, Cardenio, taking 
the book, b^an to read a litde of it, and, it pleanng him as madk 
as it had done the curate, he requested him to read it in such wKl 
OS they might all hear him. *That I would willingly do,' saul ifae 
curate, 'if the time were not now more lit for sleeping than reading' 
*lt were sudicient repose for me,' said Dorothea, 'to pass away tbe 
time Hstetung to some tale or other, for my spirit is not yet » well 
quieted as to atTord me licence to deep, even then whoi nature 
c^aaeth it/ U that be so.~ quoch the curate, *I will read it, if il 
u^ro but ^>r curios^itv: perhaps tc concaineth some delightful matter-' 
Master Nicholas and S^mcSo enir&JEcd the same. The curate, seeing 
and kmnvm^: thai he should therein do them all a pleasure, and be 
himself likewise ixvxivc as ^rcai, said, 'Seeing jxw will needs hear 
:<. be ^U ol wui acton:iv^. for iho hisron bc^nneth in this manner/ 

WiftuDc Js KuiKiUtm THi Hi£ToftT or ms CuMOPS'lMnnpam' 


F1or«&c«, a rich vkI famous dty of lii1y» in the province 
:iIW Tuscany, there dwelt two rich and prindpjil gtotlemen 

ciUed Arudmo ajid Loihari(\ which two w«fe «o great friends 
Ai ibey were iBmcd for cxcePency, atu3 by anion^m ajm, by all iboic 
UuE knew xhcm, ihc Two Fiitodx. They were bo:h bachelors, md 
mixh tit one ap: nnd nuumen; aU vrbjch wu of force to make tfacm 
AAiWcr OJ30 aric4hcE with f«dproca! amity, Tnie it U th^ Afudroo 
ra somewhai more indioed CO amorouf dalliance than Lcdiaria 
wlio was alto^ffbcr addkied to hunitiig. But when occiiton eiacifd 
u. Antcbno would umit hii own pleaaureSt to satlify hb fiicikd'*; 
and Lothario Lke^K hii^ to plcaae Ansehno. And by thu iDcan* 
both thdr ^ills wtrt 50 corrcTcpondcnt, as i>o clock coodd be better 
ordered than were their detiret. Amchno being at lasc deeply 
maimniTEid of 3 prindpal and buutiful ymiog laily of the time aty, 
tslinl Cimilla, bring w wwihily dracendcd, and she licrsdf of 
such CDchi thcrcwitlul, ^s he reeved (by the COOKni of his fiicnd 
LothajiD, without whom bo did oothlng) to demand her of bcr 
porcoiK for wife; and did put hit purpoce Jn escecution; and Lodufio 
hhnjtlf was the cneivengtr. and coocltided the matter so 10 his 
ftieful's ntisfjkCiJDu, x\ \k wu diortly :ifter (w* 111 gxiucxiioa of Uv 
dcurci; asti Camilla 10 contcnEcd to have i^tcn Antclmoi as she 
ceased Aoc to render Heaven and J»charic thinks^ by whose mcAiu 
ihc had obtaioed » great a match. 'Vhe Rrst dayt^ is all nuniage 
djys arv vnnt {o ho merr^', Ixehario (;(v]uenied, according to 'he 
nmom, hit friend Anv^mn't hmssir, end^avoirring a> homxir, frav, 

recreate him all the wj^a be m^ght poniUy. But after the 

were ftniibed. and the coikoutm of strangcrSk niuUtiooA, ind 

itioAt lomcvibai ccaacd, Lothario alio began to be tome- 

itKire ilack thia he wonted Ln going to Ajuelmo his bomei 

tog jt (as ii it mccn that all ituovet mm diould) not » coo- 


vccikiu ID visit or haunt so often cKe hMist of hia friend jAct cnr- 
njkge as he wouk^ lud he tuU remained ■ t>A:heior. Foe aU»u^ 
iroe amity ndtber should nor ought to adnnc ibc Uast sutpiciMi. » * 
Doiwi'htE^inLUng a rnarried nun't honour is «o ddicaie nnd vrh^t 
a thing, u it KCim it nuj be samciiniFs impaiml, even by utrf 
hrcthrcti: ai>d ho^ mixh mor^ by bitadt? Aosdnko &oc«d tbr 
rcramioo of Lodurio, iu\d did ^rievoiuly cofoplun llicraof, UJ^ 
thatj if ho hftd win by mant;k|^ h« ehcuid thai b« dcpfivod of hb 
dear coDVcrution, be vrotM ikeftt hive mjrricil; and that ifu< 
thtoc^h the unifofnt corrofXMKlmcy of thou both l«cirig Grc:, ilin 
had dcscncd the svroBL title of tii« Two Fncadst that he should tax 
now permit (because he would be noted ctrcumtpea without m 
other occjtion) that ic fanKMK and pleaang a runw ihould be lotf 
ind therefore he requested him (if it wvre Uwivi to lue mch i 
leim bctwtxn tlievQ two) lo rvnirn and be inastrr of hU house, an^ 
come d&d go as he had done before his mama^, ftnuiir^ hitf 
that his spouse CamiUa had tw ochcf plcauiri! and w;!!* than thii 
which htimelf pteaMd the ihould h^nw- and that the. after haviajf 
known how grean was bni h their frinxbhips* was doi a Utile sma^ 
to see liim bccomo lo strange* 

To M thoe ftod many other nwons JkgrA by Ansclmo, to 
pemnde Lothvio to frtciuent hb houw, he aiu:worad vrith ao 
prodtfnce, ditovtioti, and warine^, as Ansdma mnalned 
of hit frii!nd*i food intuilkn hemn; and they waAe an a^ 
between dxm two, iKsi Lothario ihottld dine at hu housr twice 
week, md6 the hoty da>s bnidtft. And alihocgch this jgroc n icfu ha^ 
poiMd bfiween ihcm. yvt Lotfaano p uipu w d to du that only whkh 
ho ^ald find tnm expedient tor his frWmTi hotuntr. whocc 
lion he tendtied moeh more dearly than he cfid hu own; and 
wom to say very dboeedy, that the fnartied nun, unto 
Heat«n had pif«i a beautifiil ^t-ifr, ouf ht to haro as moch hrcd 

bti fnpodi which hr Iinx^hc to hu bouse, ai be ibould of th« 
friends that riattd hb wife; for thax wlxkh is not dooe nor 

tjpoa in the d:»i0di en- marhet, nor in puMk haoa or «aciocift 
pbttft that a Riao cuodc lawfully ImncW Ini wtb boa 

Miwiinci at Wm) arr flfttimc^ bcXucnJ and conirivvd in a'fhcod^ 
or kanawonaan'i houir, wham paha]n w^ ocm auipeaad. A&aclsDci 



oa the other side oArmcd, clut tWcforc mdrncd men ou^ht every 
ofiff df tb«m KQ have tome incnd i^ho mig^t :uJveniM them oi the 
fnxir* neaped in ihvir imnnrr of pror««idmg; (or ii MjIU many 
iiinc^ th^ dirou^li lUc ^rcAt k>vc which the husband htMi ut hU 
wife, dtfacr be doth nuc uie noUcct oc cIk be doth not sdvertiie 
b«c«u»e he would not oJIend her to do or omit 10 do 
tain thinf^, the doinjc or omictifig whereof miKht tom to bh 
ot obloquy; to whach ihings, bctng adveni%ed by hti Cricnd. 
mighi easily apply none remedy, hut v/hcre mig^K a xu^n fmtl 
lodiicrcA, loyal, And trusty aiAnsdmodenunds? 1 know 
truly, if not LothAsio: for he st was that with aW solicitude And 
regarded the honour oi h'u friend; and therefore endca^oufcd 
lip afld dtnufu&h the number oi the djiyi promised, leu Iw should 
oocaiictfi to the idle migif, or to the eyes of vagabond» and 
mat DO judKc any uiuuer ttung* vievriii|; so iich, contely, 
noble. »d qtalihed a young nun as he was. to have 10 free access 
into the house of a womAO »o beautiful as QuimUx For thoujEh )m 
^irtue* and modest CArria^e were iufideftily able to «et a bridte to 
maiigTuni loogue, yet notwith^fAnding he would nor have his 
it, nor ihai ol hi« fnriMli, called into imv iiun^ion; ami thcr^ 
ion would spend mmt of the days th^l he h^d Jgnxd to ^isit his 
tricnd, in other piactn and exercises; yvt fdgniftg cxcincs so pljisihle^ 
A* His ^ieod admitted them for very reasonable- And thus the time 
on in ch:UWngTS of anlcmdaess of the one fldc^ and hvtui 
of the other. 

fell oiii, thau as both the friends wdked oa a day together 
a Add withotjt the city, Anadroo ta^l to Lothario these words 
ijc: *I know very well«fntrnd Loihano, ihjt amon^ all the 
in which God of Hit bounty h;ith beiiowed upon me by 
tnakin^tne tbesonuf lOchparifnTi, and giving tome with so liberal 
tmX borh thr >{oodi <jf nAlurc And furtune: yei as I cnnnot 
'cr Him vnxU sudicicnt gratitttde for the benciris already ro- 
se do 1 find myself most hij^y bound unio Him above aH 
for having grvtn ma tuch a &itnd u thou an, aivd to btAUd- 
« wife as CamillA, being bodi of yt)u such psuiu, as if E esteem 
not in tb« degree which I ought, yet do 1 hold you as dear as 
And yet. posieuing all those thiiigs whtch are wont to be 


J 10 DON QtJixan 

the all lot) lomc thai itn woat and uuy m^c a ioaq lupp]r» I & 
norwiihtUfidiDg the m^it «uUca dixl diaconttntcd life uf the wn 
being uoubied, 1 know ooc UMt wbea, and inwanUy wrovtrd 
•0 itraDge a d««ire, and exuavagani^ ffotn the comnun tue oC otlun, 
as I marvd at myt?]f, md do condemn and rdnike myself wtui I 
am jlutEc, find (Li bboux tu concml ind oivcr m^nc own dciAin 
all which hath terved roc to as little cflcci, as il 1 had proc 
mine own crran purpotety to iho Mmfld. And Kcini: ihni n 
fioally break out, my will it, lh>t it bt only communicaEed to th» . 
treasury nF ihy Mxrrc; hofdng by tr aod mine own indtmry. whic^l^S 
as my rnx friend, ihou wih ufe <o help me, 1 ihajl be quickly frml^ 
Erom (he anguish j( caoiedi, and by thy mcaoi my joy and oon- 
untmiM shsll arrive to the p^s^ thac my duooQUAU have 
ow through mine o^vii Folly." 

'Lothario «ood tuvpended at Amelmo's fpnch, as one that 
tifX iiTu^ne 1u ui prulis ^ preTrmion and |«cambh; urudnl 
and although he nevotvol and imagined sundry things tn hts 
which he decroKl mifiUi afflia his friend, yet did he ever sboof 
from die marlc which in troth it was; and that b« might quiiik! 
escape that agony, wherdn the siupensicm held him, he said» t 
his friend did noi^le injury tn tlidr omily, in nnidung mit wtrat 
ings and ambi^ in the discovery ol his mo« h:dden thoii|^ t 
him, Meing he mijihc ascure himftelE certainty, either to 
counsels of him how to entenaui, or else remedy and means bow 
accompli ih ihem. 

'"ft i^ very true," answered Anadrocx "and with thai coniidence 
1 let thee lo undcr^^nd. friend Lothario, thai the desire w 
VGWth me is a longing to know whether my \i'ilr (J^mtlla be 
fgood aftd perfect as 1 do account hef, and I irannoi u'belly rvit 
fied of this truth, but by nuking rna) of her, in tuch torr ai it may 
give manifeft aT^umoni o[ ihr degrcv d \tet guodnrvt. as the 
dodi show tlie vaJue of |Eold; for I am o< opmior^ O friend, that 
wom^in i« o^ no more wonh or Tiriwe ihsn that which is la Ivr, 
after she hadi been lolicited; smd thai she akvw is strong who ca 
noc be bowed by the promises, gifn. ton. and caniinuil impsr- 
lunitiea of jmpretunate loveri. For what thanks is ic,* quoih he, 
"for a woman to be goud* if nobody say or teach her iH? Whst 



thai ihc be rtHtml au<I tiniofDUJv if lu) iiccancm \x mimnctvd 
to liLT o( diuolobDn, 4ad chiefly she thai knowi ahc luth a huJuiid 
ready to bU her for the k«it oricuincist of li|chuKat? So ihot she 
wfaidi i» only good for fear or wane of occauon, will I iMvtr hold 
tluK cuinuiion, ihii 1 i^ould tkw other soliciMd aod pvruicd, «irho, 
[wvithstandiitg, contet ^wjy crowned with ihe victory. And theie- 
fort. htitx^ movvd <u wcU by ihuc re4uin> as by many othifr wUch 
1 could icU 7<*u, ^Kich acaedk 4nd fonity mine opituon, 1 deaire 
ihiH my wife Camtlb do aUo pott through the pikes of ihooe proc^ 
Aod fltAcudlictt^ and ptirily and refine herielf in the ftre of be:n^ 
fvquo(«d, xdiciiedr ^nd pui^m-d, and th;u by one who«e wcinhs 
iuul ToUiur may dcxavc accrpuncc in brr ofxnUw; and if the bc:ur 
away the palin of the viaoty, aa 1 h^Iicvc ihe wtIL I ihaK account 
ny fortune mjTchlet&, «nd nuy bmg thac nay dotirci ;ire in tbdr 
bnght, and will say that a strong wocoan bath fallen to my lot, of 
whom dw wise man saidi, *Wha th^ll find her?' And when it ihall 
sxcevd contrary tn mine e7E{wc(ation, 1 thall, wkh ibe pU^niiv ihai 
1 will OKKcive 10 see hov^ 'iJS^il) >< |Uinp« with nunc opinion, bear 
>tvy u>dilTcrenc[ly] ihc jcrief whach in all rcaion thi* to costly a 
trial fDQK aur in me. And pceftupponng that nothtnj; which ihou 
ifaalt uy lo me ^all be avadbble to hinder my dengn, or dissuade 
me from putting my puxpoir tn eaecuuon, 1 would have thyself, 
dmr friend Lcxhono, to provxle ihec to be the in:4rLim(Tni ihat fholl 
labovir thts work of my liking, and 1 will pvc thcc upponuniiy 
cflouiEh io perform the tame, without omitting Anfthin^ that may 
funher ibce in the sobcitacion of an honm, nobl^ wary, ncircdr 
^id pawionl^u wnvnan. 

"AMii I am chirdy moved to cummit this lo lurd sm eiifefprbn 
thy mm, because I know chat, if CamilU be Yanqutihed by thee, 
yet ihaQ dot the victory arrive to tliit bu piuh and cpflhot, but only 
that of acfo^mtin]; a thin^ to btf done, which ihall not be done 
muny jtmd n^ipt-cu. So ih^ll I n>faain nmhiny otfcnded ajul 
ine tRrary cnm^ealci! in ihe virtue of ihy ulence:; for I know thy 
to be »iKh in maitcrt concrming mc, at it ^11 be eternal, like 
of doiih. And ihcfcfore if thou dcsirc^c ihat 1 may lead a life 
dewrving ihat name, thou mttu forthwiih provide ihyvdf to tfUtr 
iota ihii amorriut conAict, and thai not boguithing or tlothfuOy. 


bat with dut coupge and diligimcr which my dnaro cvp«ctcd\ »1 
the ciuiiiilaiLi; I bave in tiur uimiy 4*t»umh me." 

*l'bcK were the rcaaocu lual by Aiuclino ID Lotlurior ba dl 
which he was so altcntivct as, uAtil he ended, he did not once unfo^ 
hit lips to speak a vrard urc thocc which wc have iSot-f rvUto}; 
and seeing thai hf f|)oke no m^ifc^ jficr he h^d hehHd h\n\ 2 ffril 
while, AS a ihin|; ibai he had never before* and did ihereEarv mU 
hiiD iJito admiralion arid jmjzcmcni, he uid, ''Friend Amclmi^ I 
caoikoc pcrtuadc in)'3clt tlui th< iAx>rd& you h4W ipokcn be otha 
than j^siA, for» t^ I thought that ihou wen ia «arn«t, I would m 
have lulTered thc« 10 pm on fo fai, mad by lenditig liioe no exi 
would have ex4:LDtfd ihit tedioui oration. 1 do \erAy iouf^icw thii 
cither thou dost noi know me* or I thee; hut roc lO* tor 1 Icnow thei 
to be Arudmov and ibou thu 1 am Lothario. The daxnajte u, thai 
I think thou art not the Anfldroo thou was worn to be, axvd perhapi 
thou <lceroest mc ooi to be the accustomed Lothario that 1 oiighc 
to be; for the thingi which thou hasi spotieD are ixm of that 
wimo my Ciicnd, noc iho«r which thou wdcM ought to he 
nuodcd ot :hjii Lothario, of whom thou hui notice. For 
fricndji ou^hi to prove and lue their fncr>ds, as ihc poei uid, ni 
0^ dw/. that is, that th^ should in no son ermploy them or tmplort 
their auisrarice in ihioj^ ofTemive iinio (rix): and if a Gentile was 
o( ilii& opinion in matters of frwndkhip, hiTW much grcaier nsaa 
is it that a Cbnniao should have tKtt Crefin|C» ^^cciaUy knowi 
that the odcuial amity ii not to he loa for atiy human C 
whaiioe\«t. Aitd wh»n the frieod Uiouid throw tlie ban »a 
ai to set beaveftly vvspecti apart, for to cncnptimenr ■A-ith his fncvi 
it mtut not be dune m lighi gniunilv ot far things of mull 
but mibcr for those whicreoo hJs friends life and hooour whoU 
depend. Thctv tell me now, Anselmo, in wiucb of these two ttno 
an thou in dinger, ikit I may adventure my ptrwifi 10 do thov 
pttatum. and attempt so delegable 3 thing at thou tknc dmandl 
None of them imly. but rather daoEi iktsuwl, as I may eoa^ 
thai 1 (Id induitiioualy labour to deprive thee of thine honour 
Mk lofeiber, and, la doing sn. I bkrwm dqmve myielf ot 
liolh- Vat li I must labour 10 take avray ih> crrdit, ii ii most 
thai 1 deiipoil thee of life, for a otaa without fepuuiioa is won* 



<leMJ maa, and I b«uig ibe intfrumrnir u% th»u ilcdreir ih;it I 
be of 10 grcic harm unio ihcc, ^ nU 1 become likcvrisc 
ty diibonouJcdr «od by the »mc coiucqucDcc >Uo without 
life? Htar m^ ijkni Aofdmot and have poticikoo cuk to atuwor mc 
until I hav« sai<l alJ ibat I ihink, coacefning cbac which ihy mind 
cxjcteth of tbeo; kx we sliiill ha^e ader l«imK enough^ ubvrein 
lhi:ici nujnt icplyt oiul I have paiience ed Ukten udIo ihy inAtpntJ* 

'"1 am plcaAe<U'' quo(h Ansclmo; "uy what thou likcK-" Ami 
Lothano pro«ecticcd hn speech in itus manner: *'Methink(, An^mo, 
that thou art now oi ihf Moort' humoun, which can by im> meaoa 
b« ma<k to undrru:tnd the error of their uxt, ndih>n by diaiicni ii 
ihc Holy Scripture, nor by rcawat which conust in speculations of 
ibc undtnufufiivt or thai are foivuM in the Ankles of the Faith, 
bnt must be won by fulpabk C3campk3» and tboic city, imtllipbltt 
deAofutTative, arki doubtlcu^ by maibemitico] defnoiutratioait 
which cartnot be deoled. Ertu at when we say, 'If from two e^oal 
puu we takt iwny two |uru e<]U;tl, ihf pans rtuT remain jnr aho 
eqoal.' And when il)cy cannot undr(stai:d thb^ ai in iiuih il»ry ia 
not, wc muit d«moostratc it to them with our handi, ofid lay it 
bcton their eyes, and yet for n]] ihit tK>UfEht can avail to win them 
in the end 10 ^\v^ credit to the verities of our religion; w)»ch very 
temu and nunnef of proc««ding 1 mun uw with thee, by reason 
thai the desiiv which » sprung in ihep dotb 10 wander and any 
6acQ all that which I^eari the >hjtdow only of reajon. At I doubt 
much tKit 1 »haJI spend my time tn vain* which I shall bestow, 10 
make lhc« understand thine own aampliciiy, for 1 will ^ive it no 
Diher name at this pfescni: and, in good earnest, 1 was almoti per- 
suaded to leave ihrr in ihitie btimmir, in ptimtJimen: of ihine innrdi- 
lutc and unrea«o;i:ible dcsjrc, bur thai the bvc whV^h I bear ti^wardi 
tbn doih not coow 1 luc to dice vuch ri^ur, or leave thee in 10 
eiuiifeil a danger of ihinc own perdition. And, that ihou mayst 
deafly kc sE, tell me, Ans^m^ hati not d>ou laid tinio me, tlut I 
must soUdi one thai standt upofi her reputatkm; peratade an hotieA 
woman; nukr prolTm id one (hat b ntt fttssion.itr or en^pged; anil 
KTr^ a discreet wonunf Ye^ thou ban said all this. Well, then, tf 
dan knowot already that thou hait a retired, honest, t]npiusj<}ftitr» 
and prudent wif^ what aoekcst thou more? Anc^ if thou ifaiokeit 


that the will rest \ictoriout, aftvr all iniii« jusaulu, u cftodidcfi 
die will, what belter title* ivouldfx thou after beacw opon hir, ihia 
tbcne *Hc* pnv^^rtli ^rexly? Eiiber it pnxvdi, bR:<UM» tbou dnt 
not think of her u thou sajrA, or cU; bcQu^ thou Ictxiwcdl 
wfaiic tliou deoumdcsc If thou 60m, noc Koouiit her rjdi u 
pniuM hcfr to what cckI wouldic thou pcov« her? Eat raibcf^ 
jm «vil pereoD, use her as tboo hke« bm. Butf if ^ be at gcod 
« tbou i)e[>p\ea, it w«re tti impctiineDC thing to mak« m^ c/ 
iniili jiadi. For, jdicT it is tnaclc ^ k will «iU rot ooly wiih tk 
nmc Rputoiioa >t lud before, Whenforc, ii b a cociciudJog nasva* 
ilut, to attempt duc^c% wbcnoe latho- bmo RUty aiier muh VMO 
ut tlon good, is tfar pan of n^ aed diimufidm bnuos; uti ptt>- 
dfnlty wlm tlv^ deal with ^hoac ihiogt whavunto tbry arv m 
compe4W or driven, aod ilat ibtff ve rveo afir <iff, bonNT the atiaPfC* 
ittg the like i» maeifctt feQy. DdEcidi dynp «re wukrukca to 
God, or xht woHd, or both. TheK 6m. ere dace fee Cod m ^ 
vnorka of the «iiot>, y n dt aw oriay to kid ufiA»' Uvtt, in fral aed 
mortal befcL Those <tf 1^ «o<4d are tbe tx»Wb aod eula o£ cudi 
ac 00a cocb ioanene kb^ cmcl tlmngh » adwa^ iy™*^ xtiil 

widi w& manjr a>tioai.«» Mqwcchat wlvdi we oil die 
ef knvBc- AAd tk tkaRt aoKd fae God mad ihc world 

«ie the wvitf cifWci eC 

advefvtfy wib* 
Aec M ia c M bdki k went •» «db^ w^^ hawof Jl fear apart, 

vk t&e ^^Eisiif9ft 

Ga4 Ant ■■HI Mil fBWK d» dwow ttaanaHvei 


\Treich Ihtng; for ii will Ihtk avjul ibee then lo thinV that do ma 
knows the dugnce bdalka thee, it hting oufident boib to afflkt 
and dtnotve ibee chat thou kDovvcn it thyself, And, for j;reoter 
confumatioQ of ihu tnnh, I will nrpeat umo thee a ounu of tbe 
bmotu poet Luigi T;uuUk>, in the end of his 6rst pan o£ Si. Peter's 
Tmtt, which it: 

" Thr ^firf incrrjwdi, abiI wiihil il^ ihsmc 
In Pottr whtn iht dafy iimU did Aow: 
AoJ thooj^ be no inan Mes. jrec doth be blame 
flirnsHf hoauw he had oAondrd to. 
For br(4it( mAg»aaiA>ot)lf oot only tame, 
When iKn of wbcfA tb^r aic Aeco, dicy know; 
fi«i of thrnuHrcs oiHamcd they often be, 
Thoti|;h oooc but Hn^^tn «nd earth thctr cnor tct.' 

$0 tkit thou mm ooc excuse thy j;nef with MCfecy* be it nerer lo 
gmt, but mfaer ihall have contiottil occaiioa to w«ep, if not watery 
lean from rhine ey^ at Icatt letin of blood from thy bean, mcfa 
iA thdt umpic tkictur wept, of whoR) our poet makes nwntiDOr who 
made trial of the vcisd, which the prudent Kc>aaIctot, opoo nuiurer 
thflcourscr rciutcd to dc^l withal. And, although a be but a poetical 
fioioo, y«f doth it contain nuny hidden monb, \i-onhy to be wKfd, 
ywfc fg o od, and tmiuifd^ how mi>ch more, s«dng that by whit I 
10 uy now, I Ttupe ihou ilult btrgiii lo luik^Iw tiie grevit error 
thou wouidcft wjitin^fly commit. 
' **T«U nic, Anacicao, il Heaven or thy tontmo had nude thee 
and bw^ pos<e»wr of a most pnooiis <fiamoodf of whose 
l^oodoas and quality atl the bpidariet thai had viewed the Mtne 
wnold tot %Mti\fied, jiul tlui all of them would joimly and uniformly 
aCnn tKiE ii ifrivcd in qu-ilityt goodneo. and Itneno^ to all tKu 
to which the tunnx of Axh a ttonc might extend itscU. and that 
thou thy«alf liidit bobc«c the sanae uithout witting anythii^ lo the 
eDOtnry: vsoM \x be jittt ihjit ihou shoulden takv an honour 10 
wt that diamond between an anvil and a fuimnert and to try there 
by vm furce of Mows whether it be ai lord ;ind w Cue ai tb^ uy? 
And fiirhrfi when ihcia i&ht put thy doif^ in execution, jhii rhe 
ax that the tfonc made reti»tance to thy 6xAuh trial, yet ^xnijdtfjt 
ihoo add thereby no nem- valiw or etteera to it< And if it did bctok. 


it might befall. 

hoi tlwn all lour Y 


were not tiwn an UMir in, c^niiDly, aail dor 
!«Ttnjs tbc uwQLT, in ^0 men^ u^xaion, £ur ^ vciy |>aur i^oflatf 
perKtn. ThciL Incnd Aosclmot mak« Account tlur Cjuntlb li J 
mcMi precious diamond as well m ihinc as m oth^r mcrn's r - ^ 
and U U no rcacon to put her in contiiigoit dua^ci ot Ij._^-^ 
ictirg thai, .ilihctigh the mnatn in Her imegnty, she cannot mouV 
lo aioie wonh thm ^hc IiiAth aI ilic pfi'iont: .in<] il »hr f: ^ 
did Dot Mcsiiit cooiidcr even at iliii pfcseni wiwi «alc you _ _ 
in then, and how juitly thou mi^hcc^ ihen compUin oi thyidV Idt 
beinj; cau»e of her perdition and tbiiw own. See how iWt H *b 
jewej in the world coroparable to the modetc and chavft W€Qkn I 
and tkiC aU women's honour conKim in tlie ^nod opinion tlul'i h*f 
oi tJicin: 2nd seeing d>4t of thy f^itutue is M> great, as U arriva K ' 
that sum of perfection wtuch thou kn>awefl*t why wouldcu thoacdl 
this vcnty in question-' Know, friend, that a woman is An iiPftf- 
(ca creature, and ihould therefor* have nothang can in h«r wiy 10 
tstakr her uumbic and fjiU, Khu ndwr to doar and do all enaim- 
brances away out of »i. to ihc end she may wklioui. irnpetchnKsa 
mn with a fwifi cdufk 10 obtain the perf«aion >he wants, wiucib ' 
only coDi^us in being \irtu04j4. 

' "The na:ur.ilis[s rcccHjm thai the ermine 11 a httlc bea« thit UiA 
a moil while &kin; and that, when tlw hunien would chaie hii& 
they use thi« an to take liini. As t^onn sn iliey fuid <ym his haiifU- 
and pUocs where tie hath recourse, they ttiwart ihcm with tnirt aiui 
dirt, and after when they detcry the link beait. tltcy pursue fem 
towards those places which are defiled; and the ermine^ ccpT^ 
the mifv, stands still, and pt^rmut himndf to be t^iken jod apciW 
in exchangr n( not pasting throitgh the mire, nr staining of htf 
whitflDesk t^hich it esteems mme than eithrj liberty « tiisu The ^ 
boflcA and ctujie ^oman is an ermine, and the vtitjc of ebattity tM^ 
whivce and piuvr than mow; and he that would not lose tt, bw|| 
rajhcr destret to keep and preierre it, muu ivoceud with a dilTettftt 
uyle from ihai ol the crtTiinc. For they mu»i roi propo^ " v 

IxTore her the miie of ihr pmifini, llitteriri, and am> 
ponunate loeers; for pcrhapi she shall not have the natural i 
and (i>ree, which commonly through proper dobiliiy u wodr 
uumble, to pwi over those encumbrancci ufely; afld 


ii rrcfuuii« to ttvt the [HiA&agc aiid tak« ihrm away^ ind lay before 
ha ibe deirnas cif vinur amt ilir beamy OMnprittd ut good (unc 
Tie good WDOun U dxi like unio a briglK and ctear mirror of 
CTfsui, and therefore U subject 10 be stairmd and dimnud by cvtry 
bicflth ihM toixbdh iu I'hc hon«n u<ovii3(i U to be locd a» relics 
c4 «aiflt£f LO ^it, she muu b^ honoured but not touchod* The good 
woouQ it ID be kepi and prized like a fair garden full of &woet 
Adweti and luvi. ll»l is Md io rftiirnotkuii. nbuae owner pcfmilB 
no nun to enter jnd tnurifib or touch hU Bowery bttt hold» Jt to 
be snl&dent ilut ihey, standing aha oti, without the rails, nuy joy 
at the flelightful tight and fragrioce thereof. Finally 1 will repeuK 
certain verwi iimo ihee that hare now come to my memcry, the 
wfucfa were repealed of Lite in a new pby, and lecm to me very fk 
for the purpo^ of wliich we iit^U A prudent old man did ^ve a 
ndgUxiuf ot hi) that hjd a daughter couamI 10 keep and shut her 
1; and amon^ many othtr reatoni he uted thvM: 

" Tmljr woinai: b of ulan; 

TkmfcMt no man oughi to rry 

If rfke broke or not might be. 
Seer^g all might cdoie 10 pass. 
Y« to break her 'tis me«e euy; 

And k is no wil to ^-<ntUlc 

A tiling ^( Kt britllr icmjrr. 
Hui xo toldcr U u> qiAcjty- 
And I would b^vc ill men dwrll 

In ihi« inrli ihd r«uon'i groand, 

Tlui if Parue» may be founti 
Golden thowrcs are found is wtfl/ 

**Atl thai which I have said 10 (bee, Antelmo, until ihis intiaw, 
hevti Cor thai which nuy touch ihyvelf; and it b oovr high 
thJt somcwhAt be heard coDOcrning me. And d by chance t 
be tomewhat prolix, [ pray thee to pardon me; (or ihc Uby* 
rinih whieao thoti hast enfcred, and out of which thou mMildtft have 
oie to free tUee, requires no lesf. Thou holdea me to be thy friend, 
^^nd yel pivm iboui 10 drapoil me of mini^ honour, bring a ibiitg 
Liy to all amiiy; and dtjoi nnt only pretend this^ bsic dofl bkc^ 
cndtaVDur that I duxiid rd> thee ct thv uroc That thou 


m wiM ai deprive mc of mine b evident; br wbta CviiiUj 
prrcctw tlui I toLax het is ihou dcauiKW« ic h ccnaui Lhtt 
will mcrm of Ric u of oDc qiiiie dttud cif wit usd diicrctmo, 
I locend tad do 4 thins *<> rcfMifiam to Uui wkkh tbc bd 
hiai 1 tm, and liiiM an»cy do bind nu unto. Tlut Umki 
hav« inr rob ihee theraof ii at muufcst, for CimilU, lotmg 
fo rourT hfY» muu im-iginr Out 1 have tMMfd Mffie DgbtiUM 
wliich irni me lioldiwu thui co diKover UBio her my 
donreit and ihc huliliiig henelf tn bt- ilRrrliy injiuinl and dtt* 
KiMhMinxi her dbgracc miat also concern thee m a pcinopjl pan 
of her. And Iwncc »f)fingi dut which U commonly atd| Tbu itt 
huiband of ihfi adukcroiu wife, alibcu^h he know nothii^ of ha 
Irndnns, dot h^th f;ivcn nny occaiioo lo h^r xo do wlkftt the 
not, nor w^ii able any uay lo binder b) diligeixvv catc, or 
laoin^ his dt^rx:ev yet » eruiiled wiih a vi(i.*peioui nain^ anJ i» 
in a manner beheld by ihoic ihat koow hU ivife\ mjlice widi 
eyc« of comcmpi; whereas they sliotild indeed itnarti htm 
Vfiih those of compauioat senn£ that he falb into ttut wkdomsm 
not *D much throujth hii own defauK ^ throi^*' 
of bit wick«d cunvin. Bin I i^-tll )liow thi<e ih tud 

womiui'« hiidunil U jutfljr dtihtitioured nnd contemned, althou^ 
he be i|t<iorjn( and i^iltku chticcif, dod cannot prevent, nor hMh 
Kitmi tn it ADy Dc^auoQ« And be not gtieved to hoar me, Mttng ifc< 
beiveitt of the discourse thaU redound onto thytdt 

'*'U1>en Crt>d iTMied our fira parvnr in fh^ terrenria] paivd 
the lliilv Scfipcuro sdik. Thai God inTuied deep imo Afbm, 
ihac« being adrv|\ Ho took oat a nh out uf bb left ade, of whidi 
He lomtcd oui mothei Evr; 4nd ai mon ai Adam awaked ami 
btt>^ b«. he «>kL n^ i» Hoh oi IDT Mk. and bov of sv booa.' 






aoKii mdf! 

iImiii u* bavr 


nnt and the vtr)' same wtih her hustunJ'i, the blcmUhcf or defcai 
ilut taitK it 60 ului rc<louiKl into ihv bu^onJi, ^though he, at we 
luvr uid, h2¥«- minlnrrrd no occj^iinn, xo tvccive Hut damagr. l*or 
41 4I) ihc wlu>ic body trth any piJn of [ho foot, h«ad, at any other 
iDcmbcfi bocauie ic U all one Qesh, aod the bead smani at ibe gncf 
of ^ MtMt, although it haib not csiuod it; ao u the husband psr- 
ddpaoE of bii ^'iit'i dibhooour, beeauie be h one and the seUsamc 
her. And by reason iK>t all ihe hoooure and di&honoun of 
ivorld air, jnil *{xui}c from 6nh aod blDod, ami ittnte dI the 
woman be of this kial it 11 fordble, that port a£ them talJ to 
ihr hudund'ft sKar«> ukI that he be accounted di^ionoufahlc, al- 
though he whoUy be ignorjjit oi it. Sec then, Aosetmo, to v^Hut pcnl 
ihou dou ihrud ih^telf by seeking 10 tEiv.uHi the qutetn«u and 
repo«r wh^rrin ihy wife htn, utid for h'Hv vain arid impetrinrnt 
cvrio^ty thou wouk!«^ tcir i^p the htimoun which are now i^utct 
in thy <haue spout's breast. Noie bovr dv thiogi thou doot ad%'cn- 
ture tn i^in are of tanall mofncut; but that whkfa thou shalt k»e to 
f^reat, thii i mtm leave it in bis pouit, having 00 word* niESdently 
able 10 endear ix. Bin If all thai I hivp said ht- not ahle to racve rhev 
frocn thy bad |fur)M>v% ihuu nayu wdl teek uin fur sotnc other 
initruiTtent c£ thy dishonour aod mdthapi; for L mean not 10 foe one, 
ilfhooj^h 1 should O^refore lose ihtoe amity, which is the greateit 
loss thai might any vity befall meJ* 

'Herr the pmdcttt Lothario held hii peace, and Amdino rtnutned 
w> coo&Mmdeic) and melancholy, a> he could not an^wet a wovd lo 
him for a very great wluk. But in the end he uid, "1 ha\« tiueucd, 
friend l^Mhario, lo all that which ihou haat said unto me. with t)v 
aiteniioo whkh thou ham noted, and hdve ptficetwd in iliy reaionft, 
ciamplei, and umiliiudci the ^cat discretion wfacRwIthaJ thou ait 
endnwed, and ilie j-ierfenkin of amity ihm thou hatf anained; and 
At aln confc» and tec, thai, if 1 follow qc< ilune advice* hut ihoiilJ 
kaa unco mine own* 1 do but shun the Kood* and puratic the evil. 
Yiff Dughirtr ihou Ukcwite to conndcf, bow herein 1 nifTcr the 
iTwar which lotne wr^nen a» wont to hav«* that httfi to »t eanh, 
KflK, Goali, a nd o(Ikt far want and lonrhtom^ diingt evm 10 dw very 
light, Mid much more on the laue: to (hit it U behnovtful to ttte 
ttoic art by whidi 1 may be cuivc!; and ihu roi^c be eufly done 




nain^ only tu tfilicit CausUU, akbouj^h ^ou iGd 
gntdly; tot I know she will not be m >o£i and pliabte %$ to 
dath bcr hoocs<>' about tbc grotiad ac tbc 6nt cooouioc-mt mid I mil 
rcK taiitlicd with thii commencement aIoqc; and tbou sb;ili Unin 
dccomplidi the obtifpuon thou ownt to our friciidUu}% by ax. oR^ 
r»corin£ me lo hie, but slio by p^rimding m^ not to lU^apotl mpA\ 
oi mJDc boncHif . And thou art bound lo do tliu> fof 0A« nsuoo 
I shall alle^ to wt^ thu I bdn^ resolved, u indeed 1 jnu to 
tb» experience, thou ougUtcst not co permit, being tny fneiul 
I should bevrnty my defect herein lo a fitriager, whereby 1 oiighi wr 
much endofigir my raptuauon, which thou bhourm to much w 
praarrvc; lod thoogh thy crrdu nuy lose torn* dr;|;rec» in CaatUi* 
opioioQ ndubi thou doot aoUdt bcr, U nuacn mk very much* M 
rather aotfaiii^. for vcrj ahonlyt when w« dtaU cipy in her tht 
iotcsrity thM Vi-e expect, thou nuyM open unto htf anoenJy ihc 
drift of our fractke. by which thou dutt agiin ncow thive 
pftind rcpoi:kcioci. Tben£x» wctng db* adventure b huk^ and 
pfatttttr ibou ihih do me by the enatvprisng ihrr^ mi, ton 
i pay thcs do it* thooyh cw ao ouoy cncurabmcei 
d w t d> cr >otfaee>farta>lha*epcQQi aa «^tnthqidythv 
1 wH mt saaiiM ux) aocooM tilt caine eaadodad.' 

'Lnhiho pctoavin^ the firtn remhojoa ot Aoidmo^ and HKh 
efae occntrii^ bmfaJy dtsutave; mat ioD w im wfcaa cEbcr f 
ifrtnethat eaifhi haadcr tlia Ua pnocipitau iaab«ka«u»d 
^hU how be thnatbconl m hneak the auticf of this hb 
dnua t» a «t«afcr, h» dtfacwnd. » a^id ^itMr tan 
to gtwv him WiibeiMw aad pobcB bf dsMJ, «U p>q«ie 
waluiwft «> s<a>de the matter « &bw^, «k «idntf tnvjhitvj 
C^pdkN ihm^i^ Jliiibiii AeiM nt «iic«id; ac^ theref oct 
oe tAopttkbaMMd a* anr oikcfat be hsnueM 
tba<e M af p bftjadh<|iftit<r' hLJi g j < r rhep>gia^ 
afti l*>i^. ml fMU Um 
tf Wh«t^Mhin «Bie my $m 

dd Skrvtae pro- 

bi (»t rib* mwte » * W hftt ^M I 
mI ib^dh^ anvM W^iM ^bim 



H« did alio admofufh him to bring miuic imder hrr windnwt by 
aigiu, awl wfue v^ne^ in Im pcaiw, aiid if be would not ukc the 
puoi to cuke them, he himteli vwuld coraposc them for him. 
i-c^hono pfomiicd to pcrfoim all himsdf, yet with stn intention 
Ur vride from Ansdino'«; and wi:h thi» jLf;Tc«m«nl tbey ntoroed 
ffj Anfdmo'ft houtc, where they fnuod C^milU lomewtui sad and 
urrful^ rxprcting lirr Kuib;ind'ft rnur.i, who hod ua}vd Uingcr 
d»tv«l that dj]r than his cuKom. Lothof io, leaving him at his hootCi 
rcoitofid CO hit own, as pcfuivc as he had kfi Anscbno contented, 
and kiMW DM trhat ploc lo lay, to i»uG out of dui (mponiticnt aiiair 
proip«rous ci^firciS. But th;it night he bcthoti^ himtdf of a 
itner how id decdve Antdmo without oiTcnding Ca.millj; and 
ID ihe iKxt day easulng be caioe to Im tnatd's houie to dtnncr. 
where CatniUa, knowinf the ^cat good nill her hutbjiod bore 
^^wafd« hifn, did receive and enicnaia him \trj kbdiy with tlw 
^■k& Dint»» being ended, and the uble taVeo u{v Aotflino neqiinted 
^Tfahario to ketrp CamilLi comfuny uruil hit return, for he mti^r 
Dceit go about an aH^u tlut concerned him gtc^y, but would 
Rturn dgaiit within an hour and a half. Camilla cntrcsued her hui^ 
hand lo suj, and Lothario prorlercd to go and keep him company; 
aoihing cotdd prcv-iil vfith Anscbnc, but rather ho impontjoed 
bvoA Lothario to remain and abide thrre iitl hb rrtum, Ixciuw 
anttn go to trc^t of a mjttcr of mixh conviiuencv. He aJao com- 
Camilla not lo leave Lochaiio alone until he came back. 
>o bo departed, leaving Camilla ojid LoUiario togtthcf at the 
by rtaton that all the ainndanu and aarvanta war* gon# to 

Here LoiKaria saw that he wai ef>Lr(od inio ilte hut whkh bis 

lo much deiircd vHtb his advcrtaty before him, who wai 

Kiiih her beauty able to o^^icccnc a whole aqoadroo oE armed 

blights; tee then If Lothario had not reason to fear htmtelf; but 

whidi bo did at the tint oavt wa« rn by hii ohnw an th« atrn 

his chair ami his hand on his dtcvk. and, denring Camilla 10 hear 

tfh his rc^KolcssActt tbctcint he aaid he wouU repose a little 

he anendcd Ansclmo'i coming. Camilia aniwcrcd dtat Jie 

diDujiht he might take his case beircr on the cuahions of state; and 

iWefere prayed htoi be would enter into the parlour and he on 

^^ic w 


Kth I 

322 DON QU1X0TB 

tLcm. But be cxctuol hinudf, and so nnuincd asleep m the 
place until /Vnsfl&io's fcturD* who* coming in, and findinj- his wdr 
ill bcf chunber ind Lulurio uUap^ mado full jcojunt Uui, bf 
reaioa of ]u£ lonj; ftjy. they h^ dnM enough bcuh 10 uUt uvl 
n-puoe; AQtl tlm^m- expected \tfy gi^edWy ihr ixyur H-bcmn kul 
Iricod ilMTjId Aw»ke* to go out with bim jmd JevD what luccen 
had. ,\11 succocd^J as he wuhed; hir Lothario aroie, jod hortli 
them wcDt nbroad; and then be demanded of him what he 
Aj3d Lothuio answered that it seemed not tu him ici good to dii 
all hit ttuMnin^ ar thr Hm; sod ihrrrfmc h«d dane nn ocha thiftsi 
ai that lime duo speak a little of bcr Ewjuiy and dbcfeu^ 
Kvmed to him that ihb wu the be« prcambie he awJd uv 
by bttle and link idme iDttrex and poucMion in her fteeepttnce,' 
le d^)Die btf thereby ih* hour to gtvt car again lo hn ww^% men 
wilUn^fy, imitating therein the drvtl't rtaii when hr mnm tii 
deceive an)r one that u vi^aiu and careful; for then he iniubrti 
fauajcU into an aagd «f light, bcidf ooe of djirkocn, and Ujmi 
htforc ^um apperau good, Afosmi what be i« in tlie cnJ, and . 
bringi h» tnuAtiob 10 pau, i( his gtuha ht dm « th^^ bef[>nnir^| 
drevoiid. All thii M g^tacly lihe AnaJmo, who aid ih:it he wodd^ 
■fiuil bSm erery day ai cmich tnue. akhough he did noc |-d obraad; 
far be wvuM »pend the time m Jl borne «■ CaouUe ihotJd ocecrj 
bn able «» Mfepva bia dvifu 

It thmfaf« faM tb« many djyi panvd which Uitlurio di< 
nAnglir oven&fv ai>d aid ooibing m GvBab; yet <&d he 
w^ebc AftMhnDb aBo BoU woi IMI he wo ytteii to her, hut cqi 
never win hcf to ^t^ihelMue aipKMat of Aoabiicy. or make wey 
far At faMM b^> tbic ^bt W: htf mite dbnaBd tfcu ^ 
tf b»<U M npel kab^itfriMir dedm, the 
dnvvi bb m J wa www rf nei m bv birf^mj ^ b well,' 

k iatbem- 


overcome tKii lempcaiioOf 1 ivill romato plca5«<jf ^nd put ihce v> do 
inor« tRMibt«." Lothario aiiKwvrod, th;tt, vecing be bckd b«gua, be 
wottld brar lu% rtiifTrj>r)u: un ta in ctid, 4ltbou|th Ik nude fuU 
xxount ilui he ftluxild dcpan froni Hic coalLa both tircci and van- 
quiibpd. He received ihc four thouufid crovtxt% iHc next diay, and 
■I ooct with tlicm lour tbous^nd por|daziti«, lor he kiMW noi what 
«> inv«fu to 1i« anew; but concluded 6iuUy co ctU his friend how 
Camilla was tn inlWxibtp at gifts and promisies as ai wordi; and 
therefore ii wuuld be in vain to tia^-ail iii> riiufr m het pUTHik. 
ftcctni; he should do [Kthin;: die but spend the time in vairL 

'But foctUQc, wb:ch j[ui<fed these aiiairs to another nttuner, so 
dispoMd, that Antclmo, h3\ing leh Lothario otkJ Camilb alonc^ as 
be was wom, emten-d secredj into a chamber, and through the 
cninnirs and chioLs did linen and tee rhry w^tild i^^ wht-re 
he pefCOTed thj[ Lothario, Jn the sfxdcc oi hjlf-^n-ltour. tpoke not 
a word 10 Camiila, ivor yet vmuid he have ipokcn» though be had 
rtnuuocd ihcr^ a vihole af^, and therenpon surmised su-atgbi that 
all thai which hit friend h^A told him of CamiUa'c answers and his 
own sjvech were hut fK'Tionf and untruths; and ilui he might the 
mom cunfixm hmuell* and lee whether h vn-tv vi. he canw fonh. 
aod. callini; Lothario apart, he dcouttdcd d him what Camilla had 
nid. and m what humonr die was at the preMOt^ Loduno an- 
swvred, rh^ be meant dc< ever any more 10 (ound her in that 
matter: for ihe replied unto hJm so uniowardly and thaqily, as he 
ml aitemiH iny more to ipesk unto her of luch tKinf^L 
"Ofa,** quoch Antdmo. "Lothario, Lothario! how evil dost thou 
to the aifection thou owcit me, or to the cocifideiMC I did 
"liBpnw in thoe? I have stood beholding thee al) this while throagh 
hole of thai Inck, and taw how rhoii never spokest one word 
imr. Whcrelif 1 do aUo collea that ihoti lust not yn once ac- 
her; and if a be k>, as doubtlculy It it. uy, v^hy Am thou 
me? oe why Koest thot) about frjixlulently to depri\Y me 
thcee me^tns wherthy 1 may ohtain my detircs?" Anselmo said 
more, yer whit hf tniJ wai suffici^nT 10 make Lothario confused 
adumnL wbu, ukiiig ii to be a hlemiiH to Kii repotjuion Ht 
Eaucid in a Me; swcne to Ansdmo thai he would from thcikoe- 
10 cnd>eavour to please his mioiL and tell htm 00 more 


leasings, as he himself might perceive the success thereoEp if Be ibl 
again curiously lie in watch for him; a thing which he might wdl 
excuse, because his most serious labour to satisfy his desire should 
remove all shadow of suspicion. Anselmo believed him, and that 
he might give him the greater commodity, and less occadon of fear, 
he resolved to absent himself from his house some eight days, aad 
go to visit a friend of his that dwelt in a village not far from the 
ci[y; and therefore dealt with his friend, that he should iead a 
messenger to call for him very earnestly, that, under that prttonf 
he might find an excuse to Camilla for his departure^ 

*0 unfortunate and inconsiderate Anselmol what is that which 
thou dost? what dtut thou contrive? or what b that thou goest 
aboui ? BchoH thou u<orkcst thine own niin, bying plots of thine 
own dishonour, and giving order to thy proper pcrditioo- ITiy wife 
Camilla is good; thou dt^ (\vac» her in quiet and peaceable man* 
nor; no man surpriscih iliy dohi:hts« her thoughts tratisgress tiot the 
limits oi hor hiHiso- I'h^ni -irt her heaven on eaah, and the goal to 
whieh her ilosiros jspire. llvni an the accomplishment and simi of 
her dd^vt.uion. ll>ou ait tho -i^uare hv which she measurcth and 
direcieth hor will. adTti>;v.\c ^^hv^Ilv u-ich thine and with that of 
Heavfn. Since tbe;i ;he mines ^^t her h**:>>ur, beauty, modesty^ and 
rcvvllection K*v,i^:;;\'.i:v a:f^^v^; :he*e, wi:^^^'. anv t^iiL all the treasurei 
\vntaii>e\l m iheni. »'t ^h^'*;; oa:*,*; *W%;re, whv itvAiIdst thou dig the 
e,;rth Ji;^^! «*ek »'x:: ;:e^x \e;;^.* a;':,^ :^eV:-«*tti :rfMsunn.. exposing thy- 
sell U' ;Se .^a;\<r! ;hai :V\ l^;\^;;,-s -.%i^ :;irr: r^^ «rTtck> seeing, in 
r;;^. sha; :Vt J:r o':'^ f;'<^;.vv S :>e >*-ojlV Nr^^rrer^ of ber frail 
;*i:v:i:- ivr',sr:v-lv: S*^» V \>^: avx> ;he -.rr^M^Sle nuv fustly be 
:v;;:ft\'t vM :S^: \\S.:xh > A.^-Ksr. j^\\vc,.,-,ii r.^ :Si: i^hkh the poet 

, > ,V-*> .*A 

v : i.x< 

S?.--.> ■ 


^■,^ *v.v - 

t ,-',.'.Oi"v*'' 


' ■ -1 * .-,% 


V ■». - t -, 

-^■S.>j t.~* 



*Aruelfix> ikpancd the next dajr following u> ihc vilLigG» icUinf; 
Cimi U fl, It hi£ dcpiriufGi that, whtUi he wm absent, hit ixKtid 
LDthario n^old coma aod «t to tha affiin d hu hou«^ and to 
ot wiih her, and dctirvd fa«f thtmforo to make ai mucli of him 
as she wvHild da of liis own peiHin- Camilla, like Ji ducfcvt and 
modest WDman, wv grieved Jl ll^ ofder licr ItiubiUtd did ictve to 
ber, jukd rcqiiuted him 10 render how lodeccnt it wn thai anj one 
AotAd pgi»cift the chair of his uh«c, be bcii^ ^ib^cnt, and if he (bd 
-Toubtn^ h«f su^ckiwy 10 nunn^c hi« houichoUt aifairs, thdt 
I hr thoidd nuke iml of her iHjlc one time* and dwuM dearly 
pcrteive how iht was ahle 10 diichafgr nniiers of fir greater conse- 
qutDCc. Antchna replied, that wh;it he commanded wai hit (iJeaaiAfr 
and tWefore she had notUinj; else to do but boid down the bead 
aad obey u, CotniUa an$«i.<credf tha: «he would tia so, olthoi^h it 
was very mt>ch a^aiiut her wi[L In tine, her husband departed, and 
l^iifurui come llv nrxi 6nf fnSlnwing in the house, wbrrc He wai 
entmaiDcd by Camilla wiy (riertdly. but would never iie^t with 

Kbano alone, bur evermore wai compii«cd by her scrvana and 
tinjZ maddens, bm chicly by oik called Leoncla, whom «be kittd 
riy. as one thai had bwn brought up ivith her in her faiber'i 
se, even from their infancy, and when she did marry AxiadiDO 
the brought tier from ibenu? In Ivei aimiuiny^ 

The Rnt tiiree days Lothario apike nut a word, sUaough he 
mijche, when the tablet were laken up, and that iHe Mk at the 
hnuse U'cnt lustily to dinner, for so Camilla Kad comnundcd, and 
did give LconHa order be^des to dine Mott henelf , and that she 
ihouU ttill knrp by her nde; hut the girl, who had her fancy cAher- 
viM employed in things more pleasing her humour, and needed 
thoee boun sod times for the accomplishing of them, did not always 
•ocncnpliih ta punctually Iter lady's command, but now and then 
Mould leave her alone, as if tlui wcra her lady's behest. But the 
kin«« prtftrticr of Cjmill>> ll»e gravity of her fxe, and ihe nxxlr^iy 
<i htr iarnage« was uich, that U servnl at a bridle to mirain 
Ultharip's tongue. Uui the benefit of CamiLb's many virtues, seiiinjE 
oknce to Lothario't i^xcch, multcd afterward to both their harnu; 
thoiigb the tongtM vpoke not, yet did his thoughts diicourve, ind 
WUure afforded them 10 coniem^^ate, pan by pan, all the 
at vrorth and boury that yvtrt cumtilaied in CaroilU, 

326 DON Qvaxyn 

ponm to infltme a lutue d fmitn ourbU^ how much rvkore a ^r' 
of Qahl Lcjtluriu did only be*lv>lJ ha in the tinie snd «pc£ bi 
ihould tpcak unro her, »nd ditl ibcn cociadcr bow wonhy dkc «» 
to be loved. And this coiui(icra(u>n did b)r Imie aod litUc fi*i 
asuults to ihc r«ip«cu Miich he ou^t lo hava faomt cowifdt bit 
frknd Aotchno; a thousand tirtijn dtd be detennitse 10 ib«cot hi» 
(elf from ihe city, and go where Aosfilmo «hou)d Dewr sm hifM, 00 
he Cunilh; bul t);c ddi^ht he tiwk m bebcldiog her did ag«d 
withhold and hinder hU rcnlinioas. When be wui ^Ifiae, he iwouU 
condemn bmtelf of his mad dcMj:nt and term hunscli a bod tnmA 
and yvcttc Cbritttan- he made disoiurtes and compariiooA betwoA 
himself and Anc^lrrto, all whkK did fimth in thii point, that Alt' 
■clmn'v fonlhjrilinru and m^ana Mv-rc ^rr^tcr itun hii own in- 
fiddiifi aod itutr If he migki be &i easily cxoiicd before- God. b' 
thai he meant 10 do* as he would be before men. be needed ixn m 
fnr any puntihmeot should htf iniliaed on him for the cruv*. 
Finally, CamLlla'! faMtJKy atid «>ortht afsitccd by tha occasioa whk^ 
the ignorvir huah«id had tbrmt into hii iitt% did wholly noci aad 
overthrow Lothario hit loyaky; and theft{bre» without regtf£A| 
any other thjnjt than that to which his i>icaiur« coodixxrd hica, 
about three dayi :tfter Anadaio'a depamirft (which tiuie be had tpcfii 
In a contin11.1l U^nh and reustanco of hit coottnding thatigbts), he 
began to solicit Cimilhi wtih sticb trouble of the tpina and » 
aroomus wordii a* ihe ivas Mruclcen almost beside herseif with 
wooder.aiKl nude him nooiheranm^cr, bu%xrisa|; from the laUt 
flunjE axvav in a fury inro her dumber. But yet, for all thta dryr»B» 
Lothario hia hopa (which it wont evermore lo be bom at ooce mA 
love) waa tkoching dinn.-iycd^ boi rvhrr aceoootnl the motv of 
CamiUa, who« pnoriving that in Lochano which Ae imer dura 
before to ima^nc kaew not what sha nai^ do; but, it loenuog 
unio her to be a thinj^ oeiiber aecun nor hoooL to pvr btin oeca- 
aioo or tcinue to speak unto Ktm ajt^'At tfanm^ood lo ftend OM 
unto W hudttod Amdmo the very naat ai^it, as ind^ she <M 
with a tcm-r 10 retail him home 10 ha houaeb The fubjoci ot ha 
Ucuf waa this. 

U Pftoucuno Tin Hutory ok nis Curiocv-Imfultinkvt 

"■ ^ VEN as k iic commonly said, that m xrmj scemt not «*eiJ 
w^ wiihintf a grnrtal, or j ouulc withciili 3 auLScJ>1r, m ilo 
-"- -^ 1 dfirm. iW ii n much more indcccoi to mx a young 
mrried wonun mthout her bu^huid. wh«n he b not jtinly <kuiacd 
away by fioceu4ry oifoin. 1 tuul mywlf to ill dupooed in yoitf 
abfcAMt a/id »o trnpAiienc aod iinpor«u to endure it boger, ai* jf 
you do not ipeedlly return, 1 ibatl be oonnrained to ranim back 
unm my foiher, dtlioiigh I dioakl leave yuur homv without lay 
IvT^jiiiK; f(>i li^ guau! )iii] dppoantrd for mc, if it be m> &-^i \k ouy 
<lc«:f>c ibtii liric, look) nK><rc, i bdicvc, to hu tA^n pkuuue, tlun 
to tlut whkh coDccrn* you, llMrcfore^ seeing you have wit etiotigh^ 
i wiB ny no more; nor ought 1 uy more in region." 

'Acudmo rrcdvod t)i« knrr, ;ind by it uncbrtipod tku Lnthaito 
faftd be^un ihe cnterpnie* aod chat Ountlla had axuwcrcd lo him 
■ccordiojc xt he had hoped, And, mirveUou« s^d at the Dcwj, be 
ftAfwered ha wife by ^x^rd oi mouih, thai she sbtHiU not rcntovt 
in any wiie fn^cn her bouie; for he would return with all ipeed. 
CacniUa wat gr«Jtl>' admired ni hii jniwer, u/hkh struck her into 
■ gnxiLcr iiripleiity Uup »lic wai ac the firM. bdiif; afijid tu luy 
M hocnc, Aod abo to |pi to her father. For by itayinjE ^c endanj^eiA 
bcr hcocstyi by Koing «he would traiuRren her husbaod's cotn- 
ouod. At Laa ibe revolved to do tlui which wai wocitt ^hich waa 
ii» remain ai hontr, :tnd nee to shun Loihini^'t prestoce^ ktt ^ 
ibouU) givr lun tcrv^intK occation of ujtpicton- And now ehe waa 
grieved to lu^r writiCQ what the did to her hiubflod, fcariul lest 
bi iboUd ihink fhii Lothario had noted in her Kxnc token ct ligkt- 
om^ which mi^hi have moved him lo lo*o the rctpea whkh othcf- 
wi« wa* dua umo h«r. But« coofident in her innoceAcy, the cait 
her bupn in God ind her j^ood rhnii^hit. whcrewillul she tbouj^ 


J28 DON Quiston 

to rcnic all l^ilurio't vrordi, ami hj hnltlii^ W lafeat wiiktf' 
tD^king him any taswcr, whhoai giving lof funhcf accooitf d 
the ouucr to bu- bulbed, lot thereby she mi^t plunge htm ift 
n«w diiBcvltici and coDtCDtion with hii fiiccd, and t!id ibcrcfo«r 
bethink her how she miffht excuse Loiluno to AnsdEno, «^tfn ti' 
sliould demand tlie occaicioa tku iTKif««t her to wrlie unio tiim tkti 

'With these more hoocK thin profii»blc or diarreet roolvt'i--^ 
ftJie ^vc cor the aecond dny to Lc^h^rkv who char^vd htt m--^ 
tfuch rviolution, at her contuncy b«^n to ttiggft, and her boov^ 
had cncu^h to do recurring to bftr «)«« to cootain them, Um ibiT 
ijuiuld give any demonuration ol dw amoroiu cotnpasuoa «Wi 
Loibafio's words ukd tc^fa bad stirred in bei bcvtst. Lothario iui«I 
oil thiit «nd it inflamed him ibe more. Fintlly. he cho«i|*bt duJ n 
vma recjtnsiie [to] the lime and leiiuie which Anaclffio't vbtHMt 
afforded turn, to lay closer ne^ie co tbar foitrefs: and tn he a«£iul»t 
her preiumpcuntuty, wiih the pniiei of her bcaury, bit then ii 
noihinf whidi with socb facilhy doib rend and raze 10 (he groum^ 
ibc |voudiy-cmttd ttirrcu of women's vuxity. than ibc smc vaCDtfj 
beinj; dilated on by the Kxigtie of uliiUboa and ftiuery. To 
bricf> be dkl with dl diligcnn undenniiie the rock of her tntegrii] 
with <D watlilce engine^ xi ahhough Cinulla wtsv nudo of 
yff would she be orenhrciwit, foe Lochario we|i. enuvHcd, 
iK<l» floHtrtd, perttitfd and fdgDcd 90 EecSagly» aad widi 
ufceotof irv^ *Mn\'vning CasuOji'f can ol her booottr, be cvne 
in the rod cn triiunfib ow that wfakli wts IsMt suipecwl, and hi 
mi^ iV^ired: for ihe ftt w Wrod Iwnrff— cva CamiHa rmdered hcr- 
seli. Hut wbat wooder if Li«lur>o'» Moaij cmld not UAod un tost 
A tictr ctinplci pUnb dtniMuaciatiaft dks the uDOroua 
fa mJy ><aqniihed by rfignwng it, and that nobody oogbt to 
lure to Wfeick with so mtvtog «q adref ^A ry ; far bea«vAly 
cwnt^ey fv him that wotM "^Ji**"* t^ iiiolence td tkat 
akhnigh Iwnurk None but t^OMla inew the w tj fc aeH 
My^ Em bvm W ibe two bad fntmJ\t aiid mw loven oodd 
«i«^-'^^ 'V -i>\«|wt; qcv m wvM Lotbmo &dovct ttj 
h^ ffv«cv^ w thuR be bed gf^m b» wnnfly tbr 


tuniiy wher^)y lii> nrrivnl to that |uu, liccntur ihe aliould not 
tmdgific dut he had go:icn her lightly, and by chaficci and did jxm 
purposdy solidt her. 

'A ftvf diys aficr, An^lmo arrived to his houiCt and did t>o< 
perceive xrhii v/iaied thernn, to wit^ thai whkh it had Ion, and 
li£ rami eutxmed. }^rcm ihnice tie went tn uw hii frieiid Lutharior 
wlioni he found At h<jcnc, and, FmlirjcinjjC one snuEhcr, he demanded 
of him the new* of hi* lift or of hU death. "The newi whkh I can 
girc thee, fntnd Atiximor quoth Lothario^ "ftre, that thou lus a 
wjf» who may d«Mf ^-edJy he the txani^ aod garland of all ^ood 
«iocn«n> The worcb that I fpok« uoco her w^r^ fp«n; Cfi the 3tr> 
tny profTen cooremned, and my ^fts repulsed, and brades she hath 
mocked tnc notably for ccruin Ceignnl tean ibat I did ihed. In 
moludon. even m Camilla is the pattern of all beauty, m> ii ihc a 
wherein tnodoty resides, courtesy and vrorineM dwells and 
the other virtues that may beautify an honourable vvomoo, or 
e her {Drtunai& Thetrfore, Irii^nd, ial:e hack thy money, for 
h i> rrady^ and 1 nrvcr had occasion ic employ it; (or Camilla'* 
inccgniy cannot be signed with $0 base thlngj aa ore gift* and 
JVOOUKS. And, AnKhno^ coqccai thyadf mnv with the peoofs mode 
altfcodyi without atEcfmfdng 10 nuke any ftirdwr trial And toeing 
thoc lun posted over the lea of dllTicukiei and mspaciont wiili a 
dry foof, whicli may and jfe v^xinr to he had of womm, do not 
^^laooni enter lAlo die j>rof(mTK! depths of new inconTcniences^ nor 
^Hlce thou Any other pdot to make experience ol the fjoodncfts and 
^^reriKih of the vesKi that Heaven ha:h aliotled to thee, to pass 
I th grcin through the seas of this world; bin make account that thou 
^Kt harboured in a ^e ha^vn, and thenr hold thyielf fan with the 
^^pcbor of good convdrradon, and n mt thee until death come 
^^ dcBund Us drbt, fiom the paynient whereof no iu>biliiy or privi- 
hllit whatsoever can exempt U5." An^elmo reited stnguiaHy satUGed 
at Lothorio'i dtKOune, and did believe it as firmly at if it u*ere de> 
livered by an orsde: but did entreat htm notwiihtunding lo prote- 
!iit attrmi^t ahhcHij^h tt were only dunr fnr ciino«i(y, jnd 10 
swny the time: y« not to u«- so efficacious mtans as I>c biiheno 
; and di4i he only desired turn 10 write some verses to Ikt 

3)0 PQH ymiFii 

pmm mftv dM ^m of CMm, br W ««M mA* CmSi 
hrfirtvdbt fa»«M<siiaovtrf go ft c«MB Wr. b «faw W<U 
appoprnu tin lamr, dut hr to^civ o t fab cm W pnm viik ik 
raped diae lo W knaur; and ikM if fat wtuU ivc c«ke tbe pMD 
Bo iflvint ihffn» tnsd m himMiif ikmbo wuiBp j compnn *nr^^ 
TbtC U Aoc noedhit*' quoth l^**™^ "fac ihe Uwa vc iuC » 
dbffi»l«d from tO0, but ckaC ihey visit me armtimts o Uk ftf. 
TdJ ]PDU ttMo Ciokiflj ittfasi yon hive diviiwd dE my Ityrtt^ jad n 
bx ihft vena, I wtU make ibrrn mpHf ; t( doc k> wrJl as tht «^ifai 
dovra, )rci M. the lca« a^ aniTiciiU^ as I our drnm tfaem." Tb 
uapcRiDcnfCurioiu nun aod hts CreadiefDiif Uead htviqc Aw 
mMidt hmI AamUdo Mtutncd u> hu houic, b* dMamdai of O 
mllh that wbich the nurveUcd be had doc aikcd before, tJut ^ 
ifvHild tell uoto him the occukm why ^ wot unto htm the IttR*^ 
Camilla made uiMvt, because: k aeemeil ujmd brr dol LxtW^ 
behekl licr ftumcwhat oiofe inunodc^ly than wheo he mi as Iiocdc; 
but ibat now d» did again dissuade bcnelt, ind believed thu n 
W41 l>Ji A bgbi ^urmiM, without any ground, because Uut «hc pef- 
ceii^ Loihtrio lo loathe her presence, or [to] be by any nvaiu 
mloiM* with her. AnicUno told her that fihp might \trtj well live 
flic htm, for ihat he knew LoibAiio*s aitcciioas were bcAciwed 
wlwret and Out upon ooc of tlw nobloK darnels <4 the ciiyi 
Ignites ho toleniniixd ui^dcr tbc ixacre of Chloiis, and that 
]%€ wen> no4, yot wm there no cauie to doubc of Lodiarto'i v 
Of ilw amity iliai wan between th«fn both. Here, if CairtiUa had 
tieeii prcmmitViffd by Lofbarui th^ the hwe of Cbkirts wa« 
[oijinnLi ini ilut lie himself had told it to Aiuchno to blind 
that he nuichr with ku diAculty eekfafate her own praijo 
ih* name of Ovkvis, she had without doiabt bUea mto th* 
Mib of jeelouvf ; but hmng already ftdwnited, she posted crta 
•tttuh tlnhtty. The day fcdhmin^ ibey Atm aitno^ lugiethrr 
dinner. Antrtinu itqueited Luhario to raptat aodie ooc at dke 
ihil be hftd t&ad» to bis h«lo^vd Chloris; fee, Metng tk:t CamilU 
kntw bir ttMi hv migbi boMly ay what he pboHd. "Aktvnvfa 
km^ hat," '»i*^*^ l^achirio, ^yet would 1 not ihetidiM 
any pan nf ' ^ EW lehea aa> k»wr pniaah hta lady 

hae htisqty, aiul <k^h withal tax her o^ cmdiy- ^^ credic iacun 



din^. Bui befall wlut ii &a» 1 compcxvx) ]mttf(laf a soooci of 
ingraijiodc of Chlurii. aod is (ht> tniuaig: 

Wbcn fwnutt sleep invadcth murul tjt*; 
I poor acccuni, to Hfivcn and Chlocii bright. 

Give oC tbc fKhui h&rmd; which ctcf rue- 

And K the liinc hit Pluxbiu uuy Jcvek, 
Shine tkriMgh ih« ro«e«J ^m of ih« Orieni hriglii. 

With deep ocecnu and *i£ht, in wonted piiK, 
I do my pIsMin mww, with nuin 4iid laighu 

And w^Jiea the run, 6owu from hH turry f«ai, 
Oiredcit rap toAird the cirth doch scnid. 

My ue'** ' douli^ snd my md rc^rcri; 
AAd tikffti Murai; bu« of ray ««<« no «nd. 

Fcv rfiod Always, in my mcnal luifc, 

Heflven wkbnui can, aitd Chlum likrwttc dcdf.' " 

'CamilU liluxi the tonn^ \xry wdl, but AnscUno l>ot of lU; (or 
ho praiwd it, and S3td, thji the lady must be vfry cruel that woM 
oot aiuw'er such per4pr<:uoJt rruths with ceciproc^U jlTeciKMi. Bitt 
ihra dmilla an^ivvml, "Why, thru, belike. 3JI thai wliich eionv 
oared poets %xy in true?" '"Iiujmuch as poets** quoth Lothiriot 
ty not truth; but as they uc enamoured, they Temaia as ihun 
dwy are true." *^ba[ is queoionless," quoth Ansclioo, all to 
aod give I^orhano iriore credit uiih Cimilb, who was ac 
of the cau^e (her butband u\6 so) ai she w^t enamouml 
LoCbaiiu; and dicicfoii: with the delight the look ia his 00m- 
1% but chictly IcnowDf that his detircs and labours were 
10 bersfjf, who t^as the irue Chlocis, ihe entreated htm to 
repeat lome otW nnnet or 6ixx}\ jf he remembered any. "Y«, that 
ida," qiMiih Lrtfurio; ''btif I Mievi- that u is net 10 fjood as the 
aA yuu may well judge; for k is ihh: 

"•A SowCT. 

T die, Aitd if [ ciniiM he belf«\«d. 

My dkatli'ft mmt certain, eu it is m^ot vpre 

Ta w mr, si chy itct. ai \tSe drnived; 
tUiher thin oricve, thtt ihnloom 10 eikJu/t* 
W«ll may 1 (iit oUivr<ius shades ob«wv) 

332 DOfC QUIJCaiB 

Of gfafy, Uie,and £avour br dttuoL 
And j« trm then, ifaaU io mj bemm pun; 

The Uupcof i^T fair bcv.cacnTcd, b« cfcii. 
For liuiS A mKt whidi I iki rcaovc 

For ilv la&i irAik:ei my coouotiom threaten, 
Wh«h miJy th> rijjour tkith itidf prcscfve. 

OiAt)t%ilic wi^Ui, tSw lib) r«npwunr:Ttrn 
Ity nif*hi. tfi unknown teat, indaoj^cr r 'r' 
Tor waoiof North. or ha\CD, lo Ui»c hn Lcc' ' 

'Aiiidmo commended also ikiK tccofid sonocc a« he hid de« 
the Gfsc, and oddvd by thji meani on« link to anotbn in ih« dua 
whircwtch W etiunglod himself, 3rd forgrd hit own diihonour; 
loetng, wfiefi Lotlufki diihonour^ I'.im nv»i of jU, fie iwt on» 
him Uicn tli^r lit honoured him moot. And berewitha] CamA 
madQ all ihc \\n\i% thnt verily served only to abase her down to tbt 
centre of coitcempt, Mem to mconc her in her huihuid*i optoioiij 
up to the hct^^t of virtue and good func. 

Ii hrid ttxiti afrer, ilu! Camilla, Bnding herwJf a\nnt tvich 
mitidrfi. uid In her, ^'l ;im ashamed, friend Lconeb, tu »ce 
little I knew 10 value mysdf, mng that I made not Lahario 
aon^r iimr ai Icait in the ptirchaUAg the whcite pcmcttion of 
which 1, with .i prompt will, bestowed upon him to ^Medily. I 
me ttiai he will impute my hAstineu to li^htneu, withoot conoderbf] 
th« force lie uced Toward* m^ which wholly tundered and 
abled my vtmm^tKx^ *ttt not that sflkx |du. madam" qticd 
LconeU; **ioi h U no suffident caiiise to ^mbiiih ctimaiUxi. 
that he jrivcn (luickly which ti to bo given, if that in " ^ 
thai b ici^'en, and be in itself worthy of ettimaiioo; i 
prowK "that he dm fjins quiclElr, glvtf nnoa/* "It ia alio 
aa wvtL" qu0th Camdla, ~*tkac due wWA coecnh little ii 
flricemed/" Thai tvaon hath mo fiace In you," qi»fh 
*%inumtKh aa low, accseding ai aocne have lajd of il. doth torn 
timn Ry. otbu tirocf ii f^oca: it ruoa wtdi thit noKn, and 
lefcfurtly with the cehcr: it makes mme ker<oldi at>d inflamct 
aom* k ^m^muhU, and twwe it IdlU; h hrexm the aner of hit 
In an imeam, and In ih^ (eff tarrtp It cnodtvVs h ' * — ^-■ 
mmi to tay mfc mt the (onnaa in the manis^ i 
makti it lo yiM^ Ux thc»% as Kacce jU> m nsat tr ; which' 


ir% you wonder? oc what u it that you (csr« if the «une 

bebllffl Lothario, seeing that love made cf my load's abtcocc 

an innrunwnt to vanqib^h xttf And it wit forcible, thai in ii wff 

should <:oticIuile uvi ii <vhiicJi lave lud before dricrrrunrd, wtrboot 

Ifiviag unit iiicU 4n) time to tcad Ansrtmo tkx he mj^ht return, 

and with his presence leave the vrotk impatcct. Fo< love hiib oooe 

«o o&ciouv or better a mimstcr to cxL-cute hit dcurce thin ii occa- 

skm. It Mfve« ittell ot occasion in all hi4 act« but most of all at il>e 

begtaning. And all this that I have said I know miher by experieoM 

thin hearsay, ^ I will mxac day let )i)U tu uii4[cru;uid; iat, nubbin, 

1 am hkcwisc mode of HoJi and lutiy )vitin^ blood. And as for yoa. 

Lady Camilla* you ^d not jnve up and yield youndf presciuly, but 

ftaycd uniU you had lint foco in Lothario's eyes, his si^hs, in his 

diKOimesr in his promises, and g^fts, all his si>u), in which, and in 

hxi pcr{ea>oitk yim mighi rrod how wcjnhy hi- it iti Ik loved. And 

vcin^ this IS )o> kt not thnc scruples and (licc thoughts assault ot 

fiinh^r disturb your mind* but panaic youridf thai Lothario 

<A<ffns you as much as you do km, and lives with content and 

catit^crion, seeing; ihit it was your fortune to foB ifiio th« amorous 

uiarf, th.iT U w::s hii f?ood luck 10 catch you widi has valour and 

devrts; who noi rinly haih ihc (uur S's whkh tbey uy every good 

lorer ou^ht to h^yt, but a1» the whole A B d which il you will 

ooc credit, dn but listen to me a while, and I will repeat it to you 

fay rotP. He is, as it seems, and as fif as I con jud;;e. .\miablc. 

Bnuntiftil. rrtirtWHi*, DuiihJ, Enamoured, Firm, Gallant, Hijoour- 

^ilr. tlliTttriotis, Loyal. Mild. Noble, Mnnest. Prudent. Quiet. Ridi. 

and the S's wh&ch tbey sav: and besldn True, Valoroui. The X doth 

rw quadcr well with him, because it sounds harthly. Y he is 

K-, and the Z he is Zealous of ilune hoiMur" Camilb laughtftl 

- -' -'- A B C. ard accounted her ro be more proaitcd in 

ri I jn ihe Iw^nelf !od coofeiscd, as indeed she was; for 

(hen »he repealed to her misirrti how she and a certain young maa, 

ivdl^xirn, of the citr. <li(J treat of lo%-c one with anoiber, Hereai 

bcr mbticti waa iwt a lit^tc iroiiiled in mitul, feafing that her 

bofSAur might be greitly endangered by that meant; die demanded 

wheihef her affection had panod fttrihcr tlun wordi? And 

^^smald amwr^revl ^Yiy sh^rH-ltxsly and irecl} iliat they did; for 


it b CD01C czmntu tltM rhu kind of roxbdos rmstrox Ay sbn ruAz 
rbdr miulctn circtcn and impudent; vrho* when thtj pcronvv 
bdia lo faJicf f ore commonly ntxu id h^ likewise thcniKlvat 
carr not ttial the vi,-oi\6 clo know it. 

'Csmilb, >e«irg ilut rnor pdt( rrmcdy, could do cio raort btf 
mirrjl I<con<1j not to rcvc;il ^lyihir^ of that ^iTjjri lo hiin iftc 
sAid wu her sweetheart, and tlut ^ «houid Kindtr her nttfwi 
di«eitctly ind iccrctiy, ku tbqr might come to Anidmo or L- 
iharto*! noik«< Lfoneb pfomised lo perfortp litr vnll* but ij- 
wxomplnh her promise in *iich ton, as the did codfinn Om-j< 
fr^rs rhii ilie dvmU low hpr crvdir hy her m«:int. For the dithoaof 
and bold girl, after ihc had pcrcci^rpd thii her mi«mt'i pruoxitip 
w«Te pot soch as they were iix>nt* grew jo hardy, if »bc gave <>- 
Crance and brought her lover into her maker's hotoc^ pctsueuc 
itiat, sUhotigh her bdy kn^w ii, yiX iAn>uld tbo doc dire to diKOM 
if. For diift among oiW harmi follows the fint of mhtrtmef. tine e 
tnakei ihetn ilavei lo thdr own tervantii, and doth ohU|ce xhm n^ 
conceil thdr dolioncst and haw pcoceeding), is tc fed out bi 
Camilla, whot alihovfjh she e^ied Leonda, oot once oa}f» bit 
ftundry times together^ M-ith her to^er in a certain chaml)Kr ctf ih 
houte, she not only dared Dot to rehuke her for ii, but mhcr ftt 
her upixirtuniiy lo hide him, luifl would rrmow all occanon v^ 
of her hud»nd's way, whtrc^ he might suspect any tucfa thift/:- 

'Bul aU roaM ooc hinder Lothario from espying him anct; ft 
ho drpirtod out of the houie ai the break of the day; ^vfao, nt 
knowing him, thought a; the firct ii was a spirit, bet when he o^ 
him post away, and cait hit cloak onr hii (scv, lest he shoukl^ 
known, I^ ah^ndaimig till umple uirniiv. ftll inio a r>ew iu»- 
piciott which lud overthrown them atL wvrc it not thai Caml^ 
dlid remedy El For Lothario thought that be whom he bad tst^ 
issue (Mit of Anselmo's house at so uiueasovuhle an himr, had aC 
entered into it for Leociela's wke, nor d"' ^- •^**.-r^^v-, .i..-, »i- 
there tns stjch a one 3« Leoaela in the wi 

aa CamilU was tighil) gucien hv him, v? licijikc ^ ™in wun bi 
vune G4hcr. For ihe nvtdtedncss of a had wtimin brin^^^ 
all these add:tii)ru« that she kueih her rcptitatkiR even wi 
whom prayed arfd persuaded ahe yieldah Kkti^: aod be bcWvvd? 


due the will ai cuity* or uriih more (jciltEy, conicot to othen. dind 
docb inijilibl^ credit the k^^tst suspkioo wbkfa tWcot may bo 

'Attd ic neiDS thac Lothulo to dm iiuant wu wholly <kprivcd 
ol all rmonjble diamurs^ :im1 qiu» cieipDit*d at bU undentaoJiii^; 
Ibr, wiiboui poiulciinj£ of iIk nuttrr* impatiou and kindled Hy (he 
ieolous r*fEC llut tnw<udly fc&awcd hit bowelx frdiin^ with tleure 
m be rvvcnxcd on CJAm^Ui, who had vtcva offended him, he camu 
ID Aosdmo b<£or« ha wic up, aod Q-d to Kmi, "Know, AntclniD, 
due I hiVK* kkd ihc» nuny tbys 31 civjl con^ki w»bnn myulE 
wbttbcr I ibodd ipetk or ncv and I have used us mudi tioleoce at 
1 miciic ici myscUt not to dijcowr a cfaiDg tuKo you« which oow it If 
nether iMst not retiooable I should. coooeaiL Koow (tan Cimilla*! 
fertfcn is rendered, ixid tubfea to all that 1 pleate K> comrruuid; ADd 
if 1 have been vonv-what ilovr to inform thee thii of truth, tt vtpU 
bcCTUf I wmild fini m? wltrthrr U pnKcrdrd of mmt- li^tit Lt|3(vtttF 
in her* or wheihci ihc did li lu uy mc, and icc whether that lo^e wu 
«iU cocuuatly corttioucd. whirh I ftnEt bcgnn to nuke unio hex by 
thy order uid licence. 1 did also hdicvc that if the had hcoo nich as 
ih# ooglv to b^ sod ber dui wc hoih eitocfnec h«r, ih« ^KiuJd bave 
by thit linn aequauiird ynn with my impoourLxy; but M«lig thjc 
the fif^jerft liKrdti. 1 pfcsusnc that bcf pratniwi in»de uaio me 
an uvct ih;it when yttu djd Mgfdn absent yotincU out oi towo. ibc 
would speak witJi n>c in the wardrobe" (and it wa.3 true, for xhttc 
Oimitl'^ was occuftomed to talk with him), "yet wviukl doc I have 
thet run mhly to take rerer^^ *^^$ the ^n is not yet oilierwiie 
c o ini ning d ihin in ihnuglit, and perhaps btfwnn ihit and the 
tffxanuoiiy she might hcpc to pui ic in eacccutioii. her micd would 
faechar^g^aDdAcrepoithcTtcUofberfoUy. And thcfcfoec seciog 
tbott kait cTtr followed miae adrice partly or wbolly, follow and 
luHponvCDuoedtbatl vrtO gix-e umo th«« now, 10 the end thai tbou 
auy« aftfe» with carrful :t«sunnceand without fmtA, taiitfy ibine 
own wiH at thiJu Lkai brtf. Pd^ tliysc4( to he abaeni twn or thire 
tltyt ■■ thou an woot, and then convey thyiell cunnin^y iofo the 
where iboii mayit \cry vrrll hide itiyicU behind the 
f, and then thou thalc kc with thine own r)ts 'od 1 wU 
Biia«^ whx Otnutla will do; and if ii be ihae wkkednea which 


rotbcr ougbi to be feared th^n hoped for, thou majsu whb wilder, 
vileiKir^ Ai>d ditaciioo, b% th* propar «3MCUtioncr of so injurim ■ 

*Aiitrl»io rcni4ilnal amsijM, snd aliiioit b»ide» bimiclf, hcsinc 
hii frieixl Loilrario so uncxfciicdly ta ;tcquaint bim ttith ibrte 
thingi in a time whcrdn he leait cipoard tHcm; W oow br fr 
iccriKd C^triilU to have eacspcd vicirea from the fvtgcd suuab 
of Loiluno, find did himwIC inumph for glory of her viesocy. S*- 
pomlcti ihiii 3ix! trcvbM, be ttood £t]«iii a gmt while leoLibi 
un the canK wii}iu»i onc«* femovln^ liit eyA from k; 2nd KiuSt- 
turning lowardi hiA friend, be &aid, "LoiIudo, thou Hon drn.^ ' which I eould expect from to entire unity, and 1 do diefuu'i 
mc-nn 10 IoHow thine Advice in all thingi prcdiely, Do ihnebn 
what tbou pUcuest, and keep iHjh lecrti «vbicb ii rciiuitiu m » 
weighty and lux-vgieaed ;in e\eai." "AH th^t I do pmmutf;'' qwU 
Lodurio; and w dqvLrtH, wholly repented for Uut Ue lud tol^** 
Ani«lnM\ aceini; bow foobihly he hid proceeded, «tiKe be rr. .'' 
ha« revenjifed hiroccU on Camiib very wdl, ^ri-^--- *An: 
%ray «r> cnipl and ditlioiHiunble. There did ^ cvr^ 
«nd ftKurd hii light te«4tflion, and knew not wtut n«>-- 
to de«ivr) what ho hod dcMCi or give il Mine- reiKMuUc .i.ll: l- 
irtry tour. In the end he motvrd to tcquouil Camilla wttb tf 
whnk nutitf. a^d by reft«oo that b« nevo- aioivd oA oppono'T^ 
10 foeal irnn» her, he found hir Aoe tike very ntiM day; uvl «h(, 
V- Mirthjt ihehad A tinkeanqwak ihmd htm, oid. *KtP*t 

tiWGd Li»hftrK\ thai a oaum Amg ioA fiindi my horn bi mtk 
nittnar. oa ii a>f«n nody 10 biaK to orr bnait. ai daubdeti^ f 
tov m< %kM in time it wA. U wi caium «c a remedy to tt. Ftf 
ouch H the i nii no4 w ty of LocwJi, «s Ait dkoti tip a lovtr of k"* 
■ >w^ ni^hi tn thb hnoe^ aad lonaim wftfa bin nntjl diyU^^ 
%hkh » f ^-fwt mf (Tf^ m it haves o(«n 1 

foU M l«Un i.mi Kt> ilie ■'^twv fo odi of ttv hwrw at <o « 
eMl>^m«^ **Mtv^ wie ^-rkit Wf^meilk; «od tlw wUcb 
I '-wt wo« pwA Of i^oke hcv irir It. For ^ 





him believe tl^C tbe man whum W lud copied wxt Leondua 
Iricnd, and dodc of hers; but seeing bcr lo weep indeed, and be 
j^re^tly ulQiaed in inind, he be^n at U«( 10 give credit unto the 
tTuUi, ;ind> believing it, was grc^iUy oeinfounded and grieved ior 
fh;ii hf had donr. And yrt, notwithftTanding, he .mitwrrpd Camilb 
ihai she thouU) not uoublt or vex herself any more; for he would 
take Auch order, ;ia Lconcla'A impudence should be eauly cioued 
«ad supprcMcd; and ihcn did recount unto her all that he had laid 
to An&elmo, spurred on by the furioua rage of jeilout indi^inaiion, 
and how her husband had ixgreed 10 hidt^ himself bt^hind che lapeitry 
cf iht? wardrobe; thai he might from tht^nce tlearly prrrceive the 
little l(jy<ihy the kept lowirds him; and drmanded p<irdnn nf Iier 
for ih^t folly« and counsel 10 rcdreu it, and come »tely oui of the 
intricate labyrinth whereinto hia wnik-eyed diacottrse hdd con- 

ucied him- 

'Camilla, baving heard Lothario's di«cotirc«, was afraid and 
ama/ed, and wk\i greji anger and many and divreei reawn;) did 
letmke him, reviling ibe bawoL-ss of his thouj?hts, and the simple 
;tnd httle consideraiion (Kat he hod. But is women have naturally 
a sudden wit for good or bad, much more prompt than men, al< 
though when indeed they would make dificourset, it proves d^ective; 
so Camilla found in an instant a remedy for an affair in appearance 
to irrpmediable and helpless, Tind therefore bade Lothario in induce 
his friend An^elmo 10 hide himself die neii day enduing, for she 
hoped 10 t^ke commodity out of his being there for (hem horh to 
ettioy one another with more security than ever they had before; 

nd %^-ithoui wholly manifesting her proverb to him, the only ad- 
bed him to have care that, after Anielmo were hidden, he ihould 
fveiemly cnnie when LenneU called for hiin. and ibit he itinuld 
answer her a^ dimlly to every qtic^tion ^htr prop(i,sed, a^ if AnKltno 
were not ir place. Lochario did urge her imponunaccly to declaic 
her dnign unto hiTn> lo the end he might with more security and 
advice obficure all that was necessary. "I &ay," quot)i Camilla, "diere 
is no other observance to be had, than only to answer me directly to 
what f shall d«nand." For Uie would not j^Eve him account before- 
hand of bcr determination, fearful tb;]E hr would not conform 
himself CO her opinion, which she took to be m good, or else test 


338 DON Quixora 

ho woold 63llow or jeek any <»htt7t thjtt wtn^d not pcot« liscr V ««i- 
Thiu depaned Lothario; aad Aiudroo, inula' pf vtext tlut hts vniU 
visit his iiltjul otiT tic lowti, rlrpancH, and rtturofld co«wtlf bA 
Agida ui hiilc hjitiiclf> wfuth ho could do ilse irnxv cDfnnladklUll^ 
becdLOM^^amilla aod Lcooeb did puiposdy aJIord hioi appurmoxr 
AomItoo baviog hidiien hisaftdf wiih the ^et that may be icajgHvl 
OM iVDuld conceive, who did tSLpea to see with hit mvs vyotf 
anatom]r made of the bowels o£ hu boiKAVr aiod ww ia daDgv^ 
lose the htgbrai Midiy ihai he atcntOMod himvlf to poum in b 
bdoved CuniHa; Ciokilb mml Lnuxla, btang cmain ih^ W <ra 
hidden tt^hin the wardrobe^ enttfcd into it, whcma tCMn.-- 
Camilk «ft bar ioot, wbon, br«aibiag forth oi a deep ngti, ti^ 
Epolot to thi< tiiflcin«f : 

'"Ah, &i«nd Leondal wer^ it doc better Unt, befur« 1 pui inccr 
cuiion 1I141 which I wviohl ikm Itavc? thee to know, ie^ thou ^ItoM^ 
endeavour Co hinder ii^ that thou taknt AiucIido'a pootud dtf ^ 
ha\« aoughi of thcc. and put ihb infamoiu brtist of muu thiDi<> 
and throuj>h^ but do » not, for it it no rcoflia that 1 >hoaU cutfs 
for oth«t mcn'i ^tdt^ I wilt know^ fint d aii, what the boU ^ 
ditbonnt ctw of Lothario noted in ■»» th:ic should tcir in him the 
prciumpcion to dbavw unto me fo unlawful a deiirc sa thai w^ 
be bath reveakd, au mtxh in cooccmpt ol hia fhcndu 4nd m my ^ 
boocMif. Stand at that wmdow, Leooeb* and 4:all btm 10 toK^ fcrl 
do infedJibir beilew dut be MAndt in the ureei awoitinfi id c^ 
hii wicked ptirpocc Bui itnt ray cruel yt!i boootmble iitiod 
he performed/' ''Ala-% dear madam," quoth t)w Vfim and tf 
Lconda, "what i« it ihai you mean to do with that pooiord? 
you perhaps to deprive cither yotrr own or Lothario'a liiic thtf^ 
widal? for whichaocver of ihete things yon do, shaQ rvdowid 
the kMs of )io<ir credit and bme. It is much botur thai y<M 
annblr your wrong, and give no occanun Id die bad cnan dim 
eoter into this houae;, and iind us here in ii akme. GorickWr« 
madam, how we arc but weak wooicn* and be t» a mas* and 
resolute, and by feasoo that he ctjma bhodod by hit bad aii 
pouiooace intent, be may ptr^dvcnture; before you be abb to 
ymjn in rxixuEiofl, do scmrtvlui tl^^t would be wnra* Utr 
than CO deprive you of yoar life* Evil befall my mailer 



nuiusurt to ^rcai oaa^oa to Impudoncy thus to dixovtr be 

in our knB€. And if yoa ifaooM lull bun by dtaoce, nudaiD, 

1 Hjifioa >t>u oxaa to <Id, wk;ii iIpU wt; <lo tiita «viUi ilitf dm) 

\^luu ukl GunilbP "We waul J leave tutn lierc that 

AmcJmo tDi|[hE bury him; br )t u ooly juK ihit be tSould bdve 

the Agreeable task d intcrrinj^ his own mfAmy. Moke an end, tbeOi 

and ciH him, for mcthinki eKl: aU the nmc whidi I ^wnd uocaLing 

d«ir rrv«ngr few my wrong, tiimt m the prFfudkv of ibc loyalty 

which I owe unto my Apoioe." 

'AoKlfno ItffCEKd very attcutlveiy iH the while, Acd «t every word 
ihsK Cvatlia siid, hit tlvou>;hta chargtd. Bqi when he uoderMood 
thai ihe wu re»ol%^ to kiU Lochuuir he wai about to coom out and 
£Mcaiwtt bttiueU, to tlw eod that uicb ;i ihing ihould Dot he dnne; 
but thr dewe thxl he hail to %ee whetno at brave jind bcvnrsi a 
Tculijtioo would eodp withheld him, dc^cnnining tbco to »Uy out 
^ w hctJ his proctKc (bould be occdfut lo binder it. Camilb abooE 
■Mb tune begBto to be very weak uid ditmoryvd, and caAing hcrsdf, 
^Hif >he had fall«n imo 3 ir»u>^ upon a bad dur wai in d» room, 
^^■i»neU bq^n 10 lament very btuerly^ and to sty, "Ahuf wretch 
^mjt 1 ajOt how uuioriitnaic Sifcioukl 1 br, if the ik>t*et oi the woHd's 
hnncffy, the crown of good women, and ihc ptitem of chaMity 
■hooLd <h« bexe b«tweea my handsV Those and such other thin^ 
idw 4td *o dolefully, as do one could bear her that would not deem 
her to be one of the moit esteemed and loyat dimteli of the wo^ 
Mid uke her lady for another new and petsecuted Pendofxv Sdoii 
after CamiJU rett;rned (o hcne^f. and uid prexndy, "Why gocK 
thou tut, LeoneU to coU the most disloyal inertd of a fncnd that 
VT«r the nin bd>e1d. or the night concealed? Makt on ood, run, 
make hure, and let luir the* (ae of my choler b« through thy nay am- 
^Mnad and S|vn<, luir the juit revenge^ wbkh I hope 10 lake^ pan 
^Ber in thrtota or nudcdictionir "I go to call hira, nubdana," qumh 
^BoorJj; "but, fint of ill, you rouat Ktvo loe that pootard. len you 
^^ipttld do with it in mine ttbseDc* aomowhat ilut nxiuld miniiter 
QCcaiioo to w. yout fneodi, 10 deplore you ^1 ihe dayi of our livet," 
"tSo away haliBy. friend Ixnnda,"* au\ Camilla, "for T diall dn 
vMhiAjc ill diiEK- ahamce; for alihoti^h I be in thine opinion both 
inpk ajxj bold coou^ to turn for mine hoootir. yet mean 1 not 

bcU- j 


to be w inixh u ih^ odebraced Lucretia, of whom it u recvrlcd tlii! 
(be sl«w beneli, wilfaoat tuvio^^ commicinJ any error, or tistn hi«> 
ImL wiui wua the [iriDupui cauic of bur dugracc 1 will Ac, if I 
must needs die, but 1 will be satiiEed and reten^ed on bun llui 
bach g^ven me occdi>OG to cocne into thi» pUce 10 lunciu bu bcU- 
Dcu, tpning witboui my dctauk." 

'Lcooda could tczrcc be cmtfvated 10 go aod call Uidiarkv 
31 1n« Kbc ^rni oui, ;ind in ibo mriniimr C^uniUi rmmi 
$pcAkiD£ to bcf^lf these words: "Good Godf luid no< it been 
diicreiioD to have di&mifscd LochariOt ai I did nuny oinci bcfuRi 
than tbui to posMu him, 11 1 have dooe, i^itb ^ui opinioa tint 1 
Mt) ao evil and didiocwst wcmao, ac lease all th« tvhile tluc fAMtfK 
until miiM- acia ihall undcoaw bicv >^d leach httn the ctMairjT 
It luid been dtxibileuly betier; bui tlieit ihouJd imM I be rerra^ced 
Dor my buibamTs honour Ati»f>od, if he were pcrmjucd to ixmt 
away so dcasly hit malij^nity, or «scfept out of the tnaro w 
his wiclccd iboiigbts involved him. Let the traitor pay with 1 
liie'i defrayment that which he attvcnptcd widi to tucivaoui 
deiiie. Let ihc world know (if u by chance dtjil runw to 
it) tlui Caimlla did not only conceive ihe luyalry dur tn hit 
but aho look revenue oE the intended spoil ihcccol. Uui yet I 
believe that k vrerc best to f^iv^ Anarima first notict iheroof; but 
1 did alieady touch ic to him in the letter which I wtote to htm 10 
the vilbge, and I believe hh nut cmcntrinft 10 take onWr in ihk 
to manifest an abuv. procccdi oE hu nm nnccrr ami j^ood moa 
ing, whkh wouJd not. nor CKinot beUoe thai the like kind 
thought could ever fiftd entertainment in the bna« c( ao firm 
frieod, eendtng ao mtich to hi« diUkonour. And witat marvrl If 
mfadf cnold nui credit it for a gnajl many dnyt tngerher * N 
would I c-nx have thought >ti it hti innlciKy had not arrived 
that pou, which the manifeA gifta. latjte pnomite*. moA contin 
teara be d»cd do give tistinMiny. But vrhy do I make dow i 
discounts? Hath a galbnt tdalution pertupi any need ol adnc* 
No^ verily: ibmfore avanm nrocberous thot < y;h la, herv we mtm tave 
rvvengc* Let tbe Caht nun come in. arrive, de, and end, and lee 
after befall wbai can befall I cnterrd piirv ami naiouched 10 
poaiwiion, whom Heaven baffowrd iw ma fur mine, and 1 wi 


depin from him purd/. And if the worft befall, 1 ihall only be 
cMiIrd by mittif own chosEe blood, and ihe impure gore of the 
b^M^i fncnd ih^iE ever :irntFy saw in ihiH world." And saying of ihi)^ 
Ac pr^eceJ up and down ilir r(x>ni witli rbc? [KirJuid ii;ikei3 in her 
liaodr mih tucb Ion;; ;ind iininc;m:rablc !itrLdes, and making withal 
aiAch jEvisiurcs, af iihe r;ilher tec mcd defcccivc of wit, and a dc?cperiite 
ffuAan thnn a delicaic wom;in. 

*All chi& Antclmo perceived very well from behind ihcf nrtaii ihac 
cowrrd him, which did nor a Ui:le admirr him, and he rhoiighc 
thfit what he h^d seen and heard wa£ a AuiTicieiu Aati&factiun oi far 
greater suspicions than he had, and could have wi*Jied wjih dl 
hJA bean that the trial ot Lothario's coming; mi^ht be excused* 
Cearinf; greatly some sudden bad tuccesa. And as he w^s ready to 
lt):)nifeft himfeU, Jin6 lo come out and embrjce and ditiuadc hit 
wife lie withdrew himitclf, bE^oiUH! \\e sjw Loinela r?fitrn, bringing 
Locharij in by ihc hand. And as soon as Camilla lichcid him, she 
drcNv a great stroke with the point of th? poniard athwart the ward- 
robe, uying, "Lothario, note well what 1 mean to tay unto thec^ 
iot if by chance thou beest so hardy as lo pau over this Une which 
l]>ott seett, ere 1 come as f;tr at it, 1 will tn the very same instanC 
flab mysiclf into the heart with ihii pnm^rd which 1 hold in my 
hand. And before tbnu do»i speak or answer me any word» I wvuld 
first have thee to listen lo a few of mlac; for after, thou mayest say 
what thou p]ca»rst. 

*'*Fir« of all, I would have thee, O LoiharioT to say whether thou 
ICAOwesi my husband, Anselmo, and what opinion thou h:ist of 
him? And next 1 would \yjv*^ xht-e lo leh me if rhou knowej^ my* 
self? An%wei to this without dday, nor do Msnd lonf^ thinkinK 
on what thou art to answer, seeing; they are no deep queitions which 
I propose unio Ehee-*' Lothario waa rot so ignor;ini, but that from 
the very begrnnin^, when Cimilla requested him to perKu.i<Ie her 
huthand to hide himself behind the lapecrry, he had not f.iEIen OQ 
the drift of her invmrinn; aod therefore did :inswer hor intrnfion 
so aptly and dJKreetly, j« they made that uniiuth pa<» htriween 
them for a rr»re than manifest verity: and so he answered to Camilla 
in this form: "I did never conjecture, beautiful Camilla, that thoti 
wouldest have called me here to demand of me things so wide from 





Idt tte good dumd aAcuA i» mcb tfafc cner^ by Ivrar 
bope ID poMFB k it near. Bui beotue ibou oxayitt odc 
fv ODI aiOTcriiig to Af **— *"'"K I Bf dtTi 1 kaQnr dif 
AmdbDCk ud belli of ia koow cmk vncbci twn from om- 
iobocy, and 1 niD ooc ocur lo ay chjt vUcb tfaoa abo kiM7ttc« •£ 
ovr amttf , lo anie nv tbcnby « wiuiBW i^iaK myadE of i^ 
OTDi^ wfak^ love oompcb id* co <k> muD bin, y« kMre k a v^dtm 
CKoir and «KCim of gfwmrr tfton cbaa are miBeL Tbee do I Kfc^ 
wiie know and bold in die amr pooeaboo ibai be dads; foriMit < 
noc n»i diodd aevei bvwe been woobylen peHtctkvts ifaaa tbw 
CO umotgnm m audi due wbacb 1 owe to cnfseU ntd to tbe beff 
tein of tnx amiir, ooir brelBeo and viobud by die tjiftnsy oC v 
|Mww.ifu1 in ^miary at love bach prmed." "If tboil doa x- 
kiioiiiled^ tbaC replied Canaib, "O axmai «Dnny o( ail dut 
wbkh |uttly doefveih lovr! with what (aot dan^ ibnu tbm appear 
before ibat wbkh tbou Lixnvoi to be the imrTW wfiereiQ be )uAx 
to ivbocn d>ou al» o>uj;btc3t to b^K^ tbr>^ io itw cod dnd 
— "g****^ pcrcetre upon how blUe occanoo ibou dott wn>«^ buv^ 
Bat, ttnfanif iJte that I am^ I ^ now in tbe reasoa wfaicb faaA 
moved rhee to mak» m little acooimt of thine owa dusy, whkb wtf 
pirhapt K>fnc rcgligmt or lighi bcbavinor oif crinr, wbkh I wiU 
not c^ diihoncKf* Kcing ihat, as I presume, it hath not proceeded 
from me deldacfarcK. but nibcr ihnw^ dK finliaiai ii ibat 
womai wbich tbink they are dd< noetd do toiaetiiDca unwicbn^ 
oimtnit. If not, ay, traitor, when did I e^cr ani«-«r thy prayer* wA 
any word or roken ihai Er.i|;hi avt^ke is tbee the lean ibadow of 
bnpp Id accompiidi thioc itifsmntt dciire»? Wben were nnc tbifle 
amorouK enircaiict reptthendcd and dispersed by tbe rou^hoeas 
aod ngour of minc^ aiuwer^i^ NVben were tby Enany praniuca aod 
Ivjter gifti ever bdjc^rd or adnamed? But lorasnucb at I am per- 
suaded that EK> man can p era t^ut Ioqi; mm in tbe amorout con- 
teodoo, wbo bath not ban aunaBned by vttnt hope, I will attrj^ 
utt tbe budt of thine bnpcn in eocg to myielf; km drNibtWtriy eonv 
QiAamta o( tmne bath biUscrto suscaioed thy car^ and thn^ 
Core 1 wdj chastiae and give to niyselE ihe punishment which diy 


bull deirrveih. And be:ajji* then Tm^tmi see lh;n I^ liftng »d 
inhunun U>w^c:Is m^'iwlf, coulci not possibly l>c oxhcs thjn cruel lo 
th«c 1 thoughi tit 10 call thcc to be a wunc^ of ihc ucriJkc ivhich 
i QKAQ to make to ihc offended honour of my most honourable 
huibaild, uintcd by th«e with the blackest note that thy malice 
<oiiI<) d^vLse, and by me, through the nogligeoce that 1 uied, to 
ihun the oocaiion, if I fjav« rhe« any, ihu^ to nouri&h and canonise 
ihy wicko:! intentianv I *jy ijr-uHr thai tht itiijiivion 1 have, rhat my 
Huic regard hath engendered in thee thc^ie di^racted ihougbt% is 
thai which oilljcterh me most, and that which 1 mean to chastise 
mott with miner own hands; for if another executioner punished 
m^ then should my crime boeome mort? notorious. But before 1 
do thii, 1, dying, will kifl, and carry htm sway with mt, ihar (hall 
end ^nd saiiAFy ihc greedy desire oE revenge which I hojxr for, and 
I have; ncting before mine <.-yc\ wheresoever 1 shall go, Uie puniih- 
mcni which disen>:aged juitice shall mtiict, it »liU remaining 
unhowed or niborned by him, who hath brought me to » deipcraie 

'And having wid ih*w words *hp flew npnn Ijochario with in- 
credible force And tightness, and her poniard naked, giving &uch 
a^gumeDtA and Ei^kens thai she meant to slab him, ai he hJmsdf 
was in doubt whether her demonstrations were false or true; where- 
fore he vTAs driven 10 help himself by his wit and strength, for to 
hmder Corrulla from iiriking of him, who tJid so Hvely net lier 
wange guile and liciion, as to give ti colour, she would give it a 
bJiub o( her own hlood: for perx:civmg, nr elw feigning that she 
could not hurt Lothario, she Mid, "Seeing that adverse fcnunc will 
Dot satisfy thoroughly my just desires, yd at least it shall not bt 
potMiC wholly 10 cross my de&ignsJ* And then striving to free th« 
digger hand, which Lothario held fart^ she snatched it away, and 
directing the [>oinr to %ome place of her hody^ whifh might hurt 
bcr, but not very grievnti-dy, she staMw*! Iicrst-lf, Ant] hid it m her 
appord near unto the left shoulder, and fell forthwith to the 
ground} fis if she were in a imocc. f^ihario and Leoneb stood 
amazed at the unexpected event, .ind still rested doubtful of the 
truth of the maircr, seeing Cimilla to lie on the ground bathed in 
her blood- Lothario ran, all wan and pale, very hastily to her, 10 

344 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

tike out the potuard. and u'l'ti^ lu^w Utile bloml fi>Utn*vd, hi; kn- 
the icAt thai he had cunccivi^l ot ber greater hun, ooJ bc^an ^'v*', 
to ddmirc the cuDOiog wtt And dttcretion of the bcaiuihil CiiBilh: 
but ycc that be might pUy the pan o! a fh«nd, hebegut a bngaul 
doUful bmtatAtioa over CamilU't body, even at the ^tirr 
and began to breathe £Dtth manj cur«fi and euKraiiont doc 
agaorut hicnsell, but also ogaimt lum that had employed hun m 
uoioniiDMc aibir. And koowinj that hii bisid Asidnio 
liacen udco hira, he sa«d AKh thmxs as would mote a sua to 
n>ore compt»>a oC him ihan of Camilla berseif, alihoQ|^ 
accuottiiecl her dead. L^onda took her up between brr armi, 
laUl her on the bed, and cniiraicd Lothario ui go ocjt« and 
socDc one that would undertake lo cure her KCTdl^. She abo d^ 
maiKkd oC him his advke^ touchu^ Uk escctue ihcy might make M 
Antclmo ccoceraii^ her tnutren her wound, i£ he came to tonx 
ij w«r fully cured- 
'tic ouiMranit thai they mi^ ny whai they plea^l, br hs «» 
not in a humour oi givmg any counsel worth the ioUowing; W 
ooly aid ihii, that the llbduki labour to ttaoch face Wy*i bhnd; 
{or be meant to $0 there whetkce they thot^ bev ao OMn of bin 
«ver aiier- And to ikpartrd uui of the hoam wkh wry gnr^ 
lokcuofgncf andfcclsng;aadwheahe waialooein aplacewhuc 
mbody pcraeived him* ha bAaa luaaeU a thflgwnd tutu to thiifc 
of Camdia'a in, athd ihie gcsturvs^ id proptf and a'^f'**wyT>fdatfd lo 
iha purpose, ined by her maid Leoc^b. He«m»dcnd EKxratfurad 
Andnm would raaua ttot be had a «ccmd f^«tia id wifr^ and 
daif oi tu meet him. that thay eQight o ri ibeai e IQgciha tl^ ^rt;«n , 
and the bett dauafied moh thac ixraU be cv<r on^ite^ Lcooela, 
at U said, «aodb»d bet bdy'i Uood, whkh wai fux aa mttA as 
um^ serve id cdIobt her urmKiuii snd no nm»; aa^ waduny 
the wound with Ktae wiaei eha twd it up ifac htM daK «fae evulcL 
aayu^ such wivUiwWstiJieCBrml her a«vna« able, thm^li 
bMl bnA 4m» b«£r«K, lo ttnk^ Aaa^mo bafctw tbv W h^ 
|fltt«e of boM^ in CinkJIa. To the yJowj W 
addal cMfacn. tctmiog hcrvlC a ovwd ti b«« 
waofed tine (faanv a thing fO MOMry I to 4ipe>«* her &lr 
4i« hated iDi 


liic wdold tdl Qc codCBil aU that aucc«u 10 bcr bdovtd apouKi 

Aati site answered, that it was hai to concdl It, le»( ahc khould 

engage bcr buibarul 10 be re%<cD;c«d on Loihino, which would not 

be done Without fui vary great peril, and thjA cvcrf Spo6 wife wis 

bound, HOC to give occasioD to her hutboiu) of qturrviJin^ but 

vAilict (o fcfnovv fiom him as io;in)r as w^ pouible* CsmtlLi 

uu^s'crcdt that ^c allowccl ot bcr opiiuon, aod would (oUow ii; 

Aod dut in iay son tbc) muii study wnK dcvM to cloak the 

of hcf bun Uom ;\uiehno, who could noc choose but v(py 

To ihii L*ooeb ant^ered, thai ihe herwU koew uoc how m 

no, nut Jn vwy je« iiwlf, "Wdl. fjiciidr quoth CamiiU, '^ajid I, 

I do I koow ? for 1 ditc not to fc^fgc or rc|xjn an umruth ii my 

fife by on it. Ajid if wc know not bow 10 pvc it a better i»fuc, it 

be better 10 reporr the tuVxd truth th^n lo be ovenjkcn in a 

og." "Od DOi troubU yoar9elf» midim/ quoih Lconcb; "fcr 

will b^thinlc my^f of wmewh^i brtwrro ihi? and to-morrcjw 

muroing, .od perhaps tlic wciund mjy be concealed fiom him* by 

nsoon that it ii in tbc i^acc inhere it i»; ind Heaven perhaps nay be 

pkued to favour our k> juat and botM>urabIc tboq^HA. B« <)u»et< 

good mEbdanjp aiul Libour to appease yxiut aher^ion of mind, thai 

my kofd ai hts return may not find you perj^exed; and leave alt 

ihiT mt 10 Ood'n ^tid my charge, wlu> doth alwayi axutt the juM.** 

'Wuh highcit jiicnbon uood Antdmn Uvtcning and beholding 

the tragedy of hii dying honours, whkh the personages dicreof 

had aacd wiih so ctraogc and forcible eflcas, as k verily seemed 

ihat dicy vt^K tnuuformod into tbc opposii« truth of their wnU- 

contrived finion. He longed gr^tly for ihe night and leisurr to 

of hit liou^, tlui 1^ might ^o arid congratulate with his 

lend Lotharkh for the precious \<wd that be had found In 

litis lait trial of his wife. The mitfress and maiden had as greaf 

can tu jpve lum the opportunity to deport; and he, fearing to 

low if, issued out in a trice, and went presently to find Loihano, 

nAm bnng found, it i\ ntn pruMhlr in recount tlir cmbracrrnRui he 

t- ' -: . rbexcrccsofbi»couicn(mciitclui he revealed, or the 
, taites that he gave to Camilla, Ail which Lotluno 
wiibcui giving the Udic argument of love; having reprt- 
ti> Kii tnind ai tliat very time. How greatly deceived bis 


hmi tived, and how uniuttly he hinucit injxncd him. Awl 
ibou^ thii A(u«Ijiio noccd thni Lothino took no delight M 
rdadoot J^ <hd ha bditvic thjt the f^uM ol hit %otT€w procecdrf 
from hiving kh Cimilb wcKincicic), ond he himsrif givrn thp oca- 
ftion ibereoh and theTcfore, jmong miny oihrf wnrdf, said unin 
him. that tbcft wu ik> ixcJiion w grieve it CdjniUa's bun, it dov^^ 
lessl/ bcin;! but l^hr, seciQi; she :kn4 her miid lud aj^rced to hiiW 
it fro:ii htm; -tfitl iJul occordirtx ufUo thu Uure tvot no jirMt ov 
of fe^fr hm thac from il^nceforwanJ b^ ihould live merrily nsd <ii» 
lenrediy with him* tt^ng rlui by hi^ imluury md mrant hr bond 
himicVf nticd to ihc highcsi fclidty dut might ht dcared; mnA 
ihcrefore would from thenceforth spend hu idle limes in wntJt|e ul 
verges in Camilla's pmi^e, that bo mj^hi etefn^ her naroci afMJ 
make it himoui in «ntuing agei. Luihario eommcndod bu wtadiy 
don therein, ind laid that be for hi« pin would also help bo ralte 
up XJ ooble an edilice; and hercwiflul An«Jmo roicfd ihif nwi 
loothinjdy and contcntcdl^r deceived tbpc Could be found in il 
world. And then himKU took by the hand to hit bouic 
that he bore the msirumcnt of hj« glory, ihe tiilcr percStioo tt 
hstnt. Camilla emenjincd him with a frowning countenuiei^ 
a chrerfiil mind< The inu6 mied unknown a whtW, umj), 
the t-nd of iiLiuin monibs, fuftune turned the whed, and the wii 
neu thar «vu to irtifKially doake<l, iuued to the public notice of 
world; and Aniclmo his imperiineni curioNty con him bu KEft.* 


^tvul^; Is Esou» THK HutojtY or Tia Cu>iot;«-TuFEirnNx»n': Akd 
LiKirwtti Rton/vn^ the Roccit £vcoumi> ano Co^h^ict 
Pjusu> BriMtiA DoM Qtrixont ivu Cutain Bacs □i' Ru Wink 

A LITTLE more of the dovcI did rest unrctd, w\^tt% Sanctio 
ZA t'ajtE«,aIlpcrplex0d,raAomofibacluEiib«r where hiilo^ 
X A. reported, crying as Icud 31 he could/Comc, good ftifs ■pNd' 
0^, atid luiu my lord, wtiu ii en^jged in oiw of ike tnrai tentbk* 
baitle* ilui ever mice vyn U4v« mii. I twear iKat lie ImtIi givni 
Mtdi A blow ID the giJnt, my Luiy the Princcst Mic<ifn;cofid her 
caen>y. «« he hsth cut hit hend qtate olf oi round u a tumrp.' 

'What uyst ihou^ (nendr* quofh the curate (leaving otf at iJut 
word to pmtecuce the reading of hii novei)> 'An ihou m ihy wki, 
Sandw ? Wim j devil, nun, how can that be, Melng the gbnt 
dwdU u kasc two tbcusafid kaguca frcvn henoe?' 1^ dus they 
hmx6 a nurveltous gre^t ooiie witbia the dumber, «od thK Don 
Qubcote cried out doud, *Siay, hUe ihie^l robber, suy! for cince 
tbou an here, ihy trimitar sKiU but liide avail th*e/ And iher*- 
withal it wemird thni he ttnick li niimbrr of mif;hty blciwi im ihe 
w^i. And Sancbo uid, 'Tbcrr is oo need to it^nd thi» likening 
dfaroKt but nahcr that you ^ in and pan the Eriy. or cbe a«sbt 
my locd; oJthocf^ I think it be oc4 very ti«cc«ntry, tor the gitfic U 
quesdonltfts dcjd by this, and giving jKcount tor ih^ ill MU he M; 
for I law hit blood ruD all abotn the houce, and hit head cut o0, 
whkii is ai great na a great wine bag.' *I am contrni to lie liewn in 
paced,' quoth tlie iookeeprr. hcurlng of thts, 'if Don Quiicote or 
DcM devil have not leivtn some bli>w to one of ihe wine^»(t that 
mod filled at hu bevTv head, and the nhcd wine mtui oeods be tint 
which lenni btood lo thii t^ood nun.' And uyin^ in, he enured 
inm the mofn, and all ihr rr« followed hinu whtrrvthey found Don 
QoItDte in the Mrangen guba ihji nuy be inugmL Ke was in 
sIttCT, the whidi wa> ooi long enotigh before to oovet Ut tJki^ia, 



;uul it wai lix ftngcrt ibortcr bdiincl. Hu Icgi were vtry long uJ 
If^n, full of h:iir, nnd horribly dirty, H« wore on his Iwid ■ 
red but \<:sy grcisy njghujp, which bdoD^ed to tbe 
He had wrcnbcd on lus l«fi arm the coverkt of hit bed; oa vrbck 
Sancho loolccd wry often and an^rilyt a» 00c that l:new mB tbt 
cautc of bU o^-n malice to n : and in hU ng^ haod he jphpped W 
n;tLe<! f^xird, wH^rewitlul h^ bid round about him inany a ihwt: 
and with:i] ipakr ii if Sr wrre in baule with vimc ^nt. AtuI ibt 
belt of jU was, ihjt he hcM ooi hi^ r>-c$ open; foi he vru indtf^ 
julccp^ flnd drtanung that he was in ixfihn with tW giant* Faribt 
inuginatioQ of the jdvcnture which he had underukca to Gci^ 
wu 90 heat upon k, » it made him to drttm that he wai dttaij 
arrived at the kingdom erf Mkomkoo, and that bir wot tbm ia 
comhat with hii encrny* and he had givrn to many blowt 00 ife 
winc-bagit nippcwng them to be giaauu ai jil the whole chai^ 
iowcd With wiDc. Which being pcrodvtd by the boK, all iiSttari 
with ngfit he m ifpoa Doo QuiMe with 4ry fuUv and gave saB) 
him «o iittciy Mowi thav if Cardetik> and the curate had hoc tal^s 
him away, he would doubctenly have finhhed the war nf the fbiU; 
■od yet wiih oU tbit i£d nor the poor lukifht awjV«, until the Uubcf 
bvMihi in a (Ml kcCiW (tdl of cnM wMer Enm the well, otid d^ 
it all at a dap npoci kirn, aiid dvrewithol Doq ^naocc awaked, 
but not in MCk aoft ai he pemei^ the maoncr wherein he w^J 
Dofodiaa, aw^t h<>* il>D*t v»d bow thia her champm wa£ arrar^^ 
would not go ia to «• ifaa cae&ct of ha canimam and ^^^ 

Sach'ho weet uf and dawn Ae Boor ■■ichiin far ^ 
h<^ and mi^ thM be coiM DOC 6nd k br a«i 'Nerw I 
W> wd Am al the chtti^ of tho bMve an eDdootnwot^ for 
b« tiaw that I W«i Wr% A tkn Mtry noae room, I ffx many htowa 
and fairfhnt^ and tern not «^ M wrOa ■«. nor cuiU 1 xr ^ay 
bnd»:andniwnfcehMdaiy ta r>Ty, -^-^^ t .^..^ off with 
<mm eyv^andyei the Uwd no «& ' N u * 

M^lranatMi^^' *Wlff hkiiJ.. o »hai faeoaia dot 

^^ 4a« ^mm «< nv ^ tkn Hand and the f ouo- 
la*£«h« iUm Attn A«*wwa^Miwhi^ vrifaAad bet, 




and ih^ wine red ilu( iwimi up and tUrv^n th)« chanha? And I 
wiih that ] nuy uc KU soul swimmii^ in hd! vrh^cb did bote tbcmr 
'I know Qoihing,* replied SdfichOi 'but ibu, Uui if 1 c^uimx fiod tfac 
fUiii s hcod, L shall beconao to unfoftuauc, if mme dridom will 
dtttolve lik^ mJc can in:o witcr/ And ccnn, Ssncho awjke was in 
vrcf fe cxte ihan hii imtier decptfig> so niw:h hid bis Ind'a pram- 
diAraacd him- Tlic uiok^epa. en the oibrr sidc^ wai it bis 
ts* end, to Mc the humour of ihe »qiurc and unlupi^acM oi bis 
and «wof« that k ibo^d not tiKc««d with than now u h hod 
th« o<1i«T time, when ihty went away without payroem; and 
now ibtf pnvilff^n of chivalry ihodld noc any wbic avail bbn, 
be alvjuld Mudy pay bodi tbe one and the odter — yea, even foe 
very patches thit were lo be act on the bored winejiiaga, 
llie curate held £iUt Doo Qtiixoce by ibe hands, who bdsevLn^ 
t he had achieved the adreniurCf and was aiicr k come into the 
nccu MkomicDiu h^ prcvncc, Itc l^^d hinufJf on hit kncn 
ihp curate, uying, 'Well may yoiur grcitjiem, high and 
tnoiu bdy, live ircm hcneeforih sccufc From any djiif<cf that this 
unlortunaic WT<ich may do unto you; and [ am aUo frocd from 
ihU day forward from the promise ihai 1 made umo you, seeing 1 
faav^a by ihr ;iuda;it]c^ of riv* hfaven^ and through her favour by 
whom I hve And brcailie, so h3|>pUy acconi()liabod iC 'Did not I 
%iy so r ' quoth Sancho, bearing o£ his nu)Ccr> Tea, I was roc drunk- 
if my master haib not poxvd^rcd the £iant by this^ Tli« nutter 
i|utsiKinl«Sr ^d The earldom 11 mine own.' Who would not 
u^ at iht'f^ raving (ixs of the matter and nunP All ol thecn 
bed savxr dae innkeq^er, who ^dvt hiinsielf (or anger to the 
A more th^n » hundrtd itmcs. And the bttHxr. Canlenio, and 
curatSt got Don Quixote to bed ajcim. isot wiihoui much ado, 
pmendy fell asU^p wiili tokens of nurveUom worinoc Tbey 
him slcqung. and wetn ma to ctimfort Sincbo Panxa for the 
he l;ad, becaase h^ could not find the giani'a head; but yet 
more ado to padfy the innkeeper, who was «hDC»t out cC hu 
wits fiK the uneiqiecicd and sudden death of tut wine-bo^ 

Tb*- ' " rn ih« oither si*lc H*n( up and down whin^n; and 
saytrx.:. 11 snuin ind an unlucky hour dn\ tliis knighl-errant 

mio my hDUsr, aUil am) 1 woiid thai mine eyes had never 


SMQ him, wcing he co^is me lo dur. T1i« lait time tlui he wu 
hcrft he vtent away >coc free for hit itipper, bed, uraw, and barby, 
buch (ur Itiuudf aiid hu tnuiv hii hurve ^iftJ hU j /. dm br 

woi 1 knigtitsidvcnlurcr (and GchI fipvcr lu him h .. anil (e 

dll die ixher advcnturcn of the v^^otld!) aiul wu ooi thetdote 
bound ED piy anydiing, for so ti vr^ whEton in the icuiutec fli 
chivalry. Aixl now ixx hit caiue Ci^iw ihc othi;r gcotlenun, jdJ 
rook a\irny my good tail, :ind hath rvmrned it me hcaclc wh nw 
iiutne/s o( dimigt; for ;tll the hair u CtfDeii off, and it C40iM 
lund my huabaod any moft in M»d for the putpose he had jb; 
a.nd for aa eod and coocliuioo of ^ to brak my winc-biagi and 
ibed my wine: 1 wub 1 may mc ai mudb of hu bkiod «hed. And do 
D01 think otherwjie: fof, by my bthcr'i old hows and ihc life of 
my mEwhcr^ thty ihall pay nic c\tvf dnk, otu- quart u|ua oiiochrf, 
Of elie 1 will never be called at I am, nor be mine owa Uiba'i 

Ilicsc and such Uke words spoke the in n k ct p er 'a wife- wilb Ttry 
great fitTj-, and was seconded by her good tcrvam Marimron. Tk 
didghier held her pcic^ snd wo«i)d non aad then unils a Uuk 
But mjMci parson did quiet and p^^fy ^U by proaii&lG); to lataaff 
than tor ibc danuges nt w^U as he might* 4s wdl lor the wine u 
fbr the bag«» bat chieAy for htt tail* the which wa» >o much accouitE«l 
of snd valued !o hif^My. Dorothea did comfort San^rho, saving Oi 
him. that wbentuevrr it ihould h» veri6ed t)i3c t&ii lord kvd dan 
the giini, and estaliJishcd bcr quiedy in her kingdom* she wouM 
bcatDw upon him the best earldom thereof. With this he took cour- 
age, and Assured ihc pnncesi that he hinuclf had leen the pani t 
hud ctit oil; ai>d for a more certain tot^en thereof, ho nud thai be{ 
had .1 beard that reached him doi«n lo hii girdle; and thai if ibi*) 
head coidd ncn now be found, it uFa« hy reosoA iliu all ilie afTain 
of ilut Itouae were guided by enchaLAimeni, as bo bad made eap^^j 
rieoce to hii cmi the tait rime thar he was k>d^ tlwreitL l>ifntiiea| 
replied that the was of the i^me opinion, and bade him to be 
good cheer, for ai would he y^-dX ended to hii hun*i deiire. Alt 
pantos bnng r|tt>ei, tlv ciioir remlved to finish the end of hit hottI, 
because he perceived choi (here rrstnl but a little unrmd thereof. 
Ctrdetiio^ DoftaOiCflf ai^l all tlic rtA cnirc^tcd him arnestly ui BqIj^ 


it- Afid be dct^ring 10 delight them oU herein ami recreate hmwdf, 
did piowciitc ihr ulc in iNt manorr: 

'tt after bcftl ilut AiuclfDO grew so uiiificd of bii vnft% hoocjiy 
u he kd A cnoA axitcotcd and secure lite. And CinulU did br the 
ooQce Look ftoufly upon LtMhirio, 10 the eod Ansdnko mi^hc coci> 
Ann her mad amio. And for a greit«f oanfifiiution dkenof, 
LmWio rer|uesi«d AmHmiu lo t^xcuie his tuning any more lu htt 
bauv^r arcii^ thjt be dearly perceived iviw Ounilla cuuld neilhcr 
bnwk hi% cocnpaay nor preseaccv But the hoodwinked Aoiclmo 
aiuwcfcd hicn thai he wojld la no wii« cocuciu thcfeunto; and ta 
thii nunncf did weave bis own diihonouc a thoviflnd way*, think- 
ing CO wnri: his cooMDOmnt* In this t«uoo, tucb was the ddi^ 
ihii Lconda took aho in her jlTecboiiSh as she suflend bcrsclf cd bv 
bume awaj by them bcftdkuigiyt wiiboui any aire or icgaiid. 
tMuAdttA becauje b«r kdy did cover it* yea. and tooxtxaiei to- 
Mnjded her how she mi|^ put her dcuns in pr>ctJcei withoui any 
feu or danger. But ftnally, Ansdmo heard on a saffid socnebody 
walk in Lea<irb\ chamber, and, being deurous u> kium wha ii was^ 
^ be thodghi lo enter, be £clt the door to be hdd fast againai him, 
wbkh gave h:m n grcjrcr desre to open it; and ihcrdore he smqp- 
f^ Ml lon^E av\d used siAch violence, as he threw open ibc door, 
aiid eotered just »i the time th:it ar.othrr leaped out at ihc windaw; 
and chcrvbre he nn om to overtake him, or kv wherein he nught 
kv>w tunit bur could neither compass the one nor the othn, by 
««U0Q thai Lconda, embracing him hardly, withheld him and laid. 
^Paafy yourscU, good or. and be not iroii>led, nor follow him thai 
here; for be ia one that belonj^ to me. and thit so much, aa he 
my wpcmst-" Aiudmo 4<ou1d nor believe her, but rather, blind 
lib I3ge, he drew oui hii poniard and wouU have wounded her, 
ying, thai ihe xbould gircwndy tell him the trtjth, or cUe he wuuld 
her- ShCi distracted ^viih fc^r, wd, without noiinfr her own 
"Kill me DM, sir, and I vbiil aoquainr you with ihintcs whscfa 
coQCtm you more dttn you can hmgine." **Say <t^^T< thon,'^ 
i|unih Anidmo, "or etie ihou shalt di^," "It will be imfxHoUe.* 
rapGcd Lomeli, "for mc tcj speak anything now, I im id a^righced; 
but give mpile till morning, and 1 will recount unto you dungs 
that will manrdiousJy aitonnh you; and in the mranciroc re« 


352 DON Quijcora 

Mcure, tliaT he which Inped out of ihc mndow U a young nuo of 
ihU ci^y iiriuiil wliom :iml itM* luib p^uctl a jiixMiuie rA. nurrb^" 
Aj»clmo W4» tcmcwhac lAvitfcd by ;lir-«c tnittUf and ibcn^fotv it^ 
solved to oipGci (he term which slic lud demanded to o|)Cfi bci 
mind; for bet did not cu<pca thji ba should hc»t ftQyduiif; •( 
CimilU, hy reason be wai alrtady so atuired of her virtuo* And a^ 
depanii^ out of ihe chaniher, and shiuuag up Lmneta iht*Bi>> 
ihreiUfDiag ha witba) that h]ie aliuuld ixrvtrr dvfuan dicQCc uniii 
ihe had said aO Uiit iht pfxitniKd to reveal uflio him, he ^«iat 
pracntly to Camilla, to :ell unto her alJ that which b» m;iiden had 
uud, and the promii« ilie hud posted, to dudoie jtreatcr and mott 
impciciaiil OtingK, Whether C^imilb, he^niijt thi^ t%vre perpkico 
or not 1 Ic^vc uj the diicrrct n^adcr'i jud^mcot; for tuch WA* tl>' 
(car wh*ch ifae conceited, believing ccn.iirJy (as it w« to btUI 
doohtcd) that Lconda would tdl to Ati«cImo alJ that she koe^WH 
her ditloyalty, as sbo had not tho cowago to «Kpaa and Me whcihtr 
hfff ftirmiw would boccmo f^lw or no. Bm the very cunt ni]tht, a* 
«oon IS she perceived Ansetmo to be asleepv gathering cogriher her 
belt \tvfds and lome moikey, ihe departed out of her houae xatpet' 
ccived of any, and went to Loihario*a lod^ng, to whom dke te- 
couoted all that had patted, and requ«iod him eitlwr to Uttve 
in lome lafe place, or boflh of ibem to defKi^i to tome place w 
they mi^U livt? H^cun^ out uf Anie1n»)*i ttatli- TIv GOnCimm ihi 
Camilla atruck into Loiliarto was uich as he knew net what 10 mf^ 
and much les« liow to rcsoInY himsdE what he m^jcht do. Bui m Ijwt 
he dei<4mancd to carry Camilb to a monaitery wher«in hia luur 
was priofcas; 10 which the caaly cDn«lcicendod: and ihertfor? io- 
ih.iric> drpanrtl, antl L-ft hrt ihetr wilh »11 ihi* Ji|yTd that ■" 
required, jnd did alttr abi^ni. hJaiicLf prcxndy from ilic *. 
out acquainting anybody with hi« dcfurturc. 

'Anwftnot n* utoii m it was day, wJtliout hoeding the 
hU wife* 3ro»e and treni to the place whert be had duit vp l,rcn^\ 
witli deiine to know of liei wttai she had promised to acq 
whluL Hr fijicncd the clianiher door, and rmirrrd. hut cn^pt^ 
rtobody iherein, but wme cenain sheets knii to^cdicv aftd 
tbe window, as a cenair ti^rx liow Leooela lud made pn 
tbat way. Wherefore he returned vet)' sad to tell to 



gjdvcAtufc: btii whifQ he coutd otiUner fioJ bcr at bed not lo the 
wtio^ Ikootc, he rcrQiicKtl iitonicd, and tienunded Cor Lex ol hlj 
•ervaou, but oone of ihcm could idl him Aii>-Uun;;. And as be 
Mftrched for her, he hd|>pet]cd to tec her coflcrs Ue cfcn and niofl of 
ber fTwHi w;irting; and hcrrwirhal fdl into ch^ true accnunc ot Uk 
diigracc, ^iid tluil I'Conrb w^t not ihi' »utp o( hi« mi»£oaunc, and 
K> deponed oui of h» home ud and p^ruivct even os he tp/aa, hiU 
rctdy and umippardlcd, to his Ericnd Lochoiio, to recount unio him 
hu dj»flvr: bu; vihtti he found him to be Uke^i^^ abfffued, and 
thit the wrirLDti u>£d him bow their ouuer was clepaned the t'ery 
fame ni^hi, and h;ul borne aiviy mih him all hi) nioney, he ivas 
ready to run wt of his wits. And to cocicJudc, he returned to hu 
crwn botoe tj^in, wberetn he found no creature, raon or woman, 
fof all Ivit folk v^vre deponed^ and hod left ihc house alone and 
<(cH3t. He knew not what he mi^ht think, aj, or do; and dien hU 
jtnlgnient began to fail him. Tbr*re he did criniempliie anti behold 
himielf in an insunt, withijui a wife, 4 (ficttd, and icn^nii; aban* 
doned [lo his xemin^) of Hcavcq thai corercd him, and chiefly 
without honour; iof he dearly noted hia owtt perdition La CuniHa'c 
crtHM- In the end he rvcoKed, after he had bKhought hanuclE a 
lEreat while, to go to hli friemTf vilhge, wherein he hod been ^1 
the while ihai lac jtfTurded tlie leisuie lu ^uniriie thait dlMiter. And 
M\ thutiing up hia bouie, be mourned a-boneback. And rode away 
JO Unguiihiag aod doleful wise. And scucc lud be riddeo the half- 

If, wb« he w^ii io 6erccly oiiiulied by hat thought!, as he wa« 
imed to alight, and. tyinfj; hii ^ne to a tree, he leaned him- 
tc» the tmnk tbrtmf. and htrjlhed nm a iho^n^nd pctiftd oikI 
»gb>; and iherc he dbodc until it vns almost ni^zhi, about 
'whkh hour be espied a man to come from the dry a-hoewback by 
the tame way, and^ having uluied him, he demanded of htiti what 
ntwi be hroij^ht from F-1onmce. The citizen replied^ "Tha nraog* 
tm ihai lud )iJti>)irtied there many a day; for it if thnv refmied 
pobtldy that L/Jtluriu. die great friend of dke rich moA. haih carried 
*way the %aid An^Imo't wife Cimilb ihii niichl, for rhe t> alto 
mbuag: all whidi a woiting-majd q£ Camilla's hath confciscd, 
whom the govvntor apprehended yvistemight aa ihe slipped down 

a winc^ by a pair of theeci out of tlie nid Ametmo's liooie. 


354 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

I know HOC ptrocolaHy ibe ttuih of the afTjIf, but wvll I wn ihsi 
sll ilw city is anuoed at the vcideot; fof such i fikcc would not br 
as mucU la uirmiied (torn the gnut inJ f^niuLir aimty ist tbn> 
two^ which wu so mitch u ihty wtsc calWtl, *The Two FriiCiidl**'* 
"]» U pahap« yet koown*" replied Anselmoi "wkKh way Lodorio 
and OnuIU have uken^'^ "In no wiiel" <)uoth the citiuia, "ji- 
tbough the governor hath tiMd all poiuhlc diligmco to find than 
our/" "Fjrcvrt^l> (hi^, gixnl «r*- oid Aondmo.. "Aod with yarn, 
ur," stid the uaicUcr- And &o dquitcd. 

'With these *o tmforiuDatc news poor AqkIido nntwdt not odr 
to lermi oE lo«tng his w)t«» but sbo wclt-ntgh oE fcoinv ^ ' : 4«1 
therefora^ irinng at'wdl at he might, he came ttv lus t hm^ 

who h^d b«ord nolhing yei of hu dUgrace; htii perodving hiin tv 
univc 9u wjin, pdnt-(K and drit-d uf\ lie piaendy amjmured th* 
tome gricvout <\i\ dJTiJCicd him- An»dmo nsquMcd hjm prcxadr 
that he migk he cAXticd to h\» dttajMt, aod provided of [wper Uhd 
ink 10 write withal, AU w>f donc^ and ho left in bed, and abiM. 
for «o hftdcnrcd them; jtnd alto thai ibc door thotild be dn kickfd. 
And being Jilonc, the imdgination of his m'tifr^mine j^ave him lOch 
a terrible chiigc. as he clearly perceived that hii hir wuuld ihordy 
fail fuffl, aiid ihercfi^e resolved to leave notice o4 the caiue oC Ui 
sudden and unexpected death; and therefore he h^n lo wme it; 
but before lie could set an end to his discourse^ hit bmih iiflfd, 
and be yiddcd up lut li(e inco the hamfa of wrrvM, vdiich hie 
imprrtiiient cittiouty bid uiired up in h^m. The jtenlbenun of d» 
houses seeing ihai k grew late, ind thai Anschno had out cdUd. 
dttermincd to enieri and know whether hi» indjspotitioii pftsicd 
f<»w;ird> and Iw found him lying on hii face, wiih half td hia 
in die bfd, and the other half leaning on ibe tihU* whfteon be by* 
with a wriuen paper imfotded, and hekl that pen abo yet in 
hand. Hifl host drew ne^f uqid him and. Brst of all* bavin|t 
km, he took him by the hand; and leting that he ajuwcred 
and that ii wtt cold, be knew that he wa^ dead; and groatly per 
plaxed and gtleved ihereei, he called in his fM«)pk% rhai ihey 
al» hr WLvrwuTi uf ihe ditaairtKia tucceat of Anadmo: and afi»r aO«' 
betook the paper and read k, winch he knew \a be wrifien wiih bat 
owu hand, the autxianoe wfacraf was this: 


THE CUR10US'[MPERTl^a:Kr 355 

snd imperuncDi desire hoch <l«&potled me oE life. 
IF ehr fMwi ol my deatti itiall ifrh^e to Cuniflj, let her aUo know 
ihat I do pardoo her. Cur Jke woa opi bound to woik mincio: wu 
[ad 1 aay Deed tu dciifi; il):it >Ke ibould work than. And seeing 
I vns the builder and contn^tr <A mmc own <£shonour, there it 
00 noson"— 

'Hitbcruftio did ADulrno write, by wtikfa it appeared ihoc hit 
lih mdrd in that pcvnr. ere he rcnild «t an eod to ihe naioci br 
wai to give. Hie nui duy envung^ tlie i;vi>d<fm:iti lib friend Ai;- 
quAiaW Afi^mu't kinsfolk ivjih bU dcjth; the which h^d already 
koDfrkdjee of his mixfortunc, and abo of the nwrULfCery vrherein 
Camilla h^ retired hcnscJf, beinf: a1ai(m in tcnm lo acconspociy 
ber htnhcind in th'tt foiriSlo vnyigc; nor for the ot-wi nf hit desilh, 
but for (^rief ri mVrt which ihe bad rocrivrd of hrr jbAcni frimd. 
It b aaid ihat uhtxxfgh she w^s a widow, yot would >hc rtdihcr 
depart out of the r^uio:tstery, nor become a rdigiotii woman, until 
ftbc had imdved withia a few daya aiitr n^vn how Lothjrio wa« 
dain in a bocde gi««n by Montieur de Liucrcc, u> the grrai Captain 
Goozaki Percund^z of Cordova, in the kingdom of Naples; and 
that was the ciw) of che Ut« repemaoi &icnd ihe vftith being 
known to Camilla, ahc made a profraiofl. and »honly uficr dcceaaed 
between the Hsoroua hands of sorrow and melancholy: and thli 
wan die cfid ot them ail, cpnxng from a raih and iiKOcutderaCe 

*Thii novel.* <lwA the curate, having read it, Vt a preoy one: 
but yd I csnocK penuade royaelf thai it it true, tnd if it be a fkcion* 
diaaacbor erred therein; for iicuuM be imagined that any husband 
woold be ao Coohth aa to make *o cosdy an experience aa did An* 
miam\ bur H thtc accident had been dniaed betwivr a ;cendeman 
and his Iov«; then were it pouibte; bor heinf> iKtwnm man and 
wiic it conCBim WMnewhat thi< i% impossible and unlJtely, hue yet 
Ion tak« no exception against the manaer of rcoounbiqc ibercof*' 


WiCiai TllATt 01 MaKT RaIIE ScOCBUSK DKrAIl£3d [N THt 


WHILST ikey diKOurKd tbuK the mnkccper, wtio omtj 
^ the while at ihe door, uid, 'Here asunci a bir tioof ' 
of gue«Ur ADd if tbey wJl bcre ilifjhE hv may ting G«ii' 
dcimii^/ 'WhsE folk is i<?' quoth Cardmb. 'Four men on hon^j 
bii^V (l^joth the hoii, '.ind tide fennct^i^Bc. with lancn and ui 
and ntulcs on their faces; aod widi thetn comes likcwiao 
woouA apptrollcd to white, in a lidctaddJe^ and her tact 
mvktd, and cwo Inckeyi that mo with them a-fooii.' 'An» 
neorP* quoth the curate. 'So near/ rephtd the innkeeper, '•• 
do i«>w arrive/ Dorothea heanng him uy vi. oovered her 
and Cirde^o enicred into Don Quixote's chiorf)er: and scute bj< 
they leisure to do iti when the ochcn of whom the host 
cjMercd into the tnn, and the fotif hofacmen ahghdfu;:* wh^h 
all of very comely aod gallant dbpo«tioo. they went 10 h^p 
the bdy thai nxle in the udtvnddle^ and one of them taking 
dwvn in fus «mu, did wat her in a chair ihai stood at the 
door, into which Cardcnto had cnicrcd: and al! this whik 
the nof they took off their macks, or spake a wof d. only the 
womia, at her fitting down in thv chair, breathed forJt a vtrf 
tigh. and let fill hct armt likr a skk and disnuyrd prr«m. 
bikeys carried away their hortcs to the stable. MaMer curate aeoiif 
and noting all this, and curious to know whai they vma that cvac 
to itte tnn m n> unwntcd an attire, and kept such pfofound slcace 
therein, went 10 the lackeys and demanded oi oot of thcfti that 
whkh be desired to know, who answered, 'In gooil faiih, rir, 1 atn- 
not toll you vrioi folk d)is hi uiily ibis I know, Uut they seem 1x1 be 
very noble> but chicly he that went and took do^vn the lady in 
Amu that you soc tbcrt; and this J s*y, because all ih« othcn 
ropect him very much, and nothing » done bitt witir he ori 
and commands.' 'And the bdy^ what is she?' quoth the cunU 


'1 can u hard}y ioform yoiK quoih ihe bckey, 'fior I hav« ncn cxife 
»crti her fac? in all iKii fiiurncy; jtt I Iutp liAird hrr nftrn grtan 
jmd brr^ihc o;tt lo profound tighir as il Ki:ni» the wo^jld give up 
the gbo«t Ai ocr> one of thcm< And it it no nuprcl that uc AhotUd 
know no more than wc have said* ioi my companion aikI mfarif 
have b«<m in their comfiaiiy but two ^jt\ ka they encouatflrcd 
uf on the way. and prayed and perftiadnl ui to jfo wtdi them unto 
AniUUiiLi, prtiraiiin^ that lltey lAUutd rrcnmpFntr mir p;iinK Urgely.* 
'Anil h»t thou hcin:! ihcm n^me one ^molhcr^' ujd the cumte^ 
Q, truly/ »ntw<crcd the Jockey; 'U>r ihcy aU travd niih Mch likncci 
it is a wotxkr; for foti slull not hear a word among, bat th« 
and ihrc4>t of the poor bdy< whkh do move in m very great 
And vre cb qtu^iionlct^ persuade ourtelvi-i thot the 
forced wheiesoet^ tht goci: and aa it may be collected by her 
she i) a nun, or, at ii moat probable, goa to he oao; and pcr- 
sbe x<>^ ^ -sorfowfu] Ji it 5ccmi becauM? &he both no desire 
become relt^^otu/ 'It may very well be so^ quoth the Curatew 
ID lowing them, he nrturnrd to the pbre where be had Mt 
hea; wIkk hearing ihr disgui-v^l bc!y to ugh to often, moved 
by the aati^e companion of thai acx, drevv near Her and said, 'What 
aib yoUff good m^nbin ^ I pray you think if it be any of thoae tncon- 
u^tnitnces to which woman he iobj«ci, and whefeof they may have 
^^k and ^vpvrieiKo to cure them, 1 do offer un(o you my service, 
^^■liflaDCr, and gnod'will m Kelp )<nu> as nwxh as l»es io my power.* 
^p'v alt those oon^imcnu tl^ dokful Udy answered ncxlun^; .iik] 
although Dorothea made her again Jarger oiieTt of her tcrvice, yei 
tfood (he. ever si&eni, until ihe hematked j^endeman (whom the 
bcfcey tiid the re« did obey) canoe o^ef and uid to Dorothea, 'Lady, 
drt nM trouble ynLrM4f to nffer anything to that woman, ftw ihc is 
Iff .1 nxnl ungrateful n;itiifT, and i% nevtr wtmx u> ftratify any 
courtcfy, nor do you leek bcr to antwer unto )iaur demands, if you 
wnold not hear lomr h<- from h^t mnuih/ *l ne^'er uid any/ qoodt 
«3inc bdy, btK rather bocautc I am so trtie and b&ceret without 
I am now dmwned hrre in thme misfommn- and of ihli 




vc Ji 

be MJ fabe aiL 

tvttncsji, tertii{{ my |>ure 

(fuih oukn tlioe 

Dverhatd those worda very clear and distinctly, as oat 


ibM siood SO ne^ unto kcr ilut Kud Uktoi, ni only Dda Quiaoir'i 
chamber door Uood between thcm^ And in»cafui]r wbco he bcud 
tfifro, bf Slid with a very loud vi)xc« 'Good (Jodl wlui u tlui 
I hear? What voice u this that hath louched mac cu^* Tba b4f 
moved with a sudden paEfioD, turned hftr bead u tboM outcm 
mm] Mdfig %hc could noc pcrccivr him ih^ii gtw them, ibo gut i^ 
Vkdwotdd hai-c entered iaio tbc rowo, wliich fbe ^atkinan espy id|, 
withheld her, oxid would noc let her itir out of the place: md wu^ 
the Alieration and ujddea tacttoin ibe muh kll off her £itt, 
the discovered an iooomparable beauty, aDd an angali^ 
fuuuct, allhou^i it wai Kjroewh;if win and pole, and lum«d btvracd 
there wiih licr cyea to every place so ca/nc^tly » the nccnKd le k 
distrutcil: which motioiUi without knowing the reason why Uttf 
were made, ttn>rk Dorothea ond the rest chat bcbdd her into Vf«T 
grcac compassioB. Th« genilemnn holding her very aiooigly b« tf 
the thoukfan^ the m^fl^ he wore oil hi« own btcm wu blSng', and W 
bcin^ lo bufjed could noc hold it tip^ hut in the end [iz { fell whnDf- 
Dorotbcai who had likewbe eml>r;LCcd the Udy, lilting up bcr tTti 
by chADce. Mw that he whidi dM alfo emhtacc the Udy was her 
spouieDoo Fernando; aiid»caicehad the known h^m, whentibreaih- 
ing out a long and most pitiftil 'Alasf Crom the bouom ot h«r 
»lie fedl b;tckwj]d in a trainee; and if the hcMba" had nni bvm 
I^Dod k}|) Bt lund, jIk woiUd h.irc fallen on the gfound Wfdi 
the wd^hc ot her body. The curate prcKody required to take iJ 
the wi of her bee and cut wucr thereon: and oa soon ta he 4^ 
diccover it, Don Fernando, who wis be indeed t^ hdd £ui iW 
odiFT, kofw brr, and looked like :i dnd man as won as he vi«wvJ 
lieTk but i£d not all thtt while let go Luanda, who waa th^ odsci 
whom be held aa fastt and that UlxHUcd ao mudi to escape out et 
hb bonds. Cardcnio Itkesvise heard the *AUif' that Donxhca tas^ 
when ihe feU into a trance, and, beli«vin^ that k was hu Lucifidi. 
bsued otit ftf tlie chamber jt'^^^ altercti, and the fim be 
waa Don Fctrundo. which hefd Luanda Fact, who forthwiib k 
him- And all the three — Lucinda, Cudcnio. and Dorothea-^-^aol 
dumb and amar^, as folk tJiat knew not what bad Wfanm 
them. ATI of tWm held their pcece, and bch«M one anotben 
ffaca looked on Don Fernando, Don Pcnundo cm r^tA^r^ (^. 


denio ou LuoDcb, and Lucimla u^oiti oa drdeniD; btu LucititU 

W3U the fira ih^t brok« aicocc, jpcaking to Don F«riufido in this 

manncn 'Lcflra me olf, Lcid Fcnuado, I Gon|urc tbec, by duL 

iliouMst be; for that which thou art. if &jtM wilt noC <lo it for 

othcf rctpKi; kc me cleave to cho wall whrKc ivy I am; ta ihe 

inn frocn whom Doithcr thy imporiunity nor ibrr4(>, pmm* 

or gihi, could once ckdoci mc. Mote how flcaTrn, by aaunat, 

[iicmc<i sod (rom O) conccakd ways^ haih Kt my tnic ipotuc 

mine eyv; ukI thoo doot know well, by a choUMtxS cofiUf 

that only death it poi«nt to blor forth hb mtumbraiK* 

out of my memory* Lec^ then, lo Tn.-uv:«t irutbi be of puvpvr (if 

thcxi muA cJo nooc other) in oKiven thine a£lictioo into r^gc, and 

i^diy p>od-wi]| into despite, and ihcrc>%-ith«l end my life; for if 1 

^^bsy rcwki- u|> the ghotc in the prc««itoc of my dear sptxac:, 1 shiU 

^Bcsunr it foniinstely lost. Herhapfi by my dtath bs will rrm^in 

^Bpjilml of ihc (j'aH which I hav« kept tinc^re towarth him until 

tifr Un period of my lifr.' By thit time Dorothea wat come to her- 

ftdfi and ItJteiicd lo niOK of Lucimh'i reaAOOS, and by them came 

10 the knowledge of hvr^f, Bui B^cixig Don F^nondo did not 

y«f kt her depan fmm between hii ajmi, nor aniwer anythinjc to 

her vnirdf, enooara^ng herself (he beu that Uve might, she atoie, 

and, kntvlmg at hii fert. ami shnSding a number of cry^nal anil 

traiin^ leiri, sdvc spoke lo him ihui: 

'If it be not >Ot my lord, that the bcanu of that sun which ihou 

ecltpwj between thine armi do darken and deprive tho«e 

tti thine pvtSj rl)ou mij^hieit hive by thif perceived how fh« that U 

prrrqratcd ai thy feei is thr iinforcunitr (uniil thoo rfialr pl«-w) 

amj the dikiaroui Dorothea. I am that poor humble countfywonUD 

whuiQ iboa, dthcr -iiraush thy bounty, or for thy pleasure* didst 

dn^ tn raiaA to thai height that )be mtf;hi calJ ihoe her own^ I am 

■he which, v>mt Ume immured within the limits of hooestr, did 

kod a nvnt cnntetiied lifi\ uniil it opened the ^tei of her reeoUec* 

tkm and waxlDe>» to tliinr rinptinunity, aitd arvmimf pni aaJ amor* 

fltu requeiti, and fcodered up to thee the key» of her liberty; a gift 

by th'" ^i-cocnpented, ai ihr fit^dinir myietf in vo trccoie a 

kemn you h«v« met with mc^ and 1 leco yoti, nay 

ifly tenify: btst yn for all thit, 1 wotild mn have you to ima^at 


that 1 ccmc \m% gvdod by <liKh4>nour3bltt atpit b«uif ot 
con(lua«d by dw tncu <if dolour and fwling, to tre rayidf dim 
forgoticn by thct. It waa ihy will (hu I ^uld be duoc owoi wd 
tbou didst Acsm k in such a nuaAer. u akhough now thou wduUk 
not tuv9 It' 40, yet cacx not thou possibly ]ct\« od to be tmnc 
Know, my de^if lo:d. that the maichlesi a£l«cuo(U thai I do b«p 
Lovnrdt ilvx mny nczmi^n%c und Ix* «v|uir4l«nc 10 k«f beauty toA 
Qobihty iuf w!)uin ttuu dial ^>a(Hk)ii me. 

"nioti cjiut not be ibc bcauuful Lucittd^V bocauw iBoii ^n mux; 
nor she thmc (oriunuch an the beloQ|ti 10 Canktiio; ood it mU 
be cwre eocy, U you will note it well, to redoc« thy ^nti to io^ 
brr thjt aJom ihce, itun to iddrcu hen, iKx hatci thcc, to b>ar 
thecr 4flcctM>A. THou didti solicit my ncchekuncu, thcMj prmfibl 
Id mine imrgrii). and wjii ixvi i|:rK>rani of my quality: thcu know- 
cst <tUo x'cry wcU upoa what temu 1 iub^ccted mytdl to thy will, 
to ai there remains no pbcc nor colour to icnn tt 4 frsud nr dic^t; 
wd all this beuig so, as in vniiy it ii^ tnd thu thou be«sE at Chrativi 
aa thou art oMt, why Jost thou with tboc w many tuuovivil 
A^rcathio^s dilate the making of mine eod happy, whose coouaccu^ 
mem ihou dtdtt illu&iratc so much/ Aad d thou wilt not have 
for what 1 am, vSo ^m thy trut and lawful tpouM, ym u Uast 
and admit irip for thy tiave, ^ io that t may hv In thy poucstioD 
I wtl] ^^uum myteU ha()py and fcrtmut^ Do not permit thai by 
leaving and abandoinng mCh meeui^ may be made to diKuune 
of my dishonour. Do not vex thua the dicliotng y«an of ray pona 
mting that the loyal Mrvic<« which thay tvir hav* fktna as 
to thine des«n« not » [dta]hooD« a rpc o wpenac- And 'd 
nieoncM tliai thy bloud by niedJtiE wttb miDe dull be naicwd 
or onbaKd, conadtr h^iv (ew aobk houK«* or nchcr none at aO. 
are ihcfc in the world which have not ran the oat way, and that 
the wonua'i aide b not enenioUy roqwate foe the ilttutntin^ of 
oMe dricmii. How much mon^ HTfn.< f^-^t rnir wkt&y ont^iau 
tn *irtu% wliach if il duO WAOt in ihn ^ ^^ which thou 

oweiC BM *o iuilly, I tholl rtnuin vMh nuAy nmn dipva ctf 
oehdity than thou ihalu And in condttdea, ifaat i«'hk-h 1 
ay i^ that whether thoDwdt or nc^V am thy wif 
diine *mn wordi^ which neitfaef dHudd tiar ov^ql ;o L*^ i{ 



dokotiieVs appeal 361 

tkm cii(*rm thywlf id h.ivc ilui for il^ v/mt of which ihnu deiputrti 
IDC. WiliKu ihd\ Am be thine owd handwriting. WUncu He^ftn, 
which thou dki^t invoke to bear \^ine«t ol that which (hou dithi 
procniw unto mc: and when ^ thii itull biJ< thy very cofucience 
^11 ncvet fekil from using cUmoun, betnj; »leni in thy minh and 
iitrmni^, fo4 ihti iruih Hliirh 1 hive nid tn thee now ilull inxibie 

Tliese AD<I nuny other like rcoMmi did the swccdy giiered Ootx^ 
lhc4 u«c with s\ich Eechnji;, sa all ihoac ihat wcvc prc«c(K, u wdl 
such OS accompanied l>on Fcfnando> and all the othtf» that <l>d 
scconifony her, ihcd Abundance of mn. Don Fernando list«M>d 
unco her without rrpfyln^ i wi>fd, itmil ihe had ended Her ipeecK^ 
Aod given beginiui^^ iu su nuay li^hi ^iid Aubw u ihc Imrt tiul 
«oiild endure to behold thera wilhtnA roovinx v^ere harder than 
Wau. LucAoda did ^m re^^ard Her, no less oimpatnonatc of her 
sorrow tlun JKlmired a her diKn-iioa and beauty, and althou^. 
ihc MXKild have approached to Her, ind used totne cocuoiatory wordi, 

Ri wjt ihe hindcfcil tvy Don Fcra^ndu't armt« wbkh held her 
Jl embraced* wbo^ full of cottfution And marvel, alter he hod 
xkI very aitcnuvely beholding Dorofhca a good while, opening 
I armi> and t«ann£ Lucinda ttm, said, Thou bAst vjnquiKhfed, O 
hf^otiful Dorcxhe-jl ihou haa vanquiihed me; for ii is not poatbk 
lo reiiti or deny so nuny united truihi.' Lucinda, tkrixj^li hef 
tortncr ujmce and weakne^ u [Xki Fernjtuk> teJt her. was like 
, in tdll, it Cardcnio, who stood behind Don Fernando all the while 
I kst he ilwuld be known, dukiDj? ofl all feor and endaji^ctrmg his 
fienoriT had not tt;ined fotward to fuy her irtxn bllinj^; and, cUsp- 
, ing he* twevfly beiwrvm his arms, he Kiid, 'If pitiful Hcjrrn he 
pdeawd, and would hii-e ihee now at latt take inrne caw, my Uifal, 
<oo«am. and beautiful bdy, I preuime that thou cuut oot pcMeu 
il man lecurdy than between tbc«e arm* which ck» now rccdve 
u whilom they did whea fortune wat pk^wd that I mi^ 
ihee xnise own/ And theo Liicinda, Tiru wvering faer cydldiy 
Cardetuo, and ba^n^ lust taken notice of him E>y tiis voice!^ 
tfirmcd it again b) hrr tifiht^ like nne quite dittraaed, with- 
(btf rv^rdinjc modett mpcait she east both her arms oboui 
mck, wmL foiniag her {ace to hii, said. Tea, ihov indeed an my 


Jorcl; thou. iHe tiuc own«f o{ ihis |x>or cdpuvci ho w io cw 
fonunc iholl Oiw^n >t, or Out life, wluch U only uuuiiDtil and tii 
by ihiaef be cvrr 10 miirh thrr^iicncil' 11ii^ '^mvUoo* 

tadcio Don Prrnantlo, Ji>d dtl ihr ttii o£ icft, winch di 

uDivefMllir adroi/c 11 thb to untxpccicd aa event, Aod Dunxbcai 
pcKcivitig Don FcmiDdo to chan^ colour, as one n-wjnnjc ic nki 
revonj^e on CurdcaJo, for he bad set h»od to ht& twtxd, wh*cti tit* 
eonyeciuriog, did with nufvellotu eipedtikm kned, ukJ, 
Ikuld m hii leg^ kiwng dicing ihc Mrjioed itwm with lo 
emhrwcmcftU « he could not flir om ol the place, aad dxo. 
her eyca onrfiovm with irar>, laid udio bun, '\Vh« mcaitcst thnv 
to cfas cDy tmly tvfugt in thi* uncspocced tnaco? Tbou hj^ btfe 
ifaiMown tpotivatthy (e««,ifK) htr «rhomdiou «DiiUit binfw*- 
«ra b betweoi her own huUMod'i jnm. fttdgc, Uwo, whether k 
hcoicne ibre^ at b 3 Uxu^- guia^fe, m dnxtve due whxh Hai 
h^k knk, or wixthcT ii be sn^mic UtkhUc to endeavour tu 
AJid «qiiil to tiiy>eii bcf wbo^ cooeetaiibif al 6Mti^ct% ^od 
^weooft t, and eoofbined in ivth vid cotfUaey, doth im iky 
bathe her eyei with mro orem Jiquov of bet tfur ki>Q'i Cacc 
I desifr tfacc foe God's nkc^ jud bf dntt mvb lionltt V 
itquBK thc& thic diU K> octtDriout ■ ifvnty n>y PBt «alt 
ckolot but Abo AMit^^*K u ui ujc^ tm^ ^ tj^ nty« quklly 

pacMUy ptnw Uuw two bttEo 10 
■ciwbnn :■ iP the timt thM H«<m mail gnm. m 
bcraa duu Anh iknv ibr ^lawcaty of tky 
>Bfak baiA. aod ^w ibft wotld 
laflflh « tboew and liwiamyh ow fin a' Al dbc 
DomkMipob dM» i* Dm Finiai^ lUp^ C^^mo bid 
br wD^ Uh« l«ib u <^^ ^mK wd c^Md fe 


beautiful DoTOthcj'a icu», vhI it bang tnie (u tb^r l>e]ieved ii 
woi) ilui the had uki, he sbotild pot permit her 10 remain ile- 
fnuded o4 h«T to )iut and tawiu] bopc^ ossuhn; bun Ibjii it svAt 
not by dunce, but rjihcr by the poftkiUav providence and dt»- 
pcsttian ci tbt he:iv^ni, ihai ibcy h^d all nvt logcfhcr so unexp^a- 
oOy; and tHji bt thould fi'iru-mbcr, as nuficr cur.ur said very well, 
tkki only ik^th could acvcr Ludndi from her Cafdcnk>; ind tluc 
«}ihcKjeh the edge ol a sword ougbt divide Smd pjtft ihcm uundcr. 
ifoc in that cis« they ijvould ftccount their death moA happy-, juuI 
Uut, in irremedilett es«iii£, it vfit hixbe^ prvdervce* by itnuoing 
And overcuming hitmelf, to shavt ^ gmertHu miod, and ih;ii he 
OUybc codtiuer hi^ own will, by pcnnittinjc ihoc twn lo enjoy th^ 
gpod which Hcivcn had already graikicd lo ihcm; :ind ihat he 
»houki turn his eyct to behold the beauty o( Uonxhca, aad he 
should lee that icw ot none could i<^ fcjiura p^rjgoa with her, 
Mu\ miicli \r\\ rxcel hrti and he dwuld confer her hunulicy 
and cxtr^jne lc\e which Jie bote lo hJm with her other endowments: 
ajld principally, that if he gloried in the utlei ot iwbUiiy or (^iy 
tianUyt ho could doc do any other Uud occocnplish the pcomue tluE 
be had paucd to her; and that by fulfiilinK it he should pleate God 
and satirfy diKreet penooa, which know very well hew it b a 
ipecial preragacive of beauty. iImki^ it be in nn humlile and mean 
mbfect, if it be consorted with modctty and virtue, 10 eaalt and 
equal Ettelf to any dignity, without dbparEqceincnt of him which 
dudi help to raice or unite ii to hinMelf. And when the strong law« 
ct deli|(ht ate acEEin^Jiihed (m thii ihrrc interrid' iu> tin in ibe 
ing thereof), he is not to be condctnoird which doih follow them. 
IDillyi ihcy added to lhc«e tcaiont othcEi so many and forcible^ 
the valoo^ws beeasc oi Don l-cfnaodo (at cocnmonly all those 
that art wanned And nounthcd by noble blood are vront) was tnolU- 
ficd, and permiu^ itteU to be Tanqimhed by ihit truth ^hich he 
could MK deny thiHigh be wouUL And ih^ \okt^n ili^u lie jtave of 
1 Imog urefcocne, was m iiuop down and embrace Ddmthm, 
yiag luuo bef, 'Ame, lidy; for it tt not iust tlut she be proauatc 
X my feel whose irruj^c I have eftcted m my mind. Axul ii 1 have 
not hitherto gi^cn demonurationii ol whii I now aver, it bath 
perhaps befalltn (hroagh the ditpomion of Heaven, 10 the end I 


364 ^^^ QU1X0T£ 

might, by DOtm$ the conitnticy and biih wbnrwithal thoo iat 
attest mtt koow afta liow u> vulut? hk] cMecm dwc / --■n-'u 

ihy mcrit)^ And ilui which in rn;i>inpciue tbcrwf I du ■ < ' t^ 

it, that iJkmi wiJi exeujc in mc miiu ill nuuiner nE proceoUfi^ ;icJ 
cxc«c<Unjr carefannccs in rcpayinf{ iky gocxl-wiU; lor ih« vtry c<c» 
sion niul violent |U4fion« that ni:idc me to xtv|U ihee as muiet tliv w 
xrty umr did a^ impri mc iigain ncx 10 be ihinc; nnd tat tk^| 
ntofc verifying ol mine A3>cnion» do but once bcbotd the cyc» a^ 
the now contented Lucindat owl tliou nuiy« rud in them a than 
tand excuse* for mln« error; and nKiDg &he hnh foufid md ohtu»r<i 
bet hctin'i deiirvi uid 1 luvc iji ther 3Ik> gotten what it tnmt oki' 
tvi'ieni— fuc I wiib the may hi« urcure]) and joyfully ttuny and ^| 
hftppy yron with her Cauktiio: for \ will {itay the ucnc that «B 
will liccnar me to enjoy ray bel>ov>«l DovDClica.* And trying Wi hi^ 
efnlir;iccd her fijtain, 4nd joined ht« Hct to htt^ ^-iih «o loWi 
motion* u it awiraincd him to hutt! w^tcK ov'Cf hU t«m^ lesi 
lently iMmrk^ f^nh, iliry thrmM pvc doubden arytinwms ot 
fcn-eni Iniv anil retnonr, 

C^demo, LuondUt and almna aU the rest could not dn ki« for 
fnsM«r nuinhet of them ilwd *o nMny tain, cenw Eor thvir 
ctMtencmcnn, vkJ oihen har their frtcndc, at JC MStoed ihj» tcmr 
giievous and Iteavy mbiortune Itad bebiM them alt: «««i vny 
Sandn Paau wvpt, aklnuiEb be cKCued k afurwafd, taying tlitf 
he wtft «ah because thai he «a<r ^kit DMucbea wai Dot the (^ucen 
Mkoinkmia^ as be bftd inu^tMd, ot whom he hoped to ha«v 
ncn^vd » jrveac fifta and bvoon. TW ai^Biwkvn inrt trafv foiDed. 
endttred in thctnaU (ce a [vmy !fvce: and frev CirdMin 

wd LiK>nda wv«ft and I ne eh d «» t>m Ftraar-f^iU, xieadti^p hini 
thiflka fet d» famv thai h* had 


hcT fnttlortuno. And u toon m th« hi<t ended, Do^ Femaii<la told 
ol) <lui hid hrf:i1irn him in rhr rjiy, aEwT thdi \w had found the 
tcfoU in Luanda A bo^nip ;^hcrciu ^jk decUrrd Ci/deiiio ed btr licr 
hiubatx!, and ihac he therefore could not marry bcr; and al» how 
he aaempctfd (o kiU ber» and would h^-rt done it, were tc not thai 
\m pa/cnii luodered him; and iKii he therefore departed ou! of 
the hcHU^t full of shame and despite, with refiiluiion to revenge 
himv4f rmirr cninmrNliciu>]y; ami huw 1>r umlcfKiixid ihi- nm (by 
foUoiving, how Luanda w^ ncctaly departed from ho faiher'a 
hiHuCi and gone nobody kj^ew where, but that he finally Iconted 
WithiD A few months aftee, that the had entered into a cvtaiA 
monanery, with imemion 10 remain tber? all th« dayi of her liE«» 
if die coold not pan ihcm with Cardenio; and that ai toon ai be 
hail learned iKiU cSiioMfig tlie»c three gaiilenieQ for hi^ auociaiei, 
ht c^me to the pbcc where abc was, but would not speak to her. 
feaniif; lest thai. ^ soon at tbey knew of his heioj; there, they would 
increaie the jptards o( the monastery; and therefore expected until 
he found an a day the gjt» of the monaucry o|vn, and leaving two 
of hu [cUnwi 10 keep the door, he wi:h ihc other emercd in:o ihe 
abbey in LiKJnda'i acarch, whom they fnuod talking with a nun 
ia the cloister; and, smutching her away ere she coald rdvc herself, 
ihry broaght her to a certain village^ whort ihey di£gtus«d them- 
tdves in that ion they were; (or so it was rvquiciie fior to bring her 
■way: all whkJi they <Ld with the more facility, that the monastery 
was micd dlirnad in ihe fieUIt, a good way from aity ^ilbxe. He 
likewise cold that, ai soon as Luanda saw ber*e]f in his |To>^«r, she 
fetl inio a swoon; and ihat* after she hdd returned ;o herself, she never 
did ajty other thing but weep arsd sij^h, without speaking a word; 
and ibjT in ihar manner, arfomp^mird wiih tilrncv snd tears, they 
had arrlvctl id ika inn, wttich wa» to him ai grateful aa an arrival 
to heaven, whoein all earthly inishap* arc concluded and fiiuJMd, 


WifEKUX h PlOOCt/Tlf) TllE HlFTOItT OT Till FauoCi IteCDi 

MicowcoSAt wmi Othu D&ucimcL An^vovBtt 

SANCHO ^\-t or lu all dm -mth no muAl $nel of niaA 
iccuig d^ar dll the bopo o^ hu locd^p nnuhcd A'^ny U« 
nnoke, uid ttui ibc fair Prmcen Macomkona wai ntfan^ 
iQU> DonTtbca, ^uh] ihc pun loco Doq FmaadDi tod dot kn 
m:ui«r tirpi m «oufi(l}f, and carrlr^ oif all (lot lad lup^vod 
Dnraihea cottU not yet aaure benielf wt mh cf th« tuppiuss titf 
aIic porticjaed wu a dream or no. Canknkt wa> in ihc «0y mat 
taking acsd also Ludada's thoufcbu nn tbc Mm^ raee^ 

Don Femaodo yielded manf itunki (d Hcs««a ^ having dnk 
wJih him to prDpaikmil)', and unwtndiDg him cur of thm t mrkatt 
Utntinih, whemn tfrayinft- be w-a at the puna m havp ar dne 
bK hu wul and cn^bc And Anally, u niaiif a» wu« in tbv tom 
were wry ji^ and ^oyhil o£ the «aoctt9 of an tfapait, imikatu ani 
deyeqie aftaln. Tlie cttatt Wfuunifcid aod ndervd all ilvcqp 
throng hb Jumti on, and €nttpanlMKl cwry ««* ctf the ^oml b 
cbtained. But the that kept (tcMCA itrfatler and foy «a» tW boMBlit 
br tW iracttMC that CatdMM ind tfaa cnma Im4 MBdc. «n pttf b« 
thcdanufci and Ittmi ceavlud W Dttn QnuMv; onl^ S«Adw. 
at we ha«e tatd, «>» aAkwd. vnfananiBfc and vnvniuL An^ 
ihaibratfaJwkhaieiafAoiy nihlmor a W fad> ^fcodfcd bnt 
then nnlEJC*and and nam hav,— 
'WeO and lamKlf ^a^ vna daap^ ar kmgte nl tW hw^ cnunc» 

■Uia«|GiRDf kiKng any fjaa, or <rf w— a^ t^ i|UB^ to bar 

ktf«dnn: &tf d b ondnM and dane ihtthJ 1 hafinv dM 

my c^ly; npBnd Ow Quvft: tor I W* had tW 

vd aw itfT^bfa^ hmk wiaillut ^mt thor «*w I 

all the dmol^ nf !i£e widi any; md «« wiib w ifan^n 


"tnodi blood » ii>o ^trrams thereof ran along che canh as it ih«y 
wntt ni vfM9r' 'As xi they wor^ of rtxt wtnr, you might bctier have 
»aid,* repiwd Sandno Paoi^; 'tot I would In you to UDdcrstaod, if 
you kck>w it not ilreadx, that ihfl de^d giam U a bored vhnc-Wg, 
Mad the blood lixand-tfairty j^aUom of red wine, vrtucb ii conutocd 
in its b«tty> The hod d»t was tbibed oil so neatly if the whor« 
my mnihcf; ind let ihe devil take Ml aw;»y ftir me!" "And what b 
this jhuii »yit, nudmjin?' quoth Don QuUntr. *An ihnt in thy 
eight wits?* *Gct upt lir/ quoth Sancho. 'and you youncU ihoJI 
■ee the bir mifi you have oiAdc^ and what we have 10 piy; and 
you dul bchoM cha qucao tfaaafbrinad into a pnjcubr Lndy. a&UA 
Dttfothea, with oth^ luccowi, which if you may ooce coiK«iv« 
than afigfai will v.rik? you inio adniirjiTioQ/ *l would raarvd at 
Qoching.* quuth Duo Quuuic; 'iot if thou hrett wtJl remetnbercKi 
I lold thee the odkCf time that wc i«^e here, how all iliat succeeded 
m thu place was done by enchanun«Ai. And what wotKfer, thco, 
if now the Uki ibould cfuooAj befdi^' 1 oould catUy ba induced 
10 bdi<*w aD,' refilied Sanchor If my canvaning in the covarlac w«r« 
of thai ooltin:- But indeed ii wji imk, hui mcMi nal ^od ccttaio. 
And I law well how the innkeeper that ^1 h<-rc jci tha very day 
alire, held ooe cod of the coverlet, and did 10a mc up lowarda 
baavcn with vary good graot and sirangth, no lew rorrrtly than 
Eghdy, Atid wlwrp ibv notion nf ponief imercurs, I do believe, iU 
though I im i (inifrle nun and a snner, thai thrre h no kind of 
eochaatnicui, bui roihcr much trouble, hruiiing, and iniifoitune.' 
'Wdlt God viill remedy all.' said Don Quixote, 'And pvc me mine 
■pfkorel; for I will get up and go forth, ood sea those successes and 
tmnifairmatiDns wluch thou vpeakett ci.' Sancho gave him hit 
clothet; and whihr hr W3i a-making of him ready, tbr cutuie r^ 
mumcdtoDonrenundnjnd totherefl Don QuiuMc't mji^t pfinki, 
aod thf goilc he had uicd to bring him away out ot the Poot Rock» 
whcnta he ima^ned ihii he lived ruled ihrovgh il^e dudain ol 
iili bdy. Hi tM them, mor€0\er, all the other adventure:! which 
Sandio had disooverrd. wherML ihey did laugh not a Utile, and 
iHnder wiihaL because it teemed to them all to be une ol the 
enrav^yfaiucft kinds of madnes* that ever bcfel a districted brain- 
aho added, that acetng the good success of the Lady 



368 DON Quticore 

l>)mthcfl did impcnch the fun^ prowcutiitg of chdf dtttfO. 
it w.^t rrquifiie Ut invent and And tome otW WAjr ho«r 10 
him home 10 his own vilhgc. Cir<iemo oAcrcd himidf to 
ih« adventure^ and I-uciDd:i should r«pr«<«at Dofovtwi'i perm. 
'No/ <^uo[h Don Fernando, jc AjXL dm be 10; for 1 wilJ luw 
Ddiditiou It: \naitKitie her uwri iiivenbofi: fcir id Uui ifae viEb;Bt 
n( this tfood ^cnlletn^m he not very f^ ofT ffocn hencc^ I will 
\tty fih6 10 procure his remedy.* ^h it no more than iwo 
journey from hence,' uiid the cur£U% 'Well, cJioufcb ii v/ttv 
replied Don Fernando, *l would bo pl«a«cd 10 tra^ them, to 
change of doing <o good a work.* Don Quixote allied out xt 
lime cofnplciely arnwd with Mam1>riiM>s firfmct ^^llhou^ wit))i 
great hoJc m 11) en his head, his target on hii ^rm, and kjctcd do 
hb trunk or javcJio. His strange couBicoince and gdt 
Don Femsndo and hu compamonf ^^ei^ much, sMny 
favoured visage ic withered and yellow, the inequolhy aod 
abdity v( lui arms ^d hit grave mjnner d procwdioj^; and 
M lilcQi tQ wc what he would; who, cast;D|; hi» cya on dv booC' 
M Doroih<M, wiih tctt greai gravky if>d suidncts, wjd,— 

*1 Am tnformcdt be4u;iful Udy, by this my squire, that your gnPf- 
DOSS is annihibied, and your boing dniToycd; f or o( n queon iod 
mighty princecft which you were worn to b«^ you are ncnv hocoK 
a panicitlai damKl; which if it hath been done by partiovlar critt 
ct the Aagical king your father* dreading that I wouU) mM be sbk 
10 give you the ncccasaiy and requisite help tot yoiit rtMUunoOp 1 «r 
that be neither kaew nor doth know die one half oE the cncerpd 
and that he was rcry little acquainted with hiftoriei of chivahT> 
if he had read ibem, nr psssad tl-j-ni ovirr wiih «> r 

and leisure ,is I ha\-c doiK. and read them, he ih^i > i 

at cvefy othef step* how other knigbts ot a great doai tcm 
than myftdf havo endod n>oro dopefate ad^entum. Mving il 
noi to groat a manor 10 kiil a gbrtt, be he evrr u> arrogant; 
h il oot many hours iincr I myorif (oughi wirh nnc, and 
ensued i will oot fay, icu they should tell me thii I do tie; 
the detector of ail things, will diadosc it, whru wc do lea 

'Thou foughioA «^tib two wine^ugs, aad ooc wkh a giani,' quadt 


the holt nt this scuDO. Bui Don Fcfnando coranundcd him to be 
Ailcni ami ncji imcfnJpc Don Quixote id an/ wuc^ who pnMCCUted 
his H>cci;b, UTing, 'In hoc, 1 tuyt hi^ ftnd duinhcntcd Udy, that 
if yvut iatli«f haih modt thit m«t;imof|>hoai in your (wnon for 
du cjtJ«e< rd^Mtd, giv« him ik> crcdkt; for thtre it oo ptril «> great 
OD ^anh bui my 9tWor<l ihall op^n a w^y through it. wherewiihj 
1. omtbrowiog: yotir enemy's bead 10 the grouiuL will mi your 
Clovm OD youf own hca<d wiifaia a itw days*' Hc.-c Don Quixote 
hdd hif ptace, tod awaited the princes* bef ani^stj, uhu koovrin^ 
I>o<i Faniando's decenninatioD and will that the thoukj continue 
the commenced guile until Don Quixote were carried home 
^^2111, auiwcrrd, wkh a t«iy good grace and couoiciiaiiix. in thb 
maoocr: 'Wbosoc^^ inforiDcd you, vak-roui KiiJght ol the 111* 
(a^oured Faoe^ that I have iUtcfcd snd changed my betn^ hath oot 
told you the truih, for I am the \tTy sutxk lo^ay that 1 wat yc«ur- 
day; rriip it is, rhai mmr iinrippaecl yrc fofiun^ire turcestet haw 
wniu^lu Hxne altcraiion in w^, by bestowing on me beiier hap 
thjut 1 hoped {xK, or could with my»cli; but yet tor all thai 1 have 
ttot leii off to be that which |i waa] bdore, or to have the very lame 
Uicrughts which I ever had, to help myaiU by the valour of yM>ur 
mcMi valorous and inviDclble arm. Aod iherelore 1 retfueic you, 
gtxsd my lord. o£ your atctoiucrKd bmiitfy, lo return my father hai 
hocioin' aftain* and account of him at of a very diacrcA and prudent 
man. *eein/ that he found by this skill vo eojy and 10 infallible a 
Mray in redresa my di(gracc«; for 1 60 cenAinly beheve, thai if it had 
CKX hnrn by your meant, I should ne^Tr Kive happeood to attain 
10 <he good fontme whkh now 1 poiae^ at all thos* nobtemea 
IK^aeiit may witncaa; what thefcfde res^s is, thai u>*morTaw morn- 
ing wc do set fofwardi for to-day is now already to overgone aa 
ym thould not be able to travel very far from hence. As for the 
GDocJidtoo of the f*cod success that I do hourly expoct. 1 r«£er that 
to God ^nd tlic valour of your invjnciUr arm/ 

Ttms much iIjt divrmrr Dnmdio laid; ind Di^n Quikvicc- having 
Iward her. he turned him to Sarxho, with very mauif»t mkena of 
iadignatiDii, and siaid, 'Now 1 say unto thee, hitle S>anchci, thai 
ihou an the vvriev raical thai U in all Spain- Tell nse, ihief and 
didtt not thou but «vcn trtry now tay unto me that 


this priiKMS was tum«d into z liamicL aod thit called DoMtkt' 
and ihat the bead which I thouxhl [ had tbshcd Irora a pttt't 
shoulder! wu ibe wbuce tint bore ibce^ with i UuMiuod «i^ 
tollint, which <lid plun^ me into tlie gictuiai confutkm tlucvwer 
1 was in <ny hfc^ I mw* {and then he kx>kcil upon honm, jad 
did aaih his teeth togohcr) 'that I im about to make sndk ft virA 
«n lbe«'i 05 ihjtll beat wit imo the ]i4it» oE all the lying aqianslhtf 
tliaJl wer hereAfi4>r serve knjghti-cmnt in ihtt world.' '1 pmf yot 
have pancDCe, ^pxxl my lord/ answered Sanchfv 'lot ft maf wn 
wtU bc{aD a>r to be decdwd iit iKii wluch touchctb the avtrnto' 
tatioa oE the lady- and Princen Hkooikocia; but tu thai wh^l 
axicerDctb the giant's head, or at least the borinjt f^l the winE^or* 
and that the blood wa4 but red wine I am oot deceived, J rwr 
for the bigi lie yei wounded there within at your onn bod'c lv>l 
and ihr ml uiuc h^ih i:i;kV .i Ixkr in the chnml^rr; unil it t; bf 
io> it shall be perceived at the frying of tlie egg^ 1 iDcaa thit 
ihoJl lec it wbbcn master innkecpct'i worihipt who ii hcr^ 
ihall dcBUfid the lo%« an^i damage/ '1 uiy thee* Sancho^' ^i 
Don Quixote^ *ihnt ihou art a nuwkap; pardon me^ and lo k 
eoopgh/ 'If i« piKHigh in<l««d/ quoth Don Pcma&do. 'and 
fore let me cntrtafl you to My no more of i\xis, and aeong my 
the princess tiyt ihe will go away to-morrow, seeing it is odw no 
late to depart to-day, let it be ao agreed ctu and we will ^end ^ 
nighi in pleasant diKOurfer, until the approach c>f the ensuify dif. 
wherein we wilt all accompany and attend on ttir worthy kfVjphE 
Sir Dnn Qiiixofe* because we would be cyr-witncors of the vj 
and iinmatchable feoti of arou which ho shall do in the purvi'a 
this weighty cfucrpriw which he haih taken tipoo him-* '1 an 
that will ttrv« and accompany >oti, good my lo*d/ replied 
Quixote; 'and I do highly gratify the honour thit is done me, ti 
the good opnlon thoc is held of mev the whi:h 1 wtll i-ndeawau W 
verify and approve, or it shall omc me my life, rx i^vrrp. jf rmre 
might cost me,' 

Many other words of compliinenT and gratiftCiMrm p.uM^^l Kf^vi 
Don Quixote and Don Fcmftndo, but a eenain ji:iv^c(]gcf imp- 
liltiica to fbem all, by hit arrival to the inn in that vary ivaiml «W 
by hii attire showed thai be was a Christian newly mtinwd fnaa 


unoQg the Moort» for he wai apparelled wkh 1 thorr-tktrrtd casvck 
v( blue cloih, ileevo nadung duwa lolf iW dim, aiu) wtdiciut z 
CoUvr; hu biccclica were Itlurwuc of blue tiiien» uiui be wore a boo- 
Ikec of the Mn>e colour, a pur o£ <laE&<ok>urcd buikint, dnd 1 
Tuxktth fcimiur hanging at hii neck in a scarf, which went athwart 
hii brcott. Thrrr enirriril alter him, ridmg 00 an a», a wnmjQ cbd 
like a Mfxv^, and Iwr (xr cnvcred with a piecr iif ihr vtil ciJ her 
bead; she vrore on Ixf head a little cip ol ckxh of gold, and vru 
cuvercd wrih a IkUc Turknh nuntle from the shouLdcfi down 10 
the focc. The man wai of fuong and <ocivcly making, of tbc age 
of forty ynn or ihereabauti; hit face vris tomewhat laooed, he bad 
toog muiiachioi anti a very landwme btatd; 10 oDivJude, his 
nulung WJ& aucb 41. if lie were wdl jutircd, men would uke hjm 
t£p be a prxM>D o£ quality and j^ood birth. He dcnunded a chunhcr 
ms toon At be had entered, and bemj^ in^wcrcd that there wu no 
one %jcAni in t!w inn, he Mcfned to be grkvcd, and co<ning fo hd 
which in her attire denoted herulf to be a Moor, be took her dowD 
btxxt hct an. Luanda^ Dofcibca, the bocteu, her dao^iter and 
Msritwaes, allured 10 behold the new jmd grange attire oE the 
Uoofi compassed her about: ;tnd Dorothea, who was ahvayv most 
greciou*. courteouf, and diicreet, decauox dur both abe and he ilut 
had brought It^r were c^Koniented for ibe wani of a k)dging, <be 
■aid, ^Lidy, be not grimed (or the imubLe you are here tike to endttre 
ior want of means to icfresb yuursi^lf, iccing it »an umvcrul vice of 
all tnn> to be delcctive herein; yci aocwithAaodiiig* if it &haU plcaio 
you to|>u»awjy ihctimcamotig us* (pointing to LttftodaK'pcrhapi 
you have met in the djinHirw of your traveU other wotm placet of 
enters atnmeni than thh ihalf prove.' The di^pibbd lady made nooe 
anwer, nor oiher 'hing than ariung fmm the placr whetein she 
nt. *fid KHirifr both her armi acton tm her lioiom, she Inclined her 
b£Ml and bowed her body, in si^ thai the rendered tbem thanki; 
by Her silence ihey doubllcaUy cofliKCtumJ her to be a Moor, and 
ihar ihc ccmld not tpeak the CtttiHan tongue^ On this the Capcive 
sni>ed, who wa« ntherwiae en^iloyod until ihe«i« and, tedng thai 
tliey all had cooioned her that cjme with him, and thai ihe Okade 

Iminvrr 10 thdr i|x«ch, he uid, 'Ladici, ihu tntiden lorce tinder* 
ub o>y loogue yet, oar doth ihe know any oOwr Ulan thM of b«f 


own coimiry, ADd thei«£ore the iuth noi, nor on mak6 ^ny irnvfi 
ii> your deounds** 'We ilniuud ixxtunj; (if ber.' qutxh l^ocndi. 
'but only do nuU&e her an ofirr of our compAn»c» for this m^ 
jjid part of the room wttexc wc oursd^ei i^rc to be BCCoouiiicidMcJl 
wbere At ths\\ be cherixKcd up as much at dw comrQcxliiy c( ibi 
pl;u:e, and ihi? cliligai:i(kn whcreiD we be tted to ihow couneotf IV 
ii»iigrr» tJiai may irini ir, do bind u»; e^ienall| the bdn^ « w^jeiv 
to whocn wc mny Jo thii service.' 'Sweet lady, I kbs yow hvidi 
boih for her and mysclt/ replied the Ciptive; 'jnd | cKo highly |vik 
» it deserved), the bvo-J/ >'ou have prolferod, which in such 
ocoiwyt)^ and offered t>y such penoos u you sectn to be, dodi 
pliinly show Jww gie-.n k is/ Ttll ine, good sit/ quoth 
Vbeiher is tltii Lady d Chnsti;m or a Muor? fur by hct anirtaid' 
silence she makes u» ati^pect that abc b thai we vruuU nut wiJi 
she were/ 'A Moor the is in attire ftod t>od>/ aniwvrrd the Cipnvt 
"bot in mtftd the is a \er)' fervent Christbni foi die h^lh rtrj 
expres^y desred to become ODO.' Then she is not yet bapUNil'' 
aid Lucinda. 'TUTe luih hcen no opponunity cillerrti to uk (]«o*^ 
the Cjpii^c, 'to christen her, uncc >hc dq>aned from Al|;icTS» vrlu^ 
IS hef town and conmry; and since that time sb^c waj aot in 
«o eminent a danj^ of death as might obli^ ber to be 
before »he ^-ere ftnt inwructed in aU the cewinonies whidi 
holy moiW, the Church, ecmmiindeth; hut I \\a^K ihortly (if 
shdl i>lcavr God) to ice her hapciied with tlut decency which 
quality and calling deserves, which U greater than tier aiuie o§ 
mioe niAkcs show of-' 

Thcso woedt rnflamed all the hearers with a grvat desire io knov 
who die Moor and hrr capriw were, y« none of ihrm wvh^ m 
i)ui time enireat him lo ut!ify their UKiginK. because ih^ icii 
rather invited ihem to take iotdc oudor how they might ri 
their iraveU, than to demand of them the diicourvc ol 
Darothea« iben, t£ikbg her by tho hand, cauttd her ta ui down 
henetf. and prayed her to take ofl the veil frucn her Cacc 
innaody beheld the Cafitive, as if she desnanJed of turn what ii 
laid, and he io the Arabical language told her how th^ 
ha to diKxncr her face. And bade her to do it; vrlucK 
ibe did, and discovered »o beautiful a visage u I>irothcd tttonai 


to be fairer than Lucinda, and Lucloda prizet] her to vxcd 
ami ;ill t)\e ItvUiMtts firrceiwd ihat if aay uQc cuuld 
them both in bcaUyr h wa« tlic Moor; lod ihert were «oitw 
ihougbt ibc excelled d)cm boih in socnc rcspccu. And ti 
hath cvfrmoTC the pranigotivc and grace to T«conciIc men's 
U and iitrna their wills to ii. «o all o( them fonhwith ci^^lic^ird 
tbeir deurei to lervet nnJ make much of the lovely Moor. Don 
Ferudiido demanded of the Capiivv huvr the wis c^ni, jnd be 
A&iwcred that ber nanne was Leia ZotjiiiU; iUi^ *a soon ij she hcvd 
hxm, artd understood wfut they had <l«nandedr the juddenl/ 
aoiwefed vrtth anj^uUh. but yet with a vecy good srice, 'No, noc 
Zonido, but XUrin/ j^ivitig ibem to undrfsUnd ih^i Uie wui called 
Maria, ind not Zoriidt. 

Tlicfie wortU. and the great cITcct and vchemency wherewithal 
the Moor dcUvcnd ibem. extorted more than oce tear from the 
he-4r^£, eipc<i:illy front the ^voTnen» who ir^ naturally londof- 
bcarted and cocnpassi^^, Lticinda entbraced her then with gtvat 
love, aai] taid, 'Ay» ay, Nfaria, Marb.' To which &he an^irored, 
'Ay, ay, Maria. Zoraida nuncaoj^' that u« 'and not Zuraida.' By 
this it was k'o^'' tornc four oi the clock in the afternoon; and by 
urdef of thooe whidi were Don Feraando's coECqMEiiioiu, the iim- 
levrper had provided fot ihem as good a beaver as ihe inn could 
ID iMaj wiw aiTurd uniu tlvem. Tlirrefore, lE being the hour, they 
9t down altogether at a long tabic (fur there wai never a square 
or found one in all the house), and ihcy gave the lir»t and principal 
cod (altivHi^h he refuted tt as mtxh as he could) to Don Quixote^ 
who contmandttd th» the Lady Micomicooa should st at hts elbow, 
tfiein^ ho wii hrr rh.tinpioo. PnnenTly **tre placed Lticinda and 
Zuf aija, ^nd Dt>Ji Vctiuiiiiu ^nd Cudenkj tight otf agaJDA iheiBi 
ajid ibo the Capti\% and o;ber gentlemen, and on the other side 
the curate and barber. And tliu) ihey nude their driokin^ with 
vrrr ^reat recreation, wKjcH w» the nw>re abgnieDi«d to Me Don 
o leaving of hb tneai. and, moved by the like fpirir of dut 
W»Ae him once liefme talk «i much to tlie goaihercbt 
tbera an occaaion o£ ipccch in this manner: 
"nJv, K*^ ^'^ if it be well considered, thoK whidi profess 
order of knighthood do see many gr«at and lUMxpaeud things. 

374 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

If it be not lOr uy what moral man aUte b iHen tfaii. 
la at tbtf canW gaie, and seeioi; of u« all >a th« manner we 
pmenc henv cun judge iv belk^v ttuii we arr thnv which 
Who ii it chat can tay that ihU lady whkli mU htit at my denvii 
the great qucca ihai wc all know her to be, and that I iio ito 
Kwgbt o( the Heavy Countenance that am ao much bbbM d 
ibraad by the moiuh of fame? therefore k cannot tw imw do«dxnL 
but that ihit art and ^^fciar ni«II«th a'l ihp ntV-n whkh ntt 
huniaa wi:,die undtiminei of natuic, uivcD:ed; and it b thenvfrB^ 
be prized, by hnw much tt expotcth iCMJf. more than uthe; tracki. t» 
dane«rs ax^d uKonvenknco. Away with thoio thai ^hM ^&rm 
bamlag ro lurpttsa trma; for 1 will lay unto ibem, be they «ti* 
they liai, tlut they know nni what they uy: tot the reaaoo vk;^ 
such men do mat urge* and Ui which cli<ey ilo mou >ejy. is^ ihai Ar 
tnvaib o( the ipirii do fir exceed ihcne of the Ikody; and that ^ 
nae of amu are o^ily excrcucd by the body, as if tt were an (Atf 
fit for potters, for which nothing were reqoiwle but bodr!- i- — ■■ 
or at if in ihar which w^ chat i^rofr^c it A:* call grmtf hl 
eluded ihe acts of fnnitude n hich require fkvp uikdeniamliD^ n* 
eootcute them; or »f if the vairlor'a na;nd did not laboor m wdl u 
hi) body, who had a great anny to lead and commaDif. or the ildtwe 
ot a b«tt«ged cii^'. If not, t«c if he can arriw by hi* corporil itttifib 
m know or HHind the intent of his enfmy, the detigvu, ftraAagnm* 
and ditfkukiet^ how to (V^vent immint^nt danger^ all th«9e bekf 
ofientiont uf the underatandirig wheicin ihc liody hath oo me^d&nf 
at alt Ii being therefore so, that the exercise of arm* reqium 
at well as those of IcarrHng, let t» now examine which oi the 
ipirirs, that of ihe scholar or voklier* do take niM patiu; and 
may be hea undentood by the end tn which fantb nf ihrm 
add<r<vd; fnr iUm intmcion is mot to br t-iirriiwd wliich hath 
obiea the raoat ooble ttti. The cml and axKliwrn of kanung 
I §pmk MM now of divinity, whcMt aoope i» tn Ind atkd 
Mcdi to hanen; foe to aa Ad m much wichoot end tt ihu, 
cahir may b# Dvnparev^l mean td hnaun aocncv« nr atii^ 
matnraiA diairibtiuw iiacke in \b% perfacuocL sad give ie> errty 
tfa« which b hia owni m endeavour aod canae gDod Uw» u> 
lalifiDUMF 0OS0VM-*-<ao aod Aotf otftaialy gtnatouK hijpu 



&t gttM 

zrmt 1% 

hui not of so much i* that to whidi iba 


wh.fh h:tih for hUfibjcn xn^ end pace^ 
wfaich h ihc grc^tccic ^cod mrti an dcurc in this life. And thorr' 
fore ihc hr« good nc^Tf tlut ever the world had oi men received. 
wtre tho«c whkb the angdt brDUG;ht on ihst night which wu o^jr 
(by, whMi ihcy ung tn th« skiM, "Glofy be in tb« heights and p«i» 
on e^uh lo n>en of good miiMk** And the ulutation which the best 
Master thfll rrcT ivda cm cmb cir ia Ikci^m tau^ lu Hii diidplei 
fairouritet was, that when ihejr enbved ittto oay bouN tbey 
d tfy, "Peace be to ihb bouse''; and many other timea He laid, 
I gi%« UMO you My peace; [ leave My peace luio yon; p«ac« be 
am ongtt yon." It tt a iljood, as prcciouv ji a fewel, and a gi6 g^^'vn, 
uuf \eft by lOtcK :t b^nd; » jewel, witbnm kfbicb nd'her oin canh 
jMx in bcivtn cah there be any pcffect good. Thii pciicc it dw true 
«Eul of w^tf: for amii and vrar ore one And (he tdiame thiogs. lliii 
truth being ihcrcfDrn pretttppoicd, that the end o( war la pcaoi^ a»d 
thji hcnitt k doah excel iht end of learning, let us dcictnd to the air- 
pciriJ Ijbouri of tlv? iclKilar, aikI 10 ibofe of htm which pnifnsctb 
sumi, and coiuiikr ^Wb uf ibera ire move loibotnc,' 

Doo Quucotc did prosecute ha% dixoune in uich nort, and with 
pleflaing tenns, ai he bid abnott induced his ukiience to'cMeera 
to be^ at that time 11 teaii, exetnpt from hii &eiuy; and 
lhefefur«% by reoion that the grvaier number of them were gentle- 
men, ID whom the iix of ortnt is in a manner dtcnuol and proper, 
they did willingly ItKien to him; and therefore be continued on 
>«iifa hjs discouTfC iu this minncr: 

'I uy, then, ihst the fuini of the owWnt on commonly these: 
priocipjlty poverty (not that 1 would attim^o tbjt sH nudemi 
an- poor, bur that f may put ihe ca&e in gmiest extremity it can 
have), and by »ying that he mtiy be poor. mcthiaLi thete may be 
DO greater aggravaUuci of bis miiery; for be that b poor i« deftitute 
€d every jtrod ihin^; and thu poverty is furffcred by him nindry 
wttyi, lomeiimet by hunger, orber tuoet by cold or nakednces, and 
many times by all of thrm tttjp^ber; yet u is never su extreme but 
that he doch coc, although ie be vomewlui btcr than the cu«iom> 
or of ibe Kr»p« ami revcnion tif the nch man; t^ad the greatest 
muery oj the itudcnc U that which they lerm to live by >opt and 




pottage: and though they want iire o£ char own, yet may tbef 
have recourse to their neighbour's chimney, which if it do dK 
warm, yet will it weaken the cold: and finally, they sleep at m^ 
under a roo£. I will not descend to other trifles—to wit, the wut 
of shirts and shoes, the bareness of their clothes, or the overiooding 
of their stomachs with meat when good fortune leads them as good 
a meal — for by this way, which 1 have deciphered «o rough tod 
difficult, stumbling here, falling there; getting up again <w the 
other side, and rcfalling on this, they attain the d^ree which th^ 
have desired so much; which many having compassed, at we hnv 
seen, which having passed through these difficulties, and niled bf 
Scylla and Charybdis (borne away flying, in a manner, by favotn- 
able fortune), they command and govern all the world from a chair, 
turning their hunger into satiety, th^r nakedness into pomp, aod 
their sleeping on a mat into a sweet repose among hoUands and 
damask — a reward justly merited by their virtue. But their laboun, 
confronted and compared to those of the militant soldier, reauin 
very far behind, as I will presently declare/ 


mKG or 'nnt Ctniovt Ducouub Mam sy Don Quixote Utq^s 
T1IC KxtacuES or Arua akd Lnruu 

^ON QLTIXOTH, condnmng hit diicoune, saad^ *Stttng we 
hc^p in (Ite Kuilcm wi:li |x)vrrty and her pant, L« ux 
rxjmijtc whrthin ibc Ktldicf be richci? Cctuiinly we dtall 
ihat no man can cccccd the soddicr in poveny itxJf; lof he b 
lied CO his wiochcd pay, which corner dihcr Ut« or ncvor; or cbo 
lo liu own chift^ with Qocjble dmj^r of hU lif« And cooKMOOti 
And hii rukedneu is oficimei so much, ai nuny limes a leather 
jerkin gusJvrd verTo hiin ii oiKe fw a ihirt and uinameul. And 
in tlw mida at winter be haih tundry times no other defence or 
Mp to rca>c the inclemencies ci the ^ir in Uk ttiiitt of the open 
ftdds than the breath of hit mouth, which I vtn\y bdieve dixh 
MgMitM oatuff CORM out cold, by ntason it ulJi«« item ao empty 
pboe; ocpKf there rill dw night fil1« ihai he may repair all thev 
tfivommodkitt by tl>e euines» oi h\s bed. the which, if it he noc 
thn>u|Eh Iiis own deEauIc, ^all never ofleod in nunowoe^; tor he 
may meaiure out for it on Uic earth as nksny foot as he plcaseth, 
and tumble himtelf up and do^\'n it nichoui emianjccnng ilw wrmk- 
of hii ihceit. Let alter all this the day and hour arrive wherein 
is ici mnrr rh^ dfgrrc of hii pmJruion— Ict, 1 tay, a rlay of 
hiltle arrire; for ihtic liicy will set on his bead the cap of his 
digmty, ma<k of Uni to cure the wound of some bulUt that hstfa 
piMvd thfotigh and through ha temples, or hath nuiracd an arm 
a ]t^. And when ihis doth doc befall, bttt thai Heaven doth 
iJy kcq) ind preierve htm whole and vunti, he iKilJ perhipi 
ttill in the same po^-crty wherein he wm an the fiist; xnd 
it be rtt)uJiitr tlui one and another hoolo do «icc<cd, and he 
oif ever a victor, to (he end that he may pcoeper and Ik at 
the last advanced. Hut iisch miracio are but few bokti wrought; 
■ad «y, good nrs, if ya^ have noted it, bow few are those whkh 



file wan rcrvrard, in rvsfiect of ihr others [hat ii furh tl«nrti^^ 
You must oRtwcr, wkhouc quu6cici* ihai there cm be no <Dinpan' 
MMi made between tbcm, nor out the <^a<l be ftduotJ u> 00)1 
numbff; but ali the Jinng, and nch u arc advioccd, noj It 
counted eauly (vjth tbfC« arithmetic^ iigur«i: all whjcfa 6JU vu 
contraf/ tn leafiwd men, for all of ihtm luve wlietrwitlul toroBr- 
taio aod m^tdin tlicmicKT^ hy ikitti — I will iny itadnn^ nC ilovw^ 
So lh;it aliHoti^h ihc soldier'^ bbour it ftcA'.ts^ yet is hu rewafd 
much Ie». But lo thii nuy be ;insvrered, that «i u easier to nw^ 
two hundred thousand learocd men th^n thiny thouta&d «oIdtm; 
for they xtuty be adv:inced hy ^^ing ur\\o ibrm oAcn, which 
oF necenity be bestow^ on titcn oi ilirir piti&uion; bw 
cannot be rccocnpcnxd othcroise iban by the locd'i uibatince atti 
weakh whom they server And yet thfi obfection uid impocaibiltfT 
doih fonify much more my saaauoa^ 

'But leading thi« iparr, vrhicli ia a bbyrtnih of vefy diAoih baet 
let us mum to the prr-cmiiirncy of arm* ovrr b^irnio^ wiuch n i 
nuucr hjthcno depending, m> many are ibe reasons that cvcfyoftc 
allcgcth for himself; and among tho«c which t myictf haw npctwi* 
then learning docb argue thtn for Uadf, that amu witlxMit h 
b» long maimained, (nrxtmocb n ibe war hath sim bwi^ and I 
»ubiea 10 ihem, and that the laws are amtained voAet tbe tttlr 
Ictinini;* af>d belong to learned men. 

To diU obrec1»a cnm do nuke annrerr that the lawi 
bo toaatnM) witKxsr ihem, fbr d^romnawvahhs 9tr lUvadecl 
arms 'nd kingdoms pnjtn fcd, ciliet triwcd, highways made lafi 
d>e leai fned bocn pinitin; and, lo be brief, if it wm one 
tbe»t eonvnonweakb^ kingtkiau; nwuMtrhwy btiea, tiki wayi b 
Ml and bod, wotiM he fubfOCt to the Hgnvr and enafonoo w 
nteodfth on the war all the rime that It eddvreih, and b 
w praaice 1n> pnnapiives and violeooe: aod it b a luDwn rrvih^ 



thai it wfaidi co« mMt tt «r oui^ to be 

o^ That, 

one may becoote eminent m kami^ rt eMCi Iwt tim^ 

hon^, nakednett, heodachn, iimrlh of «MncK sarf ^^hfr 
Ifniiitii— ibm jt at I bavv pVvf WCMaQDcn wvotfiy^ am thai 

Riay XFTftv 

by true lermi in be a icood 

ti am» biai §U 

the tfodeat, in » ctcw A^ I a dmiwa* 


L, Cor he U at every «tep ia jciopar<ly to lose his life. Aiid whsi fear 
of necessity or poverty may befall or moleat a student so fiercely u 
il dodi a soldier, who, »ceirg him^icK at the &iegc of some impregi];ible 
pUcci and st^Qding sentiDcl in £ome ravdin or hilf-moon, fods 
the cccniica imdcrmioing near to the place where he i^ and yet 
ddfcs not to depart cr .it).indc?n hJs staad, upon any occiiuon wbnt^ 
toever, or Aun the danger which so nearly thr«a[rn« him f but chit 
wtiich heouly may dt^H 10 sdvise hU c^ipt^iin of chat whirh pjii^«rtH, 
tu thif e^ul lie may remedy il by M?me coumermiae> whiUi be mjsc 
sand jtill, fcarirkg and eipecting when he ihall suddealy Ay up to 
the douda without win^ and after descend to the depths against 
hit will. An<l if tliii appear 10 he but a small danger, let us weigh 
rheiJier the grappling of two jplleys, the one wiib the other in the 
ttiidw of the spacious main, may Im compared, or do lurpis^i it, 
the which nailed and gr^ipplcd fait the one to the other, the soldier 
lulh DO more room in them than two foot broad ol plank in the 
battLingt, and notwithstanding, ahhough ho dearly sec bid before 
him %o many mintEiort of de.nh, for all the pL9C«« of artillery that 
arp pbnr?d on the adverse sJdi? do threaten him, and are not disranc 
from hi» Ixjdy tlio Wiigrh uf a hince; and srring that if he tlippeJ 
ever *o little aside, he Aboitld fall mio the deepi, doth yet nevcrthdei*, 
mtb undaunted heart, borne away on the win^ of honour^ which 
&purr€th him onward, op[X)&e himself as a mark to all their shot* 
and strive* to put by that 10 narrow a way into the enemy's v&iiel. 
And wlui iji ntoit lo be admired ia to behold how scarce is one 
talleo into that place, from whence he shall never after xnnc tuilll 
the world*A cnd« when another takcx possession of the $imc place; 
and if he do likewise tumble into the Ka, which gapes hkc an 
enetny for him aUo^ another and another will succeed unto him, 
wiihouc giving any Tctpii& en the times of their death, valour, nnd 
boldness whith \s the greatest ihnt may be found among all ihe 
trances of warfare. Those ble^^d a^es were fortunate which wanted 
the dreadful fury of the devilish and murdering ^C£e< ot ordnatioCT 
to whose inventor I am veiily periuaded that they render in hdl an 
eternal guerdon for his diaboUcul invention, by which he hath given 
power 10 an infamous^ base, vile, and dastardly arm to bereave rhe 
most valorous knight of lift; and that, wtthaui knowing how or 


Eroni vriwDce, in the midst of the ttoauch «id coiMVftt ihn i 
idd uiautCA valorous minds, ibcrc arrivct a wan4cnng bvfttf 
(•hot od. jMrhApi, by hicn iJui wai Lifrnidr and tied oi tlie vMy bUtt 
ctf th* powdvr, Ai he ditchflr^cd the anrumcd ctigini>), and cuu od 
and fiitiilifih in j mommc the tboi^ghu and life u( him viho Encnud 
to cnioy it auny ^ge^ 

'And whiltf 1 convidrr thi«, 1 am obom to tay that it grieves mc 
to hjvo cs«f undertaken the exercise of o knixht-ernmi in itiis o 
dtfte%i^>le »pi; tor ahhough no <ktn^ can affright me, ya nc 
wiihuAJuIinjE 1 live in ^eolcMiiy tn tKink how powtlrr anJ lAid rai, 
dcitiivc mc ot the poMr«f lo nuke m)K]f LitiKAit ;jQd renowned 
the sirengih o( mine arm dnd ;hc cd^ oE my suxird throughout 
face ct th« Mith. 13ut let Hca^^n dUpotv as it pieaxedi; for « 
much ihc more duU I be C9i«f metl. if 1 can compou my prMtssimu* 
ivg how much die danger* urere greater to whidi 1 opfoied my»rif. 
than tlwae «chic\td in furvgoiag Umea bf kuiifhiMidvcntufuuk* 

Don Quimte iiutlc ^ll thb fwtilix xpeoch whilK the rcai of Ui 
oc]fO|>aiir did eat, wholly f(K)tcttiti|c to taaK niie bit* altbou];h Sattibv 
Paruta dkl now M>d then put him in rtnttmhtance ol tut «kt 
tayiag that he ifaould ha^fv leisure eoou^ after to ipeak as m 
as he fmU dnina. In thoae ilm board was apiin rvnrwn) a k 
ot conyiMJoifc to tee a nun of ao ^ood a wit aa he accxned to be. 
and of » fowl dbcourv in all the oOmt mtfurt wlucb he look ia 
hand, «o mnaiii » dearly ikvoid M n wImq any ocnwoQ oC speech 
wmorffmd OiMin^ of hit jccur«d chivalry. The i^iraM afipfamdad 
ha divourw^ aCniuaf that h# |¥vJttc w i vvry good numu for a 
that he had ipdlnA in the f^nvt uf vaa; ick) fkai be hifo^lf ( 
tho(«h be WM kamd and gia jut d) «« bkewite c^ hia 

TW heaver Mmg: mML, tmi tha «U»<lailtt lakm away, 
MamnwaM ha^ hw taii«Maiand her itimhiM to mak« rady 
«!■ Mam «hm Dm Qdamt Wd dqt far iW 

iHy avw M^fia Miiv tmmmM^m %mt i^pa, 
NMiad ihe (^fttv« a» *enwH «» 4«0 ^ hijaory of 
SKlMMl^ « l« MMMi th« < MM h>a« ^ im 
^MMM M W ji* II tW «• wlMa W ci«« h4 Mofakt ifh 
laejr laraiiiS ranp- -<4wh tW 

^4feK« «^ a*eev pooC K^ 

DON Quixote's discourse 381 

he feared thai the discourse would not prove so savoury as they 
expected; but yet for all that he would tell it, because he would 
Dot disobey him. The curate and aU the rest thanked him for his 
promise, and turned to request him again to begin his discourse; 
and he perceiving so many to solicit him, said that prayers were not 
requisite when commandments were of such force. 'And therefore 
I desire you/ quoth he, 'to be attentive, and you shall hear a true 
discourse, to which perhaps no feigned invention may be compared 
for variety or delight-' The rest, animated by these his words, did 
accomn:u>date themselves with very great silence; and he, beholding 
their silence and expectation of his history, with a modest and 
pleasing voice, began in this manner. 



WiftLituN Tju CArrivx RtoocKtent Hu L-u*, anv 
OniEK AccmKKTv 

N a c^fuin Tillage oF ibe mouiiuiiu oi Leon my bx>cigc 
bcginiucg, whercwtthaL future dcuk mudi tnore libemUf dua^ 
fonuDe> utihouf;b my tiUier had the cpiaicD, ■oudu ihc ptaarj 
and j)uvrny (>( i!ui |ioaple, lo be a lich m;tn, » iodflHl be mi 
Euvc bL-t-ii, }uvi \w htu utrd ai m\M:U cair to imtfd Up hU 
as prodigaliiy to spcjxl it- And thit hit libcrd dufxnitioa 
from his bcinj; a »ckldicr in bU >KKJthfuI ycjrt; for war u the 
whcmn ihc mi»;r i« nu(ic b^nk, Ao^i the fnak iiUfi pfodi, 
And if among notdicn «w find lome wretches ind niggDr^ ib«f 
are accDutiifd monsters which arc seldom mo. M7 fatbrr puwd 
the bounds of libcrAlity. aj>d touched ver> iMJirl) th^ cooibci of 
prodigality; ^ thinu aothing pn^tMc for a married man, «1u> 
h*d childmi that thoudd <ucc«m1 him in hit caxtM and bm^ 
My Enhpr h:id thrae snni, ilJ mni, and of yfifft ^lufidvnt 10 nu^ 
an ckcticHi of ih^ «care of life ihey nieauu to lead; whrrcforc 
ptrcdvii^ OS he hlmxlf was woot to tay, that be OHikl not htt 
hU Datote in thai condition of e|)eodinx, he resotred to dcfwi 
tumteU uC ihe inttntment and cause which ottdc htm uxh a «|ien 
Bikl vo Hhrnf. 10 wit. of his goodi; wlthoni whidi Alecantler 
Great hiinvlf wutild be accouMed a muer; aod ih rr cf ofc, calliiig u^ 
all three togMhn on a day iDio his chtoabcf , he lued ihcae w 
hk« rfmm lo v$i 

*''SoQJ^ to nfirm that 1 lore yoa weU may he pttsumed. «c«i 
I Mrm ipou my nns; ukI ycc it nuy be mspeopd thit 1 bote 
voinfi t tk> noi jFovten mytelf n wvfl n 1 raijihi in the huibamb 
M^ UbCTcttanir of foor oock. But u> the end that you may 
(oftk |«mi^ thai I doatfoa you with a bthcf' <nd tlui 

mmm fto< 10 ovmluvw you Uw « ibcp^Hbcr, i oim 


THE captive's STOltV 383 

you wluch 1 bavfi pondered, and wiih nuiur^ ddibtraiiOQ pur- 
\kmtf tnaoy da/^. Yoti are all of o^c to accept an Mat«i or 
at loafi 10 make cboic* of fc>nn« such ««rcbe 3« niiy turn to yout 
honour and profii ji t'nitr yean; aiw] ihcwfore, itui whkh I hate 
UiDUgln upon, b lo divide my ^oods inio four puuta: die ihnec 1 
will beslow upon you, to every one Out whi^ a|?peruini to htm. 
vithoui c9K:ec<iin^ a 10C; and 1 ro^stfll will retcrrc the £ounh 10 hve 
and tnainuin me with at Icfig a« il shaQ pAciie Hcaren to lend me 
Iweatti. Yet 1 do grmily d«njy that differ cvrry ptir o( you U 
powrtwd of hu portinn, ho would uke one of the courtct whkh 
I mrui to propoae. Tbcre ii an old pro%^tri> in thu uui Spain, >n 
miiM own opinion tiiry true (ai ordinarily all provorba tfc, being 
cffQin brief Mntcncet collected out of long and difcn«t «xpen#ncet), 
and it is ihl^ llw Chuich, ih« S^^i, of the Court.* The meaning 
't% iKu K-luwereT would bectvne we^ildiy, or worthy, muu eitltn 
follow dw Church, hjum the «eAi by cxcfduns the tnwic of 
mcrchuKlis^, or j;et him a place of service and enttnaiomenc in 
ihr king*i houcc; for men say that 'A ktng't crumb 11 more worlh 
ihjn J JorcT* \cni' llm 1 cay h«cau«e 1 desire* and it it my well, 
ihji ikoe pf yuu do follow hit hntk, aniJtlicT rttrrch.indisr, and ihr 
third the war, Kccing that ihc K/vice of hii own hoove is « di&tdt 
thinjc 10 coropan; and although the war it not wont to cn/ich a 
maj), yrc it oddt Lirtio him ^cat K^ofth and rcnowtu Within thew 
■ighi lUfi ! do mean logiw yoo all your poroon^ in monc^, wtthod 
defniuding ytw ai a miir, as ynu shall ve in WTf^t, Therefore, tell 
IDC now wheifacf' you mean to follow mine Dptiuon and device in 
iIhs whkh ] have proposed ?^ And then he commanded mc^ by 
i«aioo thai I wa« the ddeit, to make him an amwer. 

1, aftcf I had fntKQted him not to make auiiy ha ftoodc, but 10 
ipefld atkd dit[ioir nf (hem ai he litc«d« seeing we were both yoimg 
and ohJc cnou|fh 10 gain more, at Lut 1 conchuWd that I would 
accorapUsh his will, and thai mine was lo follow the wan. thefcia 
vrrving God and my king tnfrecher, l~he second bn^iher made the 
ttiiM od<f, and, employing hU [lonion In commodiiirs would 
vtnturv il to ihc Indicc. I'bo youngr«t, and as I dretn the flitfrv««ff, 
«id that cithcf bo woudd (oUow ihr Church, or go at chr trast to 


Salajn;ii>ca to fmi>1i Tnt alrnttlf anninenoed siucfiei. Aftd 
M we had ended ihc dgrccmcnt and ckctjon cf our Tocadocu^ 
iaibcr embraced us all, and oficnvat ds perfonncd unto ui* tB 
sborl a time af he had mentioned, all thai he promiMd; j^non 
t^ick of us a portion, amounting, if 1 60 well remember, to 
thotuand dtic^u a|ueoo in moDejr; tor An undc of oun bini^fai ill 
the goodtt and paid tcidy money* bccaiuc he would imx hate thcsi 
mftdc away from our own taniiiy aud liDcagc. Wc oil look eur 
Itavt of our good father in cnt day; and in thai innaoc, ii Moniikf 
10 me a gr«« inhumanity 10 leaw mj fathct 10 old lad with la 
liitl^ nwani, 1 dcali 40 wiih liim ai I conatraiocd him to uko ba:k 
^gain two tboound ducau of the thxc« be bad given m«i [oraamiKli 
as the ren vm m&dcnt u> furmsh me in ttry good ton with all 
tJunj-i rcqmiite for a aoldiet, ^fy brotbers, moved by mine cKampU* 
did fcxcU of Uiem ^ive him j ibousand crowns; «o ilui ray bibtf 
lemaiDed with four UiouuikI oowns in tnoney, and three tn ^oodi, 
ns they were valued, which |[oods he wtnild not leU, but keep than 
still in MOck. Finally, wc bade him (and our said unde) fareWcL 
not without much (ei^n^ and many tears on both wles; end. 
cbirgod us that we would from lime to time acqoaint 
our nicccsca^ whnher pnupctntn or adverse. We pramtrd 10' 
Ibnn it; and tben, embracing uj, and giving us hii bicsdog, ono 
ptricd towards Salamanou oAotbcr to Se%ilk& and myself to 
1 armed proApetoutly ac Genoa* and from ihcnce went 10 
where I did acoommodaie rayeelf with jmu and other brai 
nwd by ttidiefx and dqunvd from thence u> Httle myidf 
Pivdraoni; and bon^ tn my way towurEh the dty of Alezaadrin 
b RagSa. I beard newi that the great Duke of AIn dd pus 
Flandcn; wherrfore^ chan|gif^; my purpovcv I went with hioi, and 
tCTfcd bim in ^ cbe apedttions be made; 1 was prvscot at lim 
b e h ea cfoy of the Hark of Egmortt avd Home*, nn^ r^x^lned <i 
lait to br rcuign to a famous *'*pT'T of GiekI ' .!-d Diqp> 

deUrbioa. Within a wbik after mint Arrival u> 1 i^nunv tlworws 
wm fbvdgid fl( the Icigtie that I^DS V, the fupe ol famous 
memory, had mads with the Vetiedaoa axKl the Kin^ of Sfotn, 
4g>lna tnir comroan mmvit the Ttirk, ^iho bad jpriDMl bv ^ — - -^-^ 
tamova idaod of Cyprus much ibow the mna tJAM, wli. 


10 ffw fi3t» oi Venice, and ivas in unCortunaie atirl bmmf- 
kMS. Il wu jJx> ccruuUy koomi ttut tbc luosi ocbtc Don ]ohn 
ol Auaiha, our good King Don l'hJip'» Datu»l brother, did come 
dowa for getwral of tfais lMguc» and the great pnmtion ihat wa« 
nud* for the wir was published eticT)'where. 

*AU this did ludie and siir on my mind and deurr to be pment 
ai tbe expediiioi] vi hiulIi t^pcvied; mid therefoic; alibou^i I lud 
coo^^ctunu^ dnd h^E promUAs to be mode a capuin in tli^ t^st 
occasion tlui should be oJfered, yet 1 i^^K^cd to leave all those hope«, 
Aod 10 i^o iniD [uly, as in «4lea [ did, Acd my |;uod foniin^ to dt^ 
posed, ai iJje lard Don JtJin of Amuia irn^tsl jmt ar the time time 
at Gciuu, and went iinnrds Nofilcit to iijun hnnscfl with the 
VmctUn lury, as he dtd after at Mcuiiu. In this moa fortuiute 
loitrncy 1 wa£ pt^stiiu bcirjc by ihi« made a U|::«ain of feott to 
i«4uch hoflourabJo charge 1 ^'it motiotcd ntther by my good 
fbntmt tlun by my dotcn«. And that very diy whcfa wu so 
luniuuie CO ail Otriftrndom; for therein the whole world was 
uuleoeivtdi and all the aotiofu tbcroof freed of all the error ibey 
held, and bdicf they had, dut the Turk wu tovifidble at sea: in 
that vtry day I fay> wherein the tweUing nomxh and Ottomacucal 
pride Vf^t broken amodj^ so many happy men as were there (for the 
Chmiiani thai wcrv libht were much more b^ppy tlun ihuse whkh 
ihcy left victofious oLve), I alooe was unfontuuEt, seeing that in 
exchange of some navj] crown whkh 1 might expect had 1 lived 

the timet ol the ancient Romans, t £ound mytelf the night cnstUDg 

tt so Eamotis a day with my legs chained and my hinds roanacledr 

brfrl in this manner^ ihai Uckili. kltig nf Algirts, a bold xnd 

lOMM pirate, having invc^cd and distressed the admiral o[ 

(foe only three knights renuined alive^ and ihove very >ore 

I), John Andrea*! ehic£ galley camt to her auocottr, wherein 

wvu with my company; and doing w^i was nquinte in such 
an oocuioo, f Irapt into iIm- mrniy't ^-rctrU ibr wb^ falhng oil 
Irom that wbi<h h^d a&uultcd her, lundertd my soldiers from 
feUowtng rk; by w^ilch fneani I saw mytclf alone amidst mine 
emnkik agamit wlum 1 could moke 00 kag rcsiican>c«i they were 
m naoy. In fuie, I was taken, ftdl of woondi. Now, ai fon may 
^Ve hconl, Uchali nvcd hiiiud! and aQ hts squadmo, wiMTcfay 


I became captive in hit powfr^ ind only r«iiuin«d tonow/ul 
fo many joyful, ind cipti\« amoag to many frved; for that diy 
ftbcex-x ibciuund ClirtAcUnft. wliiiii Loine »la\ta lod gwJtfiww^ in ikr 
TurkUli gdlcyi, reocnucd liwii Neurol liberty. I wu ocned « 
Consunlinoplc, where the Gmt Turk, SdiDi. nudr my M 
Gtficnl oi ihc Sea, by reau^o (tui lie lud k> wftli ptriatmtA hn 
daty in ihe baule, having brooght away, for a wkocff ci( liii nJotf, 
rbc nanilinl nf chr Cktirr nf M^ilin. 1 w^t ih? yen/ mtuing 1^ i^ 
iji Njvdrmot lowiiLg la ihc Admir^ of (he T'ihror Ldintrrns. and 
uvr uid noted thcfc the opportuoity tba: w«ti loiU o£ taking aiL, 
Turkuh nary within ihv haven: ^r all the ^lolxariei and 
•oUicn that wtre in it made EuD account that they dkould be 
upon, even wicjua the very port, and therefore ini^ed ap all ifacir 
bagja^-, and mode x^xdj tlidr sboev u> fly away preaenily u die 
laild. being in no wise nunded lo expect the aaauh. our nary did 
sadfiiC »udi terror into thenu Bui God diipoaed dthcrwi>e nf th* 
laattafi not through the fault or negbgeixc of the funeral ttui 
govTfonl <mir ineii> bin fof the luu nl Chriucridom, and beeau» 
Cioil pciniiis ami wUU ihiii wr luvr nlurayt vrni? caccufionO) to 
cboMiic ua. lo nun* Uchali got idid Modon, whkh b an Uland acar 
to NavBhaot and, bodtntg hit oma there, be fona&ed the movih 
cf the htveot and tbve nouxned until Don |obn depanad. U 
tUi voynfV vrii lakea the ^Iry called Prtm, whereof the farmut 
|ttntt Baibaxoua Uf «>□ wu captain; k was »irprae<d by the 
opcain^faUey nf Hapkk dlkd the Shr-Wi^i. th^ was ooounaadfd 
by the thuDdefholt <A wat^ the bihcr o£ ioldkef>-Mhat forttume 
and never ownhtown Don Alvaro de Bafaa, the Uorquia <i Saan 
Cniz. Andheie 1 wtH not fergef to ccoount witti btfal at the takii^ 
nf die IVrn. This tun o( Barfaamu'i wai v cruel, and uted l^j 
»Iat«i m ilk that at non ai tbey thai were rawuig pitwi^ die 
Sht'W^i to opfvoach ihem, and thai the haJt oTCrtakeo ibcnu 
ihty caA awgiy iheir iMtt all m on* tkne. and layinir haadi on tfaoir 
ciftaiA ihii ttood on the poofs» ttyin^ to diem id nmr with more 
ibfnd. and p«isinjE bim (n«n ww hank m anuthrr, (nam ifan poc^ 
10 the prow, tbey look an many bita out of him, oa be had 
pined beyoiid the nan when hb wid wia abtady waned to 
nch WHS the crmby whteewiihal he etfrattid thea, and m gntf. 


the hjic they aUo bore lowardt him. Wc rciurotd the ntxi ycxr 
ahtt lo CoiuUntiooplef being that of seventy aod tKrve, and thvtc 
w» l«flfn«d bow Don fohn hid gained T'jni^ and, uking dut 
kingcktrn awjy from du? Turks, lud. by iim^linft kfuVy HameE 
tkavini cul away jII Mulry Hjmcdj'A hopes lu fo^n ag^n tHae, 
who was the loosl cruel and raliant Moor thii ever livccL 

The Grtat Turk wa» ^ery mtxh )^ic\c«l iot this toes; ai>d vhcre- 
hr«, ttdxig ihe ugadty whetcwhhal all hb raco wuc endued, he 
made peu^ with ihe VenccUni, which wittwd (or ic much morv 
dun be did hitmdf* Aod ihc year after of tewacy-iind-four, he 
ftuaulicd the fortrcu of Goleca« and the oche; fonreu ihat Don 
John had raited ivear unCo Tuni^ And in al! iheie occattocxs I wai 
pntenc, tied to the oar without any hope of libeny, at Ica^twite by 
ranwcn, being renlved never to figDif) by letter my micfonuaei 
m Day Caiber. Tlie Oulet!i w-a» km, iii Time, trtil alto the fonirn, 
before whieh two places lay in sej^e >evcnity-Hv« thouaand Turkic 
and more than four hundred tliouund Moor^ and other Saraeeoi 
of all the other pant of Africa, berng furnished with nuch abund- 
ance of munition and warlike enginei, and «o many p^oiuer« aa 
wtrr aht<- lo covrr Golr<^ and the fortn^u, if n^rry one ilrd cvK 
bu hia hitidfu] of eaiih upon thrm. Ihui was Golcca, accounted 
UlHiJ then impnrgnable, firsl lou, the which did not happen ifarouf>h 
drfaait of vaJour in the dtfendinti, who in defeoM tbinoi did oil 
eouU or ought to have doi>e, but bvcatue tsptfience ibowvd ih« 
ky whetewiihal rrenehei m-ghi be raii«d in ihai dewrt und; 
tinui^ w^irer liad htxti fiuind in k t^jlhi(l iwu ii|xtiu' dcfith, the 
could not find it in the depth of two yirds; and thcrtfon, 
ing many fiicka full of and, they raiwd their trenches $o high 
jia they did iturroount the walU of the toooce, And did «o gall the 
defenaiamt fmm them ^ih their du>t as no one could sand 10 
make any defence. It waa a cocnmon report that our mm would 
ml iiDCAtire thcmielvct within Co1eia« but cxpccc ihc ctumy in ih« 
dkMDpugn at their ditcmharking; but those thai gsve thb out 
i|«kc widely, » men very tittle acquainted M-ich ibe like afiain: 
fbr if In Gotos atid the fortreu there were fcairie leven ibnmaod 
ttildicrap how cutdd «n &rw a number, were ihry e%>et ao icviliice. 
Duke a ully, and remain in ibe ttm% against 10 gnat a numher ai 


GDcfDiu? Of how is it p<»«ublc Uut the forces which «re not tooooJed 
wmI supplied tfaould Dot be owrcortw, specially bdng btskgtd bf 
nuny oud obttiftatc enemies ami those in iheir own country^ BtM. 
tjuny otUcn tMccmcd^ jind ui tliti I liktwue imoiig tlv rcn« thM 
Almighty God (lid a paiiKuLi ^r.Kc and favuur umo Sjiiin b 
that mAOncii pcrmiciij^ to be clesuoycd iho )lop ;um1 cloak ot aU 
wUkednoM, and tho spoAgo and moth of lanumcnblc Ainit ctf 
monty tp«ot liwrv uoprofiuhtyi witbouc icrviitg to iny o4b<r caJ 
than lo prefi«rvf the memory of bring gslnnl by the Hmpcrur 
ChitHe» tlie Fidh^ ju if it lad beep tequutte for the kcL-pinj^ oE k 
euriul (» it u. aod shall be ever) Ota thoie sodcs ihouU suKaifl iL 
The fonicuwai alio won: but the Turki were cooitniiMd lo^^ilil 
qun by ipao, for tlw soldiers which defended il fott^ sa maih 
hilly and resolutely, as the number ot the cnttibes sliin ia two-aod' 
twBicy j^mn^l lujulti which thry gave onio il, dul juxi rtvc^ntt 
twenty thoiuuid. Never a oik waj ta^n pruoocr b«a thm biuulml 
wfakh nwivcd their fdlowi— a ccniia 4iid nuaibit tokcst of Htm 
yttow uhd ttrtogd^ aad bow wdl tbey b«d d rf co d rf tfccmvlvtt 
ud k«i» thdr fati ittara with gnat nufiuoiaucy. A little Jon or 
titfiet Ulu stood m dM^ niidbi of thepbc^ tuukr ibemnunind of 
Ddd John Z anu gaera, a Valcnctan gc m ien ia i and famons loldicr, 
wu yiddtJ upoo Tifmfpwrift tir lod Doa t^nlni dc Pacrio Carrcra^ 
Scoenl of Colcot, wu iik«B ptwoncr, who oobncd an chk^moe 
posdbfe CO dcfeod tbt placid but yci wai •» grinvd to hairv ioa k 
n bt A(d fof %vTy grief ob tlw wvy towwdi CoooflODOplat wbUhar 
dwy tvTwd him captive. Tbe fCT»ral M w w m of ibe bet. called 

fTiiiniiriilnnimhrrmninifcM JlfilaL mi] ifn ir iiumfrr 

aad tnoflC reaoiuia aoUcr. was akmi and cben Aed; in both the 
|iboa ma&y poiaas of wanK »«■( «bdh ^fu dr Ona ww 
ooe; a kjii^ of tbe Qr<dB- df Saiai )Bb^ of a aos wUe dupoikna, 
«i die cBwfav WmJij wbicfc ha wd «Mwk bb brother, tbe 
Mwaan |UBO AsdnM 4b Oul **t*— ^ o^HHvma^ aad nai wiiacn 

caran Smmm («4dk W ii^>4 |iiiii "m b« tlW Wt 


THE captive's STORY 389 

fiih for ccmil 'u\ ilur cii^ii. 7*}mt- Sir-t^rtv^ cm oiT his head ukI 
fafough; It to ihc genera] oC the Turkith inn)\ who dtJ 4CComplbh 
IB ihcni th« Sfxinmh proverb* "^That alihough the treason plea^cth, 
yet it the tf^tior h^icd," and to U is reported tbac h« conunjiMkd 
thovf to be hinged that had bfoogbi him dke pmeoc, Ixcauie chty 
had DM brought it alive. 

'Amtniff ilic Chriaxi.Lii.t that were liul in lltr tovt there wis one. 
called Don Pedro dc A^uiUr. bom in Andnlus^, in some town 
whofte naxDC t hive for^ten; he had been Anocnt in the Eonieni 
aod wa% a mUIief of great account, and of 2 rare undent anding, and 
s|xciatly had i pxnicaht gr^^ ir pcx-iry. Thii I say htcaxnf bis 
fonune brought him to be sbve to my patron, e^xiai into the very 
taoic gaUejF and bcrxh whernia I ut. Thii gentleman Enadc two 
Mcioccs la fonn o( cpitaf4ii, the one tor the Coleto, the other tor the 
(on; and [ wH'. repe:it them, because I renaemhef ibem very well, 
and do brieve tiui ihey wdl b« niber gnieful tham attyihlns dit^ 
giuiful In die 3udi«afe,* 
As toon a% crct the Captive named Don Podfo de Aj^uilar, Don 
^. feraando beheld his camiiradai, and they ail three did nrnle. And 
^HiHmo be bc^n 10 talk of the sonnett, one of them »id, 'Bdoie 
^Bfour paa further, 1 beseech )xhi, ffnd sir, let me encreac you to 
^K trfl tnr whai became ai thai Eton EWro de Aguibr whom you ha%« 
[ namcvL' 

I Tlui which I kiKTW of thai affair,' ADiwefed tte Captive, *li thx, 

^^ Mhta he bad been two years in ConsuuitiooplOt be 6ed away in tbe 
^MQir* of an Armenian with a Crvelc spy, arvd [ cannot lell whetfatr 
^^HM f«eovered hit liberty or r)o, slihough I luppooe be did* Eoe within 
^Pa yeir aTicr 1 ^w ilie diuJt m Qflll(.Ittli[1I^>h^ but 1 luJ no4 tbe 
ofixicttmiiy to drmand of him the success cf that voya^.' 

*He came then into Spain,* quoth the j:cntletnan: 'for that ane 
Don Pedro is my brother, and dwells noK* dt hon^ in our own 
topWB, very well, rieh tnarried, and a f;ither of three sont/ 

'Cod he ihinlced,* quoih tSe Ciptive, 'for rbt* (nJrnite favour He 
luih liiowtsd unto him; fur in nunc ofiinion ibere i\ nut un earth 
any umFentraoit able to ht compared to that of recovenng a man t 


1 do moreover/ said the gentleman, 'kaow die iOODcts wiudi 
my brother composed' 

'1 pray you then, good sir/ quoth the Captive 'reseat them- for 
perhaps you can say them b^ter than 1/ 

'With a very good will/ answered the gentleman; 'and that U 
the Goleca is thus.* 

injoiK Is PiKMKtmD till HifTO»v or Tin CAFmi 


' 10 Kippr •ft«l*> whif h from ths* monal v»lc 
Fr«cti and excmplMl, through the good you wrougbt. 
Safe f nxn the hornu thai hoc di^l you iBoii, 
B^ youi dptrm to hisheti heaven were brought. 
Wluch here iitAunnTby width, and nMn lAougKl* 
Showed how much yout forcu did avail; 
When bodi yoai own lAd foreign bloods you laughf, 
FroDi uftJy itiorcs, into the deqps to triil. 
Voir lifC) befprr your vakiur's «nd dcirratcd 
In your tired armt, wUdi, thou^ ihcy w ere a dying 
Aim vwjvU^t'd* ytt txt *kioij have KJtcd. 
And this your life, from vrrvJp rhraldcm flying. 
Eadinif. acquirer, hn«i^ecn the iword in^ tvtil, 
Heaven'* jclory ihoi^ funr htfc <m) tanK fov jJI " ' 

have it cv«n in the very suae manner,* quoiK the Capuv«. 
'eU, theft,* fud the ^ntlcrofln, 'thai of the fort is thu\ if I do 
forgM IE: 


' Trocn midn. the bftrrva c«rth> here ovcfthrowi^ 
In dicK ud doh. whicli on tht- grovod do tie. 
TTtfx:* ihootand foldiwi" hdy touli >rp flown. 
And to 1 Ispnef icAiuioo jcoim on hijsh: 
Urrrc, when ibcy did xb vim iht vigour try 
O^ thtir Ttiong arcw, to eoA ol ouny a '^'■e. 
Aftrt ihc rwMU (hrouj:H e\trcn>c tott. did dJc* 
THr cruel iwofd 4 ft-w iIk^ li^hi upon. 
And tlua tame pJoc etemoJl) hatli breo. 
With tbovund doleful mtniDrici rrplcte, 
Ai w^l ihu >;jc, a* in for^poing iimr. 
ftaf from h*« crue) bototn Hraven nc'v yet 
Rccriwd noci-rcr aiulk than wcrr thr Un, 
Nor mth «o valum bcxhc« lyo pOKKM'd.'** 


The lontKfs WW© not mUlik«d; aii<l ihe Opiivc wa« K**^^ 
recmtrd with iW ncwi ^Kich he receiT«<l of hU compaikioa, lad, 
IKCiwaidDg hi* hiuovy, li« &4iJ : 

'The GoUu and ihc ion hcmj; rendered, ihe Turks g3Tc order 
to dunundc Gofctn; tor the fort was left in ftjch «>ri ai there 
remaintxJ nothing op thil miKhl be ovcnhfo^n: and xo do it with 
more brc%'ity ^^id lcs« Uk-}iir, ih^y und^mifi^ ii in \htf* pl^en. 
hill ihai whkh «nrm«d le^ft itrong could not be blown iip by any 
of then, wliich W4> the uUl wAU; but aII itus whkh had rcnuionl 
afoot of the ocw fonificiiioni nnd work5 of Pratin, fell doM-n lo ihr 
Sround with greor (:idlity. And thii being ended, the na^x returned 
triumphatu and vicionous to Conseantinople, where, within a few 
mcirthi :;ftcr"A-ard, rriy lord UduU died, whxim they called Udt^ 
Fjnax, ivhidi ^i^nlfK-t in ih^ Turlti^h ljm^\u^> the Scald « ^m 
Scujry I^unagatCt (or he wa^ such- Aod it U a ciutofn aummg the H 
Turks TO give one iinother fuckn:fnr)e3, either of the dcfecu Of " 
perfection) and vmtiee which thrr hi\t\ and the reason hereof if, 
that among ihem all they have but four Uneftf^ that have nir- 
nsmea, and the«e do contend with tlut oF Otinman\ ft>r nahility 
of blood; and all the resi« as 1 h^^-c uiidp do uke denuotiiulfoa 
sometime from the hlcmiihei of the body, aod »om<iinie Frafo the 
virtues of the mind. And ihii rcurvy fcltow did row fourteco 
years, h^ing the Great Titrk't dvtj and did renounce hit faith, 
being fbur-aod ^thirty yeart old, for deipster and Isociium* he might 
be revengrd on n Turk iKjii gavr him a niff on the Caoe ai ke 
rowed; and his vilour was to grai, a without aKcndiag by the 
dishonourable meani and wayi usually taken by the grcatett 
minions alx^ut tiie Greoc Turk, he came firit lo be Kins of Atgief«i 
and after to be General of the Sm. which it the thlid mou oobAe 
diarge and dignity of all the Turkish empire. He was horn in M 
Cilabria. ami wak a good moral nun. and uwd ^iih gru: humanity ™ 
hia ftl3\TSi whereof be had above ihm ihoiuaod, were after 
his death divided, u he had kfc in hb tcMamem. between the 
Grut Turk (who if ever an inheeitor to evefy dnd man, aod hath ^ 
a portion among the deceased hif chtldnm) and hU rutu^aieL I ^ 
Tt-II io llie Inc of a Wnettan niT»|plr, who being a Uup-U^y in a 
ccrtaio Tetsd* waa taken by Lkhali, who lo>^ him to leoAc^y as he 



wu Ofic of the dcaicu youEht he had. acd he iMcunc aher the mou 
cmil runagau tbat er^r Knvd He woi cilied Asojug^ and camo 
to br Tcry rich, ind King of Algii^T^. Wah him I oou* frDin Con-* 
lUDUoople wcDeiA'hai uuiicttml 111 nuiid, licumic 1 tlvjulJ Iv nt'^nt 
unto Sp&in; not for tfajiv 1 OKint 10 t«-nic unio dny one of my ua- 
Cottunatc lucceu, but ooly ^^ ^^ whether fortune would prove 
more £j^x)o.-abk to mc in Algi«f> than fit ConstjnttDopAc, where 1 
lud auvrnpced 1 thouund way« to escape, but noi>r of them iorif<d 
u> any gtxxl dTcct. Aiid 1 thought to trjfch out in Algiers uiiw 
other tnoini to corxipa^ that which I to greedily dotirol. tor the 
bopv ol Aiuiiung UEvTiy jook lime h^d (M^vcr abamfapeJ itic; ind 
wbtn in the cotiuivLO]; 1 [hovjjht, or [>ui my detijciu in prjcuic«i 
ind thjt the luccoi did nc< jjuwer min« eip«cuiio«u pteMotly 
wiilwut foruVing roe, it for^ and suufiht out for tTKAlvtr hope 
llut mr}*hl »iil<un me, akhtiugh it were dchilc and wtak. 

'\V'uh this did 1 pdAi 4W«y my li(c^ >hut up in a prbon or hou^ 
which ih« Turks caU both*, whcntn they 6a coclotc the capove 
ChrUiiani, at iamJI choto tktt Mong to tho tiiitg a« other panicuUr 
Dim\ and iliov which they call of the Almazen, whkh it as 
ttiuch 10 uy. ai ibvus of the rouncilt who Me dqjincd 10 vrve tlie 
oiy in the pLihhc worka and ether .illain thereof; and tbeae of all 
other captives do with moit diificulty atuin to liberty; fot. by reason 
Ihey bdoni; 10 the commonahy, and have no particular master, 
ibetv It none wiili whom a man may treat of ilidr redempcioa, 
ahhcmgh tliey slinuU hare the prke of thett ransom. To thos 
batJu, as I have uid, u>mc paftkular men ca^ry tbeir captiva to 
be iqx* chiefly li they be to be ranwmcd; for iticn; they hzvc ihcm 
at their case and secure, until they lie rcdcvmod. The king'^ cofdiva 
of nnsotn. aim, do nx gq forth to Ubour with the other poor crew, 
J{ it be not when the p^ymg of ihetr random ii defrrfcd; fw thrm 

liv cimI iJiry may iiuke them write for moocy mure euootly, 
make ihem lal>Dur ami go to fetch wood with the rctf, whtcb 
ia no wuU tod and iroufcle. 1 then waa one of those of ransom; for 

soon at it was known \j(y^ I vm a oi^n, notmthitafidinir that 
Wd ihem a( my litthr poiuhility ind want of megnt, all could 
not pcenil in diuuade ibem tttim consarting me with the multiluilo 
of fcotlcmctu and those of ranaora* Tbqr put on mc then a 

thai Dtf I 






nuhcT 10 be a token that I wa» there for mr rafuocn thui to kfcp 
me the bcitef wiiK li. And so I poitcd away my uwt then nmk 
many other ^m^m^n oacI m«n oE nurk, huUl and ktfpc in thff» 
for their ranioni. And ikhough boch hunger and luked 
vd us now and then, ot fjther cvcmtnrc, yet iKxhing tltd 
i» fO much AA to htrM jikI wc every momefu xht cnidDo 
raastrr ti^ low^rdi ChrittUui. Every day b« kio;^ up une; he 
Mt th]4 man on a unke* and would cut off the other'* eeuit awi 
that for H> liitiL* «C3uon, oi whoUy withoitr it, ii il^ wry Turi;i 
chdmdvcrt |)eru-i\Td ihji he did ii not for xuy other ^tae but 
becfluv be had j \*'il] tp do it, and thji it wj> hii OAtuial incliaa- 
tM>n lo be a homicide ot ^1 hom^n kuid. Only one Sfunuh mldxTt 
called fuch a one of Saavodra, w^ii in hi» good gnce;, who ahlw>mh 
he did cundiy ihingt that will reiiuin m the irwtn u c y ot tluc ikacioii 
far many ycon, and aiU to th« cwl to gR hiK hhcrry, y« he aawr 
itruck liim. nor MMMOaftJed him to be laidkeo. Dor uid 4» noch 
M an e^l ^uni uiUo hitnt and yet we all fund that he ibottid be 
broached oo a itake tor ihe least of many thuig» winch he d*d, aod 
hiraiclf «]id aba drttd a aior« than ooee; aad fcf it wcrv not thic 
tine dewcth me Idiun to do il, I wouM ttKOtmt ttfvo yoa thinfv 
doae by lUii luldler, which might both mttfcatn uxl ajcooufa you 
much mrirc than ibc feUtioo of ray bib 

nh<fc whVTc n\vr the vqiiare court of ottr priaao ccnaio windavn 
that looked inio ti, and b el otig e d lo a eenatci rkh And iwuKtpat 
Moor; the which windowa (ac ortSnarly an aQ ibe Mom' 
wiadowi) rather xoncd to he holei than w in dows and even ifacae 
werr abo %<ry tkiady covered and thut fad wiah linen CDivnn^ 
It tbertfora bdd that, aUDcEaf otm day opott the batTttmcnti ^ 
out fitimi Willi oUwr ihfM oamfttiiiaHh Wfuy which ǣǥ cooU 
Wap h«fi in hit ihjcVIe* to pan ^mwf the tioM^ ai»d beii^ alnoe [tor 
all the (vhfT dihuuiu mn gotw ahraod w la^om>, 1 h£tM tap by 
chuiir miiw ryei. aod I taw thfwt uat m one of theoB in thnr xIhiC 
wiftdowa a cane, aad a bocQ ckd at the cod thweufc mi the cuw 
wa« oiDVcd awl wa^pd up aeid d«wit aa U « had laade^iHlhat 
w« dkotdd ttMBt Mkd t«ka U- We ba^ad ^ea ic ud om <f my 
ctnupniiMH w«nt imdcr ^ caaa^ » we «WW t^mj w imlj let k 
fA «t what they wotdd do efa»: bw aa aoM aa k aBfMdwd ii. 


C2i» yvM lifrcd up^ and did Aif ii u^ tuher tide. a« if ibey hid caid 
(mill M'^ggii^ dJ the bud), "No." The ChiistUn rcvmnnj i» u>; 
dAd the canc beinjc efi*ooa« let bll, lod bcjfiflfuntc co move as A 
had dodc before, ancciief o( my fellows wcnu and the ume wccecckd 
unto him thii did lo the fira. 

'Finally, ihc third apfjoach^ ii, with no bf<t«r tiicc«t chin ihe 
formrr iwo; which I pcnTiving, ^vtxtlH ncit omit to try my fociitiule: 
ud M looa is I came oeir (o tund iincLrr Oi^ cjoc. it wjs let slip* 
«nd ^dl widiin the bath*, jutt at my feet. I lonhwith wont to untie 
the liaeo which was Lnoned, wbereio 1 found t«n zIjiu^-a, wluch an 
oertain ptecK of bav gold tited amofig iht^ Moors, aiid worth, »ch 
ol ihem. i<-n realt of our moory. I Icxw lo your clticr«fk>n to think 
if I was ool glad of my booty; ccnei, my joy aiul admiration vm 
much, to think whence that f:o(xl mijcht come un:o ui. bu< ipedally 
to myself, nnce the ftgns d rcfu&al to Let it tAil io the other did 
oonfinn clearly that the favour wat only addr<««d to myidf. I 
look my welcome mowy, hrok^ ihr caiw^ and rrturned lo the banle- 
moUa, and viewml the window earnculy, and peicrived a vrry 
beautiful hand iiAic out ihcftai. v^ch did open and ^ui k it$^t% 
very ipccdily. By which inuginins and chinking that some woman 
that dw«lkd in that hoiu« had done ut the charity And bmcfit, 
in token of our thankful mindt, we made our courttrfiet after the 
Moomb faihkw, by inclining o( our headi. bending of the body, 
anil pr^tnng our bandt to our broaitft. Wkhan a while after, there 
dppeveid out of the iame window a Jiltle cross made of canei, which 
pffMcntly was taken inajrain. Thitnjcn did confirm us in tbeopimon 
dm dstre was some Christian la^man captive in thii place, and 
chit w wa* fthi* which did to us (hf counew; but the whtifft>rw of 
b«r band, and Iter rich b/acelecs, deoroyed thii pcewmplinn: al* 

». we did, ootviitbsraoding, cof^eavre that it wis some run** 
Ivutian, whom their masters there do very ordinarily tike to 
yea, and Mcouot vtry j-ood hap to hj^hc on one of ihem, for 
thn* ar? much mm acfouai«d of than ibe wtimcn d the rurion icseU. 
'Yrl in all Ukm? i!ifc:i>urar< wr rfraycd irrey fir fniai t!v tru«h of 
tltoacadent;4ndsa,fTom thenceforward, oil our tuning of the time 
^m tBBploT«d in hehddcng that windcvw u our noftfa* whcftin had 
.*pp«ired the ctar of the cane. But fifteen days poned over, or we 



396 DON QUmTE 

CQuLd <lcicr) vitber ic or ibe hdnd again, or ^ay ether aijEO. Ami 
aJthougK in ihe cncantirtK wc cndcuvourcd ^U that imtc roi^hj tuVob 
v^ho dv^«Il<d ia th*t house, or whether there were auy ruu|p 
Chrirtian therdfi, yet never a. one cguld lell u» any other Uiinjp bvl 
that tf belonffnl in :i very rich arti nrJvIe Moor, ciUed AgaimorXd 
v/lva had hnrn toiKUihlc of ihc P«I3'4 digcuiy Awong them o( 
grot qailii). 

'Ifiit when wc thoUjiK k-ast that ic would rain any mote ziiDift 
by that w.-iy, we saw the cjiw m<hiefi1y 10 appear and aaocber Um 
hanging 00 it, wbofe hulk wu much j^reaicr. And this bcfel wKo 
the badi wa^ (reed uf cuoaiuT^ and void, ;ii iht oiher time htion 
We inj<le tlic accuMomcd crut, r\ery one ;)tr|fj<Mciuaf{ h belore 
but without efEccE until I came: for presently, u 1 apptouchfd it 
W3S permitted tc falL [ orkticd the koo:, and found enwrcatlbcd itt 
£ony ducju oE SpanUh gold, with a kurr written in ihc A 
tijngui^ and m the cvul ihrrmf wai; drawn a very grcar croo. I ki 
itie crnu, tooL ej;> ihc rroniryi i;ind returned agjin to the battkmmtk 
and wc jlII logcihcr tnjtdc oui receivers T\k hand alio tppcortd. i 
m^bde «tgns thai 1 would read the paperi and the window wu AiA 
incontjocotly. AH ol m vi^^t marvellotuly 4iCOCiLiabcd,7Ci jojCd ai 
that which had bef:»ll<ni us; and by reason that none ai ui undo:; 
blood iIm! Aijlitan tongue, the <Jetire that we hud id undencand 
conieJila of the letiei wai ^urpauing fL^^^* ^^ greater tht di 
to itt\d oul some irutey pef.wni ibat inight road it. In the end 
tolved 10 Irua in thii aSi^t a rtmngatc of Murcia, who did 
himtcU :o be my very great friend, and hanng. by my Ubffrdicy and 
nihrr gnr>d uim\ dnne sccfrdy, ohjignl him to be nfCfet in the aihii 
wlterciu ] would u&chim — ioi MJine rujugatctareacciuiuni^ whec 
they have an imcntion to rciurn into the Chniaan countrio, tu brint 
with them testimonkt of the most principal captivo, wherrin they 
inform, and in the amplest manner they may, how the t 
honeit man^ and thai he hiidi erer done many good tu^'.. 
diriitiant, and ilut ht; Itaili himself a deure 10 esape by tlic & 
commodity* Socne ruiygatct t^c ;irc which procure tho*e 
monies (uwefdyi nnd with 4 jc^xxi inicotioo; uvliert take the 
of them eklxr by chofice or induttry, who, iotctuhnfe to go and rot 
tmo the counirin of Chriutanfj if by diance ihey he aitny or 


htifig ioah tbeir lotunoniei, aai ay ilul hy ihoie papen auy be 
aiUcctc^ the purprac whcrcvith^ they camct Uut is, 10 rctruia in 
Chntuan cvunCnet, :iad ih;it iheretore tbey came abroad a-piniliQfC 
wiih ibc other Turlcx; ami by ihi« meaiu ihry e«upr tlvM drtt brum, 
sml jrc reconciled i^in to the OtJrch, wiihrAit rccaviit^ nay h^m 
at aiii and whcfl ibcy ca|>y dKJr time, 60 ittiim dg^in into Barbiry, 
ID be Hich at ihcf tvttfo before. Others thcTD arc which pnxurc thf»c 
whiin^i with 3 piiro imentioOf and do aii«f EUy in Chrittuo coun- 
ui». W«[l. thii m> friend wai a rumgate of th'a bat kind, wdw hod 
the iniimotuoof jJl my oMnpaiiauitv wberetii viv dkl oimmend him 
Aft amfjy ai vie coiAd devbe. And oertsmly if ibc Moors had Found 
iho«e p^ptn oboui him, Uie)- u-ould have burnE him for it. 1 under* 
oand bow be could tpealc the Arabian loogue very perCecUy, and noc 
only thsc alone, but abo write il wilhal ; yet Mom I would whofly 
hnak my mind tn him, 1 rtqucsted him tn tr^\ mr thsi vrall whkh 
1 hjd found by chance in a hole oE my cabin. He opened iip ind nood 
a good while behotding and conumin;; '.hereof* rmirmuring some- 
what between his teeth. \ demanded therefore of him wWJmt bo 
umknrood it. And h^ answered ihat h* did very vi<elt, and thov 
if I drarfd to ki>r it trwulated vrrbstim I should hrtng unto htm 
|ie«i and ink* to the «ik) be might do it uofe completely. We 
pnocndy give ur.U) him thai which he aikcd. and he did irnnsloc^ it 
by hnle dibd hulc; and having fini^icd ii, he u>d, "All thjit ii h«fe in 
Spani:di, ti punctually, without omitciiig a letier, the contentt of the 
Mccin^ fopcr. A«! here you tmax iwie that wlirre ic uyv LcU 
M^nm^ il moiu our Lady the blested Virgin Maiy." We read the 
paprr, irhcrcof the cocuenn w^re ihcie which cnfue: 

* *'When I wj) a child, my father had a cenain 1-hrittun wo«ikaa 
optivv, thai tatighi riK in mine own tongue alhhe Chficiian relijjioii, 
and told me nuny things of I^b htarietu The Chrinian died, and 
I know lihr WHt not 10 the fire, but to Allah: Tik die appeared to me 
aftn her death, and bade me go to the Christian cotuiCfy to vee 
Manen, vrho loved me mtxh. I know noc hnw 1 may go. 1 
many Chrictiam thnmj^K rhis Window, and iMne uf them 
to me a gerulemaa hui [hytelf. [ am %«ry beautiful and 
^roung. and 1 have a greiat dmi nf richn lo cany with me. Sec tHou 
thou can«t oontrivi- the way bow we tnay depan, and 



ibah thcfc be iQy bus^iul. if thou plbisoi; and if Uiou wilt ooU I M 
no: greitJ)' catc. for Lds jLlnricn wiU provide me cjf a hutbtDit I 
wrou myieli the bUUi ; be thanrfDn wary wliom thou tnttfcn tt 
r«iid h. Do nnc uiw soy Moor; (or ibey are all of them daowlul 
vniiofu It » rhji tlui grScvcs mc nKHt oC all; for 1 wixiU) ont ba*v 
tbcvfif it wcfopouibtCfiodticloxihcniatlcr loaoy liviogbodjr; 
if my father did know it* he ^vouJd threw nac down iiuo a wkD. 
ofpr«» me in it with (toocs. I wiil bang a thread to the end tif 
oof^ and therein thou truyn be thio^ aoi^vo'. And ti thou caoa 
write the Araiaan, idl me thy mind hj aigin« for Lda Marien wiH 
make me to uodentaod it, wl^, with Allah, frcscive thoc^ vtd tha 
crou. whidi I do many timca ki>a; for «d iJk: capdvc onm 
me to da" 

"See^ fCood sir, if it W2t not grcm namot dut the rtaaooa 
hrDdrd in this lector should mmce and astoaiih hl And 
the one aud the cOvr wa> 40 ^ttau ai die nuug^te perxaved «d 
that the paper wis not ia\iad by cbaac^ but waa rtally addceoe^ 
unici tome ons e£ ut; and thetefbn desttd lU cwnettiyt that i£ dbai 
were tr^ie which he luipecied, that we wouhJ tnut uid tdJ k uoia 
him, and he wodd adventure hii hfe to procora our i^ennit AW 
laying thn, Iw uxik out of hit bnmm a ciudfia iii metal, and fm^ 
tcKcd, with ^Try many tort, by the God which that ixnagr nprr 
tented, in whom he^ aJihou|th a tmner and wicked muh, did men 
ftrmly bdieve, that be would be most loyal and cecrot to us in all ihic 
which wr iA<ould dUcorfr umo him; fnr H irvmrd To him, aoJ be 
ftbnou <hviii«dt that both Kiroarlf and ws all Uiould rroowr our 
liheniea by her niQacit that did write the knci; aod be ahould then 
aim Me himadf in the Jtate whk^ he meet denrnd. to wit. in the 
boeora of hit mother the holy Caihotic Oburcb: from which, tbm^ 
bia ig n o nttft and tin, he waa dqwted and divided gj an unpro faj ble 
anil citrTii|Tr mrmhtrr. The runajipie said iht« with b) many lean, and 
with such ciidcDt lukmi iif rqientaiKi^ as all uf oa copj ente J to 
our miodj unto him, and dccUrc the ittnh of the mancf ; aad ao 


recounted unto hiim ifae whok djaroma^ wohfiot ceormtin^ any df* 
cumiiance, and ihowed unto him the window by wfaidi the cuiewai 
worn to apfsesr; and he otarkMl the home from thanc^ atkl mted 
with apobal charge to tnfarm histMdf «^ <d dtom tfant dtveflnl 


dwritn. Wt thought alio dm it vn^ ftt\\:iwr to anvwvf the Moorish 
bdy*i Icttcf; ind thercTofr, having him pccicat lIui could to wtU 
ptrf on n xhii tjik, wv CJiueO the ruo^^.ttc lo d/iw out lo wswcr 
pPiiMuly at I did dUace it co ^um, whicn vtai puixti:iUy tuch ai 1 
vrill r^coutii; for of all the moA fuintantij] points chat b«fd me m 
ilut jiilair, f») on« i^ bBen out of my memoiy, tuar iloll «ver «« long 
ai t lun; hrejch. In c^ccl ihji which I ^luwvml lu thr Mctof wok 

' "Hlw mw AUah prewrv^ you. <kAr bdy, ^nd thit blcsMd Mvi«n 
who IS ihc iriM moilwT of God, and is «h« rh^t hath put ia your mtcid 
iha dv«in* to go inio the CKntiian cc*mrnri, hrcauv ih^ doch l<nf 
you wvtl- I'ray iimo Kcr thsi ^ wtlJ vtxKh^fr lo tiutrua you bow 
ytni nuy briii|; ihc m^itcr to pau which diccomiDUKkih you to do: 
ior ihc u io good *s the will cauly condescend to do it- As for my 
pift. I do promii«^ ac wvll for rnyM >k for llwue otbcrChrutijiu that 
are with me, to do £or ^x>u all thai we are able to do until death- Do- 
SOI omii lo write uiro me, and acquaint me wnh your puqxMeit and 

I wSl aiiTWer you rvrry ivmc; for gieM AQah hach gWen us a capciv^ 
Qirisiufi that coo write and rvad your lanpjagc w«ll, as you may per- 
mve by Um pspd >0 that you may Mcurcly, uod withotM any dreads 
adviw us of all that you ifuU think good. And as concenung that 
whkh ymi oy, ihoi yoa ^11 beoocne my wife afrvr w arrivr m ihi? 
Oiriffian aximrin, 1 (krpracoise you ihr same, at I am a good Chhs- 
tian: and you ihsD uadenumd that ihc CKtistiam do oocompltfb 
tfacir words far better than 4t> iho Moors. AiUh and Marien hts- 
malher pmerv« you, my deafuc Isdyl" 

The letter bdng written and MKlowd, 1 expected two day?, that 
ibe baths miglid be free vi UHioiurv; iu ie w^ wont, winch ^ won 
n >c bcfrL 1 ^vcnt tip to my acctutotned pbce of the boriletnenEs, to 
see whether the cane appeared; which wai presently after ihruM otii 

II the window. And as soon as 1 percenvd it, although I could not 
note who il was that set it, I showed my paper, tn give them warning 
m t«f ofi th^ thread; but it wn alteady hnn^g thmnn ; ID the which 
f tjnl (hr letter, and ^thiD a wlulc after began to appear our itar, 

the white fbg of peacCt and the knolted hncn; which ihey let 

tod I c«oti tipt and I found tberctn, in diven sorts of money ami 

morv than hfty ilucscs» whk^ RsfoobM oar )oys mon- thin f ftv 




timetf sad coafinn^ <h« ho(9« 

coocelvcd oC jp^iwiq 
itif vrry um^ ni^M our rurkaf^aie reiitriwd u> tiu and lot 
hdd Icirceit ihdt (lie ^ny uittc Mcxn \^^uch wc werr inlimiud 
bcforct called Aguimomlo. dwelt there, and ym cxcduw iklt, 
bad one only dau^bicr, the heir oE atl His goodt; o( whocn the 
nioa oploion chrouj^lwut ilic city w^ tku (he wu the tumt 
of all Barbary; and tkic nujiy of ibc vknoyt dui camt thtft h>d 
dcfnandrtl her in wifr, hci \Ur wr»iiM n'^trr rfvi<l>^vrn<1 10 my oocui 
of iiurrtd^; and thai he Ukcwj^: baj uudavuud Ulil »br !ud 
•omctimM a Uirbcioji CJfxivt, wbcb ik>w was doccucd: aU wbdi 
iigrMdwUhthccoDteDUof UieUutf. Wc preacnUy caitf cd ia covuiol 
with ihe nuugate ibouc the m^m we were to lue 10 CmcH av^y i^ 
Moof, and come all u( ta to Chriuian litMti; and in ii>e eoil m 
cooduded tci Jilieiiil, fur ibit tinw; the leomd advke of Zoraidi (P'ni 
to wu ahe tKcii cuiicdt who oow [oem to tumc kcrtelf M^mk 
foriunuch 11 wt cleaHy perceived that it wu she, and none otiicf, 
thac could mtfu»ter to ui the moant to retnow oU lfac« di&ulao. 
ASxet we h-4i\ eeucd on thii rctolurbn, the nuugate bid tis be of 
I^XKl ojungc, fur he would oigage Kit life* or »cf ui a libmy. faai 
tUys oJicr, the baths were trcubkd with people, whkb vn» va 
occacioa that the cane appeared bot aV thai while; but thai imped- 
oMnt beiQg iCDXwod. lAd the occuttonwd f^f"** wurDed^ tttf oot 
did agg^in appeir, with a Ur»ca ban^ng ihtfttt vo grouly unpnfMd 
u U pcomifcd to bf deiiterfd of a moat bappy burden. Doth cine »ni 
liocft beat tfatmaelvat to wntm ftod t& tbcis I hwod anotbn pa|xr, aod 
a kuodreddiac*uiA9Dld,bendn<)chiriRull money. The rua^ate 
wai pecttot, 4od wt gave bun th« kCMf 10 r«ad, tbe ctfea wfamoJ 
wai thtt! 

' "I know not, fiood nr, whM aria to giv« fur onr gpkng. 
Spain, nor faath LcU Marvcn told m* anything cancenting 11, 
thoogb I have deoundcd ber ootinad. Hut wbkh at pKKnt 1 
cnw tuy be done ia, thai I wiQ tlvn^gh this windcnr give 
f«u gtm mm of fM»cy, where w ith yon may radoara yo«v«e)f 
yaarlrienda. And let one of you pi iatn the Chiiaun'c couniry aoi! 
buy ft btfqne^ end §tm mum fef Eui IeUdwv and he thall Bad v^t 
in my faehEr*! ftftkm which ii ai the ptc of BAaxon, war to ^flj 
, where I nxnn 10 May all the atukom, with my father jdH 


J fcrv^u; from wiicncc you m^j ukc me out bddly )>/ ni$l», 
And carry me 10 the boniue. And ac« well tlut thou ^ilt be my 
htiiluad; fur if tliou xvUi iuk« 1 will d«fnaiid of Marim 10 chimie 
ihee: vm) if Ukhi fUri^ tnm nt^HxIy to ^1 (or Uv? vateU irJeein 
dtyvrit juid i^o, for I know tlkw ^ili rather return thnn .motlvi, 
sctu^ iIkhi Alt A ^otlcfnan and a ChnKEian. Lcjrn out ihc g^dcn, 
ood when 1 kq ihcc walk ihcrc where ihou now an, 1 wiU make 
acaKUK thai th# both u empty, and will giv» thoc grtat store of 
moMf. AHah pr «* f v g ibctf*, my Ae&r friendr 

*Thoc wvre the commts of the vrcotul letter, which beiog heard 
fay lu aIL every one offered to be huniclf the ramoDoed pemo, and 
pfwmied 10 go and return with all punctuality, and anonjc the rctt 
I alio made a profTet of mywlf ; to all which re«olutiont the runagate 
opposed htmieU, uyinj; thii be n^-ould ^oni^nt in no wi^e thai any 
noe of ot ihouU) br i[e«l uiiiil wr nrrc -11 tu^eilv^r deUvrrvd; for 
dpencnce had uughl him bow cvij ranionxd men were wont to 
keep thoK procnucfl which they passed in the (imcs of their thraldom; 
fur many timei certain principal captivvi had iniie that kind of 
iha], redeeming of some orte or nher chai should go to Valencia or 
Mafom, wjih mwey to frrighr a h;irqiir nr frig-Jtr, and mum for 
fum thai had raawmcd ihrm, and did never rirturn again: for the 
ncovercd liberty, and the fear of ativenturing 10 lose it again coo- 
coning, did bk)C out of their mcmorv all the oilier ohlit^attooi of 
the world- And 10 confirm (he truth whkh he averred, he briefly 
rtcnumed unto ut in jrcident whkh befd much ahoui the um^ 
time ID certajo ChimJan genilemen, the tirangeit v I )oppr>v- that 
rtrr hippened in tho« quinen, wherein do succeed crcry other 
ibv events full of wonder and aJtniminn; and therefore concluded 
th^t what ought and migju be done w^t, that they would give unto 
him to buy a banjue inch money ai ihey meant 10 employ to the 
nmoin of a captive, and hr ivouM buy ix thrrr tn Algiers under 
pretext of becoming a merchant ar^d iakk>r in Tctuan and that coiit. 
And being once owner of a barttue, he would easily devne how to 
kavvibcmout of the bothi and embark them all: how much more, 
stf ih^ XCooriih lady £d at ahe ptoinbed, give them money enough 
^^b mftKxn thetn all, wai It a most euy diing. they being free, 10 
^^nbari thcmielTei ai midday. BiM the (nateu diCcuky in this 


aifair vn^ thit tlw Moor» use not to pcnwt »nj nimjjpnc tn buf 
barques or otbcr fmoll vcwd, biit only gmti vends ot WAf ; tor 




do» IE fnr no mW end b<K lo rein ^wAy to (Uimtian coufiCnes. AM 
yet b« knrw how lo (jciliuic ttui inconTciucacc, by inducifli^ i 
Taj;gciux Moor to become hit pirtncf ol the birque Aod ibe baoi 
tiat tfaould be gottcQ by tW conunoiiiucs ihrrtof* and wiib ihu 
colour b« ift*ou]d b«com« Jord of ii hixnftriC, sod Uutcwithal ^anmad 
ifae matur «i<]«<l. And ilibough thn myielf and my axnndci bU 
it ibe bcaicr uiuiac lo usul unio Mftlk/rcj (ur ooe, u the Wnifiifc 
loidy uid^ ytt durtt wc not contradia Uiin, Ccarfid ihot tF wc did pr< 
wh^t he would luvc ut lo do he would flz3co^c^ us ud cndanittf oar 
livM, ir he did oiKo detect Zomida'f pcdctic«£t for the ttlt|E\ia<d c' 
wbo» li(c ^"c woiJd all of ui most vHUin^y >d«vntw« out own, 
Aod ihcrefoirv we dfterminrd to piic ounelvcf inio Ood"! and (^ 
riuugMe'A kiodi- And to w« oiuwcrcd at Uw tune iaMam n 
Zonida* idling brx thai ^« woold aocompluh «Q that ihe hid 
admoabhed ut^ becduM bIm had advertwd lai u vrcEl u if Ldi 
Mirko had told her whai the diovdd oy, aftd chat tho dihiinjt of 
shortening of the ait^ir did i:onu« only in hersdf- I did rWfer mpfli 
anew ii> bcuiine her liotbaiid; and with ihit llie (Uy eouxiitg whma 
the bath wat aJsu Irett she Mnl me down at diven tunea by tlv ciae 
two thouiand ducjts and a lutler, wherdn (he said that sbe vmdM 
go to her father's garden ihe next Jtitnu, that ii, the Fnday ioUowisjU 
and that before she t^vnt away sbe would givf us more raoDiy: 
and thji if it hctc iiot cnou{;h, vrc ibotdd adviir hcT, and she muU 
givo uoio us ^ much as we would demand; (or her fatlier had w 
much trcaiure 2s he would ncv«r perceive it; how muck mom 
Meiiifi (he had and kept the k«y« of sll. Wo gave 6vt> hiudnd 
Cfcmiu prvMiulr to the runafcai4> to buy a barqiM^ and wirti cjpbi 
huitdrcd I redf«m«d cnyielf, giving the money to a Valendaa nrr- 
thini which wii at th^i xason tn AlfcicTi, whn did ransom ma di 
the king, lakitii; me forth on his word, which be pa«od 10 pay mr 
ransom at the arfi^-al of the first ship that should cowk from Vaka- 
da; for if hff had deU^'«rcd the tvoovy tnsondy, ii ««>ald hi«« 
given occasion to iha king to mspoa ihst my nntoen wu rnaiw 
day* bcfocv in Aigi«r», and thv the morcbam had kept h 


auk« his bcnrfit tWcof, Finail)', my nuuicr was 10 caviUoiu u 
1 dunt ikoc in any wife pay him presently. 

niir ThuTMljiy Ixii^e ibe FtJdiy (j( ihe b&iutiful ZufaiJa't cfe- 
pGUlure tuvTJicU llir gJiJcn, sivs gave utito la other Iwx) thoosiod 
Juiiats, and dul likcwbc adifuc lu of ber itotog away, coueguog me, 
that u >POCi M I lud ruuofnoil myself, 1 tbould Ic^irn ihc viiy to 
iIm garden, snd ukc occuion howso««f m go to ii, ^nd tec bo-. 
1 anni'pfrd hn- brirffy ih:iT I would do so, and prayi^d Urr iKji kIw 
would ^leftilry commend our ptooerdin^s Lo Ldd Mariot mdi 
ihoac prxycn wbxh il>c captiTc lud uugbt ber> Thb being donei 
«rdcr vnj alto pven for ihr ranwminj; oc my three CDmp^oioQt 10 
facfliuie our £nue oat of the bather and abo th» tliey Meu^ me 
free, and tfiefni^JT« urde4ivprf<L m:ght not be (roobled of pw- 
tmcfcd by thr drvil in do iiiythfOg in {irrjtidlcc (^ 7or;i»dj; fnt 
altbottgh that d>cy, bcicg the men of thai qudlily (hey were; mi>Eh4 
aaare me frocn diis fear, I would not, for all tbBt» adventure the 
muttr; and tlierefote \ c;iufed ihetn 10 be nntomed by tb* aunc 
mmot xhM 1 W3t redeemed myself, ^vlnj; all ifae money tt> the lur- 
chtDt, ihit he mfghi wth The nxjfe svrurky pan Mi word foe ue^ 
to whom yd wr De^tt ifid diacovrr otir pniLike and went, by reuoo 
<J the cnunent dinjcvr of the di scovfry thereof.' 


WHEftUN' TitK Cimii Pnomcurrni Tim Pleaunt 
NAKEA-noM OP ittu Ltn 

FIFTEEN days QVre not fully expired wboi the rtinapK 
bou;t^c ham > vtry good barque. Me to hold thirty 
«j<f mi;rc; aiid for the better colour Ami usur^oce of hu 
xas; he mode a voyof^c 10 a pbce ciUcd Satjei, whidi U di£ 
Icapjcs dutanc &ofn Algiers tovrird« ifac ^de of OraOi uid u 
grut plicc of traffic for dry iig& He mad« this vayage twtct 
thrice ia company with ths Tigarioft of whom we nude 
and ih« name ol Ta^guiDO is id Barfoory given 10 the Moon 
Ar^lEUAt Graiiadiit aitd MudiJAies. Aibd in the Lingdom of 
thooe Mudijarcs ve called Elchei, and are the natkn whkh 
king dotb xwM employ in warlike afUiit, Yoti ihall ihercforc 
stand that every cimc be poiccd by with hi< barque; he d>d om 
aacbor io a little civck. t^nco thd ibot of a cmnhow froca the 
garden wbereia ZorAida attended; and th^re thtf runagate nodd 
tn very good earnest, exerdtt hlnuelf with the Moori that ro^nd 
ehhcr to fly, or elte to ai^ault one another In \ci>u as be meant to da 
after in n^ood €an\cit\ and would now aod tbcn f^ 10 Zor^di'» 
garden and dcnuod fruiii, which ber BiJwf vrauld botow npA 
him, without knowing whit he wat: and althoci^ be detind \9 
have spt>S:^n with Znr^ida, at br told xrv afirrwiird liimself, aoJ 
have informed bcr bow it wn lie tliat wai to c^iny bcr away, bf 
my direction, into the land of ChriitianA, and Uuc sbt should 
fore live cheerful and aeciire, yet yns it oevcr poonbk 
ai the women of tiat nation do not sulTcr tbenuelvef to be 
by any Moor or Tiuk, if he be not rhe-Ir huifaand, or thai 
prenia command ibi-ni, yet tin ihey hauol and communicate tfacro* 
•clvea to Qiriubn captives freely, and that socnetimei more than ii 
conveoieoL And truly it would have grieved me that he sUxdd 
have spolcen to bcr, for perhaps it would have perplexed her OEtnor* 
dinarily, to tee her affair committeJ to the truK of a rtnufair: 


God, who did othcrwiw d;i[>otc tu did 001 concur with this 
dctirc oE our runagate, whoi iccing how uidy he v^<Qi and 
from Sargv], and thai h« uxindvd vihta and wtwrv ht 
and that the Tagaiino^ tut pinn«f, did only wha be tik«d, 
jnd ilut J was raniomrd, and nothing die wanting but to find out 
xjroe Chmli;tn dut wouJd row, lie bade me belhinV myicU what 
men I would bnng away with me be^de those thji I had nuuDcned^ 
and thai I should warn them to be ready ogainA ihe ncKt Friday, 
v^Mttin he WB retolved iKjii we thouJd deport. 

*SeetQg this, I (pake u> iwrlve Spanbrds, very luuy rowcn., and 
ihovc thai cmdd wiih moM liberty get out of the city; and it wm 
not A Ifttle matter to find to nuny there M that tjine. foe there wen 
twieoty gaDeys .ibrojd a-robbing, whkh had carried all the other 
wwm% wKh them, and theve were leh behiod, becattse their maAef 
dk] keep ac home that i-ammer 10 finish a galley that wu on the 
tfocLi >-iiukin^. Td thor 1 laid on*hing tIk, bur only warne*d them 
that (he Friday ensuing, in the evening, they should dmely steal 
oot by one tstd ooe^ and go towards Aguimorato'f gardeov and 
then expect me until I can>e unto ihem. 1 gave ihi& advice to every 
OM cf than apart, wkh order alto, that although they uw any 
nthet Chfutian there, rhey should tell them nothing «iie bm that I 
had commaoded them w ex|>ect me; in ihjt place. 

niiij dilfgeoce beiOK uW, yet ^jnted ihfrc another, which was 
the mwft etpedtcnt of ail, to wit* to advise Zoraidi of the tcnm 
wherein our aiTairt did uand, to the end the might be hkewise ready 
and peeparecl, and not affrightedt though we did aiuult her before 
the rimr iKii ihe cotJH Imagine the Kirque of the Chnwian* to he 
come to fetch her; aod thcrefote 1 resolved in go myielf into the 
prdcn, and Ke whether I might s^ttxk with her. And uking the 
eoeiMO to go and gather some herbs, 1 went ttmo U the day before 
our departure, and the tint penon with whom I encountered wai 
IwT father, who demanded of me, in a language which in aD Bu>* 
and Connantinople if uvudly ipoken by the Moon la their 
jvea, and Is neither Arabian, Spani^i. nor o( ^ny other tutkin, 
r^thn A mmure of all bngtu^vK whrrcwrth iQ laf ua ondcr- 
one another; be« ] uy, in tlui kind o( speech. ctenMiidad of 
1 VKtfiu ht in that hia garden, and to whom I dkl btkMig. 


1 aiu.w«re<] ilut I W31 OM Arnamte Sitmi his «li%«e (and 
1 W4ft very ocvlamly luCaiaied ihul he wv bb mtiro 
dut I cjiRie dutbcr to jfaiher of all aocts ot herlM to nuke a alid 
tk oocucqticatly atkcd of mc wticchcf 1 wax a nua of tanaora a 
ao> Rnd how much my iru»ur dcnuod«d toe cac Aad Mag 
thoie c)W>tioQ« and d«ouads, the Seauciful ZorakU dMcnMled 
d>e botue into die saxd«i, who luO «*vpied ine j good while 
And at (be MuocUli wtjriitn do mx gieatly cMrjiij^^e dieouclva fita 
die sighii of Chm^ian^ nor arc m dieir bciuvuitv or convcnauic 
with them ;Lnyxhmg ii\ucMmiA, a» we have slid oliody, ibc did n^^ 
grcady fvar to npproocb due pUcc wbcrc her father talked widi m, 
btic Hither h«f £athtr percdving that ihe came on ilowly, cGd 
aod conunaodnl her 10 dr<iw near, 

'It iwfc 4 dun^ iiQpouifattf foe lae to rtcouot the ^ett bctuty 
£&lUoL dt>pc«ii>on, or the bravery and riches o£ uiire wberao m] 
bekjv^ Zoraitia then shoift^ herwdf lo ncuoe vytu I wiU ooJy 
thu, that tlirn; hung mor^ \>eir\s ^t her ears» cupetbuvc dit at 
and kiir, than ibc hiih luiri oa her bead; ahoui the wri&U oj 
legs, which were naked, after the maniker of her CDiuUrrj ihe wmr 
two carcjLXci (for so the nuojcles or biacekts of the feet arr cilU 
in the Morcsoo toDguc) of tbc finest goU. wherein were codiavd v 
many diomondt, that, at fh« told me after, hsr tuber valued thtni 
31 tw^nt) thousand crowns; aod thofc .ibour thtt wrists of her faasdi 
wenr of a\uii «ie«tn. Her pearU were muny, and those mrM uneni; 
Ear all die chief bravery ind omameoi of the Moucidt bdii 
in the Adorning of thenuelve* with pcarb and pcarl-tccd. by 
whereof there js more pearl* and pcarl-ceed to be found amoof 
Moort than among all other naciona of tho world. And Zoraidi'* 
father had ihe fjme co have nuny, and throe the very bear dtJi 
were in Algiers; and also at>ove two hundred thuunod docau i^_ 
Spanidi gold, of all which wai she the lady who now b mine. 
If iftrJi all thu omamcni she cmdd dieii seem fair> by the rdka 
have remained unio her amoAg to many loboun. may be 
gueaed what die would have been iniheiiroeof pmiperity; for all o( 
ua tlo knnw tlut ihr heatny «( some n'ranen luih limiiBd dtyftM^J 
■■r^y, and requimh cen^n accidenu eithcf to diminlih q^^H 
crease it; and it ia a thuig oMural 10 the pavaooi of the mbul, Aha ' 





raUe or ftbue it, boi mott co«nmoaly th«y vrboUy deflroy it. I'o 

bric^, J oy ihat iIk arriv^ lo tlie pbce where vre disoourMd ai 
ilivi (imp, mixi richly Jttiml, and bmHtifid brynnd mtaniff, or 1 

lean deemed hrr the fatrm ilui 1 had ever bdbcid uniil then; 
bcnwiib^i rcn>enabcfiAs the obligation wbcreiti iUc b;id tied 
tliougbt th4t some deity b«d presented itself in my ^ew, being 
ima ben>Yft to the ennh for my recreation and relief. 

'Ai nx>n ai ihe wm ainvedj her (jihcr (old her tn her own lift- 
gmgr how 1 was hit (ri<^il Amaine M:)mt hift c^ptivv, nnd iKii 1 
came there to ^bcr a ubd; then the, uking the ipeech, denunded 
In dMi medfey <A tongues of wbidi 1 have tpoken^ tn'betber 1 wai 
a geotktiua, and ubii the feuon vnt why I redeemed no: tnyMlf* 
1 ma3e uuwer diat I vnii ilieady ranvmed, and by the ranvom 
ini^ be conrectuted in honr miKh my matter valued me, scdng he 
had for my lilterty a ihtn:v:in(l Atv\ five hi:iidrft) tT^tamic. To ihit 
the wuwcrcdt "In good woili, if ihon weri my father\ 1 would 
<Wtte kim not to givie ihoe for twice ai much more; for you Chm- 
lUiM are f?t^\ lure, and do nuk« every one of yourselvea poor mcii, 
in d«frai>d the Moofi of their due raoEcm." "It may weU ht », 
ttiarhm " quoth I* "but I have, for my pan, u*ed ill irmh tn tfe 
aftair wUh my mairer, and do, and will uw irmh wiih v muiy 

Eiofu as I shall ever have occasion to treat vith in this world" 
"'And when don thou go away?" quoch Zofsida. "To-coorrow, 
I bdwve," qi>o<li f: ^iat there is a French vetsd here which ccct 
ik to-morrow, and 1 n>ean to depart in her." "Were it i>oc bcmr* 
nptted Zoraldj, *^o expect mm\ vttseU ct>mt out of Spain, and ga 
vway with them, than wi;h iH;»e af Fiance, wlikh are not your 
bknds?** "No^** qtioih I ; 'although ii it were true, as the newt runa, 
thac there domes a vtatel from Spain, I would attend U; htit yet it 
u more certain fl»t 1 ihall dtpart to-morrou'; for tho detirc I haft 
•• «K myvtf at boot In my oountry, and with those penons whom 
I Irtw, Ik so gnat ai il will aoc permit me to eipea any otl*ef com. 
modicy iliat Cunsimm itidE, hi* it never so good." ^Hlmo an ikmbt- 
hady mairad in thy country,** laSd Zoraida. ""and therefore dcsiroi 
«> 1^ )ee thy *rife-'* "I am not nurried," quoth 1; "but I ha*c 
my xvord to marry as s«>n aa I am there aJdy arrived" 
b she beautiful lo whcon thou halt paurd it?*" qtjoth ZoraJda. 



"So beiuiif ul," nid 1, "u, to cndiur it ind tell you th« truth, At U 
very like unto younelf." tknai her fidier htighcti v*«ry bttfUlVi 
and uid, 'In good oamui, Chmcbn, the mutt be very bir 
oonnpcue with my daughter, who is the mou beatniful r.: 
kiDgdom; snd if thou wUt not believe mev link oa bcr wdL mi 
tbou abalt aee Out I idl tliee but the truih,'^ He hlmKLlf, ^ moot 
pcrfea in the lon^i^Ct did terv^ for the iiuefprctcr oi nuuc of our 
speccbei: for althoujch she could tpeok that illfuJEitiTTUic bnjpu 
whtrfi ii there in use> yet <fid the manifcu her miod niorc by fi| 
than by wordt. 

"Whilu tbu« wc reasoned of miny maitea, there came rvAtiui 
towards ui a ccrtaio Moor, jrd told [u& injstcr how four *] ' ' 
leaped over the garden w^lls 4iid were g^ihcfing the ! 
though d^ were uot yet ripe. The old man and bb dtufifaur 
Zofiida staned hereat; for it U an universal ind nnttirsi defect ifl 
the Muortt to frjj- iliir Ttiik^, bm ifmbUy llt«- luldii^i d( tlut Baiiotw , 
wiio are conunonly 3u uiiolctu, aod have tuch conynAod orcr Ui^H 
Moofs that Are their suhjccu, as they do utc thctn worve than i^^ 
the)- weft; tli«ir slaves. Therefore Zoraidj'i father lak! uiuo htt , , 
"Daughter, retire ih)-«e[f into the hou«e, and keep thyKlf in, whiU^fl 
t go \fKaV ID thcif? dc^K. And ihmit Chrinun, go iind Rvk oat ihii^^ 
beib«, and ilcp^n in a good hour; and I pray Allah [o oundtta thee 
lafely to ihy cooDtry." I inclined myidf to hiin* Jind he defuned 
ID search out Uw Turk^i leaving me alone «ith Zoraida, who began 
to make ado av U ^ went whither her bthet had comRtinded her. 
But icjrce was he eoverod amoi>g the tr^rs of ibe garden, when ibe 
nturiied to mt^ with bcr eye^ full of leai^ aud said, "Amcxt, 
ChmtiaDO? smexi?" that it. "Gocu thou away. Chruttan? Covss 
thou awiy?' J aniwered, *'Yei, bdy, that I do; bw 1 wtU neva 
depart without thee, £jq>ca mc the next Fnday, and bo not 
tffrighted wheo thou tlult tee ta; for we will gp to the Chriidan 
country ihen vriihoui all doubi-" Thni 1 sud tn lier '•' 
ifac understood all my wordi ^07 wcU: »id. caOin^ 
my Xkeck, ihe began to tratd with Ungubhlt^g steps iowarJ» 
house; and fonuoe would (which mi|;;ht have bevfi %i 
Heaven had qdI rectified il) that at we walked t/^fttU^ 
manner and form, her ^her (whn did by ihU recumr aftrr he 


the Turki to depirr) e&pled lu: ami vrt uw alto very w«Il 
he had perccivttl ii»; wbrrefori; Ziirdib, nba is very doacel, 
would net take ^vny bcr Arm from my nccic, but rather drew nearer 
ufUD me, snd Uid h^r bcid on my brcui, and bawc«l bcr knees Jt 
bitk, with evkkfti token thai she SMywncd; stud I hkcwite rukIc a« 
tboogb Idid lutuia her up by ior<t. Her fa:btrcamtt runmng over 
fonmrds us, and, seeing hU daughter in thii stat^ deminded the 
caiuc of ha; but ^iig Uie made 110 aDt»weT. he biiruclf %nd, "Sbc 
doubd«uIy U diinuyed by ihc n>Jden aflri^ht ihe Cook at the co- 
traixv of thoM dop"; and. tJkmj; her away from mc, be bowed her 
to hii own breafl; and she, breAthinj- ou; a d^ with bcr tyt% yet 
full of leari, tiid -igaln, "Amcii, Chn4ii:iEiu, arocxi," — 'X^o 3wa>, 
Cfaritfian; go jw^y." To tvhLli her faihrr rc])licd, 'Hlvte ii iki 
laiuc, ctao^htcr, whf ihc Cbrlttian thoukJ |>o away; tot he bad) 
done <bce no b^rm. aiu) tbc Turiii 3rc already depancd.*" ""Sir, ihe^- 
havc affti^tcd her/' quoih 1, "ai you hava said; but ^^et siiKC she 
haih eommandvd mc co go away, I wtLI not o^nd her; tbefefon, 
rat ID peace; for I will ri^iufn. if it pleaw yon to give me leave, for 
hefba DO tlu» gatdcn ^Wn it ii oettlfu); for my master »>:i aoae 
better are to be found for aaladi id any jcarxlcn than you bare in 
duk" ''Come as oft as ihou w^li," said Ajcuimoraio ; "for my %^o uj^bter 
lays noc iKi} In respect thai thou or any othef Chriitian bath o^ended 
her, but thai, meaning to tay thai the Turks should 90 away, she 
bade ihre to defxin. or dsr tlie spake ii bccau«e it is time for tbcc to 
Ifaiher tbinc hcHM."* 

'With iKis 1 look leave of both, and she seemed at ihe inntani of 
mf dtfpnn^ire to hat^^ had bcr hvan corn away from h«f as sh* 
depiMed with her father-; and I, under colour of si^elcinjj herbs tveoc 
^sMii aQ the ^^rtlen at my lenure. jnd vieis-ed all the saLbet and thft 
cntfancei tlirrci>f, ilie streiij;tK o( ibe houie, and the eommcidiljeft 
Uun mij^hr be olTered to facilitate our enccrpeisc- lliis bein; done. 


homr, and made a relation to the ruoagate and my other 

I of all thai had passed, and did long initnkcdy to Me the hour 

in 1 might, wtthmir any atTrti^hi tut dang^, pncaets that happi* 

whJeh frifTune, in the fair and lovdy Zi^rasda, oAcrvd unio me, 

the liior poised over, and tlic ho much devrcd d^f and term 

; and, every one of «is followtag th» order wliicb, with 


mature cooideratkn and long discotmi^ wc had agnwd oo, m 
loimd the good mxcra wr ctrvfcd; ka the srry Friday £i>IIomi| 
die day whe^dn 1 had tpoken wiili Zoraida la Uk giidcu* httxta^ 
(for lo wu ihc ruQ3gaic called) ncAt rngfix cam UDchor jdnwA ii|^ 
befort ih« pUcc nhemo U»c beauulul Zoraicia n^moioML The 
dsn^ alto, ihjt were lo row were Tudy. and hMidea it) mndr> 
thefejboiiii. Al] 'Aere Hfs|3e»cJ«i, JtiJ moIuEcly cx|>ecii>d my 
iD^. Jeiinnii 10 let upon fW tKinjue iluit was ticfiM^ ihdr (jlt; 
for tbcy knew not oE the agrocnutu due wa« bcr^-cca me aod t^%J 
niaagmc, but rathe* in»dc lull acfouni thit thcry were to j^im i^>c^^ 
hberty by hnx o( arm», ofid killing the Moor» thai caroo m tlur 

'It ibere^orc bcM ihii, u wort is I aad my fellows appealed, dD 
ikc rcM that were hidden, cipicd ui^ mjide fonhwidi over umranfa 
tu. Tbii wju ai an hour when the dty gat» were »hut. axid oevtf 
s body dbrond anwn^ aU diOM fkJdt, And wivn wt were ail tl^ 
gedi«r, we were in doubt wheibrr ix would b«'bac iifit lo jpi afaJ 
fccch Zoraida, or to tmpriKNi jnJ stone the Taragin Moori i 
rovrxd in the fHfaie* Aikd being ia this doiin* fhv runagjtr ca 
to uip «ikiftg upon what we st^yedi for ii vtaa now hi^h time 10 
going awaiy. and all bit Moors were rccchel««s, and the 
nuRiber of them Jidr^p. Wr lold him then the <aube ot oue 
And he answered ilut it was of moM im|>ortan» firn ro 
d»e vcaael. which might be dooe with very gieai faciiity, uid wi 
any pen]; dnd dut wc might go after (or Zor^ida. HU opinion Uk 
Us all very wetJ; a^d thee^or^ wiiho^jc lingering any loAger. 
leading the way, we came to the vnael> and he himself leispioje 
first uf all, Ml band to hii f.dcbion, and sjid in Mixtsno, ^Let nooc 
of >x)ti thac u Here atir himself, if he loves his life.** And Kaytn^ m\ 
aJI the ren of the ChnMiam entered The Moort, wUch were u£ 
hnle ipcrH, hcBVing their master uy 10. weee nurMDottUy 4inuzcd» 
and, withmn dating any one of ihcm to tei liaod lo iheir Arn^^ 
wfakh woe but ii few at all, they uiflend thcaiadvo very quia^| 
to be taken and bound by the Cfanitiant. which d>d it very drvia^^ 
ottdy, ihrcttentng them that if they did let dip ih« Utti uutery, 
riiould prvtoOy be all pin to che nvotd This b«ng ftm«h«d, 
ihe half of om people TvfnaIoia|| in their guard, wt thai w«r« 



lucnd abt> by tht rvnugatc, went lowardi AguiniDffMD'K gardra. 
Hie tloor thereof Jiil* h)r vtTy ^nl lup. upco uritli 4» imttf ma>c j& 
if ii lud bwJ 00 lock ai aU; wboMipiMi wc wem witk ifreat qujct- 
OM* and ukriKc towonb the house, unseen or efpkd d Any. 

Tbe bcuitiful Zoraida wa% the while expecting; us jii 1 wuMkvWt 
ami u sooti as ihc uw p(tif4e appmach, tknundeii, with a low %t»ce; 
wlK!thcT WG wcTT Nozjicnri, u if ihr miaU uy or atk wlictHer «e 
wcfc Chfittiuia. 1 anA^vcfcd iU*i Vfc ^^c. aiid wdlcd hcf to come 
dawn. As won as Ahc knew me, she tfjycd oot a cnmuic, but wiih- 
OUT jnsivvriDg any nord came down in an uuontt and, oproing the 
dooc, showed hcfielf 10 ui all. rooire beam ihd and richly atrind than 
] iun aUe in any tufi lu expreu. Ai wmi as 1 «aw her, 1 took ha 
by the band aod kmrd it; Ute umc did the iUiugatd and mf two 
Contradta; and all the roll wtuch knew m^ (he maccer. did u the> 
bad accn us do bdme ihcm; ior k seemed tiut we did no fiK>re bill 
jpTc her thanks, aixi acknr>wledge her the auctreu of all our hberuo. 
The fUEU^atP dctruitdc^l of her, tn her own Lmgtutci^. wKFtlier her 
fjihirf wnr ifi il'T garden or no. She auKwercd dm hr was, and 
that be ikpi* *Then will it be rcquince." quoch ihe rtinatcatc^ *io 
muiB him, and bear him and all the other things Oil worth in ihi» 
prd«i away with m." "Thai ihaU not be so." quMh (ht; 'for 1 
ivitl haw 00 mm to touch my father; and in this home there it 
aothtti^ ifi value, Imt thai which I mean to carry away wiih myielf, 
whicfs u 10 much as will be aufikicnc to cheer and eniich you all: aik 
if yon wdJ stay but a while, you shall perceire." 

'And sayiajc »0p she cotercd afam inlo the bcTute, prorauitijc to 
rttura to Lit speedily, and bade us ttaod still without making any 
BOue. I dnnan<lrd of the runaftair wh;ii speech had pawd between 
them, and be told mr all the had uid: and 1 autwrred htm -igAUip 
duu I would not have ^^a^daa will trtnsgrcucd in any sorti Dy 
dm imw the returned bdcti with a little cttket full of gold, k> that 
she was tc^rce able u> bear it. And her father, ta the mean tfatoo, 
bad fttfiiine, awaked, and heatd the rtoiie thai wu beoMih id 
and. kaJdng out at a winikm'. lie [vrcfived thai they 
'^ CKriiriaru that w^ere in it, and therdore cr>ed out« in a kiud 
aod luunravwable nunner, in the Arabian tongue, "Chmdatu* 
Chhitiaml thievn. thievesr hv which cries uv wvre all €>! us 


siruck^n into very grvai fear and coDfiuioo. But the nuutfit^ «& 
tpg ibtf peril wberciQ we were; unJ bcw nearly it oDoiivffticd bm w 
oocQc Ou^ from thai cnicrpriK bdorc lie were ducoimd, nn of 
vtfty speedily lo the ^acc inhere Ajruimoraio stood, uul *o<ne cf wr 
fdlows accompani^l him (for I dum r-oc ^ndon Zofakb, vrtxi 
had fa Ilea between mine arnu jU amazed); aod in fivictuuoo, thoic 
whicii lud mnunicdr brluvnl ihrirurJvn m wcll^ 3i thry broughi 
AguimouiQ down in a uio:, having tied hU lufid^ Afid $et 4 j:^ 
m his mouth, which hiiukrcd Ki> t|>ccch, thrt^ening bua Utf if 
he did %peak bjc a word it thoiild cott him hU tif«. 

'When his daujjhter taw him Eh« coiYfed her eyes, bvcaiuc ibc 
uvcdd nui beliold him; and be rturvelKl. wlioUy igrwring wuh 
how good a ^ill the come away with lu. But d>ea, osmadcfing thai 
Dochiog wa« 30 rM)iiisite as our legt, we did w;lh all vclociiy »a4 
dilif^cncc get into the fhgate; ftx our eomfscuiioiu did pcrpksedlj, 
cxpoci our return, half siraid that some disgrace bad boblkn 
Scarce vtrtn two hours of the night overrun, when we vrtfw 
ffmbjrkfd; and il:cn wc uiimanackd Zoraida'i bihcr'i liaodi^ s 
looic the cloth out of his mouth. Due the runagate did again adcEioo- 
ilb him thai, at he tendered his life, he »hould noc >poak ooc word 
He, bdioldioK his diughter liU^wiw ibeie, begin to u^ very M- 
ing(y, but chiefly pcrcnving me to hold her to tirkidy embraced^ tad 
that ihe nude no reuttance; nor diJ complain or leecn cojr, hui 
:&tood quiet; but yet lot aD that he kepc ulcocc^ bsain^ fe« thc| 
ihould put ihc runagate's menaces in ctectitkoo. Zor^da* aedn 
herself now talc widiin the barque^ and that we were n»dy to ro 
away, looking on her hdher and the other Moon that wen tied 
iherciTV (hp enirvuted the runag^itc to lel! me bow the denird 
to do her the favour lo ict ihoic Moon and her &iher m Uben 
for the would rather cast herself into the sea than see bcr 
who had loved bcr so detrty, cnnied away captive brbre her ryr 
ajid that alio by her oecaiion- The runagate told me her mind, an 
1 answered how I waa very wH! pl«asod it thnokl he n, Bur 
repluHl iha: it wa» in no uxi npcdienc, by rtmon that if they 
huukd there, ihey would presently rai*e the oofimry and put 
^^lolc dty into a tumult, and cause ceruin lijthi (nf^ain to 
manned ojhI leni out tn our pursuit, and lay hodi sea and 





for m in such «ovi as it mxild be impo^bl^ for ut 10 escapr; bui 
wKic w«i at ifac procQi poujbic 10 bt done, wjs lo give iheiii liberty 

the 6r»t Chnicun country wbereat we happened lo arrive. 

'All of us aj^ccid <o this opinion; and Zonadu alw (lo Vf^tom 
xvai given of tite moiiv'cs wc bad, not to free them forthwilb, 
accocnplid) her will tbefcin) remained tatidwl; and ihere- 
(ont pmrnily, ^iih joyi'ul uJrnce and cbrrrfxil diligrnce, every nnc 
of our liuty rowers seizing upon hU oar, wc began, ^cr wchad com- 
ntcnded ourselves unto AJmlgfuy Cod» to buocb forth, lod addreu 
our courw towards the iiIm &t MaUoroi. which it the oi^re^t Cbhs- 
uan country: hut by reason that the wind blew somewbat from the 
moufit^iini* and ihac ibe le^ began to be rotigh, it w;is not pouible 
to continue that course, and so we were farced Eo approach ihe 
thore, and go by little ^od littk towards Oran, not withou: ^rcat 
jCnef and abfruiih. for h^t to be espied by the tovm oi Sar^, ivh^ 
is on that coast, and falls some sev^ctity leai^ucs beyond Al^^cf). And 
w* did lilcewite iear to meet in ihit p^iuage tome galoot of lluyee 
wlbdi come oidinarily wfdi merchandise from Tctuao, although 
every one of us for himjelf, and for all together, did prcniJae that 
if we eiKOuniercd a galliot of rnefchaudise, so it were not a pirate^ 
ibat not only we would not be loit, but raihct would cake (he v««el. 
thar iherrin we might wiih more wcttrity finish our ^'oyage. Zxaidi, 
whilst thus we sailed. vi«ni wiib her head between my haodi; be- 
cauic sbe would not look on her father; and I felt her, how she wai 
ttill invoking oE Lda Marien to nssiit us. And having sailed atom 
SDOse thirty U«gucsi the rvkoming overtook ta abottt some three 
iBuakA-sbot from land, in a place dut seefoed to Im d aae r t , and free 
from aU Mcr^s of those that might discover us; and yet (or all that, 
wp got by mig1:l and miLin nmewhai farther into the sras that now 
wus becwnc a llnlc caloier; and having entered some two leagues 
inio tKc main, order w±i given that *hey ihould row by turDs» whiht 
ilwy did re(f«sh themselves, and ukc a little smteoan ce , for the 
barqtw was very weV furniibed with victuaJi^ ahhougb those which 
(%d row refusid the o'Tn, uying that then It was no time to repnv, 
atid thai they duuld act iboae thai did not row lo dinner, for Uwy 
wmuld tuH yet in any aon let go tbcxr am. It bctng done as they 
hftd sud, the wind did ri« 10 much as tl made us ahandoaing our 



CAT*, U> Kt »Ut aofl <lirect our boot to^uUs C^OD, hang lUuUe 11 
ukt any othff coiirbr. .All wat cloav with very ^rtat >pded; aad 
n wv nu(l« by xite uil tnotr ikm dghr miici an bour, free hota 
all cthrr (t-u Uian tbai of VDcotmerint; wmir vtud oC wv, Wv 
jlJiVc iJm: Mtior^ our f>ri»ocf», Uicir dimicf, and tltc f uiugdla ct»- 
formJ them, nyinj; that they went not JU pruoAen* Eor they riwydd 
r<c«ivt their hbcrty upoo the fmt commw^ty that wvtv pfo fl wttl 
Tbo Kunc wik tikcwiM said o£ ZocAida^* Liihef, who rviuincd then) 
tlui initMn: "I woiikl cidly »p(v^ aikl hdicvc any othrr cbin^ 
O Chniluuu* ot yocu liberality and bowHiiable nunikcr o£ procud' 
tBj; but do iwt ihifik tlut 1 ini n umpb u oncc to iitugiae tku 
you wiU givt cue my iib«ny. for you thd nwer npoie yooTMlf to 
iku ddnjc«t of <le*podioji; nu thcmf with iBMicioQ to return k mr 
V ptoiifftty »^ti, especuUy koowitif . ss you dov who 1 
<kifl profit you may rva|i by ipviny mr k agal&i in wlikli . 
you will put a cttiDe, and tdl me km mucii would ytw drfiwoi \ 
do eraa from hcooc otter unto you aJl thu which you tnU >cdt br 
111% aod ^ dut unlorttiiule datq^libeff tt ntik^ or U you will i>3t 
Mit^ BM, 1 will ^rt you tt for her alooc^ ^t» is die gnoLca sod 
thcbcfipanof mr K)ut" And siyiiig v^hobipsiDWvvp vbiivvly 
nhecnovrd lu all lo vooipauioii, wl foioid ZomAa to look upoii 
hita, wboh MoDi bun mc^ wu «> magi^ mrwd m^ vimg &nm 
my feet, abc veot md tahc ^ crf h« fuhtn ao<W layvv 
upoo his ihty btpB tagKhM- mhaAv t 
ia that WW in ifae laiqoe wv«9 Eorcvd K» kHfk d«n 

het fadwr noted her id ho » ricUf aiwufit aad 
Lj fffwdi nck be adwd bcr n tni owa bpfwb ^Uow k^ 

1 «r 
vny, jwl tW UM^ wAtas hmM Wd 


AgUf d ai^ witb i^| 



ua; <md the did not xnnvvr J word to him. Rui iwlvn bi- aw the 
little cofler Ik m one udt of ih« lMJi|uc» wkcrein >hc «^3i woM to 
k<vp hof tcwcJi, and thai he knew vcf) well he hjd kfe «| A^cn. 
«Dd not bfouj!h( <o Oi« garden, he was much more arnazvdt aod 
d«nunded cf her how Uui cotfTer w» come ioio our po««euioi]. lad 
wTun iliin^ ih^ had iht-te vtrtd:kii ii. T» whit^h die rurug:iie. aiih' 
C7U1 jLlcei)di4f[ tluE Zi]r;u(b ^laultl ^it^wes him, ^d, "Sir, du ocK 
troiiJc youndf by denundinj? 10 many thinj:) oJ your daughter 
Zoeaidj, £or with one ilwi I wtll 9,1^ 1 »hall uiuiy diem ill; and 
ihtfre^sre you );K;ill tinderujnd that rht U a Chmtuo, ai>d hath 
bmn the fiW thjc cue o4f our ehiiiu, and \% the libcfty iitcU of onx 
cjfitivtty; ;ind ?ihe gocth along with u« of her own frrc will, as 
content (if mine ima^iiutkin do not wron^ me) to ux htivcii in 

Ilhu <aie. At he it ihit comcth out oi ^UriiXK to the lighct from 
Jtaih unto lile* and out of pain into Rbry.*' "It it inie, daughttr, 
wliich this maA ityiP*" quoth the Moor. *'Jt iC aaiwrfed Zonids. 
"TVui ihou in eflwt art a ChriMian*" replied ihe old nun, "^and ihe 
thji kith put her tiiKcr into hii cnemv'i hand»?^* To which 2a- 
raidi Aiuuered, "1 am ihc ihai U a Ouitiian, but not die that haih 
bfDUje^t ibee to thn p^vt; for my dc^re dtd never to ettranfte lUeU 
from ihe« ti to abaDdon or h.irm thc«, hot otily eodttavxmrvd to do 
my«rif good" "And vj4wt j;nr>d ban thoa done thyv^f. djiii};hief ?' 
'Demjrnd thji," RLJd ihe, "of Lria Marien, for ifie can therdn in- 
furni tlKC bctur ibui 1 conr 

*Scarce had the Moof heard her >ay to. when, with irtcrtdiUe 

hflX«^ be threw himteff headionf* into the leo, wherein he had been 

_ queitfoidMil]^ drowned, if the lon^ appqrel he wore on had not kept 

Blum up a wbJe aliuve the w^ter, Zorakla c^inl out to tu Xo nvr 

htm: jnd so wt- all pre^cnt^y r^tu ind, laying bodd on a piart of hit 

^-Torkiih robe, drew him up half drowned, and whoUy de%o»d of ittt-- 

^1 fHI*; whereat Zoraida wat to j[tirvcd, that die Jameoied him at dole- 

^■fuUy ai If he had been dead. Iliere we bid him with hit mouth 

^pdDfvnward, and he avosiled a grras quantity of water, and after the 

i|Mce of two houn rtturned to hiirudf a^ku Aod in ibe mcamimc 

the wiful aIki turniDf, it did drtvc tn towards the coa2« to ibai we 

, were connraincd to keep ounclvcB by very force of amu from mnk- 

■ Ln^ upoo ii; jftd our good fonwie dirvcrtDn lu, we arriv^ to a littie 



creek flt the «dc of a certain cafc or pmmonUvy. ailed b^ ilv 
Moors the Cape o£ the Civa Kumu, which m ouf Udjeu^i:^ ti^eiuhtf 
''ih« ill CSirutoD woman," And the Moon bold it for a e^m! 
ihat in the wry samo place was the Cava buried, for whom 
was Ida, aod conquemi by the Moors; (or Cava io thht 
gtiage uguiiW^ an ill wunun, and Rumia a CbristUxi. Yca^ 
they hold it for a sign of mUfonuoc to arrive or catt aochor 
when mefe ncciuaty drives them thith«r» without which ihcy oetv 
approach k: yet did U Dot provo to os tha sbtltcr of an ill 
but the Mcure haven of our safety. Wa acne oiir tcniitk^ls 
and nc-rtt lee the <»n slip out of our hands. We djd likeMie cat 
of ihe ruo3|:atc's provitiofif and heartily boou^ Almijtfacf 
and C>dr Lady to atsist atid favour ui with a happy end to ao luch 
a bcrgiflcung. And we agteedi tjpon ZorakU'f entnetiy, to Mt bcr 
father and the other Moore that we had t^ a-land in thai ^Ucti 
for Uie wAi oi 30 U^iukr and cDm]iiiuiionaiP a nund ai diP tvM 
in no wUe btnak to sec her father tied in Iter procncc^ or her 
countryoKn borne away captives. Wherefore we mode her a pronuia h 
that we would, a: o'jf dep;Lfturc, let them all jco away, seeing <«« f 
inctUTcd no danger by leaving thctn in so desolate a re^oo. Our 
poyers wera rwc m nm htn thit ihey Ibtmd grnt)p ^icrrptance in ^ 
I leaven, which prctcndy changed the wind and ap^x-aW the sci.f 
inviting tis cheerfully to return 10 ii agmioi and p«»ecutc oar com* 
menccd vo>-age. 

"Seeiog that the weather was favourable^ wt tooted d>e Moon, 
and sec thetn all a-land one by one; and coming to cBs«mbiark 
Zoraida's Lther, vdui was by that tune whciUy come 10 himaeU, he 
aiidf "For what do yoti conjecture, Chriiiiani* that thu bod womaal 
is glad that you five tne liheny? Do you think ih^tt she doth it In 
pity thai she takes oC me? No«tniiy:but dtedodi itonly to 
the hiDdranoe my pmeture gave hef when she wotild evccuie 
unbwfnl deitm. Nor cnighi you to briHrvn that dir is moml 
clungv religion by rcncQ that d>o nndenunds yoan to be 
than her own, but only because she knows bcenuoaiocss to be moee 
puhlitly and frtdy practised in your couiury than among us." And 
then, tununf to Zoraidar whom 1 and anmber Chrigtaa held EaU 
by both the arms, lest ^ dtoold do vene despesMe (sag Ise 


iAfamoM girl, aad iU^viKd oinidccT wbcre Al^ Ukhi rwi 
ihu« blinded dad districted, m dw pon^ef of thoie (li>>;s. our Datun] 
tncrmtAf Curwd be the hour wherein 1 enf^ndered ibec! and 
cuTtM (he Ah^hti Ami pI^5iUT*rt wlwrein ihou wan nouileiir'* I 
IKTcriving tkii he wai mit like ii> nuke jn end of hu exccraiiofu ao 
XK>fi >f 1 coAjld ^ish, had h^m set on ^Korc, And thence he profccvtod 
hki moJediciioru and ptmais« praring imio Mjhomc^ thai he would 
ineeroede wich Allah that wr tnighi be all deftro^ed, confounded, 
and citf awiy. And when ^v could h«r his wofdf no longer, hy 
rcajcvn rhar we let tail, we pertei\^ hit workii, that were, 10 pluck 
hit bcird, lear his hai r, and cast liimv^f on the ^^round ; but onct he 
did hft up his voice so hi^h, as thai wc he:ird him say, "Return, 
hdoved d3nf;hier, mum Eo (he Und; for 1 do pardon (h«e all that 
tboti halt done: and deEi^xr thiT money to those men, for it ii now 
thHf own; and tviiim ihnti rn cnmforr thy md and d^«ic3ir fafhiT, 
who wi[| fomke nii life on tltcv; deiolaie tnndi, if ihou dmi 
abandon bazo." 

'Zoraida hc4r<I him uy all thit, aitd l^trtenied tlierc^it. but knew 
not how to ipeak, or antwirr hjm any oihcr thing bix this: ^Father 
mine, I prvy Albh that Leb Marien, who hath been the cat»e o( 
my bnijfnia); 2 CuitibD, miy likewise tinnfufi (h« in ihy sorrow. 
Sihh knnvrs wdl that I could do none fithcr than 1 tltd, and thai 
these Chritckns do ovr^ me noihrnj; for ray icood-wiU, teang thai 
though I had not enme aivay with ihcfn, but rerruine^ at my house; 
yn ha<l it been tmpouilde (tuch vrx\ ihe hantr whermiihal my soul 
pressed me) not to have execnint ihis my purpotr, which ceems tn 
mr w be as good at thou. O bclo^^ faiher, dos account it wicked." 
She said ihis in n time thai neither her father could hear her, rior 
wt behold him; and therefore, after I had ciKnioned *&raida, we 
did thenceforth only attend our myaj^, ivhkh was u> much holpen 
Ivy the favourab^ wtnd as we made full accoum to he i)v nexi thy 
on ()v uvasi of Sjuin. Dtic as gijod vrry iddom. or lathri nrtpr, 
hdkdcs a man thoroughly ^nd wholly, without bdnjc aocompwied 
iJT falliATvd by «on>e evil which trouble* ind asnulls it* our fnmme 
or rather the EruL^lirtiom of fhe Moor pourtd on hts 

lojjh'** '^''' 'hi* curvet i>f any faiher whatioetw- are to be feared), 
tKji i." Ifei] threr hovn whhtn ni^ht, ind going before th« 


< to V 



wind wtih a full uil, and o»r tun irt up, bcciui* ihe pro^cnw 
wiud bad rid lU of Uic labour of rowing, we vw near utuu ini I17 
ihc light of the moon th^t ahincd i^cry dcar^, a roiwd v«kkI whklw 
wiib all bcr uib Aprcad* did cro» More its into the »ca, aod tlui 
10 Qttrty. as we were fatu u> luike down our tail, ih;it wc mtghi 
a%o*d itu> kIxicL ihe wu likt^ ru give ui; und (h^nr tkif were in ha 
had on ilie iMhci uik- Ulx^tiicd iitKt Vb'L;ii ilir)' rci^hi to lum 
out €fl our w«iy» iidndinjE all o{ tbcm on ihc haichct to dcnuod 
uf what vre ^crc, frc^m whence wc canic» and vrhichrj wc did mlT 
But hy rca«OQ :Hai ihcy tpakc French, the ruDAgJtc hul« ua laoi to 
cpeak a word, laying. *'Lci non* oncwor; fot thc«tf ar« Fn-nch 
paraics whkh make ibcit biXH> ol evCTjbody/' Ftw ' noet 

of ua aatweicd; audi being ptMfid a little forwafd. ai^' ; tha\ 

rctnaincd in the lee oE us. they fruddcnly shot of! two picco 
artillery, and a« 1 think, Uxh of tliem had duin huUets, lor wii 
the one they cut cur rrukt luuj^der. and overthrew' u and the bail into 
the tea, and innantly ;i{ter ihcy diidurged aivither. The boUii 
jlighEtng in our barque; did pitrcc it ihrou^h and through, withoa 
doing any other hun; bat wc, seeing ihit our \<s^ began to 4inkf_ 
began all to cry cut* and request thetn to succour u^ and pri; 
them thai they would L^o us into their vcsselr (of wr wrrv a-<lrowi 
ing. Ilipn thc^ camp amain, and, catling nm their a>ck-hiui, tl 
eritevrd iiuo it at gocxi as a dozm Ficochmon, well appotnted, wil 
their arquebtiica and maichci lighted, and « approached uotD 
and, percetving bow few wc were, and that the barque did snfct 
they received us into their boat, cayiog, that becausv we had uwd 
the dlicourtefy of not making them ansu*^ . that intsfonune had 
befalleti lu. Our ruiu^ie ahuuf thu dmc Uxik the ^MiGer whrmn 
Zoraida's trcuaurts were kept, and ihrevr it into the sea, unperceittdB 
fii any* ^ 

'In condution. wc went all of u* into the gmt vcud with the 
Pr»ochmep| who, after they hod informed tbcm*dv«ft of aU tbiK 
which they dcured 10 know, ai if ihey wwe our ca(^ cBcmic^ 
ihcy afiGiwardi tkapotleJ u» of all tlui e%'er we had about ua; and 
<ji Zoraida they rook all. even ui^cn Iiet very biaceleti '' <vore 

on bcr ankles, but the wrcng Usey did to Zora*di . 
DM so much as the fear 1 conc«s*rd ihaif after they bad caken ai 


bom ber ber tnosc rkh and pt«o0u» wds, ibey wcmid abo <l& 
prive ber of the i«wd cf moA p^i^^ odi wti^ch fbe valtwd mott, 
Bot ilir dr«u«t of thai rution mmtl thettuHva no fnrthrr tlun id 
the piitt of money; 3itd itinr avflncc tn thh U fievtf ihorougbly 
Mti>6oilf ukd At tlui time wji so grut* ai they would htw ukcn 
ffom tu the Tcry htbtts ol slik^vs tiut ^vc tHx>i4;ht from Btrfttrf, if 
tbvy lud found &^m to have beea wonh aoyihiog. And loine th«rt 
were of opinion anwMig tbem, ilut we ihould be all eawr«n4vd tn 
1 nil uid ihiDMrt! tnti) (he «n, btA:;ttiv? ihey had imenlinn lo traffic 
rolo socDe hircm of Spjun, uiKicr the name of Bntoni, and tlutt if 
llify carried lu olive, they »hould be puntihcd. tbcir robbery being 
detected; but the capcatnr who was he that had pilled my beloved 
Znnudj, »k! that he wat io contented with his booty, as be Bieaat 
nra fn tMxh any parr of Spain, biu would peut ih^ Straits of Oibndtar 
by fught. or as he mighi, and w fYtum a^aln 10 RocKdlc, fiotn 
whence he was come: tn6 thereupon they all agreed to give lu their 
cock^xMt and all that was ncccuary for our ihon \wage'y «, indeed^ 
they performed the day ensuing, when ^ve vfn^ in the view of 
Spsin; with the tigtii wliereof jM our grkfs and povertin werr as 
qoiic fof^ttm as if wc never ftiHl feti any. 3D great is die detighc s 
nan tikes to recover bis liberty. It wat about mid-d^ when they 
ptf us mio fhc cock, j^vin;; unio lis two borrcls of water Md tome 
hkwcvk\ iu>d the cjpiiia. moved wiih some compafiBOO, as dke 
hestjtiftit Zor^iida emharked herself, beaawed on her about forty 
(towns in gold; oor would he pcrmil h« tn!dicrs m devfvul her 
of tbnc vefy ganncDh which thco and now the doth wear 

'Wtf enterrd into the cock-bocit^ and. gi^in^ them thanks W the 
food thty did, and ihowing at our depanurv morv tokens of tlunk- 
fvlwcs than of <fitcofltent, they EiiM presently away hora xm, 
mwards the Sirairi; and we, wtthoui looking on any other north or 
star ihan the tand itself, wlikh appeared before ui. £d row towards 
it tn luftjhr, tha* at luiuct we were so near as we tnade full account 
Io amve bcfofv the nif>hr was ^r ipeot. Btf by reosoe that the 
nuKn did not thine, and the night was %ery dark, and thai wr 
klww not wHrre we were\ we did mit hnid if ihr brn cmirir to 
jfiprooeh rhe shore tctt near; yet oti^rs iTiefr i«rrv thjt ihnU)cht ii 
i^njtni omI food, desiring ifut wc ihould nuke to iL ahfaoi^ 

420 DON QUixon 

we na <he boat on iht rocks stnd hr itom any dwvOiag; tor, bf 
douig lot we dxMJd 6ce oufielvci (lom ibe Ceair» which wc cm^ 
of reuoQ to have, lest there shouki be up aod dovra on thai tout 
any bigatec of the piratei of Tnuan, wh:<h are woni lu leave U^r 
biry overni^, xfud be on the const of Spain ere mormni^ and 
ordtiunly make their booiy, aod tmn to tbetr luppo' again tn Eku- 
bzry, (he night fnUnw-in^; but» uf the cuntntry opjniocu, that which 
was followed was, thai we should draw near (he land by hi 
Little, Hind that tithequieii>c» of the sea would pemiit it* wc 
t;ike land where Vk-^ aight bm and naoct coounodkMuly 60 it. Ihi 
wai done; and a Link before midnight we arrived id the fool of 
high and momtrous moiuiuini wtkh was Doi ahcsg^her eo near 
the Aca but thu it did gnat a bole patch of gtcuod wbereoo we ad^) 
oociUDodicnidy duembark; wherefore we ran ouneltta on the UAdw 
and caRkc all »land, and kissed the earih, and^ ^>vith lean of inott 
)oyftil oonicni and ddight, ^ve Uiaoki unto ouf Lord God tat 
ihe incomparable fatourt which He had done in in oor voya^ 
Then took we out our viauali from the boat, and drvw iudf up 

00 the shore, and amended a grcK pan of the motcntain; fee 
ilthoi^ we were in that place, yet dum we not santre oundvo* 
nor did thoroughly babeve* that it was a Chrisdan cooocry 
we <fid tread. 

'The day braking vcnewhat iknver than 1 could haw wl 
we aiceoded the mouruaju wholly, to )c« whether wo mifht ^ 
cover any dwetUniE or slieepfokii from cheocei but ahhoufh wv 
esctcnded our sifEht into every quaner, yet could w« neither decry 
dwdling, perton, path, nor hi^tway; yei did w<e reaolvt, notwiih- 
funding, to enter into the land, seeing that wo could one choon 
but diaoom ere k>ng aonufaody who au^ give us nocke 
place wboTQ wv were. And that which aOiacd tac moit of i 
to aee i&oraJda go afoot through thoaa rugpd ^Uom; foe 

1 did somctitnei carry her on my iboutderv, yn did the toil 
iTwre weary bcr than dw npoae ^ gm OMiUl me hef, and ibn«> 
inre would never aficv the fint rbne taSwt torn to take thai puns 
agaiit. and v> ihe vrew evee after afoot wuh grem padcnceaad tukciki 
of joy, I holding her «ilt by the Kai^. And having tTEtvcBed hctk lev 
than a-^^ittiter of 4 IcAguti we haard the noiae of « littl* beUp an 





lofailibk argument thui ix^r at lund there wji» tome cank; wbcrv- 

apoo, oU of u* [ooKini* very Vfittly lo am wHeUttf anybody app«ir«(i 

' -. v^ under a cork tfee a youn^ ihr^ihefd, ^^'lM> very quietly and 

J ' r\Uy wasc^irviag of ^ nick wiih 3 kn^ft. Wec-jllc^l 10 him, incl 

he Ii-^pnl up ligh'Iy tin (ooi, aod, j.% we aderwardi luraed, the fitvt 

tlut be px tight of were the rvHAgntc aril Zorjid;; whora be 

MciRIf appardleO an the Morocco Kibit, (hoij^hi that all the peoftie 

of hurbarf had boon at his hecU; and therefore, rvnning very twifilf 

tttio the vmtnU h^ cri<^ ill ^^S* ^(h nurvrllnn loudnfix, *'Moiiri! 

Moon jfe in the Ijndf MoonI Moorsf Aiint arml** These oytcrio 

unjcL VI anew mio a great perplexity, and scarce did we know wh^ 

We thotild do; but coatiderutg how the shepherd't alarm would 

cjuce all the couritry iv rise up, and that the horvemen that kepi 

the cuiif woM preicniJy come 10 lee what li wai, we lU agreed 

thai the ruitajfoie shcitiiii pui 11FT hii Turkiili atiirc% aiid |nj< on a 

cjptive'M cuMxk, which one of the company gave umo him fo^h- 

wat\t ahliou^h the p^er retrained after in hi« ihjrt. And thus 

comm^ctin^ the affair unto Almighty Cod, we foUow^ on by the 

iame wa) whtcK wi- tiw the shepherd had taktn, alwayt expecting 

when ihr horvmcn of the coast would fall upon tn. AikJ we »we 

HOC deceived in our expectation, for within twt* hours afief, hiving 

uvued out of ilM>ie Moods into a pluiru we ditcovered about aocnc 

Afty hortemen, which cinw ninmog toward* us ai iwifUy a« iheif 

hone« coohJ dri%'e; :^titL havjnj; perceived them, we ttood stiil. and 

flayed until tliey came lo m, and uw instead of ihe hfcoTK they 

^Bought foi, ID many \mor rhriitbiu, and rrinjinnl vMnrwh:^! 

BUumed rhefcat; and one of ihcm denunded wh<:<litff wc were 

the oeeasion that a ihephrrd had jriven the olonn. '^Ves," quoch I; 

and la 1 wa« about to infotm what t wai, nnd of all our adventure, 

(nxn whence we came, one oi rhe (-hnuijns that came with 

«lid take notice of \\v horseman who had tpoken unro ut; an<l 

iucnrupCtf^ my speech, he uid, "S'tn. let CoJ be ptaivd which 

brought Uft to 10 giiod a place as this is: for, if 1 be not deceWcd» 

eanh wfakh we tread It of Vele£-MaUf*a; and, if the ^ean of 

c^j^vity h;tve not confounded ray memory, you lOeewiie, sir, that 

nd what nc br, itc Vrtcr of BoiumenEe, mine uncled At anon 

ever the Cbtistun Captive hod ipoketi ihosc ivords^ the hone' 


ottA, IcajMDg 0^ hie hofw, ran artd «aibniccd faun, xar^D^ 
ficplvw, ^ dear to mir u my mjuJ oftd Hfcl nuiv 1 Ja konw ihn 
well, and muiy a diy sjoce !u^-c 1 wtpc for tlicc* thinkinj^ ;J>au 
dead; and to luih my usttr* thy mochcfi and aU the rest oi 
friend} whicii do hvis y«I ind Ck>d hjiH been pleued to prvm 
their liTtfs, thai (hry rruy enjoy ihe pl^uiure tA behold thf* aoor 
spaa. Wr knnvr very i^vll tlui t)uiu wen >n Algiti*; 4ud, by d« 
ligni and lokcnt of my clodica, ajid iha< oE iU die nut Uci« uJ 
ooflapAnioAs, 1 turnuic that your ocapc liith bcca inira::u]ouai 
"Indeod k u'st «>,* lepUcd ihr CapQv^; "aixi wc ahaU hd^-i: 
I hopc^ 10 ffccum anno you ib« aanaorr 

'As uon If lite hotii*meu hod undenioDd tlut t*v wttt Ck\Ma9 
cjtplivcSk tfacy aliffhced ofl \heu horaet, and «vcfy one ijf thm lo- 
viced ut to mgunt upon Uis own^ :o carry lu 10 die ckjp of Vcltf- 
MiUjEA, whKb was yet a IfrijEue and a half fnxn tlut place: U^ 
idme of ihem viVM 10 the place where w* hod left tho bcui, to 
it Id ih(* c--iy; wltom vfv infofmed Jtnt erf the pbcA when} k 
others ibd mount itt up on Wteback behind thmisdve^ aod 
rode bchiad the Capcive'i lUkcle. AU the poo{}le wued to rrcdve 
htirtfi proDomiabed of our urivaL by lomc one thM h^ 
before. Thoy did not ifcvndet to Ace captivg» fi«tdy dor Moor* 
itiwd thfre, being an ordinnry thing in Eho«e |»rtf; buv ilui wiwretf 
lliey wondered wns the iurpa&aing beauiy of i^aidU, whick Jl tia 
aeuofi and JnHam wm ia Iwr pfUne, »i wdl t)in>ugli ibe wannd 
she had jiconeA by Iter uavd, as also throi^jch the joy ihc coocavid 
to see herself in Cbnitiin bnd\ Mcure from all few c4 bcinf lOf- 
prited or loa; and ihete ihin^ tailed oat lo her tao* tudk coloun 
nx, tf it be noi that aflecdon might then have deceived m^ I dm 
axct thnc 2 more bejuiiful than die was the worid could nor afloftV 
ai IcAit smon; ihoje whidi I had ever bchdd. 

*VVe iffGot dirocUy to the church to give thanks unto Alud^^H 
Cod foe the bendit rveeaved; and as noci u Zoraida enceredn^' 
h, tfatt said thne wore ficet in it thai i^wmltled very much that cf 
Lela MaiSeu. We U>M her thai ihcy vicfe her iinaj;e»; ind 
ruiuga(e« aa well as the brevity of the time permuted, imtn 
her what they sij^uhcd, 10 the end die ihouJd do them netei 
a« if e-very one of them were indy thai aaroe LeU Maricn wrincl 


hdd «pck«n unio ber. Slie, who h^ :> very good undefiunding 
3tul in cuy and dor 0x1031, i:DniprcHeDdi*d presently oil thai w^n 
iz^ uoio bcr coDCcrnin^ inugo. Ffom ihcncc they carried ui, aod 
divided as ainoDg du1>crem houses of the city: t>uc ihc C^Khnua 
that Qjnv with tn cdrritd the ruiugstOt Zoratdo, iiki m« to Uic 
howt of hii pjreat^ which wtre mdjjt«rantly »:comfnod3i«d and 
uored with the goodi vi (oriune. Jod did «iK«nAiii me with a« 
gfeat love and iindne^ m it \ vrotv tl>dr uwn aoti. We r«miiued 
fix cisyi in Vclez, in which umc ihc rumble, hjiTtnx tDflde ao 
mCormatMKi at all tbit which nitghi coixera him, bu ivcDt to the 
ctiy of Orautdat to be rtcoocilcd, by the holy ImquLsibons roesns, 
10 tba bo«cini qf ow holy mother the Chtuch. The retf oJ ilir Creed 
c^BCivA tDul tvcry one th« W4y thai he |>l»scd; and Zoraidi 
jjtd t iL-iruiood btluAdt wiib iboK dvou oaly whub die Frcmb- 
cajin'ft courtesy Wfl« pteastd «o bofow om Zoi*i44,\ and with put of 
that lURi I JxHij^ht her this bold wbereoQ dbit ndes; 1 mywU un ing 
hcfl hithiffto at her btber ukl her iquiie* and noc as he; ipoui«. We 
travd with uuntiiou 10 >» ii my father be yet tiding, or ^iiy of 
ntf imjthitt% ki\c had nwire pro«perDis» hap th^n niyidf; althougli. 
seoJig tkiaven hatb made me Zoraidas coiuon, methinLt ao other 
flood (orlunc couid arrive, wcce jt newf %o j^rcat. that i wi>uld 
hold in M high cstinubon. The patienoc wh^ewidial ihe bejn 
ihtf itKiHninodilies luiolly jTincxed unto poveny. and the driir\i 
fthowi to bcconc a Chuu^o, i^ stach and to ^eat, as it itrtkrA 
ijnitf on adiniuoou, and doth mor^ mc to «crv« her all the days 
ly bfr; dtbougb thu the ddi^^ which I take to ice myadf 
ifld At mine* U ofttunee intcrTupted, and almou <hisolved, 
fear which J have that I shall not find in mine own country 
litile coriif^ whetrtii I rruy f^^tt^rtnin her, and that titne and 
luve wruu|thi lutJi altcrattoa in the (goods and Uves of my 
tmd bcctheo, «s J ^11 scarce find any one at home ilut 
mc I lave no more, t^nod sir*, u> tell yoa r4 my \iie% huuiryt 
than whsch, wMher it he plesUrg anJ t^rc, or no, your cksr coo- 
cstts IF" \i for m>trl:\ I dimay ilut, if 11 hjd been poui- 

jMk * i-.^^o cold I', ^ith n«irc broity; Erariug ii mi^ht be 

^K rm^ I piiiptiKly omiiied tn^ny dclighiful drcumslanca 



^WCH Speaks or Thkt Wtnoi Aftem Bilhx iv nit Ixv, tMD or 
SvKimx Onitt Tmis.'^* Woi;tiiv To Bt K^outn 

THE CiptiTe havinjc nid this, hdd hit peace; aod Dm 
Feriundo replied to him thut: ^fruly, ctptain, t]ie nuSMf 
wtwrewithsl you have rccouDicd thU nurvdkxH fucofl 
tuEch been Kuch at ii miy b« ptir^igeuKtl to ihc nuvHiy and iLnfti^ 
nest of th^ «vcnt iitdf* And so great is thr debghc wp hjve ukra 
in iIm hcJiiR£ tlicrrof, ai I do bdkvc that akhou^h wr hjd i 
(he lime from hciKe lill u>-roorrow in hitcoii^ lo u» yet ahould 
be gbd to hnr it told cv«r i>aoe afioia.' 

And uyinj; v>. Cardmio aod aJL the rk did offer iKcnuelvei 
ih«ir mt^m id hit ier\-ia», aft much at by m tltftn, wiih u> 
.ind frientily wordii as ibc Capiitc icituincd ihorou^htf ott 
with their good witi; but spcci^Iy Don Fcriundo offered, thjc 
he would rciurn wiih hiin, he would cjuk ihe nurqias hii b 
CO bt Zoraida her godfiibof in biptiim; aod chat he, for lu« partt 
would fio accommodu* him with all fh\r\gi ntctasstry, at he reifhi 
enter inio the town ^lih the ilecency ^od nuthortty due lo 
perKKL The Captive did gr^tiiy hi» bxge offeri very coiutcoud 
but would not accept any of them at that iimc By ihtt the 
drew on^ and about the Coll thereof there arrived at the inn ■ 
with scene men a-horteback, and asked for lodging; to wtvim dtc 
houtut nnswered thai in all ihr inn ihrre wn% i i if 

mnnbcr of W gycxis was alrcjily m many, 
be 10/ quoihooc of :hc horsemen <Ltt had entered. 'yfc n)u5i iberr 
a place found for Maker luuke who tomn in ihii eoidi.* At 
nanw the ho«««s wxi afraid, and toid, 'Sir, the mirfonunr is that 
have no bed«: bt;t if Mjiter (uuicc hrin);i one with him, at it 
probable he dolh, let him eiiler tn IviMIy. irnl I and my huda 
wiD kftve our owd chamber to accomnxxLitc Iiis worthjpt' "So 
It,' qtioth tlie Miiiire; aikI by this time alighted out o( the coftcb 


min wlwoc amrc did presently denote hit dignity and oAce, (or his 

long gown and hit gvtai ^nd lar^ tleevet did iho^w thai ht ^^ 

A )U<tge, 01 ihe ««nring-inMi iifirmed. He kd j younj; maiden by 

I tlie lund, (i[ ;ihuui toiiir tiiuien y^n old, iipfxiit^tLifd in fliiin^; 

^■ttirt; bui sbc w^i tWewiilul tif so cUijioicd, bc^uufijl, and cheer* 

^^pl A coonceau'.cc^ oi her prcKncc A,d stiikc chcm ill into aJmin- 

^■pa; %o »i 'id ihcy had not Keen Dorolhci, LtKindo, *nd Zorauii, 

^which *«r« thvn in th« innj ihoy wotild h4fdl) huv* btlicvod ihat 

ibii dAfnul't bvnuiy mighc anyw^rrp hive been mxchrd. 

Don Quufice vr^ prewit at the judged and the g«iulirA-omin'i 

entry; ind ao^ as soon as he hid wen him, he «aid. 'Sir, yoa ouy 

boldly enter aad take your case in thi< caatle* wiuch aJchough ii be 

but little and dl accommodoied, ya iltere i» no narrowneu nor 

dhcommodtiy in the world but mikct place for armi and Eeuning* 

xnd ipcccdly if the ^rrrut :uid lettert bring beauty hn their guide 

jod leader* as >our kaniini; doch. conducted by this b^y daJnsH. 

10 whom ought not only cjiilc« to ofen .ind manifest thcmielves, but 

rodu to pan and dinik their dirfi- and mnunumt to bow ihvtt 

tn» cmii, 10 gi^Y and make her a lodging. Enter, thtfreforr, 

y, wonhipful sir. imo this ]iar.idt«r. wherein you shall find aan 

3um tu accompany ihiv tky which you biing along with you. 

ere UuU you hnd anrn in their h<^ghl, and beauty in her prime/ 

udge marvelled greatly at Dun Quixotc'i speech, whom he 

to behold very ean>e«tly, and wonderrd no Lmi at hb ihape 

than 31 hii wcfdi; and Icnowing not vrluc aniwer he tnii;hl rrturn 

^J^Un, he was divrricfl, on thr other »dc, by the ludden appruadi of 

^^r thrre bdics. Lucinda, Donxhca, and Zomida, which stood be- 

■ fore hJtn; for, b-ivinc hcjrd of the irnval oi new guests, and also 

ng informed by the hotrcts of the >'04tn{; lady't b^uty, <hry were 

forth to see and entertain her. But Don Fenundo, Cardettio, 

curate did gtvi? him more ronnf4efe and cutirdy eoteruin- 

the nnty kn>gl.f> In cfTeci. iIk iudge was nurvclbudy 

at that which he saw and hcafd in that inn: and the fair 

thereof bade the beattfiftil maidm wdcome- llie jud^r: 

ived very well that the guests of the inn were all men r^E 

cium; but Don Quixoie'K ft^re, visage, and behaviour did wi 

out of ^1 bias, being nnc able to coHTraure what he might be* 


And after mmtic court-bkc intercouncs pitted, aod tb« oonunciiiitio 
of iKc inn cx^noincd, they ail .iji-rcciJ ^<un, Jt iltc> bud dAitc bciofc. 
rh;ii all ilic HxtDTcn thould enter mio IX^n ^ixotc'^ room, uul ibr 
men n-m;iiik withcnn in ihnr ^mrdt and v> ihd jud^ W3t CQOtau 
dut xhe danuc-J, ivlio wjt hu djugfaici. thoald oIm* j^o widi ilmr 
Udici, whkh »he did wiib jl very ^uod will; jtwU with 4 part ui 
the innkeeper's oarrow bod* and luU ot dial whKh tl»«* |iid|ee b*i 
brouftbt with hixn, tb«y made shift to pui o\*t thJt ni^i the faei 
they could. 

T\k C^a|}tivc, Vflui fram titr insiam ilui lie bad fim icvn ibe 
judge, did grcjtly tu^icct ibat lie vrdi bis brufthoi Aod demJAcM 
o( one t4 bii scrvaats how be wa^ colled, anil vrherc he iivat bora 
llic other an^Vf^cred how he wai called the boenn.itc, John p€m 
of V&odnUi and, at be hid beaxdr h« wa« bom in :x vilUj^ of iW 
cnoontdint of I^^roci. WUh ihu relation, sum) the rtsz due be iai 
iioted» he fiiuJIy confirmed Ku opinion that k wu ihr hrodin wlsk 
iwing his fjtlKf'i advice^ had dedx^ted binucii to hi» ttudio; 
CuU of |oy «imJ cocttDtmeat, calling uide Don Feriuado, Cm^ 
and dM curue^ be cenified thtftn of aU ttut had puMd, 3Xti 
that the fod^ was bb brother* Tlie vrvin^^nuD toJd hitti liLewbe 
Ixiw hr wait tuw^irdt titc litdiev whrre be lud hi* pbc# and o&e 
in ihc court) of Mcxioo; Jiyui olio tfui the young gciulcwonua wur 
his daujihicr. of whose birth her modwr hod died, and h« ever a 
rcnuiocd n widower, ukI \«ry rich by her dowty aiw) poftion tlut 
the hnd left to her d3ug1i:er. He dcnuoded of them advke hi^w ti 
might (Bkovct hinivlf 10 hi* bnxhci, or dtn know wbetheri li 
he h*d dcteaod hinLsclfi he would receive him wnb a gotxl 
oajkoe and olTeciion, and cot be ottunvtl to acknowWdgc bacn fi 
hit brother, teetu;; him in to poor an eai^ie. 'Leave the nial of 
experienoe to mo,' quoth the curai^ 'and the r^dier because 
IS tMi ucc^.iion why you, ur ca^/ain, diould nor bf? kindly ent 
by him; for the prudoKA wccih*^ and (Eood counicaanci* of y 
brother jpvc nunifcA tokcfii thit be i% nothinj^ arrofcanu' Tor 
choc' nid ihc caputn, '1 would not oukv myidf known mi 
(udden, but would i^ic tame pretty anihaj{c« to hriog him *fr|™^'* 
ed »i-iih me/ '1 wy unt** you/ iiuotli dw curstr, 'iKai I wiQ 
the mattff in uich wtt ^ wq vn\\ aJI nm uti«fiad/ 



SufTper tvu bf this qu<1o ready, and ^ of ihem sal ikwm to 
ihr ubb% ih« Csptiw f-xcepced suid bdi^, wbtch supped bogethor 
in the raricn; ;iml :ihntii the; mida of supprr thr cunur mmI, 
Lcf Ituticc, 1 luw fud in times put a ootfarade of your my tur- 
le ID CoitfiaBtniQpi^ where I wai sontciimc cipcnc, who wm one 
ibe ixiotf vgd;j« soldiort 3i>d c^auis iluit migbt be found among 
all iho Spanidi £aoc; btn ha vm is imfonunate ai ht tva« valoroui 
und rrvoSmc' 'And how wx« th>i captain c^M, jcood sii^' quodt 
|udg& '[111 (wiMC wW tepltoJ EiLj&ln Ltii;itt?, 'Ruy Pcrtz of 
aod he W33 bocQ in a viHa^ oE the mouniiiiu of Leoa; 
he rocoumcd uoto roc aq occuntnce h^)p«ned between ha 
r, hunf and hii other bretfareo, whech, if I hjd not been told 
V mio of such crvhi snd rrptiuiion u he wu^ I would hive 
lor one of their Cahla whkh cJd witm aie wool to ifr- 
by the Rroulc in wioccr; for he sjUI ui me th^i his bifaer 
hod divided ^ x<><^ iraoo^ Kia thttc >ons, tnd gave them wHlul 
nru&n pnxcfFtt, better ibaa thovc of Cato; and 1 know wdl that 
the choicr wiiich be made lo follow th» war had t^jch hap;>y nic- 
ccu. at within a few years, through his forwardncu ^ad valour, 
without the help of any otlicr arm* he was advjn^cd to a cornpiay 
cf toot, ud made a captain, and waj in the way and course d be- 
OMtting ont day a colood; but fonuoe waa comraty to hun* for 
wvft t1wr« wlwn bo was moct to «ep«a her favour, be lott a, with 
the ioo of hb iib«ny, in that most lupp>- piim^ whrretn so 
ma&y n rr o Tera d it, lo wit, in t}^ battle of Lepaoto. I kaa tninr in 
GoImji; and alter, by Jiifcrent vucccn, vc became con^unions in 
i^ontfaotinofUe, from whence we vma to AJjcicrs, where did bdal 
him otw of the tncm notable idventurea chat ever happciwd in iht 
rltf : and iherr the curate, with RuAdem hrwity, recoumed all 
had liappmnl beiwnro ihc captain and Zoraida; lo all wltich 
(ttd^ wai *o attentive^ as in all his Lie he ntvrr Usteocd lo aj»y 
m anvnivtly as ibon. And the curait only arriYcd lo the 
pomi wborda the Frtnrhmen ipoded the Chrutuo* thnt came m 
ihtf harqur^ and tbp nfcnuiy wherein his compoflion and the beiul^ 
Zovatda mnaiord; of whom he Kid not learned anything aficr, 
kaew DOi what became o£ I hem, or whether ifaey came ince 
or wtn carried away by th* FrewhmcQ JJKo France 



Tb* capuin ttood Liuning flornewhat aloof o^ to oil the cuntt't 
wurcbf and noutl thr wlule Om- moiioru and gcsiuro of hit bntfcn; 
who, xcinfE thai ibc cur^ic had now nuKk An end i>f hu ipnclv 
bnadimjt forth a great «:gK. and his cyci bcin; hlJcd mtb 
He uid, "Oh, tir, if )xt%} had known ihc nrwf which you havr 
m«-, ami him nc^Hy ih^ touch fno in u>mc pnntt, who«by 
contiiaiiml 10 manifnc diew t«-jr^ whkh viol«ii)y bretlc Wili 
in despite of my diicrtf jon and calling* yoM would bold mc acuv4 
lof thii cxcci^ Tlui capiain oi %vhom fou »pok« is my ddcK 
bfDchef. who, as oct stronj^cr and of more noble tltouKhts ihaft 
or my younger bratber. made election of the huoouraUtt miL 
culling one tti ihe thfee ett:L;Fs whicli our father proposed to 
even as your comrade infotmcd, when, ai )OU ihought, he rdawd 
hblc. I fodloivcd my book, by whkh God and my dilii^cnce 
me 10 the stale yx^u ice. My youn^ hroihcf is in Peru, and w 
ihat which he luih teni to my father and myMlf, hatJi bouii 
rec<Mnpcns«d the portion he carried, and ]^ven id him 
10 «aii&fy htK lihcral di»po^uion, and 10 m« wherewithal to ccmiow 
my iiudics with the decency and authority iwedful lo ad«;u>cc cr 
to the rank which now 1 po&»U9. My father fives yet, but 
ihrou^ dMJre to ham somewhat of hif eldeu foo. aAd 
importune God with in^etuot prayert thai death miy nnc 
eyei uniB He may once ^^in «ee Him >iVi\t. I only mat\-el aiM a 
CDiuidering hu dtscrctkn, that among all hii labourv alSiomcu. 
prosperoui wccesK^ he hath been x> carclc^ in iCi>inK his bi 
Aoiice of His prooecdinj^; for if tiiber be or any one of lu 
known of hit captivity, he should not hav0 nctdrd to axpta the 
mirade nf the rjnr for his raniom, B^it ik-it wKicK trouklei 
IDDA of all it ici tIdnV whether iHe^ Frencbntei'. Kjyc leiiiircd tiii 
again to bbctty, or el>e ibun htm, that they mi^ conceal I 
loUiefy the better: atl wliich will be an occasion to me to 
my ^"oyag^ not wnb i>ke toy where^ itHal 1 began it. htit rather 
mdancholy and sorrow. OK dear brother, I would I mi^ 
now where thou art. that I myitetf miglu go and «earch ihee 
and free thtx from thy pains, altbou^h it were with ihe KaiUfd 
ma\c own. OH, whu is he iHat could carry Dew» 10 cnif old fa 
thou wen alivtt althotigh tlsMi wtrt bddtn in the mast abimiff 


gcotis of Barbary? for hts rickui my brocher'a. aad mine, wcul<I 
fetch due from tticncc* O beauutul and bountiful Zaraida! who 
might be able to rccc^mpenac ihec for ihc ^xjd tluiu hai^i dene to 
my brotW? How haf^y were be that might be presei>t st thy 
ipiritod binli ;itiJ bn[ititm, ;inilat ihy iin^}ti;ELs whkh wtmUl l>r ui 
grateful tu lis all.' ITicsc and many cthcr suth wonh did iht* judge 
debver, 30 Evil] of cnmpaasion tor the ncwj that he had roccivcd of 
his brother, a^ all that hc.ird Kim kept him company in showing 
lign* of compas»;ion for hi; sorrow. 

The curate ihcrrfcfc, pCTCCTving the happy success wherpio his 
and the cj(Hdiit\ tle^^irL' kid ^:ned. would hold the coin^^ny 
Adiw longer; Jiid ibcr^furxu Jn?ang from the ubie, and emvfing 
into ihe room wherein Zoruida was, he took her by the liand, and 
after her followed Luanda, Dorothea, and the jjd^'e hia daui-ln^. 
The captain noad «iU 10 we what the curaie would do. who. taking 
him i-jn hy rhe orher h;ind, marched over with rhem hiKh lowaids 
the ftidgc and the mhci gctirkvncn, am! Mying* *Suppreu your ic^ts, 
Maitcr Justice, and glut your desire with a\[ that good which it 
may desire, seeing you hjve here bctorc you your good brother and 
your loving tj sterol n-Iaw. Thi* man whom you view htfc is iho 
Captain Viodma, and ihis the be.mtifu] Moor which haih done w 
mucii for him. The Ffenchmen which I told you of iave rcducpd 
tJiem to the poverty you Mre, ii> llw end iliat you may show the 
liberality of your noble breaaL* 

Then did the capram driw nejr to embrace hi* brother; but he 
twid him olf a whde with hij arnii^ to note whether it was he or 
no; bui when he once knew him, he embraced him so lovingly, an^l 
with iuch abundance <jf icar^ as did aitriict ibe like from all the 
beholders. The words (hat the brothers spoke one to another, or 
the feeling affection which they showed, can hardly be conceived, 
and thefefnre much less written by any one whatsoever. There they 
did brieRy recount the one 10 the oLher their successes; there did 
thry show ihe true love and afTeciiDn of btoihrr* in hi* prime; 
there did the judge embrace Zoraida; there he made her an ndcr of 
all chat was ht^; there did he also cause his daughter to embrace her; 
there the beautiful Christian and the most beautiful Moor renewed 
^^iie tears of them all; there Don Quixote w:ig attentive, vrithout 


spetkio^ a woid, poodenng oi ^hcac vtsc oocurrtaoa, and aitfibuciiii 
ibcm to the chioM-jjU wlu^ kc inuj^incd u> be iocuknt to cJtttfi2/T; 
and thf^ff lJ*<fy sj^nd dui tbe cjpum and Zomu^Li tfaoold ttiaa 
with tbdr bvocher to Sevilkt and thence a<lvue tbctr father cf btf 
Rnding ttDd lihmy, ihat he, as vredl ^ be might, thnuld odok id 
Seville to the baptiim and muria^ of Zor^wla, because thr fudp 
ootild not potsibJy return, or di<contiaue his founuf, ia n^ea 
that the Indko fleet wa^ to depart vritbiA a month iroat ^cr3k 
towards New Spaia. 

Evrry one-^ in conclunon, vtk joyful and glad at tlw CaiKlw'i 
goodsiKcro; andiwopaiuof dw^ night being wieU-i«^ tpeDt,lfc«T 
all agreed to rq)otc dicRuclv«& a while. Don Qtiooic offend hdtodf 
to watch and guatd the castle whdit they al«pt, lot they should fae 
assaulted by iodm giai^: or other miicraanc deonnu to it4> dv 
great treantr^ of beauty iHjk wns ihcirin tmmurKl and kept. Hievr 
that knew btm RAdered uiuo him mfinhe ifaank^ and whhil 
informcfl iKe jtidge of his cKtravjgjtDt htunouft whereat he wai not 
a litilc recreaijxi; only Sandio P^nra did htt^ because tbqr Wient 
io slowly to deep, and he okoe wu best acootnnkodatad ol thsm aO, 
by }ying down on his beast's furniture, yMA cost hlra deaHy, at 
shall ht- nfirr recoumnL The bdirs being wiilulrawn tmft tfacn 
chamber, and evciy oi>e laying himself down where best he mi^, 
Don QiujDote sallied out oi the inn. 10 be scmind ot tJie caakw as 
he had promised. And a little before day ic happcocd that lo «w«tf 
and ttmeoUa a voice toiichnd the bdin' car^ as it obligRl tbasi 
all to liArn unto it vi-ry ait<uuiivl)', but chiWIy Dorothea, ^Ao 6ni 
awaked, and by whose oAt th« young gandcwocnaa. Doom Qasa 
of Vi<dmi (for 10 the iudgr's daughter was calkd), tlopL Nom 
of them could imagine who it wai that lUBg an w^ withom die 
help of any infinimeot- SometiiDei k sacsKd that he wng in ibf 
yaid, orWi thai tr H-as in the uahle. And bdtig ihut In suspeose, 
Cardenio came id the ciLamber ckxir, and sa£d, '^WhooorTTf is not 
asleep, let them give r^r, and they shail bear the votce of a bckeji 
that ao chanta as it likewise CDchaatL' 'Sir,' qonch DiMOihca, 'wt 
hear Ura very w«lL' With this Cardetiio dtpott«d; an^ 
using all ibe attention poadbk^ beard ihac fail too 



SniiLXcB AmnsTvtiu BunxiMst in na liw 

'I va i nurma u> lovc» 

Which in hii ilcpthi pralouoit 
Sei9 ui)(. And yei tw hope cut prove 

Oicontiig A)T to ih' fiouml. 

1 folowucyt fC<> ft jE^a'nfljc «»t, 

Wliitli 1 uloo: duLfx* 
Much mere rtipltmleot tfiAA those an 

That Pil inure <fid ipy. 

'J kAOw aoc whcrv ny <ounv to bc&d, 

Afid so coofuicdly, 
To vr il itctlj I pf^rlrmJ 

Carvf uJ and cajvtMily. 

'J-kr uu imprniiiiRii fi^card, 

AmI too mwh nodeciy> 
Tlic Joucl> vc wLkJi cniBc <)« hive h^md 

From iheix dtwrvtd (ct 

X) dcif iml >oti-fieTiir;n£ lur^ 

WhoAe sghr duth uy ray tmif. 
If iluMi thy hg,hA from toe dcbu, 

Iiuuml) die I auiu.' 

The linger arriving to thit point of kii tong^ Donxhn inagio«d 
t}ut ii would not br amiu lo (n Dc'nna Cl^ra hr^r lo dceBeoc z 
xntc. ^d tbtrcforc the j^f^gcd her a littJc on ihc ouo jiod other ndc, 
until abe Itad avrakcd hcf . ukd tlua Muci, Taftioti ttit, child, for dim 
inc«rrufting yoor rwcct rrpocc^ *«>nfr I tio ti to iho end yoa may 
Joy, bv hearing: one of the bot voicei >Jut perhaps you ercr beard 
01 foor lifr/ Gjta amkcd a: thv fint drowniy, vul did noi well 
likI what Dojctti^j uid, and ifacrcfofe dcnunding of her 

u po thac B 


what she said, ^ told it her fgiin; whereupon Do 
al5o Jtitcnti^'c; but secret had she heard two vctmb repeated bf ibe 
early muuciaii, when a niarveUoui trambliAf; ioraded ho'. rm 
u if the hid thcfi suffered the gricvout tk ol a quirtan a^ 
Wherefore, embracing IVtrotheg very stratdy, ibe utd, ^Alu* dof 
Ud}I wh) did you awake mc, Kving rhe ^cali^ hap ilut fcaiuw 
could in dkis insiam luvc given tnc^ wxt to have mine e)c» <od c^ 
so shut ss 1 mighc neiihcT see nor hear that unJonunatc tnUMia. 
*Wtui IE duti yoj uy, child?' quoth Dorotbfta. 'Did )ou no t hac 
one fay rhni the mufjcun i& but a borte-boy V 'He is tio 
quoih Cbra^ 'but a lord of nuny tawns, and he itut 
6rm poucs^on «>f my soul, as if he hinudf wUI ooc r^ta 
never be deprived of the domiiiioD ibercofi' Dorothea grtsulf 
dexed at the paAiiomue wordi of the ^xjucij; gift, wlke/cby it KCflM^ 
to her that she far nurpaued the dUcretion whkh to tetkdtf yon 
di<l pfomtSTj and thrroforc ihr replied lo hrr, wyirjg, "Ynu ifvul » 
obKurely, L^dy CIva, as 1 canno! undeftta.itl you; rxptiuod yoia- 
fell more cleajty. and tell tne what is Uut you »y of louds ^od 
towns, and of this muaci^^n whose voice hath altered you 40 toucK 
But do not uy >nyiltir^ to n>e novr, for I would not lose, by 
itig CO your dii^ttiii, ihe pleasure I take lo bear him tsng; (or 
(hinki hr icMsinn hit muik: wiih new vtrvcK and in anochrr 
in a ^ood hour/ quoth Datuu Clara; and (hen, became ihv 
telf would not hear him, sbc slopped her ears with brr finpn; 
whercit Dorothea did aUo marvel, but being attentive to the nuw, 
the beard the laciey protrcuie hit tong in this nuDoer: 

Y> fweet afld conitaai hope. 

That brtflkV impouibibnci tod bncn; 
And lutv^y jumi*u ihr icope 

Which tbmi ihytftf dool icrgt to ihy desuvtl 
Be bol ditinay'd 10 tec 
Ac cvVy fUp thytelf ni^h cfeath to be. 

"SluBgardt do oot dcierve 

Tlie glory of triumphs oc wvorf. 
Good hap dodi mm mm 

Those which reiut not lonune maofnly, 
Bui wetkly fall 10 gfuinil, 
And in ton tloih i\itu wnsei bU confoofid. 


TTtAt lotc hu ^onc-i hold 

No imdotii ftocKf oor ^d 

Mat b« bi )JI cocnpAr^ with love's fun; 
And 111 a tiling mou tkur, 
Nothidg is vtmh cniMm ihii cou mm dear, 

'An amorouf pcnificixc 

Obcaineih oltuma duogi impooublt; 
And so though 1 lesbuocc 

Find df my tool's iloiro, in brr sum will, 
I hcpc linnf iliftU be givwa, 
When I tronn cinh miy rc^h her f>loriou> hravea/ 

Hov the vok^ ended, jnd Donnj CLira*s aght began; all tvhich 
itiAvDcd Dorotlkci\ dcaiie lo know the c^u&c of >o twe^ a ioog 
and » ud d plaint; uAd ibcrdorc the citwoni icctutfcd her to tdl 
her now wh^ she wdf about to havt uid before. Then CUrai 
ctcnorooi lost LiKinda (bould overhear her, embracing Dorothea 
very oeoHy, bid htt mouth %o c]o^y ici DoroUiej^ v^ir, ;ii &He might 
ipcik Mvuidy without bciEig undcfitood by any orbcr, am! said, 
Jlc that sii^ it, <k^r bdy, a gentleman's ion of the kingdom of 
Aragon, vdwK father is lord of iw<o towns, and dwelled nght bcfoie 
mf father's hotue at th^ coun; and altbou^ the wiodows of our 
hnns were in winter co^vfcd with cerw-doch, and in nimmpt 
with biUce, I know not how it hippef>ftl. but thii ge^ukmao, who 
wait to the xIu>oJ» espied me; and whedx^r it was H tbe church, 
or daewbcrc, 1 am do4 cenain. Finally. Ke fell in k>\« with me, 
and did aoquaim mc with his oiTcciioa from his own windowsi thai 
opposite to mine, wkh 10 nuny loliens ar,<l ixsch abundttDce 
lastf as 1 most fotdbiy bdie^vd, and also aiTrtiH him, without 
Lnowinf liow moch be loved nic< Among the %\gDi that he would 
make me, one was, to jotn tlve one hjiod 10 tbe other, giving me 
tbervby to undmtand that h« would nurry mo; and althoiogh 1 
would be ynrf fjbA tlut it mijcbt be », yet as one alone, and wiili- 
oat a mothtf, I tcnew not to whom I might oommunifate the a/&lr, 
and did therefore let if rr« without alTf^ding him any ulier favour, 
unleu 11 were, when my Eaihcr a»d hit wen gone abroad, by Uft* 
tag up the bttko or ccio<loth only a linlci and pcrmitung him to 


434 ^^^ QuixoiT 

bchoM mc; for whKh favour be would ifaow siKh ngrm of joy V a 

maD wouki cU«m him lo b« rtU <A hit witi. 

"The time o£ m> faihef'i de,'vnure arrivmg. aad Iw bevin^ c< 
it, but Dot from me (for I couU never leH it tu him)* (m? tell wi. 
u Ear as I could iiado^Uud, for gs'tti; and ilwrcfon I uhjU ptve 
Me bin all the day o( our dciuriurc, to bid bim bnrwell at bcMt wiib 
mine cy^; but after we had tnvdied two day*, jtnt ai wc intffid 
into an inn in a vilb^, a diy\ -ourney from heno, 1 uw bin u 
ihu Ifldging dtJLit, aji^xirclli^l u) prti^icrly like a lackey, at if I W 
t)ot borne about mc hi» portraiiurc ia my somI, U bad boen impasMt 
tr? know bim. J knew him. and woDdtrad, ttod wms gUd wiiU; 
nnd he b«btJd m^ Lnwicing my f^ibcr, from whose proteocv W 
villi hitki bimirif wh^n ht cionM the ^^yi bvfoiT mv si I nwL 
or afi^ w^ arrive at any inn. And becaute chat 1 koMv tvboi b 
is, dnd du (.oniiJer tite puiiu be ijL«n by oDcolog thuft tJmt fir 
my sake, and that with so greit toil, I die (or fofrovr; and whetv 
he putA bu feet, 1 alto put mine eyt9. 1 know not with whac 1PIQ»- 
ckvn he corner, nor how he could potf^ly thus e«cap» 6cB tai 
bthcT, who \oyvK him bcy^ivd mea^iir^ both became he hath worn 
other btfir, and b^^iitp the young gctntlecnan alta devrvv* u, a 
)xw will fsefodve wbca you see htm; and I im aJEfm bmJes* due 
all that vHuch be sayi be compooca extempore, and wuheut asf 
attidy; for I have heord that he is a line «tudent, and a jtrcat pott: 
and evefy time thai I see htm, or do hor him nng, 1 ctart aod 
crenMe like an aiprn leaf* for fnr that my f4ihrr Uiould know 
htn^ and thrf«4iy comi! tn have ntufcr <kf our mutual afTectionL I 
have never spoken one word to bim in my life, and ye< 1 do tiewr- 
tbel^M love him »o mu^h, as without him I ihall sot be able vo b^e. 
And this ii alt, doar Udy, that I am ^la io ay umo fou tt the 
mtitician wboM voke hath pleaW you ao weUt u by it akne yod 
might conjecture that be is not a lione-hoyt as you laidt buL rather a 
lord of soldi and towns, at 1 alHrmcd,* 

*Speak DO more^ Lddy Cbra,* quoth Doeotbea at that aauoo^ 
kissing her a tbnii«jnd time«: *sprak no more, I siy,bitl havepnicBre 
tmtfl k be diyli^t; for I hope in Cwod » to cfircci your aSaut, at 
that they iholl luw the fortunate luceeif rbac w* hoocfl bcgpuung 
dewTves.* 'Alas, m^ml* qua«K Donna Cbra, Vbai end ma 


vapc^oed, smtig flit father it ta mihlr and nch* ai hr would tatam 
deem RW worthy xo he kis ioei's scrv^ni, how much leu hii jpouie? 
Aim! bf me to mwry mysdi ankoown 10 my faihn, 1 vrwM oot 
do it ^ all cb» world. I driiro iy> c<hcr thing boi thai ihe young 
^fodtiTun wtvttld fttum horw agtitn dnd leave me ^ik>n«; porbap* 
bf not wring hifO, and ihe gfeat difiaixe oi ih^ Mray whicli we are 
to travdt my pain, ^^hicb oow »a mtKh prcuvch nuc, will be kmdc- 
«Aat tBayed; akbough 1 duc«iy that liuK n^nudy. wluch now I 
hav» inugioed, would avail me but liitle; for I know hoc whence 
with the vefl);euKe^ or by what w«y this ifTection which 1 bear him 
got ^to me, i4«ng boih I and he anr^ ui yvrng at we be, for 1 b^■ 
Itcve we arc mixli of an age, znd I am not ya fiill uxicoi, nof 
iduS be, ju my bibcr siy^ until Mkhadmat next-' Dorothea cotild 
MX contain her laughter, hearing how chtldiihly Donna Clara 
^olm; to whom th^ said, l^dy, let us npOM again, and ileep ttut 
Uttle pin of ihe mght whirh renuliu: and whpn God tends day^ 
light, we mil pnMper, or my h^indi shall fail me.' With thu they 
bdd ihctr peaces ^nd all tKe iiui was dn>wned in profound lUence; 
only lite innkeeper's daughter and M^riiomes were not asleep^ bui 
koowuiB very well Do« Quixoie'i peccant humour, and tlwt he 
was armed and on horseback without the inn keeping guan^ both 
of them cxmiorted togCThr-Tt and agreed 10 be anmeway merry with 
faifn,orat Istt ropauovrr nofni? tinK> tn htfarinj; him »pcak ravingty. 
It u d>rtirfore to be utidcr«r»od that there wi> not in ail the inn 
ftBy window which looked out into the field, but one hole i& a 
bam, otn of n^ch they were wont 10 can iheir fs^raw. To thn hole 
came the two dfcni-domsff*, and taw Don Qnltotr moooted and 
Wning Du hn javelin, and breathing fofth ever and idod so doWid 
oiiil 6tvp ughc a* it aeoned his soul wai plucked away by every 
erne of tlxm; and they lyxcd l>eude« how he >aidi with a loh and 
;imoiot» Toke, "O mry lady Dukinea of ToIxmoI (he sun of all beamy, 
rhe efyf and i^uinti^srfv^ «if dhf retiofi, the treasury of iwcM counifr 
fuivce and ratriage; the nort^hottie ai honesty, and finally, the kba 
c^ afl thAi which it profitable, niodest, or dchghiful in lite world! 
and what m^cht thy bdyship he doing M this preeeni^ Hast thou 
perhapi rhy mind now upon thy captive knight, that mo«t wittingly 
ctpoieth hiAsrff 10 10 many danger* frtf thy take^ Cite onto me 

43^ ^^^ QUIXOIE 

tidings of bcr, O thou luminjiry of ihc ihrt« facet! Tcrad^ 
thoa doic now whh cnv)' enough behold her, cither ivalkjfig ihiCE^ 
KMOC £a!lcry of her iump(uou« ^aktcotf w l«JL(iing oa softw lii^ 
window, and chinking how (uving he/ honour and gieAtnei) ^ 
slull mitigate and auiuge thr loriure which thU niin^ nppmv: 
heiit CDdufu fof ticf love, whax glory ^ ^all give fur my ptstA 
what quiet to my carcst what life to my deuK. and wtui jpicfJon 
to my servxM. And <hou, niHr which an, at 1 bdievc, by ihU tint 
saddiiiig ci thy horui to g^ away naily and go out to >ec my mft- 
infti, I nn]uctt tluc, ai Kjon ai ilion ihali tro Ikt, to talmr h«t 'o 
my hchatf; but hcvtitc ih*t ^^hctt thou lookai tm h«r aod dos gm 
her, iha; thou do not kiwi her on the face; (or if thou da«, 1 bomt 
more fcalotis of thco than ever thou wa£t oi the tmift ■ograt* «bit& 
made thee to run and sweat so much thcougli the i^siru ct Thmtaij 
nt chr hrinkf of IVnrtis: for 1 hive torgoaim thruu^h which of ibca 
thou ranoctf m> icaloufi and oumourecL* 

To tl»> point arrived Don Quiuxe, when the innkotpcf'a diqi^ 
tcr began to call him softly unto bcr, and uy, 'Sir knij^bt, approK^ 
a little bithenA<ar<l, If you pleaie*; at which voice Don QuiKoce turMd 
hif hnidt and taw by ^ hght of the moon whkch thtned then vcrr 
clearly, llul \\e was called to fnim ttte IkiIc, wludi he accDumvd V> 
be a fair window full of iroii hard and those costly ^dcd with 
gold, %vell bchtting to nch a castle as he inugined thji jiui to be; 
and presently in a momcn: be forged to hii own bncy, ihac doc 
again, ac [t]he had <lone before^ ihn he^ufifnl daimd, daugbicf » 
the lady of thai ca«ik-| ovcrcnmr by lui lo\e, did rrfurn to loJicir 
him; oDti wnh this tbougbu bccau^ he would ooc dkow luimMlf 
dbeotirtcotu tni ungrateful, he ttirned Rocinante about and cacw 
over to the hole: and then, haTtng beheld tbe two wencbe«t be aid. 
'I take pity on you, beautiful bdy, thai you hive f4aced youi amor- 
ous dxrughtt in a place whence ii it nni po»ble tn have any 
mpandcnce annvetable to tlie desert of your high worth anil Ikji 
whcrcnf you are in no son co condenui this miKrahle kniglkl-tni 
whom love hath wholly disabled to surrender bis will tn be any 
than to her whom at the first dghi lie made ofaeoluts mistKBi of 
KniL Pardon me therefore, good bdy, and RPtire yourself lo yni 
dtanlttr, and nake mt not, by any funher innnuaiion of 


more unihinkfuJ ai>d ducouncoui ihon 1 would be; tnd if, 
tfaroosh iba love ihit you boar mc, you hod in me any other thing 
ll^Mffewiihil I may wrve and pleasure you, «o chat it be noi low 
itidf, duiuod ii boldly; for I do sw«dr umo you by mine abwn[ilp 
y«t 4Wcrteai enemy, lo bcMow it upon you iacoinifkenttr* yea. ibougjt 
ic Ikt a lock of Mc<lu»'» bdira, iniikb are all o£ uukeii oc the very 
sunbcanu eckcLoMd in a vial of kIjus.' 

'My Udy needi none of chose ihingt, sir kni^x,' aitswercd Mati- 
tatnA. 'Wh:it dcnb il^^ ibeti W4iri> diicrtrt tiutrDn?* quoth Don 
QuuroCc. 'Only dm of your i^t hn.idV ^aid Mjriiornci. ^hjc ibere- 
wiiK^l ihc may diiburdcn hcrtcU of some part oC ihox vioknt 
dcufcs which compeUrd her to come to thii wickIow, wiUi lo grvat 
ilangtrof hftr honour; for if h«r(oTd and father knew of h^r coming, 
the Inm ilk« be wouh) take o/T her should hr ac the leatt an e;ir/ 
'{ would f^D once aee tlut/ quoth Don Quixote; 'bui ] am sure be 
will beware how he do ii, if he hive no lik£ to make the moat di^ 
tattom end that ever father made in thia world, tor having bid 
violent handt on the ddicace limbs of hk amorous daughter.' Man* 
lomn verily peraiudeil htrtelf that Don Qitixoie would give up 
ha hand at he was reque^ird, aiHl tuving already cuntrired in her 
mitKi what iht would do, duceadcd wiih all haae from the hob^ 
and. going into the stabk, fetched out !>ancho I'anxa his ass's baiter, 
sad rccumed again with ^-<fy great ipeed, just as Don Quixcte 
(rao^ng uf> on Roxinantc'c saddle^ that he mighc thp berter reaidk 
tbe barred windows, whereat he ima^ned the wounded damicl 
mLuurd) cfid, stn-fching up his hand* uy unio bcr, 'ilold, bdy, 
the hand, or as 1 may better say. the eKccutloocr ot earthly nus- 
en-anu; hold, 1 say, tliat hand, whkh no other ivoman ever touched 
before, noc even ihe hervrlf that hath entiie potseo^on oi my whole 
body, nor do I givr k to you io llie end you should kiis ti, bot that 
Jim may bchi>ld the comeaturc of the sincwi, chv knitting of the 
and the ipocioiity and bresdth of the veins, whereby you 
collect haw great ought the force of ihai arm to be whereutun 
pband u kniL* 'We shall ice that presently,* quoih Mariiomct; 
>n. making a running knot on tHt halier, the ctft it on the 
of hti fund, and then descemfing fnxn ibe hole, she tied the 
cibrr end of the halter very Ust to the lock of the barn door. Don 


Quixoic, itdsng the lougtuMss ol the halter abouit biB wtuc, said, 
'Ic rdtber wmu ilut ^ou grate my hand thao Uuc you chcnih it; 
bu yet 1 pray you imm to tuiuDe ti su roughly, smn^ it b no bull 
nf the cvU whkh coy vnQ <kitb odU) yuu; nor i% u u>[nely lEni you 
ijkould rereii^ Of di^urdcn the vrhole bulk of your indijEi^^on 
on 90 iiDail a part: reriMnkbcr that those wbich bvc w«U do not 
ukc >o cruel rexdigc' But oobodv g^^'c eir to thcw w^onli of Don 
Quiiot«'»; toe as sooa at XUritorRci had tied hira, she and the 
other, slmoa hum for bu^tiY, ran away, and left bint lied ia 
Mich maiuKr as Lt was impuuihle £oc him (o loose himseU- 

He stood, a» ym have recouotcd. on RotiikftDCc his saddle, having 
all his arm thrust in at the hok^ and bsteoed by the wrist to the 
lock* Aifed was m very ^eae dotiM aad fair thai if Roziaaotc bud|Ecd 
ne\'er so Utile on Jtny ade he sbouM Call and hang by the arm; 
and ihcTctnic hr durst not nttce \ik the least motion of the YrarWI, 
though he might well have expeani, from Roaunantc's pMictice 
and mild ipirii. duu if he were uuSered. be would stand atUI a 
w^sde a^ wltiviut icirring HnudL In 6nc. Don Quixote jeeiog 
hsmielf tiedr aod that the ladies were departed, bc^ii Arnsht to 
imagine chat all had been done by way of enchantment, as the last 
umCf whra in the very omec^iile the enchanted M«ur (the carrier) 
bad to fairly hclaboured him: and then tu hinudf did he execrate 
hisowD want of diKrciion and diiuiciurac, sccxrr that h:iving escaped 
out of that casdc »o evii dtghi the tirat time, be vro^ld ahcr ad- 
venture to enter into it the Mcocid; for ic wai generally observed by 
luuight»4rrant thst when tbey had once tried an adveniur«v and 
could not 6niih tt, it wus a roken that ii wns not reserved for tbem* 
Intt (or ntxTtff other: and thertJ'uie would never prove it jigain* Yet 
For all this he drew forward his arm to see If he might ddrver 
himself; but he ^^'as so well bound as all iiia endeavours proved 
vain. It is true that he drew it very warily. Lest RoizLoante should 
stir; and alihc^ugh he would fain have sat and settled himteAf tn 
the saddle, yet cnuld he do nn nihrr but sinmL, or Ipiivr the arm 
behind. There was man^ a wi&h for Anudii Lii sword. ag~iLiiut 
which no cnchantmeni whitsocvcr could prevail; tbcnc succeeded 
the malediaioo of his fates; there the exaj^gcrating of the want 
that the world should have of bis presence all the while he abode 



enchint^d (w he jnfaJfibly believed he wa*) in ihai p!ax»; xhert 
he >n(?w remrmlwrtti ^« helovijtl Liidy Dulcinea of Toboio: ihpre 
did he call <jft mciii^h on liU gocd squire S:tnclio P;iti7^, who, en- 
tombed IP the hoivcli of Meejx -^n<1 meiched Afyng on the pannel oE 
his; iss, did drenm ai that intiant hut little of Ehe mnttier chat bore 
him; there he invoked the wue men Lirgnndeo .ind Al<iuife lo 
heJp him. And fiiwlly, ihe morning ditl alio there ov^nakr him 
VI fuH of desiuir and confusion, as he roarrti like a bull; For he 
had rva hope iW by thyL^ht any cure could be (irund for lii& cdie, 
which he deemed would be cvcrUiting, bc<uu»e he iuily accounicd 
hirDsdf cnchantodT and was ihe more induced to think so, because 
be WW tlat Koiinintc did not move little rtor much; and theiefore 
he vuppc^ dui bodi he and hit hone ihodd abide in Uut ftate 
wiihcjui rJitfi^, (Irinlm);, nr iltrpin^, until ihiit citlicr the ni;tU;^ 
influence of the rtan were pnM, or some pcatcr cnch-mter had 
divench^nted him. 

But he deceived himM'lf much in his belief; for scarce did tho 
day bffgin to peep» whpn ihere arrived four horsemen to the infi- 
door, Tory wHl appoJned, and hLivin;; tna^h:incei hnnj^nj; at thfr 
pommel of llirir ■■^Kldlrt. Tliry olli'fl ;it flie init-do»r (w)tith yiH 
^rtood ahul). and knocked ^-ery lurd, vt^hidi beinjf (irrceivcd by Dun 
QuIicoEe, from The place where he %trKn\ nentincl, he uid, with a 
very loud and arrogani voice, "KniRhu, or nquires, or whatsoever 
el»e )<e be. yeu ;iie not to knock nny morcr :tt the gala of ihar c.^Kiic, 
lering k ii evident, fh^il in !*uch hnors at ihi<j rtther they which 
jrt wilhiR dn repost ihcm, or oNc -ire not wont w oj>cn forireswt 
until I*hocbu» hath sprc*id his beams over the earth; therefore btand 
back, and expect till it be clear day, .ind then we will se^ whether 
it be juit or no that they open th«ir gate* unto you/ "Whi^t a devil, 
what C3^e or fortress is this/ quc^h one of them, 'thac it should 
hmd us lo u*e all those circumsTance*? If rlwin bei-si the innktejwr, 
command that the door he opentrd; ff>r we ^re travellers lh,nl will 
tarry no lonper ihin to bait our hordes and away, for we ride in post 
haste.' 'Doth it leem to you, gcndemen,' quoth Don Quixote, "that 
I look like un innkeeper?* '1 know not wh.-tt thou lookc^t like-,' 
answered the other, 'but well I know ihat fhou Kpp^test madly, JQ 
caUiog fhii inn a CAitle-' 'It is a castle,^ replied Don Quixote, 'yea^ 


and that one of the bcu in iIua provinci^ and u luth people widtf' 
U trhich have had a tccptrc in hand, and a crown on thof Itnd.' 
^h wrrc b(-i(cr uid quiir am:r:try,' rrplicd tlw itaidlcr. 'the mfirr 
on ihc hcadr and the crown in the hand; bui perhaps (aiid u ii 
axkj well be) ihcrc b Ao«nc oompony of player* wtdaio. who <k> 
Ttiy uiuaily hold tho KOpuc« and ^veaf thoic aovras vthtnat tbcu 
ulkcsc: fof in luch a patiry inn afithiiii, Jind ^.-htrt I hear »b^ 
noi^» I cmnoc bcti<rv<?»ny onctob^ lodged ux)n]ty tu wur acfDwv 
Oi bcM n auytie.' "n)ou kioi^i^u but Uu]v of die worUt' rr^nd 
Don QuixotCi 'icelnf thou dod so much ijEnorc d^ chatKc» du; 
jire wont to befall m chi\£lry/ The £ellow> o£ Jum tlui cal«n»ml 
thu prolix dia]c>g\i« wiih Don Quixote waxed w«ary lo tiMT dm 
speak id]y lo lon^ together^ and ihcnjbre turned again to knodl 
with i^rrMt fury nt dx' dcior^ and thai in titch x>n at they not ottj 
waked the innkc^^pcr, but abo all the guciUi and ao ho ^nne tt» 
demand their plf^jure. 

In ihe meanwhile it happened dut one of the borte» 
ih^y rode drew near lo smell Rcrzinante, that, meUncboly and 
with hit earvcui down, did &ii»uin wiihuui movEii^ fm ouistntdicd 
lord; Aod be being indeed uf fle^h und bluxl, alU^4>u^i l»e menihlni 
a blodc of wood, could not choose but ted It. and luio to amdl hira 
ajjain who had tJius come to cberuh and enieruin him; and icirrr 
had be stirred but a thought from ibeoc^ when Don QuiiioCQ'* Ud; 
thai were joined, shpt asunder, anil, turoblinj; from the uddli^ hjd 
douUlcuIy fjilm to the ^ound, had he nnl ii'mainrd liangtog by 
the aim; a thing that cau»cd him lo cndorc so much pain, as he 
verily bdieved that either hii wna was a<umfi^, or hu via 
a'tcoriAg off from his body; xnd he hun^ so nvnr b; the g^tmud 
as he toixhed it with the topt of his toes all which turned to litj 
prejudice; foe, havtttg (di die Uide which he warned to dv aettii 
uf hiA feet wlioDjr on (he earth, he labotiivd and drew all ilun 
mij^ to reach it; much like unto iboae thai get the tfrappado^ 
the condition to touch or not to loiwh, who ore themielvc* a cai 
to increase their own torture, by the emininen wherewith 
irrnch tliemvhn, dnrivtil by llie hope tlury luip [o tui 
gnmnd if tbey cut ttnctch ihcn>Mdve:i but a link faitW, 




SO many vver« th« ourcries ^vlikh Don Quixote made, as the 
Innktrrptr npcncd xhv ditor \trf hsttily and afTnghled. to Me 
wiH> it was that so roared; u>d ihoie that flood without did 
aUo the »foc ManiorDcSt whom the cries had also awakened^ 
ioiaginii^ Araigbc what it mighc bci went into the bdnw and, uo- 
ptfccived of any, loosed the hulccr that suti^incd Don Qtu]cotc> 
and forthwith he fell to the ground io the presenoe of the innkc^'pcr 
and the ti J viJJer\ w)x>t comui^ towirdii IxUd, deauodcd the occasioD 
why be cijd io unmc^jun^jr roar. He, without raaktD^ aoy amvrvt, 
took oA ifie haliCT from hi^ wn^, aod, ^un^ up. he leaped upon 
Rostioanu^ esnbrxed his lacf^t, vet his taace into the reu, aodp 
wfaedin^ about a gcxxl p^irt of the fteld, returned with a hill- 
gaUop, sayinjff niVbcuoeTer th-ill d:irtf to alErni tlut i luvc myi 
mth iui? dJe enchanted, iE mr lady the Frmceu Micomkona 
give me leave to do it, I say that lie lies, and I do pnsendy 
him to eoinbat*' The ttsw tra^^llers were amixed at Don 
i*% wordi; but ihe hoii removnl that uvwder by informing 
vAiM be was, and that they should make no account of his 
for the m4n vns Ixreit of his uMs. Then they dci^^tnded 
the innkeeper if there bad arri^xd to his inn a younj^ siripling 
of tome fifteen yoart old or thereabouts, apparelM Lke a bon»- 
bo^r 3Ad having luch and luch mark* and tokens: and then gavo 
th e very Bgns d Donna C];ira*s lover. TW boat made answer, 
there were so many people in hit Imt as be bad taken no 
of htm for whom d)cy denundcd* But one of ihem having 
ibe cMch wbcreb the judj^ caCDC^ taki 'Questionle»ily Im 
mutt be hcte; for thb it the coach ihat they ay he hath followed. 
Lift, theseforcv one of in nYram at ihe iJoor, and ihe mt enter to 
■eck him out; yea^ and it wJl not be from the purpove if one of tn 
ride ibout vriihouc tlie inn, ku he should make ao ocapc Cmm in 


^2 DON QUixonrB 

by ihc walb of itu* yard.' 'We will iSo sa,' »id umher of than. 
\ad tbuj two of ihcm aitocd inio (he Ikkkc, one stayed at tiv 
door, and the othcf did compois the mn obouL 'Vhc innketfttr hcbffi^ 
ail, hui oiuld never ]ud^c Aright ilic rcau>n why ihey tucd J^l 'i ^M 
ddigcncc* ^Lhhoii^h he cadly Mic%vd that they tooght for the youli 
wbou' marks ihcy lud told uniu Kim. 

By thit the iky wii grown ck^r, ^nd u wdl by reaton tbcfr^t, 
aitliroti^h tbcouiiCrir»cill>onQuiao«c««UdxHnagcrtwcteaw3kc, 
and did fi«c t^ eipeci^y both ii>e Udi«, Cbn ind Don 
|]b« one throi^ fear to tuve her Uvsvt to near, and die 
dotir^ lu $ee him» oiold sleep bm very liiiK« all flut lu^hi. 
Quixolc pacayi'itt^ tliat norte of the four Iravcflcja made 
account <4 hun, or answered hia challcr^jct wn% ready U> 
with wraih and dcsfiiic; end li he cotitd any wik' luve iouod 
it w;i« toUrjtcd by tLc statutes of chivairy thai a kaighl- 
mtghi ha%^r lawfully untWrraken any entf[|>rbe, Kavitig 
hit word Hind faith nm to aEtcm|H any tipiil he hat! finu}«d 
whkli he bad lirst promised* he would bare aauUcd thcnk alU 
made them naugro their teeth to have aiuwarcd hitiL But Uemk 
k teoiwd to him not ud expedient nor honoarable to b^Q any 
new adveotitfe until he hjd innalled Micomicona In her kii 
he 'was fun:ed lo be ^uiet. expecung to ue whercuntu ibc 
ottTi and diligence ol iboae lour uavellen tended: lh<c one 
tound out the ycauth, ihH lie acarchcd^ aslocp by anDtbcr bcki 
little dt«aminf; that anybody did look for him, and mtich k» 
would lind him out ttmx. The roan drew hiim by the .:r-* — IhI 
laid, *nVuly, Don LouU, tlic habit that you wear antwcri . iH 

your cailin^^ and the bed whcrcva you lie the c^ic arul iraderoeu 
wherewith yot^r tnocbcr did nunc you,' lite yovth b<reat rubbol 
kii dtowty rye«, and bcheid v«ry leuunly him thai did hold bin 
fan, and kne^ him fonhwjih to br oi>a of his fathcr'c fierYaoi 
v^Mtfcat he wat so amazer! aa he coidd not tpeak a woid fur a 
wbile. Awl the serving-nijio cootiouin^ hu aptvii, uid, 'Herr 
aotbiDg cUe to be done. Lord Lcuis, buc iKat you be patient 
cWfUft again with ua towardi home, if you be not pleated to fa 
your Cither and my iord dqun out of thb world to the ocbcr; 
no leu may be dpccted from ;!ie woe wherein he nati for your 


THE roim LACKEYS 443 

'Why, bow did my Ikthcr know,' tAid Don Ld'Jtt, 'thai I 

Cairo thU way, Jnd in thit tubit ^' 'A oudciit,' aniwerad the c<h«r, 
'ui whom you bnrAyvd yoos intcniinn, iJid cftucnver it, mnveil 
through the CDm|)iUiioa he took lo hc^i your f^ihcf s Juncnt^onft 
whcA ht found you miuing. And >o he d«»p«ich«d Umt of hi« men 
111 your MO/cb; and wv uv all at youi ficrvicc, more icytul rhftn nuy 
bo imagiMd £or ibt good dctpaich wherewithal wt (hall nitum, sod 
cxtxj you CO hU tight which doth Love vou 10 miKh.* Thnt shntJ be 
as 1 please m Hcuvvn will cliifw^/ aaid Duu Lunu, 'Wlui Mt>iild 
yttu ploa^> or what should Heaven diiixw oi, otbcr than ibat you 
iifreo ID mtun ? For cenamly >ou ihail not do the conmvy, ikor 
U It jpocsiUe you thouUL' All these reasocu tku {nssed btf w pcn them 
bodi did the lackey thai Uy by Don Lotris brar; and, arisng horn 
thcBce, he went and cdIiI all ihai paont in Dnn Fernando, Canlenui, 
and all ibe rca dun \ixre gotten up; 10 whocn he toJd how the man 
gave the title of Doo to the boy. and recounted the speech he used, 
sad bow ht would have Kiro return to hit £atbcT'« houjc, which 
tht youth fefuscd to do. Whereupon, and knowiog alreidy what a 
^«»d vcfice ihp heavens had ^vett him, ihey jpvaily dsifed la 
br mcirr puruculorly tiiftj<iineil what \ic wah. and inicnded aln to 
belp bid, if any violence were ollercd unto him, and therefore went 
unto the pbce where he wa«. and stood contendinjc with bu lervanu 
Dorochca iMued by tbu out of her chamber, and in her cofopooy 
Donru Clara, all perplexed. Darrxfwa. calling Ordertio aude, lold 
uoco him Hcancily all the hucney of the mu\icim Jod f^nnrj Clara. 
AmI be rtihcaracd to her again all thjt paucd o( the serving-fncn's 
amvaJ tfui cune in hia pursuit, which he did not tpcak u low buc 
thai Doiuia Clara ovtriward him, whereat ti» endured suck dttim* 
tksn s the had fallen no the gnnind, if [Xinxhea. rvnainfr towtrA 
her, had noc held her up. Cardenio cntr«jiecl Dnrmhej to mum 
with the other to ber chamber, and he would endeavoor to brii^ 
tnaniT to wme jcood pvi, which they prescntlv pertxmc^l. 
four that were come in Don Louis hia dardi were by thtt 
ol them entrr^ into the inn, and had compared him about, 
ling hrm ihst Iw wnuld. culling 00 all delayv» neurn go 
hia bther. He annnrrd thai he couiU noi do U to any 
ualil hu had finiahcd an adventure, which imponcd him no 

444 ^^^ QUIXOTE 

U%% dun hit life, his honour, ood hit lou). The tcrvanti ur^ 
him then, »ying, th^ they vrcKild in no Mxt got back withooL 
him, And ihrrcfore would c^rry him hooic* whctbcr he wottld 
or no. That th^J] dm )x>\i dOr' quo(h Don LouiK *tf it be mm 
that you carry om home dead/ Ai^d in ihi» Muon ill ih* otba 
gentlemen hvrft a»ne imo ihe coniftiiion, but chiefly Cirdicwk, 
Don Fernando, and his comradea, the \aAgtf thp curjte, <od i 
baibcr, jiui Don Quixote; (or now ii seemed 10 hicn nccdkai 
guard die CJ5tk any roofe. Cardcnioi wlio knew already the falnon 
of th« youth. demarxM of tbow that would urry him away, wha 
mion did itk»y them to teek 10 take that bd iwiy again* 
will. 'We are moved unto a* ani»^*TKJ une of them, 'by thi 
nsaton, that we thiAl ihcteby uve hit fjilier't life, who fnr hi« 
absence U like to lose it.' To ihit taid Don Louis* 'It is io 00 end 
to nuke relation of mine olfairs here. 1 am fract and wtll return 
if 1 plwie; .ind if noi, no one »hall <onjt:rain me to do it pcr&m 
'Rcaton thall conarnin ycu, good >ir, to do ii,' qwxh the man: ' 
when that cannot prevjiil with )«u, it thall with us to put thai 
eicecuiioD for which ^e he come and are bound 10 do.' *Lec Uf 
know thia odair from the bcfimning,' »id ihe judge tu thrve 
'Sir,' qitoth one of th«<n, wbo knew liim very w«]], at hit nuuei 
next neighbour, ^Master |uiiic«v dorh not >t>ur wofihip krvTw 
gtmlcmmi who ii your neighbuur*^ urn, and hadi JncnifO hi 
from hit father'} houie, in an habit ao undeccnt and duuepanc 
tfwn hit calling, ai ^-nn may perceive?' The i^tdgy behdd him then 
eomowbat more nucniively, knew him, and cmbraeinjt him, 
'What toyt arv ibcte, Don Louit; va what caun? hath been of 
niffictejit to move^vw tr» ^nme JW.-iT in fHii msnnn .in ^ ^ Virh 

anawert youi oUiug no ill?' The irari Huck (Im-ii . ^u^ 

gentleman*! eye. and he could not answer a word to the judge, who 
bade ibe four i^rvin^men appease ilipmielvct. for all ihin^^ thauid 
be done to tlieir niisfaciion; and then, taking Don Loult ^un« 
he enireaied him to cell him the occasion of thai hit departure 

And whiUi hr made diii and urher defnandt 10 (be gen 
ibcy httrd i grou noitc ai the ion-door; the caiite whcnef 
that two gue»t» wliich had lain itit-Te that nifiht, fi^n^, all the 
pcnplo buiied 10 learn the cauic of the four borKmen'i ccmta^ bad 

um _ 

■ Uf " 

.m thcQ 


;e, who 
, thouid 


ihoufht to have rukIc ati eacape Kot-ErM, vritb(»it 6cirAymg thtir 

^koEpcckS««;buttheiiiAL««p«f, who:iuet>d«dht«uwnatIjJrs^ith mate 

^'oslipi.-nce Uuo oiher cr>eii'i> did nay chem 21 ihar ^og fuith, ;umS 

dcirundnl lu» mon>ey. tipltrjfdinjt <^icir <liUionctt retolurion with 

^kuch wordi u mcivoJ ihcm cu icturn bim an answer wiili ihcix Rmi, 

^Vivtiich dtcy did to roundly as the poor hotf W3» cocnpcUcd 10 riiM 

ibo crY and dcnuod succour. The hoacsi uid her daughter could 

f«« no min v> iiw from occupation as Don Quixote: to whom the 

^^daufiHier taid, '[ rvqum )-ou, ur knight, by rhe virtue that God hxh 

^■ifiVm ytju, lo Miauur my |iour [alW, whom two bkMl men arc 

^^grindiDg hke co:»,' To ibi* Don Qutxotr im^vercd very kuurdy, 

flAcI vrith j^rcat j^ravity, 'BeauttfuJ dam^:!, yfmr petition cannot 

at thit utrtt, forasmuch at 1 am hindered £rom undccukiA^ 

(ny other advrnmrv uatil I have Bnithcd one wherein my prombie 

iih en^p^rd rnr, and ^U thai I can tuiw dct 111 ynur wvicc i.^, tiiai 

ivok I »haU »> now unto you: nin unto your father, jnd bid 

tim continue and maintain hit conflict nunfuUy, the bcA chat he 

ty, unXi\ I demand hccn^e of ihc Princc» Micomicona 10 hcip 

him out of hi« ditm»; ior if the will give it uiuo me. yoM nuy 

jti^kp fid! a^counr that hm ii d^ivcr^/ *Sinner thai I am/ quoth 

;ilornev who wat by, and heard whit he lakl. 'before you iball 

able 10 cfccain that license of which you ipcak. my nusicr will 

departed to the other wotid* 'Woik you so* bdy.* quoth Don 

liiiote. 'that I nuy have the license; for so that I nuy have it^ it 

makp tM> ^reii nuiter i^^ytli^rr \ur he In the other v«-orld ot aa, 

■o from ihrnce would 1 brin^ htm hack again, in delate of the 

other worki ilfclf, if it dunt contruMdict mt; or at lean 1 will uke 

Mich a revenjce oE rh»te that do »end htm to the other world, k 

shall remain more than coacented.' And 10, without raying 

more, he wem and fell on lut knm befnrc DonXhea, demand- 

of her. in knighdy and rrrant |ihr^»n* that the wtjuld doga 

Ec«nie him 10 go and tuccour tlic conttabic o( that ouiki who 

then piuni^ed in t deep dinrvu. The princett did gnmt him 

: and he presently, buckJiog on lui tarj^ and 

vwwrd, ran ^o die inn<door, where yet iJw two 

pMME uood haoduimdy niggi/^ the Limiceper. But as sxm at 

he Arrived, he jtuppcd and uood aJL aldiuugh Maritoeotfi and 



ihe bottett flenuiidcd o( Uim twice or (hrkv the ciu«c of hU r«d- 
iicvt in nut avj^mg hi-r lorH and huUiAnd '1 Sfiy,' qaodt Don 
Q\uxo(c, 'bcuuv, iKtordinj^ to die hw^ of 4ixns il b uoi paj 
to IDC to Uy hand lo my iword o^diiut »quirc-like men chin jm 
duUml k&ighu. But call to mc here my squire Sanchot lor il 
difanot aiMl r0te0g« concerat him ;k& ki duty.' Tbu pi«wd Jt 
imv^loorf wbefe fijti and bUnn wvie int«rchaii|pahly given xixl 
tAkcQ in ihi; \kM wti, dMvJUjfh id lltt? innkcvfm'i tint, 4iid io the 
rsfc and gncf o£ Mantornet, tlic hoKe&i, 4Dd her d.ujjcbxcf, wKi 
w«TC like to run wood, bclioldiitj; Don QuivoEcj oomrdtcc, and the 
nauchiatf their mau«r, hiMixind, and biSer endured. But hero kt 
tn leave tb«m; (or there kKjiII not vAax one lo uicoour him; or if 
not, let him KufTrr^ aikl jll thos« ihjt wimngly uudcnAe ibingi 
beyond iheir |xmTr and force; lAud kt u^ mm UicJ:wjid to hui^f 
thai whkh Don Louii omwcred the iud^\ whom wo kft ioako%Jttt^| 
ipckn with him, dmuDding th« cnuw of tut! coming afoot, aud m 
(0 baM 3rT:iy: u> which the youth, wringing him hard by th« handi^] 
as an aigunwm due suoie exir^ordinary giief pauchtxi hu hraiii 
add »f>cddiii£; many learsi answered Ja ibia raaoocr: 

'1 kjK>w oo< what die 1 may t^ yov, dear nr, but that fi 
ihia imtant that Hfdven mad^ tii n«ijehbours aikl chAi 1 nw Dont 
Cbra, your daughter aiid my lady, I made her comnundrcu of 
ray will; and if yout^ my true lixd iMoA fjtlirr, dp nut hinda u, 
»be xhaU be my vpausc Uiit very day. Tor h